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    The bizarre severed hands episode may be explained as simply a pretext for tightening coroner procedures in certain places, whilst at the same time, serving as a morbid reminder and affirmation of the broader Op?

    ”coroner procedures were overhauled after more than 20 victims’ hands were cut off in 1989 for identification purposes”.


    Anyway, I’d like you to imagine for a moment that some families did exhume a body and reunite it with their hands, as half-suggested. Imagine the scene, it’s wet and people are in raincoats standing round an open coffin. A solemn relative walks up and drops a pair of fairly-fresh-looking hands into the box.
    They bow their heads. This song is playing in the background:

    So yeh, hence the joke: ”What do you call a man standing in a cemetery wearing two raincoats?”


    Avatar photorgos

    Famous Fakeologist goggles?

    Avatar photorgos

    But Mrs Lockwood Croft insists there is still more to be done.
    She wants certain vessels banned from the tidal waters and emergency telephones installed along the Thames connected directly to rescue services.”


    Another reference:
    By Mackenzie Moulton

    a vairy eenteresting story…from p66 onwards…just fancy that a police diver sails up the Thames on the evening of the incident, spots both boats, then in the middle of the night gets a call out. Ticks off Cannon Street and Southwark bridges, rather than, say, Tower, Westminster, Waterloo, London etc etc… I am interested in the “procedure” of knocking on the hull to see if anyone was alive. Also about “PLA divers” They do exist

    No mention of any bodies [yet allegedly there were stil 27 to be recovered], but

    we searched for a few more weeks in the area of the collision and recovered many bits of the marchioness, the biggest being the roof

    He says Wapping police station yard was being used as a temporary mortuary

    “Bodies were being labelled and photographed”

    The Multi agency response is documented here

    Initiation of the Major Incident procedure by the Metropolitan Police Service as soon as receiving the alert from the Hurlingham, another pleasure boat, by marine radio. Many of the 80 survivors were rescued from the water by either police or those onboard the Hurlingham, with several managaging to swim ashore.
    London Fire Brigade took to nearby bridges and roads to act as lookouts for casualties and later deployed their Fire Boat to assist with rescue.
    London Ambulance Service conveyed 71 of the 80 survivors to nearby hospitals, with the remaining 9 conveyed by the Police. In addition, to allow London Ambulance Service to prioritise the incident response, support was provided by Essex and Surrey Ambulance Services.
    Helicopters from the RAF joined the police helicopter, searching for casualties during the night and into the following morning.
    Assistance was also requested from the Royal Navy divers who were flown into London from Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose (Cornwall) by helicopter.
    Extensive searches of the river and foreshore were also conducted by members of the Costguard and emergency services.Of those who lost their lives, 24 were recovered from the Marchioness, and 27 from the river.

    That’s one big drill. I’m not seeing how the presence of a lifeboat would have helped here. There seems to be not a scrap of evidence that any bodies were found the first night. The 24/27 split seems to be explained by their allocation to registration districts:
    Of the names, 27 deaths are recorded in the Tower Hamlets registration district – Wapping, London Hospital etc
    and 23 deaths are recorded in London Central, the City.
    That makes 50. One death alone was recorded in Westminster district. Who would that be? Shaun L Croft
    All deaths are recorded in bulk in 1990 after the second opening of the inquest.


    The 1995 inquest appearance of Captain Henderson.
    Seems like the coroner wanted to deflect any criticism.

    parliament Jan 11 1994

    Mr. Spearing : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what steps were taken by his Marine Accident Investigation Branch to contact the survivors and witnesses of the Bowbelle collision with a view to its submission of written or oral evidence to the subsequent inquiry; and if lists of such persons were supplied to it by the Metropolitan police or other persons or bodies.

