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    From the last published KCTMO board minutes from November 2016 [usually bi-monthly…] we read about the Shepherds Bush fire caused, allegedly, not by a refrigerator but by a “faulty” Indesit tumble drier

    Click to access 164740_board_meeting_-_24_meeting_2016.pdf

    paras 8.3/4

    8.3 Following the fire in a block of flats in Shepherd Bush caused by a faulty tumble dryer, it was asked if residents had been warned about these tumble dryers. An article had gone in the Link detailing the details of the particular dryers. This would also be followed up
    through work with the RAs and Compacts to spread the information.
    8.4 The London Fire Brigade had asked for the names and addresses of all the residents so they could speak to them about why they called the Fire Brigade, which was contrary to the ‘stay put’ policy operated. The RBKC had been informed at all stages of this investigation as well as their solicitors. No timeline had been made available from the
    London Fire Brigade as to when the report would be completed.

    looks rather like the Bethnal Green fire of yesterday.

    I’m not clear why the LFB wouldn’t want residents to call 999
    The incident occurred on August 19 2016
    100 families evacuated…London Fire Brigade said they believed a faulty Indesit dryer was the cause of the August 19 blaze, following a “painstaking” investigation.
    Over 100 families were evacuated from Shepherds Court when the fire broke out in a seventh floor flat on August 19.

    Huge blaze breaks out in tower block in Shepherd’s Bush
    Despite the owner quickly unplugging the machine, the blaze caught hold and it took 120 firefighters to put it out. No-one was injured.

    A much higher proportion of these flats were leasehold postcodes W12 8PN and 8PW
    The blaze engulfed part of the 18-storey high rise block and took 120 firefighters to bring under control. No on was injured.

    I don’t see images of “engulfing”
    I can’t help but feel that the two events are connected.

    More than 100 firefighters from across west London extinguished a huge blaze in the tower block in Shepherd’s Bush that had engulfed parts of the seventh, eighth and ninth floors.

    Videos posted on social media on Friday afternoon showed smoke billowing around Shepherds Court, near Shepherd’s Bush Green.

    London Fire Brigade (LFB) said 20 fire engines and 120 firefighters were sent to tackle the blaze at 3.44pm, and that it was under control by 5.30pm. Hundreds of residents were evacuated, many to a nearby community hall that is acting as a base for residents.

    One woman was treated for smoke inhalation and shock but the LFB said there were no other reports of injuries or unaccounted people.

    Station manager Paul Hobbs who was at the scene, said: “The fire spread from the seventh floor via the outside of the building. Crews wearing breathing apparatus used jets to extinguish the fire on each floor of the building. They worked quickly in difficult conditions to tackle the fire.”

    Daytime, of course.

    Right on cue, the Bethnal Green, East London low-rise, non-tower block fire, yesterday June 24 2017 [videos]


    Well fed black lawyer MP David Lammy is increasing showing himself up to be an agent in this psy-op, fuelling unrest, based on fakery. Lamy is a product of the SOAS and Harvard [hmmm] as well as having received a choral scholarship at Peterborough [cf Robert Eaton from the 9/11 fraud]
    David Lammy? Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    Thread on Grenfell and the death toll (79 is far, far too low) which is fuelling suspicion of a cover up (1/?)
    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    Almost 2 weeks on and having spent time with the survivors this week it is difficult to describe the pain people are going through (2/?)
    David Lammy?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    Holding out hope for loved ones that they know deep down lost their lives in Grenfell is eating people up inside and breaking them down (3/)
    David Lammy? Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    Trust is at rock bottom in the community. Failure to provide updates of the true number that died is feeding suspicion of a cover-up (4/?)
    David Lammy? Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    Lack of information about number of victims and survivors is driving a wedge between authorities and those they are elected to serve (5/?)
    David Lammy? Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    Residents saw dozens of people jumping out of windows to escape the fire. Bodies piled up in stairwells and corridors. (6/?)
    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    Survivors cannot believe that the death toll has not risen. Speaking to people on the ground, there is huge suspicion of a cover-up (7/?)
    David Lammy? Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    With information being withheld for political reasons in an attempt to avoid fuelling anger or unrest. But it is frankly outrageous (8/?)
    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    That in 2017, for example, mobile phone companies can’t work out how many phones were in use in Grenfell Tower on an average night (9/?)
    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    To at least get a sense of how many people were there that evening. It is true that there will have been undocumented migrants (10/?)
    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    As well as people sub-letting their properties. But there is a huge amount of data that could build a picture of who was in Grenfell (11/?)
    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    Including from HMRC, DWP, DVLA and council tax records as well as the electoral register and the TMO’s own records (12/?)
    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    The fact is that the longer this goes on, the bigger the disconnect between RBKC and the community. There is zero trust right now. (13/?)
    David Lammy? Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    If the true numbers are withheld, the authorities will never regain the trust of the people and the community. It’s that simple. (14/?)
    David Lammy ?Verified account @DavidLammy 6h6 hours ago
    So the authorities need to come forward now with whatever information they have to address the suspicion that a cover-up is underway. 15/15.

    [Posted 11:25 AM to 11:41 AM Sunday June 25 2017]
    A cover-up? A Psy-op.
    And another essay type psy-op tweet for the MSM to pick up. I’d say he was 79 too high in the death toll.

