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    Tom Dalpra

    Ancient Egypt’s two Great Divine Magicians are Isis and Thoth.

    Interestingly, both went on to have rather illustrious careers outside Their native Egypt as key players in the Western Esoteric Tradition; Isis as THE quintessential Goddess of esotericism, Thoth as Hermes Trismegistos, THE quintessential teacher of esoteric wisdom.

    Isis & Thoth



    Starting perhaps 18 months ago there began to appear, Banksy-style, spray-painted herons, here in Cambridge UK. It was all a bit of a mystery as they began popping up in various places ”on walls, both on city streets and even alongside the River Cam”. I was immediately intrigued. I always felt there was something about them as I cycled down to the train Station on the way to work.…

    Then, after following an intriguing little bit of Terran Downvale research into a mini Central Park Op, where an Ibis was featured on the T shirt of a key witness, I went out to work…

    Now here’s the thing. ‘Everyone’ knows these are ‘herons’ as that’s what the newspapers have called them, but herons have a straight beak. With the beak curving down as these ones do, it could be said that these Cambridge ‘herons’ allude to ibis. It’s subtle, but undeniable, I think. It could be said.

    Immediately I got a sense here that the classic reference to Ibis seemed far more appropriate for Cambridge.
    You know? Why were these things being allowed to ‘stain’ the walls of this great old world venerated City ?
    Ibis fits the bill for Cambridge.

    Ibis/Thoth he the patron of scribes, writing and science. Hey, Thoth was considered the inventor of the hieroglyphics , they say.

    Of course Ibis invoked in a world where Isis is very strongly referenced makes some sense too.

    Thoth was also prominent in the Asarian myth, being of great aid to Isis. After Isis/Aset gathered together the pieces of Asar’s dismembered body, he gave her the words to resurrect him so she could be impregnated and bring forth Horus. After a battle between Horus and Set in which the latter plucked out Horus’ eye, Thoth’s counsel provided him the wisdom he needed to recover it. Thoth was the god who always speaks the words that fulfill the wishes of Ra.


    Now, talking of Isis, what City in the UK might have an association with Isis ?
    Look no further than Oxford. The Isis is what the river Thames becomes as it passes through that other great University City.

    Now, when I get down to the Train Station in Cambridge town centre, what do I find ? A huge new on-going development of an Ibis hotel, right outside the Station exit.
    Terran posted this link.

    Particularly notable to me in that article that I found informative, was the mention of The Golden Triangle.
    “Cambridge is the most innovative city in the UK and is a cornerstone of the Oxford-Cambridge-London ‘Golden Triangle’. Key sectors like bioscience and ICT are driving this and are the vanguard of the nation’s future economic prosperity.”


    Cambridge as Ibis, Oxford as Isis, what would that make London I wonder?

    I keep thinking of the London Eye of Horus, and wonder if that ancient symbol might be being subliminally invoked, as I believe Terran has been noticing in other referencing.

    This idea of portraying ancient legend in City identity subliminally on a broad scale is compelling to me.
    Perhaps subconsciously we like these stories ? Perhaps the classic ones sell and the old ‘Gods’ still rule ?
    Helps the narrative.
    I don’t know, maybe you could say it’s just the controllers having fun writing history using old Gods.
    After all, it’s perhaps the same old ‘Gods’ who are ruling ?



    Tom Dalpra

    Since these things caught on in Cambridge. There are now a few heron-looking birds but the original and predominate design is definitely the one as seen to the right in the image below.

    When I saw these at the tattooist, I was nearly convinced.
    How long, I wondered before I saw a Cambridge ‘heron’ on someone’s arm ? And what were the odds they’d go for the ‘Daddy one”?
    What better way to get the message into ‘bloodstream’ of the working classes without them even knowing it ?
    Get ’em tattooing themselves with it.


    Original discussion in the comments here.

    Audiochat-Tom, Ab, Nikon


    Tom Dalpra


    Cambridge Heron


    The ‘mysterious’ artist says – “I spent a while thinking about what I was going to do, how I was going to do it and what I wanted to achieve – the aim was to give Cambridge its own unique urban mascot.”

