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    Contact in the Desert 2017
    Contact in the Desert conference 2017 (Paul Andrews)

    Following up on Conspiracy conference research, i’ve just updated the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ spreadsheet and also published a seperate article on the conference “con” as it represents in my view a very direct way to see withour own eyes how all the mediated alternative research figures are in fact intellgence operatives acting it out live on stage.

    The Conference Con (article)

    The Conference Con

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy
    (spreadsheet, updated with 70+ Conference list)


    It’s curious. I worked in a university for over a decade and I find a total disconnect between the academics I worked with an the media presentation of what academics are.

    This story seems more of a reality to me:

    Outspoken Mail on Sunday journalist gives talk on street after refusing Liverpool Uni terms


    I’ve got to say, having worked in a university responsible for setting up video conference interviews and interacting with a lot of real lecturers, I have a hard time believing of a shortlist of say eight people, this person got the job.

    It’s curious. I worked in a university for over a decade and I find a total disconnect between the academics I worked with an the media presentation of what academics are.

    It is a bit diffucult for me to understand the context for your comments above, and what you mean when you talk of “a shortlist of say eight people, this person got the job” or the “total disconnect between the academics I worked with an the media presentation of what academics are”

    The story you refer to where a newsreporter refuses to sign a ‘free speech’ contract as he’s supposed to adress the ‘war on drugs’ seems in itself fishy to me. There is no ‘war’ on drugs, so what other purpose would this journalist story serve if it wasn’t to catch the headlines – which he did by his soapbox speech in “Hope” Street ?

    Regarding academia and its activity in relation to conspiracy theory, it is noteworthy how they go to great lengths to profile conspiracy adepts, measure our reactions and predict our behaviour and even social life.. As Xileffilex mentions in his post (here) these ‘doctors’ of academy write entire books and reports about our community. And also hold conferences of course…

    Dr Jan-Willem van Prooijen • ISJR Conference
    Dr Joseph E Uscinski • Conspiracy Theory Conference

    Books by Dr Jan-Willem van Prooijen
    The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories
    Power, Politics, and Paranoia: Why People Are Suspicious of their Leaders
    The Moral Punishment Instinct
    Cheating, Corruption, and Concealment: The Roots of Dishonesty

    Books by Dr Joseph E Uscinski
    Conspiracy Theories and the People Who Believe Them
    American Conspiracy Theories
    The People’s News: Media, Politics, and the Demands of Capitalism


    Based on what Dr Woods said about himself I try to imagine his specialism fitting into a saleable course module. From my experience, since universities have all gone pay, that appears to be the most important thing, and my disconnect.


    Hello xileffilex, nice to interact.

    I’ve got to say, having worked in a university responsible for setting up video conference interviews and interacting with a lot of real lecturers, I have a hard time believing of a shortlist of say eight people, this person got the job.

    I have no idea how these people are placed.
    But that video is comedy gold. I’d never heard of the Emergency Exit podcasts, there’s a touch of Humble and Fred about them,

    “are you a paid shill?” laughter. “are you a reptilian?” more laughter.
    but I see they have had Brian Staveley on recently.
    He was talking about the empty twin towers early on in this video [off topic, but am listening now]

    There’s another interesting fellow at Birmingham, a more prestigious university than Winchester, I’ve clocked called Professor Scott Lucas another American, who has been active in deeper world political “conspiracy” work as a talking head/rent a quote.
    He began his career as a specialist in US and British foreign policy, but his research interests now also cover current international affairs — especially North Africa, the Middle East, and Iran — New Media, and Intelligence Services.
    A professional journalist since 1979, Professor Lucas is the founder and editor of EA ** WorldView, a leading website in daily news and analysis of Iran, Turkey, Syria, and the wider Middle East, as well as US foreign policy.

    ** EA = Enduring America

    The prof seems to be a steerer.. e.g.
    Scott Lucas
    Founder/Editor of EA WorldView (@EA_WorldView), Professor, University of Birmingham, UK, and sometimes on your TV and radio

    So, how do these people get their jobs.


    David Morris Aaronovitch
    Insight with David Aaronovitch: Deconstructing Conspiracies
    Frontline Club – Aug 23 2012 – 1:15 (h:mm)

    Glad you brought up the Frontline Club, UNreal. It’s a nice little mutual back slapping group of the key water carriers of the lie system, the journalists and press photographers, in London.