    Mr. Norris : Lists of survivors from Marchioness were supplied by the Metropolitan police. Copies of their statements and those of other witnesses were also provided; all were examined. When it appeared that the witness was in a position to provide evidence as to the circumstances of the accident, an attempt was made to contact them and invite them to meet an inspector. In addition, press advertisements were placed inviting anyone who so wished to contribute to the inquiry.
    Mr. Spearing : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport (1) where, and at what time, any representative or member of the management of South Coast Shipping boarded the Bowbelle in the early hours of 20 August 1989 and for what purpose ; what such information was available to the inspector conducting the subsequent inquiry ; if such a visit was referred to or discussed in evidence given to that inquiry by any member of the crew or management of the Bowbelle ; and where it is referred to in the consequent report ;

    (2) if he will describe the movements of the sand dredger Bowbelle subsequent to its collision on 20 August 1989 with the Marchioness prior to its mooring at Orchard wharf, Leamouth ; which persons representing which interests boarded or left the vessel over that period ; and if this information was known and considered by the inspector conducting the subsequent inquiry.

    Mr. Norris : The movements of Bowbelle immediately after the collision are described in sections 3.11 and 17.1 of the chief inspector’s report. Subsequently, she proceeded down river and on instruction from the Port of London Authority anchored in Gallions reach at 0325 hours. She weighed anchor at about 0445 hours and berthed at Orchard Wharf at 0540 hours.

    While at Gallions reach she was boarded by the operations manager of South Coast Shipping and by two officers of the Metropolitan police. This information was known to the inspector conducting the inquiry ; it is not referred to in the report as it had no relevance to the accident.
    Mr. Spearing : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what boats, lifebuoys, or other buoyant apparatus were thrown overboard, or otherwise used, after the Bowbelle-Marchioness collision on 20 August 1989 (a) from the Hurlingham and (b) from the Bowbelle ; if such information was secured by the inspector conducting the inquiry ; and whether it was referred to therein (a) in general or (b) in quantifiable terms.

    Mr. Norris : Buoyant apparatus and life buoys were thrown into the water from Hurlingham, but none from Bowbelle. Evidence as to this was obtained by the inspectors ; section 12 of the chief inspector’s report refers to that.

    So, management of RMC/South Coast Shipping were roused from their beds and made their way poste-hast to an obscure wharf in East London within 90 minutes. Gallions reach is down river from Leamouth, so the Bowbelle retraced from Gallions, which is actually beyond the barrier. Some hit and run!

    Accidents do happen…another ship of South Coast Shipping crashed into the Thames flood barrier in 1997 and was holed. The reproduced VHF transmissions are vivid.

    Where’s Mr Henderson now?


    This is Marchioness Tragedy – Australian branch.
    I see some parallel here with MH17 and it’s smattering of Australian victims.

    Good find Tom.

    The five Australians who died when the Marchioness sank were: David Ayres, John Clarke, Dianne Lim, Shirleen Manning and Angela Plevey.

    Ages 29,31,25,28,29 respectively.

    What I find incredible is that on Mrs Lockwood’s web site no fewer than four of the names have spelling mistakes in them or do not correspond to the officially recorded name.

    Of the names, 27 deaths are recorded in the Tower Hamlets registration district – Wapping, London Hospital etc
    and 23 deaths are recorded in London Central, the City.
    That makes 50. One death alone was recorded in Westminster district. Who would that be? Shaun L Croft
    All deaths are recorded in bulk in 1990 after the opening of the inquest.

    Elsewhere we read


    The coroner’s inquest into the deaths was adjourned in April 1990 after four days because of the criminal proceedings involving Captain Henderson

    Convenient timing?

    Since these apparent deaths would have been reported to the coroner…

    the coroner will send the necessary
    details to the registrar of births and deaths for the death to be
    registered when it occurred in England and Wales.

    When the inquest has been completed the coroner will notify the registrar of births and deaths so that the death can be registered by the registrar and a death certificate can then be obtained from the registrar

    But the inquest was not completed in 1990.
    I can find no online news reports of any inquest being opened for the Marchioness incident althugh the chronology states:
    Opened 22-25 August 1989
    Re-opened 23-26 April 1990
    Inqust proper 13 March – 7 April 1995

    In parliament, April 18 1990

    Mr. Cohen : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will make a further grant to the Marchioness disaster fund to cover the cost of legal representation of the relatives of the victims at the forthcoming inquest ; and if he will make a statement.

