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    A Guide to the psyopticon Shillery Event

    Summary: experienced a large disruption by an entity known as psyopticon (registered at Clues Forum as Evil Edna). psypticon loaded the chat up with cut and pastes, caused divide among members, and chatted incessantly about British minor news events. Then another member, Peter Shea, found an instance in the audiochat dated 8/13/14 where it appeared that psyoopticon was using voice morphing software to disguise his voice. On an audiochat 4 days later dated 8/17/14 Peter Shea confronts psyopticon about the voice morphing. The string of angry curse words psyopticon lets out thereafter was proof to many that psyopticon was guilty. The voice morphing is considered doubtful by some and a nail in the coffin by others. Some even thought that this was one of the first times that actual cointelpro activity (voice morphing) can be documented on a truther-type website thus exposing psyopticon for what he is: a paid disruptor. Although we don’t all agree about the voice morphing, there is consensus by everyone involved that psyopticon caused a huge disruption and needed to leave the site forever.

    Points for Consideration:

    1) 8/13/14 This is the original audio where psyopticon’s voice allegedly morphs.

    Post: Audiochat Aug 12-13/2014 1/2

    Original recording

    There are 3 voices on this track: Ab, Jan Erik, UNreal. Then a 4th much deeper voice breaks in and says “Hey um” at 12 seconds and then stops. It is speculated that psyopticon’s voice morphing was not running yet so he didn’t continue to talk.


    Psyopticon started talking again, and his voice starts out the same as before, low. But then, his voice seems to change.

    “Say guys, huhu hi there Unreal and Rollo and uh Ab, how’s things? I uh era ok. I’m looking at yer sss excuse me for my ignorance Unreal, Im looking at you’re um your flag …

    (and now the voice morphing starts)

    … you know your national flag on your um name you’re your name …

    (and now the voice morphing is complete)

    … what is that, like blue white red, blue white rr orange . . .”


    2) 8/17/14 This is the audio where Peter Shea confronts psyopticon for his voice morphing.

    Post: Audiochat Aug16-17/2014 – ep 122 Afterparty

    Original recording

    The confrontation starts at, and continues for more than an hour


    3) 8/20/14 This is the video Khammad did highlighting the voice morphing. It is speculated that psyopticon used a special English accent, one that Americans know and love, in order to ingratiate us to him. This accent is akin to the lovable Wallace character. The similarities are seen in this video.

    Examining Shill Tactics video

    4) 8/29/14 psypticon does a 180 degree turn on Ab, and Simon Shack. Where once psyopticon was their biggest supporters, he is now one of their most dissatisfied customers. psyopticon complains about it through some posts at the Jahalliya website and Ab made a post about it.

    Post: Psyopti-blowback

    5) Present day It appears that psyopticon has registered under numerous handles at since he was banned the first time. The types of disruptions these new users showed were very similar to the old psyopticon, as well as the pattern of speech and general snarkiness. These new users have also been banned.

    K Ham


    Psyopticon had some very interestng things to say, and was clearly very well informed.

    psypticon loaded the chat up with cut and pastes, caused divide among members, and chatted incessantly about British minor news events

    I wouldn’t exactly brand them minor events – some of the kites he flew and which I had never considered, when I researched them, certainly held water [to mix metaphors] and could be assigned as hoaxes decades before 9/11, 7/7. It is a shame that he can’t be subjected to more scrutiny here in person.

    Some of his conjectures are truly absurd – there’s a Dallas Goldbug about him, definitely – and unverifiable, such as suggesting that the birth registers, compliled from signed brth certificates, are “peppered” [he liked that word so much he used in in one of the rambling broadcasts with Pete Sheehan] with fake entries going back to the 50s and 60s, and reactvated when required for mass death event psy-ops. These things can be tested.

    Edna has come under suspicion at his new temporary home similarly.

    [was I right about Kennneth Williams, K?]



    There are many important British hoaxes and psyop events worthy of discussion and investigation.

    I apologize if it sounded like I was making light of British psyops. ALL psyops are important to our studies here.

    Having spoke with psyopticon on several occasions, and having read several of his posts and chats, I saw that he was re-directing fakeologist discussion of current events to past British events which americans knew nothing about.

    We americans had to rely on psyopticon as our guide, to provide us with the links and info, to walk us through each British event, and to hand us his conclusions.

    Here is how a typical scenario would go with psyopticon:

    An event would occur and smell of a hoax. Fakeologists would gather and start to investigate it, in comes psyopticon and the investigation would change immediate direction. Instead of looking into the this most recent event, psyopticon would lead the charge into investigating an older smaller British event. This would happen time and time again.

    This is what I mean by

    “and chatted incessantly about British minor news events”

    Psyopticon did discuss important British events as well, but it seemed like he chose the minor events to discuss with us as he had the advantage in the discussion because he knew all the details and we did not.

    In this way psyopticon was able to take control of many conversations he had with fakeologists.

    In the beginning, he was obliged and people were happy to participate in his discussions, but it started to get tiresome. Being a polite group of people, fakeologists just kept obliging the psyopticon discussions. Looking back, it seems clear what he was doing: disrupting our discussion of current events.

    K Ham



    Hahaha, you nailed Kenneth Williams. It stopped my breath when I saw that you so politely asked if he was psyopticon. Hilarious. Stopped ol’ Kenneth in his tracks.


    K Ham



    In the following clip, I have edited out all the boring parts and just left the exciting parts. I tried my best not to alter the spirit of psyopticon’s rant.

    The choice of curse words is what fascinates me the most.

    K Ham


    Something happened to the link of “The Best of Psyopticon Gets Mad” posted previously.

    Here is a link that works:

    K Ham


    Priceless. Excellent defense mechanism to accuse someone of being what you are.


    December 31, 2014.
    In the Derailing Room I posted a new thread called the Psyopticon Event.

    In this thread I posted 10 links to Psyopticons most infamous 2 audios (Originals and clips):

    January 8, 2015
    Psyopticon posted on the David Icke forum:

    Yes, Psyopticon, I am a Raucous Spookette, minus the Spook. Raucousette. Yes, I like it.

    That word ‘Spook’, my friend, describes you.


    K Ham

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