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    The Dando Murder – official narrative

    On 26 April 1999, popular BBC TV presenter Jill Dando, 38 was brutally murdered on the doorstep of her home in Chiswick, West London.

    Dando, host of several popular BBC shows, including Songs of Praise, the Holiday travel programme, and BBC Crimewatch, was shot through the head at point blank range. She died instantly.

    An unemployed local man, Barry George, with a history of petty crime, was arrested and charged with her killing.

    The key evidence against George was based on forensics. Gunshot residue (GSR) was discovered in his overcoat pocket, which matched the GSR found at the murder scene.

    At his trial at the Old Bailey in July 2001, Barry George was convicted of the murder of Jill Dando and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

    However, there were widespread doubts, even at the time, over the safety of his conviction. The police were accused of contaminating the forensic evidence to frame George. George, who suffers from learning difficulties and mental disorder, was seen as a scapegoat, a patsy.

    Various ‘alternative’ theories were put forward as to the true identity and motives of Dando’s killer. The most outlandish coming from left-wing barrister Michael Mansfield QC who unsuccessfully defended George in the original trial.

    Mansfield alleged that Serbian warlord leader Arkan had ordered the assassination. Retaliation, he claimed, for the NATO bombing of Radio Television of Serbia headquarters in 1999. A tall story!

    During the intervening years, George mounted several unsuccessful appeals against his conviction. Finally, in August 2008, Appeal Court judges agreed. Declaring his conviction unsafe, it was overturned, and George was freed from jail. Barry George is currently seeking £1 million compensation for wrongful imprisonment:

    That’s the official narrative.

    Here’s another slant

    Is it possible that Dando wasn’t murdered at all?
    Could she have died of natural causes?
    Perhaps succumbing to a long-standing diagnosed medical condition?
    Was her ‘sudden’ death expected by those around her?
    Forewarned, did they agreed to dress it up as murder in a sordid PSYOP?

    Dando was only 38, but was she in the best of health? Apparently not.

    According to the Mirror Jill Dando underwent “major” corrective heart surgery as a child, and her serious heart condition continued to dog her in adulthood:

    Although Bristol Royal Infirmary surgeons successfully repaired Jill’s hole in the heart [and an obstructed pulmonary artery] she continued to suffer from a slight murmur.

    Dando said: “I get irregular palpitations and my heart feels as if it is trying to burst out of my rib cage. But I don’t dwell on it and I don’t let my heart condition rule my life.”

    After Dando’s supposed murder, a Fellowship was set up in her name by the British Heart Foundation, “to fund research into Adult Congenital Heart Disease”. Was this in tacit recognition of the true cause of Jill Dando’s death?

    A medical paper published later by a researcher awarded that Fellowship reported that there is “significant ICU respiratory morbidity in postoperative patients with adult congenital heart disease”.

    In other words, those with a chronic heart condition like Dando, are much more likely to just drop down dead.

    No doubt Dando, her family and her employer – the BBC – were fully aware of that risk.

    Which gave the BBC, and its behind-the-scene Nutworkers, plenty of time to script the sordid Jan Dildo Murder PSYOP…

    Tom Dalpra

    Well, there you go Psyopticon. That’s a very revealing fact regarding her heart condition.

    It would seem obvious to me, that the BBC probably did that.
    This was a case of – exploiting a real death. Why waste it?

    The benefits of this psy-op? The messages?

    Among others , simply you can be killed randomly in the street in England by crazy people. Dando’s high profile and likeable personality certainly assures the success of that one.
    That’s very powerful. There’s more CCTV in London than anywhere in the World.
    Partly helped along by Dando.

    On the guy they fingered for it? That surely is made-up too? An extension of the op? The play here? I don’t know this moment, I’d need to look at it more to have a firm feel of it.

    To really send a special needs guy, who didn’t do it, to prison, would seem
    clumsy of ‘them’. It’s all done ‘legally’ isn’t it? Is he an actor or was this apparently special needs guy just an old-fashioned patsy. An innocent victim of big power connivance?

