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    Xfiles, eat your heart out:

    Four Britons killed in Florida car crash

    4 members of a British family have been killed in a car crash as they returned from the Kennedy Space Centre, police in Florida have said.

    The 30-year-old driver and 3 [33] passengers died in the crash on Monday [April 2nd], Titusville Police Department said.

    Adam Stephenson, Maryanne Stephenson, 29, Brian Stephenson, 66, and Sheralyn Stephenson, 56, all from Bristol, were pronounced dead at the scene.

    Police said Mr Stephenson drove into the path of a pick-up truck.

    The family, all from Tower Road, Bristol, were believed to be driving back to their rental home when their Mitsubishi sedan was hit by a Ford pick-up on Monday evening.

    A preliminary investigation found Mr Stephenson drove the rented vehicle into the path of a pick-up truck on the SR 405 at the junction with Sisson Road..

    It found GPS in the vehicle was instructing a “U-turn” at an intersection “most likely because of an earlier crash with road blockage [!!]“.

    Titusville Police Department deputy chief Todd Hutchinson [Effect] said: “Our emergency personnel were on the scene within a few minutes.

    “There was nothing they could do, all four were pronounced deceased at the scene.”

    He added the brother of the driver was also on holiday, but had not travelled with the family to the Kennedy Space Centre. [miraculous escape!]

    “He lost his brother, his sister-in-law and his mum and dad,” he said.

    “[It is] very, very tragic.”

    The driver of the Ford pick-up truck was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

    A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said: “We are supporting the family of four British people who have died in Florida.

    1991 Nokia phone cameras:

    Nokia 1

    Nokia 2

    Notice the suspicious White Van standing next to the scene…

    Nokia 3

    Nokia 4

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Great one, Gaia. After watching the SpaceX launch! Ideal new life family group. Two retirees, two new young new lifers.Pathetic.
    I don’t know any of them….


    More details emerge

    Straight out of the junkyard

    The drill….
    Emergency services had to use the Jaws of Life hydraulic rescue machine to remove the victims’ bodies from the wreckage, WFTV reports.
    Adam and Maryanne were believed to have got married in 2015.

    Adam Stephenson’s brother stayed behind and chose not to visit the launch site, said Todd Hutchinson, deputy chief of Titusville police.

    Ah, no interest in SpaceX, then.
    Is there a football connection? Oh no, not LIVERPOOL again. I sense more grieving at the next game
    <em>Adam Stephenson, 30, a Liverpool fan…

    Who’s the staybehind family member?

    Well, the other brother is obviously Sean E Stephenson b 1984

    Facebook photos for the media stories? Check!

    Sheralyn born Sheralyn T Perring in 1961 one brother one sister
    Jacqueline j b 1959 Mark John b 1967.
    No grieving yet
    Bryan – no sign of Sheralyn on his fb page, but…..

    Sherine Stephenson seems pivotal
    Ahhhh Sherine A Abbott married Raymond H Stephenson
    We can now see that Bryan/Brian is not 66 [a little joke from the spooks who set up these fake events] but 59, almost 60, [ideal “retirement age”] born mid 1958. He has eder brother Gordon, younger brothers John, Gary and Raymond, [who is Sherilee’s husband]
    all very quiet there.

    Timnah and Tom are Raymond and Sherine’s children, ccousins of the ‘deceased’

    Bryan/Brian Stephenson is said to work for DJS Electrical Services, which is named after Daniel J. Stephenson

    Dan Stephenson b 1984
    Proprietor at DJS Electrical Services
    Bryan Stephenson b 1958 “66 years old…”
    Works at DJS Electrical Services

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    Plenty of footage of the Fire Services “distressing” an auto in a drill. Same in these fake crashes. No blood anywhere in the above SpaceX “crash” HoaxeX

    They just love it. They should have just opened the driver’s side doors at HoaxeX


    The BBC caught out staging a car crash for a news feature on a court case involving a staged car crash- astonishing. Hoax upon hoax. Acres and acres, hours and hours of news bonus from the Celeb “crash” which was giving the legal brother- and sisterhood a drink from the public well, when, blow me, more public money was spent on this amusing “accident” to keep the rats amused.

    Top marks.


    They’re ten-a-penny these “newsworthy” staged car crashes, but they’re easy to spot. None easier than this absolute gem in Eltham, South-East Loddon, photographed after the tightly-knit, tight-lipped masonic brotherhood of firefighters has gone to work on the alleged death vehicle with their expensive cutting equipment and hydraulic jacks.

    The narrative says the cops [safe hands, always ready to create work for themselves] were chasing a van [allegedly] which caused the above “wreck”
    source, Evening Express Feb 23 2019

    The van collided with the black vehicle which then shunted into the silver car. The two “Elderly, in their 70s” [check!!!] were “prounounced dead at the scene” [check!!] so no need to involve the hospital in this staged event which I pronounce an abject hoax. #NDNGH

    Who else is in on it?
    Neighbour Mahmut Hasan, 57, said he was asleep at the time of crash but was awoken after the Citroen came to a stop in the back of his Honda Jazz.

