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    Hoi Polloi has kindly invited me to open a Hendrix thread on Cluesforum, which I shall endeavour to do. However, if it’s okay with Ab Irato, perhaps I can respond briefly to comments here.
    With respect to the Hendrix Hoax (if indeed a hoax it is) we need to explain (to begin with) all of the following:

    • why was “Jimi Hendrix’s” age wrongly reported, over and over, by the media? Invariably, the press shaved off not just a month or two, but 2, 3 or even 4 YEARS from his “official” age (compared to his official D.O.B. as it is stated today). That media peculiarity continued right up until the apparent inquest into his “death”. Why was that?
      Hendrix was, supposedly, “one of the most famous” and “best paid” musicians in the world, or so we’re told now. And yet the media, and all his groupies (roughly how many groupies back then?) – none of them even knew the true age of their exalted rock-hero? How do we explain all those age anomalies in the press? Newspaper cuttings – those previously posted here, and more – plentifully evidence this weird curiosity.

      Jimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) — “aged 21″ ?? in 1967, and “aged 24″ ?? at time of death. Do the math!

      Jimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) — “aged 21” in 1967, and “aged 24” at time of death. Do the math!

    • “Michael Jeffery”, Hendrix’s alleged manager “died” tragically in a supposed airline crash over Nantes, France, in 1973. Who was he, if anyone? Another sim?

      Does this faux-to-graph from the BBC of the alleged plane crash which “killed” Hendrix’s manager Mike Jeffery, really look genuine to you? Look at the ploughing ridges in the field where the plane debris supposedly fell (from 27,000 feet). Why are those ridges not squashed flat from the weight of the debris falling from such a height?

      What credibility to the eye-witness accounts of that apparent crash? This quote comes courtesy of a British embassy insider (another sim, maybe?):

      “bodies [were] flying out. It was a horrible sight“!

      Is that a plausible account (“”it’s raining men”) of a plane crash eye-witness?!
      Or is it just another dollop of back-story to buttress yet another phony plane crash and, ultimately, the Hendrix Hoax?

      You decide! See:

    • Some years later, cops re-opened the “Hendrix death case”. In doing so, not coincidentally breathing new life into an otherwise obsolete and worn-out story; helping to elevate Hendrix to the legendary status he enjoys today.
      Fuelling the drama even more, his supposed girlfriend “Monika Dannemann” or “Danneman”, the young woman who supposedly supplied the “rock-star” with fatal barbiturates, promptly “gassed herself” (out of shame, naturally)
      More theatrics promoting one of the Greatest Rock Legend Tragedies that never was? Danneman’s “suicide” conveniently erasing another (actress or simmy) witness permanently from the public eye?
    • Then there was “Dr John Bannister” the quack who supposedly attended to “Hendrix” in the emergency room of the London hospital. Bannister, we’re told, tried unsuccessfully to pump the barbs from the guitarist’s stomach. That doc seems very simmy.
      Just months after the “Hendrix Tragedy”, the newly-qualified doc, unusually for then(?) an Australian medic working in Britain, was removed from the medical register (“struck off”), after being found guilty of “accounting errors”.
      Have “accounting errors” ever, before or since, been a recognised ground for declaring a medic “unfit to practice”? So was he a sim-quack, maybe? The only “accounting error” being his very presence on the medical register?! Either way, “Bannister” conveniently disappeared from the public eye.
    • So those were three of the closest witnesses to the “Hendrix tragedy” – the “girlfriend”, the “medic” and the “manager”: all removed more-or-less permanently from the spotlight. Coincidence?
    • Searching for “Hendrix” through the archives of the best-selling British newspapers of the time – the tabloid Daily Mail, The Times and Sunday Times – we find astonishingly few references to “Hendrix” in the years between his supposed fame and his supposed death (1967 – 1970).
      For example, in the red-top Daily Mail which, then as now, devotes page after page to the minutiae of celebutards, we find just fifteen references to “Hendrix” up until his “death” in September 1970. And almost all of those references are towards the end of that period.
      Furthermore, nigh on every one of those media references is brief, banal and oblique; in no way paying homage to the man, we’re told today, was one of the greatest, best known, and highest paid musicians in the world. Isn’t this more evidence that during his supposed “lifetime” Hendrix was insignificant, barely generating a blip on the media radar?
      It would seem that, only posthumously, did “Hendrix” ever gain the fame he enjoys today. Perhaps noteworthy, in a 2002 report, Forbes magazine lists “Hendrix” as being in the Top Ten of Dead Celebrity Earners, ever. Definitely worth more dead than alive then.
    • Contrary to some claims, Hendrix’s legendary left-handed guitar-playing would be easy to simulate. (If “Hendrix” could even play the guitar at all). As stated earlier, any of us could be mirrored from being a right-hand guitarist, into a quirky left-hander. By simply reversing the film in the kinescope, a primitive video recording device of the time. And yes, that trivial techno-trickery would require a few other cinematographic shenanigans, or stage props. The guitar might need to be specially designed to suit that frame-mirroring. Not difficult. And also any text in the frame, e.g. the brand-name “Marshall” on the speaker cabinets behind “Hendrix” would also need mirroring – so it could be corrected when mirrored again by the kinescope. Child’s play. So that’s how they could do it. (yup, that’s “could”, not “did”). That’s how one *could* turn any mundane right-handed guitarist (or even just an air-guitarist) into the quirky left-handed player that “Hendrix” is today claimed to have been.
    • We’re told that “Jimi Hendrix” achieved chart fame in his lifetime. Proof, we’re told, of his celebrity status back then. But can someone corroborate his supposed chart successes with evidence from the time (pre-Sept 1970 death). Can anyone provide us with scanned copies of Rolling Stone or NME magazine, or similar?
      I just can’t find any evidence that Hendrix had a chart hit back then. And it’s no use citing his top ranking now, produced from record sales to date. The music industry sales data is not remotely trustworthy, and neither are the awards issued belatedly (“Platinum Award for Best Selling Album of 1969”, awarded 2006! What does that prove?) We really need that old chart data in unequivocal original printed form to confirm one way or the other whether Hendrix was truly famous (or not) at that time. So where is it, please?
    • Now, on to the Woodstock ’69 festival, attended by no less than 400,000 peeps, says Wonkypedia. We’re told (by the same Wonkers) that rain delayed the festival schedule. Consequently, Hendrix – the lead act of the whole festival they tell us today – didn’t hit the stage until 8.30 Monday morning, by when 90% of the crowd had reportedly staggered off home. Is that really credible?
      Rain notwithstanding, wouldn’t they have brought the ever-so-important “Hendrix” forward in their itinerary? Is it likely the festival organisers were so out-of-it, so inept, that they didn’t even consider something as simple as a reschedule, to get their “lead act” on stage, in time for all the paying masses to enjoy him??
      Alternative possibilities: perhaps Hendrix really was a nobody in 1969; he never showed at Woodstock because he was never billed to perform there any way? Even if he did perform, who was still going to be there to notice him at 8.30am *yawn* Monday *yawn* morning? Beyond the wikipedia entry, and some questionable film footage, just where is the verifiable proof of his top-billing or even his appearance at all, at Woodstock ’69?
    • The film we do have of “Hendrix” doesn’t feel much like 1960’s footage at all. Exhibiting altogether more modern techniques in film-making than perhaps were common to that time. The camerawork in itself seems more recent. Much more adventurous. There’s clever splicing from multiple camera shots, high-quality special effects, and so on. Distinctly contemporary. It’s claimed that whatever 60’s footage we do have now of “Hendrix” has been “digitally enhanced”; implying it had a genuine provenance at least once upon a time. Again, what proof of that please? And, we’re talking here about the footage in the following films. (if you know of any more “original” Hendrix films then please bring-’em-on!):

      Jimi Hendrix — The Guitar Hero (BSkyB, 2011)
      Jimi Hendrix — The Guitar Hero (BBC, 2010)
      JIMI HENDRIX — Live at Woodstock (New York, USA, 1969)
      Jimi Hendrix — Stockholm (1969)
      The Jimi Hendrix Experience — Live At Monterey (1967)
      Jimi Hendrix — Room full of Hendrix (Royal Albert Hall, 1969)
      Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live at the Isle of Wight (a “posthumous live performance” (?!?) released on DVD 12/11/2002)

      (all the above sourced from p2p networks)
    • Now to “Leon Hendrix”, younger brother to “Jimi”. Younger by around 3 or 4 years (see above!). Subjectively similar in looks to “Jimi” – not in itself surprising of course – as they’re supposed to have been siblings.