    Our members are drawn from a wide community of journalists, other media professionals and people committed to press freedom, including photographers, writers, filmmakers, artists, diplomats and aid workers. To apply, you need a proposer and seconder


    Whistleblowers, poisonings, they’ve got them all.


    A friend of this nest of journos was Marie Colvin who “died” in Homs in 2012 along with French photographer Remi Ochlik…

    Marie Colvin: “committed to telling the real story of war”

    hoax management 2016….
    The family of Marie Colvin, the American journalist who died in Syria four years ago, is suing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
    Relatives say they have evidence that she was murdered as part of a policy of deliberately killing journalists.
    The wrongful death lawsuit was filed at a district court in Washington DC.


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    Ah – ok you (rachel) were commenting on Dr Wood. Sorry, missed the fact that the podcast you referenced was with Wood* who touches his face & nose quite a lot which could be that he’s not afflicted with Parkinsons or just lying quite often..

    Something that is curious is that Dr Woods seems to indicate he visits and possibly participates on conspiracy forums. This can explain some of the trolling we often see going on as we’re subjected to academic “field studies” unbeknownst to us..

    Dr Mike Wood at Winchester Discovery Centre, 26 October 2017
    Dr Mike Wood presentation at Winchester Discovery Centre, 26 October 2017
    (unusual Q angle)

    *the first 17 minutes of the Emergency Exit podcast with Carlos Richard, Brandon Mitchell and Nick Reiter was unrelated to Wood and i dropped off – quite a dislikeable trio… h/t, the podcast is now listed in the CC spreadsheet.


    UNreal, that’s fine, sometimes I’m not that coherent.


    Conspiracy theory ‘belief’ is not surprisingly studied by Academia as a psychological disorder and societal anomaly.

    There are several Universities that have dedicated specific research groups to study conspiracy theory with Goldsmiths University’s Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit being one of the oldest. The Anomalistic Psychology unit was established by Professor Chris French (former Editor of The Skeptic Magazine) in 2000.

    The Goldsmiths Anomalistic Psychology unit investigates slightly larger than merely conspiracy theory as it focuses on the wider phenomenas of Placebo effects, Superstition, Religious beliefs and the Paranormal. The fact that ‘Conspiracy Theory’ still has been a recurrent field of study by this unit still is illustrating of how the notion of crazy is intended to qualify any type of critical thought labeled ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

    A more focused research group is lead by Professor of Social Psychology Karen M Douglas at the University of Kent. Her primary research is conspiracy theories and she has authored and co-authered several studies on us conspiracy theorists, and also established a conspiracy theory database, also useful for research here on the FAK forum.

    Conspiracy Theory research database

    What stands out with the CT database is that it is co-financed by the ‘Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats’ or CREST – an organisation that is “partly” intelligence funded by their own admission..

    As this forum topic contends that Conspiracy Theory as a cultural phenomenon is created and financed by military and national intelligence services, it is quite interesting that the same sinister forces reaches back into Academia to control the topic of Conspiracy Theory also from this angle. Academia and Intelligence seem closely linked and coordinated around Conspiracy both as a study and as an intelligence operation.

    Professor Karen Douglas
    Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats – 2 Dec 2016 – 02:44 (mm:ss)

    Professor Paul Taylor
    Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats – 1 Dec 2016 – 02:39 (mm:ss)

    Karen Douglas On Conspiracy Theories
    Humanists UK – 10 Jan 2012 – 59:34 (mm:ss)


    A friend of this nest of journos was Marie Colvin who “died” in Homs in 2012

    Dying in the Frontline Club must be something else for sure. Especially Marie Catherine Colvin* (1956-2012) clocks in nice being born 12th of January and dying 22th of February. Nothing is too scripted for this entity apparently, being born in NYC and all.

    What is interesting is how accepting individuals and scripted deaths such as journalist Marie Colvin should be considered normal while questionning such events becomes a topic of scientific studies of Anomalistic behavioral patterns. In a way, we as genuine skeptics are targeted from both ends of the spectrum – by the intelligence funded Conspiracy movement as well as from Academia and Science.

    It is the same logic behind both movements – the Conspiracy PsyOp and Academia both rely on intelligence sourced experts who falsely claim dominion over the rhetoric through their ‘expertise’ from extensive research reports and reading lists – thus intimidating laymen with a mountain of mostly useless documentation* and source material that either prevent us practically or psychologically from doing all the research as it is already established and championned.

