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    The strangely pictorially absent air ambulance helicopter
    Jo Cox was allegedly taken to Leeds in an air ambulance – various news sources.
    Police called 12.52 pm Died Leeds hospital 56 minutes later.
    to recap…

    a strange tweet from the police, presaging something serious
    12 minutes after the police were called.

    What do we find?

    Alistair ?@hartley87
    @Batley_News @WYP_BatleySpen
    Whats happening in Birstall?
    Several marked and unmarked police cars /ambulance and now air ambulance here…
    5:13 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:13 PM BST]

    Rebecca Blakemore; @BeckieBlakemore
    Police helicopter, Air Ambulance and like 17 police cars going through Birstall. What’s going on!?
    5:31 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:31 PM BST]

    Scots Footy Cards ?@ScotsFootyCards Jun 16 [1:34 PM BST]
    @BeckieBlakemore just been through it Becky. Reports 2 shot.

    Rebecca Blakemore; ?@BeckieBlakemore Jun 16 [1:36 PM BST]
    @ScotsFootyCards Yeah we’ve just head the news. Absolutely crazy! Stay safe!

    Jacob Young @jcbyoung
    Hearing one of the victims in the #Birstall shooting/stabbing is Lab MP, @Jo_Cox1. Truly awful.
    5:54 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:54 PM BST]
    Middlesbrough, England
    Former Field Director at Britain Stronger in Europe
    Former Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar at Conservatives
    Now, apparently urging “Vote Leave”.

    Sky NewsVerified account ?@SkyNews
    Labour MP Jo Cox Shot Near Leeds: Eyewitness
    6:00 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2 PM BST]

    BBC Look North (Yks)Verified account ?@BBCLookNorth
    Police escort an ambulance to a #Leeds hospital after a shooting in #Birstall
    6:03 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:03 PM BST]

    Where has the ambulance come from? Why is anyone filming it? News of a shooting in Birstall has only just emerged. It seems impossible.

    BBC Radio SheffieldVerified account ?@BBCSheffield
    MP Jo Cox Shot and stabbed in an incident in Birstall, W.Yorks – taken by air ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary
    6:09 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:09 PM BST]

    Shooting? And more, and it’s only 22 minutes since the police were called…
    R o z z y @rozzy38lfc
    Someone’s just been shot dead in Birstall WTAF ?
    5:14 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:14 PM BST]
    Wakefield, England

    Reece Pollard ?@reecepollard93
    Reported Shooting and a stabbing in birstall wtf
    5:14 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:14 PM BST]

    Jack Robinson ?@Jackorias
    So apparently someone’s just been shot in Birstall… stay classy
    5:20 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:20 PM BST]


    the UK just exited the EU, much to my surprise after this Cox “assassination” that fit perfect to discredit the Brexit “No” mouvement.

    Is this possible Cox murder “psyop” then a failed attempt to swing the public opinion ?

    what is curious regarding the day Cox was ‘murdered’ is that Lady Diana was killed the same day 30 years ago (16.06.86). TPTB love those numbers and dates. having two female public figures die the same day sure looks curious on the surface, lot of 6’s.


    Ooops, wrong numbers on Diana completely ! the Lady Di that died on 16th of june 1986 was Lady Diana Cooper !

    Lady Di was killed 31st august 1997 in Paris,,, my bad

    Tom Dalpra

    Yes, interesting to wake up with Brexit winning.

    It’s further proof to me that predicting these things even in a two horse race, is difficult.
    I’m glad I said on audio that I was NOT recommending putting one’s mortgage on the UK remaining. But I also said I thought Remain was a certainty – a fix.

    I’d been following the odds with the bookies thinking even the ‘very short’ 2/5 was a value bet.
    By yesterday the Remain campaign was a 1/9 favourite ie if you’d put 9 on, you’d only win 1 –
    the bookies were making ‘remain’ a near certainty !

