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    The Lac Megantic train crash, July 2013, has been disjointedly touched on in the blog, but some of the contributions have been taken down, eg Rick Potvin’s
    some may be found here

    The official narrative
    and in French

    While the Cluesforum page looked promising, it fizzled out quickly with only a few posts…

    The current aerial “satellite” view shows a cleared area south of the railway, but the latest google street view is from June 2013, just before the “accident”
    showing the Musi Cafe which provided many of the fictims,-70.8843016,3a,60y,7.51h,92.81t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqFZFXxdTLz4KUOmUHKjxOA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    For some reason, these non-“terrorist” events seem to attract much less interest than other “terror” related events , yet the Lac Megantic hoax, with 47 fictims and a daring film set, [and other ‘accident’ events, such as Humboldt] is worthy of much more fakeological analysis than the simplistic black box shooter events which attract more pages of analysis. A shame.


    Before returning to the Lac Megantic event, let’s briefly inspect the Ottawa bus crash which occurred just over two months later [even better, a train-bus crash]
    The momentum of the train somehow failed to tip over the bus, remaining upright with the front allegedly sheared off. [c.f. the Humboldt bus ‘crash’] And a nice, easily sealed -off location with no awkward houses or uninvited witnesses nearby.

    All the usual tell-tale signs, the prime minister offering condolences, a memorial park…tweets from the scene [CBC video]
    Note – Smiling bus passengers Priscilla Victor, Mahima Sharma and others – where would we be without the paid Harley man witnesses? Yellow tarps covering “bodies” [c.f. Toronto van attack – check] At 1:51 – the usual ride-on, drill style CPR “pump” by a brave firefighter.
    Also in the video was a cheerful Greg Mech who, as part of the hoax management, “committed suicide” four years later
    a senior information technology manager at the CBC….His family would learn that Greg had convinced doctors at The Royal that he needed a day pass. Once released, he took a bus to the Queensway Carleton Hospital, climbed six storeys of its parking garage and jumped to his death.
    He sure liked buses.

    “five people pronounced dead at the scene” [keeping hospitals out of the loop] but just one died in hospital taking the total to six. And a fountain of public money for the legal profession **
    83 people alleged to have been packed into the morning bus.
    From wiki –
    Several lawsuits have been filed against the City of Ottawa and the estate of the bus driver by families of those who died in the crash as well as survivors. ** By 19 September 2017, of the 39 lawsuits filed against the city, collectively claiming $26 million, 31 had been settled with actual settlement payments totalling $8 million.[28]

    On 26 February 2016, the City of Ottawa stated that it will study whether underpasses or overpasses are required at five of the city’s railway crossings, including the crossing involved in the crash.

    Photo dump from the drill

    “suicide victim” Gregory Mack is also seen at 1.21 in this video – “people were thrown onto the tracks” suuuuure He’s the key Harley man. [other ‘witnesses’ interviewed were Tanner Terpanier and Robert Gencarelli]

    The bus driver + Dave Woodard was naturally “a happy guy”
    Willie Cranham, the Woodards’ next-door neighbour, said the bus driver was “just a super guy — never heard a cross word from him.”
    The driver’s other neighbours — most of whom did not want to be identified in order to help protect the family’s privacy — remembered him as an unfailingly friendly and polite man.

    Family members of the OC Transpo driver who was among six people killed when a bus collided with a train two years ago say they’re ready to move on after the release of today’s Transportation and Safety Board findings into the cause of the fatal crash.
    “I’m happy that we’re getting closure today, and that the finger-pointing can be stopped,” said Martin Leury, the stepson of Dave Woodard,
    It concluded Woodard had likely been distracted by a video console he was required to monitor while on the job. The four-quadrant screen allows OC Transpo drivers to view a double-decker’s stairwell, upper deck, side doors and exterior.

    The board found that Woodard was also likely distracted by passengers on the lower deck discussing the seating availability on the upper deck just before the crash.


