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    Ottawa Shooting Hoax Payday – the money angle

    The city has spent more than $300,000 on increased security at municipal buildings after attacks in Ottawa and Quebec.

    Psyops are for fear and money. Your local Toronto taxes will go up all for a fake event. This is one of their purposes.


    The money is not the purpose of a psy-op. Money is only a carrot that gets people to do the psy-ops, same as the power gained or any other side-effect that benefits the participants.

    The hidden, conspiratorial purpose of a psy-op is ostensibly to make humans see the world in a particular way, like “The Matrix” where a computer feeds images, thoughts and feelings to sleeping people. But if the truth will be told, most of the psy-ops we are seeing are first and foremost distractions, limited hangouts designed to catch people who wriggled through the wide net cast by the media, government and cultural institutions. Psy-ops feed our need to “find out what’s going on” by letting us discover all these fake events the general public missed, manipulating our focus and keeping us constantly engaged at one level of thinking.

    Think of the Kennedy Assassination or 9/11: events people will spend the rest of their lives focused on, events that will forever color how and what they see and fake.

    The psy-op is the maze you find yourself in once you have escaped from the maze you were born into.


    If you strip away obvious psy-op stories, or those which could easily be psy-ops but have no corroborative imagery for us to cast our eyes over, from our newspapers, radio and TV news broadcasts, there would be precious little left. We can verify what our elected politicians were doing, but they are debating the fallout of psy-ops which they are forced to assume are real events and over which they have no control.

    Someone is wanting us to watch TV and radio news and read newspapers.

    There is little point going to the cinema or watching films when you’ve already paid through taxation for a fake reality to be sent to you as news.


    You are caught in a net of analysis that prevents you from seeing deeper into the truth and the psy-op is what creates that net. They give you an endless stream of psy-ops so that your eyes are constantly moving to where they want them to be: towards tomorrows minor truths and away from yesterday’s significant ones.

    Psy-ops create black holes into which intellects are trapped forever, always thinking they are uncovering some new piece of information yet when you step back and look what has been discovered it is of no significance in and of itself for what good is opening a door if you do not know how to walk through it?

    What you think of as a “psy-op” (we can spell it spy-op) is really a trap that catches intelligent, thinking people and keeps them from expanding their vision by limiting their focus.

    For example, there is no such thing as a “take your guns away” agenda. TPTB are the ones who make guns. They want half the world the buy them just to spite the other half. It is very good business on many levels. They have no fear of citizen militias because they know the truth about war and revolutions (they are psy-ops, provably so but since they don’t point our eyes there we don’t look), they have been manufacturing both for a long time.

    And they have no use for money because they have an even greater power: they determine what we believe and what we do. If you had that power you wouldn’t care about money either. Money is for those way down on the pyramid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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