    Mr McLoughlin : I announced on 18 October 1989 that the Government had contributed £125,000 to the Riverboat Trust Fund set up by the mayor of Southwark, following the Marchioness disaster. Payments from the trust are matters for the trustees within the terms of the deed of trust, and I see no reason for a further contribution to the fund for the suggested purpose.

    Google “Riverboat Trust Fund” – nothing apart from the above statement….
    On October 18 1989

    Mr. Bowis : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will give details of the Government’s contribution to the disaster fund set up by the mayor of Southwark for the victims of the Marchioness disaster and their families.
    Mr. McLoughlin : Following the Marchioness disaster, the Government made a contribution of £125,000 to the river boat disaster fund. Neither the fund nor the Government’s contribution to it will affect any possible claims for compensation.
    Parliamentary approval for this payment will be sought in a supplementary supply estimate for the administration and transport services vote. Pending that approval, the £125,000 donation has been met from a repayable advance

    How was the £125,000 spent or distributed?
    September 1 1989 [within two weeks]

    Tony Ritchie, mayor of Southwark who started the fund, annoyed at the victims being depicted as affluent yuppies and calling for donations;

    or August 27 1989 a week later

    A group of survivors from the Marchioness river boat disaster are organising a memorial and appeal for funds. Annette Russell, who was rescued from the Thames a week ago today, explains the aims of the memorial and says not all on board were wealthy.

    It seems all very fast. The appeal is being set up by Richie on August 24

    Anyway, the questions remain which only a legal mind can answer – how can the deaths be registered before the inquest is completed and why are they registered by the coroner in 3 districts? Was the fund registered as a charity?

    Some more detail Aug. 24, 1989

    Two more bodies were found in the River Thames, bringing to 50 the number recovered since a pleasure boat was sunk, police said today.

    leaving just one. Or Six..

    Scotland Yard police headquarters said two more bodies were recovered Wednesday night, bringing the total to 50 found. Police said 83 people survived, and six more bodies were being sought.

    As we know, the last body found was that of Antonio Pedro D.L. De Souza E. Vasconcellos,death registered in Tower Hamlets.
    I think we must assume that the 27 recorded deaths are ascribed to being found in the river and delivered to Wapping and the other 24 to emerging from the boat although Shaun Croft’s registration in Westminster is curious.

    a contemporary film clip has contributions from

    Counciller Tony Ritchie (Mayor of Southwark) and Linda Goldsmith (counsellor, Riverboat Helpline)

    Another little clue:

    Douglas ‘Dougy’ Henderson was in his 30s and had become master of the Bowbelle in May. He had already been involved in a minor collision in June, and had been dismissed from a previous post for drinking on duty.

    All teed up.
    [Labour Councillor Tony Ritchie also chaired the LFCDA the London Fire and Civil Defence Authority]

    Eileen Dallaglio giving evidence to parliament on the draft Corporate Manslaughter bill, 2005

    these companies took Francesca’s life unlawfully, and she had a right to it under Article 2.2 of the European Convention. They handed us 15 or 16 years of non quality of life and a horrendous path—something I would not bestow it on my worst enemy—and I thank God that I have survived it. And then, to add to everything else, they have handed us the financial liability for it as well.

    She brings up the Selby / Heck rail disaster from ….1989; I had forgotten about that one. But the imagesfrom there are convincing.



    It turns out this survivor is a scuba diver/photographer.
    His office is covered in underwater photography! How….apt?

    Perhaps his affinity with the water was why he survived?

    Funny you should mention scuba diving, Tom. In this series of events
    immediately after the last change of UK government [hmmm] we read

    “Birdie was really into scuba diving. He had been to Tenerife and Thailand to dive. That was what he loved. His mother has been ill with cancer and that played on his mind. He never mentioned a father. He was close to his mother, used to see her every day,” [Mark] Cooper said.

