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    Black Dog

    … I am not buying it … that anyone is born that way. That is the biggest lie the gay community and it’s creators are pushing. What you choose of course is your business but giving voice to lies – I dont appreciate. I must defend what is right to any persons on the fence on this issue that just may be swayed into the gay lifestyle after hearing such rhetoric. Especially young people, who are now being more heavily indoctrinated with such new world order propaganda.

    I ‘grew up’ in the seventies, by that time the word gay had already been hijacked. How ironic too, from gay times to gay times … no one is happy any more, they’re just gay! Queer, isn’t it? Yeah that word too. Nothing is queer anymore, queer does not stand out because everything is queer(?)!

    I DO NOT believe a man can be more physically attracted to another man than he is to a woman … Come on! … of course a man can allow himself to become perverted, engaging beyond a normal relationship with another man into the feminine. It’s a choice! Anyone can do this, anyone can be ‘gay’. Part of the whole gay conundrum is heterosexuals who will not concede that this is possible. Dogs do it! Probably all creatures when in certain situations (not this dog …) do this, but here’s the kicker, we are not animals, we are humans, and if we are going to fight these NWO, satanic, Luciferian, or whatever they are (make no mistake they ‘are’ and they are conspiring) we can not let them debase us into the primitive, into demoralizing ourselves with beast-like bahaviors.

    One can even go as far as to say masturbation is gay, but that is not done because anyone is ‘attracted’ to the same sex, which would be theirself in that case (… although enough of it may turn one gay). Anyway, like homosexuality, masturbation is done out of desperation … as a poor second choice. Something is wrong … and something is wrong! So dont be too hard on yourself … and don’t give up!

    Being gay or lesbian is not the solution.

    Homosexuality is not much unlike vaccinations, which are not a good choice as well, not natural … unnatural substances entering your body, going places they should not. We are sacred temples, beware these things – NO ONE IS GAY. Sensitive, caring, loving, compassionate? Sure. Desperate, careless? Yes, sometimes. But this doesn’t mean you’re biologically different or inferior.

    Am I off the ‘fakeology’ subject here? Not really, this is as relevant as the rest of the lies (deceptions, ‘fakeologies’) being pushed on us, … in our face. I don’t condemn anyone with this post either, I just – don’t – want anyone thinking ‘being gay’ is anything but a choice. It’s a choice! You’re not born that way (It is obvious how anyone is born).

    There are other factors in relation to this as well, desexualizing us — dehumanizing us — both mentally and physically. The use of hormones in our food chain is one. No doubt another weapon in the arsenal being utilized against us. What better way to control people while simultaneously decreasing the population then to make everyone gay?! I think Kurt Cobain even wrote a song about this … before selfishly taking his own life (assuming the mainstream media is correct and he did take his own life).

    I wish people well, Anyone can turn it around, its your choice. Don’t feel bad, you’re not gay, or different, unless you want to be. Life is a learning curve and people make mistakes, some much worse … some irreversable, God forbid! I do not push Christianity but it has much more to offer someone than the anti-Christs manipulating and exploiting people with their gay agenda. How are you going to have children to help fight the NWO? We need more good people fighting for truth (in truth) not more NWO casualties.

    Black Dog

    Tom Dalpra

    Stop it. This is derailing room stuff Black Dog.

    Perhaps it’s a lack of carbs.

    My best friend from age 4 was gay. I started my first band with him.
    He killed himself age 25 largely because of the ignorance of people towards his sexuality.

    He couldn’t help it. He was born that way, it seems.
    His parents had your take on it.

    He’s long-dead, as so should your misguided notion be here.



    I have to agree with what Tom said.

    My sister happens to be a lesbian, and she and I have had long talks about this very subject. She tells me that from her earliest recollection she knew she was attracted to females.

    Her homosexuality has caused her tremendous pain and suffering throughout her lifetime. She’s lived a difficult life for the most part. The notion that someone would willingly choose that kind of exsistance for themselves defies all logic.

    I know for a fact that if she had a choice she’d choose to be heterosexual. I know this because she’s told me so.

    Black Dog

    Thanks for sharing Tom, I wish I could have talked with your friend (my sincerest condolences)/at that point it is obviously more psychological than anything else. Hey, being gay is a better choice (voluntary or not) than ending your life, right? All I’m saying is, considering all the factors, I feel homosexuality is more of a choice, ultimately anyway. Even if that choice is being coerced from choosing the wrong foods! Or being vaccinated, or breathing chemicals sprayed from airplanes … ‘just saying’.

