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    I’ve just started researching the virus hoax idea after a friend of mine introduced me to the German New Medicine movement. There’s lots of literature out there, but mostly in print form and unfortunately filled with the usual disinfo. A good starter page on the web is:

    The basic premise is that there is insufficient and unconvincing evidence that such a thing as a virus exists. Rather than try to learn from others, I’m trying to start from scratch and find the evidence. I would appreciate if anyone shared a picture of a research paper that can answer the following questions, or, due to copyright issues, if anyone can provide such evidence.

    1) Have viruses been isolated and where are the original scientific papers that give the experimental results?
    2) In what research papers have any viruses been shown to be the source of any illness?
    3) What research paper shows that a virus can be partially disabled then extracted?

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    Just an update: No one can prove viruses do not exist, but no one has proven they do exist.

    Here’s a good assessment

    Does anyone have a good online reference?

    I bought the following book. It has a lot of good material in it. I suspect that much of it is controlled opposition too.

    Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense by Engelbrecht, Torsten, Köhnlein, Claus


    Here’s a good tutorial about virus sample preparation.

    Isolation, Culture, and Identification of Viruses

    Here’s a document from the CDC about virus sample preparations. In order to understand it, you can read through the link above.

    This procedure is not intended to prove the existence of a virus, just the existence of infected cells. If viruses are real, the following procedure would have been developed via a more thorough scientific study. I will be searching for this study, or evidence of it next.

    Click to access manual_diagn_lab_mea_rub_en.pdf

    Page 84,85 give the following method for “Isolating” the measles virus:

    9.4.11 Inoculation of Vero/SLAM for Isolation of Measles Virus

    Preparation of samples for virus isolation and the process of virus inoculation and subsequent passaging of virus in Vero/SLAM cells should be carried out only in a BSC specifically used for handling infectious material. Potentially infectious material
    should be kept completely separate from where “clean” cell stocks are being handled. For inoculations, cells should be seeded into 25cm^2 tissue culture flasks (T-25).
    Cells should be at approximately 85-90% of confluency and at least one day after seeding. If cells are overgrown, virus isolation will be unsuccessful. Virus inoculation and subsequent incubation should be in DMEM-PS plus 2% FBS.
    For inoculation of a T-25 flask, (equals virus passage number1), decant growth
    medium, add 5ml of DMEM-PS plus 2% FBS and 0.5- 1ml of specimen.
    Incubate at 37° C for 1 hour and observe the cells under the microscope to ascertain if the sample was toxic to the cells (rounding of cells, cells floating).
    Inoculated cells should be observed by light microscopy for CPE on a daily basis. Passage the infected Vero/SLAM cells by trypsinization after 4-5 days (in a Biological Safety Cabinet used specifically for handling potentially infectious material), at a 1:3 split ratio (passage number 2).
    Check the flasks daily. If no CPE is observed for 4-5 days after passage number 2, then discard. Record as negative result.
    When CPE is visible, continue to feed the cells (replace the medium with fresh DMEM-PS with 2% FBS, if necessary) until the CPE becomes extensive.
    It may be necessary to passage the cells one more time to allow the infection to spread before cells become overgrown. When CPE is visible over at least 50-75% of the cell layer, cells can be harvested for preparation of a viral stock (step 5 below).
    To prepare a viral stock, scrape the cells into the medium with a cell scraper or 1ml pipette. Transfer medium and cells to a sterile, plastic centrifuge tube and centrifuge the cells at approximately 1000 x g for 10 minutes. Discard the supernatant into hyperchlorite solution and resuspend the cell pellet in 1.0ml of DMEM-PS. Transfer 0.5ml to each of 2 cryovials and store at -70° C. Alternatively, discard all but about 1ml of the supernatant medium into hypochlorite solution. Scrape the cells into the remaining medium and pipette 0.5ml each into 2 cryovials and store at -70° C.
    If successful virus isolation has been achieved, using an immunological assay such as immunofluorescence can be used to confirm the presence of measles. Refer section 9.3.14. Always prepare a viral stock for long- term storage at -70° C.
    Do not attempt to passage the virus in cell lines other than Vero/SLAM cells.
    Many clinical isolates do not readily adapt to growth in standard Vero cells. Viral stocks may be lost upon passage on the wrong cell line. For molecular epidemiological studies, RNA should be prepared from infected Vero/SLAM cells.
    Cell lines should be passaged only 15 times after recovery from
    cryopreservation. 85 WHO/IVB/07.01
    Always include a negative control of uninfected Vero/SLAM during virus isolation attempts. A positive control may be included, but the operator should be aware of the possibility for cross contamination. As the operator becomes more familiar with appearance of measles CPE in Vero/SLAM cells, the positive control will no longer be necessary. Positive controls, if used, should be wild-type viruses with known genetic characterization.
    Susceptibility testing of Vero/SLAM cells is not currently recommended
    by WHO. However, if this test is performed, a low passage, wild-type virus should be used. This virus should produce CPE on Vero/SLAM but not Vero. This result would verify the appearance of CPE is linked to SLAM expression


    It is the same Stephan Lanka who showed and proved that the pics of those so-called viruses are CDI’s .
    As you ought to know he won his case in the so-called “measle viruses” They simply don’t exist.
    There are no viruses.
    I am a follower of the GNM as well. The name has changed since a couple of years in Germanische Heilkunde.


    I suspect that viruses don’t exist. Showing that from the mainstream’s own literature would be extremely satisfying. From what I understand, the court determined that Stefan Lanka did not have to pay the bet money because of a technicality, but upheld that the literature proved the existence of viruses. The hype about the court decision seemed a little fishy. I did not expect a judge to oppose the scientific establishment. Personally, I don’t usually care about what a judge determines.

    Too many people base their judgment on second-hand commentary. Perhaps that’s fine if they’re not too interested in the subject, but in this case it’s not sufficient for me.


    Try to lay your hands down on a good book written in 1923
    DougLas Hume: Bechamp or Pasteur. A lost chapter in the History of Biology.
    Here you can read viruses are an invention.

    How do you want to prove that something which doesn’t exist, does do exist!!
    Seems to me pure voodoo

    Wish you a lot of good luck in your research.
    For me the chapter is closed.


    You are right. No one can prove viruses do not exist. Poor wording on my part.

    For you the chapter is closed, and for me too. I am satisfied they do not exist, or at least that there is insufficient evidence for their existence. I intend to show that and I think Fakeologist is a perfect place to store that information.

    I have friends “normies” who are open-minded enough to look at more concrete evidence, especially if it comes from the mainstream sources they love so much.


    Go to:
    click on playlists -> Aaron Dover: Flat Earth and other Kike Potatoes nr 8


    A good thread, started well before the Coronavirus hoax. I found this video particularly helpful

    Biochemistry Debunks Corona
    79,013 views•May 3 2020

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