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    Medical Examiner Dr John Butt
    source Sept 1 2018

    “I would dare to say that at the time, which was September or October of 1998, that that was probably the largest DNA effort that had occurred. And then, of course, 9/11 came along in 2001 and that turned out to be a massive thing,” he said.

    …another Mass Disaster Victim Identification Simulation

    and more “locals” who were “assisting” but in reality seemed to be being kept well away from things

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    Nobody can escape the 20th anniversary celebration…


    blockquote>A memorial service to remember the victims of the crash is taking place Sunday at 3 p.m. AT at the Swissair Memorial Site in Bayswater, N.S.
    CBC News will broadcast the memorial service live at and on Facebook.
    For community members and loved ones of the victims, it’s a chance to remember those who died and recognize those who worked in the aftermath.
    Awoken by a loud boom and the sound of sirens, fishermen from the area were among the first to respond to the disaster the night of Sept. 2, 1998.
    “They were so used to going out to some kind of danger … they did it instinctively,” said Stephen Kimber, author of Flight 111: The Tragedy of the Swissair Crash.

    Claire Mortimer lost her father and stepmother who were on board the plane. In the aftermath of the disaster, Swissair flew the family members of victims, including Mortimer, to Halifax.
    “It was a very emotional thing. Immediately,
    as soon as I heard the news, I felt like I had to be here,” she said.
    Some of the victims’ relatives ended up moving to the province, in order to be closer to the place where their loved one spent their last moments. Others have visited repeatedly since 1998, as Mortimer has done.

    Some interesting clips on this Swiss site – the one thing you won’t see is any evidence of bodies:–gruende-und-folgen/44361008
    but we find this standard, posed “grieving photo” from Geneva airport

    abe [Merrick, NY]
    Replying to @AlexanderQuon @hfxjournalism
    My dad Stanley klein was on Swissair 111 I still relive this day nightmare I was in Halifax that time when it happened and the year later I still think there’s more to it
    5:15 pm – 1 Sep 2018 [PST]


    Here’s the story of the local journo in Halifax [linked in tweet above] who just happened to be working late that night….
    The -[911] dispatcher was directing them to go to QEII hospital in Halifax and load every portable oxygen bottle they could carry into their ambulance and head to a fire station in Hubbards. When the crew asked why, the dispatcher said Hubbards would be used as an ambulance staging area for a mass casualty situation. “A jetliner crashed,” is all the dispatcher said.

    We pressed copy editors into working the phones to call random people in the Hubbards area, getting as much information as we could. Many said they heard a jet flying so low it rattled the dishes in their cupboards.

    the hospital was gearing up for mass casualties. Patients were transferred out of the emergency department to make room. Blood was shipped in, and additional medical and surgical staff called in to help

    The quaintness of Peggy’s Cove was transformed by a large-scale military operation

    sounds like a disaster drill. He’s just being fed.

    I would get anonymous tips — mostly from conspiracy theorists, each with their own theory on why the plane crashed. None of them proved true.


    And Swissair went to the wall straight after 9/11.
    Do I detect non-terrist narrative overtones of Lockerbie in this event, almosgt 10 years after?

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    It is apparent that Klein [see above] has been a visible media figure in the narrative since the beginning.
    in this Sept 1998 CBS TV transcript
    And families of victims are still coming. Abe Klein’s father Stanley was on that flight heading from his home in Queens, New York to Geneva for a quick business meeting.

    (SOT – Cheryl Klein 0.45.51) WE WENT THROUGH SHOCK – NOW WE ARE ANGRY.

    (NARR) Klein and his wife came to Nova Scotia hoping to retrieve Stanley Klein’s body… it hasn’t been found. They are to determined to leave with answers.


    [the dramatic narrative of the plane circling to dump fuel, allegedly, rather than land at Halifax…]

    Klein also appears at “O” in this 2006 forum page

    these forums are a standard conspiracy / truth deflectors always set up for these events, the home page of this one concentrating on the in-flight entertainment system wiring which allegedly brought down a plane [suuuuure] … still going strong, and given a boost by the 20th anniversary

    And allegedly there were 50 Jewish victims..and which one should be highlighted?

    Nova Scotia Jews helping crash victims’ relatives cope

    Sept 9 1998

    According to [Rabbi] Feldman, the family of one of the victims, Stanley Klein, has claimed an empty bag that contained his Jewish prayer shawl. That, said Feldman, has led to speculation that “when the plane was going down and he had no idea if he would live, he put on his tallis and davened.

    I’d put that in the film.

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    The 20th anniversary memorial service… ‘loved ones’, ‘first responders’, dark glasses. I think we’ve seen all this before and will see it again

    Some more details here
    ….The MacDonald Bridge between Halifax and Dartmouth was closed that evening

    Was it now!

    Two days later, [Greg Cainen, Halifax police officer] was sent to patrol Peggy’s Cove.. to ensure the family members of the victims didn’t attempt suicide on the slippery rocks “to be with their loved ones.

