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    The European Cooperation in Science & Technology (COST). Shouldn’t that be CIST? Large outfit, very busy and part of the ‘ERA’.

    From their website: COST is thus a building block of the European Research Area:

    Which is run by Stakeholders:

    Which in turn are research acronyms at the european level. Yes… let’s see.

    I am a very comfortable CCF. I still like the word ‘listener’.


    Looking more closely at the COST website, whose working group COMPACT UNread brought up on his blogpost cited earlier in this thread we read

    Conspiracy theories – the belief that events are secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces **– have a long history, and exist in all modern societies *** However, their significance is increasing today, especially within Europe. They are not confined to the political margins as the product of a pathological mind-set; instead opinion polls confirm that the majority of citizens in Europe and the U.S. now believe in one or more conspiracy theories. Some conspiracy theories may be harmless entertainment or a sign of healthy scepticism, but others are dangerous because they fuel racism, nationalism or terrorism **. They can lead to political disengagement, distrust of the media ***, and, in the case of climate change and vaccination programmes, loss of faith in medical and scientific authorities. ***

    ** i.e. scripted and acted. Heaven forbid!
    *** We can’t let that kind of thinking become commonplace, can we?

    And from COST’s “Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of COMPACT”
    CA15101-e.pdf 30 October 2015

    …the EU itself is often viewed as a vast conspiracy.
    The Action will pursue the inquiry in three broad areas: the manifestations and modes of transmission of conspiracy theory in different historical and cultural contexts; the variety of actors and audiences involved in the production and consumption of conspiracy theories; and the psychological and cultural causes and political consequences of belief in conspiracy. Working closely with stakeholders, this Action will build a better understanding of conspiracy theories in order to develop an effective response to them.

    Note paras WG1-3 and 3.3 in the pdf buried on the above link.
    “Conspiracy theories have so far not at all been so studied as their manifest importance demands…The economic dimension of the studies carried out under the Action..has been estimated at EUR 124m in 2015…”

    worth ploughing through.


    Thank your support and strong stance (Matti), your donation and especially firm opinion is unexpected and thus all the more appreciated.

    Natural scaling as mentioned above is indeed applicable to many areas. It was the fact no detailed descriptions of the different types of deceptive agents we often face that a recourse to some type of categorization seemed a useful tool to better describe in detail different types of Conspiracy Contributors.

    We all may have different opinions of who are where on the “greasy ladder” and whereas i’m leaning towards a 99% part of intelligence operatives that actively control and gatekeep every type of conspiracy culture & communities – i fully understand some will see it less significant.

    Still, it hard to argue the percentage of intelligence directed efforts represent anything less than 75% of the conspiracy theory content available – which means the presence of intelligence operative is preponderant still. To pretend there are no professional intelligence operatives is not only ignorant, but deliberately deceptive.

    The particular cases of individual intelligence agents are of course much less important than to be able to discern how conspiracy culture was in its inception an intelligence project, and that State and Military intelligence still are very much present on the truther scene – even on grassroots level.

    The role of an intelligence agent is to take control of opinion and groups of followers. So popularity is a very important metrics for agents, and this is also why we will be able to discern agents by their priorities – is it a quest for valid research or popularity?

    We need not look elsewhere than to habitual commercial marketing plans to realize that they use a variety of social media techniques to gain popularity. The presence of social “likes” and “views” has become very real economic parameters, and corporations us a slew of roundabout tactics to sway followers – often fake postings and acclaim.

    In truther circles of course, there are promotional efforts done the same way, with users “liking” and supporting their product (Truther Conten Creator – TCC), and even the open Fakeologist platform is exploited by some who like JLB produce his own audiochat monologue infomercials with shameless self-promotion* and self-righteousness.

    *apparently Le Bon was assisted by his audio-producer in the latest promotional foray as they both worked hard not to mention the research in the TCC forum, the FAK211 or any fact demonstrating the unmistakable presence of intelligence operators involved with Conspiracy Theory – despite many thoughtful arguments by Uninstall Media


    With the recent discussion about the paid Higherside Chat platform, it occurred to me that it would be revelatory to see what THC host Greg Carlwood has proposed in terms of content and Truther Content Creators and Front Figures (TCC & TFF).

    On closer inspection it appears that the renown of Carlwoods conspiracy outlets is largely built on many known fraudulent Truther Front Figures such as James Fetzer, Ole Dammegård, Jim Marrs, Daniel Pinchbeck or Michael Tsarion.

