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    Just when we thought the hoax management couldn’t get any sillier….
    Ambulances and police cars used in Novichok poisoning to go to landfill”>source – Metro UK Aug 31 2018

    Authorities were faced with a decision about whether to incinerate vehicles which may have been contaminated, or whether to bury them in landfill, and decided on the latter option. Defra said more vehicles would be moved to landfill.

    suuuuure they were.
    An undisclosed number of police cars and ambulances have been sent to Wingmoor Farm, one of few landfill sites in the UK that takes hazardous waste.

    Let’s assume the “undisclosed number” is close to ZERO.

    One of the most abysmal but expensive scaremongering hoaxes cooked up by intel for a long while. Perhaps since the fake Litvenenko “Polonium poisoning”.

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    More fun…UK charges two Russians “intelliigence officers” for the hoax, Prime minister phones Trump to keep him in the picture

    13:47 Sept 5 2018
    The Labour MP Chris Leslie asks May if she will condemn the “cranks and ideological extremists **” who do not accept that Russia was to blame and who are sowing mistrust of the security services. May says she agrees.

    of the country’s citizens.

    Police say the men, both about 40, flew from Moscow to London on Russian passports two days before the Skripals were poisoned on March 4.
    Assistant police commissioner Neil Basu said the men were probably using aliases. He appealed the public “to come forward and tell us who they are.”
    Police released a series of images of the men as they travelled through London and Salisbury between March 2 and March 4. Police say the two men flew back to Moscow from Heathrow Airport on the evening of March 4, hours after the Skripals were found collapsed on a park bench in Salisbury.

    Oh, the CCTV must have been working, unusually, to capture the progress of these actors 7/7 style.

    ** and fakeologists.

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    Agree completely with your take, Xile.

    We got some new interesting attemps here to rise the psyop scriptwriting to literacy level:

    -traveling and walking aroung sims
    -working cctv in the uk
    -sims having aliases

    Always look at the bright side of life..turum turumturumturm…


    Who better to attract the casual “curious” reader of the Novichox “news” item who might be suspicious of the reported story? Why, Tom Secker of course.
    Salisbury Poisoning CCTV Has Suspects Walking in the Wrong Direction with seemingly meticulous analysis of the narrative. One thing you won’t find in this misdirection is any querying of the story that PDPGH.

    Are Salisbury Poisoning CCTV Images Actually Surveillance Pictures? Tom asks.
    Answer, they are pictures of two actors posing for the camera, wherever they are, irrespective of the deliberate errors/conspiracy candy thrown into the mix by the intel scriptwriters to match the timeline
    The deserted streets of Salisbury –

    Nonsense coefficient – in the billions.

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    I read [paywall, and invisible to a google search] that the Government is taking out full page adverts in the Guardian and Telegraph to promote the 2nd Salisbury Literary Festival which along with tourism and business in general in this wonderful Cathedral town [as endorsed by all good Russian visitors] has suffered from “negative phenomena” [a Soviet era phrase] associated with the staged/fake Skripal Novichok poisoning media event.

    Looking back to July, one can find the kind of taxpayer funding which can compensate a location for the setting of such a film. Apparently, tourists and shoppers are staying away lest they get poisoned… lol!

    An extra £5m of government funding has been handed out to help the Wiltshire economy recover after a couple were poisoned by a nerve agent.

    [nobody died, nobody got poisoned….]

    Theresa May said people in the region “have shown incredible resilience”.

    i.e incredible naivety swallowing this garbage

    The package includes nearly £1m to Wiltshire Council’s response and recovery, £927,000 to local businesses which had lost money and £870,000 in funding to boost tourism.

    Wiltshire Police is also to receive a further £2.5m to cover its extra costs, bringing the total it has received since the first poisoning in March to £4.1m.

    Every police force in the land will be bidding to stage the next hoax at this rate.

    The money is in addition to £2.5m hardship fund for Salisbury businesses, the council and local police after former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in March.

    Total budget £7.5m so far for this non-poisoning farce….

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    The tag ‘Russian Cheese’ is perfect. It is sooo cheesy.