    Wow, that was ambitious and brilliant and it looks like he’s pulling it off.
    My thinking is, no way would these be tolerated by the powers that be if it wasn’t ‘their idea’.
    This is a City that’s been planned for ‘astounding’ expansion at this time. We have William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as ambassadors, there’s cranes all across the City skyline and this Banksy-style street art coming along right now feels like an intriguing, and successful, little ‘cultural’ detail. Everyone loves the ”herons”.



    Tom Dalpra

    A perhaps revealing detail came up today regarding the ‘herons’.
    Apparently, the word on the street is, Banksy himself has been coming up to Cambridge regularly in recent years and that he collaborated with the Cambridge artist on the design.

    Well, well, well. There’s a hidden hand we didn’t know about, right there.
    We might have guessed, but of course no one’s talked about it.

    Banksy is so ‘Establishment’ now, the presented reality of the grass-roots nature of the Cambridge Herons
    might be damaged if people knew this.


    Terran Downvale

    Just noticed this thread. I posted this follow-up with a possible continuation of this Ibis-Isis-Horus theme:

    Also see my comment to Plautus and let me know if I’m misunderstanding anything. This Egyptian mythology is bizarre. I never really looked into it until you mentioned those connections. Semen-laced lettuce? Now that’s unjustified! Just a bunch of ancient pranksters:

    Terran Downvale

    I forgot to mention an observation I had about the London Eye or the Coca-Cola = CC = 33 London Eye, as it’s been known since January 2015:

    First of all, the passenger capsules are egg-shaped, which ties into the Horus egg hatching:

    And if the London Eye does represent the Eye of Horus or the All-Seeing Eye, the fact that it’s a Ferris wheel I think is significant. If you’re familiar with the hallucinogenic drug Salvia divinorum, you may know that a common experience many users have involves a spinning wheel of some kind, often a “cosmic Ferris wheel” on which the souls of conscious beings ride. I had this experience myself when taking it. It was like the Ferris wheel was the “ride” we’re all on incarnating into this life. And if you take a drug like Salvia, you can see it and even get off of it for a short while.

    Take a look at all these hits for the terms “ferris wheel” and “salvia”:

    Very interesting!

    DISCLAIMER: Salvia trips can be VERY scary, so don’t take this as a recommendation or anything. I value my few experiences with it but you couldn’t pay me enough to try it again!


    Three summers three deaths. Water of leith Wikipedia has a photo of what Tom?

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    Tom Dalpra

    Terran’s Google collection – Follow the Ibis!
    A kinda loose journey ! But there’s some interesting stuff in there, I think.


    Tom Dalpra

    Okay, so Imperial College and University College London are right where the London Eye is.

    The Golden Traingle

    With Ibis being invoked in Cambridge and Isis being the name of the very same Thames as it flows through Oxford on it’s way to the capital, it doesn’t take too much imagination to perhaps see The London Eye as an Eye of Horus at the top of this imagined ‘pyramid’.
    Like on the dollar bill, maybe?


    The Eye of Horus and the true origin of it as a symbol is, I think, quite a glaring and telling omission from official history. Wikipedia will tell you the design is taken from a falcons markings,
    but it’s old news to many and certainly compelling to me, that that old symbol appears to suggest a cross section of the brain.
    The Eye of Horus, I think, alludes to our inner ‘third eye’, to our brain and to the root of our true consciousness.
    Itself, in a triad of pituitary gland, pineal gland and thalamus

    I never used to really understand that eye on the pyramid.
    The truth is, I think, rather than alluding to a scary Eye of an illuminati watching over us, as I kinda used to see it, it alludes to all our brains and to the root of consciousness. Our own ‘third eye’.

    When Terran suggested the H may have been added to the name Thames to suggest the thalamus, it seemed a very fair call – “Th” was put in in the Renaissance as they thought the Celts originated from Greece, we’re told.
    Is this analogy of London as the brain of Britain, the Eye, if you will, being served by the thalamic Thames, an old ‘thing’?

    I don’t know, but the idea certainly seems to be being nurtured, right now.
    I figured if Cambridge has Ibis symbolism invoking Thoth, and Oxford, Isis, then The Eye area of London would likely have falcon symbolism invoking Horus. I found it.
    The falcons are back, notably nesting in key buildings in the capital, we’re told.

    Perching on the side of an old power station chimney with St Paul’s Cathedral to the north and the Shard, Europe’s tallest building, to the east is not where you might expect to glimpse the world’s fastest bird. Yet Tate Modern, and London landmarks including Battersea Power Station and the Houses of Parliament, have been home for several years to peregrine falcons.

