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    <i>disclaimer: speculative content</i>

    the DCP is a term we have created after establishing with a high level of certainty that reported news-stories contain faked evidence and that the factual death of reported victims is left to be proven.

    what we have not yet proven to the same degree in regards to the DCP is where and what these characters actually become. the Discovery disaster and the photographic evidence that these astronauts just were recycled into more trivial positions do however give us a lead. fake victims are relocated and keeps within governmental positions where even the names in some cases remains unchanged,,,

    so we might have a working model for how casted characters retires through the DCP into more conventional and less mediatized positions. these individuals probably have made a decent contribution as to fall back on a retirement plan of sorts, which would be understandable for astronauts and politicians given the time they have been in character and the amount of appearances they have made.

    another situation would be characters that debut in the profession but that are still implicated in scenarios and scripts where staged deaths is of importance. with such young and sometimes gifted actors/deceivers it would be wasteful not to take into consideration their professionalism, experience and motivation. this segment of agents would be the ones that we might see being put back into operation for the benefit of another program.

    looking back, we can sometimes be lucky and find that when a program is highlighting predictions of coming events that do not happen, that said “researchers” were spinning verifiable lies. this is the case with the young, ‘talented’ researcher Rik Clay. what Clay sold was 2penny spirituality and esoteric scenario where he predicted the “coming” of the “new jerusalem” in London during the 2012 Olympics.
    needless to say, no spaceships landed or anti-christ manifested, but Rik was no longer around. Ian Crane, his mentor, spun the rhetoric around the London Olympics in his place, after Rik’s mysterious suicide in 2008. many theories and much fear mongering surfaced as he died only days after his now ‘legacy’ interview on Red Ice Creations. consensus among synchronistic researchers was that Rik Clay was eliminated…. an interesting interview with Christopher Knowles on ted Torbich radio show “Stench of Truth” lays out the scenario of Rik Clays research being in large parts “inspired” (1).

    before Rik Clay got into alternative research, he was deeply onto music where he was part of several rock bands before breaking out on his own to make the EP “residual hum from a parallel universe” (2). but Rik’s music career was interrupted by his interest in alternative research and spirituality and after travelling for some years, he was a full fledged icon that only lived long enough to leave a legacy abundant enough to have a foundation made in his name posthumously(3).

    so, we have a young agent striving to make a name for himself first through the music industry, then finally breaking the headlines in the alternative syncromystic research field. what was the character he was made to play ?
    -maverick young researcher
    -a lone, polite intellectual
    -effeminated gay good looks
    -characterized stylistic image with a deliberate facial expressions and a wardrobe including a hat (Jim Marrs, Sargent, Joseph P. Farrell, Bill Ryan etc, etc, etc)
    -locally crafted in Leeds/liverpool with a heavy accent (hey, it worked for the Beatles)
    -exhaustive travels and no real attachment to a milieu (no close friends helps to stay unidentified)
    -cultic head figure with mostly internet presence through his blog cosmic mind (4)
    -a hero battling the unseen forces of evil (more fear)

    Rik Clay committed suicide (a bit like Kurt Cobain) on:

    So, when Rik Clay was played into the DCP he was still quite young and never really did any noteworthy research, nor was he any well established figure. being suicided still have some neat benefits, you are isolated from where you used to live and engage in extensive travelling and got plenty of time to read, philosophize and even plan a comeback if he can convince his handlers to have the capacity to serve once again. what any life-actor such as Rik would do in this case would be to create a new personality with very definable characteristics.

    One of the public features of the Rik Clay personality was his heavy Leeds accent.
    we must first remember Rik was only playing his part here, so his accent was essential to his script and heavily exaggerated (like we can suspect of other artist). coming from a part of my country where the accent comes thick, i know that the most habitual behavior would be to diminish such artefacts when for example on a radioshow or on television. this is normal for obvious reasons of communication and well-read persons loose their accent anyhow by incorporation new words and expressions through reading.
    Another feature that Rik Clay displayed was his effeminate side through his extremely slender build and by his open homosexual relationship with his ‘life partner’ Mick Bullock.
    These were the most striking sides of the Rik Clay operations as i saw them then and now, not to forget the blond hair, suntan and hat despite any temperature outside. there is probably more scripting here than meets my eye, but in nutshell, there it is.

