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    “Conspiracy Theories are for Losers”
    Catch them young…..

    Uscinski is a longtime “conspiracy expert” and his message volontarily provoking as his “expertise” clearly is dumbed-down for use in mainstream media. Mockery and misportrayal is clearly one of the arguments this Miami professor is meant to deliver in short information bytes across the mainstream:

    ” He has appeared on the NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, CBS Evening News, Fox News Channel, WPBT Miami’s “Issues” and “Viewpoints,” France 24, Voice of America, Gray Television and CNN Español. “

    The ironic part is how Uscinski is slowly transforming into some type of younger version of Professor Fetzer with a changing facial expression that look quite unhealthy and Fetzer-isk…

    joseph uscinski
    The champion of American Conspiracy theory Joseph Uscinski apparently have some trouble mastering the American diet as his collar-size seems to be out of control…


    One so oftens hears Alex Jones and David Icke bracketed together in the top drawer in drive-by attacks on these conspiracy content creators and agents. I just wonder how many even listen to Icke.
    Just listening to this recent interview with Eamonn Holmes, one sees Icke is a million miles from Jones, Icke more a bigger picture agent but their purpose is similar.

    Holmes, courteous in this interview about ultimately and a question which interests all who visit here: which self-propagating group runs the shepherding show, is of course well known for his cosy, morning ITV shows which serve to fix any hoax in the public’s head which may have been perpetrated by the above group….
    This is from his Talk Radio show.

    An interesting chat nevertheless. While Icke speculates on the events higher up the pyramid [hmmmm] he’s never call out a #HRDPAR to his followers where #NDNGH. In fact he mentions Kennedy in the show, as well as ML King and others. in fact Icke isn’t a conspiracy theorist, becaue at 23:55 he says so!
    It’s one big dog and pony show. But if we are not “controlled” in some way or other, how is that going to pan out? Nobody touches on that one.

    Here’s Holmes back on usual turf, controversially beefing up the London Bridge attack a year later…

    source with video clip

    Oh, here is back on TalkRadio, less than one month later!! Aug 20 2018

    Same ol’ routine in Copenhagen two weeks ago


    What is interesting is how accepting individuals and scripted deaths such as journalist Marie Colvin should be considered normal while questionning such events becomes a topic of scientific studies of Anomalistic behavioral patterns. In a way, we as genuine skeptics are targeted from both ends of the spectrum – by the intelligence funded Conspiracy movement as well as from Academia and Science.

    As part of the continuing operation to conceal the “war as a hoax” movement getting traction, we have just been treated to a biography of Colvin, given the oxygen of free publicity by the BBC today and NPR
    written by another “agent” of war journalism, Lindsey Hilsum.
    Lindsey told us that she still loves Colvin. In fact these days, it’s even easier to keep in touch with skype…. I hope Marie enjoys the book.
    Oh, and in the BBC interview, Hilsum and her fellow journos made sure they reprised the same old “don’t trust the internet, don’t listen to gossip, believe the facts brought to you by the professionals” routine. Predictable.

    If that’s not enough, there is an accompanying MOVIE…

    Eye patches on now please, but not necessarily those studded with rhinestones **, as worn by Marie. Here’s actor Rosamund Pike playing Colvin…

    ** Prince of Wales [former husband of Diana…] pronounced it ‘very fetching’

    From 1.18 here, there’s a clip from 2012, shortly before her reassignment, of Colvin at “Ground Zero” in Homs, reporting on controlled demoliton and stretegic relocation #CDASR in Syria

    In fact the whole clip is a full of actors. Fake fake fake.


    Someone on BitChute, Zombie Annihilation has been paying attention to Ole Dammegard and others, Side Thorn, Peekay.

    Ole’s story about the loss of his site is laughable.

    And what are we to make of Peekay – he can’t see the point of a phoney limousine “crash” in upstate NY allegedly killing 18 instantly inside the vehicle and 2 more externally *** [equally laughable] If Peekay, after all these years hasn’t cottoned onto the simulation which fills our news channels with fake events for our entertainment, then we must finally and irreversibly place him in the same pigeon hole as Ole.

