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    With the 10th anniversary imminent a few stories are starting to trickle out again. There is a handy list of UK victims here
    Perhaps these lists exist for other nationalities.

    Just taking one victim , Steve Stubbs:
    This story and that of the escape of his wife seems just too incredible to be true.

    Sports fan Mr Stubbs had retired from a 40-year career with Ford just before his trip to Sri Lanka.

    Date of death of Stephen Ronald Stubbs is given as January 3 2005, probate granted February 28 2005.

    I think we ought to look at a few more and some videos.

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    Yes, xilef, the 2004 tsunami, still a mystery to me. Watching a documentary at the moment on National Geographic about the “event”, and thought “let’s check Clues or Fakeologist.” Good you’ve opened the topic here. Does Clues have a thread?

    Personally heard about it from a Dutch couple who were out at sea off the coast of Phuket, on a boat and diving. They said they could feel the sea rise. They didn’t say anything about destruction or ravage. I’m puzzled. Seems hard to fake, but then again, if they faked the Japan 2011 tsunami…


    Jungle surfer has also started to examine it and is suspicious of the death toll

    What struck me was a figure of only 2 dead in Bangladesh, which has a very low lying coastline. It can be explained away, however…

    Is there a source of Dutch fatalities similar to MH17 lists or the above UK Telegraph list? A significat number of UK fatalities seem to derive from only a few locations in Thailand.

    I need to examine more survivor stories to see how they hang together.

    There is a lot of overlap between the Telegraph and the Guardian list
    but some extra detail.
    See this BBC report
    Oh Oh, coroner Alison Thompson.

    Suspicous video instant here at 7:38 – no panic?

    Koh Phi-Phi had a number of UK victims.

    Is the water coming in or out? It seems people had plenty of time to get out of the way in this video. Strange affair.

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    Concerning the giving of $$$ for this tsunami, there is an awesome little paper called

    “Media Coverage and Charitable Giving After the 2004 Tsunami”.

    Click to access wp855.pdf

    Just like I hear Ab say over and over, “Humans are the most studied animal on earth.” This paper would support that.

    There is a name for the relationship between your nightly news playing a story and the american people donating for that story. It is called “the CNN Effect”.

    The authors of this paper claim the formula is very predictable.

    Since we know the US media is basically government-controlled, is our government, through our media, pulling purposefully at our heart strings so that americans donate according to when the media suggests it?

    K Ham


    I just found by chance this video about Cyclone Tracy which hit Darwin, Australia from Jungle Surfer which is attracting attention

    From 1974. But which date? Why, Christmas Eve!

    Fascinating. These drills were certainly occurring decades before 9/11.


    “Media Coverage and Charitable Giving After the 2004 Tsunami”.

    Since we know the US media is basically government-controlled, is our government, through our media, pulling purposefully at our heart strings so that americans donate according to when the media suggests it?

    Wow, Kay – and they put their finger on enhanced Christmas/New Year giving.
    I was just wondering about all these drills where the witness-actors fall over themselves praising the emergency services, saying how they are always wonderful…perhaps we are being softened up for privatisation of these responders and them being run as charities?


    Must keep an eye on developments in this event. Some of Jungle Surfer’s videos have been removed.
    There was a muted 12th anniversary story in Metro, but no survivor stories emerged

    12 years on: Thailand remembers deadly Tsunami which killed 226,000 people

    A new video shows convincing footage from Koh Samui, the other parts in the series less indicative of mass casulaties

    The BBC also has a better list of alleged victims’ biographies

    What worries me is that the UK Disaster Victim Identification team was whisked out to Thailand sharpish. [2014 article]

    It’s a harrowing sight that’s etched for ever into the mind of Detective Super­intendent Graham Walker.

    The now retired Metropolitan Police officer was at the start of a gruelling 15-month mission to identify the 152 British victims ** and allow their heartbroken relatives to grieve properly.

    Thanks to this determined dad of two and his team all but six of the victims’ bodies were recovered.