    Certainly 1 million should keep everyone happy. Job done…

    Thanks. That’s another weird story that’s been clarified a bit, for me.


    Tom Dalpra

    In view of that. The whole play-out of that case is up for re-scrutiny.

    Barry George? Very dubious.



    Dando was most famous for heading up the BBC Crimewatch programme – pretty much PSYOP Central at the Corporation.

    The programme reconstructs unsolved crimes in gory detail. Viewers are encouraged to call in, and help cops catch the assailants.

    Most/all? of the crimes on BBC Crimewatch are likely fictitious, in Dando’s day, just as now. As a veteran host of the show, Dando must have realised that. Today, she continues that work from the grave!

    Apparently, Dando died unmarried with no children, her mother Winnie pre-deceasing her. Leaving just her father Jack Dando (a “newspaper publisher” / journalist) and a brother Nigel Dando who, like Jill, worked at the BBC. Hmm.. Very much a family of media insiders.

    In the few interviews “Barry George” has given, he’s portrayed as virtually mute; his statements read on his behalf by his alleged sister. Yet he reportedly has a background in acting, as a stuntman. Working under the stage name of “Steve Majors”.

    The Birmingham Mail published a recent piece on George:

    In his younger days, Barry used to perform as a stuntman from Walsall using the name Steve Majors, which he had copied from the then popular TV series The Six Milion Dollar Man.

    In the show actor Lee Majors played a character named Steve Austin, whose body was rebuilt using bionic parts, giving him super-strength, the ability to run fast, and heightened his sight and hearing.

    Barry became well-known throughout the Midlands, and dated Black Country teenager Margo Bovell in the 1980s.

    He was a keen roller skater and had met Margo at Walsall College of Arts & Technology. The couple used to ago to the Rollerdrome, and had met when she was just 17, whilst visiting her sister in London.

    She once claimed he had ‘swept her off her feet.’

    Barry used to visit her home at Bloxwich, where he outlined his outrageous plans to be a crowd-pleasing stuntman. Once, he organised a sensational televised stunt where he roller-skated down a huge ramp and attempted to jump over four double-decker buses.

    He almost made it but clipped the last bus and crashed heavily, fracturing his leg and dislocating his spine. In true showman style, however, he still got to his feet, smiling before limping off to hospital.

    Nowadays, Barry has suffered brain damage, and has learning difficulties, Asperger syndrome and epilepsy.

    Since being acquitted of Dando’s murder, he has moved back to Ballincollig, near Cork in Ireland, where he now describes himself online as a journalist, and an A-list photographer.

    He lists Japanese as one of his languages and says he was once married to a young Japanese student, listing himself as a stuntman on the marriage certificate.

    Barry’s sister, Michelle Bates, who lives in Northampton, explained: “Barry hasn’t really settled back into life. Ireland is not the country of his birth. I think he would like to come back to England – but it’s not going to happen.”

    Hmm.. that’s enough of that nonsense!

    Tom Dalpra

    Ha ha. That’s outrageous!

    ”Once, he organised a sensational televised stunt where he roller-skated down a huge ramp and attempted to jump over four double-decker buses.” ???????????

    Hahaha! Whaaaat? Televised? Four double-decker buses!!?? Where’s that footage? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

    The idea that he seemingly, single-handedly, organised an outrageous stunt in the Midlands in his younger days – hobbling off, on his own, to the hospital when he crashed. Ha! Yeh, sure.

    I don’t know much, but I’ve worked in mental health for the last 21 years and what I can say is, without doubt, the Barry George story is MENTAL.

    His wierdipedia page proved interesting.

    As a child he first attended – Northcroft School for children with educational and behavioural disorders in Hammersmith. Then at 14, he attended the publicly funded Heathermount boarding school in Sunningdale, Berkshire, for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties – sounds posh.

    Then – ”After leaving school without qualifications, his only employment was as a messenger at BBC Television Centre for four months in 1977.”

