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    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    We are all trying to come to grips and process with what’s happened.

    Oh yeh, process again?
    There was that Daily Mail photo caption I quoted earlier on the thread where people were said to ‘process’ along the beach.

    Is someone implanting this word in inappropriate places on purpose?


    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    I’m sure Simon won’t mind me posting this from Clues

    And if you’ve got to lie there for a while in that heat, you best put some towels up and get some shade too.

    Not much shade under those parasols.



    From looking at your last post Tom, think it was already mentioned on one of John Smith’s youtube vids that Blondie may also be the one in the last pic here.. ❓


    I’d say these football threads would be a good place to spread disinfo.
    Interesting exchange here.

    Lad I work withs mother in law is still missing. The police have been through all the rooms and still not found. Not looking good.
    DeLonge, Jun 26, 2015
    Horrendous for him and his family.
    Hopefully she is found or at worst wounded or something
    DeLonge, Jun 26, 2015

    She was last spotted running towards the lobby and apparently the gunman was also in there
    DeLonge, Jun 26, 2015

    I’ll let yous know if I here anything else.
    She’s from Whickham. It’s 10 years to the day since her husband died
    DeLonge, Jun 26, 2015

    She still hasn’t been found. Her friends are en route to look at unidentified bodies. Due to arrive half 12/1 ish
    DeLonge, Jun 26, 2015

    It’s sickening. Absolutely gutted for them. They’re a lovely really close family. RIP
    DeLonge, Jun 27, 2015

    Any news on the mother in law yet?
    harmy, Jun 27, 2015

    She’s dead 🙁 apparently it was difficult to identify the body. I’ll spare you’s the gory details but sounds like she died from a grenade blast.
    DeLonge, Jun 27, 2015
    It’s sickening. Absolutely gutted for them. They’re a lovely really close family. RIP
    DeLonge, Jun 27, 2015

    Just for the record – iirc it’s DeLonge’s work mate whose mother in law was killed
    Silksworth Lad, Jun 27, 2015
    My daughters have just found out that the grandmother of kids they are at school with is one of the dead – absolutely terrible
    King Kareoke, Jun 27, 2015

    Sickening is the word – David Cameron’s word, too.

    We all love football, we all read football forums. Well, we all know the victim-subject of that forum, Grandmother-of-four Lisa Burbridge, 66, from Whickham and one of the posters seem to know every detail about their workmates’ mothers-in-laws’ crime scene in North Africa almost immediately. Amazing.
    Bruce Wilkinson, victim, was also said to be from Whickham. Whoops!

    Two more British victims of the Tunisia massacre were named as Bruce Wilkinson, believed to be from Whickham, Tyne and Wear, and Lisa Burbidge.

    Crossed wires there everyone else believes he was from Goole.
    Bruce died wife Rita survived…interesting. Both from Goole, where Bruce didn’t show much interesting in turning up for his meetings as governor or the local hospital trust, 2007-10. p.11 here:

    Click to access NLG.Annual.Report.2010-11.pdf

    Rita and Bruce
    Google Goole….

    Likes the sun

    May 19 2012, Egypt
    and, er,

    July 1 2012

    Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy has been supporting the family of Mr Wilkinson. [and who read out the customary statement on “the family’s” behalf.

    but especially Rita, I hope, who seems not to have given any account o the incident, and one imagines she must have been very close to Bruce at the time yet apparently received no injuries.

    Mr Wilkinson, 72, of Gordon Street, Goole, was shot dead as he sunbathed on the beach in the terrorist attack at the Tunisian resort of Sousse on Friday.
    Mrs Wilkinson, who was with her husband at the time, returned home yesterday morning to be comforted by her family.