    What do you think the percentage was back in prehistoric times, of guys who preferred guys? I feel “gay” is another weakening tactic being utilized by our controllers, in the unknown many ways they can implement such things. Regardless, it must be considered, and resisted … with the truly biologically gay, if can be proven, the exception.

    Yes, maybe your friend was an exception. Even if he wasn’t, it was still his choice that he should have choose to live with! And as well considered all the things that may have been contributing to his sexual desires, outside of a possible inert biological predisposition.

    Here is a link breaking some of this down with a concluding thought at the end:

    “Derailing room stuff” (off topic?)? … As I stated, I don’t think so. I realize the preponderance of human nature to sanitize and neatly categorize everything (compartmentalize/divide) but I disagree. I believe in the holistic approach to everything … or as this forum is titled “The Big Picture” … how all these things relate, ’cause and effect’ (e.g., “9/11 false-flag” relating to middle eastern wars, fear, laws; “Paris Attack hoax” relating to more gun control, fear, laws, control; “More gun control” relating to more overall control; “genetically modified food and water” relating to a physiologically altered more complacent people … to name a few).

    Even chemicals sprayed from airplanes or added to jet fuel are suspect … electromagnetic wireless technologies … on and on. What could be the effect on us from such things? Changing the weather? Changing our sex? Could be, or could be both, or similar or worse … Isn’t the feminine less of a threat then the masculine? Anyway, some feminine men may be-so naturally, biologically, as some cancer may have occurred naturally in rare individuals before the industrial age or in the hunter/gatherer era of our not too distant past … When supposedly such modern diseases as cancer were unheard of before the advent of our NWO diets and lifestyles.

    Men with guns … not feminized is the bane of the NWO cowards hiding behind their traitorous puppet regimes. The man in his natural form as a masculine leader, truth holder, is necessary. If all people walked in truth this very moment the modern gay phenomenon and such absurdities would not even be issues among us. The “gay” person helps create this by deciding to separate their self from us, as do the religious (or so called religious, and other, organizations). Again, as with the shape of the earth question:
    (A.) We have nothing to prove but rather where is their proof? We see the obvious.
    (B.) They provide only diversions, divisions, resulting in confusion, empathy, and worse.
    (C.) Making all more easily controlled by the ones who do know the truth of these things.

    Gay is just another exploitation as are all the other celebrated ideologies and figures in our culture (i.e., mainstream culture). All gaining status under the very same umbrella that’s allowing gaydoms cultural acceptance/ You’re in or you’re out, all true opposition to the new world order and ‘politically correct’ norms being paraded as our reality are silenced! The opposition slowly and methodically reduced to small (isolated and ostracized) voices crying foul … that if you are not literally in touch personally you may only occasionally encounter on the internet or occasional book, if not banned.

    Further, with the internet subjugated by it’s administers as little virtual kingdoms (and books dependent on their editors, publishers, investors, and so on). has Ab as it’s supreme leader, who so far seems just and wise enough (from what I’ve noticed), and most importantly, not satisfied with resting on any perceived laurels but constantly reaching beyond the crap existence we’ve all been handed.

    The internet has it’s limitations though, of course. Much more than I probably know of too. As I may only be getting what ‘They’ are allowing! – If there is a secret banning (censoring) on the internet … then I would say our greatest achievement would be to reach that height and then cancel our subscriptions and be done with it. A too often chaotic electric wasteland, that seems only to swallow more time than create or foster any kind of real change, other than the fragile link of sanity it often provides.

    At the public computers I use, I do encounter the occasional blocked site, created by the administers of these particular computers. There is an option to contest them, which I have done and have actually had a site unblocked, to which their claim was spam or software issues as the reasoning. The potential to control is there! Anywhere along the electric corridor, from local, to government, to world-wide … administrators deciding what we will have or not have on the internet. Google search is a definite example of this. DO NOT use google products any more than necessary (Google bought Youtube out a few years back and immediately proceeded to ruin it). I always use Duck Duck Go when doing internet searches; Bing and the other usual engines being poor second choices to Duck but preferable to Google’s googling of everyone’s reality (As of this writing these recommendations are subject to change at any time! For the better? I doubt it.).

    Black Dog


    Hello Mr. Black Dog,

    You sound like one of those gay people that have “chosen” to be straight. The only people that are that concerned about these sort of topics are people that hate what they see in themselves.

