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    These flags were designed by a British Diplomat to fuel revolt.

    Freemasonic symbols/colours in every single one of them.


    What of the German victims?
    First one, then two….
    June 29 2015

    Auch ein Deutscher ist unter den Opfern. Er stammt aus Korschenbroich… in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Das bestätigte der Bürgermeister Franz Josef Dick (CDU) nach einem Bericht der „Rheinischen Post“. Genauere Angaben zu dem deutschen Opfer gibt es derzeit noch nicht.

    In Tunesien gibt es ein zweites deutsches Todesopfer. Dies teilte jetzt das Auswärtige Amt nach der Identifizierung weiterer Leichen mit. Das zweite deutsche Opfer stammt nach BILD-Informationen aus Willich (NRW).

    Now, more details emerge

    There should be a 78-year-old woman from Willich, whose holiday would come to an end on Tuesday. You should have been a regular at the hotel “Imperial Marhaba” for many years and have spent there usually several weeks vacations.
    A 75-year-old from Korschenbroich did not survive the attack of the Islamist assassin on the beach in Sousse also. He leaves a wife and two sons.

    same pattern…


    The Germans just had their Andreas incident, we’ve had the MH17 pantomime. I guess it was someone else’s turn this time.

    The NWO do give everyone their fair share. Gotta give ’em that.

    There must be a process of bidding, as with staging the Olympic games.
    [Thanks for the video voice interpretaton btw]

    I am wondering who the missing faces are ….we have all thirty Britons identified, but we only see 27 faces at this moment.

    Thirty of the 38 people killed by a gunman on a Tunisian beach were British. They have now all been formally identified and are in the process of being repatriated to the UK. Here is a breakdown of what we know so far about those who have died

    The names so far…27/30…

    Christopher and Sharon Bell, Charles (known as Patrick) Evans, Adrian Evans and Joel Richards, John and Janet Stocker, John Stollery *, William and Lisa Graham, Carly Lovett, John Welch and Eileen Swannack, David Thompson, Sue Davey and Scott Chalkley **, Bruce Wilkinson *, Lisa Burbidge ***, Claire Windass *, Jim and Ann McQuire, Trudy Jones, Stuart Cullen, Stephen Mellor *, Denis and Elaine Thwaites, Philip Heathcote *, Chris Dyer *

    * leaves surviving partner
    ** leaves son Conor Fulford aged 23
    *** nobody knows how old she is – an interesting case, no husband mentioned ****, and that’s not her full name.
    80,78,74,74,73,72*,70,69,66,63,63,”60s” *** 59* 59 58* 54* 54 52*,52*,51,51,50
    No dependent children have been left of school age or under [it was school term time, although some of the injured had left school age children at home….]
    Back to Mrs Burbidge –

    Mrs Burbidge, from Whickham, was on holiday with her family
    Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Anderson [MP] said: “One of the victims of this appalling act was my constituent Mrs Lisa Burbidge, a grandmother of four.”

    No mention of her family anywere in reports. Curious.

    ****But we learn that Mrs Burbidge is a widow [since 2005 actually]

    the community is already planning on a lasting tribute to Mrs Burbidge in what is known as one of her, and her late husband Bill’s, favourite places.
    This week her family issued a statement paying tribute to an ‘amazing woman’ and neighbours said she was a ‘great woman’.
    Albert Hood, who lives in the adjoining street, told the Chronicle: “She was great. “She would run messages for you, ask if there was anything you want.” “She was smashing.”

    So, who are the missing “three”?

    [Nice though that we get a more up to date photo of Jim McQuire!]

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    And as if we didn’t have enough to seal this as a hoax, we now have the expected news that people are being identified by dental records.
    Here are the dental records of person X. You are with person X. Do they match? Yes. Person identified. Thanks.

    Why in heaven’s name would Stephen Mellor, 59, be identfied by dental records. He was shot in the stomach. Was he so badly decomposed on the beach as to be unrecognisable?

    Detective Sergeant David Batt of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command told West London Coroner’s Court: “Cause of death was recorded as gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen.”
    The body of Mr Mellor had been identified by dental records, the hearing was told.

    A stroll in the park.

    “Senior UK police identification managers have assisted in Tunisia and in the UK to oversee the identification process,” he added.
    Mr Mellor’s body was formally by identified by the Tunisian authorities,
    he added.

    Job done.

    The photo of Chris Dyer has suddenly appeared on the BBC website.
    We now learn that Lisa Burbidge was 66.
    Further late arrivals in the “confirmed as dead” list are
    Angela Fisher 69 Ray Fisher 75
    Their bodies were apparently “repatriated” at the same time as they were “identified”. Where have they been all that time?

    A couple from Leicester who had been unaccounted for since the Tunisia attack have been confirmed dead.

    Crazy, isn’t it??