    What is over the top about Marie Catherine Colvin is her deliberately clumpsy one eye patch after being hit by a Sri Lankan Army rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). Does rocket propelled grenades even function as advertised ? could be another pun right there. MCC is not the first Elite hoaxer to wear such an overscripted eyepatch – Dale Dehaven Myers wore the excact same model over his left eye when he was Deputy Administrator of NASA…

    Dale Dehaven Myers Deputy Administrator of NASA
    Dale Dehaven Myers, former Deputy Administrator of NASA (wiki)

    Marie Catherine Colvin investigative journalist for The Sunday Times
    Marie Catherine Colvin, former investigative journalist for The Sunday Times (wiki)

    *the intials for Marie Catherine Colvin are MCC (or 333) which smells pretty Fremason (letters M,W,E all present 3 graphically and C is the third letter of the alphabet) – Colvin as a name also is a phonetic anagram of ‘Will Con’ (Colvin ‘Vil Con’)

    *most ’empirical’ studies are easily doctored as the participants in the studies are few and often students in the same university department where the study is conducted


    Conspiracy Theory research database

    What stands out with the CT database i
    s that it is co-financed by the ‘Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats’ or CREST – an organisation that is “partly” intelligence funded by their own admission..

    You have mentioned Joseph Uscinski hosting a US conspiracy conference in 2015…no surprise that he’s there on the CREST website, buried as as “Commissioned Researcher”


    We have only examined conspiracy researchers using the English language, it’s not hard to imagine they’re beavering away in French, Germany, Spanish and other languages, with the same kind of funding at their universities where they have tenure.

    The UK’s own Professor Karen Douglas tweeted an piece in Psychology Today based on her recent paper

    Douglas, K. M., Sutton, R. M., & Cichocka, A. (2017). The psychology of conspiracy theories. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 26, 538-542.

    an amusing article…

    They seem to be actively seeking human guinea pigs to extend their research…

    What’s really needed, they argue, are some carefully designed studies that directly examine those who already believe in conspiracy theories.



    They seem to be actively seeking human guinea pigs to extend their research…

    Yes indeed, as “conspiracy theorist” we are studied in detail. In lack of willing Guinea pigs the increasing efforts to analyse the Conspiracy Theory community will surely result in studies conducted “under cover” as false members of various communities.

    The Social Psychology angle that is highlighted by Karen Douglas is clearly a strategy that well explains why Conspiracy intelligence operators strive to be overly controversial and polemic – like Icke’s Reptile theory ie.

    There is also a European initiative to study us even better where we also find Professor Karen Douglas and Dr Mike Wood along with 119 others – The EU funded action ‘Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories in Europe‘…

    Controlled Academic Opposition (article)

    Controlled Academic Opposition


    Wow, thanks for uncovering that COMPACT nest of academics, UNreal. A fascinating sub-sect emerges in the parade of mug shots of the complicit academics
    CRASSH Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities [LOL!!]
    see below….which is is independent of any faculty or department.
    We must ask ourselves, WTF is going on?

    Conspiracy and Democracy is one of their projects..whose 5 year funding seems to be drawing to a close in 2018
    How have conspiracies and conspiracy theorising changed over the centuries and what, if any, is the relationship between them? Have conspiracy theories appeared at particular moments in history, and why?

    This ambitious, five-year, interdisciplinary research project aims to explore these and related questions. It sets out not to debunk particular theories but to provide a “natural history” of conspiracy theorising. To do that, the project combines the perspectives, investigative methods and insights of historians, political theorists, network engineers and other disciplines to produce what we hope will be a deeper and richer understanding of a fascinating and puzzling phenomenon. LOL!

    Professor Sir Richard J Evans (CRASSH, Cambridge)
    Professor John Naughton (CRASSH, Cambridge)
    Professor David Runciman (POLIS, Cambridge)

    Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

    Dr Hugo Drochon

    Dr Tanya Filer

    Dr Rachel G. Hoffman

    Hugo Leal

    Dr Nayanika Mathur

    Dr Andrew McKenzie-McHarg ***

    Dr Alfred Moore ***

    John Naughton [who] is a Senior Research Fellow at CRASSH, Emeritus Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology at the Open University, Director of the Press Fellowship Programme at Wolfson College and the technology columnist of The Observer….he is an historian of the Internet whose main research interests lie in the network’s impact on society.

    i.e. a key gatekeeper.


    and most recently on the blog June 22 2018, these amusing apercus as presented to the UK parliament from Sir Richard J Evans, Regius professor of mnodern history, Cambridge University….