    I checked out the BBC flag ship propaganda shows Any Questions / Any Answers (Radio 4) and Question Time (QT – BBC 1) to see how much they are pushing this meme. Strangely it was the first topic of QT 13.09.18, referred heavily to the RT show-piece interview with the accused.(RT playing along nicely…)

    All the panelists condemned it and reiterated that ‘we’ should ‘stand up’ to the evil Puten, etc. Each panelist said basically the same thing, serving up the familiar plate of cheese, and then they moved on quickly. It was not opened up to the floor, no questions or discussion was allowed and since then the subject has been dropped.

    It was similar with the programme ‘Any Answers’, although the topic was announced as a talking point, no one ‘called in’ to talk about it. So the sabre rattling is not being pushed at the moment; even though we know it can be saved it for later…

    I sometimes wonder if this and Brexit are all part of the deimperialization of British thinking – the slow reprogramming from imperial to federal – the UK is not a world power any more – they will have to get with the programme or go under for a while – and serve as an example to the others.

    Of course the interesting side effect is that the more racist, closed and belligerent a country appears (remember the ‘hostile environment’) the less people want to migrate there.


    These non-poisoning events are supreme examples of how this latest variant of the Cold War [naughty old Putin, who won’t ever be admitted to the EU…] is one big hoax, [as with the “Space Race”] with both sides complicit and shooting into the same goal, the goal of keeping the idiots amused with these expensive transparent soap opera scripts.

    But who in any position of responsibility could publicly say it’s a load of phooey?


    Exactly. No one. And that is made clear in programmes like Question Time where everyone plays the same tune; right, left, young, old, white and black. Clear consensus. Wanna disagree? On QT they were taking no chances and no one was given any opportunity to disagree.

    This is how we all see it: And that’s a fact.


    A “Guest” at Miles Mathis has written a “paper” on this Novichok caper – at least he calls it out as a load of baloney to fill the airwaves and news stands and keep the spooks, journalists, military and emergency services in work. [one big circle of chums]

    Click to access nerve.pdf

    Johan kindly points out the recent marriage of the former “deceased” partner of Andrew “Hopey” Hope which had passed me by, so many hoaxes to manage and keep tabs on…

    strangely, nobody in the wider circle of friends, family and ex-partners of the “victim” seems remotely interested in the local Novichok/Skripal affair…
    e.g. sister Claire
    It makes one wonder,with so many relatives and so many large interconnected families, who’s in the loop.


    Exciting Skripal [soap opera] plot development [aka hoax management]= Sgt Nick Bailey of the Wiltshire police lost everything in the fake event.
    Roll up roll up – donate to JustGiving [the UK equivalent of GoFraudMe]
    Not doing too well though….
    £100 raised of E10,000 target, lol! Perhaps people can see through this farrago of nonsense.

    The police officer who was poisoned in the attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal has told how his family lost their home and all their possessions after he was contaminated with Novichok.

    In his first interview since it happened, Det Sgt Nick Bailey told the BBC’s Panorama: “Everything the kids owned, we lost all that, the cars, we lost everything.”

    Det Sgt Bailey came into contact with the nerve agent after being sent to the Skripals’ home, where it had been sprayed on the door handle.

    After finishing work on that fateful day, he unwittingly contaminated his home. He and his family have so far been unable to return.

    suuuuure. This must surely take first prize in the sheer absurdity of hoax script development.

    “My pupils were like pinpricks and I was quite sweaty and hot,” said the 38-year-old father of two. “At the time I put that down to being tired and stressed.”

    You also have to laugh at the mysterious Professor “Tim” -whose identity is hidden by the BBC, but five seconds’ research will identify him as Professor Timothy Atkins, Senior Fellow at DTSL, Biomedical Sciences Dept, Defence Science and Technology laboratory Porton Down. Absurd!


    As usual, we need a further witness to “emerge” after months of coaching, er sorry, silence, and we have a good one in this event – a young woman who allegedly found the Skripals collapsed with [don’t laugh] Novichok poisoning in Salisbury.

    [16 year old] Abigail [McCourt] believed Sergei Skripal was having a heart attack.
    The teen, who was out celebrating her brother’s birthday quickly alerted her mum, who is the Army’s most senior nurse, and together they gave first aid to the two Russians until paramedics arrived.

    Abby used the first aid skills she had learned at school to help the pair, putting Yulia in the recovery position.
    Abby and her mum had to undergo hospital tests to make sure they weren’t contaminated with Novichok. ***

    Immediately following the incident and with the world’s media focused on Salisbury, the pair didn’t want any want press attention and kept their involvement quiet.