    Agent Lammy

    silliest tweet in response to the above torrent…
    Orm? @squigglenot 5:43 PM June 25
    Replying to @DavidLammy
    Come on, demand to get GCHQ on the case, they have access to text messages sent, IP history etc etc


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    Brianv reminds us
    that Emma Dent Coad [q.v] is a member of the London Fire Brigade Emergency and Planning [some might say Hoaxing or Drilling] Authority.
    But even more interestingly, she was a new mayoral appointment from just at year ago, following the election of a new Labour Mayor in London, Sadiq Khan….

    Click to access principal_mayoral_appointments_non-staffing_27.06.16.pdf

    The appointment for all was due for renewal at the end of March 2017, but was apparently renewed

    Click to access notification-of-disclosable-pecuniary-interests-emma-dent-coad-201606.pdf

    Question 471, January 2017 – response from our Emma, regarding Firefighter recruitment
    … I look forward to the plans for a kind of pro-active approach for people of all kinds with good upper body strength for operational staff …

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    In the BBC Panorama attempt to push the refrigerator narrative, crisis actor Mahad Egal> and his partner Jamie Lucy Murray say that the rogue fridge exploded next door to them. That places them either in flat 11 or flat 15, one imagines.
    Flat 15 – Ms Della Joy Wakelin b 1982
    Flat 11 – Ms Alison R Moses b 1959
    Jamie and Mahad’s companies are registered in nearby Camelford Court, not Grenfell Tower.
    The TAP blog is onto this case…

    Grenfell fire. Arson suspected.

    Alison becomes Aalya Moses in the Mail, and apparently escaped…
    One last thought. What happened to the other occupants of the fourth floor? Did they just leave them to fry? That would seem unlikely, as they all must have known each other for years. What happened to Delia Wakelin in Number 15, and Jenny Dainton in Number 12? Why did [pregnant] Maryam Adam and Yasin not mention the others? Presumably these ladies living alone are elderly, and not so easy for the media to put words into their mouths, threaten etc.
    er not elderly. especially not Della [not Delia]

    videos of “Aalya”
    And the survivors keep on coming….

    Jenny Dainton was listed as sharing with Donald Weekes at
    ~Jenny Beatrice Dainton b 1972
    and also Donald Weekes at some time until about 2009. Perhaps Zoe’s father?
    If so many people on the lower half floors 1-10 [4-13] got out, where did they all go to? The don’t show up in images, and they were all allegedly told to stay put their flats..and yet Zoe is on facebook with images of the fire and a video

    Zoë Lamara Curlz added 2 photos and a video.
    14 June at 02:02 ·
    if anyone knows anyone who lives in Grenfell Tower please call to make sure they are safe. fire on my floor has led to this…im out and I’m safe but not sure yet if my flat will be

    GoFundME £2,860 raised
    Thankfully their neighbour Mahad Egal woke them up by banging on their door because the communal fire alarms could not be heard.
    Zoë and her family had lived in Grenfell for the majority of her 30 years. I have many good memories of her life there. Everything had to be left behind and she fled the flat with only her keys, the clothes she was wearing, and her phone.
    Just a month ago, she told me she was so happy to be back home. A serious health and safety issue in the flat meant she had to live in a hotel room for two months. Once again, she is without a permanent home.

    Didn’t live there for two months? What was the serious H&S issue?

    BBC video with music recording artist and sound engineer, David Benjamin aka “Krome”who’s apparently living with girlfriend Zoe although he’s a little ambiguous –

    So where did Jenny of Flat 12 go to?

    No escape story or gofundme for Della Wakelin [born Della Joy Faber] **

    just this…

    Now, here’s a funny thing…
    Jeff Wakelin
    18 June at 11:09 ·
    I live across the road from the tower and I wake up and see it every morning know that there are still people in there there are people every day coming to pay there respects and some are just waiting for news about their love ones but there are a lot just taking pictures for the last three days it’s been like the Carnival but with no music people drinking and laughing I think the spectators should go home and let west 11 get on with there grief we don’t need reminding every day because it will stay in our memories for life because Nottinghill is such a depressing place at the moment and the Government needs to bring closure to the people of Granville towers may dose who are lost rest in peace amen

    Jo Jo Wakelin
    16 June at 21:04 ·
    I’m devastated all those lives lost we need sprinklers in all high rise flats before another disasters happens,R.I.P to all that lost there lives ??????

    ** Jeffrey T Wakelin b 1952 – married Jean M Faber in 1985
    Jeff curiously omits any mention of Della living or having lived in the tower.

    There’s no trace in voters’ or RBKC lists of Panorama witness at 2.20, Khalid Suleman Ahmed who has quite a posh voice…nor of “Branislav Lukic” living with a “friend”. There is a Dorde Durasinovic listed at Flat 84 and at with Nourdin Hassouni

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    So,if the refrigerator’s next door neighbours [see above] both have well documented “escape” stories, how do Jamie and Mahad fit into “next door” then?

    Here’s a youtube version of the BBC version of Flat 15

    David Benjamin says he was on the same floor as where a fire in a tower block started. He was [“basically”] staying at his girlfriend’s flat in Grenfell Tower in west London.

    and yet more stories from flat 11, Aalya/Alison
    It appears that Alison is grandma. Perhaps Aalya is her daughter, also with a child herself

    This video says the flat belongs to Aalya Moses

    The Sky interviewer is talking to the same woman who is described as Alison, the grandmother,in the 5 News video. At least she says that Flat 11 is next door to Flat 16.