    So what happened ?
    I don’t think the Jo Cox ‘murder’ Op was a failed attempt to swing the vote as UNreal wonders.
    But it feels like it was. On something this big it seems unlikely to me that ‘real power’ doesn’t have it all under control.

    The vote was ‘close’ and appears to have pretty-much split the country. We’re told the majority of London and the South East voted to remain whilst Wales and ‘The North’ voted to leave.

    There was a real effort to get people voting and make them feel involved.
    A ‘Big Thing’ was made of this.

    Divided we go forward, ‘on our own’.



    after the Brexit, other european countries dream of Nexit, Auxit, Frexit !

    what is curious about the EU vote is that there are precedents of miscalculations. In 2004/2005 both France and Holland voted “no” to the EU Constitution. the EU then had to shred this effort, only to conjure up the “Lisbon Treaty” that was in it’s turn rejected by Irelands 2008 vote. fortunately for EU non-elected officials, they got a re-vote only a year later which they now won. however, other countries skipped the planned voting all-together as these voting accidents apparently upset the TPTB somewhat. making a big thing out of the Cox MP ‘killing’ doesn’t really explain why it was orchestrated. it is interesting however that the last time an MP died, it was in a terrorism attack by the IRA (car-bomb),,,

    if the Cox ‘murder Op’ was not a failed incentive about the EU vote, it’s difficult to understand what other agenda this event really served and will serve* ?

    *they won’t let us forget this:roses/candles every year, opinion letters and editorials, family members interviewed, new revelations/pictures/content, biographies and conspiracy theory books etc.


    4 days ago
    MPs in the House of Commons will be able to sit together, rather than dividing along party lines.
    When tributes are over, they will pair up with opposition MPs to walk to St Margaret’s Church for a service of prayer and remembrance.
    Jeremy Corbyn will lead the tributes, speaking before the Prime Minister, and his speech is expected to last 30 minutes.
    Mrs Cox’s parents, Gordon and Jean Leadbeater, will also be attending the House with her sister Kim, as will Mr Cox’s parents, Gordon and Sheila Cox.
    Monday 20 June 2016

    Members of Jox [sic] Cox’s extended family were in the public gallery to hear the tributes. They included her husband Brendan and their two young children, Cuillin and Lejla, her parents,[sic] Gordon and Sheila Cox, her sister and brother in law and their three children, and two of her closest friends, Sarah Hamilton, who knew her from her student days, and Brendan Cox’s former best man, Will Paxton.

    see comments!

    Tom Dalpra

    after the Brexit, other european countries dream of Nexit, Auxit, Frexit !

    Ha! Yeh, where will it lead ?

    After the Jo Cox psYOp, it seems perhaps a surprise that Brexit won. But do you really think these things aren’t all under control ? Things of this nature are planned years in advance I think, hence we have to see Jo Cox Op as being seen as useful without, being a result swinger.

    With the bookies calling Remain a heavy favourite right up into the evening and then Farage making a premature concession of defeat, before the ‘Out’ vote prevailed and the pound plummeted, I was reminded of the days after June 18th 1815 and the Battle of Waterloo in England when ( similarly false ) rumours of Napoleon’s victory circulated and the ‘in-the-know’ Rothschilds made a killing. Coup, coup…

    With Jo Cook’s death, a real effort was made and emotions were stirred-up in the public.
    Maybe her murder and then Brexit winning is a powerful psychological message anyway ?
    She really went down with that cause.
    Fake blood spilt in this memorable ‘battle’ that us people think we have been part of winning or losing.



    Nicola FurbisherVerified account ?@NicolaFurbisher [Yorkshire Post]
    First take on what we know @leedsnews. Woman ‘shot and stabbed’ outside Birstall library
    5:42 am – 16 Jun 2016 1:42 PM BST]

    To conclude [?] I want to look at the leading role of the Yorkshire Post and its sister paper, the Yorkshire Evening Post in this psy-op.
    First reports, half an hour after the alleged shooting, the only report is of a MAN lying in the road.

