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    Besides posting and audios, I do sift through a ton of nonsense from the shills. Shills main purpose is to keep me busy from posting on 9/11 and other psyOps. I doubt there are really that many, just a few assigned to my blog and my other “inputs”.

    Here’s one that spent some time trying to register:

    Mister Irato,

    I do mostly solo research. On my own spare time. you see, i feel like i been researchin for ages, but i mainly just hang out here. i work days and i Moonlite for myself. I cant spell much good or even reed better. I noticed you before you noteist me, in some weird way. I started with Marduk a. Joneser and then made my way to maximum melony and then Teamwakemupp. it was not much longer before i seen sofia small fry thanking me for being awake(then on to other holologicians) ,she is cute beneath me. It’s all beneath me now, you see. I am the solollellogrammar……..i could go on and on. i come from the solollellogrammaranians. i dont speak much. actually, after listening to one Hoi Polloy, i am left speehless. he sounds real bright. i should know.

    Mr Irato? is one Rollo Bloggins your son? he loves you and all the grate work you done did. Maybe he is too old to be your son. Am i too old to be your sun? Why do you all call me so many names btw? i just want the trute (like del croix says). can ye not help me? Sense i am watching from out here i should tell you for sure..their aint no Great Wall of Chiner, at least as far as i can see. and i can see pretty far. Butt, i think satellites, are a group of people, so what do i know. Rest ashured, if i do see any Spooks like that one Bully…i will point dim out to you Mister. other than that, i eat oranges, i clean with comet, i only drink corona. but sometimes it gives me double vision. Rollo understands. most people caint understand me. its okay. everything is bad down there. its all bad. everything is bad: it is what it is i guess. the news, the milk, the plaines, the alphabet is way too long, the water, the air. i know i know, i need to brighten up. I could go on and on………………….


    I had to have real Lollie Lol thingy with this post…as mentioned in Ep127Raw with Ab….much effort gone intp the Missmelling…

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