    Conspiracy Theories and Antisemitism

    *** partipants at the May 2018 COMPACT conspiracy jolly.


    A fascinating sub-sect emerges in the parade of mug shots of the complicit academics CRASSH Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

    Indeed (xileffilex), i have come across “Sir” Richard Evans from University of Cambridge before, but didn’t notice his Leverhulme awarded and funded research group so clearly before.

    It is quite apparent that considerable efforts are made to control any ‘citizen investigators’ and the Elite have seemingly chosen Academia as an interface for the Mainstream Media to lean upon as they will provide the necessary experts and demagogues who wil ostrasize and discourage the general public from entertaining any deviant thought.. It is Racism and Anti-Semitism all over.

    Conspiracy Theories: A Threat to Democracy? – Professor Sir Richard Evans FBA
    Gresham College – 4 Jul 2016 – 50:49 (mm:ss) – 7K views

    Professor Sir Richard Evans – University of Cambridge
    Conspiracy and democracy: history, political theory and internet research
    Leverhulme Research Grant : £1,584,611
    (Source: here)

    CRASSH Conspiracy and Democracy group 1

    CRASSH Conspiracy and Democracy group 2


    Well just fancy! A humorous column in a UK newspaper Daily Telegraph Aug 11 2018] asks …
    “What if the conspiracy theories are all a conspiracy?”
    cue laughter, because it’s way beyond possibility, isn’t it….or perhaps the writer has been reading this thread?

    Unfortunately it’s behind a pay wall,
    a few choice quotes from the hard paper copy

    “What if all conspiracy theories…are actually an establishment conspiracy?…..what if Info Wars itself is a puppet of the establishment? What if its conspiracy theories are actually concocted by the establishment? What if the establishment actually wants you to believe conspiracy theories?

    It all makes perfect sense. The establishment feeds you conspiracy theories…in order to undermine your trust both in facts and in reputable sources of facts. In so doing it fosters a culture where…..belief trumps science and the man in the streets knows better than the experts [my bold]…where it’s impossible for the public to be certain of what’s true and what isn’t. Where everything is simply a natter of opinion – and so, instead of trusting the news, you trust your gut or your prejudices…

    what if the secret aim of the ban is to gain InfoWars more publicity….making the publi more likely to visit InfoWars’ own website ut more susceptible to conspiracy theories….
    I meant this piece to be a spoof of conspiracy theorists. But I’m beginning to think it might be true.

    Cue laughter. Imposible.

    Yes indeed they might have all bases covered [but it can’t be true, can it? – cue more laughter]

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.

    Unfortunately it’s behind a pay wall

    Great find, xileffilex.

    Just read the original article by “Parliamentary Sketchwriter” Michael Deacon (wiki) and there are indeed many points that coincide with arguments theorized in this thread, with the mainstream twist of conspiracy-theory-crazy mixed in.

    What if InfoWars is a secret puppet of the establishment?
    [What if all conspiracy theories… are actually an establishment conspiracy?]
    PDF version of the article here (3 pages, Zip’ed file)

    As we’ve seen in recent posts to this forum topic – not only conspiracists are interested in Conspiracy Theory these days, but also the Mainstream Media and Academia, albeit from a skewed, biased angle.

    The curious position of the Mass Media and Academia is that they only consider failed and antiquated conspiracies to exist, and only in rare occasions. This would exclude any current, successful conspiracy from being possible.

    To subtract any successful conspiracy from the debate altogether is rather convenient for the Elite who can only govern a Democracy in their favour through manipulation anyhow* as they are few in number compared to the majority population.

    *planned manipulation of the public opinion is of course only possible if multiple parties conspire in secret agreement – a conspiracy in other words, that we witness every day of the week on screen, in print or on the radio.


    xileffilex, that’s a good one.

    This Daily Mail article Has Stephen Hawking been replaced with a lookalike? Conspiracy theorists claim the REAL professor is DEAD and a ‘puppet’ has taken his place uses a similar theme. What interests me is that it appears in FEMAIL, and within two months of its posting, Stephen Hawking was dead. Could it be it was a public Cease and Desist Notice using the Daily Mail to show intent, but placing it within FEMAIL to hide it from actual conspiracy theorists?

    article crop

    Pink highlighting shows references to conspiracy theorists, they exist in most paragraphs, but maybe more interesting the paragraphs without references – maybe that’s the real message? Was someone perhaps irritated that Professor Stephen Hawking, director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge at the time of his death, was turned into a bit of a annoying sideshow? Could the reference to ‘an article in The Guardian’ actually be stating if this is not finished, the next article will be in The Guardian with its US circulation.