    A tweet at 1.37 pm, 13 minutes later, which may or may not be planted, paints the picture of the police cars which all turned up surrealy to “arrest” Tommy Mair in a suburban street, only one of which had any blue lights flashing and none of which had any sirens turned on. Who should pick it up? Nicola Furbisher of the Yorkshire Post.

    Back in Yorkshire after a Brussels adventure.
    Managing editor of the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post.
    Previously group editor of the Derbyshire Times, deputy editor of the Yorkshire Evening Post & news editor/chief reporter of the Yorkshire Post. Also Halifax Courier & Brighouse Echo.
    I had a special boy called Thomas…
    Author: Dear Thomas:,
    Being In Brussels:

    Perhaps it’s normal for such a senior editor of a large newspaper to be on duty tweeting a shooting report? I’d have thought it would have been done by someone more junior. No matter.

    who should pick up the police car tweet, but Nicola.

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account @NicolaFurbisher
    @batleydan Serious shooting incident Dan. We’ll update as quickly as we can..
    5:38 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:38 PM BST]

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account @NicolaFurbisher
    @batleydan Near the library, apparently – but we’re still getting info.
    5:39 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:39 PM BST]

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher
    First take on what we know @leedsnews. Woman ‘shot and stabbed’ outside Birstall library
    FRPSKate Proctor
    5:42 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:42 PM BST]


    Nicola Furbisher Verified account
    ?@NicolaFurbisher Nicola Furbisher Retweeted YorkshireEveningPost
    .Nicola Furbisher added,
    YorkshireEveningPost @LeedsNews
    We are investigating reports that MP Jo Cox has been involved in the shooting and stabbing incident outside Birstall Library.
    5:57 am – 16 Jun 2016 [1:57 PM BST]


    1:57 PM BST

    Nicola Furbishe Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher
    The office of @Jo_Cox1 has confirmed she was the victim of an attack outside Birstall library. We are seeking updates on her condition.
    6:00 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:00 PM BST]

    2:01 PM BST
    The blocking police cars from the YEP


    YorkshireEveningPost Verified account ?@LeedsNews
    MP Jo Cox ‘shot and stabbed’ outside Birstall library
    6:03 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:03 PM BST]

    hunt for attacker, 2:12 PM,, retweeted by Nicola at 2:13

    Then the “witnesses”

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher
    “I had customers. I was just serving them drinks, then all of a sudden we heard screaming.” #Birstall
    6:15 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:15 PM BST]


    timeline continued..abbreviated

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [2:17 PM BST]
    “After the 2nd shot I turned & ran. He walked away very calmly. Nobody stopped him – he had a gun.”

    Nicola FurbisherVerified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 2:20 PM BST]
    Witnesses: an onlooker tackled a man & tried to take his gun. Moments later, a second shot was heard. #Birstall

    Nicola FurbisherVerified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [2:30 PM BST]
    Jo Cox in a critical condition, according to police. 52-year-old man arrested. #Birstall

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [3:06 PM BST]
    Personal note. Jo’s an amazing , inspiring woman who shines with optimism and positivity. We’re praying for you @Jo_Cox1

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [3:58 PM BST]
    “It’s just a massive shock. She’s been a huge force for good since she was elected.” #jocox #birstall

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [5:15 PM BST]
    Devastating news. Police confirm @Jo_Cox1 has died.

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [5:20 PM BST]
    So many in our team knew Jo, worked closely with her. She was a rising political star who worked with passion – and joy. Such a loss.