    In the ‘uncertain for some’ category we have Chris Knowles, Markus Allen and John Le Bon fighting for their claim to authenticity – i do not see any other truther guests on THC fit to compete…

    The surprising part might be the heavy part of Ufology promoted by Carlwood. In this fraudulent department he scores high with Truther Front Figures such as Alfred Webre, Paul LaViolette, Dr Richard Alan Miller, Steven Greer, James Gilliland, Joseph Farrell, Kerry Cassidy, Laird Scranton, Linda Moulton Howe, Mike Bara, Peter Moon, Philip Coppens, Richard Sauder, Robert Morningstar, Stan Deyo, Stan Friedman, Stewart Swerdlow, Xaviant Haze and more*.

    Greg Carlwood Mark Devlin Laurel Canyon Tour 2017
    Greg Carlwood on “the Laurel Canyon Tour” with TFF Mark Devlin, spring 2017

    Greg Carlwood THC spreadsheet 2012-2018 (375** podcasts*, 296 guests)

    Hereunder the list of guests on The Higherside Chats since 2012

    Adam Gorightly, Adam Kokesh, Alain Nu, Alex Tsakiris, Alexx Bollen, Alfred Webre, Amy Vickers, Andrew Colvin, Anthony Patch, Anthony Peake, Ari Shaffir, ATL Carver, Austin Coppock, Belladonna (Acorn), Bob Frissell, Bob Hansen, Brad Steiger, Brendon Walsh, Brian Tuohy, Brian William Hall, Brien Foerster, Brooks Agnew, Cara St Louis, Chad Lewis, Charlotte Iserbyt, Chris Bennett, Chris Knowles, Christopher Knight, Clif High, Clive de Carle, Clyde Lewis, Colin Andrews, Conner Habib, Conrad Jaeger, Corey Eib, Cort Lindahl, Cosima Dannoritzer, Courtney Brown, Crrow777, Dan Fogler, Daniel Estulin, Daniel Pinchbeck, Daniele Bolelli, Darren Grimes, Dave Asprey, David Blume, David Griffin, David Mathisen, David Noakes, David Paulides, David Rodriguez, David Seaman, David Talbott, Dean Dominic De Lucia, Denise Stoner, Donald Jeffries, Donald Marshall, Douglas Dietrich, Douglas Hawes, Dr Alexander Koltypin, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Colin Ross, Dr David Shoemaker, Dr Dean Radin, Dr John Apsley, Dr Joseph Farrell, Dr Judy Wood, Dr Leonard Horowitz, Dr Matt Mumber, Dr Michael Salla, Dr Paul LaViolette, Dr Richard Alan Miller, Dr Richard Jacoby, Dr Rita Louise, Dr Robert Friedman, Dr Scott Kolbaba, Dr Stephen Skinner, Dr Steven Greer, Dr William Bengston, Duncan Lunan, Duncan Trussell, Ed Haslam, Eddie Bravo, Elana Freeland, Elisa (MKU victim), Ellen Brown, Eric Dollard, Eric Dubay, Eve Lorgen, Foster Gamble, Francine Kelly (MKU victim), Frankie Parkes, Frater X, Freddy Silva, Freeman Fly, Gareth Reynolds, Gerald Clark, Gian Quasar, Gordon Downs, Gordon White, Graham Dunlop, Graham Hancock, Greg Paul, Guam Felix, Guy McPherson, Harald Kautz Vella, Harry Hubbard, Isaac Weishaupt, Jacque Fresco, Jae Sabol, Jake Hanrahan, James Alfred, James