    Here’s another survivor story from flat 75 on the 10th floor…Mrs Clarita Ghavimi, aged 66 from the Phillipines, who is listed as the occupant of the flat at KCBC, although at, it is shared with Dariush C Ghavimi on electoral rolls.
    She was allegedly rescued by Luca Branislav q.v.
    “I called my son as well,he is just hearing my breathing”

    nothing of interest on Dariush’s fb page

    Seems like Clarita has her own Filipino GoFundMe style operation organised, a Telethon

    Marriage 1982 Hassan Ghavimi to Clarita M Cabides, the latter strangely not appearing on electoral rolls at the tower.


    Why does the BBC have to interview Mahad in the lobby by the stairwell of another block of flats? (could have been a pre recorded interview in Grenfell Tower itself?)

    It reminds me of the 9/11 Paul Neal interview,where he’s interviewed in a stairwell depicting the WTC.

    Tom Dalpra

    Interesting stuff as ever.
    I thought I’d just add this about the ‘Money shot’ from the event.

    It’s the flaming Golden Triangle.

    Just about every newspaper went with ”The Flaming Golden Triangle’.

    I’ve spoken about a ‘Golden Triangle’ being asserted in the UK right now on my Cambridge Herons thread.
    Developers talk about the importance of the Golden Triangle of universities, Cambridge, Oxford, then the University College London and Imperial College.ds

    We can see how at the top of this imagined Golden triangle we have the London Eye and
    directly in-line with that to the East, smack-dab in the middle of the ‘golden Triangle Unis, is Grenfell Tower. kj

    They gave us a flaming Golden triangle reference right at the apex.
    Right in the ‘Eye’ of the Country.




    Very strange goings on on the 17th floor…
    We’ll come to the main actors later. But who’s this Thai resident listed at number 145 in the voters’ and RBKC lists?
    In 1998, we see that Prasonk Phuntujariya

    moved from flat 145 to an address in Pond Place, SW3, who is not a shareholder, but is company secretary, leaving Maleewan Phuntujariya, currently aged 62, behind in the tower, although their business Beau Thai Ltd appears to operate in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Two other minor shareholders live in Los Angeles and Bangkok.

    which would appear to be a Thai Restaurant and Hotel
    although the company is still trading, there appears to be no activity at the hotel
    A Peter Martindale is listed as an occupant of 145 on electoral rolls between 2004 and 2007.
    Martindale pops up to support the Neda family story from the top floor [q.v.]
    Friend Peter Martindale said: “They are the most wonderful, kind family. I used to live a few floors below them in that tower. They moved in about 14 years ago.”

    Brave son battled through Grenfell Tower blaze and carried disabled mum down 24 flights of stairs

    Martindale seems to be a consultee here in 2010

    Click to access REP-380564-1%20to%202%20Peter%20Martindale.pdf
    who’s a friend of Fadi Farghouti who… recent years has operated three companies from Ms Phuntujariya’s flat!

    Everthing has gone quiet on “missing” Vincent Uzoh Chiejina from flat 144, however, and who had previously lived in W10.
    Flat 142 is apparently owned by Notting Hill housing trust, and was occupied until 2007 by Josephine Hidalgo and Natalia Hialgo.

    One of the companies FBI Security was jointly and very briefly directed by Fadi and Hazem Abuwatfa,a BBC Arabic and Al Jazeera journalist and photographer.

    who gave flat 145 as his address.

    An interview with the Armenian man apparently living with an aged auntie takes place in front of a nearby block of flats, Eastry House in Walmer Road W11.

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    This is what our Armenian friend says, in two interviews,

    “…but I could smell the smoke, so I kind of went back inside the house. Looked out of the window, started looking down the window like I had to really pull myself out to look down the window, 17th floor, and the fire blazing, coming up really fast because of the cldding, the cladding was flam-, flammable and it just caught up like a matchstick….er I have an old auntie in her late 60s and from the 17th floor we started, er I woke her up, she was sleeping and I, er, we started to come down – the stairs – step by step, slowly by slowly. There was already smoke in the stairwell, one stairwell and it was difficult for her. Er she’s an old woman and erm yeah you know, eventually we were nearly down the bottom, the smoke was getting stronger you know, you’ve escaped [?] you don’t know if you can get out.

    This crisis actor was pushing the fake tear jerking story that people displaced from the tower were being dumped in Preston, NW England, 200 miles away.. He gives an Armenian name – sounds like Mesra Pasemjian – from flat 141. Says he’s living with his auntie [how cool is that?] , (Mrs Rita Tankarian who’s listed at flat 141) What happened to her in the fire? And here’s Mesra’s neighbour from no 143, whose story Mesra pushes and who lost his wife….

    “So, I’m Mesra Pasemjian [unclear]from level 17,141, and I got out with my auntie but just before I left, I knocked on my neighbour’s door, 143, er I saw my neighbour Khadija and she, erm, I told her to run that there’s a fire. She went back to get her husband and we saw her husband outside but she didn’t , she didn’t make it, we’ve just actually found out it’s confirmed that she has died. And er, her her husband who’s you know in a, in a terrible place right now, he’s kind of losing it, they’ve put him in an old people’s home, they didn’t rehouse him, they put him in an old people’s home. He’s not going to get rehoused now. That’s it. They’re doing some disgusting things..”

    “they’re cutting corners”

    “yeah they’re cutting corners and we’re all really scared er for what’s going to happen to us. There was another guy, they, they, they took him out of the hotel and they sent him to Peterborough errrr sorry Preston, yeah.”

    “Why did they send him there?”

    “Like er, I don’t know, he’s there no, they just left him there, that’s it, I, you know he’s, he’s finished. So yeah,we’re really worried, yeah they’re basically putting pressure on people that if you don’t accept their offer, you’re making yourself intentionally homeless. so..