    It seems like these facebook accounts are set up for the press to find photos. There’s not much activity and the don’t seem to comment on friends’ pages. What really strikes me is that we have heard a peep from the Wilkinsons’ daughter who is also a FB friend…..

    but it’s here

    Amy Goodwin A wonderful grandad, father, husband, brother and uncle . We love you so much rest in peace
    10 · 28 June at 23:27

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    Our Goole
    27 June · Saturday 27 June 2015 at 21:20
    Goole man killed in Tunisian terrorist attack:

    Amy Goodwin This is my poorgrandad I’m absolutely fuming this has been thrown about on social media when we haven’t had time to grieve no respect!!!
    Like · Reply · 9 · 27 June at 23:06 · Edited

    Our Goole So sorry for your loss Amy. While I can’t imagine what you are all going through, Our Goole is a community news site and lots of people have paid their respects via the page. My thoughts are with you at this sad time.
    Like · 2 · 27 June at 22:36/

    accompanying photo:

    But it was put up on “social media” the next day at 23:19
    The original report went…
    The man has been named locally as Bruce Wilkinson. He is believed to have been holidaying with his wife, who is also thought to have been injured.

    well, no.
    How did the Goole story emerge?
    Well, this seems to be the first… not sure of Nigel’s source…

    Nigel Kelly @MrNigelStan
    Nice quiet morning at work then we hear that one of the victims of the Tunisia terrorist attack could be a man from Goole.
    3:55 am – 27 Jun 2015 [11:55 AM]

    Tim Hubbard @GrimTim_GTID
    Just seen a man from Goole has been named as one of the victims of the Sousse shootings. RIP 🙁
    11:03 am – 27 Jun 2015 [7:03 PM BST 27 June]
    18:55 BST Friday 26 June 2015
    A man from Goole is said to be among the 15 confirmed dead in the Tunisian terror attack, with the majority of the 39 victims said by the Prime Minister to be British.
    Bruce Wilkinson, from Goole, is widely reported to have been killed in the attack.

    Our Goole @OurGoole
    The Goole man killed in the Tunisian terrorist attack has been named locally as Bruce Wilkinson. His wife is also…
    11:11 am – 27 Jun 2015 [7:11 PM]

    Mark Casci @MarkCasci [Head of Content, Yorkshire Evening Post]
    Man from Goole confirmed as being among the dead in Tunisia terror attack. He had been named as Bruce Wilkinson
    1:25 pm – 27 Jun 2015 [9:25 PM BST]

    BBC Radio Humberside @RadioHumberside
    NEWS: 72-year-old Bruce Wilkinson from Goole was killed in Friday’s terror attack in Tunisia. At least 15 Britons died. More at 1
    4:53 am – 28 Jun 2015 [12:53 PM BST]

    Nothing like getting the narrative out quickly

    Sky News 12:41 June 26 “…my sister was talking to someone who said they’d seen someone, erm, shooting ” “shot some people on the sunbeds…”
    “but we don’t really know” “in fact we tried..”
    Anchor: “somebody told you that people were shot on their sunbeds”
    “yeah” “we don’t know if that’s true”
    “we dont know if that’s true” “people crying, going hysterical”

    The two “sisters” say they’re speaking from the El Mouradi Palm Marina “near Sousse” [actually Port El Kantaoui] yet they don’t know the name of the hotel next door…which, of course, is the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba
    “it sounded like a machine gun going off….and then there was like a kind of explosion [ah yes, the grenade] a bit later but I don’t know what that was butu theyre saying it’s going on in the hotel next to us
    – “and what hotel is that?”
    “I don’t know” “don’t know what the next one is to us”

    “And when they say going on in the hotel next to us do they mean some theyre some kind of attack underway?

    Police were chasing some men, that’s all I know that’s all I know that’s all I’ve been told..apart from the lady.
    I took a video … where you can see everybody like the securty running on a beach to the next hotel …and there’s been staff from the hotel looking out..””they’re on the roof” “they’re on the roof,watching out”
    Anchor: “OK”
    One sisters is identfied as a Susan Rickett in a story based on the SkyNews release…

    “It was like a film.”


    What does the Goole MP say?
    the next day…

    Andrew Percy ?Verified account @andrewpercy Jun 27
    Thoughts and prayers are with families of those killed or injured in Tunisia, including those locally.
    6:31 am – 27 Jun 2015 · [2:31 PM]

    Andrew Percy Verified account @andrewpercy
    A terribly sad and devastating incident. Impossible to imagine how hose caught up in it are feeling.
    11:54 am – 27 Jun 2015 [7:54 PM BST]

    Andrew Percy Verified account @andrewpercy
    Sad to learn yesterday of the death of a constituent in Tunisia. With names now released I am sure all our thoughts are with family here
    12:01 pm – 27 Jun 2015 [8:01 PM BST]

    Mr Percy:

    The family want Bruce remembered for his life, rather than by the nature of his passing. It was an honour to be able to pay tribute to him in the House of Commons on Monday. I was able to tell the chamber that his family would remember him as a kind and compassionate husband, father and grandfather and as a man with a wonderful dry wit.
    It is important now that families are given the privacy and time to grieve for their relatives, and I am sure that everybody, including the media, will want to leave them in peace to do just that.’