Colquhoun, James Corbett, James Gilliland, James Grundvig, Jamie Hanshaw, Jan Irvin, Jason Louv, Jason Miller, Jay Dyer, Jay Parker, Jay Weidner, JC Johnson, Jeanice Barcelo, Jeff Berwick, Jen Briney, Jeran Campanella, Jeremy Corbell, Jim Chesnar, Jim Elvidge, Jim Fetzer, Jim Marrs, Jimmy Dore, JM DeBord, Joe Atwill, Joe Diaz, John Brandenburg, John Brisson, John Ceccon, John Hamer, John Lash, John le Bon, John McMurtry, John Perkins, John Scura, John Tole, Johnny Cirucci, Jon Rappoport, Jordan Maxwell, Jordan Sather, Joseph Farrell, Josh Reeves, Joshua Cutchin, Joshua Shapiro, Judge Jim Gray, Judyth Vary Baker, Kate of Gaia, Kathleen Marden, Ken Gerhard, Kenn Thomas, Kenneth M Price Jr, Kent Bain, Kerry Cassidy, Kevin Annett, Laird Scranton, Laurel Airica, Len Kasten, Lenon Honor, Leo Zagami, Linda Godfrey, Linda Moulton Howe, Lon Milo DuQuette, Lon Strickler, Lupa Greenwolf, Lyle Blackburn, Magnora 7, Mardock (Acorn), Marie D Jones, Mark Booth, Mark Devlin, Mark Passio, Markus Allen, Martin Ball, Marty Leeds, Mary Joyce, Massimo Mazzucco, Matt Landman, Matthew Cross, Maureeen Healy, Max Igan, McKay Jenkins, Melinda Leslie, Michael Cremo, Michael Joseph, Michael Ruppert, Michael Tellinger, Michael Tsarion, Michael Wann, Miguel Conner, Mike Bara, Mike Clelland, Mike Maxwell, Mike Sententia, Mike Vinn, Mr Gates, Nancy Du Tertre, Neil Kramer, Neil Sanders, Nick Bryant, Nick Redfern, Niles Heckman, Nita Hiltner, Olav Phillips, Ole Dammegard, Outlaw Jimmy Jones, Pat Chouinard, Patrick Jordan, Paul Davids, Paul Hellyer, Paul Herrmann, Paul Kimball, Paul Serup, Peter Levenda, Peter Mark Adams, Peter Moon, Peter Robbins, Philip Coppens, Philip Farber, Preston Gibbs, Prof Doom, Prof Griff, Prof Jim Stein, Rand Flem-Ath, Randall Carlson, Ras Ben, Recluse, Richard Bandler, Richard Belzer, Richard Cassaro, Richard Lighthouse, Richard Merrick, Richard Sauder, Rick Osmon, Rick Simpson, Robert David Steele, Robert Guffey, Robert Morningstar, Robert Phoenix, Robert Salas, Robert Stanley, Robert W Sullivan, Ron Patton, Roxanne Meadows, Rupert Sheldrake, Russ Baker, Ryan Zimmerman, Santos Bonacci, Scott Alan Roberts, Scott Santens, Sevan Bomar, Shamangineer, Simon Parkes, Sofia Smallstorm, Spirit Science Council (Jordan, Tori, Tyler, Lilly), Stan Deyo, Stan Friedman, Steph Young, Steve Lee, Steven D Kelley, Steven Strong, Stewart Swerdlow, Sylvie Ivanowa, Synthia Andrews, Szandor Blestman, Thomas Sheridan, Tim Swartz, Tobias Churton, Todd McGreevy, Tolec, Tracy Twyman, Trevor Aaronson, Troy McLachlan, Vanessa Johnston, Victor Thorn, Vyzygoth, Wal Thornhill, Walter Bosley, Wayne Bush, Wendy Tremayne, Whitley Strieber, William Engdahl, Wm Michael Mott, Wolfgang Halbig, Xaviant Haze, Zen Gardner