    I had a family that lived across the street. They had their daughter living with them who had a little gay boy. I believe he was the only one who didn’t know he was gay. How does one make a choice at the age of 4 to decide on their sexuality?

    This topic is presented by you purely as fodder for distraction.

    Embrace your “gayness” and move on. Nobody cares.

    Wishing you enlightenment…


    Black Dog

    Fighting words Videre – all fighting words/it will not elevate this topic to rely on such primitive predictable reactionaryism/What’s your beef? I don’t get it … all you got is the poor little gay boy bizarre story? Try again, you can do better, or can you? … Without the canine-like distemper though … please. I got feelings you know!

    Black Dog

    Black Dog

    No follow up? Well at least you got your cheap shots in there (“good for you!” … “you go girl!”) as predictable and limited as they were… from yet another mainstream/NWO slanted, distorted, perverted psyche.

    Proof the female mind is more susceptable at being artificially instilled with false virtues designed to position them as blockers of the truth and it’s seekers, simply by being unable to perceive the abstract thought it takes to conceptionalize through the (bigger than they want to.. or can know) deceit the current realities we are in are composed of. This, is the ‘fodder for distraction’ we must endure, have endured … and unfortunately seems will endure indefinitely.

    This just more of the conspiracy.. women (and even some men) pitted against men? … Good luck guys. ‘This dog ain’t falling for this.’ If you want to be homosexual, keep it to yourself, don’t indoctrinate the easily deceived with this crap (i.e., women and children).

    There are many things feminizing men (or masculinizing women /and perverting boths’ partners)/ Of course I can’t know the statistical breakdown but I bet it is less than .01 percent of this that is naturally occurring. It’s absurd to me how everyone including so called fakeologists are so deceived on so many different levels. … They can dispute all day long what they are given by other media sources to dispute but I’ve yet to sense a true original thought beyond that. Critical analysis based on one’s actual observances. We truly deserve the exploitation we are under and it seems I will have to suffer the rest of my days amongst you all and this thing we are part of, and the direction it is manipulating us. The best thing we can do at this point is to stop breeding, stop giving our captors more things to pervert, sexual and or otherwise.

    Black Dog


    “… If you want to be homosexual, keep it to yourself, don’t indoctrinate the easily deceived with this crap…”

    Still conflicted with your inner self and obsessing over being a homosexual? Feel free to work through those feelings on this board.

    This is after all a place where you can come to terms with your new reality.

    Good luck,


    A disparaging term applied to the straight by gays is “breeder”. Won’t need a private dick to figure this one out.

    Tal Shiar

    All of your talking points are straight from the conservative mass media and you are screaming disinfo!!!!

    There is nothing perverted about being gay! PERIOD! Any zoologist or zoo veterinarians will tell you that homosexuality can be seen naturally occurring in nature. There are many species of animals where homosexuality is practiced. Also there is no such thing as the “gay agenda!” This is something that was created by the conservative mass media and promoted again by the extreme right wing “Christians” who follow the rewritten King James Bible. A side note, the King James Bible was rewritten so that the people of England would not question authority. If you read the letters of Roger Williams and Sir Edward Colt, you would understand why the puritans moved to the Massachusetts Bay colony in response to that bible being written.

    Your talking points are hateful and hurtful to many. There is no doubt in my mind that you are paid to start fights on this website, because there is no way that someone who has been awoken to the mass media lies would fall for this. Everyone on this site has already recognized that organized religion is a way to control the masses. Being gay is something that is used to divide people by promoting their differences. If they have us fighting with each other, then we cannot unite to solve the world’s problems. Also, Tom explained to you about his friend that took his own life because he was gay. It was people like yourself that were the cause of that man’s pain and you should be ashamed of yourself for speaking this way.

    Another issue I have with your comments is that you are degrading women. Stating that women are weaker is another myth that is promoted by organized religion and the conservative mass media. In nature, one of the 5 great apes, Lemurs, are a women dominated society. So in their view women are superior to men. What is wrong with promoting the values of equality for all? We should always treat our fellow human being with respect and dignity.

    In my experience, the people who write and promote your ludicrous talking points are people who are personally struggling with their own homosexuality. Please talk with a therapist about this issues, because this site is not one where you should be talking like a bigot!

    You should apologize to Videre for those hateful comments as well! Please tell agency that is paying you to write this stuff, that it didn’t work!

    I will no longer engage with you about this topic, because in my opinion you should be deleted from the community. Maybe if you were treated the way you would like to treat gay people, you would understand their struggle. This whole topic is disappointing and a complete waste of time for all.