    December 2 2015

    Terry-Dave Woodard
    about 2 years ago

    I want to thank everyone for their nice comments and thoughts regarding this final report…we all knew thar Dave wasn’t in the wrong. please let him rest in peace….

    Two year anniversary upload

    Terry-Dave Woodard Allo my Love, my Prince…it’s been 2 years that you are gone and it’s seems like yesterday…I wish you were here for me to hug you one more time and telling you that I love you very much, I miss you terribly my Dave…until we meet again up above.

    An obvious mass casualty drill in retrospect.

    Conclusion – another daring HRDPAR when and where NDNGH.

    PS Terry posts a photo of her new man, but he looks rather like Dave…

    Angela Woodard Is this Dave Woodard

    Angela Woodard Maybe Clifford Desjardins and Terry Woodard

    Suzanne Bastien It’s Cwiff Cwiff!!

    Angela Woodard Ya.Cwiff is not my brother

    Brigitte Beaulne Watatow t’ai bain beau touer!!!

    Joady O’Hara Lengacher Awesome pic! ???

    Joady O’Hara Lengacher Only thing that is wrong is that it should be Bud in his hand ? lol

    Angela Woodard All of you just don’t get it. Too bad for my brother

    Terry-Dave Woodard What are you saying Ang?

    Angela Woodard Should a put lol in there. He doesn’t look like Dave haha

    Angela Woodard Sorry Terry I am just feeling sad and didn’t mean for it to sound that bad. Please forgive me

    Joady O’Hara Lengacher

    Angela Woodard I hope you are as happy with Cliff as you were with Dave

    Debbie Riddell Good for you terry. Dave would of wanted you to continue

    Angela Woodard I hope you are as happy with Cliff as you were with Dave

    Cindy Kant you are doing great Terri ….Dave would pat you on the back and say thats my girl

    Line Cardinal Love Dave so much but Dave would want Terry to be happy and Cliff does that to her he is a nice guy

    Brigitte Beaulne God I hate face book sometimes !! One thing I know is that I love my brother to deaf and Terry you couldn’t have come at a better time I love you sis so so much xoxoxoxo

    and naturally Humboldt strong


    Three years ago I had earmarked the 2000 Hatfield rail crash [but never got round to writing anything] on the route of the Flying Scotsman, about 20 miles north of London in a nice ISOLATED stretch of track, with no overlooking houses, as a potential hoax. Then I read this recently…

    The Hatfield train crash of October 2000 led to the subsequent “meltdown” of the railway network as infrastructure owner Railtrack was forced to admit it had no idea what condition its railway tracks were actually in. Until the tracks could be properly checked, swingeing speed restrictions were imposed at any location where gauge corner cracking, the rail defect which had led to the Hatfield crash, might present a risk. Trains slowed to a crawl…

    cue lots of railway infrastructure investment….and blow me, a Channel 4 news reporter was on the train…how convenient

    Carriage G, one of two first class coaches, is the point at which the train split in two, perhaps indicating the point where the derailment began.

    It lies a few metres away from Carriage H and the rear cab. During the derailment, it tipped over onto its left-hand side and and electricity cables cascaded onto it.

    Justin Rowlatt, a Channel Four News reporter who was travelling on the train at the time, said that he watched the carriages skid and whip around on the gravel besides the track.

    Other witnesses have spoken of “mayhem” in these moments. Within minutes, many of the passengers in the rear carriages had clambered free and were sitting on the track in shock.

    Leaders of the Health and Safety Executive inquiry said the track had deteriorated so far below normal standards that it shattered into more than 300 pieces as a London-Leeds express went over it at 117mph.

    Re-assembly of the 115ft section had revealed “large numbers” of surface cracks up to 1.5in long. One segment of rail head showed “extensive flaking” across an area four inches long. A further 50 fragments exhibited evidence of fatigue cracks.

    really? Are they sure it wasn’t 119 mph and 119 ft?