    ”In 1980, George joined the Territorial Army, but was discharged the following year.”

    Well that’s a few, safe, fake, references,sorted

    ”Prosecution psychologists studying George since his arrest for the Dando murder concluded that he was suffering from several different personality disorders: antisocial, histrionic, narcissistic and possibly paranoid. stating that he has an IQ of 75 and suffers from epilepsy. George has also been likened to a “lone obsessive, Walter Mitty-type figure” for his desire to impersonate famous figures.”

    There’s no mention at all of the ‘brain damage’ that Barry is said to have ‘suffered’ in recent newspaper articles

    This seems to have been a more recent thing he’s ”suffered” all that on top of all those personalities ( I love the way the psychologists reeled off the personality disorders he’s got: ‘anti-social, narcissistic, histrionic’ then added”and possibly paranoid”).

    ”In March 1983 George was convicted at the Old Bailey under the pseudonym of ‘Steve Majors’ for the February 1982 attempted rape of a woman in Acton, for which he served 18 months of a 33-month sentence. On 10 January 1983, as was revealed after his arrest for the Dando murder, George had been found in the grounds of Kensington Palace, at that time the home of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales. He had been discovered hiding in the grounds wearing a balaclava and carrying 50 feet of rope, a 12 inch hunting knife, and in possession of a poem he had written to Prince Charles.”

    That last bit sounds so planted-evidence-contrived. 50 feet of rope, a 12 inch knife and a poem for Prince Charles…okay yes, I get the picture.

    The people around him largely seem to have (conveniently) died or moved away to another country. His Japanese wife went back to Japan describing their marriage as one ”of convenience – but nonetheless violent and terrifying.” Ha ha, it was convenient though! What a load of toss. What idiot thinks that’s a credible quote?

    ( Just a detail, but one of his sisters apparently”died of epilepsy” which as far as I know is not a legitimate cause of death exactly. It’s just sloppy and unconvincing. )

    Barry George is clearly a fake. I suggest ‘he'(the firm) will win the million in the European Court of Human Rights and that’ll be the last we ever hear of him.



    Good finds and analysis, Tom!

    Wonder where they tucked George away since his “arrest” in May 2000. Supposedly since his 2008 “release” he’s been living with his older sister Michelle Diskin in Ballincollig, a one-horse town in Co Cork. Seems a bit close-knit, and too close to Blighty – and Blighty Media -for comfort.

    Sim-sister Michelle Diskin is a suitably slippery fish. In her photo albums on her Farcebook page, we find a very simmy looking family. And not one pic of her beloved brother Barry! Even though he moved out to Ireland after his acquittal “to be near us”..”so we could support him” &c, says big sis Michelle. Bazza ate his Xmas lunch on his tod then, eh?!

    Nutwork hasn’t even bothered to synchronise the press reports and the social media accounts for Michelle Diskin. According to the Brummie Mail (see above) and fecesbook, Michelle is still living with Barry and her three adult kids in Co Cork. But on Twitter, she’s now living in Northampton with new fella Peter Bates. (Michelle’s first hubby Irishman Pat Diskin “died 2007 of a brain tumour”, for those who’d forgotten!)

    And don’t you just love this (solitary) wedding photo posted up on facebook by Michelle Diskin and new husband Peter Bates..

    THAT is the best snap they could find of their lovely day!?

    Married on paper, but keeping the new hubby under wraps, or her options open?! And, no surprise, there’s no sign of Barry at the wedding, either. But maybe it was him behind the camera?!

    Tom Dalpra

    Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is only in the due course of devout research for the truth, that I find myself immersed in the facebook world of a couple like Michelle N Peter Bates.

    Normally, to be honest, you know?… I wouldn’t bother.

    After I got through Miche’s phase of communication-by cartoon, I was taken by what seems to be the only photograph posted with anyone else in it. All other photos it’s only them.