      “Leon” entered the music scene himself around 2006, after decades in the wilderness – “doing drugs”, “stints of jail-time”, while somehow juggling a respectable career as a “senior draftsman” for aerospace giant Boeing! Hmm… unusual combination. Didn’t Boeing vet its staff back then??
      “Leon” appears to have missed out on all the big events in “Jimi’s” life, either too stoned on coke, or else holed up in jail to attend most of Jimi’s alleged concerts. Even when Jimi “died”, “Leon” was typically behind bars. Convenient. There’s also just one or two grainy “photos” of Jimi and Leon knocking about together. Bearing not terribly convincing likenesses of anyone.
      “Leon” puts on quite a stage act when performing live. Unsurprisingly milking for all it’s worth his supposed familial link to the late great Jimi.
      In his in-betwixt-song banter “Leon” refers to the soul of late brother Jimi “living on” through himself. “You can’t get any closer to Jimi”, assures one of his backing singers, “than being beside his nearest living relative Leon”!
      “Is that Jimi standing at the back there?!”, Leon asks his audience. Before quipping, “or is that just a mirror?!” — the two “brothers” are indistinguishable doppelgangers??
      “Leon” makes other weird, perhaps even candid comments throughout his performance. At one point claiming that “Jimi was a Brit”… “Jimi was born here, died here and went to heaven here.” Yet despite his distinctly Anglicised accent, “Jimi Hendrix” was supposedly born in Seattle. So are these ramblings from “Leon” those of a burnt-out semi-senile hippy? Or perhaps there’s an element of truth in his bizarre utterings? If nothing else, is “Leon” affirming the Tavistock origins of the whole “Hendrix Experience”?
      Hendrix (whoever he is or was) was elevated (I suggest only posthumously) into a heavyweight figurehead of the counter-culture that the (British) Tavistock Institute manufactured, intentionally, to debase and divide Western culture.

    • Lastly, a couple of trivialities that are perhaps worth adding. lest they get forgotten. There’s a CGI’ed image of “Jimi” knocking about. The artist has artificially aged “Jimi” to show how he might look now. To me, that image bears a striking similarity to living brother “Leon” today. Or perhaps the image was indeed based upon “Leon”, whoever he is?!?

      And finally, “Leon Hendrix” has a distinctive signature that is uncannily similar in certain respects to the supposed signature of late bro’ “Jimi”. See the exaggerated NE-SW downward stroke of the X in HendriX. A graphological quirk that both “Jimi” and “Leon” share; a quirk that “Leon” has maybe cultivated? To enhance those most profitable likenesses he shares with late bro’ Jimi? Or is it telling us something else altogether about “Leon” and “Jimi”?!

    That’ll do for now. If anyone else wants to explore this suspected fakery – potentially one of the grandest hoaxes in the history of modern music – then please drop me a line.


    here’s the obscure Hendrix with left-handed guitar at Chelmsford Corn Exchange in early ’67.

    Jim Hendrix Live At The Chelmsford Corn Exchange – Feb 25th 1967

    clearly not wearing a girl’s blouse mirrored to button up the right way, and the video is no longer available. But you can see it at that well known home of popular music culture, Live Leak:


    But that plane crash is soooo faaaaake….

    Avatar photoNemesis

    Yeah i have clips of that Chelmsford performance on a few Hendrix documentaries,

    some more memories here:

    This would’ve been around the time of recording Axis and when Purple Haze Was just released.

    Archived review here:

    Then went onto his historic Monterey performance the same year, hardly obscure..

    Avatar photoBlack Dog

    Wow, that’s longer than a Hendrix solo! . Yes, probably don’t want to know. No doubt got himself ‘connected’ when he went to England and then suddenly became famous … There’s a very interesting site called “Inside the LC” linking 60’s rock and … you guessed it, the CIA [or some similar agency, been a while since I read it].