    Thank you for that

    The neighbour would be
    Sabah Yousif Abdulla born July 1944, aged 72 who ran two companies, one of which was located in W11

    C/O St.Clement Community Centre
    95 Sirdar Road
    W11 4EQ
    Here comes the passport story but with a twist…
    Grenfell Tower fire: Husband’s fear over lost passport
    Sabah Abdullah lost his wife Khadija Khalloufi in the Grenfell Tower fire.
    Khadija’s body is being flown back to Morocco for burial, but Mr Abdullah was told he would not be able to travel with her because his passport and identification were lost in the blaze.
    After the BBC contacted the Home Office, he received his passport in time to fly on Tuesday.
    He’s been describing his experience to our special correspondent Lucy Manning.

    “So your wife’s coffin will go to Morocco on Tuesday?
    “Yes, that’s what we were told,
    “And what about you, will you go with….”
    “I’ve got no passport, my passport burnt. I’ve got no driving licence, that’s also burnt. Everything you can think of is gone. I’m noway [sic] [cut]
    “And you can’t get an emergency passport anywhere to go [sic]
    “Well, she, she was working on it today can you explain?”
    [pans to white woman with long blond hair]

    “They said within one week, within one week they said there would be a new passport hopefull. But until then I don’t think we’ll get an emergency, I don’t think they will give it, because he has no ID”

    “Number 143, ok, on the 17th floor is Mr and Mrs so and so. ”
    “The bottom line is you can’t go with, tomorrow”
    “No no no I can’t leave her here for another week or two [cut] I can’t do that to her, I can’t do that, she needs some rest , she needs to rest up for good”

    Later that day, after the intervention of the BBC, Sabah got his passport [shows to camera]

    “now I’m relieved, I know I am going to fulfil the wish of my late wife ”
    [cut to clip of coffin with unknown contents being loaded into the back of a hearse]

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    More media misdirection – the Evening standard reported flats were let in Grenfell Tower for £2000 per month. That would be a two bedroom flat, I imagine.

    Indeed it is.

    However, it transpires that this is flat 185 described as being on the 18th floor but actually on the 21st floor [new numbering after 3 lower floors were added] owned by Tunde The well documented Choucair family were on the 22nd floor above, flat 192. The flat directly above, 196, was apparently lived in by Mariem and Isian El-Gwahry until 2016.
    Let agreed at £395 per week, £1711 per month
    Let Agreed – This property is no longer available for rent
    This property has now been taken off the market (as of 15 March 2017).
    Owner Mr A Tunde, which would be Tunde Awoderu, said to be Vice-Chair [or was in 2013] of the Grenfell Leaseholders Association.
    The flat has been kitted out to a very high standard, so one would expect Mr Awoderu to be devastated, perhaps in the MSM.

    but no.

    There is very little else available about the Grenfell Tower Leaseholders Association

    About Us

    The Grenfell Tower Leaseholders Association are working with Residents to bring justice for Grenfell. We have decided enough is enough and our message must be heard in a constructive way. The fire could and should have been avoided and the truth should be revealed.

    ??A volunteer has kindly provided us offices in Central London to ensure we can engage the right people whenever we need. If you would like to conduct us by email, please reach out to
    ??If you are a lawyer, press officer, building expert or have any other relevant experience, please reach out to support the campaign

    well, we have noted that the owner of flat 206 is indeed a lawyer, a barrister.
    Registrant – Zaki Ahmed of Harold Hill, Romford. [house sold for £383K exactly a year ago] registered June 19 2017

    Zaki Ahmed? @ZakiAhmed1492
    Replying to @JolyonMaugham [Jolyon Maugham Q.C.]
    Jo, I represent the Grenfell Tower Leasholders Association. We have a case going back a decade of Landlord negligence. Lets talk.
    2:15 am – 15 Jun 2017

    Jo Maugham QC? Verified account @JolyonMaugham Jun 23
    Just spoke to a father and his son who were on the telephone with their father/grandfather as he died of smoke inhalation. #Grenfell 1/2
    Jo Maugham QC ?Verified account @JolyonMaugham Jun 23
    I may need a public law/inquest junior to help with a Grenfell case (pro bono but very worthwhile) early next week if anyone’s interested?

    Jo Maugham QC ?Verified account @JolyonMaugham Jun 19
    Please help deliver justice to all victims of Grenfell
    15 replies 285 retweets 219 likes
    Reply 15 Retweet 285 Like 219
    Jo Maugham QC ?Verified account @JolyonMaugham Jun 18
    Replying to @Bournemouth4EU
    I have in mind those who were in Grenfell Tower illegally as immigrants or tenants. Their legal status must not trump their right to justice

    etc etc

    Grenfell Disaster

    UPDATE: We’ve set up a Trust for victims of the Grenfell Disaster.
    [June 16…]

    Click to access grenfelltrustpdf.pdf

    Click to access grenfellnotepdf.pdf

    ” The starting point for this topic is Suddards, “Bradford Disaster appeal: the administration of an appeal fund”: “

    “Experience tells us that getting these funds in to the right hands is difficult and time consuming. For this reason, we have set up the Trust. We are looking to identify community leaders to become Trustees and ensure the appropriate distribution of the monies raised. We also ask any individual fundraising efforts to contact us so that we can pool our resources together and ensure that no monies end up in the wrong hands. We are currently in talks with one of the major crowdfunding site and hope that more will join us.”

    And would you believe it, one of those raising money for the “victims” is a General Practice doctor for the area including Grenfell Tower, [Exmoor Surgery] who is also, a stand-up comedian, Dr Ahmed Kazmi.