    Tal Shiar

    ha ha . . That is a lie! The TV made that up as a joke. Get a life!


    “There is nothing perverted about being gay! PERIOD! Any zoologist or zoo veterinarians will tell you that homosexuality can be seen naturally occurring in nature. There are many species of animals where homosexuality is practiced.”

    i’m no romulan intelligence operative of course, but it seems to me that this ain’t exactly the best argument in support of homosexuality seeing as filial cannibalism can also “be seen naturally occurring in nature”…

    Black Dog

    Thank you all for sharing, especially Tal. A man not afraid to face the world and say I’m being effected by something challenging my gender. Well, unfortunately as is the duelistic, schismatic nature of the human race, Tal chooses the fake identity/lifestyle layed out before him. The rest, never showing their cards, remain confused heterosexuals at best, thoroughly manipulated by their duelistic and schismatic natures as well.

    I’ve tiried to approach this subject from an objective standpoint, truly wanting to understand what is happening.. with someone like Tal being a more overt representation of it, and yes deeply concerned that this is, for the most part a conspiracy and not natural! Tal is surely just the tip of an iceberg looming in our species. I am disappointed at the ‘reactions’ I have got here, I thought they would be more intellectual.. and less of the usual finger pointing. ..’And I get the disinfo-agent card played on me!?’ /Yet another example of “the duelistic, schismatic nature of the human race”.

    I have the right to my views.. and I think this is even bigger than the shape and size of the earth we inhabit (mind blowing as that is) because these are the very bodies we inhabit. Our controllers (people, or whatever they are) are literally controlling the food, air, and water we need for our survival, not to mention vaccinations and other atrocities we ignorantly volunteer for.. Come on people! At least consider this. ‘With the glasses on!’ (e.g., They Live).

    Eat organic, raise and grow your own food, filter your water or be blessed to live somewhere you can still drink the water! Do all these things and you still get inoculated through the air you’re breathing, particulates literally being sprayed on you. Another big part of the conspiracies against us (and possibly this one in particular) that most are unable to even consider!

    Remember ‘research’ should consider everything. Be, objective, theoretical, speculative, hypothetical. … Face it we are being duped on so many different levels by forces with so much power and seemingly endless resources … how dare anyone point a finger at me, I’m just calling them as I see them.

    Women being super-feminized, radicalized against men. Men’s testosterone levels dropping. Look around. You people need to wake up. I guarantee you the young men in your world are silently suffering inside and probably young women as well in their own way.

    Black Dog


    Good point by SMJ. I don’t know that I care to look to the animal kingdom for behavioral endorsement. I have a hard time believing that there are people who did not grow up with others who were homosexual from a very young age. I know several people who did everything they could up to and including marrying a member of the opposite sex and having kids, to mold themselves into heterosexuality and still failed ultimately. They claim to be happier living an authentic life. I cannot disagree, it’s their life.

    At the same time, I do sense a push to normalize or maybe even glamorize gay members of our society in the media, to what end I don’t know. Just as gay people who have tried and failed to be hetero, the same would apply to heteros, no amount of persuasion through the media will change anyone’s nature. Perhaps it’s simply an effective lobbying effort to be accepted as a part of society, which should not trouble anyone. I am at times uncomfortable around what I would describe as aggressively overt displays of homosexuality, but it’s a personality thing. If someone is comfortable with who they are they make others around them comfortable, too. But I often have the impression that some of the more overt personalities are looking for others to buy in and support their choices (not the choice of being gay, but of being openly so).

    Be who you are, but be comfortable enough about it to do it without endorsement. And be sensible enough to not walk into a redneck country bar in full drag regalia expecting the same reception as would be received at the Ramrod . I have seen a few posts and videos of black people lamenting about having to have “the talk” with their kids about the cops. Every parent should have “the talk” with their kids about the cops, there are plenty of kids of all colors with cops’ bullets and taser currents in their bodies for exhibiting a lack of reverence for the gods in blue.

    Whatever, if you don’t like the “gay agenda” change the channel or turn the page. As far as the real world goes, we’ve all been here a long time and are likely to be around a lot longer still, we may as well get along. There may be a thing or two we could learn from our happy counterparts about having some fun and a bit of style along the way.

    Black Dog

    Correction on my previous entry/reply: “dualistic” was intended to be used in place of “duelistic”*

    Also, in my second reply to this thread I meant “apathy” in place of “empathy”; Intended as:
    ‘(B.) They provide only diversions, divisions, resulting in confusion, apathy, and worse.’