    Chris Willby, technical adviser to the inquiry, said he had never encountered worse track. “I had not seen track with so many pieces out of it. Some came out as a result of the derailment, but others were clearly out before.”


    All you need to know [official narrative style]

    Four passengers died in the accident and a further 33 were initially reported as injured, three seriously.[2] The number of injured was later revised to over 70.[1][6] Those who died were all in the restaurant coach:

    Robert James Alcorn, 37, of Auckland, New Zealand[7] [8][9]

    Steve Arthur, 46, from Pease Pottage, West Sussex[10]
    Leslie Gray, 43, of Tuxford, Nottinghamshire[10]
    Peter Monkhouse, 50, of Headingley, Leeds[10]

    Two of those seriously injured were GNER staff working in the restaurant coach at the time of the accident.[11] Emmerdale actress Anna Brecon[aka Anna Davies] was travelling on the train, and suffered minor cuts and bruises….

    Crash investigators found the British Rail-designed Mark 4 coaches had good structural integrity and, aside from the restaurant coach, remained intact after the accident.[12] Coincidentally, the locomotive in the crash was also involved in the Great Heck rail crash *** (where the leading Driving Van Trailer hit a road vehicle on the track) a few months later

    Well I never!
    *** another five star media HRDPAR, a daringly staged crash with an unlikely narrative and naturally plenty of work for the legal profession in its wake.

    2005 “How Hatfield changed the railways” [all maintenance came back into government control]


    further images

    Looks like the location was used many years ago.


    A nicely compartmentalised psy-op.


    The Taiwan train wreck of October 2018 is yet another elaborate hoax. #NDNGH

    Train accidents are fairly rare in Taiwan, with the last crash of a similar scale taking place in 2003, when a train serving the mountain tourist destination of Ali Mountain derailed, killing 17 people and injuring 156 others.
    In 2011, at least six people were killed and more than 50 others injured after a tree collapsed into the path of a tourist train also serving Ali Mountain.

    Actually, it seems they are quite common, brought to you by the same country which brought us the Trans Asia airline hoax.

    Drill in full swing

    Further clues…keeping the “dead” compartmentalised for easier hoax management….
    Five people killed including a 9-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl belonged to a single family. Three students and two teachers who died were from the same middle school.

    The carriages shunted into position

    Your hoax assured.source

    The staging area

    187 injured….suuuuuuure

    and from our friends at the BBC…
    Taiwan train crash driver disabled speed controls

    Suuuuuure he had. Another drill to scare the pants off us/keep us amused and entertained.


    It’s January 2 2019 aaaamnd -they’re off! Spin the wheel and it’s Denmark’s turn to stage a fake train crash with SIX people who did not die. [details to follow/”emerge”]
    Where to stage it? Well, that’s a no-brainer, a long easily isolated bridge, no snoopers, so ideal.
    Is there commercial advantage/sponsorship? Naturally it’s brought to us by Carlsberg and Tuborg.
    Allegedly “strong winds” blew a tarpaulin into the path of a passenger train. Suuuuure

    Local media reports suggest a tarpaulin from a freight train hit a commuter train en route to Copenhagen in a heavy storm, forcing it to brake suddenly.

    Police could not provide details but confirmed an object had hit the train.

    Images from the scene show containers on the freight train with their sides torn off.

    According to Fyns Police, 16 people have been injured in the accident.
    There were 131 passengers and three employees on board the passenger train


    OK let’s wreck and dress up a railway carriage for the drill [thanks Danish taxpayers/rail travellers]

    source of more vandalised carriage images

    Bonus effect – close bridge to road traffic as well causing excellent rats-in-a-cage chaos. Great drill!

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    Update on the staged train crash drill in Denmark – the fake death toll has risen from six to eight….“police said”

    Death toll rises to eight in Danish Great Belt Bridge train accident

    Five women and three men were killed in the accident, which occurred just after 7:30am on Wednesday. There were no children amongst the dead, Funen Police chief superintendent Lars Bræmhøj confirmed.

