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    Tom Dalpra

    Young female MP murdered in cold blood in the street. Lone nutter. Right wing extremist mentioned.

    Certainly seems a bit ‘psyOppy’, the way this news presents itself to me on the television complete with MP’s vigil.

    The first MP killed in decades in the UK.
    Classic Taxi Driver ( the movie ) scenario. Lone nutter , murders MP in street.

    I mean for fuck’s sake, look at this shit.

    Just hours after the terrible event her ‘neighbours’ have completely invaded and covered her house boat in flowers, photographs and candles.


    All looks a bit hooky dunn’it ?

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    Tom Dalpra

    Having a (night) ‘mare is a common expression in the UK.
    Here’s a Mair. Lone nutter Thomas Mair, that is.
    And the first picture I see …?

    RED HANDED with some kind of ‘knife’ in his hand and a combat jacket on.

    It certainly looks like a PsyOp Baddie, kids.



    Tom Dalpra

    You see, if he’s got red hands and a weapon it means he ‘definitely did it’, yeh ? In UK street Ops, we’ve seen this principle used before.



    Carole Thomas

    CaroleThomas: seems to have six toes on each foot
    Fri June 17, 12:08:13pm
    CaroleThomas: eagerly anticipating Simon’s model
    Fri June 17, 12:08:37pm
    Vespadouglas: @CaroleThomas hehe . She certainly does .
    Fri June 17, 12:41:24pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas @Vespadouglas I have just enlarged the feet on Fireworks… 6 Toes it is
    Fri June 17, 12:41:54pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas AND i EAGERLY await the SS model
    Fri June 17, 1:02:17pm
    CaroleThomas: @anounceofsaltperday If she has only six fingers visible too ( hard to make out but possible) we have a putative 666?
    Fri June 17, 1:03:23pm
    CaroleThomas: ^rather 6 digits ( including thumb!)
    Fri June 17, 1:06:10pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas rod sterling drools
    Fri June 17, 1:08:28pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas JC should be relatively easily uncovered in her next role then
    Fri June 17, 1:14:43pm
    Carolethomas: Interesting initials there – yep, we certainly are in the Twilight Zone ( cue creepy music)
    Fri June 17, 1:18:26pm
    CaroleThomas: She must be a small giant or an Ecuadorian Waorani
    Fri June 17, 1:22:24pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas i confess that i think the fallen angel model has legs
    Fri June 17, 1:23:13pm
    anounceofsaltperday: that the Giants are the offspring of fallen heavenly beings and the daughters of Eve
    Fri June 17, 1:46:12pm
    CaroleThomas: Metaphorically?
    Fri June 17, 1:47:49pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas I take the model literall
    Fri June 17, 1:47:52pm
    anounceofsaltperday: y
    Fri June 17, 1:56:25pm
    CaroleThomas: René Descartes walks into a bar. Bartender asks if he wants anything. … René says, “I think not,” then disappears.
    Fri June 17, 1:57:57pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas no wonder i view aldohol as the staff of life
    Fri June 17, 2:09:17pm
    CaroleThomas: ethanol has long been used in emergencies for detoxifying people poisoned with methanol, which, apart from in cheap booze, is found in traces in junk food – so let’s raise a glass to Decartes
    Fri June 17, 2:11:54pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas he was such a linear thinker…. your methanol comment is the reason i don’t drink spirits
    Fri June 17, 2:14:11pm
    EvilEdna: Jo “Six Toes” Cox.. Whereas son Cuillin is pictured with no fingers. Fairy sure those “Battle of the Thames” pictures are fake. Fauxtos of Cox aboard a “Stay-In-Europe” boat, taken day before “killing” (and never showing her face). All photoshop fakes. — study the child’s hands – (he has none)
    Fri June 17, 2:16:17pm
    Fri June 17, 2:17:05pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @EvilEdna no hands…. confirmed by me
    Fri June 17, 2:17:10pm
    CaroleThomas: Tad irresponsible to put a handless kid into dinghy like that – how’s he going to hold on?
    Fri June 17, 2:17:30pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @CaroleThomas they have faith in the Lord
    Fri June 17, 2:22:34pm
    CaroleThomas: @EvilEdna How does it work with the census on a houseboat? Any idea?
    Fri June 17, 2:23:13pm
    CaroleThomas: @anounceofsaltperday They have probably made the requisite sacrifices to Poseidon, never fear!
    Fri June 17, 2:24:00pm
    EvilEdna: Nathan Cullen, Canadian New Democrat MP., choking up unconvincingly. Paying tribute to late friend Jo Cox. Wonder how he knew her? She was MP 3,000 miles away for barely 12 months.

