Turns out the Pyramid Builders are from Black Africa or Gatekeeping in Academia

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    Turns out the Pyramid Builders are from Black Africa or Gatekeeping in Academia

    Sami and I got into a conversation about the Pyramids of Egypt because I had started reading this book again, just for fun, by Robert Bauval titled The Orion Mystery, 1995. In 2000, I got it at a library sale for old and used library books, mine was a 1996 edition. When a library sale for old books includes a book that’s only 4 years old, something’s not right. I was a little more than 1/3 way through the book the second time when Sami sent me a link. Turns out, a lot has happened in the world of Egyptology recently, enough for Robert Bauval to write several more books, do dozens of interviews, and make a couple of tv shows (cringe?) and the newest video was released April 2015, Now! This stuff is going on right now and I was completely unaware it. I believe Robert’s findings and associated revelations will affect our ideas about history in a big way.

    There are a lot of little facts that current Egyptology got wrong. For instance, were you aware that the Egyptian pyramids are not tombs? No mummy was ever found in a pyramid. There was a mummy and funeral goods found in the Step Pyramid, but that is not a true pyramid, so it doesn’t count. Of the important mummy’s that have been found, they are usually found in mastabas (flat, one story buildings designed to house the dead) or caves dug into mountain sides. The Pyramids were not designed to house the dead, and there is not one shred of evidence to support the idea that the pyramids were tombs. Instead, the Pyramids in Egypt were built as part of an elaborate ceremony. There is much evidence to support this idea.

    There are still many mysteries, however, such as how did they build the Pyramids in the first place. Perhaps we can get closer to learning HOW the pyramids were built by knowing WHO were the ones who used them. The title of this post is misleading. As of the date of this post, 5.6.2015, those involved in Egyptology still don’t know who built the pyramids of Egypt, or how old they are. But, dates are coming in at around 36,000 years ago, maybe older. The writing on the walls of nearby structures is quite explicit about the ceremony.

    This post includes some links to Robert’s videos. It was fun so see and hear Robert talk after reading his book. In one of his videos Robert has shared some of his personal insight into his struggles with the Academic world and just how close minded they are (by design?) and other valuable insight into academia.

    The reason I think this topic should be a post on Fakeologist.com is because through Robert Bauval’s experiences, we get to see how the academic world is exceptionally good at gatekeeping. How? It is controlled by personalities, not science, findings or logic. Theories that come from academia (are there any other kind?) are anything but logical.

    Take the Big Bang Theory. A ‘singularity’ means a point in space. Literally, on an XYZ axis, a singularity can be mapped as a point (x,y,z) in 3 dimensional space. So this means the singularity that started the Big Bang just magically emerged from a point in space. Nothing was there before, now suddenly, there is an entire universe. If this theory were possible, then universes would be popping out of points elsewhere. If universes could pop out of points in 3d space, then why not an elephant? It is much less complicated. What a bunch of nonsense. How is something magically appearing a theory??? Academia loves the Big Bang Theory, it’s one of their biggest promotions. These places of knowledge are laughable, it were not for this fact: that we know as a species and what gets passed on to future generations comes from these guys.

    We here at fakeologist.com are uncovering a lot of fakery in every sector of society, and it’s such a shame that the so called smartest among us are allowing themselves to fall for it. But then again, those who are really in control are well aware of the power of the human ego. Make someone think they discovered something and it’s off the races. The academics own ego, under pressure of promotion, will prevent him from truthfully analyzing his findings. Clearly, I am talking about the dupes, those who go along with the system to get along. I am not referring to those who knowingly spread falsehood in the academic world. There are plenty of those too. It doesn’t matter who is who. The results are the same, knowledge is lost.

    It is my hope with this post that the knowledge of Robert Bauval and his experience with academia is not lost. Robert has quite an interesting tale to tell which includes The Edward Casey Foundation, The National Geographic Channel, Rupert Merdock, the US Department of Justice and the number 11.

    Robert Bauval : Ancient Egypt & Orion Correlation Theory [FULL VIDEO]

    This link is a video of Robert sitting on a couch and talking about the Orion Correlation Theory and related topics.

    Robert Bauval – Black Genesis: The Prehistoric African Origins of Egypt – preview

    This link is a video of Robert up in front of an audience giving a lecture.


