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    There’s still interest around the web in this great newsworthy psy-op from 2003, showing all the classical features of a staged media event.

    Maybe The Suicide Of Dr. David Kelly Should Face More Scrutiny

    In July 2016 a curious Freedom of Information request was made to the BBC concerning interviews given by Ambulance paramedics Dave Bartlett and Vanessa Hunt who were key witnesses to there being a “dead body” in the woods, indeed they even checked for signs of life [there came back none…allegedly]

    Dave and Vanessa

    Vanessa and Dave were interviewed at great expense by the lawyers who had a big pay day at the inquiry into this event and events leading up to the invasion of Iraq [and the faked death of Saddam Hussein, which we won’t go into here…]
    Where do these key players go to?
    Well, they just hang around and move on, job done.

    Here’s the interview they did in 2004, supposedly after being given permission by the Ambulance Trust to fuel the conspiracy – i.e. disputing the blood loss, a super limited hangout to make us all think that somebody died there…again standard perp practice.

    Another FoI bites the dust

    Click to access FS_50285380.pdf


    I just added this psyop to the fakeopedia.

    While searching for material, I became aware, that there are only few photos of Dr. Kelly available and that those show him in the same time of his life, maybe even in the same week.

    It seems as if Dr. Kelly has “lived” only for one or two photo sessions.

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    You’re quite right, Faye, not many pictures – Kelly was a media star for only 15 minutes, but one who was a gold mine for the lawyers and TV stations.
    There are some pictures of him in earlier times in this book written by one of his chums, now back in Australia.

    That’s the psy-op style, just a few photos. Kelly will now have no beard and different spectacles. You wouldn’t notice him if he sat next to you on the tram.

    Looks like key “witness” Vanessa Hunt has taken down her facebook page. But here she is at the staged press conference “didn’t appear to be a substantial amount of blood loss…” as they laid out the rabbit trail. Didn’t appear to be a body, I’d say….

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    Thanks, Xile, for your feedback.

    Portrait of Dr. David Kelly from BBC

    From the contents:

    “Dr David Kelly was thrust into the media spotlight after being identified in newspapers…”

    “The scientist was used to talking to journalists behind the scenes…”

    “At the time the story broke, the Oxford-educated microbiologist had been scientific adviser to the proliferation and arms control secretariat for more than three years.”

    “He was sufficiently well respected to have been nominated for a Nobel peace prize by the man who led the Iraq weapons inspections for much of the 1990s, Rolf Ekeus.” – unknown when

    The Standard does also not know

    “Dr Kelly was nominated for the Nobel peace prize in the Nineties when he led a 40-strong UN team and revolutionised the analysis-based techniques for identifying and exposing Iraq’s biological weapons programme. The nomination was made by Rolf Ekeus, leader of the UN weapons inspectorate, who felt his work had played a historic contribution to international disarmament.”

    (tea more tepid…)

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