    This photo though, was SPECIAL. Indeed, it looks like they met up with…well..some eastern European(sorry to be vague) strangers, in a cafe, one wet afternoon. Definitely get a photo of that.

    I love the comment: ” Fidan Kelmendi – Ohh nice pix…it is my pleasure becouse one time i sow you Michelle,also we drink coffe in gjakova vith Marti Denham and Milit Dina,and your husband….i wish you all the best…”


    29 ‘likes’ mostly from slavic( perhaps) sounding names. The picture wasn’t shared and I thought it was a little curious it got that many. Why was it special? Does she have lots of friends from eastern europe? She may well be supposed to.

    It just looks like another awkward effort at credibility building to me.

    Makes you wonder…




    Another motive for the Dando Murder PSYOP was to provide the pretext for founding – and funding – the Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science

    From :

    The UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science is the first Institute in the world devoted to Crime Science. Research is concentrated on new ways to cut crime and increase security, drawing upon UCL’s vast experience in related disciplines, including architecture, economics, engineering, geography, medicine, psychology, statistics and town planning. The JDI brings together 30 top research departments and research groups across UCL all with a working interest in the field of security and crime. The JDI aims to promote multidisciplinary research in crime and security and also promote multidisciplinary conferences, events, training and short courses in these fields. Our partners and clients include organisations from academia, industry, commerce and government.

    The J.D.I. is another PSYOP cook-shop, embedded in the heart of British academia, and located just a stone’s thrown from its progenitor, The Tavistock Institute.

    The Tavistock Institute formalised the science of fear-based mass mind-control. Its fascist network of social psychologists perfecting the use of “soft-brainwashing” through the propaganda of film and press.

    The JDI – part of the modern Tavistock Network – says of itself:

    About the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science

    In 1999 one of Britain’s best-loved public figures, the broadcaster Jill Dando, was murdered outside her home in west London. Her co-presenter on Crimewatch, Nick Ross, proposed a memorial to her in the form of a university institute devoted to a new scientific approach to tackling crime. The Jill Dando Fund was set up and University College London was selected to host the Jill Dando Institute. The JDI came into being on the 26th April 2001, the second anniversary of Jill Dando’s death, under the inaugural Directorship of Professor Gloria Laycock.

    In 2009, the Department of Security and Crime Science was established at UCL as a separate entity from JDI in order to facilitate the offering of post-graduate taught and research courses. JDI remains as a research institute that spans UCL, drawing expertise from many other university departments with an interest in security and crime reduction.


    Interesting conjecture. At the time, I was suspicious of the Fish monger story.
    Here is the official narrative:
    Telegraph June 9 2008

    On the morning she died, Miss Dando had made breakfast for Mr Farthing at his home in Chiswick, then went shopping. Her last errand was to a local fishmongers, where a shop worker remembered her being in a “happy mood but seemed to be in a bit of a rush”.
    She appeared “excited and bubbly”, the booking clerk later recalled.

    She drove the short distance from the shop to her home in her blue BMW convertible, but five minutes later, before she had a chance to open her front door, she was shot dead.

    While she was in the shop she took a phone call from staff at the Prince Edward Theatre, confirming a booking for tickets for the musical Mamma Mia! which she had bought for Mr Farthing’s birthday.

    Two hours earlier Jill Dando had left the home of her fiancee Dr Alan Farthing in Bedford Close, Chiswick. She was no longer living in Gowan Avenue and had put it on the market. Her visit there was apparently only to refill the paper in her fax machine or pick up mail.
    On her journey there she visited a BP garage on Great West Road, the King’s Mall shopping centre in Hammersmith (to buy a fax machine cartridge from Dixons and fax paper from Ryman’s), and Copes Seafood Company in Fulham Road (two fillets of Dover Sole). CCTV cameras showed she left the fishmonger’s at 11.26am. There was no indication she was being followed.

    Straight away, this feels like a concocted story.