    If you think this logic has wings, check out the last photograph content and placement.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by rachel.

    Well, just fancy – this silly and obscure [but another key brick in the conspiracy misidirection wall] French research paper on the connection between Creationism and belief in Conspiracy Theories unastonishly manages to get into the MSM – The Daily Telegraph [paywall] for one, The Independent yet another. Go figure. The latter, as expected, inserts an Alex Jones video into the report.
    Original paper here –

    Click to access S0960-9822(18)30863-7.pdf

    Creationism and conspiracism share a common teleological bias

    Cue bringing belif in the staging of moon landings, JFK “murder”, faking of terror events, into the news reports, although they are not touched on by the authors. The paper of the French trio is part of the biology/science industry’s ongoing stout defence of the evolutionay theory

    Choose an image to accompany the article at The Conversation.


    People who believed in creationism also tended to believe in conspiracy theories, regardless of their religious or political beliefs. Conspiracism was also associated with teleological thinking. This confirms that seeking purpose in random events, such as the death of Princess Diana in a drink-driving accident, or natural phenomena such as rain clouds or the necks of giraffes, reflects a common underlying way of thinking.


    From the supplementary information

    Participants indicated their level of agreement with ten classical conspiracy theories (about JFK’s assassination, AIDS virus, vaccines, Apollo mission on the moon, chemtrails, flat earth theory, false-flag terrorist attacks, New World Order, etc.). Creationism was measured by a single item (“God created humans and the Earth since less than 10’000 years”)….
    Four scales measured conspiracy theories beliefs. The first one was composed of the 15 items from the Generic Conspiracist Beliefs scale (GCB) [S1] translated in French (e.g. “the government is involved in the murder of innocent citizens and/or well-known public figures, and keeps this a secret”), as used in [3]. Participants had to rate those sentences on a 5-points Likert scale from “Certainly false” to “Certainly true”. This scale measures General Conspiracy Theories beliefs (hereafter General CT), because it does not include any real-world example of
    conspiracy theory. The second scale was composed of four short scenarios describing specific conspiracy theories such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the deaths of princess Diana and US president John F. Kennedy, and the
    Apollo moon landing (hereafter Classical CT) [3,S2]. Participants were asked to rate acceptance of those conspiracy theories scenarios on a 7-point Likert scale from “Not at all” to “Absolutely”. The third and fourth parts of the
    conspiracy theories questionnaire consisted of two scenarios describing a fictitious interpersonal conspiracy theory in a business setting [S3] and a fictitious political conspiracy theory about the death of a president [S4]. Participants
    had to answer three questions per scenario on a 7-point Likert scales from “Not at all” to “Absolutely”, the first one
    asking for the plausibility of a conspiracy, the two others measuring other types of explanation (bad luck, lonely
    sniper, etc.) [3].

    Also serving nicely to keep the idiots away from #NDNGH the lie system of the MSM.
    Isn’t psience hilarious?


    The paper of the French trio is part of the biology/science industry’s ongoing stout defence of the evolutionay theory

    When ‘experts’ are financed by Academia, they very quickly are able to forget evolutionary theory is just a theory. By opposing evolutionary theory with creationism they very astutely avoid any factual critique of the scientific foundation of evolution itself, such as explain the largely missing and often falsified fossil-record of humanoid ‘evolution’.

    The consciously bad point of departure in the above “conspiracy theory” study is based on the fallacy of science having proved evolution (Appeal to Common Belief) – which is not true. Evolution remains an unchallenged theory built around the known unknown of our origin which acts like a ‘black box’ as nothing can really be proved and everything can be claimed as our human origin would require observations humans cannot possibly make themselves, but merely speculate about. Science fiction, not Science facts.

    GIGO – Garbage In Gospel Out

    There is an important part of the arguments used by Academia in their current sociological and psychological studies that is of particular interest for us as conspiracists here on Fakeologist.

    In order to effectively diagnose conspiracy theory as a psychological, sociological or now “teleological” affliction, the Elite first have been hard at work to popularize irrational and over-the-edge theory we find in some form or fashion in close to every mediated conspiracy theory proponent present in the alternative media. You need to profile and create a scapegoat before you charge him.