    Fri June 17, 2:24:49pm
    CaroleThomas: @EvilEdna Saw that too and was confused. Thought at first we had an American MP!
    Fri June 17, 2:26:37pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @EvilEdnaexactly… and i think we can assume that we can count the number of constituents he is friendly with on the fingers of one nephilim hand
    Fri June 17, 2:28:37pm
    EvilEdna: @CaroleThomas God knows about houseboats and censuses. Guess it’s still a permanent residence? Is that supposedly her “old Dutch barge” in the Six Toes photo?
    Fri June 17, 2:39:32pm
    EvilEdna: @anounceofsaltperdayHaha! Her official website is a bit fluffy. Like she always knew it was only a fleeting job. Nonhocapito wonders the same on cluesforum: — “Hey failed actor/trusty agent, mind doing one year as PM until we pretend-kill you to guarantee we stay in the bloody EU? Great! Let’s get to work. Your name will be…”
    Fri June 17, 2:40:35pm
    CaroleThomas: There’s something weird about this picture ( apart from the supernumerary toes). Poor Hubby can’t afford an iPhone 6 – The figure of JC is fuzzy and blurred. Plus her right thigh seems to be rather elongated ( or is it just perspective?) The way she is tilting her head downwards but peering up gives her a decidely vixen-like look too. F(c)oxy lady!
    Fri June 17, 2:44:28pm
    anounceofsaltperday: @EvilEdna@CaroleThomas here is the biblical explanation of the JC666pretendkilling …

    Fri June 17, 3:22:41pm
    CaroleThomas: @EvilEdna is she saying she wasn’t on the boat with them? This is from her Twitter feed.
    Fri June 17, 3:27:30pm
    CaroleThomas: @anounceofsaltperday will watch video later ?
    Fri June 17, 3:30:37pm

    <—– can one of you fakeologist’s put this video into savechat for me please ….. cheers
    Fri June 17, 3:33:13pm
    CaroleThomas: @ro11o Would if I could, but don’t know how?
    Fri June 17, 3:33:45pm
    CaroleThomas: Interesting tidbit from JC’s blog ”
    I am a huge President Obama fan. I worked on his first campaign in North Carolina in 2008, ”
    Fri June 17, 3:50:07pm
    ro11o: Im logged into savechat fucked if i know how i can post this fucken vid i did with JLB earlier today…….
    Fri June 17, 3:51:05pm
    ro11o: <—– wheres the PDF / book Fakeologist for DUMMIES
    Fri June 17, 3:51:36pm
    CaroleThomas: Ab, where are you when we need you??
    Fri June 17, 3:58:19pm
    CaroleThomas: I imagine it’s quite a challenge bringing up two kids under six on a houseboat while working as an MP. Especially if one child has no hands.
    Fri June 17, 4:00:06pm
    CaroleThomas: There are some rough types on houseboats as well as bohemians – artists, clowns and puppeteers
    Fri June 17, CaroleThomas: @EvilEdna Toujours cherchez la femme!
    Fri June 17, 4:10:54pm
    EvilEdna: Hehe! There’s not even a marriage recorded in BMDs between a Cox and a Leadbeater (Jo’s maiden name). Last Cox-Leadbeater union was in Staffordshire in 1953. So maybe it was an overseas union between our Jo & Brendon? Or maybe an unofficial ‘new age’ ceremony? Aboard their Dutch barge? Hitched while Tethered at Tower Bridge?!
    Fri June 17, 4:11:45pm
    CaroleThomas: @EvilEdna btw good research on the census details and the mysterious “homme” at her side Paul LEE Hay
    Fri June 17, 4:12:31pm
    CaroleThomas: Curiouser and curiouser – does the toothpaste factory exist at least?
    Fri June 17, 4:55:25pm
    CaroleThomas: When was Jo’s hubby Brandan born?
    Fri June 17, 5:18:28pm
    CaroleThomas: The meaning of Cox as in Coxswain – keeping the vessel on course – has some resonance in the case of Jo Cox Boatdweller and MP keeping Britain on a steady pro EU course
    Fri June 17, 5:19:20pm
    CaroleThomas: Cox as a surname could be related to the Welsh “coch” meaning r
    Fri June 17, 5:22:01pm
    CaroleThomas: “red” -
    Fri June 17, 5:22:25pm
    Fri June 17, 5:27:28pm
    EvilEdna: Here’s Helen (Jo) Cox, on the electorals, living under her married name with parents Gordon & Jean Leadbeater, and sister Kim, at 48 White Lee Rd, Batley, W.Yorks, WF17 8AD. Again, no sign of hubby Brendon Cox?? And here’s number 48, the parental home..
    Fri June 17, 5:33:16pm
    CaroleThomas: I just found out that Hubby maybe was misbehaving – allegedly?
    Fri June 17, 5:34:28pm
    CaroleThomas: Also strange – the different spellings of Hubby’s name – Brandan, Brandon, Brendon???
    Fri June 17, 5:36:40pm
    CaroleThomas: ^A good Yorkshire lass cohabiting with Mum and Dad – nothing to see here!
    Fri June 17, 5:37:25pm
    EvilEdna: Brendan is almost simmy, isn’t he! The Guardian was inviting staffers at Save the Children to share their own experiences.. “Has Brendan behaved inappropriately towards you, too?!”
    Fri June 17, 5:40:46pm
    CaroleThomas: 66 countries! Please not!
    Fri June 17, 5:42:30pm
    CaroleThomas: Merlin! Are they kidding us?
    fakeologist: http://savechat.fakeologist.combetter threaded and saved chat
    Fri June 17, 5:46:39pm
    CaroleThomas: @EvilEdna It’s either simmy or simian – they might be monkeying with us!
    Fri June 17, 5:50:35pm
    CaroleThomas: So what is our scenario? Romeo Brandon(sp?) goes out on a dinghy with mistress and handless love children whilst betrayed wifey Helen huddles in Yorkshire hovel with elderly parents packing toothpaste into boxes? Works for me?
    Fri June 17, 5:58:12pm4:03:18pm