    *the Higherside Chats podcast started in early 2012 or late 2011 and there are 12 missing episodes on the THC website and YT channel. The missing shows are Higherside Chats 1-10 and THC 12 & 13. If you have information about about these missing shows (guest/topic), thank you for posting to the forum-thread or add to the excel spreadsheet directly (i’ve contacted THC for info – but doubt they’ll help much in our case..)

    **shows and guests now updated thanks to xileffilex – great help & skill finding the missing shows !


    UNreal wrote

    *apparently Le Bon was assisted by his audio-producer in the latest promotional foray as they both worked hard not to mention the research in the TCC forum, the FAK211 or any fact demonstrating the unmistakable presence of intelligence operators involved with Conspiracy Theory – despite many thoughtful arguments by Uninstall Media

    Read more:

    I listened to FAC491 [as well as FAK211] and kept thinking of the prodigious output of James Corbett which still after boundless encounters *** with other “thinkers” never goes near #NDNGH….and my own awakening encounters with online names** whose sole existence seemed to be to patrol forums for any heterodox thinking from the moon landings downward [sic] and to produce cogent arguments for the veracity of the official narrative [and conspire to ban them, i.e. me]. A strange “spare time” hobby to have in both examples.

    ** watch out, watch out, there’s a boogeyman about
    *** thanks to UNreal for painstakingly listing them under FAK211
    PS oh, and just in the exhaustive Higherside Chat compendium above. An excellent resource.

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    Some early THC here [topics]
    and pre-4…

    The Higherside Chats @HighersideChats 25 Feb 2011
    Episode 3 of the podcast is live like Frankenstein:

    The Higherside Chatsn HighersideChats 9 Feb 2011
    Ep #2: Video games, military respect, videos games, and a big girl just went live like a G6.

    The Higherside Chats @HighersideChats 26 Jan 2011
    First episode of The Higherside Chats is up. You’re welcome.

    The Higherside Chats @HighersideChats 26 Dec 2010
    Website, check E-mail, check. Twitter, check. Soon, there will be a fuckin show here.

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    Working closely with stakeholders, this Action will build a better understanding of conspiracy theories in order to develop an effective response to them.

    You make a well-worth emphasis of the goals of COMPACT* in their ‘Memorandum of Understanding’. Many of the points made in the COST documentation makes it strikingly clear how they will be of use to their “stakeholders” which are none other than the hoaxers themselves in the form of the Press, Academia itself, Science and state agencies.

    The most ironic part of course is how an undercover intelligence operator (fake truther) would equally be a “stakeholder” of sorts and could be privy to stakeholders reports equally. In the case of some, they would probably use the information on the Conspiracy Theory public as marketing and client satisfaction studies…

    The European Cooperation in Science & Technology (COST). Shouldn’t that be CIST? Large outfit, very busy and part of the ‘ERA’.

    I think they worked the “Cooperation” wording as to use two letters in the acronym that clearly is intentionally spelling out how we Europeans are paying for all of this… (COoperation in Science & Technology)

    The European Research Area (ERA) is part of the larger Horizon 2020 framework program with €80 billion euros of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020)

    There is no lack for funding as we might suspect, but so far it seems COMPACT* justifies for the meeting expenses in their budgets, and this means the participants are indirectly financed by their state employers to participate as they would not use their free time to participate in COMPACT* meetings and study groups.

    As with anything European, i suspect many of the 120 COMPACT* participants are paid additionally by their local institutions for their COMPACT engagements… Just as with politicians, academia claims to have low wages while they wine and dine with the higher strates of society.

    *the acronym COMPACT stands for ‘COMParative Analyses of Conspiracy Theories’ and their website is found here


    There’s also a brief video clip of Ep 16 here, which isn’t on the Youtube platform with San Diego comics…

    I’m just about to start into this chat with Ole D. on the Paris attacks. Looks like familiar ‘don’t look here’ territory judging by the title
    Problems With Paris and San Bernardino: False Flags and Faux Terror

    More churning here…

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    Thanks for the precious help on the THC first shows, xileffilex ! The THC spreadsheet is now complete with all shows, while some of the first guests only go by first name and not easily found.

    From the available information, Greg Carlwood has done 375 shows since early 2011, while his production has accelerated since beginning of 2012 with weekly shows, keeping a steady average of 60 shows a year the last six years and well on his way this year (2018).

    Greg Carlwood THC spreadsheet 2012-2018 (375 podcasts, 296 guests)

    Greg Carlwood does the Sean Evan's chicken wing challenge
    Greg Carlwood does the Sean Evan’s chicken wing challenge with voice actor friend Anthony as a host (video).

    The use of habitual fake truther (TFF) disguise is apparent with Carlwood sporting oversize dark clothes, big cap and beard – which i analyse as a fake beard (article).

    As Greg Carlwood is a scripted character – disguise included – this chicken wing challenge might actually be a stagemagicians challenge as not only Carlwoods beard appears to be fake, but his teeth as well.. (as shown by Rachel here)


    Re: COST

    We’re not wrong, therefore you must be mad. Let us study this madness.

    I can see the Film: Good looking COST academic is drawn into conspiracy theories while researching, loses his objectivity, takes mushrooms, goes native, it looks like all these conspiracy theories are correct after all – especially the most far fetched! But no. We’re in Brazil (The film) And we are just watching an entertaining fall into psychosis. Conspiracy Theories and believing in them are the first sign of psychosis.

    I would say that the cognitive dissonance required to maintain such a position will, in itself, lead down the psychosis road for some of the academics involved.
    Collateral damage that can also be implemented. In fact, what a great training ground for future TFFs.