    [Copes Seafood 778 Fulham Road SW6]

    Most suspicious, witnesses are just that – “witnesses”. Who made the phone call, saying he thought it was Jill Dando?

    And can we believe this? [July 21 2013]

    So, is the CCTV fake/features lookalike?

    The other key witness is Helen Doble, who also “worked in television”.
    Her story is here
    The story seems totally concocted again…why would Doble expect to see Dando when she no longer lived there. That’s just for starters..
    “I was making the call, looking at this terrible scene. I needed some confirmation. Gowan Avenue was deserted.”

    What a load of rubbish.

    Tom Dalpra

    Welcome xilef,

    Thanks for the reference to the other Barry; Barry Lyndsey.

    He was ”Somewhere Down the Road”( Barry Manilow 1981) when he supposedly saw an ‘olive skinned man’ confronting a blond woman – her ‘face as white as her dress’. Pre-shades of Gene Rosen. He had no idea who this woman was even when he saw her face on television, later.

    ( What normal adult would not know who Jill Dando was at that point?

    In 1999, this BBC presenter was very well known, even to someone with no real interest in newspapers or television. One couldn’t avoid knowing who she was by just being alive and living and working in the UK. This statement by him renders him instantly dubious).

    Indeed, that Mirror article speaks to us like children. The Mirror of course is appropriate
    to appeal to those who see themselves as ‘Left-Wing’. The sort that like justice; decent folk, who generally like things to be fair. Which is quite a lot of people really, certainly enough to perhaps encourage a mass of popular support for a ‘just’ cause.

    ”Barry George is innocent” being one basic message. As has been evident, from this thread, George, post-release in 2008 has been pretty much
    portrayed as a tragic, drooling, brain-damaged, former self-styled,-double-decker-bus-jumping-on-roller-skates, odd-ball. He’s not got any money yet for this apparent mis-carriage of justice.

    His sister who appears to be fighting ( drooling, brain-damaged) Barry’s cause is ‘friends’ with Gerry Conlon. So, a quick look at what’s he’s saying these days:

    ”With so much of his life now dedicated to campaigning for victims of miscarriages of justice, I wonder where Conlon would be today if he hadn’t spent 15 years in prison for something he didn’t do. ‘I would have gone to jail anyway, because I was a thief,’ he tells me nonchalantly. ‘Or, as my mum used to say, the IRA may have shot me.’ Why’s that? ‘Because I was a petty thief and a nuisance. And a bad singer.’

    The long-con here anyway, back with the ‘other’ Barry, Barry (Somewhere Down the Road – Barry Manilow- 1981)Lyndsey. Would perhaps be, a win ‘In Europe’, if you will? I’ve long had the sense that The European Court of Human Rights is deliberately portrayed as ‘The best place to get justice’. We hear the phrase: ‘They had to take it to the European Court of Human Rights” quite often. They ‘had’ to? Why? Why wasn’t it handled where it happened?

    Barry George ( there’s the George in there- sympathy for George very British Regal… ) the long-con, a soap-opera, with a pay-off for the perps in Europe = a little charade of agents go into a court and act out a formality and take the money. Everyone looks good. Justice is seento be done, by Big Government.

    ”Looks Like We Made It” – Barry Manilow 1976



    Some background on the witness. I mean, THE KEY witness: Helen Ruth Doble, b 1960, who lived in the next street, to the west of Gowan Avenue, at 124 Wardo Avenue SW6 6RD She was a joint director of GoTV along with Adrian Rawle b 1950 who seems to live in Hong Kong/ Koh Samui, Thailand.

    GoTV closed in 2012
    Roxburghe House
    273-287 Regent Street
    W1B 2HA


    Concerning Nick Ross [“distnguished supporter of the British Humanist Association”] signed a letter…

    Nice comment underneath:

    The BHA only provides a tent if you like where they can all come together and have a anti-religion gripefest. They even ape religion by having “Humanist Celebrants” when they die.
    There are some really bizarre and childish comments there too – Nick Ross for instance gave up his belief in God when in junior school he was asked to feed worms to chickens!