    Tunisian beaches are certainly a big hit with senior citizens in mid summer.
    Daytime average temperatures reach a high of 28°C (82°F) . The warm weather holds steady between 28°C and 31°C and continues into the end of the month

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Xillefilex said: ”A couple from Leicester who had been unaccounted for since the Tunisia attack have been confirmed dead”.

    Crazy, isn’t it??

    Yes. Yes, it is. Found under a sun lounger, I suppose ?
    Though it might be easy to miss people with all the kerfuffle? They’ve had a lot to deal with, xilef. 38 sets of dental records is a lot of teeth.
    One silver lining here with this event is that all the people killed at least appeared to have very good teeth – judging from all their smiling photographs we’ve been relentlessly supplied with in the news- which would at least, make identifying them a little easier.






    [This is David Thompson, 80 who is understood to work for the Atomic weapons Establishment. ( Haha! We know about them ! )]



    With the odd exception:


    A montage for our consumption.



    Going back a couple of days…

    The government says a further body awaiting identification is believed to be that of a Briton.

    Who could that have been? Clearly his or her dentist was sleeping on the job. Perhaps on holiday [not Tunisia, I hope] As of yesterday, two names were missing, three photos. It makes no sense at all that ONE body awaited identification, unless it was only one of the Leicester couple. Perhaps Mr and Mrs Fisher had different dentists?

    We mustn’t forget the injured, must we?

    Tom Richards
    The 22-year-old was interviewed by the Guardian and said he came face-to-face with a gunman, and has picked up an ankle wound. [er no he hasn’t **]
    Ross Thompson and Rebecca Smith
    The couple, from Coventry, are recovering from shrapnel injuries.


    “They only arrived the night before,” “This was their first day.
    “He has a hole through his toe and also his arm is in a cast.
    “Ross’s girlfriend has had to be stitched up because she had no many shrapnel injuries.

    From what? Two grenades, apparently…

    Ross, lives in Wyken and works as a fire hydrant tester

    “Ross got shot in the foot and I got blasted with a grenade. Luckily the force of the grenade threw me into a door. It was the staff toilets.
    “Everyone was just covered in their own blood or other people’s blood, or crying because their loved ones had died in front of them. It was just an horrendous, unreal scene.”
    Ross added: “There were three dead people in the corridor. I had no shoes on.. we were walking over glass and other people’s blood. Stepping over dead people to get out.

    [not marble shards? See below]

    And now Shards of Marble…

    Check out this absurdly improbable story, rushed out at Saturday 27 June 2015 03.24 BST in the Guardian..

    The shots hit the marble floor, spraying Tom and his mother with shards of marble, wounding her in the ankle and **catching Tom in the wrist.
    It gets the next toilet cubicle…another woman….

    she hobbled in, bleeding heavily from a marble fragment that was embedded in her thigh.
    She had a big chunk of the [marble] tile in her leg. I just said ‘I’m going to have to pull this out.’”

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.
    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    xilef listed the ages:

    80,78,74,74,73,72*,70,69,66,63,63,”60s” *** 59* 59 58* 54* 54 52*,52*,51,51,50

    So, something like 22 of the 30 faked victims are over 50.

    This is an oldies Op alright. This batch of fake victims look like the retirement brigade, as you suggest xilef. It appears to me a fair effort has been made to produce these ‘robust’ ( I hear that word on the news ) victim profiles. Real people ‘retiring’ is favoured here, perhaps, as a method of simulating the victims ?
    Spot the completely made-up entity could be a fun game with this one.


    The Puma red is very prominent here. It was there in the Hebdo offices.



    In the Hebdo photograph, I noted the parcel in that bag waiting to be sent.
    The Puma guy in the Sousse photo holds a tablet in his right hand. Maybe, it was that?


    Do we have anything we could call a ‘money shot’ with this Op anyone?


    Relentless sports referencing for today’s big ‘minute’s silence’ here.





    Well, anywhere there’s a crowd maybe? ( I saw it in the bank with the sound off and sub titles on! I was hoping for ”Plane flies over – Car passes in background” )




    So, something like 22 of the 30 faked victims are over 50.
    This is an oldies Op alright. This batch of fake victims look like the retirement brigade…

    I had omitted the late arrivals on the list, the Fishers, 69 and 75.
    Here’s the final tally making 24/30 over 50. or 17/30 over 58. This is no Ibiza, clearly.

    80,78,75,74,74,73,72*,70,69,69,66,66,63,63, 59* 59 58* 54* 54 52*,52*,51,51,50

    The “injured” seem to have a younger profile.
    With the “fatalities”,it’s like a U3A summer school.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    “Ross got shot in the foot and I got blasted with a grenade. Luckily the force of the grenade threw me into a door. It was the staff toilets”

    Another silver lining amid the horror with a lucky escape. In normal events, entry to the staff toilets would be prohibited. Considering he must have been shitting himself, that was very handy.