    11 dead, then the standard suicide….familiar?
    I think we need a thread on Derrick Bird


    I have been meaning to post this for some time. There is a lot more, but this is the most bizarre and damning of the evidence which proves it was a set-up. I have no idea why they presented it like this, but no matter…
    We have to go back to this Daily Mail article

    To recap:

    she had been hired to celebrate the 26th birthday of Antonio de Vasconcellos, a Cambridge graduate who worked for a merchant bank.

    Not only was Antonio’s £1million salary extraordinary, but so was the autonomy he enjoyed. Any normal office handling resources of the magnitude of those at Torras’s disposal would have had a team of financial analysts.
    Instead, Torras Hostench London had just Antonio, his colleague Walid Moukarzel, secretary Elsa Garcia and a chauffeur. It didn’t feel right

    About a week after the disaster, a friend told me: ‘They’ve found him. Antonio’s dead.’ He was the last to be found, 11 days after the collision.

    So that would be about August 31?
    Let’s have a look at the fortune which this million a year whizz kid left…

    Vasconcelos, Domningos Miguel Da Gama Lobo Salema de Souza of 35 Clancarty Road, Fulham SW6 died 20 August 1989 Administration London 1 September not exceeding £100,000
    Vasconcelos, Antonio Pedro Da Gama Lobo Salema de Souza of 1 Meard Street London W1 died 20 August 1989 Administration London 1 September not exceeding £100,000

    This is astonishing – for any legal transfer of assets some kind of death certificate will be required. It usually takes several months minimum. Here, not only was Antonio’s death put back to the 20th – a number of these alleged victims had dates of death in the day or days following the 20th [details to follow] but the estate had been settled the following day!
    Unheard of. And not exceeding 100K can mean a lot less than 100K…

    And there was a third brother…who survived by swimming to the surface

    <b>Diogo Vasconcelos</b>
    who mysteriously died suddenly in July 2011; he lived in London

    google translate:

    He felt unwell earlier this week, while attending a conference in Bilbao, Spain. On returning to London, where he lived today, ended up hospitalized due to septicemia, whose origin was not detected, advanced close friends to PUBLIC. Following this serious infection, Diogo Vasconcelos suffered a cardiac arrest last night. Accompanying him in the London hospital were his wife and his brother.

    Wasn’t hosptalised in Bilbao…a little like the Ebola nurse’s homecoming.

    There is no probate recorded in England for Diogo Vasconcelos. Hmmmm
    For such a rich man.
    As expected, there was an inquest…
    ..but oh dear, the story has changed, he hasn’t been to Bilbao now….

    Mr de Vasconcelos, who was described in court as “a thinker and activist with an international reputation”, was a senior adviser for innovation at the European Commission and a director at Cisco Systems. He also worked as an ambassador for charity the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
    Westminster Coroner’s Court heard how he had been fit and healthy and had “virtually never” had cause to see a doctor, but he had gone to his GP on June 30 saying he felt weak.
    Experts could find no cause for the ailment and on July 5 he attended A&E at University College Hospital (UCLH) complaining of feeling “extremely unwell”.

    Consultant cardiologist Dr Martin Thomas told the inquest at last Wed­nesday that Mr de Vasconcelos, who lived in Prince of Wales Road, Camden, was found to be in “complete heart block”, a condition whereby the heart’s pumping function is impeded.
    Dr Thomas said: “He was quite young to go into complete heart block. It indicated that something was quite seriously wrong as this tends to be a condition of older people.”
    Mr de Vasconcelos’s condition was stabilised and he was transferred to The Heart Hospital, UCLH’s specialist cardiac centre in Marylebone. Experts attempted to stimulate his heart by passing an electrical signal through a wire into the organ, but his condition deteriorated further and he died after suffering a cardiac arrest on July 8.
    A histology examination found microscopic inflammation in the tissue of his heart.
    Addressing the cardiologist, coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox said: “Obviously this court would like to know, where did this come from?
    “To the naked eye his heart looked normal. Microscopically it was completely full of inflammatory cells.”
    Dr Thomas said the infection may have been caused by a common virus. He added: “It could have been a very simple virus like a cold. We don’t know an exact cause but in up to 60 per cent of cases one never finds a causative agent, so we can’t find the bug that’s caused it. Some people will get a simple infection and just deal with that and would not have a problem, but for unknown reasons for some people the infection affects the heart.”
    He said the disease had come “completely out of the blue”.
    Dr Wilcox said: “In these circumstances there is only one verdict for me to consider and that is natural causes.”
    She said Mr de Vasconcelos had had an exceptional career devoted to public service and added: “There must be a great many people out there grieving at his death.”
    The cause of death was given as inflammation of the heart muscle.

