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    There’s a lot of it about. The most recent in a long line of suspicious bridge collapses is the one in Miami Florida, March 15 2018
    “like a bomb going off” – naturally, another hoax code. Other clues – ranks of ambulances doing nothing, except turning out for the drill. An absence of skid marks on the road, indicated that the vehicles were just parked up.
    The witness says the bridge “weights about 900 tons” hmmmm Good guess! Only 40 tons out She’d have won the guess the weight prize with ease. [860 metric tons]
    It must also have been the most photographed piece of bridge construction ever, before the collapse! Fancy that…
    A perfect media event.

    It seems based on the Salado Texas collapse, which, rather than improbable “stress testing” with traffic flowing beneath, involved, allegedly, a truck and trailer demolishing it. Suuure Result – traffic chaos. [excellent bonus effect]

    Hoax clue – the bridge was under construction [for the disaster drill]–law/salado-bridge-collapse-txdot-signs-indicated-bridge-height/UNkeHlpNGTpWkeFolcnxZI/
    …and a nice busy Interstate 35 to block. Ideal.

    I suggest that the CR England trailer is a hoax calling card thrown in, a nod towards hoax central control over the Atlantic. Hoax calendar date – March 25 [2015]

    The latter staged collapse was duplicated on the busy M20 freeway in Kent England in August 2016, which was staged to coincide with a busy holiday period.

    There must be many more like this. I bet we don’t have to look far.These are expensive hoaxes to pull, but budgets are large.


    This is a “repost” of what was posted in the Fakeologist Savechat (here).
    A bridge in Genoa, Italy has collapsed today, August 14th (11:30 am)11 dead so far there are now at least 26 confirmed deaths. Predictibly, it appears that the ‘Viadotto Polcevera’ (Ponte Morandi) was under maintainance.. As for the collapse, apart the rain, “Eyewitnesses reported seeing the bridge struck by lightning before it collapsed” (…)

    Morandi – an Mor di ( phonetic anagram of ‘And More Die’ )

    There are many numbers that hint at some type of Elite control as videos look sketchy and clock’s in at magic numbers like 00:19 & 01:33 and the road’s operator, Atlantia saw its stock price drop 11%.

    The Latest: Reports say 11 killed in Genoa bridge collapse

    19 seconds Twitter video

    1:33 second Twitter video

    Italy’s Autostrade Was Carrying Out Maintenance on Genoa Bridge


    This is quite an interesting source for videos and images – an unusual news channel

    Naturally, the presenter isn’t going to call it out as a staged event…


    One of the more famous bridge collapses, likely #NDNGH, controlled demolition.

    Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: 10 Years Later, Infrastructure Still In Decline : NPR


    Indeed, bridge collapses are recurring events and we must expect that the most spectacular structural failures are the result of planned demolitions. This type of events are probably a peace-time version of the war mechanics of “controlled demolition with strategic relocation”.

    The Morandi bridge was exactly 50 years 11 months and 11 days old since it’s inauguration the 4th september 1967. These numbers are quite fantastic and we will probably see more signs of the scripted nature of this event as the dust settles. The death toll is already at 35 and will probably rise as we are confronted with the sad vicsim stories such as 7 year old boys dying etc.

    Family of three, including son, 7, among 35 killed in Italy bridge horror

    In the last 10 years, Wikipedia lists 68 various bridge collapses, and these events date back all the way to the early 1800s (wikipedia list here). Hereunder 10 years of collapsing bridges…