    Ahmed Kazmi: A GP’s experience of the Grenfell Tower fire

    I am a GP working in the west London area. My clinic is less than 800 metres from Grenfell Tower and several of our patients were residents there.
    “So please come and enjoy a laugh (I’m actually pretty good) and at the same time contribute towards a great cause. I am hoping to get some former Grenfell residents and emergency workers in the audience too.”

    I was very excited to debut my comedy show ‘Doctor in the House: what your doctor really thinks’ in London, at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill.
    Then sadly the Grenfell Tower incident occurred which affected so many people in the area of the theatre and so many of our patients.
    I have decided to proceed with the shows, as I believe laughter is a good medicine

    And a strange emotional tirade from a local resident who said the fire brigade were there from the beginning, they could have put the fire out, but they did nothing, taking their time…
    from about 20:00

    very strange, perhaps she’s not in on it.But she also says she called up her friend, telling her to get out against the fire brigade instructions to stay put, and who’s now allegedly [unnamed] dead and loads of her friends are dead…a mixed message.

    footnote on the ElGwahry flat
    [Pilgrim Tucker from the Radical Housing Group said Ms Elgwahry [27] and Ms Choucair organised a petition and a protest outside the TMO’s management offices.

    Mrs Eslah Elgwahry, seems to have vanished in 2017. Older brother Ahmed b 1982 seems to have left around 2005
    Ahmed’s company is registered in Grenfell Tower

    From the Guardian…”believed to have been living on the 19th floor [i.e. flat 196, 22st floor]

    Elgwahry’s mother Suhar is also understood to be missing.
    Mariem and her mother, Eslah lived in a flat on the 19th floor of the Grenfell Tower in London.
    Mariem Elgwahry has been a Senior Partner and Marketing Manager at Quidco in April, 2017.
    It’s not clear how her mother can be Suhar andd Eslah at the same time.

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    A large donation comes into the GoFundMe [check] page for Grenfell “whistleblower” Maryem El-Gwahry, set up by a local in W11 with a very low target of £300 [exceeded 10 fold]
    We are raising money to help her brother with finances during this difficult time.

    Gemma Walsh Jun 26, 2017
    my beautiful girl so proud to say that I knew you rest in peace angel ??

    The connection is that they were both estate agents at Thamesview, now Dexters in the 2011-2015 period

    Gemma writes on Linkedin that she has worked in Dubai since March 2016

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    A few random people from high up in the tower…
    Emma Louise O’Connor – flat 171 20th floor….
    Emma O’connor
    23 June at 08:52 ·
    I’m a survivor and not one of the residents or animals deserved to lose their life

    how?? Where was

    Where was Flat 176‘s erstwhile occupant Chelo Zapata who worked in recent years at a nearby alcoholic rehabilitation project?
    End of Relationship
    5 February 2017

    Chelo in 2014

    source –
    Flat 174 contained an enigmatic, Finnish sounding woman, MS M LAOSMAA, who leave no trace anywhere.
    Mary Mendy at Flat 173 was the subject of numerous missing posts and posters.[q.v.]
    Next door at 175 was a Mrs Maria E Henriques is another will-o’the-wisp.


    Another “missing” list has been circulated, but not in the MSM, which contains 126 names. The image which has been created is of a run down block with many illegal tenants, which is probably untrue [see number 185 out for rent…would you furnish a flat like that in a run down block?] but provides an open goal for creating any
    number of additional vicsims.
    e.g. the Bean and Guarinos families pop up out of nowhere, no posters, no facebook messages, no MSM articles, as far as I can see.
    The list is notable for referring to fascinating “victim” Deborah Lamprell as Debbie.

    You will not be forgotten: naming the Grenfell Tower missing, but where are all the others?

    Debbie is fascinating, living at home with her aged parents Reg and Muriel in a block of flats in Highams Park in NE London until she quickly married twice in the early 2000s.
    They don’t seem to have created any media story about her, that comes from a “cousin” Joanna Sanderson[since she was an only child] on facebook [naturally]

    Deborah Lamprell, 45, lives on the 16th floor. A family friend said she would always text her mother when she returned home from work.

    The last text message Ms Lamprell sent her mother was at about 23:30 BST on the evening of the fire. She has not been heard from since.

    Ms Lamprell’s cousin made an appeal on Facebook for information. She posted: “Dear friends, I am desperate for your help. My cousin Deborah Lamprell lives in Grenfell Tower.
    “We haven’t had any news and don’t know if she’s been rescued and in hospital.”

    Fabian McDegan I’ve worked with Debbie years ago and I’ve helped her to move her stuff to her new flat in Grenfell tower. I’ve tried to get some information but the phone helpline acts more of a questionnaire rather than a “help” line. Please will u give me some news if you find her. Thanks
    LikeShow More Reactions · · 19 June at 00:18

    Gaynor Keen Joanna, I lived in Vincent Road and grew up with Debbie. I’m so sorry to hear she’s missing. Sending love and positive thoughts. Please give my love to Miriam. Xxx
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 18 June at 09:03

    And from the BBC, more information from a “friend”somehow only communicated to the BBC
    Picture of Joanna SandersonImage copyrightJOANNA SANDERSON
    Deborah Lamprell, 45, is believed to live on the 19th floor. A family friend said she would always text her mother when she returned home from work.
    The last text message Ms Lamprell sent her mother was at about 23:30 BST on the evening of the fire. She has not been heard from since.

    what do they mean “believed”? Do her parents, whom she allegedly phones, as a 45 year old twice married woman, to tell them she’s home from work, or her cousin only “believe” where she lives, or do they know?