    Fiona Wilcox…..West London….Knapman’s old ground.

    another brother?


    Any claims against the estate of both Vasconcelo males who allegedly died on August 20 had to be submitted before November 12 1989 to …

    B. M. Kane & Co., 17 Pond Street,
    Hampstead London NW3 2PN,
    Solicitors. (Marie Do Rosario Da
    Gairia Lobo Salema De Souza e

    In the normal world, administration itself would probably only have been granted about this time. A cursory glance shows 2.5 months being typical, not 24 hours after discovery of a body, allegedly

    Avatar photorgos

    Marchioness – The Sequel – Hoax Recycling Dutch Style

    Party Boat capsizes off Egmond aan Zee

    A party boat with 11 people on board…

    Avatar photorgos

    NOS, totally mainstream.

    It was a ‘beerboat’.

    11 on board, 9 saved. Next.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    It was a ‘beerboat’.

    Oh really? I haven’t been following this thread but Re: the above line…

    Stockholm truck attack:

    Westminster victim Kurt Cobain, I mean Cock-rain:

    Note the beer is from a “Trappist brewery.” That one’s from Achel but this one from Westmalle has a curious logo:

    Check out the address of the Trappist monks’ headquarters:

    And that then brings us to this recent “discovery”:

    More on the TRAPPIST theme at my G+ post here:

    And for giggles, Admiral Allahu Akbar:

    Avatar photorgos

    Note the beer is from a “Trappist brewery.”

    Nice weather in Europe. Prepare for a streak of beer hoaxes.


    I only realise now that there is Marchioness memorial inside Southwark Cathedral, where on April 10 2017 a huge state funeral for a police officer allegedly stabbed on March 22 in the alleged attack on the UK Parliament took place.

    There is also a simple Marsh 9/11 victims’ memorial outside, which needs further investigation to establish why it is where it is.

    Images may be searched here
    which includes images of heavyweight political figures at the 1989 service.

    It still looks like a disaster drill to me


    What happened to key “survivor” Ward Bingham, whose duping account is still available. His Mondonation t-shirt website is no longer and he hasn’t tweeted for 10 years.
    Ward Bingham started a venture 6 months ago called Mondonation, a concept born out of a tragedy he experienced at the height of his design career when over 20 of his close friends perished on a boat he was on.
    source Big Marketing Blog, Oct 20 2006

    His sister died in 2009 – brother Boyd Bingham.–rose-funeral-home/tracy-stewart/299686/
    however he’s busy on Facebook having made a 2016 film about Beds, with his boyfriend Trevor Davison

    Will Bingham be wheeled out for the 30th anniversary? He certainly was for the 20th in 2009…
    Ward Bingham, from Vancouver, Canada, was 23 when he lost 13 friends in the Marchioness disaster.
    Bingham regurgitates his swimming away from the ‘wreck’ and…
    One of my very close friends, Peter Alcorn, died. He wasn’t found until 12 or 13 days after the accident. I had to go and identify his body. It was unbearable.***

    His family was back in Nova Scotia and I had to go and pack up all of his stuff. I remember standing in his room, looking at everything and just bawling, packing up his stuff and going through his life.

    We were all very creative people, all had budding careers. I was a shoe designer, but I lost all of my creativity after the accident.