    2008 (27-03) • Jintang Bridge China
    2008 (12-06) • Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway bridge United States
    2008 (08-08) • Studénka Road bridge Czech Republic
    2008 (08-12) • Somerton Bridge Australia
    2009 (05-03) • Devonshire Street pedestrian bridge Australia
    2009 (30-04) • Bridge on SS9 over River Po Italy
    2009 (17-05) • Overpass on Hongqi Road China
    2009 (15-07) • 9 Mile Road Bridge at I-75 United States
    2009 (21-08) • Malahide Viaduct Ireland
    2009 (22-10) • Tarcoles Bridge Costa Rica
    2009 (27-10) • Oakland Bay Bridge United States
    2009 (14-11) • Feltham Railway Bridge England
    2009 (21-11) • Cumbria multple bridge collapses England
    2009 (25-12) • Kota Chambal Bridge India
    2010 (06-03) • Myllysilta Finland
    2010 (14-08) • Gungahlin Drive Extension bridge Australia
    2010 (01-10) • Guaiba’s Bridge (BR-290) Brazil
    2010 (22-11) • Laajasalo pedestrian bridge Finland
    2011 (01-07) • Chengdu-Kunming Freeway bridge China
    2011 (14-07) • Gongguan Bridge China
    2011 (15-07) • Qiantang No. 3 River Bridge China
    2011 (19-07) • Baihe Bridge China
    2011 (26-11) • Kutai Kartanegara Bridge Indonesia
    2012 (27-01) • Eggner Ferry Bridge United States
    2012 (28-03) • Limfjorden railway bridge Denmark
    2012 (20-06) • Jay Cooke State Park Swinging Bridge United States
    2012 (22-06) • Beaver River Trestle Bridge Canada
    2012 (08-08) • Guangchang Hedong Bridge China
    2012 (24-08) • Yangmingtan Bridge China
    2013 (08-05) • Lade to Leangen E6 Bridge Norway
    2013 (23-05) • Skagit I-5 River Bridge United States
    2013 (25-05) • Scott City roadway bridge United States
    2013 (02-06) • Wanup train bridge Canada
    2013 (27-06) • CPR Bonnybrook Bridge Canada
    2014 (12-04) • Acaraguá bridge collapse Argentina
    2014 (03-07) • Belo Horizonte overpass Brazil
    2014 (27-09) • Copenhagen Motorway bridge Denmark
    2015 (19-01) • Hopple Street Overpass United States
    2015 (01-02) • Plaka Bridge Greece
    2015 (02-02) • Skjeggestad Bridge Norway
    2015 (10-04) • Himera Viaduct Italy
    2015 (18-06) • Pennsy Bridge United States
    2015 (20-07) • I-10 Bridge United States
    2015 (03-08) • Queen Juliana Bridge Netherlands
    2015 (29-09) • Bob White Bridge United States
    2015 (14-10) • Grayston Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge South Africa
    2015 (29-12) • Tadcaster Bridge England
    2016 (10-01) • Nipigon River Bridge Canada
    2016 (31-03) • Vivekananda Flyover Bridge India
    2016 (02-08) • Savitri River Bridge India
    2016 (19-08) • Railway bridge Chile
    2016 (06-09) • Nzi River Bridge Ivory Coast
    2016 (16-10) • Yellow ‘Love’ Bridge Indonesia
    2016 (28-10) • Lecco overpass Italy
    2017 (09-03) • Camerano overpass Italy
    2017 (11-03) • Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge
    2017 (11-03) • Big Sur, California
    2017 (30-03) • I-85N Atlanta United States
    2017 (18-05) • Sanvordem River Bridge India
    2017 (26-06) • Sigiri Bridge Kenya
    2017 (09-08) • Johannesburg B1187 Bridge South Africa
    2017 (14-08) • Ramat Elhanan Pedestrian Crossing Israel
    2017 (10-09) • Kompsatos river crossing Greece
    2017 (02-12) • Troja footbridge Czech Republic
    2018 (15-01) • Chirajara Viaduct Colombia
    2018 (15-03) • Florida University bridge United States
    2018 (01-04) • Pathein – Chaung Thar bridge Myanmar
    2018 (14-08) • Ponte Morandi motorway bridge collapse Italy

    River Tay Bridge (Scotland) middle section collapsed in 1880
    River Tay Bridge (Scotland) middle section collapsed in 1880