    The key role Abby played has only come to light now because her mum, Lieutenant Colonel Alison McCourt, nominated her for the Lifesaver Award at Spire FM’s Local Hero Awards.

    Alison felt the the time was right for her daughter to be recognised for the “incredible” way she dealt with the scenario.

    i.e the right time to keep the silly story alive and kicking
    Well, fancy all of that!

    And it neatly connects with another hoax because…
    Alison, who won a medal in 2015 for her role in tackling the ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, says she’s incredibly proud of Abby

    • “it developed from there..”
      Yes, it did…
      “A bit surreal really”
      In fact totally Unreal.

    *** I’d have had their house demolished as a precaution.

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    strangely, nobody in the wider circle of friends, family and ex-partners of the “victim” seems remotely interested in the local Novichok/Skripal affair…
    e.g. sister Claire
    It makes one wonder,with so many relatives and so many large interconnected families, who’s in the loop.

    I spoke too soon, or perhaps the handlers pushed Claire into posting this glib picture

    in preparation for the upcoming anniversary.

    Meanwhile Lestrade writes another paper at Miles Mathis on this silly Novichok episode, prompted by a piece, dated Feb 15 2019 in the intel-controlled Guardian newspaper. It’s good analysis by Lestrade although I’d have left out the accusation of photoshopping of the silly family group. There’s no doubt that Dawn Sturgess existed, certainly in 2011 [!] so it’s irrelevant whether she’s really in the family photo.

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    In fact, sister Claire, who’s no doubt in daily skype calls with Dawn “in the stars” put up another photo from the 2014 photo shoot on her fb stream as recently as December 2018


    That’s Stan in the fetching hooped pullover. Lestrade introduces Caroline without making it clear she’s Stan’s wife.
    Well, if this is a Stan “selfie”, also coincidentally [i.e. intel co-ordinated] posted on the same day as Claire’s photos for the meeja, he has aged years overnight. In fact “Stan”, or Stephen Stanley Sturgess, is still a mere 65. It may be Stephen‘s dad Dennis, who died in 1991. But he was only 68 then.
    Dawn’s other sister Karen Dunleavy seems not to be vocal, nay invisible.

    Let’s look at the nonsense in the Guardian article…
    The parents of the woman who died in the Wiltshire novichok poisonings have broken their silence to express their anger and hurt at losing their daughter in an extraordinary international incident and say they believe there could be more of the nerve agent yet to be found.
    Be very scared. And why the 11 month delay in venting their anger, apart from the script being held in reserve to keep the silly story alive?
    Stan added: “If they’d targeted Dawn specifically, it would be different.”

    That’s OK then… [not that anyone died in this pantomime]

    Perhaps Stan and Caroline’s interview was to give the impression that there was plenty more “Novichok perfume” in “sealed packages” scattered around the countryside waiting to be found and given to “loved ones”….
    as per this silly Guardian story about how Dawn came to “die”…thanks to her partner Charlie Rowley’s kindness…
    Novichok victim found substance disguised as perfume in sealed box
    Charlie Rowley claims nerve agent that killed his partner was
    boxed and wrapped up

    Stephen Morris is the Guardian’s go-to man for all things Novichok…
    March 1 2019
    Salisbury ruled safe a year after Skripal poisoning as police make fresh appeal
    Detectives are keen to hear from anyone who saw perfume bottle containing novichok

    no mention of the word sealed!!

    As Caroline told Mr Morris last month….
    They trust Rowley’s memory of the perfume bottle being in a sealed box, even though this undermines the idea that the novichok Dawn came into contact with was the same as was used in the attack on Skripal more than three months before.

    Charles Rowley
    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Charlie Rowley. Photograph: -/AFP/Getty Images
    “I think Charlie would remember that. I do believe it was sealed,” said Caroline. Asked how they believed Rowley came by the novichok, Caroline said: “I think he stumbled on it. I believe he had only just found it. If Charlie had found it in a bin in March he would have given it to Dawn straight away.”

    The Sturgesses believe more novichok could be found in Wiltshire. “This could happen again,” said Caroline. “There could be another package out there.”
    Sealed, obviously.

    It’s a silly, totally unbelievable hoax but a nice example how the people are led astray by story tellers in such “trusted” places as The Guardian.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by xileffilex.
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