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    “Texas shooting leaves 4 children, 2 adults dead”

    My Observations

    “gunman who killed four children and two adults”(4+2=6)

    “33-year-old Ronald Lee Haskell persuaded the children”(3+3=6, and 33….it’s a magic number)

    “Haskell is also accused of critically wounding a 15-year-old girl in the attack Wednesday evening”(1+5+6)

    “Hickman said Haskell was charged Thursday with multiple counts of capital murder.
    He corrected an earlier report that said Haskell was the father of the children.
    He did not release details of Haskell’s relationship to the family, but described
    the adults killed as the children’s parents.”(quick retractions like sandy hook hoax and others)

    “Haskell was arrested after a standoff with authorities lasting more than three hours” (“more than” “about” “around”
    no specific time – i’ve seen this before)

    “Authorities said the teen’s information also helped them to intercept the suspect, who led
    nearly two dozen deputy constables’ “(“nearly, no one can count? also “two dozen”(1+2+1+2=6)

    “patrol cars on a chase that ended in a cul-de-sac shortly before 7 p.m. There, the suspect’s
    boxed-in vehicle remained for hours.” (“shortly”, no watches on these suspicious story writers?)

    “Finally, at about 10 p.m., after hours of waiting and negotiations, the man emerged from his car,
    raised his hands and sank to his knees as deputies arrested him.” (“about” no specifics needed. Also a muncton Rambo-esque
    end to the story)

    During that time, Gilliland said authorities constantly talked for two hours “with a man armed with a pistol
    to his head and who had just killed six people.”
    “Gilliland described the man as “cool as a cucumber.” He said that when he and other officers first approached,
    the man was “just sitting in his car looking out at us” (cool as a cucumber? after allegedly killed magical 6 people?
    No adrenaline etc in this alleged killer?)

    “This concluded the way we wanted it to,” Gilliland said after the surrender. Said Hickman: “He was in the car
    for 3½ hours. He was worn down like the rest of us. He came out of the car without resistance.”
    (3 and half hours= 3+3+0=6) (happy ending creepynish in this story)

    “Correction : An earlier version of this story based on police statements reported incorrectly that the shooter
    was the father of the victims. Police later corrected that, but didn’t immediately indicate his relationship to
    the family in the house.(Jul 10, 2014 10:43 AM) ( Seems you make way too mistakes reporting “alleged” so called news aka fearporn)

    One link of this story, and i find many suspicious activity goings on. imo.


    Johnny just posted a 6 gem that is not likely to be topped for at least a few months, starting with a 42 and 33. Way down in Texas.

    I just want it to stop, or will I feel an unfulfilled emptiness in my soul if the psyopera ends, like an excellent trilogy of films or books? It’s possible that I’ll hope for a lesser addendum to the films.


    Another strange possible product placement in this incident..

    “came in the guise of a FedEx driver wearing a FedEx shirt.” It was not clear whether Haskell was a FedEx employee.


    Also isn’t the house supposed to be a crime-scene???




    In The Vid above,
    @0:09 – “…Is in the Houston suburb of Spring…” ( Looks more like the suburb of “Greenscreen” to me)
    @0:32 – Reminded me a lot of the Oj Simpson “so called” chase.
    @0:44 – “…The mayhem started at 6pm…” ( I’m not shocked at all, this story seems to be sponsored by the #6)
    @1:01 – Something doesn’t look right in this stroll
    @1:45 – (I only see him on a cellphone)

    “According to a statement read in court this morning, the teenage girl told police that the shooter was her ex-uncle, and she survived by playing dead
    after he shot her in the back of the head.”

    “Haskell tied up the teenager and other children and waited in the home until the rest of the family arrived back at the residence, the prosecutor said. When they
    returned, Haskell allegedly tied up two adults, identified as
    Katie and Stephen Stay, and four other children, all under the age of 13.
    He forced them all to lay facing the ground, the court was told.
    While the family lay bound, Haskell asked the family members where his wife was, prosecutors said. When they said that they did not know where his wife was, Haskell allegedly shot every member of the family in the back of the head execution style.
    Police cornered Haskell on a dead end street. The standoff ended after police used armored vehicles to ram the front and back of his vehicle to prevent him from driving away. After 3.5 hours, Haskell got out of his car, knelt down
    and surrendered, police said.
    Court records in two states show that Haskell had previously faced domestic assault charges and had a protective order
    put against him by his wife before they divorced on Valentine’s Day this year.”

    “Stephen Stay, 39, worked as a real estate agent for a company that he started with the help of his wife Katie Stay, 33, in late 2012”

    “Two girls, ages 7 and 9, and two boys, ages 4 and 14, were killed alongside the Stays in the home. Their names have not been released.”
    “The hospital declined to comment on the condition of the lone survivor.”


    note- my comments were for the second vid played in this link, http://abcnews.go.com/US/texas-shooter-kicked-door-tied-kids-executed/story?id=24504495 the first vid shown has Diane Sawyer “so called” reporting. She sounded more “on her game” in vid 1 than the following doozy.