    The brand new Match of the Day credits feature an image of the London Eye in it’s opening shot and what should fly out of the eye ? A falcon. Yes, indeed, Horus is being subliminally referenced.


    Other observations.

    Almost every night of the week for years we’ve had this area of London – The Eye would be directly adjacent to the image, just out of shot – highlighted with the titles of leading BBC soap opera Eastenders.

    The London Eye itself has 32 pods, one for each Borough of London. There are, of course, 33 Districts that make up London, the 33rd being The City of London. We remember the UN logo with it’s 32 sections within a circle.
    It’s perhaps relevant to note – considering the physical analogy of The Eye – that there are 33 bones in the spine of a human being.


    I found all this intriguing without really being clear in my mind what it all means.

    I’m pretty much in the dark with these things, it all seems a bit mad, but I have read and listened to some Egyptian Mystery school enthusiasts who talk about Magick and invoking Thoth and Isis in order to create a physical and spiritual temple, which fits the important principle they talk about of ‘As above , as below’

    I wonder, is this Golden Triangle with it’s Egyptian referencing somehow trying to work magick on a broad scale ?
    Is it attempting to create an etheric Temple for us all – one which we don’t even realise is there?
    Awakening us all to our higher purpose, in this case their purpose, without us knowing it ?

    Just a thought!

    This all seemed a bit mad to me, but these ladies, at least talk about some of these ideas and of the Spiritual Temple.


    Tom Dalpra

    New expressway announced between Oxford and Cambridge. Beautiful, that fits!
    Could boost the economy.

    Oh, this golden triangle…wow, I sit here typing at the city limits of Cambridge, exactly on the apex at the base of this triangle. I think the very first ‘heron’ may well have been sprayed right near my home. A lot is happening in the City right now and it’s fascinating to see it.
    I can feel ‘the power’ in this Golden Triangle.

    Here’s a slightly crackly but brief enough review of Eastenders titles.
    I suggest the Millennium dome represents, I think, the pineal gland in the thalamic Thames analogy.


    Tom Dalpra

    I was looking at the Times Higher Education Reputation Rankings from a March ’15 article. We see that Cambridge and Oxford sit 2 and 3 on the World rankings, with only Harvard ahead.
    The Golden Triangle is spoken of in glowing terms and it’s importance going-forward, asserted.

    Phil Baty, editor of Times Higher Education Rankings, said: ‘This has been a good year for the UK, with the South East ‘golden triangle’ of London, Oxford and Cambridge cementing its position at the heart of higher education’s global elite, drawing in talent and investment from across the world.’

    ‘England’s top six institutions (and seven of all 11 English universities in the ranking) are all in the Oxbridge-London ‘golden triangle’, and these institutions will continue to draw in the leading talent from England and beyond, supply the most desirable graduates into the local workforce and attract the lion’s share of business investment. It is a virtuous circle as success breeds future success.

    Well, there. That’s told you. Sheffield, Birmingham or Liverpool ? Forget it. If world rankings are what you’re going on, the Golden Triangle is where it’s at.

    Just had a thought to look at the distances between the respective points of this triangle.
    I was mildly amused to discover Oxford and Cambridge quoted as being 66.06 miles apart.

    Then this Feb ’16 Oxford Today article says 66 miles.
    ”Oxford to Cambridge is a distance of only 66 miles as the crow flies

    We find the very British 66. We remember 1666, class? The great FIRE! 1066 ? William the Conquerer was the first thing I learnt in history at school. The England football team won the World Cup in 1966. Sorry. You know all this, it’s just that number is drummed into us in the UK.
    So Oxford is 66 miles from Cambridge, they tell us. That’s sounds about right.
    Where do they measure it from I wonder, and when was this figure agreed on ?

    ‘as the crow flies calculator’ tells me Cambridge -Oxford is 67 miles, Oxford to London 51 miles and Cambridge to London 49 miles.
    They’re pretty close to being equidistant from London.
    When I have time I must look at where they measure these things from.

    Definitely not to be missed from that Oxford Today article, too was further affirmation of the moves being made to affirm The Golden Triangle.
    We heard about the new Expressway road yesterday, on our news, but I hadn’t heard about the new proposed Oxford to Cambridge rail route. Wow, it keeps coming.