    *** and while we’re here on BitChute, here’s Lift the Veil’s “reverent” look [or don’t look here] at the Limo Crash, steering well clear of #NDNGH

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    The UK has its own 9/11 educational body [which requires further investigation elsewhere] whose purpose is to access the younger generation to make sure the official narrative is hammered home.


    And what do we see there??

    If you search 9/11 your biggest hit regarding the matter will be conspiracy theories. In fact, take any political or social issue and you are bound to find ‘alternative facts’. We’ve all stumbled across a ludicrous theory at some time or another…..Pupils that will now be in secondary school and below, have been born into a post-911 world, and were not even alive to witness the tragic events on September 11th 2001. This, along with the widespread use of the internet and popularity of social media, has allowed conspiracy theories to proliferate. It is therefore paramount to educate children and young people about the events, causes and consequences of 9/11 with the true facts, in order for them to understand what is happening in the world today and to safeguard them against extremism.
    Click here for our education resources. **
    ** ACCESS DENIED hmmmmm


    Just read the original article by “Parliamentary Sketchwriter” Michael Deacon (wiki) and there are indeed many points that coincide with arguments theorized in this thread, with the mainstream twist of conspiracy-theory-crazy mixed in.

    What if InfoWars is a secret puppet of the establishment?
    [What if all conspiracy theories… are actually an establishment conspiracy?]
    PDF version of the article here (3 pages, Zip’ed file)

    As we’ve seen in recent posts to this forum topic – not only conspiracists are interested in Conspiracy Theory these days, but also the Mainstream Media and Academia, albeit from a skewed, biased angle.

    The curious position of the Mass Media and Academia is that they only consider failed and antiquated conspiracies to exist, and only in rare occasions. This would exclude any current, successful conspiracy from being possible.

    To subtract any successful conspiracy from the debate altogether is rather convenient for the Elite who can only govern a Democracy in their favour through manipulation anyhow* as they are few in number compared to the majority population.

    Wow, Michael Deacon is at it again. Either he’s seen through the mass deception of the industry which is paying him and wants to give us some clues or, more likely, he’s another deep cover agent. He just won’t leave it alone…

    March 2 2019

    He’s commenting on this latest Daily Mail conspiracy release of Feb 27 2019
    Believers in conspiracy theories are more likely find petty crime acceptable
    New study by psychologists from universities of Kent and Staffordshire found
    Subscribers are more inclined to be involved in antisocial and ‘unethical’ acts

    Belief in such ideas – like the theory that Princess Diana was murdered by the British establishment – has often been associated with negative outcomes such as political disengagement, prejudice, and environmental inaction.

    And now psychologists from the universities of Kent and Staffordshire suggest it can also make people more inclined to be involved in antisocial and ‘unethical’ acts.

    Who says? Oh, it’s our old friend Karen Douglas [q.q.v]

    Dr Dan Jolley, of Staffordshire University, said: ‘People believing in conspiracy theories are more likely to be accepting of everyday crime, while exposure to theories increases a feeling of anomie, which in turn predicts increased future everyday crime intentions.’
    The study, entitled Belief in conspiracy theories and intentions to engage in everyday crime, and published in the British Journal of Social Psychology, was performed in two parts with separate groups of people

    It’s laughable, but there’s more…

    However, while low self-esteem, narcissism and belief in conspiracies are strongly linked, it is not clear that one – or a combination – causes the other.

    The desire for understanding and certainty – Seeking explanations for events is a natural human desire.
    The desire for control and security – Conspiracy theories can give their believers a sense of control and security.
    The desire to maintain a positive self-image – People who feel socially marginalised are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories and it gives them a sense of worth in the UFO community.
    These three things tie in with the previously stated qualities and combine to create an avid conspiracy theorist.


    This is where Deacon chimes in[paywall]

    He doesn’t believe conspiracy theorists exist
    “There seem to be loads of peculiar men on the internet who claim to think that the Skripals were poisoned by MI5…”
    lol!! A splendid “inside job” move to deflect normies from suspecting nobody died nobody got poisoned…
    “or US school shootings are faked by campaigners for gun control”
    perish the thought…
    or, here it comes, the DBA
    “chemtrails are a plot by Hillary Clinton to turn dolphins transgender””but are they real these peculiar men?”