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.


    I know i never post on the forums and if I do i make dumb ones but yeah.

    Shouldn’t the topics name be 16th june?

    This ‘murder’ has gotten alot attention here in the Netherlands.
    We also has a referendum, remeber? It was about the Ukraine-EU treaty.
    And somehow our prime minister ‘marky mark’ has gotten away with postponing the government decision on this till ONE day after the British referendum.
    Regardless of if it is real or not it IS being used for something.
    What about the referendum angle?

    Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

    Yeah two guys we as fakeologists do not really trust but they have good info from time to time I think.

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    Ugh already see a spelling error. And I cant edit after…

    When I re-watch that video… well these guys could even be in the same room.
    The plot is most probably thicker and the referendum maybe the first layer.

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    A former head of policy at Oxfam, she also worked as an adviser to Sarah Brown, the wife of former prime minister Gordon Brown, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
    Prior to this he ran a global research project and published a series of reports analysing global development campaigns and looking at future trends and opportunities. The reports were based on numerous interviews with heads of state, civil society leaders, campaigners and academics
    Special Advisor to the Prime Minister
    10 Downing Street
    January 2009 – May 2010 (1 year 5 months)

    or, alternatively

    Page 1
    World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015
    Previously, he ran a global research project and published a series of reports analysing global development campaigns and looking at future trends and opportunities. The reports were based on numerous interviews with heads of state, civil society leaders, campaigners and academics; it was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    source – google cache of
    A vaccination project, perhaps?

    Sarah and I were privileged to work with Jo and her husband Brendan over many years

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    A familiar career path…

    Cox, who quit in September after four years in the role, denied the claims made against him. “The rumours are untrue,” the paper quotes him as saying.
    Asked about the allegations, a Save the Children spokeswoman said: “We never comment in any circumstances on individual members of staff, past or present.”
    This news comes after Justin Forsyth, the charity’s chief executive, announced that he would stand down in February after five years in the role.

    Tom Dalpra

    On Wednesday Jo Cox was campaigning for the remain campaign on the river Thames.
    Boats…(Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof were in boats having some pathetic staged megaphone competition the same day.)


    My girlfriend’s daughter rang up from university yesterday declaring she was going to vote ‘Remain’ and anyone who didn’t vote that way was a racist and not worth talking to.
    This stuff seems to work.