    I found a rare article about Dutch victims [the total absence of them from this nation of global travelers and sun-seekers]

    De meeste reizigers bevinden zich in een all-inclusive hotel, soortgelijk aan de hotels die getroffen zijn door de aanslag. De leeftijd van de Nederlandse toeristen loopt uiteen van 19 tot 53 jaar oud.

    19 to 53 years old! Too young to die. Literally.
    “82 Dutch tourists in 6 neighboring hotels in Sousse” [rough tranlation]
    Too young to go out on the beach. That’s for oldies.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Hey xilef, did you see this from Simon ?
    He’s certainly entertained me enough, over time. Very glad to return the favour 🙂

    I only just found the thread. I’ll have to have a read.

    I just thought I’d open a thread for this latest “ISIS” farce (if only just for the record) – but quite frankly, right now I’m just too ‘summerlazy’ to delve into it in any depth. Fortunately, the indefatigable Tom Dalpra & Xilefilex duo over at have found time to do so – and I’ve been having a good few laughs reading their hilarious chronicles of this latest sordid affair…


    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra



    As an artist might create a picture that alludes to a classic painting, this Sousse shot does , on reflection, to me, probably allude to that infamous Hebdo shot. It was one of the money shots, after all.

    The tablet would be the computer screen of course, not the parcel.
    There’s the combination of orange and red.
    The flag becomes the blood maybe, maybe not!
    I dunno.
    I talked about it a bit at the end of my post at this link, I felt at the time it
    was very carefully contrived and that it suggested an ongoing story, like a scene in a thriller.

    There certainly seems to be some unsurprising cross- references.
    It’s a campaign, after all.

    Perhaps there’s surprisingly no French victims with this Op considering France’s strong ties to Tunisia?



    …was very carefully contrived and that it suggested an ongoing story, like a scene in a thriller.

    Perhaps there’s surprisingly no French victims with this Op considering France’s strong ties to Tunisia?

    This is a copy of a Reuters video…the scenes with the sound of waves crashing over the “silence observers” [there’s little tide in the Med] is absurd.
    The red imagery was famously used by the Oirish postcard publisher, John Hinde in pretty well all its images. Old John knew how to sell a photo.

    Yes indeed, Tom, where are the French in all this? People love going on holiday where the lingo is familiar – Brits to Malta/Cyprus, the Germans to, er, everywhere. I understand Tunisia is also a fave with Czechs and Scandinavians.

    The whole Brtish nation, though, was united in grief by the plot of the thriller….


    Strange pic from a Brazilian media source

    26 juin 2015 à 19:04

    Des secourists tunisiens près du corps d’un touriste tué lors de l’attaque d’un hôtel de la station balnéaire de Sousse, le 26 juin 2015 (Photo FETHI BELAID. AFP)

    Here’s another


    I’d say the French are upto their necks in this one, sans victimes.

    Of French victims?

    Mr. Somrani * has not made French victimhood contrary to what was announced Friday night the Prime Minister Habib Essid. “At this stage [there is] no French victim identified” in Tunisia, “but we must remain cautious,” has meanwhile said the Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, Saturday.

    A meeting with tour operators to be held Saturday at noon at the Foreign Ministry, about French tourists in Tunisia, the minister said. “We asked them to repatriate all the French who wish to be repatriated and we will ensure that,” he insisted.

    * director of the department of emergency services, Naoufel Somrani.

    The young Tunisian born in 1992 went to the pool on the property, near which he “threw a grenade,” says the pastry chef of the hotel. He launched a second grenade, in the principal’s office, first floor, and then won the reception and gym.


    According to diplomatic sources contacted by L’Express, there is as yet no French victim among the dead and wounded from the bombing of Sousse. But the French authorities are cautious.


    Hollande ne confirme pas de victimes françaises
    “Je ne peux pas confirmer la présence de Français” parmi les victimes.
    François Hollande
    26/06/2015 à 16:46

    Ochlocratie @Ochlocratie
    Les touristes tués à sousse sont de nationalité Allemande, Polonaise, Anglaise et Tchéque (Moncef Cheikrouhou, ex-deputé sur BFM TV)
    14:37 – 26 Juin 2015
    Polish, Czech????

    The German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, confirmed that there were “at least one German” among the victims, without excluding that there may be others.

    Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid, had mentioned during the night of possible French victims, but French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Saturday that there were none for now.


    It remains unclear if any of the French victims. “I can not confirm the presence of French” among the victims, said Friday the president Francois Hollande.


    A truly European drill. But it seems the Tunisians were not reading the script correctly. Not a single French tourist injured or killed.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.