    As head of the UK’s first Disaster Victims Identification Unit, Graham flew to the Thai resort of Khao Lak just hours after the Asian tsunami struck and killed 225,000 people…..the first day we arrived. We were taken to the temple where the Thais had laid out all the bodies…..”There were 15 of us, and there were 2,000 people, stripped naked by the water, decomposed, with nothing to suggest whether they were British, Irish, French, Malaysian.

    “Then there was the smell. You can’t describe it. You either know the smell of it or you don’t.”
    Graham worked quickly with authorities from 33 countries to set up large refrigeration units to store the bodies so they could start the emotional and painstaking task ahead.
    The six Britons whose bodies were never found included two babies. One was six-month-old Ruby Rose Fayet from London, whose mother Sam also perished.
    Graham believes that three-month-old Tia McGowan, may have been buried with another family by locals, following a custom which gives a child someone to look after them in the afterlife.

    The other four, all believed to have been lost at sea, were Sarah Bent, 19, Robert Rowbottom, 21, and Alice MacGill, 23, all from Yorkshire, plus former Ghurka Rifles officer Simon Stannard, 48.

    decomposed within a day or two? Really? And soon refrigerated. And 3/4 of those lost at sea all came from Yorkshire.

    And the techniques his team developed have since helped hundreds more families struck by tragedies, including the 7/7 bombings in London.

    hmmmm I wonder what they were…

    ** given as 149 after one year

    Many excellent newsworthy stories followed, e.g. the surviving Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova girlfriend of photographer Simon Giles Attlee b 1971 who allegedly died] who “who suffered a broken pelvis and other internal injuries in the Indian Ocean disaster, was in a bungalow when the wall of water tore through Khao Lak, sweeping her fiancé Simon Atlee out to sea.”and who “Nemcova managed to survive by clinging to a tree for eight hours.”
    video –
    no mention of Simon, but a she set up a charity [check]

    Petra on the beach

    Survivor stories from 2014, the 10th anniversay
    Amanda Rabbow, in bed with her boyfriend “like a jumbo jet”

    Darryl climbed onto a roof, Amanda sucked under. Lots of eye wiping in the interview. “had wood hanging out of my body..not splinters …massive pieces of wood” Brown water coming out of my body”
    Whaaaat?? She returned six weeks later to Khao Lak [!] …with £50,000 for telling her story, to help with disaster relief.
    b. Amanda Jayne Simons,
    husband Jason Graham Rabbow of Mill Hill NW7

    A couple of interesting UK stories stand out from the usual stories of “anywhere” fun seekers and retired couples –

    June Abeyratne, 48, from Kingswood, Surrey, had travelled to Sri Lanka to pursue her dream of opening an orphanage. The London inquest heard that she and her family were holidaying over Christmas at the Yala Safari Park.
    She died after saving her 11-year-old daughter Alexandra by pushing her through a bathroom window.
    Alexandra was found unconscious some distance away but her mother drowned.

    Mrs Abeyratne’s Sri Lankan husband Viraj, who had gone on safari on the morning of the disaster, survived.

    The lucky escape….June % Dobedoe b 1956, married Viraj P Abeyratne 1984 Her father Roland died in 2001, living at the time in a trailer park on Box Hill. He mother died in early 2004. less than a year before the tsunami, originally from Kilgarvan Co Waterford, Ireland
    Daughter Alexandra Shameela b 1993 [educ Woldingham School
    Lives in Colombo


    Leonard Barratt, 50, and Catherine Mullan, 53, from Truro, Cornwall, were killed while on holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand. Their sons Louis Barratt Mullan, 16, and 12-year-old Theo survived.

    *Theodore b 1993 Louis b 1988, both born London. No parental marriage. both described as “Barratt Mullan” in this list of patients at Ta kua Pha, Phang Nga (11.30) 28/12/04
    After eating breakfast with their sons, the couple were swept to their deaths when they went to find out what was happening to the sea, leaving Louis and Theo in their room.
    The boys pinned a note to a door at a local hospital asking for their parents to contact them.
    Louis described the tsunami as “like a giant washing machine” when he called his grandmother from Thailand.