    The Danish Maritime Investigation Board (Havarikommissionen) is investigating the accident along with Funen Police.

    from the same clan of liars and hoaxers as the NTSB AAIB etc etc

    People who lost their lives in the accident include a 28-year-old woman from eastern Funen, a 51-year-old man from northern Funen, a 30-year-old man from Aarhus, a 45-year-old woman from Odense, a 60-year-old woman from Odense, a 27-year-old woman from central Funen, a 59-year-old woman from Greater Copenhagen and a 30-year-old man from Greenland, Funen Police said in a written statement.
    Greenland, lol!! The usual type of fictim, excepting the 45 year old woman – I wonder what her personal circumstances were.

    Victims in Denmark Great Belt Bridge rail accident identified


    Update on the staged train crash drill in Denmark – the fake death toll has risen from six to eight….“police said”

    Death toll rises to eight in Danish Great Belt Bridge train accident

    Five women and three men were killed in the accident, which occurred just after 7:30am on Wednesday. There were no children amongst the dead, Funen Police chief superintendent Lars Bræmhøj confirmed.

    The Danish Maritime Investigation Board (Havarikommissionen) is investigating the accident along with Funen Police.

    from the same clan of liars and hoaxers as the NTSB AAIB etc etc

    People who lost their lives in the accident include a 28-year-old woman from eastern Funen, a 51-year-old man from northern Funen, a 30-year-old man from Aarhus, a 45-year-old woman from Odense, a 60-year-old woman from Odense, a 27-year-old woman from central Funen, a 59-year-old woman from Greater Copenhagen and a 30-year-old man from Greenland, Funen Police said in a written statement.
    Greenland, lol!! The usual type of fictim, excepting the 45 year old woman – I wonder what her personal circumstances were.

    Victims in Denmark Great Belt Bridge rail accident identified


    We’re just getting in reports of a fake train crash in Egypt, an abject drill, in which an alleged “at least” 25 dead and 47 injured [not!] were the result. The crash, widely reported in the west , e.g. here in Canada – watch the video! resulted in [don’t laugh] the fuel tank of the locomotive blowing up and burning all the people on the platform to a crisp in a simulated fireball. Suuuuure
    Running crisis actors obviously paid at the local rate.

    Let’s have a look at what these fakers managed to achieve after the staged derailment, sorry I meant “crash”…

    Transport Minister Hisham Arafat resigned after the incident, the cabinet said in a statement.

    Obviously his fault.

    Here’s the fake explosion

    Here’s the pathetic drill in progress

    The only certain thing is that nobody died, nobody got hurt. #NDNGH in this #HRDPAR

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    As light relieve from the Covid-19 super hoax, we have a staged train crash in Eastern Scotland with “Three dead” [suuuure]

    A “major incident” declared [check] on the back of adverse weather which allegedly caused the train to run into a landslip.[no sign of it] But we do have the tell-tale signs of emergency workers hanging around bored

    Note all the fake smoke [suuuuure] in the video. A nice early morning drill [circa 7am]
    The “crash” occurred in “a very difficult location for emergency services to access”.

    Like they always do, well out of sight, well research beforehand for somewhere to stage a disaster drill.

    spot the train- a very difficult location even for aerial photography, lol!

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    Yeees, a very silly drill. Two of the “dead” are railway employees, i.e. insiders, viz the driver and conductor. No doubt approaching retirement age.
    Let’s wait and see how old they are.
    The aerial view in the video matches the ground view taken by the invited photographer.
    A nice piece of backward shunting by the look of things…

    Drill in full swing –

    Avatar photoeviledna

    Good spot Felix, and welcome psyop relief from the tedium of the #coronahoax claptrap.

    The all-important loco number (43030) neatly framed in the photo.

    A Class 43 powercar. From the historic InterCity 125 series. Close to 50 years old now. One of the oldest locomotives still rolling. Or was. Well past its useful service life, costly to maintain, and “due for replacement by the Hitachi Super Express”, according wiki.