    Marriages –
    1 to
    Agar L Da Silva Santos in 2003
    perhaps he got citizenship?
    2 to
    Ruwandura B M Samarasekara in 2004 aka Buddhi [actually it’s Ruwanpura]
    hence the appearance in 2013 of Ms D Samarasekara in flat 161 in the pre-renovation list. Clearly she has reverted to her previous name

    Ex-husband Buddhi is now listed at an exclusive address occupied by Anil and Saran Das Jassi in Kensington, subject to a large excavation development…last sold 2001 for £1.8m
    but see also

    Anil and Buddhi are facebook friends.Neither makes any mention of Grenfell Tower.

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    Mystery resident John McCusker born Scotland April 1965
    He’s in flat 154 in the mid 1990s, [18th floor in current nomenclature] a computer programmer who’s also a director of a company…[1993-1995] And he’s still there on the 2013 renovation schedule! Yet he’s no listed on any electoral roll.

    For info, the psy-op clean up operation details..
    Grenfell Fire Response Team

    The Grenfell Fire Response Team is being led by John Barradell, OBE, Chief
    Executive of Corporation of London,
    and a Gold Command Centre has been set up to manage the response.

    I think they mean psy-op. The City of London stepped in immediately to purchase the vacant subsidised housing in the luxury Kensington Row development. [68 flats available by the end of July 2017]

    Financial assistance

    * As of 12 midday on 22 June, £999,830 has been distributed to affected


    * This is made up of a £500 cash payments and £5,000 delivered through
    DWP into bank accounts or similar in a single payment, along with
    discretionary payments made by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
    * 94 households have been given the £5,000 payments so far.


    * The hot water boiler which serves Grenfell Tower and surrounding properties – covering a total of 394 homes – was located under the Tower and
    completely destroyed by the fire.

    * Military specialists have supported a local authority engineering assessment on site. As a result, plans are now progressing to install a temporary boiler. We will ensure this is in place as soon as possible.

    * In the meantime, any residents who want to do so can be placed in hotel accommodation.
    why “military” specialists? There is no distinction made between people allegedly living in Grenfell and people living nearby who were evacuated.
    Communities Secretary Sajid Javid today (27 June 2017) announced a new independent expert advisory panel to advise on any immediate measures that can be put in place to make buildings safe following the Grenfell Tower fire.

    A separate independent Public Inquiry will investigate what happened and who was responsible for the disaster. This expert panel will look at any immediate action that is required so the public can be confident everything possible is being done to make all public and private buildings safe as quickly as possible.

    The Panel will be made up of a range of building and fire safety experts, and will be chaired by Sir Ken Knight, former London Fire Commissioner and former Government Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser.

    Other core members of the panel will be Dr Peter Bonfield, Chief Executive of the Building Research Establishment, Roy Wilsher, Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council and Amanda Clack, President of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a Partner at EY. The panel have a wealth of experience in fire and building safety, including testing processes. They will also draw in wider technical expertise as necessary to inform their advice to the Communities Secretary. It is intended that a first meeting of the Panel will take place this week.

    Here we go…
    Grenfell Response? Verified account @grenfellsupport Jun 27
    Families will receive funds for legal representation at the Public Inquiry. Details will be given nearer the time #Grenfell

    Grenfell Response? Verified account @grenfellsupport Jun 26
    #Grenfell families have received £1.2m of gov funds so far. Families whose home was destroyed will receive £5,500 #emergency payment

    Grenfell Response Verified account @grenfellsupport Jun 26
    Hotel bills will be paid indefinitely while longer-term housing is found. Relief teams are checking people’s welfare daily #Grenfell


    More strange “missing stories” of the residents.
    Where did the Duffy couple go to? Why did Mr Rasoul not mention someone higher up the tower who was a director of the same dissolved company as him?
    All very odd.

    Many residents, including 35-year-old father Mohammed Rasoul, said they did not hear any internal alarms when the blaze broke out.
    He said: “I was half-awake, I could smell smoke and hear the fire sirens.
    “I got out of bed and my wife had got a call from someone upstairs. She opened the front door and I could see smoke coming out of our next door neighbour’s door which was shut.”
    Mr Rasoul and his wife led their two young children and his 87-year-old father to safety.

    But he feared the worst of fates for his friends who lived on the higher floors, including Mariem Elgwahry, 27, and her brother Ahmed.
    He said: “I don’t think they got out. That top part of the building was gone. When the fire was on one side, I could still see people moving in the lights on that other side. But later on it was all completely consumed by the fire.”

    There’s plenty of documention for MR Rasoul in Flat 25

    Thomas Duffy, b 1980, was a co-director of a gym in Kensington, the Al-Baraka, registered at at 108 Lexham Gardens from 2007 to 2009.

    Virginia Duffy, along with Thomas Duffy
    is listed by RBKC in flat 153, next to the mysterious MR McCusker….
    Thomas Duffy married Virginia G Flores in 1978, children Thomas [jr] b 1980 [the gym director] and Patrick b 1985.

    Which was Mr Rasoul’s neighbour whose flat contained, allegedly, smoke? We see listed in 2013 Miss SL Haley in flat 24, and above the alleged exploding fridge, another Ethiopian, MISS HIWOT DAGNACHEW which is a more likely candidate for the purposes of the narrative.