    *** no need for Knapman to cut off Alcorns hands for “identification” purposes then…

    Here’s a 2014 film – oh, the 25th anniversary..


    Ok, so Ms Penwarden adds to the list of silly survivor stories xilef.
    Every one a winner to date!

    The water was warm?
    ”because the water was warm, because it was a full moon, it didn’t occur to me that people were going to die.”

    Odette Penwarden appears in the above film along with the author of Dark Waters, Magda Allani ***
    From 3m 47s… Penwarden had been to a party of the star “millionaire” a year previously…she it was who suggested, allegedly, that Antonio have a river cruise party because she was working for City Cruises.
    [Note – City Cruises were a key player in the Westminster Bridge HRDPAR in 2017….]
    a job she left shortly after the disaster. according to the Independent, op. cit.

    “This will kill my mother if I don’t get out of here”


    With a failed marriage behind her, she had come to London in her mid thirties to make a fresh start….”When people say, ‘Are you married?’, I say, ‘I’m happily divorced, thank you.

    Waaaay too detailed for something like this – it’s obviously scripted and recited.

    Also giving testimony [apparently but confusingly **] Henry McKean
    @15.02 “You could smell the excitement” as the Marchioness departed – McKean

    **Who is he? A journalist, based in Ireland, b 1978, who would only have been 10 years old and who is just placing himself on the boat in his imagination for the [Irish made] dramatisation.

    Another key perp, Gareth Furby of the BBC who reported on the event, sent to the scene to report….”something very serious was happening”
    Yes, a serious drill.

    *** Allani’s tale -@25.40 – She was taken to St Thomas’s Hospital [also key location in the Westminster Bridge hoax] for a ‘couple of hours’ then released and straight round to some “Canadian friends”. suuuuuuure

    Molly Faldo, mother of the skipper of the Marchioness, Stephen Faldo on hearing of his body allegedly being found

    “We were told we weren’t allowed to see him because they said he was in a bad way, but I could’ve seen him..but I wasn’t allowed to, they told me I wasn’t allowed to.”


    “I had lived the improbable” – Magda Allani @33.40

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by xileffilex.

    The 30th anniversary of this key UK psy-op approaches and already we have had a favourable story in the MSM which allows the Marchioness ‘disaster’ to be revisited –
    A luxury Thames pleasure boat may be launched…
    April 6 2019
    A good time to repeat the official narrative…as it grows from a boat to a ship in the same article.

    The boat’s Anglo-Dutch backers want to be able to moor it close to London Bridge, just yards from where the Marchioness pleasure cruiser sank with the loss of 51 lives after colliding with a dredger in August 1989……“The ship creates a big safety issue on the river, just as we come up to the anniversary of the sinking of the Marchioness.

    Perhaps there aren’t any real plans for this boat/ship.

    And Ab has received this note from a reader –

    Hi, i am the partner of a man who got a phone call from his sisters soon to be ex husband at 9am Sunday 19th aug 89. His sister was on the boat. She wasn’t found until Tuesday on the riverbank somewhere (?) downstream. All I can tell you is that for at least one family this was all too real. They suffer to this day. The victim’s father had already commited suicide 8 years prior. She had a mother and two younger brothers. The older (my partner) is very ill, he had a massive brain heammorhage 6 years ago and a ruptured aortic aneurysm 3 month ago (I think both caused by stress). The younger brother is bi polar hebrephenic schizophrenic since 91. The mother still lives (just). They live outside London but within the uk (up north). They weren,t even invited to the 25th anniversary. So at least one person did die that night and the ensuing 30 years has been a nightmare for her family. The comment about the Max Bygraves song You Need Hands although I would normally find that quite funny if I wasn’t directly affected by it, is at the very least insensitive, could you get rid of it? I don’t want to just moan and I would like to be constructive. I don’t want you to publish this email as the family are very private (reclusive). I can tell you that despite the fact the victim, who I don’t want to name as she wasnt my sister, was as i said found tuesday. She wasnt buried until 10th Sept and in the 3 or 4 days before was in a chapel of rest, the funeral director left the casket open although the family coulnt cope with seeing her like that. Before sealing the casket, the funeral director asked if the family * wanted her wedding ring left on or removed. There may be a clue there! Also at the time, there were rumours that Cecil Parkinson had been seen boarding the Bowbelle afrer the collision **. I can also tell you that the familys home phone was very “clicky” over the following 2 to 3 years. Maybe im just para…maybe not. Thanks.