    Such talking shops are also, as you say UNreal, a form of black box (great coinage), and what comes out, apart from some nuances, has already been decided, as their mission statement states, regardless of any findings that may contradict their thesis… and who would do that anyway? That would be ‘crazy’.

    Nothing new – but more organisation…

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    Greg says he is balding, too. That’s why you will never see him without his cap.

    THC is also Gordon White heavy. GW has made the most appearances…


    THC is also Gordon White heavy. GW has made the most appearances…

    You are right – Gordon White is the topmost returnng guests – and he thereby represents the true “ghist” of THC and its host. I have a hard time choosing a favorite GW show between “Understanding Non-Human Logic and Entity Influence” and “Alien Ghosts, Animism, & Chaos Magic”

    Looking more closely at returning guests is an interesting exercice that can be well worth mentionning, as you (Matti) show with the exemple of GW. We have to consider the reappearig guests as central to a conspiracy outlet and thus indicate the (mis) direction. Hereunder a quick overview of Greg Carlwood’s most frequnt guests.

    (9x) Gordon White
    (7x) Crrow777
    (7x) Nick Redfern
    (5x) Ole Dammegard
    (4x) Chris Knowles
    (4x) Michael Joseph
    (4x) Shamangineer*
    (4x) Tracy Twyman
    (4x) Mark Devlin
    (3x) Joseph Farrell
    (3x) Marty Leeds
    (3x) Sofia Smallstorm
    (3x) Walter Bosley

    *i’ve not heard of Shamangineer or what his real name is

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    Gordon White from Rune Soup. A practitioner in the Magical arts and Greg’s Guru – on stage at least. Gordon sounds good in interviews, very slick and all-knowing. He gives courses in magick, which is a great way to become a guru. He does solo shows that push the fear button suddenly after mainly spreading magical immortality as an interviewee. I always think of him as ‘Empire’ – british. Chris Knowles (Secret Sun) and Alex Tsakiris from Skeptico, they all big each other up and interview each other regularly on each other’s shows.

    From Gorden White’s book ‘Starships’ A prehistory of spirits:

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    This thing of reviewing films is something they all do. It brings you back to main stream programming because if you want to stay in the loop you have to watch the film.


    It brings you back to main stream programming because if you want to stay in the loop you have to watch the film.

    Indeed, this is akin to “hamsterwheeling” which produce the exact same effect as you (Matti) describe about films – a truthers technique to artificially fall out with eachother after having been friendly and later rant about each other on respective shows. Makes us listen to both outlets..

    This tyoe of agent “hamsterwheeling” was particularly evident in the (99% or more) intelligence effort to derail the topic of FE, and also used between the bulk of YT “transvestigators”. And then they shut down their channel* (YT) – lol.

    Redhead Patricia Steere was accused of bullying Orphan Red* – hot (red) stuff..

    *when a channel is shut down, the same material can be rehashed, mixed and served with another entity – or just machine-spoken text.

    *what is it with those primary colors shared by these truthers such as Lesta Nediam, Orphan Red & more – same graphics design team?


    This thing of reviewing films is something they all do. It brings you back to main stream programming because if you want to stay in the loop you have to watch the film.

    Tom Secker [q.q.v] is yet another who’s big in film analysis, no surprise there.

    An earlier set of his podcasts was amusingly titled
    Investigating the Terror
    i.e. misdirecting the reader
    As would be expected, a key guest was none other than James Corbett [q.q.q.v] in addition to several already known operators at UNreal’s blog. e.g. Pearse Redmond.

    Keelan Balderson Wideshut webcast

    A number of hamsterwheeling podcasts is found there..with such appealing titles as
    Traces of Reality [Guillermo Alejandro Jimenez] withe the same old recycled cast

    Always remember: on this Grand Chessboard, it is We the People who are now in check. It’s our move.
    In Liberty,
    Traces of Reality


    Smells like Human Spirit” which lasted over 200 episodes before departing the airwaves, and featured James Corbett [q.q.v] in Ep 5 [no surprises there] from the West Coast of Japan, no doubt, succeeded by guests Sibel Edmonds [predictably] and Noam Chomsky later on.

    Red Alert Radio ditto

    Trans Resistor Radio [Aaron Franz]

    many of which seem to have come and gone from the UK conspiracy scene, excepting the last one…
    Journalist, filmmaker, and author Joseph Flatley returns to the show. Here, he and Aaron discuss some of his past articles that focus on conspiracy theorists. In what way is conspiracy theorizing legitimate? In what ways can it do harm? This and much more is discussed.
    Aaron Franz and Chuck Ochelli talk a bit about the “Great Purge” of 2018 involving Alex Jones and other politically subversive internet personalities.
    ep 190 featured…Pearse Redmond.