    The Yorkshire connnecton…

    The Yorkshire PostVerified account @yorkshirepost
    Yorkshire woman caught up in Tunisia terror attack as 27 people are killed in beach shooting.
    5:57 am – 26 Jun 2015 [1:57 PM BST]

    wow, that was quick!
    Perhaps it was Debbie Horsfall who was evacuated overnight!

    Tunisia Terrorist Attack: Huddersfield woman caught up in gun massacre arrives home
    16:00, 26 June 2015 By Louise Cooper

    Huddersfield holidaymaker Debbie Horsfall who was caught up in the Tunisian shooting has arrived safely back in the UK.
    The 22-year-old and her friend Ellie Makin*** were lying on sun beds in the resort of Sousse when a gunman opened fire and they fled to safety.
    Debbie was one of a thousand people who have since been evacuated. She arrived at Manchester Airport on Saturday morning.
    Debbie said: “It was terrifying. You want to believe its not real. I didn’t feel safe until I landed at Manchester this morning.
    “The majority of people in our hotel chose to come home.
    “Thompson were really helpful. At first they were unable to give us information because they didn’t know.
    “But we were told in the evening (Friday) that six coaches were coming and 10 aircrafts would be flying to Manchester, Doncaster and Gatwick for anyone who wanted to go home.
    “I arrived in Manchester at 5.40 this morning.”
    Speaking of her ordeal she said: “My friend (Ellie) stood up and saw a man with the gun firing.
    “We got up and ran, but we didn’t know where to go.
    “We have only been here two days – we came on Wednesday. We went to back to our room but we didn’t feel safe.”
    Ellie said she saw a gunman pull a weapon from an umbrella right next to them on the beach while they were sunbathing.
    “He was to the right of me because we were on the last sun bed on the beach. All of a sudden I just happened to look right and all I saw was a gun and an umbrella being dropped.
    “Then he started firing to the right hand side of us. If he had fired to the left I don’t know what would have happened, but we were very lucky.”
    Ms Horsfall added: “We were on the beach sunbathing, then the next thing we heard gunfire and Ellie shouted “gun, run” over and over.
    “We got up and ran as fast as we could to our hotel reception. We just saw panic, everyone just got up and fled as soon as we realised it was gunfire.
    The pair ran back to their hotel where other residents had gathered in the foyer but were in danger again when a gunman fired shots into the building.
    Ms Makin said. “A guy ran up into the hotel and started shooting again and everyone fled. He was just below us, if we’d have walked down the stairs we’d have met him halfway.
    “We got split up. I ran to a room upstairs with somebody and their kids and we hid. We were told to go to our room even though it was ground floor near where the shooting was, but I refused.”
    After the ordeal Debbie was able to reassure her mum Angela, who works at Thongsbridge Cricket Club, that she was fine, despite the terrifying shootout.

    NB I don’t think the Yorkshire post changes the time when they update their articles.
    *** from Ripon

    John Edwards @FreePressJohn
    An East Yorkshire woman is reported to have been caught up in the suspected terror attack in Tunisia.
    7:47 am – 26 Jun 2015 [3:47 PM BST]

    My that was quick.

    Here’s another key person for the official narrative
    Paul Short from Wooler, an ex-Territorial soldier, was on holiday with his wife. They were in their hotel room * when he heard what he knew to be gunfire. [* at mid-day like you do]
    And then you go onto ITV

    “we were lying on the beach and we thought we could hear fireworks going off..”
    Broadcast on 30/06/2015
    just listen to him…its unbelievable…[check the segment at around 2:10]
    More videos of Paul here:

    Would like to thank Thompson’s….Funny, though, he says they were “lying on the beach”! Yet in the earlier ITV balcony, he says he went to the balcony
    video 7:53 am, Tue 30 Jun 2015
    “I put a tourniquet on him pushed a towel into his wound and told him to lie there…”

    12 hours later….

