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    Terran Downvale

    Tom: I’m so so so so so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this thread. I’ve read every update you’ve posted. I just haven’t found time to write an adequate reply. You are shaping this revelatory concept like a master sculptor. Sir Antony Gormley ain’t got nothing on you. I’ll just add a quick bit right now regarding the “Harvester” reference.

    Here you go:

    That the Harvester restaurant is adjacent to Building Six, Brunels Newagents and Las Iguanas brings up some freaky ideas that I’m still struggling to sort out. I know merely typing the word “Reptilian” will send most Fakelogists running for the escape hatch, but I have to say as someone who’s had a bit of personal first-hand experience in the so-called “spirit realm” I do believe there’s at least something to the idea but it has been horribly misrepresented by agents of disinformation in a way that makes it sound like silly science fiction. When I talk about it, I’m speaking on a psychic/spiritual level. But I’m sure that to most Fakeologists, that doesn’t really help much either.

    Anyway, I won’t get into it right now. I just believe that when you feel like someone is “draining you” when you talk to them, there is possibly a lot more going on than you may realize on a level of consciousness that is not readily accessible to most of us. And that there is something to so-called “possession” as well, a concept that once again has been intentionally misrepresented to make sane, rational, intelligent people dismiss it entirely.

    So with that, I’ll just leave you with a video that describes an experience very similar to one I had. Mine was not as overtly “reptilian” and did not involve a literal “eye” but pretty much everything else was in line with what he describes. Although I don’t’ at this time believe in “aliens” per se, I do believe there is a spiritual plane of consciousness where there are lots of shenanigans going on, just outside of our conscious awareness. You’ll see from the video (if you can manage to stick through it) where the number Six comes into play. So Building Six, Las Iguanas and Harvester all being in a row there is pretty interesting considering this dome represents the brain/pineal. And Brunels Newsagents… Well, how do they harvest the psychic/emotional energy of the masses? Fake news events and psyops that manipulate our minds and emotions. OK, enough jibber-jabber. Here’s the vid:

    Terran Downvale

    Dangit. Missed the narrow edit window. I meant to include this link as well:

    Terran Downvale

    Sorry, I’m only bringing this stuff up because of those names at the north edge of the Millennium Dome. Not my fault! 😉 Why are they doing this?

    Tom Dalpra

    You’ll see from the video (if you can manage to stick through it)

    Haha. I see what you mean. That said, coming from you, I’m prepared to think about it, Terran.

    Jim Morrison, ‘The Lizard King’ comes to mind.
    The name The Doors was taken from a Huxley quote talking about expanded consciousness.
    ”If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”

    This quote comes from a blog called ”Good Fight Ministries” and hence from a ‘God fearing’ perspective, but it’s the idea here that interests me.
    ”Doors biographers, Danny Sugerman and Jerry Hopkins acknowledge that Jim Morrison believed the way of his success was paved through drugs and shamanism. Shamanism often involves the invocation of demonic power on the part of the shaman, and then the transmutation of this same demonic power to his or her audience. Shaman’s typically state that this process is good, but the reality is that demonic spirits use shamans as mere puppets in order to gain a foothold in the lives of others, and bring them to destruction. ”

    In reference to Lizard King Jim Morrison and in view of the fact The Doors were very-much part of the wave of ‘culture creation’ that came out of the U.S. towards the end of the sixties, we could, perhaps re-write that last sentence as- Powerful entities can use shamans as puppets in order to gain a foothold in the lives of others , and thus control them.

    Morrison’s Lizard King soubriquet may be a reference to this ‘reptilian world ‘ that is spoken of
    by some people who have taken mind-altering drugs.
    It may also be a reference, though, to the old part of the brain. The reptilian brain , no less.


    ”The Reptilian section is the instant (no discernment) ‘survival mode’ response section of the brain. It is the oldest in terms of our human evolution, ‘The Old Brain’, The Reptilian Brain.”

    I’d say then, that it’s our reptilian brains that are spoken to very often with all the bullshit and psyOps we look at.
    We’re controlled by fear and our instinct for survival very often. ‘They’ seek to speak to our ‘primitive’ Reptilian brain.
    With this in mind, Jim Morrison – an agent, witting or not – as some reptile ‘King’ makes sense.

    David Icke talks about the elite as shape-shifting lizards.
    In view of the oldest part of our brain resembling that of a reptile to the point of being called ‘the reptilian brain’ then we could ALL be said to have a bit of reptile in us.
    The apparent ‘evolution’ of our brains, could by the same token, make all human beings a bit like ‘shape shifting lizards’ ? Maybe there is some truth in there!?? And maybe, we’re all the ones who are seen as ‘mental reptiles’ by the controllers ?