    A tweet

    AA @A_13_A
    AA retweeted ShemsFm
    Les victimes sont majoritairement Anglaises, Belges et Allemandes. #SousseAttack

    AA added,
    ShemsFm @RadioShemsFm
    ???? #???? : ????? ????? ? #????? ???? ?????? ??? ????????
    6:30 am – 26 Jun 2015 [2:30 PM Tunisian time = BST]

    ShemsFm @RadioShemsFm
    ???? #???? : ????? ????? ? #????? ???? ??????
    ??? ????????
    6:26 am – 26 Jun 2015 [
    2:26 PM Tunisian time = BST]

    How would they know this so soon? They’re very efficient in Tunisia Within two hours they know the nationalities of the victims. Precisely.


    Tunisia hotel attack as it happened: At least 5 British tourists among the dead as toll hits 37

    By Callum Paton , Lewis Dean , Arij Limam
    June 26, 2015 13:33 BST

    Whoops, slight overshoot there.

    When did it happen?

    Oueslati.A ? @Al_Pacino_
    Attaque terroriste dans un hôtel à Kantaoui #Sousse #Tunisie–%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%82%D9%86%D8%B7%D8%A7%D9%88%D9%8A/105/31654
    4:19 am – 26 Jun 2015 [12:19 PM BST]

    here’s the visual timeline…


    Nothing like getting the facts out quickly.

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    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra



    On further inspection of these two photographs it becomes clear that we are looking at foreshadowing.
    The bottom-right corner of the Hebdo sand sculpture shows a curled page as if to suggest ‘turning over a leaf’.

    The focus ( quite literally ) of the Sousse picture is the three characters to the right with AGGRESSIVE RED MUSLIM WOMAN in the middle – they allude to the three ‘figures’ we see in the background of the Hebdo picture -the horse with rider, the guy with the stick, and the camel.

    The guy on the left has a hat and blue trimming to his red. The guy on the right has a floral trunks with blue-trim. These are parallels.

    MUSLIM WOMAN in the middle, subtly holds her thumb aloft to suggest the stick in the hand of the camel driver, which itself alludes to the ISIS hand sign.

    A couple of the floral tributes have their cellophane tied in a bow to suggest the spectacles on the Hebdo sculpture, maybe and perhaps another pair of flowers form the ‘pupils behind’ another pair of glasses.
    ( Does anyone have any idea why we see some of the Hebdo sculpture characters mouthless and chinless? )

    Either way, it’s there isn’t it ?

    Now, this is a campaign, as we know. Does the Sousse picture foreshadow anything? You’d think it might be a series wouldn’t you? Maybe.

    We saw a quite a lot of overly tanned, rather saggy English women in bikinis with this Op.
    Suddenly with this batch of photographs – rather refreshingly I thought – we got these two young lovely looking girls.


    In one photograph they’re walking towards DANGEROUS AGGRESSIVE LOUD MUSLIM WOMAN and in the other they’re following her.
    Either way, they’re going to meet each other, potentially.

    Two good looking young girls in bikinis…

    I’ll take a guess.
    A couple of famous models are perhaps, gonna be pretend-kidnapped or pretend-killed by ISIL/ISIS/IS/ in a few months.

    Whilst, as I said at the time, two good looking young girls juxtaposed MUSLIM WOMAN was a strong image of ‘Western freedoms’, anyway. It may be a series…



    A fascinating staged diptych, Tom. [where did the hunk in the floral swimming trunks vanish to?]

    I was just having a look at the ages of the 52 “deaths” in the London event, mirrored in this one. I’ll list them. Is this a cross section of ages in the rush hour in London?
    20,21,22,22, 23, 24,24,24,24,24,24,24,26,26,26,27,28,28,28,28,28,29,29,29

    Perhaps not.
    Inconclusive, but interesting.
    A massive preponderance of people less likely to have dependent children once again. This is an area of universties, with students who travel in rush hours, I would have expected more late teens,perhaps, and a lot more people in their 40s. And perhaps a few over 60s. And these days a few cyclists would probably have been alongside the 30 bus…
    come to think of it, there was a Miriam Hyman cycle ride from Oxford to Tavistock Square today

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.
    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.
    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Now, that Brazillian link that nemesis posted.
    Crikey! They show things there they don’t show us.

    Check out the body slung in the back of a camper.
    Unbelievable! That wouldn’t happen would it?!
    Oooh and the guy with his flip-flops still on hehe.


    Now get this:

    All 30 victims were Thompson’s and First Choice customers.


    Yeh, you get it don’t you?

    I know where else I saw that!
    I’d been wondering why they might have contrived the flag like that. It took three men. Here’s one tie-in.





    Nah, you probably fuckin’ won’t! 🙂


    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    First Choice went for a red star and a white slash.


    The red of Thompson’s image appears to have been deliberately enhanced here.
    Perhaps to burn into the retina of our third eye, as it were ?


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