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    Many if not most psy-ops include one or more of a common set of referential visual symbols which I believe facilitate communication and understanding between the specific group putting on the fake show and those who are part of their network sitting out this one. Here’s a list of some of the most common symbols I have seen and what I think they might be trying to say:

    One Shoe:
    Seen in: 2014 NYC Cop killer who hides in Subway, Charlie Hebdo
    Refers To: 1969 Moon Landing Hoax

    The “Devil Sign”
    Seen in: Sandy Hook, Paris Theatre Bombing 2015
    Refers To: “Hook ’em Horns” symbol of the University of Texas Longhorns football team, which I believe signifies “Texas, 1963” and the Kennedy assassination hoax

    See in: 2001
    Refers To: 1865 = 1+8, 6+5, the year of the Lincoln assassination hoax

    Blue and White Shirts
    Seen in many psy-ops, people featured prominently in photos wearing specifically blue and white clothes
    Refers To: Israel, the birth of the psy-op of perpetual terrorism threatening us everyday, the modern endless war

    It could be that these psy-ops are made by different groups individually or jointly who are part of “schools” of hoaxers and are “tagging” their work or it could simply be an homage to those who came before.

    There are other symbols like the Unicorn horns at Boston which pop up from time to time that I haven’t been able to fit into a historical hoax context.

    N.B. There was a witch appearing in the video of the balloons near the explosion of the Boston Marathon Smoke Bomb (BMSB) that I believe refers to Craft Services “Witch-Craft” but the video, a little too on-the-nose, has been removed from youTube. As it was only a CGI rendering it does not appear in any other videos. This is what gave me the idea that hoaxers are tagging their product.

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