    how would a new iteration of the same actor be staged on a DCP program ?

    on this point i see the obvious links to Eric Dubay. the strong points of the Rik personality would be countered and this is something that fits quite well with the construction around Dubay:
    -heterofile with a girlfriend
    -no perceivable accent
    -no hat
    -martial arts macho

    what’s in name ? a sound ? Rik and Eric goes nicely together. it even can pass as a literate joke as to stimulate “dupers delight”. Clay and Dubay is of the same order… coincidence? would be very unlikely by the numbers if we collect information on the probability that 2 alternative researchers should have such wordplay on both names.

    so even though the script kind of match, is this even closely possible as they look so different ? well, they actually don’t look that different. this is of course a point that has been well thought out and worked on and that also is countered with a maximal effort. in the years since Ric/Erik’s death, he has had the time to grow older and the incentive to change his looks. for starters, Eric is a good looking guy and he’s visibly enjoying his image. whatever defects he felt he could improve upon from Rik, he might just have done with some surgical and dentistry help. the objective would be reached through grooming better looks as well, a character with as much difference as can be made was created with the limits of the enhancement side of the equation. also, as risk never let his hair down, this would be that moment for erie/Rik/Eric. unfortunately, the extremely slender body type seems to have been the most difficult part and despite going to the gym, Clay/Dubay just seems unable to gain body-mass.

    so, look and listen to the material left by both entities and let your mind contemplate the result what of a DCP conversion could entail and see if your imagination would joint mine. i’m 65% sure on this one and no, i do not embrace Dallas Goldbug in his obvious gatekeeper and confusionist role.

    Clay vs Dubay - 6 years later

    3.founded in 2008/11/04:

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    Tom Dalpra

    Some valid points here, as I see it, UN.
    Rik Clay is an interesting case and he certainly would appear to be a ‘retired’ agent.

    That said, when you mentioned the possibility of his ‘re-birth’ as Eric Dubay yesterday, I spent some time listening and looking at them both.
    My firm conclusion is that they’re not the same person.

    They don’t look, or sound alike, to me, and more to the point, why ?

    Why would you bother going to all the trouble of perfecting another character?

    Looks can be deceptive, I’ll admit. I was the person who first found Sharon Mcauliffe from the Challenger disaster, alive, but just looking at the photographs, I’m still unsure , to this day!
    That said, this is different.

    The question here is, was the Rik Clay actor recycled and thrown back in the spotlight in a different country, with a new expertise ( yoga ) and a completely, new story and different accent, as another star of the alternative, Eric Dubay ?

    Though perhaps an enticing idea, I’d say it’s highly unlikely.
    Why ? Why bother ? Why not just use another guy ?

    Just lately I’ve noticed a couple of questionable characters pushing the idea that Bill Hicks became Alex Jones.
    It seems to be a fashionable tactic of disinformation, I’m sure you’d not want to be going down that road, would you, UN ? 🙂


    Skinny, softly spoken agents of the alternative with similar concise, catchy names, yes, but to think ‘Clay became Dubay’, is an absurd Dallas Goldbug-like celebrity leap, in my book, right now.






    i’m just discussing the case for Clay/Dubay here, and the DCP program workings in general for the retired actors. other doubles might be possible, but i’m not convinced by 95% of these. however, i find it interesting that so much effort goes into covering up the topic by apparent disruptive elements & agents.

    back to Rik/Eric.

    on the topic of voice, i listened to the audios of both entities and my conclusion differs from yours. when playing both audios simultaneously it is difficult to ignore the similar tone and sound. sure, the similar tone and sound is covered up in astute accent and gimmicks as one would suspect. then again, isn’t actors just passionate about such impersonations ? and skilled at such effects. when you pay attention to both Rik and Eric’s voice and accent, none of them rings really authentic. in fact, the heavy accent from Rik seems very exaggerated despite him being well read, a vocalist (no accent there) and probably an actor. regarding Dubay, his accent is plain weird. it’s not english, nor american nor any typical slant to his way of speaking. Erik actually has a peculiar way of speaking because there is no particular accent. would this not be exactly the result of someone trying to hard to be accent-free ?