    Corbett himself had his own series of film podcasts, FLNWO Film, Literature and the New World Order in his prodigious output


    James was invited to Groningen University where he was given
    cult academic status – this was back in his ‘Gladio’ phase when all was
    once well with siren Sybil of his ‘same old recycled cast’ past –
    before the dramatic split and aftermath: “Hamsterwheeling”.

    Very enjoyable, informative and laugh-out-loud funny posts: UNreal & xileffelix.

    Always remember: on this Grand Chessboard…

    Why is that so funny…


    *what is it with those primary colors shared by these truthers such as Lesta Nediam, Orphan Red & more – same graphics design team?


    Very clever quotation…

    John was only just discussing his “old buddy Lesta”, the silent one, the other week
    [from 1:02:10 onwards] “I forgot how intelligent Lesta was…” [Far too smart for a normie to comprehend]
    “So much thought must have gone into Lesta’s videos” [if not the spoken word]

    Full Moon Special Liveshow (26-Aug-2018)

    with yet more Hamsterwheeling regarding Outer Space [real/hoax].
    Not the intial use of “his or her videos”, [1:03:28] describing his “old buddy” becomes “I admire her” at 1:05:10..yet more misdirection, perhaps
    Discussion of this suspected “binary JLB/LN entity”** caused one of the more stimulating exchanges on Ab’s blog

    9/11 and the Apocalypse

    We haven’t seen much of Lesta..[lately] because Lesta has deleted all his/her aka her videos of which JLB has saved about 6 of the best for posterity, so he says….

    Classic content. [good Jeff C clip at 3:00:00 btw]
    ** But listen at 3:06:30 that the JLB-Lesta duality came from Jeff C. Great stuff, with Dave J.

    Lesta is still padding about with her/his or her old buddy purpletoupee/NationalParkSign [who certainly isn’t JLB]

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    We haven’t seen much of Lesta..[lately] because Lesta has deleted all his/her aka her videos of which JLB has saved about 6 of the best for posterity, so he says….

    When we discussed Lesta Nediam* earlier on Fakeologist, the discussion was mostly individualised. However, with the wider view we now explore in this thread, it is rather interesting to look back and realise how all this intrigue, similar styles, hamsterwheeling and promotion all have the heavy fingerprints of the TCC.

    In a way, all these outlets seem to have too many communalities and know too much about other outlets, like the his/her cat and mouse games etc.

    So Lesta Nediam is clearly a part of the TCC and probably an Australian intelligence effort to create the Ausssie Miles Mathis of YouTube and the archi-villain opponent of the worlds leading skeptic. It is quite superhero-like in its conception and the disdain for people in general makes it hard for these frauds to hide how smart they think they are – superhero’s in their own opinion, and just more fake truthers for us “dum normies”.

    *the anagram for “Lesta Nediam” is “Tesla Maiden” which corresponds quite well with the worlds first critiques of Tesla made by the worlds leading skeptic…

    (the curious part is how Tesla had already been questionned on air during FAK audiochats, and that there are few original ideas that exist anyhow.
    This “Muhammed Ali” type of marketing spouting “i’m the best, i’m the first” is quite low level and show how only popularity and new subscribers are of interest – not credibility)


    James Corbett was mentioned in FAK211 and in the comments for the show (here), and below is the detailed spreadsheet of Corbett’s podcasts for reference in the TCC thread* (research originally meant for the forum)..

    Corbett has since 2007 made 2.078 broadasts* at the time of the study around his particular role in The Conspiracy Conspiracy (TCC). The Corbett spreadsheet contains the detail of his 1329 archived “interviews” series shows, illustrated further by the list of 473 guests he had on for this show alone…