    Tom Dalpra

    That blue jacket with the white trim, very prominent in image searches and often with the red shirt, looks very ‘Tory’ to me.
    The combo with the red makes for a generic, red white and blue politician.


    Certainly this is a classic image of Thatcher, the most famous and recognisable British female politician.



    This from the houseboat. Two images copied. Her in blue and white, to go with the flag presumably ? Typical weirdness.




    A witness emerges…

    June 16 2016

    Jo Cox’s poignant last words as she lay dying in the street after being shot were: ‘I can’t make it, I’m in too much pain.’
    They were revealed yesterday by the MP’s assistant Fazila Aswat, who had just dropped her off outside her constituency surgery.

    source –

    But did she? No, it “emerged” through Aswat’s father Concillor Ghulam Maniyar, 59

    why so?
    Miss Aswat, who had worked for the MP for a year, is too distressed to speak publicly

    “my daughter tried to help her, you know, and er, say [sic], ‘Look, Jo get up’ and she said “No,my pain is to much Fajila, she [daughter] couldn’t do anything else you know, she tried to comfort her…and meantime police came, and an ambulance came, and she couldn’t, she asked her to go to hospital because she’s eye witness and her clothes full of of blood, so the police politely advised her not to, they can’#t take her to the hospital but she came out from back door, you know and the time my daughter came out from that car she saw Jo Cox lying on the floor, you know and she tried to help her,you know but she couldn’t do anything else and I think this person has [sic] well planned, because her surgery was advertised because he didn’t hurt anybody else because she had come back again to make sure he heard her”


    Where does the father say ‘‘I can’t make it, I’m in too much pain.’’? Nowhere I can find yet.

    What a [secondhand] witness…. This is just crazy. All is far, far from well in this story.

    What did he say to SkyNews

    When they reached the destination where the surgery’s going to take place, er Jo come out from back seat, and er Fajila come out from her driving seat, and went round the car, she saw Jo lying on the fl-, ground and said that’s ? ?I was Shocked what’s happened here, and she’s full of blood, whether he stabbed her first, or shot her first, so, so she’s tried to confort here, and said ‘Come on, Jo’. She said ‘No, ? too much pain’ [cut] and this gunman, whether he gone away somewhere, or come back again and shot her twice, you know.

    “Did your daughter encounter the gunman as well?”

    No, she tried to hit with her handbag but you know what handbag can do, he did not, he just showed her a knife but didn’t hurt her, you know [cut]
    Her memory will remain for ever ”
    Ghulam wipes dry eye tear away
    I’m so sorry. That’s such a hor- it’s just such a horrid thing to have happened to someone like that
    ‘It is, yeah. Let’s hope her family come to thinking about two little children, you know, they are gorgeous little children”
    [eyes remain dry]

    Can this by anything other than some psy-op?

    Back on 27 March 2003

    A COUNCILLOR has appealed for calm following an arson attack on Mount Pleasant’s Medina Mosque on Monday.

    Coun Ghulam Maniyar (Lab, Batley East) called for people to refrain from retaliatory action after suspects broke two windows, poured petrol over plastic sheeting and set fire to it at the Purlwell Lane building at 10.30pm. The flames did not spread.
    Coun Maniyar said the consequences could have been far worse.

    Wednesday 25 February 2004
    A BATLEY councillor is to stand down after 12 years of unbroken service. Coun Ghulam Maniyar (Lab, Batley East), will not stand in June’s ‘all out’ local government elections, instead aiming to spend more time with his family.
    As chairman of the Heavy Woollen planning sub-committee, Coun Maniyar, 59, said he was proud to have overseen the Tesco and Mill Discount Department Store plans. He was also chairman of the Batley City Challenge regeneration committee in the 1990s.
    Coun Maniyar said he will be able to devote more time to his restaurant in Rotherham, as well as the Indian Muslim Welfare Society, Batley Cemetery Support Group and work as a Labour Party activist.


    Fazila Aswat seemed to have worked for Kirklees Royal Voluntary Service

    Click to access communityPartapprovedInvestments1416.pdf

    16:14 June 16 2016
    North Kirklees Royal Voluntary Service
    David McCullough, Royal Voluntary Service Chief Executive said: “We are very shocked and saddened to hear about the attack on MP Jo Cox. She is a friend, supporter and advocate of Royal Voluntary Service and of older people in our communities. We are thinking of her and her family at this difficult time.”