    His car will now likely have to be scrapped after it was damaged along Footscray Road in the collision, he said.
    He told the Press Association: “I came down and saw them (emergency services) trying to resuscitate the older couple for a long time.

    suuuure he did. OR perhaps it was special branch giving them their new identities and passports for retirement in Spain.[if they were even in the car, but we’re awaiting them to be named “locally” [usual hoax code]

    “I saw the passenger side had a walking stick next to it . Their whole car was a mess. Very badly damaged. The front was gone.
    “(My car) is a write-off. The whole of the side is damaged.
    haha the walking stick. Nice touch. The occupants might have been on their way to Morocco for some serious mountain hiking…

    “I’ve had the car about six years and I’ve only done 3,000 miles in it. [but it’s ten years old. And 500 miles a year? You might as well employ a chauffeur than own a car. Absurd!]

    “But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because it’s just metal and rubber, and two people have sadly lost their lives.”
    [because I’ve been used to help create this fake event and I’m going to be well compensated…

    Let’s have a look at “witness” Hasan’s “write-off”…

    Yup, that damage is absolutely impossible to repair…

    Neighbour Hussein Dervish, 65, said: “I was in the back of my house when I heard just a loud bang. ** Even with the double glazing and all that, I still heard it.
    “I went outside and saw the car and the van. I said to the police officer: ‘I hope they (the elderly couple) are okay?’ But the policeman said they weren’t.


    ** suuuuuure he died.

    And the van which collided with the Citroen C3, allegedly? Best to take it away on the big truck, after the press have been called, with simulated frontal damage.

    A transparent staged piece of news. And more [fake] work for the Independent Office for Police Conduct which is probably stuffed with lawyers who need feeding.

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    A London Metropolitan Police website is devoted to crash victims…
    How many of these are real deaths?
    We see the usual tell-tale signs of fakery – “specialist officers” “died at the scene” and the usual hoax “spectrum” of deaths – the elderly and the young recent arrivals from Eastern Europe, Asia perhaps eager to return home, or deported.

    The “elderly couple” who both managed to “die” in the above acted scene have not yet been named, but we have a driver…
    Ben Ord, 41, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday after the crash between a rental van and a Citroen C3 on Footscray Road, Eltham, in south London.
    Ord **, of Eltham, is charged with two counts of causing death by dangerous drivin
    Ord was also arrested on suspicion of driving while over the alcohol limit, and driving while unfit through drugs.
    Scotland Yard have said they are unable to provide any further details about this aspect of the case.
    He has been remanded in custody to appear by video link at Bromley Magistrates Court on Monday.

    ** Ben Gordon Ord b 1978

    Bring on the lawyers for another simulated case – ££££££££


    Hoax management of the above “crash” just after midnight ***
    The “victims” emerge – Shirley and Robert

    The 71 year olds, Bob and Shirley Wigzell, were returning from looking after grandchildren *** [whose? at midnight? cue more sadness] of which they have seven, apparently.
    The couple’s grief-stricken son Gary,45, who lives a short drive from the crash scene, said last night: ‘They meant the world to us, that’s all I can say….Mrs Wigzell’s cousin Henry Wootten, 82, said: ‘She was a lovely, terrific person.

    More information at the London Evening Standard… Feb 26 2019

    Gary’s not saying anything on FB,
    nor is daughter Susan or Angela

    that’s left to grand-daughters Sydney b 1992
    e.g. Sydney Wigzell
    24 February at 22:49 ·
    Nanny&Grandad?? Heaven needed two bright new stars to light up the night and look down on us. Your love and your kindness will shine through me forever, until we meet again. I love you both forever and always??

    Charley b. 2000 and
    their mum, Karen who seems to have made two timely but otherwise infrequent photo uploads just before the “crash” dated 19 and 22 Feb…hmmmm

    Gary told the Evening Standard
    He told the Evening Standard: “Me and my two sisters, our parents’ grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren are absolutely devastated.

    Mr Wigzell worked as a plumber and later for Parcelforce, and his wife worked for local funeral directors, Francis Chappell & Sons. Colleagues said she had been a popular member of the team.
    They [the funeral directors] added in a statement: “Shirley was a long-serving and dedicated funeral arranger that helped care for many bereaved families in Eltham with great compassion.”

    [Ben] was remanded in custody until a hearing at the Old Bailey on March 25, and has not entered pleas to either charge.
    Funeral director? hmmmmm
    The Old Bailey? Hmmmmm

    Was it like something out of a movie? For once, it was not. But, it sounded like a bomb going off! Hoax confirmed. OK, bring on the 78 year old “witness”…
    Ayten Besim, 78, a resident in Footscray Road, said: “It sounded like a bomb, it was so loud. The car was completely crushed **, it was very bad. We are all still in shock, it was terrible.”
    ** suuuuuure it was [see photos] – around the midnight hour. Ideal.

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