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    The April 2019 Easter Sri Lanka bombings are another Five Eyes staged event of controlled demolition and mass relocation, incluuding a sprinkling of “western” victims [hence the hotel bombings] for global attention.

    Does this look like bomb damage?

    Do we have any shoes? Bring them over, quick

    This looks more like a Notre-Dame style re-roofing exercise without the phoney fire

    And do we have any celebs included immediately in the victims for maximium media impact? Sure do, a TV Chef and daughter, cooked up by the perps for relocation.


    Just another routine Balinesque HRDPAR


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    Best “victim” so far [UK] of the staged #NDNGH bombings – Fireman (retired)Billy Harrop 56 and, naturally, his wife too died. An ideal couple for relocation and retirement. And Billy had “helped victims” of the [staged, NDNGH] IRA [i.e. state] bombing of Manchester shopping centre in 1996 for which he was commended for heroism [in keeping schtum about how phoney it was, no doubt]

    Singapore-based, British lawyer Ben Nicholson, 43, survived [somehow, not stated] while his wife son and daughter were ‘killed’ – that would be Anita, 42, [another lawyer who looooooved to travel!], Alex[ander], 14 and Annabel 11.

    Ben Edward Nicholson, = Anita Jane Wilson in 2000
    “A safe pairs of hands on any complex loss.” [er, that would be an insurance loss]

    Ben was seen searching ** [!] in blood soaked clothing through Colombo. Suuuuure He must have been having breakfast somewhere remote from the rest of his family. One always suspects an impending divorce in these family splitting “deaths”.

    Meanwhile, a “statement” for the surviving Povisien [Asos] sibling after three other siblings and parents “died”, asked for PRIVACY – standard hoax marker.
    **another hoax marker

    source – Metro

    British mum and son, 11, killed at breakfast in Sri Lanka explosions

    Mr Nicholson, who had been on holiday with his family for a week, was seen at the Judicial Medical Office with his ear plastered and but is not thought to be seriously injured.

    Pushpa Zoysa, who is in charge of the emergency triage at the National Hospital in Colombo, told the MailOnline: ‘He was not running or crying, he was shocked. ‘We wondered whether he was confused but he seemed in control. He just kept asking about his family members.


    Annabel was initially described as “missing” [!!! how???]
    Happy family photos coming up –

    and quite a few more “happy family” photos here…

    Heartbroken dad pays tribute to ‘perfect’ wife and children killed in Sri Lanka attacks

    all carefully uploaded to Facebook for the MSM to find after the event. Ideal.
    He said they were looking forward to watching their children grow up


    Can anyone still be in any doubt that this was the phoniest of co-ordinated destruction in Sri Lanka, nobody died, nobody got hurt?

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