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [5:39 PM BST]
    Jo was a passionate supporter of the @YorkshirePost campaign Loneliness: The Hidden Epidemic, committed to working to make lives better

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [5:42 PM BST]
    I met her just once, at her consitituency office with @LindsayPantryYP. She was a whirlwind of activity, with a ‘non-stop brain’, she said

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [5:34 PM BST]
    Bright, eager, sassy and savvy; planning, planning, planning, wanting to change the world for the better. And such a devoted mum. #jocox

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [5:50 PM BST]
    Video of the recent police press conference on our Facebook site here. Your tributes to Jo are wonderful:

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [5:50 PM BST]
    Video of the recent police press conference on our Facebook site here. Your tributes to Jo are wonderful:

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [6:53 PM BST]
    “She would have wanted…that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her.” Brendan Cox #JoCox

    Nicola FurbisherVerified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [9:05 PM BST]
    YEP Comment (and truly from the heart): Farewell to our bright, vivacious, sassy and sparkling Jo #jocox.

    Nicola Furbisher Verified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [9:55 PM BST]
    So very,very proud of our journalists who worked so hard this dreadful day on a story that was not only traumatic but very personal to them.

    Nicola FurbisherVerified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [10:06 PM BST]
    Final checks being made on the front pages of @LeedsNews and @yorkshirepost . I hope we’ve done you proud @Jo_Cox1

    In reply to Lindsay Pantry
    Nicola FurbisherVerified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [10:09 PM BST]
    @LindsayPantryYP She was some woman. A complete inspiration. I think we were both blown away. xx

    Nicola FurbisherVerified account ?@NicolaFurbisher Jun 16 [10:22 PM BST]
    Tomorrow’s @leedsnews P1: #jocox #tomorrowspaperstoday @suttonnick @Johnston_Press @hendopolis @BBCNews

    and the familiar page..

    and the final word from the Yorkshire Post’s Westminster correspondent, Kate Proctorsee previous post…
    from Katy Proctor, describing the party which Jo Cox held on her boat two days before the Birstall event.

    and the YP hagiography from Lindsay Pantry


    Who spread the disinfo that the 77 year old witness who was allegedly stabbed [and who didn’t need to be present for the hoax to proceed] and made a miraculous recovery to be silently paraded 10 days later at a rugby football match, had died 3 years previously? Ans…

    well well well
    so, who’s this short oldish man in white shirt looking rather unconfortable here?

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 3 months ago by xileffilex.

    tweets from Kay Proctor of the YP in Westminster
    all times BST
    Kate Proctor ?@KateProctorYP Jun 16 [2:04 PM]
    Absolutely devastated to hear that @Jo_Cox1 has been shot in Birstall. Staff know she’s injured but nothing more #yplive

    Kate Proctor ?@KateProctorYP Jun 16 [2:07 PM]
    Staff describe the scene in Birstall as a clear crime scene. There is an ambulance outside and @Jo_Cox1 has been injured #yplive

    Kate Proctor ?@KateProctorYP Jun 16 [2:08 PM]
    Labour MP Jo Cox ‘shot and stabbed’ outside Birstall library – huge hunt for attacker

    Kate Proctor ?@KateProctorYP Jun 16 [2:15 PM]
    .@Jo_Cox1 reportedly stabbed in Birstall is a mum of 2 young children and is one of the nicest MPs I’ve worked with.

    Kate Proctor ?@KateProctorYP Jun 16 [2:29 PM]
    .@Jo_Cox1 is in a critical condition in hospital in Leeds and 52-year-old man arrested. Thoughts and prayers with her family. #yplive

    [no she allegedly died 41 minutes ago which ought information to be transmitted immediately]

    Kate Proctor ?@KateProctorYP Jun 16 [2:32 PM]
    .@Jo_Cox1 staff are due to talk to West Yorkshire Police in the next few moment about this horrific incident. More when I get it. #yplive

    Kate Proctor ?@KateProctorYP Jun 16 [3:06 PM]
    Profile: Jo Cox speaks to @yorkshirepost about her life and about working in the world’s most dangerous war zones

    Kate Proctor ?@KateProctorYP Jun 16 [5:16 PM]
    Jo Cox, MP for Batley &Spen, has passed away after being attacked in Birstall. Absolutely devastating news. My thoughts are with her family.