    There are some fascinating residents in the lower floors who either had left since 2013, or would have been tipped off beforehand, or, less likely, lost all their treasured possessions in the fire.[some lower flats look undamaged from outside]
    Where were they all, they ought to have been milling around int he street in their pymamas and slippers…

    Yong H Chen married Tania J Allcorn in 1980 in Kensington [no issue]…a Tania J Allcorn appears on electoral rolls, but in flat 35 we have a Mrs L Allcorn. Also shown at 35 is Suriya Nana/James, a Suriya Nana married Derek E James in Kensingon in 1980. Once again, no issue.

    According to this blogpost in English,by someone also called Dagnachew,
    Information gathered by ESAT’S London Bureau shows at least 40 Ethiopians and Eritreans live in the tower and some are feared to be among the missing .
    Did they? Unlikely.
    Hiwot is cited in the above article ringing up another Ethopian family allegedly on the 19th floor, flat 16x and which cites a second [Eritrean] family on the floor. Not 166, which was registered to A Bennetayeb in 2013.

    Ms Mekonnen, 36, and her children, Yohana and Liya Yohannes, 4, would most likely be dead if she had not received a phone call from her aunt, Hiwot Dagnachew, on the fifth floor, who warned her about the fire.
    “We were fast asleep and my phone rang – I’m so lucky it wasn’t on silent,” Ms Mekonnen told The Telegraph.

    so we’re told

    The family eventually fought their way to the ground floor and were about to throw open the emergency fire exit when a firefighter screamed at them to stop because the whole of the side of the building above was on fire.
    “If he hadn’t –“ Ms Mekonnen was overcome with emotion and could not finish the sentence.
    “I can’t believe we are alive,” she said.

    Ms Mekonnen’s partner, Mr Tefaye, a biolmedical scientist, heard the news as he worked a night shift at the nearby Chelsea and Westminster hospital. After a panicked dash to the scene, he was eventually reunited with his family in the early hours of the morning.

    which kind of scene no photographer seemed able to capture.

    This photo, supported by videos showing the same scene, would easily have been carried out by stunt actors.


    Psy-op confirmed…
    from the BBC
    No final Grenfell Tower death toll ‘this year’
    giving ample time for any additional applicants to be added to the list, with full back story provided.

    Det Supt Fiona McCormack…said a few flats were still too unsafe for police to carry out further investigation “due to the devastation caused by the fire”.

    Grenfell Response ?Verified account @grenfellsupport 4:50 PM Jun 28
    .@LondonFire has withdrawn a majority of its resources from the #Grenfell Tower site but remains available to assist as necessary 1/2

    Grenfell Response? Verified account @grenfellsupport 4:55 PM Jun 28
    Our Fire Investigation team remains on site to support the police investigation and @metpoliceuk continue to manage the cordon #Grenfall 2/2

    “investigation” “grenfall” [sic]
    “Our work has also identified people who we presumed were dead that we have traced safe and well – for example a couple who have been out of the country on holiday.

    sure. So, who were they? Were they pictured on the posters? If not, why not?

    I think this photo of a not presumed, but “certified” dead couple takes some kind of prize for quality

    they are alleged to have died with their 6 month old “still missing” baby [neither adult is on any official record, so they were either recent arrivals, or never lived there]. They are said to have occupied Mrs Henriques’ flat, number 175. The story also includes two surviving children aged 6 and 8 – how likely is that?

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by xileffilex.

    minor correction to the above part of the psy-op.

    The couple’s two older children – 10-year-old Malek Belkadi and Tamzin Belkadi, six – were however located in hospital. Tragically, Malek later died in hospital.

    Their two daughters, Six-year-old Tamzin and eight-year-old Malek, were initially feared dead but were found in hospital by relieved relatives more than 24 hours after the fire.
    Their family said on Thursday that one of them was in a coma and the other had been sedated.

    So, if we have “bodies”, we must have “funerals”. Right? Coming right up

    note the touching re-use of the fuzzy low resolution image.


    The key resident in the block is Edward Daffarn [b. 1962] in Flat 134 on the 16th floor [new nomenclature]
    Facebook friend of Emma Dent Coad, key member of the Grenfell Action Group
    and black radical activist Ishmahil Blagrove
    Ishmahil Blagrove, a coordinator for Justice 4 Grenfell, [who] said he believed that during Ramadan there were many people visiting the tower, and staying with friends.

    People are unhappy that there aren’t enought deaths reported….

    So was Daffarn “missing” or died in the conflagration? Certainly not. But he seems to be keeping off facebook
    he shared a floor with the Turkish Macit family [vide infra]
    and the Daniels, Josef and Samuel are listed on voters’ records..

    I now notice that this absurd photo of a dressing robed “survivor” in broad daylight is labelled Edward Daffarn

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News on Wednesday afternoon, Daffarn told how he was overcome by smoke as he tried to escape his 16th-floor flat and was rescued by a firefighter.He said: “We’ve been raising concerns about what’s been going on at Grenfell Tower for a considerable amount of time.
    “We’ve not been treated very well by our landlord, about a whole heap of other issues. I predicted that it would take something like a catastrophic fire in a tower block for these people to be prepared to act and devastatingly that seems to have come true.
    “We’ve lost a lot of people. They’re not coming out of that building.”
    Daffarn said there were no fire alarms in the building, and it was his neighbours who raised the alarm.