    How do we know they exist, Deacon asks, perhaps we’ve been conditioned to believe that “conspiracy theorists” exist. In reality, he posits,
    “all conspiracy theorists are secret agents of the Deep all makes sense”
    Cue laughter, for this is an humouorus column with serious undertones
    Yes, we can all laugh now, the absurdity of paid disinformation agents! Just imagine!
    “….plotting to undermine the faith of normal people in democracy…”

    Deacon then equates the conspiracy minded “voters” as “hate filled crackpots”.
    The danger here is if a majority start seeing through the fantasy world our media creates. [fat chance, but….]

    “So just remember the next time that you see a supposed ‘conspiracy theorist’ claiming to thing that the moon landings were shot in a Hollywood studio….”
    perish the thought!
    “….ask yourself ‘#Cui bono?’ and next time that weird uncle of yours posts something on Facebook about how 9/11 was an inside job, go straight into the comments and ask him “How much are the CIA paying you to do this” ideally with some capital letters thrown in. Wake up sheeple”

    LOL!! An absurd thought!
    Job done.

    And not to be outdone, the Guardian has also recently tried to correct any nascent divergent beliefs of its well meaning, liberal idiot believers…
    January 23 2019
    Trapped in a hoax: survivors of conspiracy theories speak out
    According to a recent study, half of the American public endorses at least one conspiracy theory. Photograph: Ali Smith/The Guardian
    What happens to those caught up in the toxic lies of conspiracy theorists? The Guardian spoke to five victims ** whose lives were wrecked by falsehoods

    ** in at number 2 – L. Pozner
    February 18 2019

    Stop the online conspiracy theorists before they break democracy
    by Julia Ebner ***

    oh, that the intel run QAnon psy-op.. yet more hamsterwheeling from the intel-controlled Guardian
    such ideas threaten the future of Europe

    Perish the thought, again…predictable from the Guardian.
    *** an Austrian journalist, is a researcher at the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue ****

    **** oh oh!! Another intel creation, very Jo Coxish…

    ISD approach

    To power real-world solutions to extremism and polarisation.

    Who’s paying all these salaries>?

    The Team


    Partners…google, microsoft, facebook, saatchi….
    Shepherds leading the sheep [astray]

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 4 months ago by xileffilexxileffilex.

    Buried in the above, we note the partners, perhaps they’re paying the piper/isd shepherd to lead the sheep astray…
    Google, Microsoft, Saatchi, Facebook….

    And buried in the website
    ISD has developed a research methodology to identify, map and analyse online disinformation operations targeting elections and policy agendas, with a specific focus on investigating the complex relationship between foreign state and transnational non-state actors attempting to undermine democracy and promote polarisation inside and outside of elections.

    ISD, in partnership with LSE Arena **, have analysed malicious campaigns launched during the 2017 German Federal Election, 2018 Swedish Election and 2018 Bavarian State Election, combining cutting-edge social media analytics, broadcast media analysis and investigative journalism to build a comprehensive picture of malicious communications strategies.

    ISD’s work surveys the wide range of disinformation tactics used to promote polarisation, to undermine elections and to threaten or discredit democratic discourse, including smear campaigns, distortive and deceptive media and the range of inorganic methods so often used to amplify and target this content to newly broad audiences.

    ISD uses this research to provide timely and evidence-based data to media, policy and civil society representatives on the ground, enabling a rapid response to emerging threats and long-term trends in disinformation and malicious uses of social media to target democracies and democratic processes.
    What else are they up to behind the scenes?


    Based at the Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) within the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Arena is an innovative programme dedicated to overcoming the challenges of disinformation.

    As long as we get the “right” information from the gatekeepers,that’s OK.
    e.g this Cold War gatekeeper Anne Applebaum


    TCC Fake Layman Researchers

    Truther Auto Outing
    One of the most significant aspects of establishing the origin and amplitude of the TCC is to realize at what scale intelligence agencies have involved themselves with the conspiracy community in order to dominate a subculture that in its inception was of intelligence origin and fairly simplistic : UFO’s & assassinations.