    “Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation
    Part I
    May 8, 2008”

    Black Dog


    Looks like Morgan Freeman to me


    Miles Mathis has recently touched on the Hendrix hoax. The interesting section is about Mike Jeffrey who became Henxrix’s manager and who allegedly died in a plane crash at age 39 on March 5, 1973
    suuuuure. As Miles sapiently notes, the estate of Jeffrey wasn’t settled until 33 years later in 2006.
    As Miles opines, perhaps Jeffery or even Hendrix himself wasn’t dead until then. Certainly, there WAS a further execution of the estate in the English court 6 years prior to that…

    Grant of probate in Oxford: Michael Frank Jeffery d March 5 1973
    6 September 2000
    The estate of Jeffery was rather confusingly disposed of [or some part of it] in 1973 and 1974
    Admin London March 14 1973 £0 [very, very fast work, to wife Gillian Rosemary Jeffery] Resealed Bahama Islands October 23 1973 Revoked 17 June 1974
    Admin London November 6 1974 [former grant March 14 1974 revoked] £2000 exactly. Address 27 East 37th Street NY. [no will] – beneficiary his father Frank Albert Edward Jeffery d 1993 aged 91
    17 Bosbury Road SE6 – estate £1,030,157
    a very modest house, last sale 2000 – £131,000 Terraced, Freehold, Residential 07 Jan 2000 3 bedrooms

    Funny business, not much!

    source – UK probate search

    While we are here….. James Marshall Hendrix, of 59 W 12th Street NY, died September 18 1970 Admin of assets of £9323 in England – 23 January 1973.

    And what of the plane crash? A court case in London regarding a dispute with Hendrix’s former manager had started when Jeffery decided to fly back to Mallorca and return, when….. a mid air collision occurred, with the usual paucity of wreckage – check!
    Mike Jeffery’s body was so badly mangled that identification was difficult. [CHECK!!] Jerry Stickells, one of Hendrix’s former road managers flew to France to make the identification. He said: “I identified him by his jewellery. They said ‘you don’t want to see a photograph.’” Mike Jeffery’s death was registered at the Commune De La Planche, Loire-Atlantique, France.

    Job done.

    Mike Jeffery – part 4

    where we read
    The Michael Frank Jeffery estate, by then worth a considerable amount of money, was bequeathed to fourteen charities.

    yup, the same old Lockerbie routine, dump a piece of wreckage in a field miles from anywhere.
    The air traffic control system had been taken over that day by military personnel because of a strike of the civilian controllers. leading to….yes, you’ve guess, blame on Air traffic controllers for this fake crash with 68 fake deaths.

    well well well. A craftily planned strike.

    Due to a misunderstanding, the pilot of the Iberian DC-9 in which Mike Jeffery was travelling ended up in the same flight path as another plane – a Spantax Coronado. The two planes collided in mid-air near the French town of Nantes in the Vende area. The Spandex sustained some damage but was able to fly away and land safely. Unfortunately the DC-9 was severely damaged. It exploded in mid air and plummeted to the ground. The sixty eight passengers and five Spanish flight crew on board were killed.


    Anything else?
    Before being killed in a plane crash in March 1973, Mike Jeffery had assembled one last posthumous Hendrix album, which was released a year later, titled Loose Ends. Check!


    Further “crash” clues at the BBC

    The usual lucky escape twist:
    Thirty-nine British holidaymakers returning from a winter holiday in Minorca who missed the ill-fated flight by half-an-hour, flew into London last night.
    The “safe pair of hands” witness
    Max Chevalier, British Honorary vice-consul at Nantes, said: “Suddenly a streak of red light appeared and part of the aircraft came down with bodies flying out. It was a horrible sight.”

    suuure it was! A fake event. Period.

    The lucky survivor from a mid-air collision
    A passenger on board the Coronado aircraft, Leonard Wareham, 59, who lives in Madrid, said: “We were sitting on the port side of the aircraft; my wife had the window seat. There was an enormous bump and then everything seemed to fall about.
    An enormous hoax.
    That would be Leonard Edward Wareham 1914-1998, died Madrid.

    All that just for Jeffery?

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    I just recently came across this. Hendrix was a star I was around from when he appeared in 67 with Chas Chandler bassist from the Animals.
    Where his music came from is another Q. He was allegedly a journeyman guitar sideman playing around the US for several years, with Isley Bros, Little Richard and then he came to UK and became an overnight sensation. The wildman of POP. His music was a revelation- with two albums and three singles inside a year:to me as a 16yo, lyrically and musically it stood out. I accepted it then as a fact- there was a lot of high quality product around then.
    But this obscure player suddenly appearing and disappearing in Sept 70- looking back it was strange.
    Links into the Tavistock music/media extravaganza, if thats a topic here I havent seen it yet Ab.

    Also I tried to upload a pic for my profile- is it too big or too square or what?

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