    One of 55 Class 43 HSTs under lease to Dutch-owned ScotRail by owners Angel Trains, the rolling stock company (ROSCO) which confesses this of its Class 43 fleet:

    life expired with no further economic value attributed to them

    Click to access Investor%20Report%20-%20Year%20Ended%2030%20June%202019.pdf

    Click to access SN03146.pdf

    Perfect choice of loco for a flaky rail fiasco. Waste not want not in these austere times.
    No tears over this loss from the Fat Controller.

    A donor for spares, maintaining the last few Class 43s. Specimens already in rail museums. “Most will likely meet the cutters torch though, sad but inevitable.“, laments one rail buff. Dramatic end-of-the-track narrative for poor old 43030.

    Viz the victims of this wee rail tragedy, the ratio of deaths-to-injuries is as fishy as ever. An extraordinary 1:2. At the trackside, three pronounced dead. But just six injured.

    The three fatalities: train driver Brett McCullough, 45, grinning-to-his-grave train guard Donald Dinnie, 58, and passenger Christopher Stuchbury, 62.

    For the families of both Dinnie and Stuchbury, the Stonehaven disaster is a double heartbreak.

    “The 62-year-old [Stuchbury] had previously lived in Blairgowrie with his wife Helen and two children, Neil and Faye…he returned to the northeast and settled in Aberdeen more than a decade ago, after Helen died suddenly in 2006.”

    Stonehaven crash: Passenger who died was heading to Fife for shift as tug boat master

    Stuchbury’s son Neil, a photojournalist and media insider, is bearing up remarkably well, at losing a second parents so dramatically. Even conjuring a movie quote:

    Whereas for the Dinnie family:

    “The latest heartbreak comes just weeks after [Donald’s] parents Edwin and Yvonne lost their daughter Karen, 59, in June.

    Sister Karen, who was from Sauchen, passed away suddenly at home on June 11.

    An obituary to the “devoted and loving daughter” said she would be “sorely missed” by her entire family.

    Sister Elaine McKechnie made the tragic revelation on social media while paying tribute to Donald.

    She wrote: “Your in the arms of an angel. Karen will look out for you RIP Bro.

    Touching. Brother and sister re-united. Wherever that may be.

    Donald could also boast some friends in high places, from his time clipping tickets. Creepy ones too.

    Top forensic anthropologist, Professor Dame Sue Black DBE FBA FRSE FRCP FRAI, was the first to open the twitter tributes to him.

    [from wiki: “forensic anthropologist — identification of deceased individuals whose remains are decomposed, burned, mutilated or otherwise unrecognizable, as might happen in a plane crash.”]

    ..or even a train crash?

    Swiftly followed by accolades from Professor Niamh Nic Daeid, director of Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, University of Dundee.

    Plus eulogies from the usual media flunkeys – two BBC Scotland journalists Laura Maciver and Laura Maxwell of Good Morning Scotland. Followed by a fond farewell from TV thriller scriptwriter David Jewell.

    And a tribute from Dr Sue Brechin, consultant on the #coronahoax to Public Health Scotland.

    All of whom knew Donald personally from travelling with him along the tracks. Fancy that. Friends in all the right places.

    One of the big hat-tips from the terror-on-the-tube hoax of 7.7.2005 was the problem of missing trains.
    FOIA requests revealed that the trains purportedly carrying the bombers never actually ran.
    The services were cancelled before. Unravelling the logistics of whole terror shebang.

    What about ScotRail’s fateful 06.38 service from Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street on 12.Aug 2020?

    The HST reportedly derailed at 07.00 at Carron Water Bridge, West Carmont,.

    A very remote stretch of track. Hidden behind dense woodland. Unmanned intermediate stations and signal boxes, no official observation points. The track controlled from Aberdeen Signalling Centre, nearly 20 miles away.

    Only the second train of the day to pass that point.

    The earlier 06.19 Scotrail southbound service from Aberdeen to Montrose passed without incident through the ‘crash site’ at 06.44.