    Conspiracy research history is rich, and often instructive. If we take an off-hand example such as the imagery used for the 1912 Titanic sinking, it becomes clear how conspiracy research might benefit from historical perspective as we mostly will be able to unmistakably identify fraud, as the technical level of falsified documents compare disfavorably to modern scrutiny.

    The Iceberg that hit the Titanic
    Iceberg that hit the Titanic photographed by SS Prinz Adalberts (unnamed) chief steward

    The above image is quite demonstrably fabricated, but its time-limited relevance did not impact its contemporaneous utility. For the general public, such fraudulent artifacts are hidden by the mainstream media’s unscrupulous focus on current events and time becomes insurmountable barrier for the general public. The only angle well received about past events is a contemporary analysis with the modern cues we crave subconsciously for being entertained – or a feature film of course (most watched movies of all time).

    Nevertheless, the proof for this event to have happened comprises falsified evidence such as blatant image montage of the main witness – the silent iceberg (with its red strike of paint)

    In conspiracy theory research, the example of the Titanic iceberg is relevant to how we often can (or should) benefit from past conclusive investigations that bear significance on the current conspiracy debate. The tools of slight are the same as used by the MSM, focus on the now, ignore genuine research and repeat your message ad nauseam.

    What yesteryears investigation of Annette A. Carrion demonstrated was hardly surprising – a motorcycle death hoax, then a classic DCP (Dead Celebrity Program) follow-up with parents and friends dying or vanishing from radar. Normally, every media hoax aware researchers have zero doubts around a story that not only had all the tell-tale elements of hoaxed events – but that also was investigated to minute detail.

    The proof is said to be in the pudding, and the very real effects of this hard-to-ignore case of media-fakery was that the researcher who established himself as a credible witness (John Adams) has quietly disappeared. As has the close circle of collaborators who tried to backpaddle with him. Even the platform itself (hoax busters call) has close to fallen off the radar.

    As the example of the Titanic iceberg reminds us – discarding the present-day chatter allows us to rest on conclusive past findings and valid proof of fraud. What is even moreso relevant to TCC research: those who persist promoting the Titanic iceberg (hereunder Carrion) as a real event despite proven findings, they factually demonstrate having both memory and motivation to spread false information.

    Even if we asked such suspect characters if they were indeed fake truthers, we could not have asked for a better answer than they provide us with their own volontary admittance of willfully ignoring past valid research and findings. So, thanks to Gaia and Question Our Reality for outing themselves !

    Gaia Auto Outing:
    Gaia Auto Outing with Annette Carrion
    Gaia Comment on Discord (#make_a_date text channel, 06/06/2019)

    You are talking about an attic autist who believes that he “nailed” a “fake” case on a tragic accidental death of a friend of one of the main “partners in crime” of Fakeologist; John Adams from Hoaxbusterscall, and accuses him of “lying” about that death. By association, he discredits Chris Kendall, the owner of that site, as an “agent”. The guy (Unreal, what’s in the name) knows no reason, or recognizes counterarguments to his quickly scripted “thesis”, so it has become an entrenched belief. Reasoning with those kind of people is like expecting an intelligent conversation with a brick wall. (edited)
    QOR Auto Outing

    QOR Auto Outing with Annette Carrion
    QOR article excerpt (link)

    Back in the Spring of 2018, the John R. Adams told the Fakeologist Communtiy or Nest of Shills about the death of his wife’s friend Annette Carrion. This ignited Dave J. and other Fakeologist Controlled Opposition Shills to attack John R. Adams for lying with videos being made and even a Fakeologist Forum Topic. Tim Fakeologist owner was asked by many Hoax Busters Call Controlled Opposition Shills to ban Dave J and remove the Annette Carrion Fake Death Thread from Tim put his foot down and said No Way, No How.

    Well Tim might have single handedly caused John R. Adams to disappear for good. Can Tim just say he’s sorry already to John about what happened? I think the answer is Yes and I’ve put together for Tim something to read to John R Adams when he contacts him to say he’s sorry […]


    thank you for this work.