    I dunno. Just some thoughts for now.


    For what it’s worth Terran, I’ve had experiences which suggest to me there is certainly something in what might be called ‘spirituality’ that mainstream religion always sought to hijack and that modern Science now seeks to educate out of us.
    It seems logical to me that those in power, in seeking to control large bodies of people, have done this.



    Terran Downvale

    NOTE: For some reason, that YT video automatically starts at the 23 minute mark for me. Is it doing that for you, too? If so, make sure to move the slider back to the beginning.

    Awesome reply, Tom. I think we’re on the same wavelength here. The true nature of the mind/spirit is the biggest secret TPTB are keeping from us, I think. The key to their “power” over the masses. The reality of the “spirit realm” and unknown (to most of us) hidden aspects of consciousness is the ace up their sleeve and as long as the average person has zero clue about it, they can pull the most outrageously obvious hoaxes and flaunt them for everyone to see and it still doesn’t really matter. The care-free attitude they seem to display as more and more of us each day wake up to the fakery is a reflection of their confidence that while we may think we know what they’re up to, we really have no idea when it comes to this weirder level of deception and manipulation.

    I’ll have to write more later and also address your latest findings. But I’ll just leave you with a little something about “shapeshifting.” When I had my own “demonic” psychic attack experience in the wake of a hallucinatory DxM drug trip, there was a two-week period where my consciousness remained cracked open a bit to where I could see/hear/sense through the “narrow chinks of (my) cavern.” You could call it a mild form of clairvoyance, clairaudience, ESP, etc. During this period I would occasionally see something very disturbing when looking in the mirror. My eyes did not appear entirely human. They had an “alien” or “reptilian” appearance that I believe was some kind of “etheric overlay” I was perceiving with this temporary second sight. It seemed to represent this “entity” that was attempting to “possess” me. Or perhaps it was a sign of my own “reptilian brain” having been stimulated/activated and dominating my consciousness. And bear in mind, this was NOT while I was “on drugs” in any way. This was in the weeks following the trip. Some may call it “temporary psychosis” but there are more details that lead me to believe otherwise, along with subsequent experiences that line up with the “spiritual awakenings” I’ve heard about from others. I say there is definitely something to all of this woo-woo stuff and figuring out exactly what it is will be a large part of how I spend the rest of my time here in this life.


    Shape-shifting? Really?

    Dropping some acid and then still buzzing a few days later means one of two things :

    A) icke may be onto something with his Shape-shifting, reptilian aliens
    B) that was some very potent gear you popped.


    Tom Dalpra

    Haha, yeh, go easy kids. And I would add, that I don’t recommend any drugs per se.
    My experience has been a tough learning curve. I had one very close friend who died on me a long time ago and certainly with acid, I’d advise absolute discretion and micro dosing, if at all (at first at least ).
    For a young sensitive person with a bit of an identity crisis, acid can easily be a complete nightmare.
    I suffered years of panic attacks, that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Mmm, and there was me ‘Breaking on through to the other side” with Jimbo…

    DMT, though. is a different thing to acid.
    I’ve taken acid hundreds of times ( I lost my virginity on it, believe it or not, haha ) but my experience with DMT ‘The spirit molecule’ is limited to smoking Changa a few times in recent years , which is certainly not the full DMT experience as related to me by those who have taken it orally.

    It’s only fairly recently that DMT has found it’s way on to the menu of interesting drugs to experiment with but I’m not sure this emergence hasn’t been stimulated by TPTB just as acid and ecstasy were at the end of the sixties and the eighties, respectively.

    Acid and ecstasy were ‘encouraged’ as part of social engineering, it seems.
    I wasn’t there in 1966, but when ecstasy came in at the end of the eighties it had a clear effect and I’m not sure it wasn’t a good one, in some respects.
    An example of this would be with football hooligans. When ecstasy came in to the counter culture, the hooligans started getting all ‘loved-up’. I saw it happening. I used to hang out in some pretty ‘edgy’ places and the vibe changed when the E’s came in. ‘Assholes’ who would previously have been looking for a fight were now grinning like idiots, gurning and wanting a cuddle. Had they evolved ? I dunno, but I preferred them like that to the fighters!

    Much as we people felt they were being anti-establishment in arranging the many ‘illegal raves’, the second ‘Summer of Love’ seemed actually to bring people together in harmony as did, by many accounts, the first one at some point, at least. It makes sense to me this is what TPTB wanted.

    We see in retrospect that the Hillsborough operation was part of the plans to gentrify English football which led to all seater stadia and the formation of the Premier League in 1993.
    Why have Man. Utd been the dominant team and won the English Premier League more than any other team ?
    Part of it, I’d suggest, is in the name. Man. United. Get it ?
    Certainly one of the centres, if not the centre of the ‘Ecstasy movement, promoted in the UK, was Manchester. This seems clearly, no coincidence. It was all part of the plans.