    • “the family” not “the husband”
      ** ah, a sub-psy-op

    Comments – since nobody can identify anybody from this shaggy dog story, and something like 25 people were allegedly washed downstream according to the narrative and their deaths were booked in at Tower Hamlets rather than Westminster, then there is no point in keeping this note under wraps. An absurd suggestion in the context. It looks rather like a made up story, complete with deliberate punctuation and spelling mistakes ***, over-full of detail – 9am… – and with a surfeit of side-tragedies.

    *** the Oxbridge educated paid agents love to throw in their [inconsistent] grammatical infelicities to give the impression that people less educated than themselves are writing into conspeeracee blogs and forums. So so obvious. And JLB asserts there are no salaried shills….still.


    Well knock me down! As an aperitif before the coming 30th anniversary, the Hungarians have been briefed how to do a warm-up tourist shipping disaster…
    As expected, the video imagery shows nothing, only “suggesting” a collision.

    Who are the fictims? Koreans, who, we remember, were key role players in the Westminster Bridge #NDNGH fake terror drill in 2017.

    Thirty South Korean tourists and three tour guides, as well as two Hungarian crew, were on board the Hableany.
    Only seven people are confirmed to have survived the incident, while seven South Korean tourists are known to have died.
    Most of the tourists were aged between 40 and 50 but the group also included a six-year-old child and a man in his 70s, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported.

    Looking fake already. Add lots of hugging and flowers…
    Here come the grieving “families”

    1949 built boat wunk, an old banger- check!
    64 year old Ukrainian captain blamed – check!

    Emergency services standing around bored with the drill…

    A fairly generic staged event.

    For South Koreans, the sinking is a painful reminder of the Sewol disaster in 2014, the BBC’s Laura Bicker in Seoul reports.

    The ferry of that name sank off South Korea’s Jindo island killing 304 people, almost all of them schoolchildren on a trip. The ship’s captain was later convicted of murder.

    suuuuuure. Another one to investigate.


    As expected, the BIG CRANE for the big PUBLIC RAISING of the scuttled cruise ship has occurred, an excellent opportunity for the fakers to show the ‘nothing to see here’ footage of the “collision”
    We will recall that 33 Korean tourists allegedly were on board/taking part in the hoax.

    Four more bodies have been recovered after salvage crews raised the wreck of a tourist boat that sank on the Danube in Budapest last month.

    Police said the boat had sunk within seven seconds of the collision.

    “The current was so fast and people were floating away,” one survivor, identified only by her surname Jung, told South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

    More bodies were recovered in the following days, with one pulled from the Danube more than 100km (60 miles) downstream. Excluding the unidentified four recovered on Tuesday, 19 South Korean tourists and a Hungarian crewman are so far confirmed to have died.

    The disaster was the worst on the Danube – Europe’s second-longest river – in more than 50 years.

    The wreck of the Mermaid will be taken to a secure location and examined by police, who have launched a criminal investigation.

    Another four people are believed to still be missing.

    footage of the lift

    Euronews reporting at the time

    and the phoney footage from the Guardian/Hungarian police from 0.18

    Here comes the all important share out of the $$$ to the “victims’ families” i.e. thanks for taking part in the hoax/receiving new identities.

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in said his government would co-operate with Hungarian authorities “to thoroughly investigate the incident”.



    And so it came to pass that the phoney trial of the 64 year old Ukrainian actor roped into this formulaic hoax would take place, one Yuriy Chaplinsky… Suuuuure A nice little retirement boost, one imagines.
    March 10 2020
    And another feast for the Hungarian lawyers. What’s new?

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