    regarding looks, we have clear similarities here. hair, body, nose and eyes are clearly similar. you make your examples out of the most disparate images and that is ok but unfair in regards to the comparison. in fact, i can show you pictures of myself that between them would look like two completely different persons. we must also not forget that in this case we have (or might have) an actor who has spent time and effort to NOT be recognized. this would mean he has made changes to his appearance. the most likely interventions would be:
    -dentistry work (Rik had some strange teeth)
    -face resculpting (likely to elongate it’s shape and appearance)
    -contact lenses for eye color
    -hairstyle (well, dropping the hat helps here, but his hair is also mostly away from his face contrary to pulling hair over his face as Rik)

    what is the most compelling however is the body type, and as much as Eric has tried to “bulk” up, he’s obviously not built for it being extremely slender by nature. so in the end, nature allows us to be fairly sure we have the same body 6years later albeit with a better looking aged face.

    bodyworks not included - eRic is Rik

    Tom Dalpra





    Are they the same person ? You decide, fakeologists.

    UN, you’ve accused me a couple of times now of posting ‘ the most disparate’ photographs, in discussing this. ‘Disparate’ means: not able to be compared – essentially different.

    I’m glad you think so too, but my intention in posting the smiling pictures above, in my first reply, was to find a pair of pictures with a similar pose.
    I don’t think those are ‘the most disparate’ pictures I could find ( if I’m reading you properly) ?

    Rik had dimples

    Eric just doesn’t.

    To say ‘what is most compelling evidence here though is body type’ seems fairly ridiculous, to me.

    ” much as Eric has tried to “bulk” up, he’s obviously not built for it being extremely slender by nature. so in the end, nature allows us to be fairly sure we have the same body 6 years later albeit with a better looking aged face.”

    Haha. Yep, that’s clear then. Nature allows us to be fairly sure it’s the same body ?!! Different face,maybe, but definitely the same body ?!
    Are you serious UN ?
    There’s a lot of people with that body shape.
    We get one picture of Rik in a vest and you’re calling ”same body’ haha.

    People can decide for themselves.

    Never say never but as of today,
    I’m Clay/Dubay, no-way hose.



    @Tom Dalpra:

    if you read my argumentation and leave out your appeal to ridiculous there are points i make that can be interesting regardless of Rik being Eric or not.

    an exemple here would be how we might question the Rik Clay entity and maybe conclude and debate weather he is a DCP or not. if he is, then we might think of other researchers who made or makes prophetic claims currently or in the past to see if this would pinpoint other actors.

    when it comes to the procedures of reinserting a DCP back onto the scene, would this be done at all, and if it is, how would they cover up the differences ?

    my opinion on the matter of reinsertion is that talented life-time actors would be interesting to use again as they have proven their value. so if a reinsertion takes place we must also expect that the outmost care will be made as to differentiate the new character from the old.

    when it comes to photographic evidence, we know from 911 that this type of proof is not 100% reliable and “amateur” footage can in fact be professional fakes.

    otherwise i fully understand you’re not fond of the theory of re-insertion even in and by itself. this would be where i disagree with your stance, as well as the language you use to prove your opposing points of view.

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    Tom Dalpra

    otherwise i fully understand you’re not fond of the theory of re-insertion

    There’s something you fully mis-understand, then, for a fact.
    I think re-insertion would be standard practice for some agents.
    That a famous one, an EX DCP er( Dead Celebrity Programmer)
    could be re-inserted in a new famous role with a different character is always worth a look. Do you know of any examples that have ever been discovered ? I don’t, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any. To find one could be a sensation.

    That’s why I looked at Dubay/Clay when you mentioned it.
    Remember I’m the guy who found Sharon Mcauliffe from The Challenger disaster in her ‘new’ identity.
    I’m open to anything.

    Having found, to my satisfaction, that it definitely isn’t the same guy, I can only say what I see.