    Glen Arthur26 April 2014 23:50

    17 work or have worked for BBC
    9 work or have worked foe The Guardian

    Anyway, swiftly moving on…

    At the time that Barry George was pardoned and released from prison – was that a psy-op in itself? – Ross was parading openly his believe that George was still guilty.

    I think the Dando death was a big hoax. OP #1 really says it all.

    rimewatch star Nick Ross’s house is a steal at £35m
    FORMER Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has sold his London home for an incredible £35million – making a profit of almost 4,000 per cent.
    24 Sept 2012


    Engineering Prof Anthony Finkelstein, Daniel’s brother, of UCL [where the JDI is based] is on the board of the JDI
    Others include Nick Alston , Crime Commissioner for Essex Police

    I see no information anywhere about Ross’s parents etc.
    “tutor[in English at Queens Belfast]: Seamus Heaney”

    For photographs or autographs please send a stamped addressed envelope:-

    The Jill Dando Institute was inaugurated on 26 April 2001.


    On second thoughts, probably a ticket to Radler Island; psyopticon barked up the wrong tree.
    Des Lynam [see Hillsborough thread] gets his word in:

    key “witness” next door neighbour Richard Hughes,32, at 7.08 [ignore the numerology]
    The script

    The “matchmaker” Jenny Higham 11m 33s:

    “very sad to think that they won’t be going through with the wedding after all this

    strange words

    Consultant Hugh Millington doing the A&E offical narrative business at about 7.40.
    The trial takes the place of the inquest but the police carefully put across the key theme:

    May 5 1999 – An inquest opens, and Mr Campbell discloses that the prime suspect made his getaway on a number 74 bus.

    but, it’s only a maybe translated into fact.

    Hoax factor: high.


    While she was in the shop she took a phone call from staff at the Prince Edward Theatre, confirming a booking for tickets for the musical Mamma Mia! which she had bought for Mr Farthing’s birthday.

    Interesting quote. At the time there was (whatever predates) a meme going around about Jill Dando being a doppelganger for Sophie Rhys-Jones. Dando dies 26/4/99, Rhys-Jones marries Prince Edward 19/6/99. I think the agent playing Dando got a better offer…

    Mamma Mia!-MM-33.

    You must be logged in to view attached files.
    Tom Dalpra

    Is a character who played Jill Dando now playing the Duchess of Wessex ?
    No, I certainly don’t think so. That suggestion seems just as fallacious as most all the other x is y suggestions we hear about in this world of disinformation.

    Interesting, though, that the Duchess of Wessex’s similarities to Jill Dando seem deliberately alluded-to here in this Jill Dando Memorial Fund set-piece.



    To understand why these similarities may have been deliberately suggested one would have to understand the weight of public sympathy that was generated for first Diana, in 1997 and then Jill Dando two years later. The two tragic ‘English roses’were very much in the public’s hearts.

    That the Duchess of Wessex had the same haircut and had a bit of the look of Diana and Jill would, I suggest, be a very good tactic of P.R for Royal machine as they brought the Duchess into the Family: her marriage coming so soon after Dando’s apparent shooting.
    She could piggy-back on the wave of artificially created public sympathy.

    To claim Jill is the Duchess seems idiotic, but it seems enough suggestion was left there to gain sympathy for the Duchess on a subliminal level and at the same time provide enough fuel for the agents of obfuscation to come in and make another bullshit suggestion and distract from any real investigation of these highly questionable events.




    20th anniversary today of this Diana style hoax. And we have the expected misdirecting TV review programme from ITV –
    Jill Dando The 20 Year Mystery **
    ITV has dug up the useful idiot on whom to pin the fake murder, Barry George. I doubt if he really went to prison. No he’s in Ireland. Hmmmm Perhaps he was there all along. [if that’s the real Barry George]
    This one won’t go away, it will continue to give and give. The ideal unsolved non-murder.

    ** The 20 year hoax

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