    Anyway back to DMT and by 2010 I was hearing quite a lot about ayahuasca. A friend of mine was good mates with an anthropologist here at Cambridge University and she was experimenting with ayahuasca ‘trips’ within her studies.
    My friend was encouraged to join the anthropologist and a ‘shamanic guide’ for the experience. Which she did.

    It struck me at the time that if these intellectuals were taking DMT in Cambridge University then perhaps this was something that was being deliberately promoted.
    There is a big difference between DMT and acid and ecstasy, though.

    Acid and ecstasy are feel-good drugs which brought the masses together, at least for a while.
    DMT is not such a drug. It seems a far deeper cerebral experience and not always very pleasant at-all as testified-to by Terran. It would never ‘catch-on’ as a recreational drug as the others did.

    If there is extraordinary insight within a DMT experience, then I think it must be seen as no ‘danger’ to TPTB otherwise it wouldn’t be there in the curriculum at Cambridge University and have been gently promoted in recent years as it seems to me to have been, at least. Certainly doing DMT has become ‘a thing’ in recent years.

    I don’t know, Is DMT a psyOp ? Haha. Still fascinating, anyway.

    Personally I don’t think you need drugs to have a spiritual experience.
    Criminals who have consented to experiments where their brain activity has been monitored have perhaps revealed some interesting results.
    As I’m led to believe, a cold, ruthless man thinking ‘murder’ has a little area of his brain lit-up on the MRI, but when a man feels guilt and repents in tears, his whole brain lights up.
    That is when, I would say, the ‘magic’ might happen. When you’re using all your brain.

    True humility. It’s not so easy in the outside world. It’s dog-eat-dog, they tell us. We haven’t got a fucking clue half the time, so wrapped-up in angst at others, are we.

    I’m getting to thinking that the masses are conditioned to not use all of their brain power.
    Hey, ‘they’ tell us that. ‘Humans only use part of their brain’. Why ?
    In fact why, for fucks sake ?!

    Well…obviously you don’t want the hoi polloi to be running around using all their brains all the time do you, if you can help it?

    Our reptilian brains are spoken to on a daily basis.
    I don’t think I’m a fuckin’ reptile, I think I’m a human being and they’re weird enough, as it is. haha!

    Now, get your lizard self together and get over it. We need them lobes, lit up. We’re expanding our minds.

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 9 months ago by Tom Dalpra.


    Terran Downvale

    Ack, just had to add a quick reply here. It wasn’t acid and it wasn’t DMT either. It was Dextromethorphan aka cough syrup. I intended to get a buzz from the amount I took, but it appears I was hypersensitive because the effects were far stronger than they were supposed to be at that dosage level. I have to say I’m not a “drug person.” I’ve never done acid, shrooms, Ecstasy or DMT. The few experiences I had with DxM and Salvia were very profound but not the kind of thing I wanna go through again. Especially since the DxM triggered this, uh, “paranormal psychic attack.” As I said, this after-effect lasted for two weeks so it was more than just a hangover. I really do believe it temporarily unlocked a low-grade level of extrasensory perception. If I’d understood that’s what it was at the time (back in 2006), I would have tried to experiment with it. Instead it just freaked me the hell out. It really did feel like some kind of external “entity” was trying to possess me. As I had an increased ability to “see into” the spirit realm, those entities residing in the spirit realm had more access to ME. It was years later without the involvement of any kind of drugs that I discovered that non-physical entities actually do exist, so what happened to me made a lot more sense. We are usually not consciously aware of their existence and their effect on us, but they’re there. It’s a whole world that’s been deliberately hidden from us, and my logical conclusion that this is so we can be influence on that level without being consciously aware of it. Sorry if this is too kooky for Fakeologist, just sharing my experience.

    Tom, thanks for sharing your own experiences with “breaking on through.” It was Morrison who got me interested in the idea myself when I became obsessed with The Doors as a teen. But it was more of an idea for me as I quickly found out having full-on panic attacks from smoking pot that I was not cut out for such things. But I have made a few attempts and they were pretty amazing (and terrifying). I can handle weed now and use it occasionally. But even that is not very comfortable for me.

    I’ve been listening to Jan Irvin’s Unspun series at and hearing about how the “Archaic Revolution” and psychedelic drug scene in the 60s was a government op to debase our culture. Eye-opening stuff.