    “sitting by the pool when the shooting started”
    video: 7:47 pm, Tue 30 Jun 2015

    changing narrative in fact we have 3 different ones the same day…what’s new?


    From looking at your last post Tom, think it was already mentioned on one of John Smith’s youtube vids that Blondie may also be the one in the last pic here.. ?

    It’s called a dual role in theatrical productions. There probably was a tight budget.


    Here are Ellie and Debbie carry out their contractual obligations…

    A straight C-minus, I’m afraid
    Interviewer, helpfully…“they probably didn’t realise”
    “They [hotel staff] didn’t realise I think, at first, that it was so surreal and it was actally happenning…

    I hope the hotel staff later realised it was surreal…

    “all the staff started from the beach [sic] ran in with us…”

    What were the hotel staff doing on the beach?? Sunbathing?
    It’s totally devoid of content. [good bit at 0:37 however] In fact “pulling teeth” comes to mind.

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 12 months ago by xileffilex.
    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Quite a lot there to take in, xilef.
    All good for the perspective.

    It’s, newly single, Rita Wilkinson, in her red bikini that’s inspired you, isn’t it? This is why I read your stuff. Phew, it’s hot in this beach Op isn’t it?!

    Getting a half-dressed young native boy in, is probably a good idea, too.
    Thetford Forest perhaps for this one, I thought?
    This guy doesn’t appear to have much of a tan, I dunno.


    Paul Short from Wooler, an ex-Territorial soldier

    Yes, add that to the un-ending list of totally unconvincing psyOp witness TV interviews. If you really listen to what he’s saying, it doesn’t make much sense. Safe, seen-before, Ex-Territorial Army reference, noted.

    We see how Ellie and Debbie work as a team. Immoral support for each other, perhaps? It’s touching…in a weird, touched, sort of way.

    Just a process.



    Thetford Forest perhaps for this one, I thought?
    This guy doesn’t appear to have much of a tan, I dunno.

    Center Parcs, Tom? The Sherwood Forest operation is probably more local to Goole though.

    I’m just interested in how they put these things together and release the information script-like.

    The Wilkinsons are fascinating because they have been separated and require careful handling.

    The MP’s tweet [he’s an emergency responder btw…] is at 8pm on the 27th and says without naming him, [
    I wonder why? ] that one of his constituents has died on the beach, since all names are now released [wonder if they were?]. Our Goole named him at 7:11 PM [see below]

    It seems like “Our Goole” either didn’t read the script correctly or alternatively and more likely was the vehicle for the release of the information with fake indignation from Ms Goodwin [see below also]
    Our Goole @OurGoole
    A reliable source has informed Our Goole that a Goole couple has unfortunately been caught up in the Tunisian…
    8:01 am – 27 Jun 2015 [4:01 PM BST]

    leading to our old friends the BBC naming Brucie before Our Goole did. Clever, a one-two job ignored by Goodwin if you see the timings…
    BBC Look North @looknorthBBC
    A man from East Yorkshire – named locally as 72-year-old Bruce Wilkinson from Goole – is victim of Tunisian terror attack
    10:39 am – 27 Jun 2015 [6:39 PM BST]

    And what does it mean “named locally”? Hmmmm… By whom, that’s the question.

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    all I saw was a gun and an umbrella being dropped

    Umbrella, umbrella. Definitely something that should be on the list of Patterns and Memes. You see the item flashing all over the place whenever there’s an Op.


    JFK’s Umbrella Man



    The totally independent and uncontrolled artist Rihanna singing about her umbrella.


    Just some casual remarks.

    Google Goole….

    I did. There happens to be a Hook near Goole. I wonder if it’s a sandy one.

    “we were lying on the beach and we thought we could hear fireworks going off..”

    Lying on the beach, he said.