    Yes, I wonder how many of those in that list were staged controlled demolitions….
    The last thing we’ll get to see is a dead body in the latest “Italian Job”
    The best shot….0.39, our brave firefighters, whose whole life revolves around drilling and keeping schtum about all the fake events they attend passed off as real events, crawling over the planted car, a sub-routine of any HRDPAR

    “The scene is apocalyptic, like a bomb had hit the bridge,” Matteo Pucciarelli, a journalist for La Repubblica who lives in Genoa, told the Guardian. “There are about 200 rescuers working continuously. People are in shock, it’s a very important arterial road that connects Lombardy and Piedmont with Liguria.”

    Alberto Lercari, a bus driver, earlier told Corriere della Sera: “I saw people running towards me, barefoot and terrified. I heard a roar. People ran away coming towards me. It was horrible.”

    Guardian, source

    Staged photo – park up for the camera peeps….

    The driver – named only as Luigi – said: “I saved myself because a car overtook me and I slowed down. I saw her fall with the others (and) I braked suddenly.

    “I put the reverse gear on then I opened the door and I ran away. The truck stayed there with the engine running “.

    The married father-of-two, who lives in Genoa, told pals how he stared “death in the face” and has been left devastated by his life-changing ordeal.

    He is reported to have locked himself away with his family ** as he tries to get to grips with just how close he came to dying.

    suuuuure source
    ** i.e. Locked away with Intel, being briefed with the script he’ll have to recite later in the news studios, perhaps…

    Another photo of the drill clowns doing the usual from the same source

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    One of the more famous bridge collapses, likely #NDNGH, controlled demolition.

    Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: 10 Years Later, Infrastructure Still In Decline : NPR

    “The I-35W bridge was rebuilt within 14 months.”
    And a ton of money is about to pile into Genoa for “infrastructure” upgrades.

    Two days of mourning – check
    English speaking witnesses with “lucky escapes” – check [radio link to come]

    The “Rescue” drill


    Here are the UK actors, the “Harley women”
    from 5:40 but especially from 09:00 to 13:00
    The story is utter BS, and roping these lousy actors in with their ropey story, what a lie the official narrative is.
    I’ll add some notes on their BS later. The intro by the journo doesn’t even match what this pair of clowns says, they’re jumping out of their car [alleged] and doing the usual “run run” bit, leaving everything behind, including shoes, and they don’t even know why! Utter BS. The interviewer helps them out when they imply they can understand Italian shouts about what’s happening [i.e. controlled demo]


    The interviewer helps them out when they imply they can understand Italian shouts about what’s happening

    Funnily, the BBC reporter is probably not aware what the italian word for “collapse” is either. A bridge that collapses would be described in Italian as “crolla” and to run is “correre”.. Bet none of these people would neither react nor move as italians shout “Il ponte crolla, corri! !” (the bridge collapses – run!)

    la republica ponte morandi crolla
    First page of italian newspaper ‘la Republica’ with the “collapse” underlined red (crolla)

    Another over the top detail* from these crisis actors is how they all can run when they themself claim one of the children is paralysised in one side of the body (hemiplegic)

    *although the BBC show is audio only, the tone is partially humerous as if these people where amused (smiling) as they expanded on their story – with all to much detail as liars always do..


    “Local residents have long observed maintenance work on the bridge on a nightly basis, with one telling The New York Times that on the night before the collapse, workers were focused on the portion of the bridge that ultimately collapsed”
    New York Times

    It is quite intriguing how the perpetrators seemingly have worked on the bridge for a long time at night on the very segment that ‘exploded like a bomb’ and later are able to sell such facts as reinforcing the veracity of the official story.

    Such unsuccessful repair interventions reminds me of JFK and 911 researchers and commissions who work really hard at being really poor at what they do. I guess we wouldn’t like to have any italian company repairing our roof as they seem to work hard and long hours to no avail.