    Perhaps that earlier 06.19 was requisitioned by the psyop team for final reconnaisaince / logistical purposes?

    Either way, the fact that the 06.19 ran, belies the “severe flooding” grounds for cancelling the 05.39 northbound from Dundee that would have passed the ‘crash site’ at 06.45½.

    With the northbound train cancelled at its Dundee origin, that neatly cleared the way for the 07.00 ‘derailment’.


    Excellent work, Psyopticon.
    Yes indeed why wasn’t the northbound service cancelled?
    Did it complete its journey?
    Particularly interesting were the contributions/eulogies from Black and nic Daeid.
    You might recall that “expert witness” Niamh nic Daeid was brought in to the Grenfell Tower fire [q.v] enquiry to produce her thoughts that the first was most likely started in a fourth floor refrigerator. LOL!
    “ her opinion, there was “very, very strong evidence” that the fire started in the “base of the fridge-freezer” of Flat 16.”

    suuuure it did.

    You can hear nic Daeid reciting the narrative at the enquiry, making 2 visits to the tower, first in October [3 months later…] with the “help”of the Metropolitan police. The scene had already been tampered with and evidence removed..and she had to rely on evidence from liars. Pointless.
    but she concludes…7:30 in the audio above
    “The cause of the fire remains undetermined in my view” – which was not reported upon.
    She wouldn’t talk to the media about the fire,[hmmm wonder why?] so they got David Shaysbrook to paint a picture, an ex-Police ‘independent consultant’

    I wonder how these rail “victims” get tapped up.

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    Yes, why did they run that southbound 06.19 service which reportedy passed the crash site(-to-be) at 06.44? Just 16 minutes before the staging.

    Though did the 06.19 run as a genuine passenger service? Or was it just carrying insiders? Easy enough to announce it “out-of-service” while keeping all doors closed at intermediate stops. Ensuring no outsiders tumbled aboard unhelpfully.

    Though running it at all seems unnecessary. Restricting the window of time for staging the disaster. Perhaps it was used to check for all clear on the tracks? And to remove psyop participants discreetly? Some of whom were perhaps working at the stage scene many hours before time zero?

    Haha! Useful joining-of-the-dots with “Niamh nic Daéid”.

    A shapeshifter. Born 1967 Dundee. Ms nic Daéid (with or without the é acute) draws a blank at BMDs. She Irish-ized her name following her mother, scientific consultant Dr Eileen (Caroline) Maguire / Mhig Uidhir / Mhic Daéid / Mac Daéid / Mac Daibhéid / McDade(?)

    Click to access 46_daeid4.pdf

    View post on

    Affirmed globalist our Niamh (or is that Neve?). Advisor and journal editor for Interpol and vice-chair of the scientific advisory board to the sham International Criminal Court.

    In the blood for Nic Daeid; from a close-knit family of forensic fire investigators / insiders:

    I was born in Dundee and grew up in Ireland in a family of scientists. My parents were scientists involved in the investigation of fires. From an early age I knew that women could be successful scientists and that science could be used as a real world practical problem-solving tool from which you could earn a living. Indeed, my brother and I used earn our pocket money by sticking our parents’ fire scene photographs into reports – this was long before digital photography! Now, I am an academic and a forensic scientist undertaking casework in fire investigations, terrorist events and the illegal manufacture of drugs.

    Her companion/partner, Gillian “MacRdhu” Urquhart:

    Another feather in the Nic Daeid / McDade cap is the notorious case of celebrity arsonist Mick Philpott.

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    This minor #NDNGH psy-op has continued to give for some weeks. The BS official narrative was posted by the government –
    It makes no sense, naturally. The derailment is now put back to over 3 hours after departure from nearby Aberdeen….reason being that the train was warned to to go further south, was turned back and proceeded to reach a high speed [lol!] causing the crash.
    The media release Aug 13 is here


    blockquote>More than 30 emergency service vehicles, including police, fire, ambulance and coastguard teams from Banff, Cruden Bay, Montrose, Stonehaven, Aberdeen, were called to the scene along with the Prestwick-based coastguard helicopter and two Scottish Charity Air Ambulances at around 9.45am.