    They’re re-opening the old Varsity Line.



    Terran Downvale

    Excellent work, Tom! 😯 All of it. Have you seen anyone else identify this connection between the brain structures and this area of London? This could be a completely original find by YOU. The Millennium Dome as pineal gland is gold! I see some provocative consciousness-related names surrounding the dome:

    The Prime Meridian passes the western edge of the Dome.

    Just south of the dome is the NOW gallery to go along with the time theme.

    And just north of that at the south edge of the dome is the All Bar One. All is one, one is all = universal consciousness.

    To the east is the Quantum Cloud.

    And then there’s the O2. From this link:

    Herophilus noticed that the small pineal structure was singular, unlike other brain features that are mirrored in the left and right hemispheres. It is the first gland to be formed in the foetus and is distinguishable at 3 weeks. It is also highly nourished. The pineal gland has been supplied with the best blood, oxygen and nutrient mix available in the human anatomy, second only to that of our kidneys (whose function is to filter the blood of impurities). Because of this unique and special anatomical configuration, Herophilus rightly concluded it had a major role in consciousness and was the gateway to our real self.

    Activities such as rhythmic breathing and chanting create an oxygen rich supply to the pineal gland. Many yogis describe the object of their breathing technique is to increase the heart rate while reducing the blood pressure. Ironically, this is what happens just before we die. It may be that the goal of this procedure is to release DMT, which many believe is stored in the pineal.

    And for the David Icke energy-vampire-lizard crowd, we have along the north edge of the dome, Building Six, Harvester and Las Iguanas! Zooming in, I also see “Brunels Newsagents” right next to the Harvester restaurant. Looks like they’re laying it all right out there for us.

    Sorry if I’ve not been responding much lately. I’ve barely been online I’m so swamped with “real life” concerns. While I never “hope” for a psyop, if something big goes down in the UK soon, that will be quite an event given what you’ve discovered. I saw the stabbing in Russell Square which is more or less in line with The Eye as perhaps a prelude to a major psyop but who knows, maybe nothing will actually happen in the UK and we’ll simply see other events elsewhere symbolically pointing to London’s consciousness center and the corresponding mythology. I’ll check out Isis/Thoth Union vid ASAP. Sounds like it will further help connect all of this together. Do you think you’ll be doing an audiochat on this at some point? I don’t really wanna do any audio chatting myself but I’d love to hear it!

    Terran Downvale

    Looks like a neural network center to me.

    Tom Dalpra

    Terran Downvale said – ” Excellent work, Tom! ? All of it. Have you seen anyone else identify this connection between the brain structures and this area of London? ”

    No Terran, I haven’t, but that’s certainly not to say ‘no-one has’. Surely they have, just not prominently on the internet, perhaps ?

    Whatever, it’s news to us and you have to get credit here with our personal discovery.
    I’ve got to this point by bouncing-off your findings and thoughts.
    Thames – Thalamus ? For one example – you called-it and hey, I would never have got on this path, in the first place, if it wasn’t for you flagging-up Sebastian the Ibis!
    As far as I’m concerned you have every reason to feel the buzz of discovery here, that I do.
    In song-writing it would be kinda my song with you having added inspiration, and a couple of vital little bits. More than enough for a co-credit! Smiling face( i can’t do those yellow balls ).

    Hey, and we can say that it literally has been a magical and spiritual discovery. haha!

    Yes, nice tune. First ever episode of that show too.

    ”Somewhere in the ancient Mystic Trinity
    you get 3 (lightning bolt ) as a magic number…
    The past and the present and the future.
    Faith and Hope and Charity,
    The heart and the brain and the body”

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    Tom Dalpra

    I somehow omitted the term ”Thanks” from that last post.
    And Thanks!


    Tom Dalpra

    The Millennium Brain.

    From this 1999 Independent article poet Ted Hughes apparently said –
    ” one way of making the Millennium Dome the most astonishing building on earth would be to build it as a giant model of the human brain “.

    Ohhhh yeeeeh ? Reeeally ? A giant model of the human brain ? Who woulda thunk it ?
    Psychiatrist Edward Bullmore explains why he agrees the brain’ is the symbol of the Millennium.