    In what shape was Fazila the MP’s “assistant”?

    Someone tries to make a connection but it’s not proven


    The Gas Fitter or Cafe Owner “witness” – Clarke Rothwell
    told BBC News: “People were screaming and running from the area, people tried running towards him and as you were running towards him he was lunging with the knife at everybody.

    “A gentleman with a bald head in his 50s got very close and he lunged forward and stabbed him straight in the stomach, and tried to reload his gun to shoot people nearby again but people were sort of trying to surround him.
    He shot this lady once, then he shot her again and she fell to the floor. Went over, shot her once more in the face area, somebody tried grabbing, wrestling with him, then he was wielding a knife, a hunting knife.
    “He just started lunging at her with a knife, half a dozen times.


    r Rothwell, a 42-year-old gas engineer, said: “I was outside the sandwich shop close to the Library when I heard a popping sound.
    “I looked round and there was a guy standing over a woman on the floor.
    “He seemed to have what looked like an old gun, like a musket, in his hand and he shot her again in the middle.
    “He then seemed to shoot a third time, towards her head or face.
    “He was also stabbing at her with what looked like a hunting knife, about a foot long.
    “He was stabbing her and waving the knife around.
    “He was shouting what sounded like `Britain First, Britain First’ but then seemed to panic and hurried off.
    “He seemed scared and hurried off towards Union Street, dumping a jacket on the floor.”I got into my van and tried to follow him but I lost him.”

    Mr Rothwell said he had rushed to the scene after hearing a noise he thought at first was a car backfiring.

    The words I heard him say were Britain first, or put Britain first,’ Mr Rothwell told BBC Newsnight.
    ‘I can’t say exactly what it was but definitely Britain first is what he said, what he was shouting. He shouted it at least twice.’

    …as opposed to the earlier “witness” Hicham Ben Abdallah of the
    Azzurro restaurant, who says he didn’t.
    But out pops another witness…
    Graeme Howard, 38, was among at least two witnesses who stated that Mair was shouting “Britain first” as he carried out the attack.

    Oh yes, pop pop pop, sounds like a car backfiring, doesn’t it. He hears pop pop pop and there’s only been one shot, allegedly. Totally scripted nonsense.

    as is…

    Aamir Tahir, of the Dry Clean Centre, said the gunman was heard shouting “Britain first”.
    He said: “The lady I work with heard two loud bangs but I wasn’t there, I was stuck in traffic at the time. I wish I was there because I would have tried to stop him.

    but Mr Tahir didn’t hear it, did he? He’s just passively repeating what he’s been told to say.

    Here’s Mr Abdallah with the full script


    More about the mysterious cottage

    6:55pm June 17
    ‘Disdain for MPs undermines democracy – ultimately it killed Jo’
    Veronica Oakeshott is a Labour councillor [in Newham, East London] and friend of the Cox family who has worked with Jo on campaigns for tax transparency. She wrote this tribute:
    This weekend I was meant to be joining Jo Cox and her husband at a camping party at their holiday cottage deep in the country. It is 15 minutes’ walk from the road, and if you want transport to the front door you have to go by canoe. There is no drinking water and visitors are advised to bring sturdy footwear to cope with the mud.

    Most families would balk at the prospect of bringing two young children into a setting devoid of all mod-cons – as the Cox family have done regularly – by way of a “break”. After a hard week in parliament, surely a Yorkshire brew in front of Peppa Pig would be tempting.
    But this was, and is, an exceptional family who see a challenge as an adventure and inspire others to do the same. And so, inspired, my husband and I had our tent ready and our own two year-old ‘briefed’ for mud, sticks and canvas, when the horrific news came through.
    I didn’t know Jo well; my connection with the family is with her husband. However, as someone who has worked in Parliament, is now an elected councillor, and mother of a young child, I have a pretty good sense of how hard she worked to keep it all together and a huge respect for what she has achieved. As a councillor, I too have occasionally experienced the disdain that most MPs face, just for their belief in service through the democratic system.
    That disdain, widely tolerated across society, from pubs to dinner parties, has undermined our democracy for too long. Ultimately, it killed Jo. The public’s crucial and valuable right to challenge politicians has turned into a perceived right to hate them.