    Academia and their experts are today harvesting what generations of state and military intelligence operations have patiently grown around every major topic of conspiracy theory. It is this covert effort that is described as ‘The Conspiracy Conspiracy’ and that we by now should recognize in the far-out positions of Jim Fetzer (mini and micro nukes) or Judy Wood (exotic technology) and the networks that are built and financed around such researchers and their counterparts.

    The current attack on conspiracists from Academia as referenced above are only possible with the collusion of contrived “truthers” we are all too familiar with, often willigly left unnoticed – and even when it is clearly spelled out will have a hard time to draw conclusions from.

    How many genuine researchers have ever been promoted by Fetzer ? Find even one, and propose his/her name – there are 513 researchers to choose from (Fetzer spreadsheet here). If you find the exercise hard, it is only because there are so many intelligence operatives in the list of Fetzer’s guests.

    Hopefully – it should be easy for anyone to see how over 462 individuals (10% aka 51 individuals possibly genuine) on Fetzer’s show alone goes to show the scale of The Conspiracy Conspiracy… There are over 250 radio shows just like Fetzer out there (TCC spreadsheet here), and as many YT channels and written blogs.

    To be blunt – the absolute majority of conspiracy theorists are paid intelligence officers who are charged with gaining popularity and retain our attention around specific, controlled subjects – and blind you against any systematic study, deductive logic or independent reasoning about our movement itself. The Elite just want us as an audience*, not for in-depth controversial research – they have fake truthers and now Academia to such ends…

    *if we as a conspiracy audience are invited to partake, it will be as “fans” or the occasional “yeah-yeah” guy… just like the many fake JLB fans, or fake users who point out how great Marcus Allen or Miles Mathis are (like Dante from NY, Tokarski, Watermanchris and many others before/after them)


    Buried among the names on UNreal’s reference work of known conspiracy agents and gatekeepers *** is the name Brad Steiger, an authorn whom I only just found quite by accident on an unrelated quest.
    The masterwork, with the amusing title Conspiracies and Secret Societies – the Complete Dossier [LOL]
    [The whole book is online here]

    lists Brad and also Sherrie Steiger as co-authors
    Their work is a little different, a published handbook of all our favour
    [ridiculous] conspiracies, like 9/11, Diana, dead scientists, John Lennon, JFK etc etc , but sadly it ends circa 2004, after which it was published in 2005 and in any case it omits some more recently researched events here which the gatekeepers and misdirecting agents had left well alone [and still leave undisturbed e.g. Lockerbie, V2 rockets to name but two]
    It certainly needed a second edition to analyse and “debunk” the various staged events since 2004 along with their natually accompanying false trail “conspiracies”. One might think of 7/7 [rich with misleading leads and theories] the Boston Marathon of 2013 [ditto] MH370 [ditto and nicely covered in Conspiracy Theories by Jamie King] and many more. Unfortunately these editions don’t seem to be available online.

    A second edition did appear in 2012, but isn’t online, but there’s yet another follow up of unknown quantity by Derek Brady [a new name…
    Conspiracy Theories: A Stunning Look At The Worlds Conspiracy Theories: Area 51, 9/11, The JFK Assassination, Aliens, Cover Ups, Corrupt Governments And More (Volume 1) Paperback – March 11, 2016
    by Derek Brady

    Volume I !!!

    or …
    The Mammoth Book of Cover-Ups: The 100 Most Terrifying Conspiracies of All Time Paperback – March 3, 2008
    by Jon E. Lewis (Author)

    originally published 2009 but updated and expanded.

    All these carefully produced to attract the casual questioner of reality who might go into a book shop or library rather than search the internet for “enlightenment”

    A helpful list of “conspiracy books” is here, many however are specific rather than general,
    I wanted to focus here on the wider catch-all dictionary and thesaurus style of conspiracy publishing.
    A more general selection is here
    which includes some “favourite” authors such as Cass Sunstein and David Aaronovitch, and others by lesser known authors [“Andy Thomas” is also in the UNReal list] with such wondrous titles as The Ultimate Guide to Conspiracies [LOL!!!]
    Perhaps we need an ultimate list of conspiracy misdirection reference works….

    *** the small selection of accompanying photos is very well chosen and they made me laugh out loud. To think, I used to listen to Corbett during my awakening…

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