    Terran Downvale

    Amazing and your welcome. So across the Thames from the Millennium Brain to the north we have Trinity Buoy Wharf and Fourth Wall Creations. And in the very center of the Google Map view of the dome it says “Level 0” (with the Cineworld Cinema just to the east). With that in mind, check this out:

    The Zero-Point Field. Remember the nearby “Quantum Cloud?” I still can’t get over “Harvester” being at the north pole of that brain-dome.

    This shot from the Rio Olympics closing ceremony looks kind of like that previous shot of the dome, but the inverse. Concave/convex, inner/outer:

    Tom Dalpra

    ”The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone, which affects the modulation of sleep patterns in both seasonal and circadian rhythms.”

    Mmm, the idea of stadia being like big pineal glands secreting their melatonin into the populace to help us sleep works, doesn’t it ?
    As within our heads, as without, on a grand scale?

    The analogy seems obvious. That perhaps would be a good way of looking at it if you were trying to control some body of people, if you will.

    Forgive my ignorance but what’s the Harvester connection ?

    Level O. Right in the middle. That fits! Zero point indeed and interesting article.
    It made me think about neuroscience history.

    If we consider that The Eye of Horus really does represent the cross section of the brain, then the history of neuroscience is completely wrong.

    If we look at wikipedia on the subject we find – ” Early views on the function of the brain regarded it to be a form of “cranial stuffing” of sorts. In ancient Egypt, from the late Middle Kingdom onwards, in preparation for mummification, the brain was regularly removed, for it was the heart that was assumed to be the seat of intelligence”.

    And this from some ‘Washington educational site ‘Neuroscience for Kids’. Our children are told –
    ”The ancient Egyptians also did not think much of the brain. In fact, when creating a mummy, the Egyptians scooped out the brain through the nostrils and threw it away. ”

    Haha. Yeh, piece of old shit, that’s what they thought the brain was, apparently. Worthless! haha NOT, I don’t think!

    According to official history it was years until some great brains started having intelligent conversations about neuroscience. Check out this from the bloke that’s still quoted as having called Earth round because of the way ships disappeared over the horizon.
    ” During the 4th century BC Aristotle thought that, while the heart was the seat of intelligence, the brain was a cooling mechanism for the blood. He reasoned that humans are more rational than the beasts because, among other reasons, they have a larger brain to cool their hot-bloodedness.”

    Haha, very good ‘stotle. In view of the fact the Ancient Egyptians appear to have had sophisticated brain mapping and some understanding of the root of our consciousness centuries before, this doesn’t seem to make sense really, does it ?
    Was this Ancient Egyptian knowledge of the brain being suppressed then by established power ? Was Aristotle just a vessel for official bullshit in the 4th Century whilst the rulers really knew better ?
    I don’t know.

    The Romans made some advancements, but it wasn’t until the Renaissance, we’re told, that someone (Descartes) really pin-pointed, if you will, the pineal gland- about 20 centuries after the Ancient Egyptians,did, apparently! Quite remarkable.

    And WHY does the official story ignore it ?


    Now, I’ve had a long hot day. I’m gonna suck in some o2 unwind and sit back now – let that melatonin kick in. It’s a beautiful feeling to relax and fall asleep.

    When I get some rest, I’ll try again to get my head around all this.
    I don’t think I’m that ‘brainy’, but I do, as ever, hope I’m a little closer to enlightenment.



    Tom Dalpra

    Ah, man. The edit time. Nowhere near what I need. It used to be, then it changed. not to worry.

    ”And WHY does the official story ignore it ?”
    Was out of context.

    What I mean to say was,simply -And why does the official story continue to ignore the fact the Egyptians knew about brain mapping ?


    Tom Dalpra

    With this new perspective, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge or ‘Winking Eye’ as it’s known, takes on a new meaning. Ah yes, we’ve seen this idea before.


    Now just south of Gateshead on the A1, we have The Angel of the North.,-1.6037285,12.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x487e7a36271b10e3:0x7e38fcd6b4748a71!8m2!3d54.9141223!4d-1.5894941


    Now what can we see except an ancient Egyptian reference at this point ?
    It looks like this common image of Isis.

    Of course Horus, the Falcon is seen represented similarly.

    I’m now looking for another reference, perhaps to make a triangle, with the winking eye at the apex.

    Of course, it’s merely the crucifix position, but…



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