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    Miles Mathis and Mark Tokarski have already called this out as a psy-op. The 25th anniversary spawned a host of stories to cement the hoax, most of which were after Mark’s post at Piece of Mindful [which incidentally has some very good general psy-op discussion below it]
    The Waco Massacre: Wanton destruction of a movie set

    Some recent chat in the main forum, mostly regarding UK vicsims e.g. the Henry family from Manchester

    FAK352-Markus Allen

    and regarding the amazing resurrection from the dead of vicsim Sandra Hardial

    Rocker Tom Petty’s persona dead at 66

    in which Ab posted a recently uploaded YouTube film of Bill Cooper interviewing members of the cult. No doubt a green card was waiting for most of them, survivors would live to tell the “first hand story” then melt away.

    The first interviewee, clipped, is actually Bernadette Monbelly from London. Actually her real name is ALICESON [sic] B. Monbelly b 1961.
    Immediately following is survivor with “51 per cent burns” MARJORIE THOMAS from Nottingham UK, said to be 31 at the time.

    After 44 minutes, we encounter mother and daughter Rosemary and Melissa Morrison, whose “autopsies” were produced following the fire, followed by the six subsequently “deceased” members of the Henry family.
    [Bernadette Monbelly’s mother was a Mary Henry]


    Monbelly also was subject to a kind of disaster victim identification process at “Holocaust.org” The Waco Holocause Electronic Museum founded 1996 to keep the lie alive.

    Where are the survivors now?

    [UK citizens at the time in bold]

    Out of the nine survivors who escaped the fire, David Thibodeau has been the most open about his time with the cult. As mentioned before, he wrote a book about his time with the Branch Davidians and worked as a consultant on the miniseries.
    The other survivors of the Branch Davidians were Renos Avraam, Jaime Castillo, Graeme Craddock, Clive Doyle, Misty Ferguson, Derek Lloyd Lovelock, Ruth Ellen Ottoman Riddle, and Marjorie Thomas. Of the eight, Avraam, Castillo, and Craddock all served prison time due to what they did with the Branch Davidians. The remainder of the survivors have largely kept to themselves and have maintained peaceful lives.

    BBC Live October 31 2018 Waco cult: How David Koresh persuaded 30 Britons to join


    It’s understood that David Koresh came to England around 1988 along with his trusted lieutenant – a man called Steve Schneider….

    allegedly giving talks at Newbold College in Bracknell, England

    About Newbold

    “understood” is spook talk.
    Gail Monbelly, elder sister of Allison/Aliceson/Bernadette, appeared in the podcast accompanying the above article.

    According to this list of biographies

    RENOS AVRAAM, 29, ran a Manchester computer business with his girlfriend, Alison Bernadette Monbelly, 31. Joined the cult a year ago. He survived the fire and is in custody; she is presumed dead.

    Stretford memorial Manchester

    Marjorie Thomas

    ”You could hear the flames really roaring, things popping. It was noisy.”
    Thomas jumped from a window and was one of nine cult members who survived the end of the 51-day standoff in 1993, although she suffered third-degree burns over half of her body. Eighty others died….”I could feel the jacket I was wearing melting, and I was finding it difficult to move myself,” she said. ”I thought it’s either I live or die. I put my hand on my head and leaned on the window, and I was out of the building.’

    Apparently an inquest on UK vicsims was held in Manchester to give the legal profession their usual drink from these psy-ops, allowing the official narrative to be restated….

    Interviewed in her hospital bed, where she was suffering from 51 per cent burns, she said that Koresh, 33, had ordered that if he died from a gunshot wound received in an initial raid by federal agents on the ranch, his followers would place him on a stretcher and carry it out of the compound.

    not 50 per cent burns….

    LA Times Feb 15 1994

    Marjorie Thomas, whose testimony was played Monday at the federal murder-conspiracy trial of 11 followers of David Koresh, was granted immunity from prosecution…..As her clothes and gas mask melted onto her, Thomas said, she fell to the floor.

    “I could feel my legs moving furiously,” Thomas said. ” . . . I don’t know where I got the strength from, but I managed to get up . . . . I made my way towards the light.” Despite her fear of heights, she said, she jumped from an upper story.

    Prosecutors say the fire was part of a mass suicide pact.

    Thomas, a former Seventh-Day Adventist from Britain, was burned over 51% of her body and testified by videotape because of her injuries.

    An indispensable star witness.

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