    The Conspiracy conspiracy extends naturally to the biggest psy-op in recent decades – the Coronahoax

    The Centre for Countering Digital Hate ** – CCDH – is active in countering social media platforms which do not agree with the MSM line

    Note the name of Kirsty McNeil on the board of directors, familiar to us from the Jo Cox psy-op.

    Don’t Spread the Virus is an evidence-driven approach to countering the scourge of misinformation on Coronavirus online, on social media and messaging apps.


    “Follow the guidance, which is endorsed by the UK Government, to drown out misinformation with information that keeps us safe.”

    Working in tandem with the UK Government’s “Digital Secretary”, Oliver Dowden,
    Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, said:

    “Social media is currently awash with conspiracy theories, fake news, and incorrect medical advice about coronavirus and Covid-19. Some of it is produced by extremists seeking to undermine faith in government and experts, some by grifters seeking to sell false cures and some are just sadly misinformed and think they’re doing the right thing by spreading the wrong advice.

    “When people see something they recognise as misinformation it’s natural for them to want to call it out, but on social media this instinct only helps to spread that misinformation further

    “The nation has shown great resolve and made sacrifices to stop the spread of coronavirus. We need to show similar resolve to stop inadvertently amplifying misinformation, which threatens to undermine all our efforts, and instead amplify official advice from the NHS or UK Government.

    Interestingly, the word ‘hoax’ is not being used by the conspiracy conspiracists this time.

    ** funded by
    Barrow Cadbury Trust
    Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
    Laura Kinsella Foundation
    The Pears Foundation
    Unbound Philanthropy


    The Conspeeeraceee industry has been busy pumping out papers in the Coronavirus season.
    A hotbed of activity is found at King’s College London [which we have already encountered]
    The key conspiracy researcher is one Dr Daniel Allington,
    Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence
    one of whose main research interests is David Icke [lol!]
    Here he is from 1:41 in a recent gatekeeping video


    Daniel submits research to the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism.

    A recent paper –

    Click to access Allington_and_Dhavan_2020.pdf

    The relationship between conspiracy beliefs and compliance with public health guidance with regard to COVID-19
    Allington, D. & Dhavan, N., 9 Apr 2020, London: Centre for Countering Digital Hate.

    [see above!]
    The three conspiracy beliefs that we asked about were as follows:
    1. The virus that causes COVID-19 was probably created in a laboratory
    2. The symptoms of COVID-19 seem to be connected to 5G mobile network radiation
    3. The COVID-19 pandemic was planned by certain pharmaceutical corporations and
    government agencies

    i.e. don’t go looking for whomever is above 3.

    Each of the three conspiracy beliefs was associated with a lower rate of compliance with each of the three aspects of public health guidance (
    What a yawn.

    Option 4 that the pandemic was faked was not available to respondents.
    ** Icke is described elsewhere by the host as a “veteran conspiracy researcher” and one who claims the Covid 19 pandemic is “a hoax”

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    A key “academic” who is on call to dampen down any “crazee conspiracee theeorees” in MSM interviews is Jovan Byford of the Open University

    Home Dr Jovan Byford

    My main research interests lie in the interdisciplinary study of social and psychological aspects of shared beliefs and social remembering, especially in relation to conspiracy theories, antisemitism and Holocaust remembrance.

    aha! aka gatekeeper

    Here he comes Sept 28 2020, called out to damppen down crazee Coronahoax conspeeracee theeeorees

    The BBC has its own resident ‘expert’ on conspiracy theories, their specialist ‘disinformation’ reporter on ‘fake news’, Marianna Spring

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by xileffilexxileffilex.

    Jovan Byford is from a family of media insiders. His father Timothy Byford was a director in the late 1960s of the bourgeois BBC children’s programme “Blue Peter”. Perhaps helping with those infamous episodes promoting the lunar landing hoax! Either way, brainwashing the minds of impressionable British youngsters. In collaboration with the Tavistock’s in-house team of mind-bending social psychologists embedded in White City.

    Byford Sr. moved to Belgrade where he met Jovan’s mother Mila Stanojevic. Unrelenting of the NATO bombardment and break up of Yugoslavia, Byford continued to make children’s TV programmes in Serbian which give the appearance of being parodies of the Borat spoof movies.

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