    James Reed ?@JamesReedYP Jun 16 [5:30 PM]
    Personal reflections on @Jo_Cox1 from our Westminster Correspondent @KateProctorYP

    Kate Proctor @KateProctorYP
    Kate Proctor: My time with Jo Cox
    10:21 am – 16 Jun 2016 [6:21 PM BST]

    unbelieveable pace and preparedness.



    John Furbisher ?@John_Furbisher
    What a dismal bloody beastly tragedy. I am aghast and deeply saddened. God cherish her soul and comfort her family.John Furbisher added,
    Nicola Furbisher @NicolaFurbisher
    So many in our team knew Jo, worked closely with her. She was a rising political star who worked with passion – and joy. Such a loss.
    9:34 am – 16 Jun 2016 [5:34 PM BST]

    The only tweet relating to Jo!john-furbisher/m2or7


    Brendan Cox has gone very quiet on the tweet front. Nothing since June 23. Perhaps there’s no internet access at the remote Wye Valley cottage along with an absence of piped water.
    Let’s have an old one, then

    Federica Mogherini ?@FedericaMog 11 Jul 2015
    My solidarity to @avucic who made the historical choice of being present in #Srebrenica. Peace can be built only on reconciliation
    328 retweets 400 likes
    Reply Retweet 328
    Like 400
    Brendan Cox ?@MrBrendanCox 11 Jul 2015
    @FedericaMog @avucic agreed, though reconciliation must be based on honest acceptance of what happened #genocide #SrebrenicaGenocide20Years

    @avucic = prime minister of Serbia.
    @FedericaMog = Vice president of EU


    Anna Yearley ?@AnnaYearley
    Sending so much love to @MrBrendanCox ,her beautiful children & all of Jo’s family as they prepare to say goodbye tmrw. Our love is with you
    2:11 pm – 14 Jul 2016 [10:11 PM BST]

    Who’s this?
    Executive Director, Reprieve

    More NGOS


    Hmmm, lots of Guantanamo representations there.

    Drone strikes, Rendition….very spooky.

    Anna Yearley ?@AnnaYearley 10 May 2014
    So delighted the fantastic @Jo_Cox1 has been selected as Labour candidate in Batley & Spen.She’s a great local woman who’ll be a brill MP

    Jo Cox MP Verified account ?@Jo_Cox1 13 May 2014
    @AnnaYearley a belated thanks Anna. Can’t wait to work together x

    Jo Cox MP ?@Jo_Cox1 11 Dec 2013
    I’ve just been accepted onto Harvard University’s Public Policy & Global Leadership programme. Bring on spring in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

    Anna Yearley ?@AnnaYearley
    @Jo_Cox1 wow. Massive congrats Jo

    Anna Yearley ?@AnnaYearley
    Praying for Jo Cox. Such a wonderful woman. In total shock.
    6:03 am – 16 Jun 2016 [2:03 PM BST]
    another one tweeting on cue.

    Anna Yearley ?@AnnaYearley Anna Yearley Retweeted Brendan Cox
    Beautiful beautiful woman.Anna Yearley added,
    Brendan Cox @MrBrendanCox
    8:37 am – 16 Jun 2016 [4:37 PM BST]

    Anna Yearley @AnnaYearley
    Don’t have enough words to say what a brilliant woman Jo Cox was. A devastating loss. Two kids without a mum. Just heartbreaking
    9:20 am – 16 Jun 2016 [5:20 PM BST]
    on cue again.

    PS Anna M Yearley, former director European Movement Of The United Kingdom Ltd

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 3 months ago by xileffilex.