    * Duelistic” is not an official form of the word “duel”, from my dictionaries. Duel and dual are similar though ..but not quite. Dualistic is opposing divisive in thinking/ thoughts/ behavior (i.e., categorizing, compartmentalizing). Dividing things up.. to either ‘black or white’ etc., lacking abstract consideration or quality; ‘narrow minded’ I’ll venture to add.. . And of course duel is an action, or reaction, coincidentally stemming from such as the duality we find and or have created. Isn’t this fun.

    “The Duality Between Dual and Duel”
    (spoken over a light piano minuet)

    “The dualistic nature of the human race, or it’s stream of consciousness, stipulates there is nothing we can not know, there for we do.. know, nothing, here, or there. And of course knowing this we shall not give leave to our senses to such preponderant abstractionists and their preponderant abstractionisms, here, or there, mostly here. But rather we shall give duel to these heathen, with all their barbarous indefensible assumptions, they shall feel our lance. Any such nonsense we shall never consider.”

    – Admiral Beezle Bubbleton the Fourth, at Our Lady of Perpetual Nothingness, 2016

    “2016”: ‘Ruling over you and yours for 2,016 years’. ‘Established in 0’. Wow, what a gig. And all the while getting craftier.. as we.. get less so.

    Black Dog

    A R

    I am not going to answer the points brought forward by the original poster. I have an opinion, of course, but I’d rather keep it to myself for the time being.

    I am however, finding it interesting that the responses have not addressed the main points of justification for his (Black Dog’s) opinion (foods, hormones, cultural pressure, mass media, etc), but have been emotional reactions based on personal contact with close people (therefore probably lacking objectivity in observation).

    We live in times of Political Correctness, in which anything even hinted to be accusatory towards the agenda being implemented on the populations or defensive of personal spaces, is immediately attacked emotionally. I also find it intriguing that idea that people who openly dislike these “alternative lifestyles” (Political Correctness at work again here, limiting speech, see?) are only hiding from their own homosexual tendencies. I suppose the same could be said, if that reason bore logic, for people who appeal to peace all the time: maybe they’re just hiding from their cruel tendencies?

    Again: I am not putting forward my opinion for now, but I am keen to see if you guys, who so promptly attacked the idea and the person without addressing objectively the justifications for it, are able to bring to the table something better.

    It sounded like «The news are true because I have a (friend/relative) journalist who assures me that he/she has always treated them as true». Would this be an acceptable argument for you? Not for me. Think a bit more before reacting emotionally and automatically, Pavlov style.


    The analogies cited are dissimilar. The news media is separate and apart from those evaluating it for consistency, logic and conflicts. The same cannot be said for how people perceive themselves in terms of objectivity, as self reporting is the only option. If someone tells me they have always felt a particular way, I see no way to objectively counter that statement. It also aligns logically with my personal experience, as no amount of media or social conditioning or engineering will ever change the involuntary physical reactions that are induced by contact with the opposite sex. If someone tells me those reactions are induced by the same sex and always have been I see no reason not to take them at their word.

    That said, I also see an unnatural push in the media to bring marginal groups into focus, especially in terms of the transgender segment. This is a phenomenon that may have been created by technology. I have done no research into this, nor have an interest in it, but I am curious what transgenders did before the availability of anesthesia, surgery, and hormone therapy or whether there was such a thing.

    I have noticed an agenda that promotes the masculinization of women and the feminization of men, androgyny, and alternative family structures, but I remain convinced that nothing in the media can changes a person’s nature. I see no good coming of the gender fluidity agenda but don’t have much of a sense of the end game.

    Black Dog

    We are all suffering.

    They are reducing men to groveling feminists.

    Women are unempathetic and oblivious as we would be if it was a testosterone agenda. Smart bastards. It’s called control, and it has crossed over into your very being. Fast? Live on bean sprouts? This is even in the bible.. that testament of indoctrination into docility/end of freedom.

    Black Dog

    Black Dog

    Okay, people getting stuff.. well somewhat. Check out this related (to this thread) podcast by Hoax Busters Call scroll down/search? Here’s the info:

    Call 420-Hoax Busters, Trans-Species Dreams.
    ?Monday, ?April ?25, ?2016, ??6:33:24 PM | (Chris Kendall) (Chris Kendall)Go to full article
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    Black Dog

    Black Dog

    unspun23/from gnostic media about the GAY..

    Black Dog

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