    Edward’s escape is strangely at variance with those of his, one must assume, friendly next door neightbours,

    Couple doused themselves in water and dashed through 16 floors of fire to safety – after sobbing 999 operator said ‘nobody could save them’

    the Macits, who doused themselves with water, put wet towels over their faces and ran down 16 flights of stairs, allegedly.
    The couple’s grown-up children, Merve, 27, and Tugba, 24, raced to the scene and begged them to get out but despite three escape attempts were forced back inside.
    a ridiculously concocted story, but it gets more so…

    “When we got to the fourteenth floor I stepped on something soft that made a groaning noise but I knew there was nothing we could do for them and I told my wife to keep moving.”
    On the tenth floor the couple said they ran in to a firefighter who they said did not see them because he appeared “dazed” by the smoke.
    Mr Macit said: “I just shouted at him to get out the way but he didn’t see me. He was wearing a mask but his eyes looked glazed.”
    The couple made it to the ground floor at around 4.30am where they were ushered out by firefighters who were using police riot shields to protect them from falling debris.
    Mr Macit said they did not see anyone else on the way out and were the last two to escape.

    The couple spent three days in hospital where they were treated for severe smoke inhalation and are now staying at a central London hotel until a new property is available.

    I think Edward missed the smoke inhalation.
    “I’m lucky to be alive. A neighbour’s smoke alarm went off and another neighbour phoned and told me to get out,” Daffarn said. “I consider this mass murder.”

    There will be charges for corporate manslaughter. I only got out alive because a friend in a flat below rang me.

    ‘I was on the 16th floor. I have lived in the block for 20 years and now the whole community has been destroyed because of the incompetence of the council and the builders. Fire retardant materials have clearly not been used because the place went up like someone had thrown petrol on a barbecue.’
    ..isn’t that effecitively what happened?

    with the Turkish consul and some nutritious “hospital” food.
    GoFundMe – £4000 [check]

    Edward is very well connected, his father went to Radley College, Grenoble University, underwriter…
    younger brother advertising producer

    Grenfell Tower fire
    We can report that Edward is alive and well, but he has lost his home and possessions and is obviously deeply traumatised by what has happened.

    Oh, we now get the wet towel story,and a firefighter who can see…
    After tying a damp towel round his face, he attempted to leave his flat on the 16th floor but couldn’t find the fire exit through the smoke.
    He said a fireman who was lying on the ground opened the fire exit door for him.
    “He touched my leg and that was enough,” Daffarn said.
    “That enabled me to get out.”


    Grenfell crisis actors in action [always the same small group of people]

    No surprise then that first up is “newish resident” from the 14th floor, flat #11x [not on any online pre-fire documentation for the tower] is Olawaseun Talabi, who gave several animated renditions of his daughter choking .
    “She’s choking, I’m choking, my partner’s falling down the stairs…”
    “Got my daughter tied to my back and she’s like ‘errrk errrk errk’ and I could feel myself going”
    at the start of this “then and two weeks on” video, now nicely turned out in donated Arsenal football shirt

    Note also the escapee from Hong Kong, [who has a Vietnamese not Chinese name] at about 0.50, from the 15th floor with alleged wife and 12 year old son [flat #12x] who also does not appear on any online lists – Anhtuan Nguyen

    “I saw the bodies on the floor, everywhere, dead. We go on the 10th floor and 9th floor, lots of bodies on the floor everywhere. Too many people run run run, they push push push….I turned round and looked for my family, gone”
    Ah, I see where this is leading, they all “died” in the crush. No missing posters for the Nguyens. Perhaps he never lived there. Opening the door for many more “illegal” residents to be found dead in the coming months.
    He’s another totally unbelievable “witness” who has learnt his lines.

    I think David Lammy MP [vide supra] gives the game away here, at 1.50

    “I do believe Grenfell’s a turning point [for the welfeare state] I do believe it’s a Hurricane Katrina moment..”


    footnote – smoke n’mirrors who did some great youtube videos on this staged event has just been shut down by complainants. Rockno is still up though.

    But the best crisis actor award goes to

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    Not included on the earlier floor-by-floor list of the “missing” was the Ethopian Kebir family.

    Hmmm there’s quite a significant Ethiopian link to many of the key players in this psy-op, from the owner of the ridiculous explosing fridge, and the key crisis actor Mahad Egal upwards

    [incidentally Maryann Adam, 41, [Maryam Adan at RBKC] lived “next door” [is 14 next to 16?] to Mr Kebede [16] at number 14. along with Yasin Adam on the electoral roll . Where are they from? Sudan? or Ethopia? Listed as Adan [sic] with RBKC.
    BBC Focus on Africa interviews Ethiopians and others
    [some good crisis acting at 3.58 there, also a muslim woman at 4.30 says she’s seen a man in a white shirt waving at a window. He’s “brought out” wearing a black shire, lol!]

    The Kebir family from a 19x flat number

    Yahya and Firdaws are believed to have died along with their parents Hashim Kedir, a black cab driver, mother Nura ** and younger brother Yaqub. They were inside their 22nd floor apartment in the tower block when the fire broke out.

    ** elsewhere given as Noura Jamal, 35
    the “phone calls from the tower…

    Mrs Jamal made several phone calls to friends as flames swept up the side of the building.
    In one, she said: “The fire is here, forgive me, I’m dying.

    and another funeral…he’s a football fan, naturally…Tony Disson, 66

    the Fulham fan, [who] comes from a traveller family…Three out of four sons followed the coffin in funeral cars but Harry, a serving prisoner, attended in handcuffs accompanied by four officers.

    Latest update on Ethiopian orphan Tazmin Belkadi, 6.

    Tower blaze baby died in mum’s arms on 19th floor

    June 29 2017
    Another sister Tazmin, six, was also taken to hospital. Her condition is not known.

    Perhaps her hospital is also not known.

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