    James Corbett Interviews Spreadsheet

    James Corbett ‘Interview’ series Guests (473)
    Aaron Dykes, Aaron Franz, Aaron Hawkins, Aaron James, Abby Martin, Adam Kokesh, Adrian Salbuchi, Aidan Monaghan, Aileen Mioko Smith, Alan Watt, Albert Lanier, Alex Abella, Alex Jones, Alex Tsakiris, Alfred Adask, Andre Rousseau, Andrew Demeter, Andrew Gavin Marshall, Andrew Hoffman, Andrew Steele, Andy Baker, Anh Ly, Annie Machon, Anthony Coughlan, Anthony Flammia, Anthony Gucciardi, Anti-Illuminati, Anton Chaitkin, April Boden, Arnie Gundersen, Austin Green, Ayssar Midani, Barrie Zwicker, Barry Cooper, Barry Wyatt, Ben Stone, Benny Wills, Bill Bullard, Bill Conroy, Bill Murphy, Bill Ottman, Bill Still, Blakhatz, Bob Bowman, Bob Chapman, Bonnie Faulkner, Brad Morrison, Brandon Turbeville, Brent DeBoer, Brett Weinotte, Brian McLain, Brian Smyth, Broc West, Bruce Levine, Caity & Dan Greene, Carey Wedler, Carlo De Micheli, Carlos Miller, Carlos Morales, Casey Morell, Catarina Mota, Catherine Austin Fitts, Chance Garton, Charles Farrier, Charles McJilton, Charlie McGrath, Charlie Skelton, Charlie Veitch, Chris Emery, Chris Geo, Chris Harder, Chris Neandrathal, Christoph Germann, Christopher Black, Christopher Porter, Chuck Ochelli, Claire Bernish, Clare Swinney, Clive Boddy, Clyde Lewis, Connie Fogal, Connie Fournier, Cynthia McKinney, Dan Dicks, Dan Fox, Dan Hamburg, Dan McCall, Dan Sanchez, Dan Schultz, Daniel Brigman, Daniel Bushell, Daniel Estulin, Daniel McAdams, Daniel Taylor, Danny Sessom, Dave Allen, Dave Derby, Dave Of X22 Report, David L Smith, Dean Jackson, Deborah Peel, Denis Rancourt, Derrick Broze, DJ Ball, Donna Laframboise, Doug McKenty, Doug Owen, Douglas Bolles, Douglas J Hagmann, Douglas Lain, Douglas Valentine, Dr Bruce Levine, Dr David Halpin, Dr David Healy, Dr Frederic Whitehurst, Dr Helen Caldicott, Dr James Beck, Dr James Tracy, Dr Jeffrey Kaye, Dr Judith Curry, Dr Julian Charles, Dr Katherine Albrecht, Dr Meryl Nass, Dr Michael Bennett, Dr Neil Carman, Dr Paul Connett, Dr Richard Lindzen, Dr Robert Verkerk, Dr Stan Monteith, Dr Tim Ball, Dr William Hirzy, Dr William Pepper, Ed and Ethan, Edda West, Elaine Dewar, Elijah Johnson, Elissa Hawke, Ellen Brown, Eric Dion, Eric Draitser, Eric Shine, Ernest Hancock, Eva Bartlett, Faraj Muftah, Field McConnell, Francis Steffan, Freeman Fly, G Edward Griffin, Galen Mitrzyk, Gareth & Paul (Yeoman Trust), Garland Nixon, Gary Chartier, Gary Franchi, Gary Kohls, Gary Null, Geordie Guy, Gerald Celente, Graeme MacQueen, Grant F Smith, Greg Carlwood, Greg Hunter, Greg Nikolettos, GroundedBeing, Guillermo Jimenez, Guy Evans, Haneul Na’avi, Hannah Lownsbrough, Helen Skopis, Henrik Palmgren, Herbert Snorrason, Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, Howard Phillips, Ian Henshall, Isao Aratani, Iymen Chehade, J Michael Springmann, Jack Blood, Jack Harris, Jacob Hornberger, Jacob Isbell, James Clary, James Evan Pilato, James Lane, James Moriarty, James Perloff, James Petras, James Roberts, James Tracy, Jan Irvin, Jane Turner, Jason Bermas, Jason Burack, Jay Dyer, Jay Hanahan, Jeff Berwick, Jeff 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    James Corbett at Studium Generale in Groningen November 19 2014
    “In this presentation to Studium Generale in Groningen on November 19, 2014, James Corbett lifts the lid on this [Gladio] operation, its covert operatives, and the secret battle for the Eurasian heartland” video

    *in addition to the referenced 1329 interviews, James Corbett has also done 340 James Corbett Podcasts, 277 James Corbett Radio broadcasts, 41 James Corbett FLNWO shows, 40 James Corbett Questions podcasts and 9 The Well Read Anarchist shows..

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