    Funny you should bring up beach umbrellas, rgos.
    I searched for the very first tweet about these objects immortalised by Jeff Beck
    “open up your beach umbrella, while you’re watching TV”

    Felicity Barr @FelicityBarrTV [TV News Presenter at Al Jazeera English
    Al Jazeera Arabic reporter quoting eyewitness who says attacker had Kalashnikov rifle hidden inside beach umbrella. Not confirmed. #Tunisia
    5:41 am – 26 Jun 2015 [1:41 PM]

    The French, naturally, were well in on the operation although they, and the Tunisians did not supply any “victimes” for the script.

    another liar..

    Madime, a Tunisian holidaymaker, was on a beach of the hotel Bellevue situated in the continuation of the beach of the Hotel Imperial Marhaba, when the attackers opened fire on tourists.
    “I was with my little brother when I saw a young man come dressed in black shorts, an umbrella under his arm. He had at first looked like an ordinary holidaymaker. Then I saw him enter water with his parasol, from which he pulled out a Kalashnikov rifle and began to strafe towards people from the beach. I put my brother on the shoulder and I ran as fast as ‘I could. It was a nightmare.

    Sure thing, Madime. And another helpful, semi anonymous witness “Said B” films the arrest of a suspect.

    webdo @webdo_tn [Votre journal électronique de Tunis]
    Attaque d’El Kantaoui : La Kalachnikov d’un des assaillants était cachée dans un parasol fermé, selon le MI … #Tunisie
    6:51 am – 26 Jun 2015 [2:51 PM BST = Tunisian time]
    Selon le ministère de l’Intérieur, un des assaillants aurait caché sa kalachnikov dans un parasol fermé lors de l’attaque qui a fait 27 morts et 6 blessés (bilan provisoire) ce vendredi 26 juin dans deux hôtels de Sousse.

    Less than three hours after the event is alleged to have happened.
    Nicolas Fauqué @ImagesdeTunisie
    Entrée de lhotel
    8:17 am – 26 Jun 2015 [4:17 PM BST]

    uploaded by Fauqué simultaneously.

    Nicolas Fauqué @ImagesdeTunisie
    #SousseAttack #Tunisia
    6:34 pm – 26 Jun 2015 [2:34 AM 27 Jun BST] [hmm, working late….]


    Hi ho, silver lining! [good line up here in 2003…]

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Mmmm, umbrellas…I saw those parasols there, like mushrooms…

    You’ve got to love that silhouette ‘blood stain’. Very Banksy!

    Don’t worry, there’s plenty more shite where that came from!
    Let’s get these two pictures, as presented, out of the way first.
    On the left we have another contrived Tunisian flag photograph. No.1 , why all the patriotism ? Uh? Why? No Tunisians were even killed? Has anyone told any of these people constantly posing for our newspapers with the Tunisian flag, that this isn’t actually that appropriate. Yes we know it was in Tunisia.
    Now here, the photographer has said something like: ” Turn the flag on it’s side, now roll up the bottom and top of the flag, keep going, stop. That’s it.”
    It’s contrived to look like the woman kneeling has a star on her head and is perhaps holding a red ‘blade’. I can only think it alludes to something because so much trouble has gone to present it in this way.

    The other side of the picture is just funny. It’s an artist’s impression of
    another potential shooter. Hehe. Loving the blurry features. Message by cartoon these days, it’s quite common, you know? There he is! You can see him!

    What is it with wearing balaclavas in Summer? We saw it last year with the MH17 drama. Men in balaclavas were there after it crashed.
    To make it all seem ominous: dark figures with guns. Very hot, dark figures with guns, probably.


    I know what you’re thinking, but it’s the wrong fucking time of the month to ask, thankyou!
    Indians are shown this sort of stuff. It suggests one ‘lucky’ shot, perhaps?


    Have these people got purple bands on? People allowed on the beach, I guess.
    All very organised.

    Blondie had a purple band on.

    Flags…it’s such a basic form of getting the message across.
    This for the Jordan Times.



    I’m not so sure I would ever want to go to Tunisia, the beaches seem to get so crowded that one is forced to set up one’s sunbed on a traffic island.

    See what the London Evening Standard rushed out…

    Local media in Tunisia have reported those killed were mostly German and British tourists. Tunisian interior ministry spokesman Ali Aroui described the victims as mostly tourists but did not confirm their nationalities.

