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    richard benedict

    Ab, I continue to be impressed by how your logic leads to valid conclusions. One example is the idea that the super rich, e.g. warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, are actors is supported by an extremely important book from the 1960’s “The Rich and Super Rich” 1968 On p. 135 Chapter four “The Inheritors” reads “Private wealth acquired by new entrepreneurs, new in the sense of first showing themselves since World War II or World war I does not amount to much relatively as we have observed.” Lundberg goes to detail how only one family, the Kennedys, have actually reached the rank of influential rich, and their influence is mostly in politics.

    So the idea of noveu riche in America, from no less an authority than Ferdinand Lundberg is a myth. The book is treasure trove of information on the power of money in America. In the first lines of the book, Lundberg states the overwhelming majority of Americans work their entire lives and only possess a few sticks of furniture to show for it in the end. How true.

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    Thanks Richard. These are merely conclusions I’ve made coming from a skeptical mind and knowing now that most of what we’re told are lies. Interesting find of yours.

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