    Pretty sure this is Jo’s S-i-L in OZ
    Melbourne based novelist and poet, she has a PhD on the cultural history of the Russian space Age.
    More fakery!
    Speaking from about 8.00 here in 2012 about her favorite “Cosmonaut” actors

    Anastasia Cox @AnastasiaCox
    when we were kids my bro & I secretly taped family dinner conversations on cassette tapes. Wish I knew where those tapes were now.
    4:43 pm – 14 Apr 2011

    perhaps Brendan has them.


    On second thoughts, I think the above post is erroneous.

    New in – the have-a-go hero Bernard Kenny has conveniently died.
    allegedly having been diagnosed with cancer in June, around the time he was due to receive the George Medal for bravery…

    Mr Kenny was awarded the George Medal for his bravery this June, and in a statement said he was “honoured to receive such an award”.

    However, his son said told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner that he had not had the chance to receive it and that he hoped it would be presented to his wife Doreen posthumously.

    Bernard was fond of making statements [not in person….] Try this one for size from the Inquest:

    In a statement read out in court, he said: “I immediately recognised her as Jo Cox, our local MP. The next thing I heard was a bang. I thought it sounded like a gun and I thought it can’t be a gun. I thought it must be a car backfiring.
    “I ran across. I was intending to jump on his shoulders. He had his back to me. I thought if I could jump on to the back I could take him down.
    “I thought he was thumping her until I saw the blood. I saw he had a knife in his hands. It was what I call a dagger. The blade was about nine inches.
    “Just as I got short of him he turned around and saw me. He shoved the knife in and it hit me in the stomach. The blood started pouring out between my fingers. I saw the blood and I thought ‘Oh my God’.”
    He collapsed outside a sandwich shop and was rushed for treatment at hospital in Leeds, the court heard.


    The cancer was not reported until he died peacefully at home. Apparently.

    Meanwhile, Brendan is on holiday with his and Jo’s two children in …. the Balkans. Ideal for kids. Vukovar, Mostar, 42 degress of heat. I bet they’re loving it.

    Didn’t Jo have friends from Croatia? Or was it Bosnia? I forget.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.

    Kate Brajdi? was a friend of Brendan and Jo

    There is a very interesting post at the David Icke forums by someone called ThisIsNotMyMame
    who may be someone who knew Brendan or Jo many years ago.
    Brendan went to Croatia in the summers of 1997 (Fuzine), 1998 (Savudrija) and 1999 (Motovun) with the Abbey Venture Scout Unit.

    His nickname in 1998 was Blair

    I think that’s how he knows Brajditch (sic: Brajdic) aka Brajda Katarina who was involved in the Abbey VSU newsletter called Blatant:

    some images and commentary on the scout trip is archived.

    his thoughts on the war in the former Yugoslavia…
    Brendan is in Croatia currently with the kids as already noted.

    Brendan Cox? @MrBrendanCox
    Amazing night on Bitoraj mountain, staying at a shelter I first stayed in 20 years ago. Kids loved the adventure.
    10:09 AM – 11 Aug 2017 [6:09 PM BST]

    Bitoraj is just outside Fuzine.
    Where has Kate Brajdic been on holiday recently?

    Kate Brajdi?
    15 August · Edited ·
    Fužine 20 years after and our kids <3

    The Reading Abbey Venture Scouts trip was in 1997.

    Catching up with the latest scout gossip, and about Jo, of course.

    Kate Brajdi?
    20 June 2016 · ·

    I am immensely proud to have known Jo Cox and overwhelmingly sad about the way her life ended. She was a friend, a fighter, petite but grand, full of life, ideals and determination to go after them. The impact she made on the world is amazing. Shine on Jo, we’ll carry your banner of love
    <3 Brendan, we are with you #MoreInCommon — at Parliament Square.