    Funny how the Germans seemed to dodge the bullets.
    The FCO could not immediately confirm whether any British nationals were involved.
    The Prime Minister called an emergency meeting of COBRA in the wake of the attack.

    Which rather gives the game away – there might not have been any UK nationals involved. The might all have been Germans 😉

    Blondie was German btw, “Katrina”. On holiday with her “mum” if you will. Really! What a lame story.

    Check out female witness Chris Callaghan[62] here

    “..her right femur shattered” “it was terrible, absolutely terrible I couldn’t believe it was happening and my right leg was laying across my stomach….This lady [shot four times] was bleeding so heavily, I was laying in her blood trying to keep her awake It was dreadful I’ve never witnessed anything like it”

    “We’ve been so lucky,” said Tony Callaghan[who spent 23 years in the Royal Air Force**] from his hospital bed, shrugging off the injuries to his arm and leg, and the afternoon’s date with a surgeon. “To see what I saw, people lying dead in a corridor, two ladies in a pool of blood, a young man holding his dead fiancee’s hand.”

    And the hospital leaves the Hotel Rui armband on the “injured” Ukrainian’s [Nadezhna Vasilievna aged 76] in the hospital for televisual effect…

    “My husband went to swim, and I was lying and reading the newspaper by the sea. Suddenly I heard an explosion,” she said.
    “I saw the man running and shooting. He shot at us. For those who moved, he fired again. I looked where he pointed the gun. When he aimed the weapon in my side, I felt a kick. The bullet went right through my soft tissues.”
    She said she watched, stunned, as the gunman — whose appearance she can’t recall except that he was dressed in black — carried on firing.
    Those who were standing or sitting, were in the center of the beach, or were closest to the water bore the brunt of the attack, she said.

    “I was lucky,” Vasilievna said. “I had no fear. It was like a movie. I just watched him and tried to deceive him. I just lost a lot of blood.”
    After the rampage ended, she was helped to a medical unit in the hotel and then on to the hospital.
    Her husband, Igor Vladimirovich, age 78, was swimming at the time and said he watched the attack from the water in disbelief. “The terrorist fired almost without stopping. He moved quickly,” he said.

    Hold on a minute (0.54 in the video)
    “She shows me where doctors say they removed grenade fragements from her thigh”
    It’s another lie and more shifting narrative.
    What a scam.
    ** i.e. “very credible source” I knew it was gunfire… The hotel was being attacked
    “I’m ex-military, so I knew that wasn’t fireworks and that was gunshots”

    Last update July 1

    Christine Callaghan, 62, was described today by an N&N [Norwich and Norfolk Hospital] spokesman as “comfortable and awaiting further surgery.”
    Staff at Cromer Hospital are sending their support to Mrs Callaghan, who works there as a healthcare assistant.

    Here’s another key player

    NHS England statement on Tunisia
    1 July 2015 – 15:54
    Professor Chris Moran, NHS England National Clinical Director for Trauma Care and the senior doctor who coordinated the medical repatriation from Tunisian hospitals of the of those British casualties with the most severe injuries says: “Having now spoken to my surgical and critical care colleagues in the major trauma centres across England who have received these patients, they have been impressed by the very high quality of care offered by the Tunisian medical and nursing teams despite what must have been extremely difficult circumstances. The outcome for these patients has clearly been enhanced by this care”

    Everyone was wonderful.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Test. I’m unable to read anything whilst writing this. The screen appears blank. As I’ve not been able to see the chat on this site for months I’m not able to report my strange pinability to post anythiong.
    It It appears I’m typing…
    anyway test.( MMM, NO i WUH UN T-OOOOOOO

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    Test. I’m unable to read anything whilst writing this.


    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Correct, mister Tom Dalpra, we’ve had enough of your recent unpatriotic ramblings on this forum, trying to debunk the latest operations of your Government.

    Very droll.
    Stop fuckin’ around, it was you wasn’t it? 🙂 haha.
    Some kind of funny little glitch.

    Now, you mentioned brollies. Black umbrellas, balaclavas and kalashnikovs, all nicely portrayed beside a sea of corn last year in the Ukraine.
    Well plucked-out ( Nemesis ) at the time.

    Same look;


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