    “In ten years the Morandi Bridge will collapse… and we will remember the name of whoever said ‘no’ (to a bypass).”
    Giovanni Calvini

    The premeditation seems to date back a while as in 2012 Genoa business federation leader Giovanni Calvini predicted the collapse of the Morandi bridge…

    The Deadly Genoa Bridge Collapse was Predicted, and Avoidable (article)


    It was his ]The professor of Engineering at Genoa University] view that the cost of maintaining the bridge had overtaken the cost of demolition and rebuilding.

    Well, just fancy that! How timely! Why not combine it with a load of fake deaths and away you go with a spicy story to go around the world.

    Listening again to the UK couple it is so obvious that their story is a load of nonsense. One of them reckons the tunnel entrance is 100m from the precipice…
    “60 of us stood [sic] in the tunnel entrance] which gives an indication of the number of actors required to simulate normal conditions [funny, there are no stories of “lucky escapes” from the other side of the bridge…..] Perhaps not so funny really, because a tunnel is a nice easily sealed off, private area for collecting the crisis actors.

    IT seems like there was also a planted French family of crisis actors and who once again suggest the tunnel was the staging area for the actors/participants….
    A French lawyer who was in a car with her husband and 3-year-old son said they were just coming onto the bridge when “we saw the pylon go completely to the right, and we realized what was happening.”
    The woman, who was identified only as Leonine, told broadcaster Francetvinfo that they tried to make a U-turn but were blocked by traffic.
    “We saw a man running and making a sign to everyone to leave,” she said. “We opened our doors, took our son out of his car seat,” and then ran to a nearby tunne


    Nicola Henton-Mitchell [ex Nicola L Mitchell] seems to have little to do with disseminating the story via her FB page, other than to put up a new, helpful, family group photo.

    Un-tattooed Lisa Henton-Mitchell [ex Lisa M Henton] the wife/husband was tasked with putting out the narrative for the BBC to “find” and for the other media outlets to copy [one interview only please!] and for providing the facebook photos for the MSM to copy.
    Other copycat news sources…

    Now, the participants….
    I have an interest in Diversity and sit on a couple of groups within Royal Mail. I am proud to say I was part of the team that facilitated Royal Mail participating in its first Pride event in London (June 2016).
    [more steering from the controllers when placed in newsworthy events]

    [an 2017 hol in Australia….]

    Having to leave their car behind, with all their clothes, spectacles, shoes, in what is just a simulated traffic jam is utter nonsense.

    Lisa continues in her facebook narrative which starts before the planned demolitions
    We are still trying to sort things and have lots to do but we have had some great help today from the British Embassy in Rome to help sort medical bits
    I bet they did!

    Some of the silver-foil coated actors

    While searching for photos, I came across this Japanese “Tunnel Collapse” from 2012, which I haven’t looked it, but it’s probably the mirror of a bridge collapse, but even more of a black-box event.
    [9 dead, allegedly, and a plethora of photos showing massed firefighters and other emergency personnel standing around doing nothing in true drill style]
    Investigations into the cause of a tunnel collapse that saw nine people die in Japan have revealed ‘anchor bolts’ used to secure concrete slabs to the ceiling were missing.

    The mangled wrecks of cars being carried out of Japan’s Sasago Tunnel suggest there was little motorists could do to escape the sudden collapse of the ceiling above them.


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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.

    From another [local] BBC source, South Live, covering Oxfordshire…
    Nicola and Lisa Henton-Mitchell, from Bicester, were four days into a three-week holiday with their two children when they were forced to abandon their hire car and run for their lives.
    “Something didn’t feel right. We felt we were sliding to the right,” Lisa said.
    “The car moved sideways and we shuddered,” Nicola added. “We thought it was the wind but now we wonder if it was the road twisting.”

    [in the BBC interview, it’s Lisa who says all that with no interruptions]

    transcription source with a nice photo to set the scene….