    Speaking of “integrating the Serpent” and music, I believe the REM song “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite” is about that process and perhaps Masonic Stipe’s role as a “handler” for young male recruits. Here’s the vid. Listen to the lyrics. Much seeming nonsense but there is an interesting angle there, I think, regarding “Kundalini awakening” and what not:

    Terran Downvale

    If I haven’t alienated everyone at Fakeologist with my paranormal talk, I just wanted to add something to this thread that may be of interest. Just as the story about the explosion in New York’s Central Park contained elements of foreshadowing for the truck attack in Nice, there has been another explosion so far “unrelated to terrorism” in New York that I’m wondering if could be foreshadowing for an attack in the UK. I’ve only just glanced at this article, but it appears the explosion took place in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan:

    And I see there are several Ibis Hotels near the Chelsea area of London, one of which is “permanently closed”:,+London,+United+Kingdom/@51.4880907,-0.2228406,13z/data=!3m1!4b1

    Anyway, I haven’t really looked into this explosion story but I just wanted to alert Tom and others who might find some connections.

    Tom Dalpra

    Mmm, worth a mention and keeping an eye on, Terran. So much going on in the details on a daily basis, it’s tricky to keep up.

    This caught my eye, today and appears to tie-in with what we’ve been looking at.

    ”As part of the Art on the Underground series the artist Hew Locke (a Selvedge favourite) has used a kind of ‘all seeing eye’ within a carnival and tube map -esque mask to play with ideas such as big brother, a talisman and the life of the city itself.”



    Terran Downvale

    CREEPY!!! I certainly can’t see how that glaring eye could be taken as “someone going out partying” LOL. At least not the kind of party I’d like to attend.

    So I couldn’t help but notice the seemingly careful and deliberate way he folds the map in the video. At 1:09, we see his thumb touch a certain area on the list of stations. He folds it again and his thumb touches the list again at 1:11. 9/11? You could argue that the second touch is actually at 1:12, which would be 9+12=21=777. The Nice attack was on 7/14 which is another 21=777. I can’t read the names in the video but maybe someone who’s familiar with the map could identify the spots he touched.

    Now going back to the Central Park explosion, it happened 11 days before the Nice attack. This bombing in Chelsea was on 9/17 which would put a possible UK event at 9/28 following that pattern. But I’m wondering if 9/29 might be better as 2+9=11 and 9+29=38=11.

    I dunno if any of this means anything, of course. Just trying to read the tea leaves, so to speak.

    Tom Dalpra

    Mmmm. I have one of those maps in front of me. His thumb at 1:11 is on a section including Ealing Broadway, Ealing Common, Earl’s Court, East Acton, East Croydon, East Finchley, East Ham, East India, East Putney, Eastcote, Edgware and Edgware Road.
    I’m not at all sure that this means anything at all, but you never know! Worth a mention.

    Much as your original research put me onto the Ibis referencing, Terran, which has led to what has been a very interesting exploration , I was never really sold on the idea that it may foreshadow a SPECIFIC attack in the UK. More that it happened to help inform us about a ‘grand design’.

    Now, check this out. It’s a JLB video from a year ago. What are the odds?
    A sacred African Ibis and some kind of lizard, just coincidentally filmed by him in Brisbane.
    I remember thinking it was slightly weird at the time. It’s probably just a coincidence, of course, but I had to mention it.


    Terran Downvale

    Sorry for the late reply, Tom. Wow, that is quite an amazing synchronicity with the ibis and lizard in JLB’s video. He was quite literally “Following the Ibis.” Well, it looks like nothing went down in the UK within the time frame I vaguely predicted. But it’s still possible. But like you said, it could just be that all the things going on around Europe and elsewhere are merely being symbolically reflected in London’s brain center. I just wrote a post that references the ibis theme that you might find interesting:


    Hi. This is fascinating. Which ancient source did you read that about Isis and Hermes? I have never read that anywhere before.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by historian.

    Where did you read all this? Which ancient source? I have never read this about either Isis or Hermes before.

    Tom Dalpra

    Hello historian. Of whom are you asking this question and what exactly do you mean by
    never having ‘read all this’ about Isis or Hermes? You’ve never read what ?


    Tom Dalpra


    Of all the places in all of the U.K that the most dramatic British fire in recent memory could have happened, it happened right smack-dab in the ‘Eye’ of the Golden Triangle.
    After the two earlier 2017 psyOps of Westminster and London Bridge this flaming torch makes ‘ three in the Eye’.





    Great find on the Golden Triangle! Reminds me of the speculation about the geometric patterns on the Olympic Gold medal design in 2012.

    Tom Dalpra

    Ah yes. That fits perfectly with the idea of that area of London and the brain and the Dome (now 02 Arena ) being symbolic of the pineal gland. That ‘network’ is right smack-on it.



    Tom Dalpra

    ” I says to the missus, soon as I saw it, I says, it’s the flaming Golden Triangle, love.”



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