    I only looked at it because you were talking about it. It’s all your fault 🙂



    happy to be wrong Tom Dalpra, and i stand corrected on you being open to re-insertion of DCP figures.

    if we take the trouble then to speculate about how the ‘nutwork’ would proceed as successfully re-insert a well-known figure, is it reasonable of us to expect the new iteration of a lifetime actor to have been left untouched by surgery and plastic modifications and appear with a 100% ressemblance of their former self ?

    what i would propose would be that all of the tricks available would be used, and that includes the manipulation and staging of ‘amateur’ pictures that you rely on when you rebutt the likeliness of a suspect case based solely on imagery.

    if the goal is to remain unrecognizable i would assume anyone can agree that the task to pin down such instances would be a tough job and that imagery alone would be to obvious a medium for the perpetrators to not cover up. as i can present you images of myself where you’d be hard pressed to find any ressemblance, it will be even more difficult for a produced act to be uncovered by imagery alone because all we see is all they have doomed fitted to be published.
    with deniability built in.

    what i believe is more telling is the degree of ‘dupers delight’ we time again see these people engage in through their numbers and incredible impostures. Clay-Dubay and Rik-Eric are quite funny to the insiders if the re-insertion actually took place. so when we see the lifetime actors pose for their products or record their feats there is surely a great deal of ego involved, even disguised dupers delight. they feel above the common and misleads them with a certainty of their superiority. some of this superiority and self admiration can surely be seen in the case of Dubay who also seems very cautious about critics as he expels his forum members or shuns away from serious Fakeologist outlets as,,

    Tom Dalpra

    what i believe is more telling is the degree of ‘dupers delight’ we time again see these people engage in through their numbers and incredible impostures.

    I think if there is humour in these contrived things, I’d call them inside jokes.
    Duper delight is an involuntary reaction that liars may have. It’s a ‘tell’ – a possible sign of deception.
    (Not saying it is Duper’s necessarily, but Dubay does always seem amused (and denies any part of it) when he talks about people getting banned from his site.)


    On Dubay, I’ve always found him interesting to listen to and I think he talks some sense.
    That said, the first time I came across him, I was instantly suspicious when I saw him referenced by Alex Jones on his show. This backhanded compliment from Jones was, enough, on its own, to make me think Eric was quite possibly controlled.

    His subsequent attachment of the controversial and divisive Holocaust and silly ‘the dastardly Jews did it’, to his research struck me as probably a deliberate, simple, device.

    Then the in-fighting between the big three – Dubay, Boylan and Sargent.
    Divisive again.

    Add the fact that some good guys from Fakeologist went over to IFERS and got banned for nothing, and it all looks a bit weird.

    Still, back in the heady days of Spring 2015 when ‘the Earth first went Flat’, and they all came out of the woodwork, I was favouring Eric.

    Unlike you, it seems UN, I’m quite partial to the slim, handsome, soft-spoken type. 🙂

    In the long run, of course, we’re probably both always better off if we don’t get too distracted by personalities.
    Fancy a little wrestle ?




    Wrestle? I’ll flip you like a cheese omelette, buddy – and I can do it, too!


    the “wrestle” videos are numerous on Eric Dubay’s youtube channel.

    if we compare Eric to Rik, the display of martial arts would constitute an activity the effeminate character Rik Clay would not engage in. in other words, by comparison, we have yet another oppositional characteristic. in this sense, these seemingly trivial videos of martial arts do play into a scenario where the Eric Dubay character was scripted in opposition to Rik Clay as i propose above.

    looking closer on the “wrestling” and sporadic boxing video’s, these are very “macho” on it’s face. however, Eric do not display a very “macho” attitude in the videos, nor does he look like a natural fighter. it seems more like Eric is the apprentice and not very comfortable with violence in general and nor does he display any anger. an expression of inconfort and fearfulness can be seen when he is in disfavorable positions, and this leaves his reactions quite inoffensive to his tutor.

    another curious artefact would be that there are many videos that implicate female characters without any real pertinence to martial art as a discipline. on could argue that a true martial arts enthusiast would probably be solely focused on the techniques and subject in itself, unless the videos are more geared towards emphasizing Erics heterosexuality than his fighting skills. in the Rik/Erik comparison this would be the effect wanted: to create more opposites between Eric and Rik’s homosexuality and feminine character.

    some pretty girls are seen in many of the videos, and this sure help to trick us into assuming Eric is a babe-magnet, but somehow it all seems a bit staged. i can’t see all the tell-tale signs of sexual “heat” between the female entities and our main character. what seems more palpable in the different video-clips is more a friendly warm relation, sex not necessarily included.

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