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.

    IT seems that the “French witness” hides behind a Twitter pseudonym
    “We saw the pylon go completely to the right, there we realized what was happening,” said Frenchinfo Leonine, a French lawyer who was in one of the cars that circulated Tuesday, August 14 on the Morandi bridge in Genoa , in Italy. The young woman was about to drive with her husband and 3-year-old son on the portion that fell.

    “When we got to the outskirts of Genoa, a huge storm broke out, and there was a lot of rain, like the ones that can slow down on the highway.” Everyone was driving at limited speed. Italy, tunnels and bridges are linked, “she tells franceinfo.

    We came out of a tunnel to engage on this famous bridge visibility was awful and my husband felt the car leave. In front of us, we saw a pylon move. It went on and we saw the pylon go completely to the right, there we realized what was happening.
    at franceinfo

    “There is a moment first to regain his senses, to understand,” says the French lawyer. “We started the reverse because we were already so engaged on the deck that we thought we could go back, we needed the speed of a car to do it, It was impossible, of course, that it is not possible to go back on the highway when behind everyone is blocked. ”

    We saw a gentleman arrive in the opposite direction by running and beckoning everyone to leave. We opened our doors, took the time to detach our son from his car seat and then ran to the tunnel.

    Leonine remembers: “I was looking at my husband who was in front of me with my son in his arms, I did not want to turn around, I was afraid it would cut my legs if I saw this My husband turned around once to make sure I was there, at that moment we ran and we could not wait to see the entrance to the tunnel, we did not think of anything else. . ”

    Once in the tunnel, the lawyer says: “We heard a huge roar coming from the exit of the tunnel where the bridge was and we thought it was going on and maybe the fall was going to We went up the whole tunnel and then we came across firefighters who stopped a taxi passing by, so we made a few kilometers of traffic jams because the highway was being evacuated. was then dropped off at the airport where we waited for information that we ended up reading on the internet. ”

    We have not realized yet. We paid a lot of attention to our son. He went to sleep in the car and woke up screaming and asking if there had been an accident, if the bridge was broken and the car had fallen. He is three and a half years old and he has understood everything.

    Fake fake fake.

    Here are the tweets, which the MSM picked up for the above…
    Leonie’s twitter feed

    starting 12.06 am local time, there follows the “hoax narrative” outpouring of tweets for the MSM to “find”
    Maître Léonine @AvocatavecunE
    On était sur l’autoroute italienne. Sur un pont suspendu. Il vient de s’effondrer devant nous. On est partis en courant. On est coincés dans le tunnel sans infos. Pleeaaase ?
    12:06 pm – 14 Aug 2018 [local time]

    On a couru tout le long du tunnel. On entendait d’autres grondements derrière nous, on avait peur qu’il s’agisse d’un tremblement de terre. Au bout, les secours. Ils ont arrêté une voiture avec des français qui vont nous déposer à l’aéroport. Pire jour de ma vie.
    12.44 pm Aug 14 [local time]

    Je sais l’importance de l’information mais j’ai un fils de 3 ans qui a couru dans les bras de son père sous l’orage a réconforter. C’est ma priorité. Journalistes je vous aime, alors ne m’en tenez pas rigueur
    1.11 PM Aug 14 [local time]

    and then, a long outpouring of many pre-prepared texts, all tweeted within the space of 2 mintues!