    In these days of reflection, as campaigns are suspended, I hope that the seed of a new era of respectful challenge, planted by the wide acknowledgement of Jo’s exceptional service, will germinate and grow.


    There’s some footage from BBC2 here

    which includes the interview with key “witness” Clarke Rothwell, Gas Fitter and Cafe Owner. A comment below mentions the possibility that the cafe was set up specially in advance at 12 Market Place for the psy-op, indeed it was previously known as Sinatra’s, and had stood empty for some time.
    It seems to have been set up as a limited company and inspected in November 2015
    with directors Clarke Andrew Rothwell, Simon Jon Wilkins and Jayne Wilkins.
    [Yes indeed, why was it called “Joe’s”? Well, Joseph Priestley, born there in 1733, springs to mind, whose statue is in the village and whose name is borne by the nearby, older associate, but an interesting coincidence nevertheless]
    Ample online, perhaps too ample, documentation highlights a site visit by councillors along with the premises application, which additionally indicates that another nearby licensed premises is owned by these near neighbours in Western Avenue.[i.e. Priestley’s Cafe Bar at 6A Low Lane] relating to extending the hours of opening..

    Click to access PREM%20GRANT%20Completed%20Report%20Joes%20Bar.pdf

    The licence was obviously granted.
    Sinatras –

    Grand opening February 6 2016

    Priestley’s is part sponsored by CR Gas Services, which is Clarke Rothwell

    Priestleys Bar

    ‘Joe’s Bar’ offers a wide range of cocktails and our home made sweetie shop vodkas.

    The owners of Joe’s, with the witness, Clarke, who said he heard the multipe Britain First shouts of Mair

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    June 17 2016
    U.K. politician’s murder shocks Green’s Harbour residents

    Before moving back to their home country of England, Gordon and Sheila worked as music teachers in Newfoundland for a number of years in the 1970s. Gordon taught in Whitbourne, while Sheila worked at two schools in Green’s Harbour — Acreman Elementary and Ridgewood Junior High. Penney worked with Sheila at Ridgewood, and she taught Crocker’s children. They also taught in St. John’s.

    Although Gordon and Sheila Cox left Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1970s, they kept in touch over the years with those they met and have made multiple trips back to the province. Crocker and Penney both received Christmas cards from the Cox family every year that included a letter with updates on what was happening in their lives.

    “They are people who are very down to earth,” Penney said. “They’re not snooty or snobby people … You couldn’t find better people.”

    According to Penney, Brendan Cox was not born in Newfoundland, though his older sister Anastasia was. He can also recall Brendan visiting the province as a teenager.


    January – All Time
    Released on Alan McGee’s Poptones label. Unfortunately their management folded and they were dropped by the label soon after and the band split. Simon McLean then moved to a remote part of Scotland to recover from the blow and continue writing but I’ve heard he has since moved back to his native Australia.–lean/simon/pa38/1487900873/

    Jonathan Wood 11 months ago
    +Jonathan Wood PS. I think Simon returned to Australia after living on a Scotish island for several years…?


    Mrs Cox had worked on Mr Obama’s 2008 presidential election campaign before she became MP for Batley and Spen.
    June 18 2016
    source –

    Head of Humanitarian Campaigning
    June 2007 – May 2009
    (2 years)
    source –
    I guess that’s called multitasking.
    Donate to Oxfam now.


    Fundraising – total reaches GBP1m
    Friends of Mrs Cox set up the Go Fund Me page in “celebration and memory” of the popular MP..
    The most cited is “Mrs Cox’s friend Mr Tim Dixon” co-founder The Syria Campaign, a former Australian Prime Ministers’ speechwriter.
    The money will be split between Jo’s favourite causes: the Royal Voluntary Service, Hope Not Hate and the White Helmets, as chosen by her family

    The Royal Voluntary Service, to support volunteers helping combat loneliness in Jo’s constituency, Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire.
    HOPE not hate, who seek to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities across Britain.
    The White Helmets, volunteer search and rescue workers in Syria. Unarmed and neutral, these heroes have saved more than 51,000 lives from under the rubble and bring hope to the region.

    The RVS is the employer of key witness and her “driver” for the Birstall Hustings, Fazila Aswat, local manager in Huddersfield.