    Coincidentally, there’s a piece on the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 a similar distance off the coast of Ireland to the Swissair 111’s alleged grave, at Piece of Mindful
    From Wikipedia, we read, of that suspicious 1915 event…

    In the days following the disaster, the Cunard line offered local fishermen and sea merchants a cash reward for the bodies floating all throughout the Irish Sea, some floating as far away as the Welsh coast. In all, only 289 bodies were recovered, 65 of which were never identified.



    One we overlooked, the highly suspicious and formulaic “crash” of SAS flight 686 at Milan airport on 10/8 2001…. 29 days after 9/11, and shortly before 11/12 AA flight 587 in New York. A busy time for “plane crashes”.
    Memorial? Check.
    Sporting connection – check

    In March 2002, a forest containing 118 beeches called Bosco dei Faggi was inaugurated as a memorial to the victims in the Forlanini Park near the airport. A sculpture by the Swedish artist Christer Bording donated by SAS, called Infinity Pain, was placed in the centre of the forest.
    The disaster devastated the Swedish go-kart community as some of the country’s most promising young drivers were on the flight after attending an event in Milan.

    Mayday TV film? Check.
    UK “victims”? Check [2]
    Natalie Micallef and Jessica King **, who held joint British and American citizenship
    ** “thought to be in her 30s – BBC
    “travelling separatgely…It is believed they both lived in Copenhagen.” [the destination of the flight]

    Hoax management? Four air traffic controllers “jailed” in 2005.

    Any evidence for the official narrative? Not much, just the usual small bits of distressed plane being loaded by the BIG CRANE and carted off on the “big truck”.[check]

    note the use of the few still images in the above Italian report, which were shared with the BBC

    “One could hardly see anything because of the smoke,

    rather like 9/11. Coupled with the fog, ideal conditions to stage the event. Allegedly crashing into the baggage handling shed for added impact [sic]

    Stefano Romanello, the European representative of the US manufacturers of the Cessna executive jet, was a passenger on the plane.

    well, fancy that!

    “I immediately thought it was a bomb that had exploded in one of the suitcases and ran to escape,” Salvatore Reale, a baggage handler who suffered burns, said.

    oh come on!

    “It looked like war. A burnt out aircraft always makes a considerable impression,”

    yes, an impression that there had been a plane crash, which in actual fact was a #HRDPAR

    he tail section broke off and the jet burst into flames

    making sure that the all-important SAS branding survived.

    Verdict – an obvious #NDNGH staged event, but with excellent fearmongering, dramatic news production, drill co-ordination and a probable insurance scam. ***
    *** i.e. you/me surcharged for our own entertainment

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    The UK assumed victim was Natalie Kaye Micallef b Hackney 1966 [Q1] since we find a mass offered for her on the exact 15th anniversary date of the crash in 2016 in.. Bishops Stortford, home of her father who is a member of the local history society as well as the parish council. Her mother remarried in 1992, her father in 1989….and again…
    two sisters but no mention of any air crashes or anniversaries. The last now in Townsville, QLD, Australia….

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    Hoax management [or lack of it] for the Sydney Seaplane “crash” – one year on, [anniversary December 31] so we need a story for the MSM.

    Ah yes, we have undated images of a seaplane taken from the ground and undated images of the inlet taken from a seaplane. Just like they do in films.

    We are not told the origin of these “front seat passenger’s photos”

    and, to pad out the finely crafted hoax narrative, he we have a distressed camera and an equally distressed memory card [c.f. those 9/11 passports and identity cards…]

    source ABC and and BBC

    Authorities are yet to release their findings on what caused the crash.

    i.e. they haven’t thought up a plausible defect/pilot error script yet.

    PS the final piece of the “probate jigsaw” for the Cousins family was finally sorted out on September 12 2018 [no will]
    William Michael Cousins. “died” December 31 2017.
    His younger brother’s probate, Edward Hugh, was tidied up on July 31, that of Emma Jane Bowden [with will] on August 23 2018.

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    Well fancy this!
    Jerome Ensinck, alleged passenger in the above psy-op, is actually Dr Jeroen Ensink who….. was allegedly stabbed to death by a maniac in North London in late 2015, the subject of TWO GoFundMe type pages….

    A memorial fund, perhaps? You bet!

    Prof Peter Piot,** director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the death of Jeroen Ensink.

    Since the LSHTM is in the news again in its high-profile role in the coronavirus hoax, it’s interesting to return to this alleged death. I hadn’t quite grasped the level of duping in the TV interview with the “widow” shortly after her husband’s “death” leaving her “alone” with a very small child.

    The scholarship is running nicely

    Nadja Ensink-Teich
    Now as a transformational grief and trauma coach whose fb page has suddenly stopped in April 2020

    So what do you do after such a “tragedy”? You go on a road trip with your daughter
    source –
    July 27 2019
    on which she got Dengue Fever -allegedly

    Incredibly, the two local women who visited the hospital had heard about Ensink-Teich, through an Indonesian PhD student living in Europe whose supervisor was a friend of Jeroen’s.

    yes, incredible….

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    OPEC or c3po, both

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