    Say hello to everyone. After a few steps, we are on the return to France. Not yet shocked, but it will certainly come. I have seen many requests for interviews but do not want to follow up for the moment. I’ll just explain here
    What I could have told you in DM. We went to Italy this morning with a first step to genes. A few kilometers before, a huge storm started. We were driving in slow motion. At the exit of the tunnel, we committed to the bridge.
    We saw something moving 150 meters ahead of us. The brain doesn’t connect immediately. My husband told me since I felt a sort of aquaplaning, the car would go slightly to the right, then left.
    There we saw the pylon of the bridge go, go to the right. Sorry but it’s impossible to explain better than that and the visibility was awful. At the time, our brain looked for another explanation, it was not conceivable
    Puis on a réalisé.
    Three seconds later, first stupid reflex, we start the reverse. Because we already know too much about the bridge, and we think we need the speed of a car to leave.
    Obviously, it’s blocking immediately. Then we do the only thing to do. We get out of the car in the pouring rain, we untie our 3-year-old son as soon as possible, my husband takes him in his arms, and we run without turning around.
    We saw other people running, screaming, leaving like us their car on deck. It’s irrelevant but ours is still there, doors open, key on the contact. Obviously for now she will stay there. And it doesn’t matter.
    We get soaked in the tunnel, no info, and the rescues obviously could not come, the two lanes being blocked. We heard someone screaming in a megaphone in Italian.
    I sent this famous tweet to get some information. I feared an earthquake and we had to decide whether or not we would stay in this tunnel, knowing that there was another bridge right behind it.
    People began to show themselves photos of the bridge, and, not understanding anything, we decided after 10-15 minutes to start running after hearing three huge rumblings that came from the bridge (I do not know, maybe it fell in two times?).
    I want to make it clear that in the tunnel everyone kept their cool. People I thanked lent us towels to wipe our son soaked. I have a video of this moment, useless I think but I keep it available to investigators if ever.
    At the exit of the tunnel, we stumbled upon the firemen arriving, who seemed to think maybe the whole bridge had fallen, because they were amazed to see us on foot, explaining that our car was still there.

    and it continues…

    6:16 PM – 6:17 pm local European time[translated]

    Then, much later

    and signing off….nothing further to say, [crisis actor/witness job done]!

    Thank you for not sticking to me. I needed to talk about it a bit. Now I want to quickly put this behind me. I have nothing interesting to say in ITW of + than what I said here. Nothing informative in any case. Thank you for your support.
    12.04 am Aug 15 [almost exactly 24 hours later!]
    and finally…
    I do not say any more, I know that these considerations are those of the fortunate. And it’s not the lucky ones we’ve been thinking about all these hours.
    9.51 AM local time, Aug 16 2018

    Harley woman, French style, using present day technology [twitter] to disseminate a staged event to the world.

    Wikipedia – Ponte Morandi with collapse section [“around 11.30” local time, Aug 14]

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.
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    “We had stopped at a service station to use the toilet, Thank God, or it could have been worse.”
    Lisa Henton Mitchell

    “I thank my son for forcing us to a stop of 10 seconds, 15 minutes earlier. We just had a chance of crazy.”
    Maître Léonine (Google translation)

    It appears the “lucky stop” meme is going strong as it evokes horror efficiently and gives us the same message as the habitual “just like a movie” only in a different setting. The story is similar, the fact remains that these incredible circumstances are incredible* for a very good reason : they are not real.

    *i’m not sure i buy the happy, UK lesbian couple with kids story either,,


    It was like in a film – Italian witness Antonio Rubino whose role in the film was to park up on the bridge.

    …and product placement as the driver of one year [another frequently met trope] speaks [but not on camera, only in reported speech as far as I can see]

    It’s not this character/actor is it who looks well over 37…perhaps Albanian

    unless he’s gone prematurely grey worrying about his role in this psy-op
    At the head of the van there was a man of 37, working for a year for a transport company in the province of Genoa, La Damonte. On the green box the signs of the Basko supermarket chain. His is the story of a survivor, of a miracle as he repeats on the phone when a few moments after the collapse calls Annalisa Damonte, the manager of the transposed company…..he is released from the doctors, he returns to the company and meets the owner Annalisa Damonte who spent half the day answering phone calls from colleagues, relatives and friends: “You can imagine the shock, we did not know anything, it was he who warn us this morning. Then we saw the first photographs. The truck stayed there, the tragedy all around…

    An excellent advert for the company. Cheers!