    After watching the following Jungle Surfer Vid, who has been looking into the Texas 6 story, he mentions the beaver connection.

    Jungle Surfer mentions this Eddie Haskell (Leave it to beaver) in connection to the named of the alleged shooter Ron Haskell. I remembered an AP photo with a woman in one of the so called “money shot” pics, wearing a red beaver
    T shirt…”It’s A Beaver!” ? Suspicious looking picture, the hugging beaver couple look oddly “pasty” looking to me.
    And what is that in the grass? also, a the red dot in the backround….very odd..just a coincidence…again?


    (The name Barbara comes into view….again(santa Barbara etc) “Most people knew her as “Mrs. Cleaver” or the “jive talking” lady in the 1980 movie, “Airplane”, but I had the honor and privilege of simply knowing her as “Barbara”.

    “Ken Osmond, who played “Eddie Haskell”, his best friend on the T.V. series and Barbara Billingsley, who played his mother, “Mrs. June Cleaver”.

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    @1:01 – “obviously this is uh, the real thing here, we’re not uh acting, we’re not playing, we’re not uh,
    kidding around”.

    Interesting thing to say, i’m pretty certain i’ve heard this “catchphrase” before.


    Good stuff.

    Just look at these pictures, explains it all, no need to even bog yourself down in the narrative they are trying to sell. This child just lost her entire family yet there she is all smiles, with standard crying breakdowns and tear wiping for theatrical effect, to remind everyone that she is just being “resiliant” and drive the “Stay Strong” tagline branded for the city of Spring, and then it’s right back to standing out of a sunroof and waiving to the cameras like she is in a Miss America pageant parade. Amazing how these “heros” are always so well trained in the PR of how to conduct themselves under the bright lights of the media, isn’t it?

    Cassidy allegedly suffered a fractured skull from a bullet graze, as if a calculated murderer would take the time to tie the hands of each person, lay each one down on their stomachs, execute each one with a shot to the head, and then not be able to instantly decipher whether or not he had succeeded with each shot. Are we to believe that he said to himself, “well gee, there is blood and brains splattered all over from these other heads, but I suppose this one head without any discernable injury is dead anyway and I’m not going to bother to check for sure, in fact I think I’ll meander over to the kitchen for a cocktail before I make my escape, no big deal if Cassidy isn’t dead and ends up calling 911”.

    That is the type of fairy tale you only see play out in the movies, and surely this series of events seems highly improbable, but then comes the plot twist: “the teenager told him that she felt like the angels of whom she has learned in Sunday school were with her Wednesday, putting their hands on her mouth and whispering her to stay still”.

    Apparently the angels also stopped any noticable evidence of the forcible-enough-to-fracture-her-skull bullet graze to the head. No bandages, no scars, nothing. After taking note of this they will probably say that they put her pony tail over it because the poor girl was self-conscious.



    Well Said CalcifiedLies, and what a video! Wow ..that video is very “in your face” terribly bad and sad, no sadness in the video though
    “it’s Happy Hour In Spring!”


    “Cassidy Stay, 15, and grandfather Roger Lyon attended a memorial event at Lemm Elementary School in spring, Texas
    It marked Cassidy’s first public appearance since the Wednesday tragedy; she was released from the hospital Friday
    Mr Lyon credited his granddaughter will possibly saving the lives of 20 relatives by calling 911 after the shooting.”
    ( Sounds Like “Mr.Lyon” might be “Lying” )

    Pic 1 – Nice “checkerboard” Style T Shirt Mister. And give a happy salute while your at it Cassidy!

    Pic 2 – Wow! unbe-LIE-vable! I see Cassidy is also wearing a “Stay” T Shirt, Nice and organized made for TV Movies.
    Fitting with the name game theme, Cassidy…as in…David Cassidy?, from the patridge family.

    “David Bruce Cassidy (born April 12, 1950)[1] is an American actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist.
    He is widely known for his role as Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical/sitcom The Partridge Family.
    He was one of pop culture’s celebrated teen idols, he enjoyed a successful pop career in the 1970s, and
    he still performs as of 2014” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Cassidy

    ***The Vid in the following link(near bottom of page) is a must watch for bad acting attempt failures.

    @ 4:26 – “Hi Guys! (pretty happy and a little too chipper and chirpy Cassidy)
    @ 5:00 – Old Man Checkerboard says ” Take a Deep Breath “….Which Cassidy follows suit right afterwards badly…(no ad libing allowed! in this
    tall tail)
    @ 5:05 – ” I Really Like Harry Potter… ” (???)
    @ 5:47 – (An Officer….in shorts and shades says a few “odd things” about his “celebration for everything”) (?)

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    Even More Pics

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    The Following Pics Are The Ones We Looked At on Dustban19……

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    4 More Pics Discussed on Dusban19

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    And More Pics Discussed on Dustban19

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    Final Pic And 6 Littered Story Intro

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