    She really was remarkable and we are just devastated.
    2 · 20 June 2016 at 00:34

    Quite a few of the class of 1997, Fuzine, crowd like the Kate’s post and photo from Fuzine – Richard Drew, Fiona Keith-Lewis, Simoon Bond, Toby Swallow..
    not forgetting Mubera Havic who was another friend of Jo and Brendan.
    Perhaps Kate ought to have a quick look at this video which shows the total nonsense of the Cox “murder” Thomas Mair’s Two Getaways

    There’s an extensively research blogpost on the “murder” which I hadn’t noticed previously which accompanies the video

    Two hats and a funeral; Part One – featuring the Bernard Kenny enigma

    part II is here

    Two hats and a funeral; Part Two – featuring the drill-gone-live explanation

    Brendan, meanwhile, is interrupting the quiet holiday with the kids and perhaps Kate, tweeting simplistic messages about the absolutely fake car “attack” in Charlottesville.

    Let’s see where these nostalgic Croatian holidays are in 2018 and 2019 [vide supra]

    From the Venture scout site, on Brendan – the driving force behind our continuing links with Croatia.Bren is also learning Croatian at the moment. Something of a cunning linguist. Now keeps up with ‘current’ affairs by living on the Thames.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by xileffilex.

    The Cox Family come bounding out of cover after 18 months into the arms of the Daily Mail, to tell of their grief for the first time…
    It was Kim who identified her sister’s body. ‘I went to the morgue a few times,’ she says. ‘It wasn’t a comfort, but I knew I’d understand it more if I went; believe it more.’

    A few times??? That’s beyond crazy. Notice she doesn’t say she identified the body, less the corpse. We know why…

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    But more importantly, what’s this strange outfit whose anonymous ip was registered on the previous day, January 24 2018?

    British survivors of terrorism have launched a group in a bid to influence government policy on counter-terrorism and provide sup port for victims.
    which looks remarkably like a compendium of faked UK death events of recent years, with a recruited figurehead from each hoax. And a rearguard action to defend the fake narratives.
    It seems to be a sub-set of
    incorporated August 4 2017, and housed in the same virtual office as the Jo Cox Foundation
    which comprises Brendan Cox, Timothy Edwin Dixon, Mathieu Lefevre and Gemma Rachel Mortensen. Mortensen and Dixon resigned from the Jo Cox Foundation recently around the same time as M-i-c sprang up. Mortensen is a former director of 38 Degrees, an opinion steering organsation.
    If you have lost a loved one to terror or survived a terror attack, and want to be part of Survivors Against Terror we would love to hear from you.


    • This reply was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by xileffilex.

    That’s a clear sign of a scripted event, if “families” and “survivors” push for “government intervention”.

    Clearly seen in so many hoaxes, Sandy Hoax (using children even, how sick) and Las Vegas lately as prime examples.

    Someone who really is disturbed by losing loved ones, wouldn’t go on such a disinfo trail. They mourn, show outrage, but are not phrasing the scripted lines as such…

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Correction, the Mail interview is with the “Jo” Cox family, i.e. the Leadbeaters. [post 850222], not that of Brendan, who’s now kicked off the hoax support group, “survivors of terror”

    Hmmmm, doesn’t seem very “organic”, this Survivors of Drills group. More of a closed circle, set up no doubt by the shady supra-governmental organisers of these staged events to influence government spending, i.e. on more hoaxes and controls.

    notice how the unmarried girlfriend Charlotte Sutcliffe, of Brussels Airport “bombing” vicsim David Dixon has now assumed his name since the inquest

    Brave Brits who have lost loved ones in terrorist attacks unite to form group dedicated to fighting extremism

    When Brendan Cox contacted [Sajda]Mughal [7/7 “survivor] and asked her to get involved with Survivors Against Terror, she jumped at the opportunity….MIKE HAINES, 51, whose aid worker brother David was beheaded in Syria in 2014 by Jihadi John – real name Mohammed Emwazi – broke down in tears as he spoke to The Sun on Sunday

    I think we get the picture. But we must have a facebook page

    which, inter alia, features Travis Frain, key actor in the London Westminster Bridge pantomime of 2016.

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