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    ‘This was no accident’, says architect Renzo Piano about Genoa bridge collapse


    Ah, Renzo Piano. Of Amatrice hoax earthquake and London Shard fame.

    The usual suspects.


    The red-clad “first responders” are from the Red Cross, who are a hoax scene staple.
    They were on the scene within two hours, according to a BBC radio interview.

    uploaded at 3.23pm local time, within 3 hours of the “disaster” on August 14.

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    Morandi Fiumarella viaduct (Italy, 1960)
    “The Fiumarella rail disaster was one of the most serious incidents in the history of the Italian railways. It occurred at about 7.45 am on 23 December 1961, at the Fiumarella viaduct. The accident occurred as the train was passing over the curved Fiumarella viaduct, about an hour after departing from Soveria Mannelli for Catanzaro at 6:43 am. The trailer derailed from the track, due to the rupture of the tram type draw hook, and plunged into the river below after a falling about 40 m (131 ft). Inside the trailer there were 99 passengers, many of them students. Seventy-one of them lost their lives on impact, and 28 others were injured to varying degrees.”
    1st Morandi bridge disaster..

    Morandi General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge (Venezuela, 1962)
    “On the 6th of April 1964 the Esso Maracaibo, carrying 236,000 barrels of crude oil, was on her way through the outlet of Lake Maracaibo when she lost her steering because of an electrical malfunction. Unable to navigate, the ship first hit pier 31 of the General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge and then also crushed pier 30. This led to the collapse of a 259 metres (849 ft 9 in) long section of the bridge. Four cars fell to the sea, resulting in seven deaths (the New York Times reported five casualties). Parts of the bridge came down on the bow of the tanker, short of the superstructure, but no member of the crew was injured.”
    Another Morandi bridge collapse..

    Morandi Wadi el Kuf Bridge (Libya, 1971)
    “On 26 October 2017 the Security Directorate of the Green Mountain region in east Libya called on the security services to close down Wadi el Kuf Bridge, following recent inspections that identified potential fractures in the bridge”
    And more Morandi bridge incidents may come

    It seems like Morandi was destined for great works of deception. Despite most might be skeptic of even his name being scripted – i actually find it more likely than not considering his track record above (and the Genoa Collapse as well of course).
    Morandi – And More Die (phonetic anagram from ‘An Mor Di’)


    Footballer tells how he survived falling from Genoa bridge collapse in his car

    The soccer connection – check


    Inspecting bridge collapses a bit closer, it seems they seldom happen alone and that bigger events probably are prepared in advance as in Italy in the years building up to major events.

    Lecco overpass Collapse (28-10-2016)
    “An overpass north of Milan has collapsed under the weight of a truck carrying an oversized load just hours after highway authorities say they requested the road’s immediate closure.
    The news agency ANSA said one person was killed and at least three injured in the collapse Friday”

    Camerano overpass Collapse (09-03-2017)
    “Two people were killed and another two were wounded after an overpass collapsed on top of a highway in central Italy, according to the Italian Fire Brigade.
    The tragic accident took place at the kilometric point 230.4 of the Autostrada A14 near the municipality of Camerano, located 250 kilometers (155 miles) to the northeast of Rome, between Bologna and Pescara.
    Both mortal victims were a couple hailing from the town of Ascoli Piceno whose vehicle happened to be crossing under the overpass as the structure suddenly collapsed, according to local sources”
    Agencia EFE

    Lecco overpass Collapse
    Lecco overpass – The overpass collapse due to a truck carrying an over-size load just hours after highway authorities say they requested the road’s immediate closure

    Camerano overpass Collapse
    Camerano overpass – Aerial view of the bridge that collapsed and fell onto the A14 motorway near the central Italian city of Ancona, 09 March 2017, killing at least two people and injuring two others

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