    This link is a short video about Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Egyptology in Egypt screaming in protest because the other lecture was going to talk about the Orion Correlation Theory and and its founder Robert Bauval. I wouldn’t doubt it if Graham Hancock tried to make Zahi mad, and had a guy ready with his camera phone just in case. This is still a good video to watch an academic who doesn’t get his way.

    Robert Bauval Egypt Updates

    This link is the video where Robert talks about how the academic world works and other issues with a recent scandal in Egyptology.

    Iron Discovered inside the Great Pyramid of Giza April 2015

    This link is a short video of the two German guys sitting on a couch explaining how their were involved in the Cheops Scandal.

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    K Ham


    This is the Best video to listen to in order to learn about how the academic world has worked rather hard to dismiss Robert Bauval and The Orion Theory.

    Egyptologist Robert Bauval on his Fight Against Mainstream Historians [FULL VIDEO] April 2015

    K Ham

    Tal Shiar

    Hey There K Ham,

    I listened to most of your show yesterday and I really liked a lot of things that you said! I think this is an interesting topic and of course I love the ancient history portion of it as well.

    I really liked how you broke down the “Big Bang Theory” and the term “singularity!” It interesting that more people don’t pick up on that. Then again the word “singularity” sounds complicated, so I am sure most readers don’t look too deep into the term. Something that I find very interesting is that with some ocean documentaries, they state that we know more about space than we know about our own ocean? Ever since I heard that, I thought that was a bunch of bull! I would say that we know next to nothing about space and we just try to pretend that we do know! Then again, do we know more about space because we are in contact with more advanced species? Who knows? Although at this point, I don’t think we can rule out anything?

    Another interesting thing that you posted was the video, “Zahi Hawass YELLS AND SCREAMS AT Graham Hancock!” I was like, WOW! I’ve always thought that Zahi gave me the creepy vibe. I went to look up more information about him and I was shocked to learn that he made statements that were quite anti semitic. Then again, his statements like “Jews control the media” isn’t a far leap and I believe people are aloud to make any statement they want, but I doubt fully what he says. The last time that I checked, the Hearst family wasn’t Jewish? Zahi, has corruption written over his face. At least that is how I feel. I would think that if you were trying to learn about the past and your job was to research the past, then you would be open to other point of views. The fact that he is so defensive and doesn’t want to discuss other possibilities is interesting.

    Also, the comment that the pyramids might have not been built by the Egyptians was an interesting subject. I know that many ancient cultures talk about a more advanced society that predated them, so maybe that was the culture that built these things?

    Oh and the whole Orion Theory is really interesting. I thought that was the basic understanding of the formation of the pyramids. At least the “Ancient Aliens” show on the History channel states that all the time. So I thought that it was understood as fact. I didn’t realize that Zahi didn’t agree and that it was a debated topic? Again, the zodiac and planets meant a lot to the ancient people. I don’t think it is something that should ever be over looked.

    Keep up the post and discussion! I love the topic!


    Hey Tal,

    So much to say, so many words to type. Do you every go on teamspeak? I would love to meet you there anytime and speak with you. You can private message me in chatango and we can discuss the particulars if you wish.

    K Ham

    Tal Shiar

    Hey K Ham,

    Agreed! I would love to have a conversation with you! I’ve been listening to a few of the shows that you have been on and I like the way you think. In my opinion, you bring a lot of insight into the conversation. Also, I was so proud to hear that you made a difference in your local water supply with removing fluoride. I’m a Tom’s of Maine tooth paste user, just because I don’t like what I have read in scientific journals over the years. One of my undergrad majors was in Medical Biology, so those type of issues resonate with me. Anyhow, I guess I will have to sign up for Teamspeak. However, I did ADD you on Skype and I am awaiting your friend request approval.

    Look forward to further communication.

    Kind Regards,


    Take a look at Russian mathematicians’ and the pyramids being made of concrete. All the ingredients are present in the surrounding area.

    “Are the pyramids made out of concrete, an artificial re-agglomerated limestone? Joseph Davidovits and the Geopolymer Institute crew shows that only few people is able to rapidly and easily produce several tons of pyramid stone blocks.”

    YT has a series of vids ” L’alchimie des pyramides, documentaire sur le récentisme, Fomenko, Nouvelle Chronologie.” No subs though you might find the same series in English or with subs.




    Yes, indeed. Jews DO control the media.

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