    The appeal, Jo Cox’s Fund, was set up on crowdfunding site by family and friends of Mrs Cox “in celebration and memory” of her work and life. These include Nick Grono (CEO, The Freedom Fund), Tim Dixon (MD, Purpose), Mabel van Oranje (Chair, Girls Not Brides), and Gemma Mortensen (Chief Global Officer, They have worked on it “in close collaboration with her husband Brendan Cox”. Dixon
    Tim leads our European operations based in London, and is also the chief political strategist for Purpose globally.
    “We’re looking for problem-solvers ready to help make the world a more awesome place…
    From gun violence to LGBT rights, we have a proven record of creating big change from the bottom up.


    The HOPE not hate campaign was founded in 2004..
    HOPE not hate was established to offer a more positive and engaged way of doing anti-fascism
    Building a society that celebrates rather than scapegoats our differences.

    Here’s Tim = Be a science activist
    “I grew up wanting to be an astronaut”

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    Jo Cox timeline
    Police called – 12:52 PM BST
    WYP Contact Centre ?@WYP_CCC [West Yorkshire Police]
    We are aware of a serious incident ongoing in Birstall. Details will be realeased in the press in due course.
    5:03 am – 16 Jun 2016 1:03 PM BST

    Ash Milnes ?@Ashmilnes
    Reports of a shooting incident Birstall town center near to Library, male lying in road. Police on scene with helicopter hovering above.
    5:24 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:24 PM BST]

    Jo Cox declared dead allegedly 1:48 PM BST

    Nicola FurbisherVerified account ?@NicolaFurbisher [Yorkshire Post]
    First take on what we know @leedsnews. Woman ‘shot and stabbed’ outside Birstall library
    5:42 am – 16 Jun 2016 1:42 PM BST]

    Michael Crick Verified account @MichaelLCrick [BBC]
    Jo Cox MP shot and stabbed her office confirm
    5:57 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:57 PM BST]

    Allie Hodgkins-Brown ?@AllieHBNews [BBC News Duty Editor]
    Office of Jo Cox MP confirms she has been injured in an attack at her office in Birstall Yorkshire
    5:56 am – 16 Jun 2016
    [1:56 PM BST]

    Frances Banham ?@LUFCFran [LU = Leeds United Football Club]
    @SkyNews gunman on loose in birstall mp shot Jo cox apparently
    5:52 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:52 PM BST]

    Frances Banham ?@LUFCFran
    @NewsManJack I am only reporting what is on dewsbury pictures old and new group – all over Facebook – I’m not a witness
    5:57 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:57 PM BST]

    Press Association Verified account ?@PA
    #Breaking Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox has been shot in Birstall near Leeds, an eyewitness has said
    5:57 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:57 PM BST]

    Malik Walton ?@Cameramal
    Armed police presence at a #Leeds hospital after a shooting in #Birstall involving #MP Jo Cox @BBCLookNorth
    6:05 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:05 PM BST]

    Jamie McConkey @JamieMcConkey [BBC News]
    Reports Jo Cox taken by air ambulance to hospital after reported shooting; armed police nearby
    6:08 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:08 PM BST]

    Crumpets&Tea ?@Wimpylad
    Unconfirmed reports that MP Jo Cox is dead after being shot and stabbed in constituency office
    6:07 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:07 PM]


    Jo Cox has been airlifted to hospital, SkyNews reporting that Labour sources are saying her condition is “serious”. 6:11 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:11 PM BST]
    by which time “Labour sources” and “the office of Jo Cox” would know jolly well that she was dead.

    Thoughts – a very rapid dissemination from the “office of Jo Cox” to all major news outlets around 1.54 pm.
    It’s well worth listening to Stephen Kinnock in this interview the next day…

    “Well, I was in my constituency on Thursday and my researcher in Westminster had gone into the office next door. We have, Jo and I had adjoining offices. We shared an office effectively and he’d gone in to ask hi-,her researcher something and he he saw that she looked like she’d just seen a ghost and he said ‘well, what happened?’ and she said that Jo had been shot and he phoned me immediately and I was in South Wales and I just thought it was some kind of hoax, er couldn’t really believe it, so I just put the phone down and tried to think what on earth that could mean. Then, of course, the events over the next few hours unfolded and we’ve lost a true ray of sunshine….

    I am afraid I am not buying the researcher story at all.

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