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    I was just curious where I might be able to find this information? I have read a great deal about ancient mythology, and I have never read anything like this before. Essentially this is original research based upon secondary sources, because none of the ancient sources mention this.

    Tom Dalpra

    Hi Max (This is my scholarly lodger Max, folks).
    Max, this thread deals with contemporary referencing. You ask for an ancient source, but an ancient source for what, exactly?

    I’ve already asked you once and you’ve come back with the same question. It’s as if you haven’t properly read and understood the thread.

    I’ve identified a reference to Thoth in Cambridge and noted Oxford’s Isis and their position as ‘axis’ of The Golden Triangle.

    The contemporary relevance to this Golden Triangle is not in dispute and I suggest the Grenfell Tower fire, which occurred precisely at the apex of this ‘triangle’ even included a fiery ‘golden triangle’ tribute (i’m unable to post images here but every newspaper I saw carried the image of the flaming triangle on the tower).

    So yeah, one time again: an ancient source to what, Max? Though the thread may be enhanced with some relevant old source, it doesn’t need one to make it’s point, does it?



    Easy tiger. I was just saying, it is original research.

    A primary source for Hermes-Trismegistus of course. It may be worth reading the appropriate literature before making a judgement call.

    Terran Downvale

    Hey, guys. Just wanted to post a follow-up here on some of these themes. I happened upon a dubious news story that seems to singularly tie together a number of psyop themes I’ve noticed over the past year in such seemingly disconnected events as the Central Park explosion, Nice attack, Pulse nightclub shooting, Westminster Bridge attack and recent discovery of 7 “Earth-like planets” in the TRAPPIST-1 star system. I’m not sure how all of this might tie in with the mythology you’re speaking of. Maybe you can help. You may find this to be too off-topic, so I understand if you want to skip it. This is going to get very complicated so please bear with me!

    OK, here’s the news story posted on Independence Day, July 4, 2017:

    Here’s how the link appeared to me on the Yahoo homepage:

    What grabbed my attention was the combination of an alligator story with the image of the balloon passenger’s smiling face which strongly resembled a face I’d seen before when researching the Alligator/Peter Pan theme connected to the Pulse nightclub shooting last year.

    In case you are not aware of my work, in the summer of 2016, I noticed an abundance of scary alligator stories in the news that seemed to be thematically connected to the scary Pulse shooting that same summer. This gator theme is also connected to Peter Pan and Tick-Tock the crocodile. You can check out my posts on these themes in this G+ collection:

    One key connection point was the actor who played Peter Pan in a 2003 live-action movie. His name is Jeremy Sumpter and is the same age as Rodney Sumter, a central figure in the Pulse event who I believe is a symbolic “Peter Pan” character among the nightclub’s “Lost Boy” victims in that narrative. I laid out some of the connections in this post from the Alligator Mania collection:

    Well, as soon as I saw that smiling face of the balloon passenger in this new gator story, I immediately noticed his strong resemblance to Jeremy Sumpter. Here’s a collage pointing out that connection and some others that I will go on to explain:


    I’m going to try to go through these connections in an orderly manner but it will probably just sound like a big mess. First, here’s the full unedited balloon crash video:

    The guy being interviewed in that video and the CNN report in the Independent article is not the Sumpter lookalike but some other passenger named Sebastian Westerby. The video footage was taken by another passenger named Jacob Malherbe. Just remember those two names because they come into play later. Ugh, the interweaving connections here are so complicated, it’s quite overwhelming trying to explain it, but I’ll try!

    The first thing to know is that this balloon crash reportedly took place on July 3, 2017 at a pond near Disney World in Orlando. So first we have Orlando and Disney World which connect to the Pulse shooting and the “tragic gator attack” in which 2-year-old Lane Graves was killed at a Disney World resort a couple days later. Those two events form the core of the Pulse/Alligator/Peter Pan theme. I covered the Lane Graves story in this post and others in that same collection:

    The date of July 3rd is significant as well as exactly a year earlier on July 3, 2016 (21 days after the Pulse attack) there was a mysterious explosion in Central Park, NY which left a young man with an amputated foot. I covered that story in my “Follow the Ibis” collection of posts found here:

    Here’s the specific post where I first discussed that event:

    That story led to the “Ibis theme” by way of the University of Miami’s mascot Sebastian the Ibis. Remember that the young man interviewed in the balloon/gator story is named Sebastian Westerby. Looking back at the collage, you can see that I speculated that we may be able to see a white ibis in the marsh in the background of his interview, an animal that is apparently common in the Orlando area. Of course, it’s difficult to determine if we actually see the bird but the name Sebastian connects back to the Central Park event exactly a year earlier. I also connected this name Sebastian to the Nice truck attack a year ago in this post in the “Follow the Ibis” collection:

    It’s also interesting that the hot air balloon video shows what appears to be a woman screaming while her foot dangerously dangles in the alligator-infested pond. This connects with Central Park explosion victim Connor Golden’s horrific foot injury a year earlier.

    There’s also the weird shadow seen on Sebastian Westerby’s shirt in the CNN video interview found in the Independent article. It looks like a scary alligator mouth to me. In fact, it looks virtually identical to the newly-discovered fossil of a supposed prehistoric crocodile that was mentioned in a story about a man in Mexico who reportedly had his arm bitten off by a crocodile while urinating in a lagoon. This story came out on July 4 as well, the same day as the hot-air balloon story:

    Here’s a story on the prehistoric “ghost lizard” crocodile, also posted on July 4th:

    And finally, there are the names Westerby and Malherbe I mentioned earlier. They both appear to be Danish (with Malherbe living in Florida) and have an internet company called X Social Media:

    These names Westerby and Malherbe with the similar “erby” and “herbe” at the end struck me as unusual. “West” and “Mal” rung a bell from something I discovered when researching the Westminster Bridge attack. Reported victim Kurt Cochran was seen in one photo holding a beer with the word “Trappist” on it:

    I pointed out some other things about Cochran in this collection of posts as well:

    Anyway, back when I saw that photo, the word “Trappist” jumped out at me as only a month before the Westminster attack, I did a post on the reported newly discovered “7 Earth-like planets” in the TRAPPIST-1 star system:

    In my research into Trappist breweries, I discovered an apparent Masonic connection in the label for the Westmalle brewery:

    Westmalle Brewery (Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle) is a Trappist brewery in the Westmalle Abbey, Belgium.

    West-erby + Mal-herbe = Westmalle Abbey? WTF is going on here???!!!

    I really don’t know, lol. But all these apparent intersecting themes must add up to something, no? Seeing as the Central Park explosion event seemed to be, in part, foreshadowing for the Nice attack 11 days later, I have to wonder if this event with its connections to that story could be foreshadowing for another event to come? Could it be something involving Denmark? Just blindly speculating again, of course.

    This theme of hot-air balloon crashes ties into a whole other group of stories involving an apparent Wizard of Oz theme, Twin Peaks, skydiving and a bunch of other crap. I did a post on July 30, 2016 about a tragic story involving a hot-air balloon if you’re interested in looking into those themes (some links may now be dead, unfortunately):

    Anyway, I warned you this was going to be complicated! If anyone wants to try to make sense of all of this, be my guest. I’m just posting this here because it seems to tie in with the origins of this “Ibis theme” I discovered with the Central Park event. Sorry if I’m just adding more confusion.

    Tom Dalpra

    Sorry if Iā€™m just adding more confusion.

    Why assume any previous confusion ? šŸ˜†
    Terran you’re prolific. It’s too much for me sometimes, with my limited focus, but there’s always some gems in there with your stuff.
    Fair enough precis.

    On a simple point regarding the idea of the ‘Brain of Britain’ there in Central London,
    it occurred to me that the very name BRITAIN could simply be said to be BRAIN with the word IT in it.

    ‘IT’ is indeed in ‘BRAIN’, in Britain. Or maybe better-put, ‘IT’ is in the ‘BRAIN’

    Considering the brain analogies we’ve been seeing if that word-play has not been levered-in deliberately I’ll be mildly surprised, at this point.

    As above, so below, as within so without, on earth as it is in heaven, in word as it is in body…

    Britain. It’s in the brain.


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