    Upon arrival the teams were faced with giant plumes of grey smoke billowing into the sky above the scene of the crash.

    One of its carriages tumbled down a hillside a distance away from the rest of the train, and other parts of it were left a mangled mess of metal, with one carriage left lying beneath others.

    Many parts of the train bad been burned</strong?

    suuuuure. just another disaster drill, with vast exaggerated turnout of every piece of emergency kit and staff available.

    The train was “delayed” allowing the staging to occur at 9.40am 3 hours after the alleged departure.

    Very recently the all important crossover details were added to this page, this being the key piece of track to effect the reversal of the train into an alleged landslip it had already passed through, lol!

    ScotRail posted a message on Twitter shortly after 6.30am warning services across the country would be disrupted due to “extremely” heavy rain and flooding.

    A few hours later, Network Rail tweeted at 9.49am: “At Carmont, we’ve had reports of a landslip, which means services can’t operate between Dundee & Aberdeen.”

    Police had said reports of the train derailment were first received at 9.40am.

    It is believed the alarm was raised through the use of a signal box in the remote area of Carmont.

    The line has remained closed for four weeks to maximise disruption and to make the event more credible. Honestly, how long does it take to remove carriages from a field?

    Updates 9/9/2020 – the “£8600” raised by the gullible idiots for the family of the “deceased” conductor will go to that extravegant charity, the air ambulance, a sure sign of hoaxing activity.

    Daughter of tragic Stonehaven rail conductor thanks supporters after £8,600 raised for SCAA in his memory

    ….who improbably had a monthly direct debit to the Air Ambulance charity..
    as if.

    An easy disaster to run- park the train up south of the scene, wreck the northbound rails to derail the train, then reverse it backwards, leaving the driving cab on the line just north of the rail overbridge from where some of the photos were taken.

    source –

    The convenient access track and bridge may be seen here

    Now after nearly a month, the BIG CRANE [standard hoaxing equipment] will be brought in to remove the carriages.

    The all-important crossover for the staged event may be seen here

    Specialist engineers will use a 600-tonne crawler crane to carefully lift the derailed carriages from the railway in a process set to take several days.

    A new 900-metre road and temporary bridges have been created over the surrounding farmland to bring the specialist lifting equipment to the site.

    The “delicate” operation has been planned alongside the police, accident investigators and other partner agencies.

    Alex Hynes, managing director of Scotland’s Railway, said: “August 12 was a devastating day with the loss of Brett, Donald and Christopher in this tragic accident.

    no expense spared for this drill, brought to you by the taxpayer. Perhaps there was some ground work to be done on the railway, who knows? But staging a mock crash might have been the driving force for the funding.

    The derailed train is bottom left , looking south west from the air towards Elfhill showing it travelling “Down” i.e. North.

    full size –

    Normally a rail borne crane would perform this operation.

    Hoax guaranteed.


    An interim report was published:
    Resilience of rail infrastructure
    Interim report to the Secretary of State for Transport
    following the derailment at Carmont, near Stonehaven
    Andrew Haines,
    Chief executive officer
    1 September 2020

    report here
    The words “Climate Change” occur 42 times, “Resilience” 36 times.

    The report examines in detail: the immediate facts from the Carmont derailment, currentasset and operational controls, short term improvements, longer term strategic sustainability, the financial facts, and in section six sets out some next steps.
    • Our next report will go into more detail about what can be accelerated and where, particularly the options around extra technology that could sharpen where we focus and improve warnings, and initial consideration of next steps.