    Now using mother’s name, Theodore Mullan


    The other Mullan FB page
    Not much to see there either.
    The lonely planet posts with the lists of mainly Finnish and Swedish “injured” are timed after 11.00 hrs UTC on December 27 2004. Sweden and Finland produced very high ratios of dead per head of national population, perhaps because they head for the sun in deep midwinter. e.g Finland produced almost the same number of deaths as the UK, with a population ration of 1:12 approx. Sweden’s head county was even higher.

    The Abeyratnes lived in a gated road in Kingswood, Surrey, where Viraj still lives
    Handy for visiting June’s parents’ trailer on Box Hill.
    This photo in a link in the previous post looks like a staged press photo.

    Where are the graves?

    Allegedly only 93 of the then 141 “victims” had their bodies brought back to the UK, thereby requiring an inquest
    December 5 2005
    The West London Coroner, Alison Thompson, will begin proceedings at a special court hearing, expected to last four days, set up at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in Kensington

    The coroner, who also held inquests for victims of the Bali bombings, is expected to hear from police and medical experts, as is usual, together with geological experts.
    Prof Tim Henstock, an oceanographer, said the Indian Ocean plate moves only a few centimetres a year under the Eurasian plate. On Boxing Day it moved 10 to 15 metres.

    But here comes the standard hoax mix-up/maladministration story. Didn’t we have a body with hands removed in the Marchioness “disaster” in the late 1980s? Sure did, and it was on 25 of them, would you believe..Here it comes again:

    The body of a British tsunami victim was repatriated incomplete because of a series of administrative blunders, an inquest was told today.
    Married couple Michael and Carol Hall, both 60, ** were drowned when the wave hit the beach where they were staying in Patong, Thailand.

    A specially convened coroner’s court at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in west London was told that Mr Hall’s body had initially been sent to Germany due to a mistake by Thai authorities.

    Detective Chief Inspector Nick Bracken, who oversaw the identification process for the Metropolitan police, said German medics had then removed the retired pub landlord’s jaw and hands as part of their standard postmortem procedures.

    British doctors raised the alarm when they realised the body of a German national had been sent to the UK by mistake, and quickly located Mr Hall’s remains, but his jaw and hands were missing when he arrived home.

    Mr Bracken said: “They were not returned with the rest of the body. An officer was sent to Germany to return with the body parts.”

    Mr Bracken said the mistakes had been made in the “early days” of the identification process, when Thai authorities were still allowing visual identification of victims rather than using more sophisticated methods such as fingerprinting, dental records and DNA tests.
    I call BS on that.

    ** the ideal retirement couple

    Nick Bracken, later Chief Superintendent, received an OBE for his Tsunami identification work in the same UK honours list as those “honoured” for their work after the 7/7 bombing media event.

    Later “Commander”
    Commander Nicholas Bracken OBE
    Metropolitan Police Service
    Commander Nicholas Bracken OBE has over 30 years policing experience and has led numerous high profile investigations. These include the Ladbroke Grove and Selby train crashes; the Yarls Wood immigration centre fire; the successful re-investigation into the previously unidentified victims of the 1987 Kings Cross underground fire; and, in his role as Senior Identification Manager, the UK’s response to the 2004 Tsunami. He is currently Area Commander of East London.

    That seems to be a catalog of staged disasters – a safe pair of hands.
    Nick Bracken OBE
    Director of Enforcement & Safety at London Borough of Newham
    London Borough of Newham Society of Apothecaries, London
    [the latter being one of the masonic City livery companies]

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    A new video shows convincing footage from Koh Samui, the other parts in the series less indicative of mass casulaties

    Part 1 indeed has the convincing footage. Parts 2-4, not so much. Whole lotta pixel shakin’ going on. My Canon IXUS 400 from 2003 shot way better video.

    Part 1 footage looks hard to fake.


    Agreed, rgos. Why so few Dutch victims though? [not that I want more of them!] Your countrymen are silver medallists at world travel.

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