    Section 4 – long terms plans to improve resilience to climate

    Our forthcoming Environmental Sustainability Strategy outlines our ambitions for Climate Change Adaptation and a roadmap to 2050 which looks to embed long-term forward-looking adaptation into the core of what we do (see Figure 7). One of the key ambitions is the development of local climate change adaptation strategies and investment plans for each railway corridor that will map out our intentions to be achieved by 2050

    Section 5 – Investment and financial planning to improve

    It becomes obvious what this staged crash is driving us towards. viz money.

    to this end…setting up with lots of “experts”
    Earthworks Management Task Force “particularly taking into account effects of climate change”
    Weather Advisory Task Force

    The report fleshes out the hoax narrative thus:


    blockquote>After departing Stonehaven, the train was continuing on its southbound journey when it was stopped by an emergency radio message from the signaller at Carmont, who had received a report of a landslip obstructing the line.
    Following a period of around two and a half hours waiting
    for an operations manager to arrive and secure the points,
    the train was returning to Stonehaven to allow onward travel for the passengers on board. It had reached close to the 75mph line speed. ***
    At around 09:38, the train rounded a left-hand curve and struck a pile of washed-out stone covering the line. The front part of the train was derailed by the washed-out material. After striking a bridge parapet, the whole train derailed.

    On the morning of 12 August, water flowing from higher land beside the railway washed stone onto the track after the previous train had passed on the same line two and a half hours before

    Where are all the reports from alleged passengers from the train who were being ferried back north and were in coaches which careered down the embankments? Nowhere. Either the train was empty or any passengers were offloaded at Carmont, or were not allowed to embark in the first place.

    *** suuuuuure it had

    The 06:19 from Aberdeen passed Carmont at 06:44.
    An 05:39 ex Dundee, proceeding north, was already cancelled! Yet the southbound 06:19 ex Aberdeen, 06:38 at Stonehaven was allowed to run. Go figure.
    The “fateful” 06:53 ex-Stonehaven is shown as CANCELLED that day, terminating at Stonehaven. Carmont is south of Stonehaven

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    • This reply was modified 2 years ago by xileffilex.

    Here comes the big crane, which all big hoaxes require for maximum impact in the MSM

    pose for the camera…

    where we read that

    <blockquote[Transport Secretary] >Mr Shapps is writing to the Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Iain Thomas Livingstone, to recommend that Pc Liam Mercer, one of the first officers on the scene at Stonehaven, is commended for his bravery.

    What did he do? He was an outstanding hero [i.e. key actor in the plot]

    An off-duty train conductor who clambered free from the wreckage and walked a mile along the track to get help has been hailed an “outstanding” hero.

    Nicola Whyte was onboard the 6.38am Aberdeen to Stonehaven train when it derailed at Carmont.

    After getting free she made her way to the signal box to dial 999 – with calls answered by Constable Liam Mercer and a colleague, who ran towards the burning carriages and started evacuating people.

    set on fire carriages, more likely

    No cell phones on board, of course….as required by the script. Better to walk half a mile along the ballast and sleepers.

    Due to the location of the crash and the weather conditions, first responders were pushed to the limit as they tried to get people to safety.

    Four firefighters were injured after being hit by an uncontrolled vehicle as they worked. Two were treated at the scene while their two colleagues were taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary…


    PC Mercer who was jointly first on the scene alongside a fellow police officer

    who doesn’t seem to merit a bravery award, lol!

    We need heroes in this drills to make them seem realistic


    Wrapping up this wonderful phoney train wreck …

    Six people taken to hospital, none seriously injured [just look at the wrecked carriages!]
    One remains in hospital, described as a gender-neutral “They”, by our wonderful NHS Grampian [clap for them here…]

    And two days later, Aug 19
    everybody recovered and left hospital, lol!

    Hoax confirmed especially since those first reports said that around 20 people were on the train lol!

    And the early official narrative “from rail sources” was that the train reversed then continued south, which is utter nonsense, since the scene of the drill is north of the reversal point.
    “some people have been seriously injured or indeed killed”
    Also, the “three dead” was declared pretty quickly after the video in the link above. In comparison with the [fake] six light injuries among the fake passengers.

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