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    Black Dog

    I personally have not the least bit of a feeling that our controllers may be the least bit benevolent of any sort. They do what they do.. and how could anyone think that does not include death, killing, murder, even large scale genocide of innocent peoples, as needed?

    I am very curious why the only voices on the internet seem to be of us ‘westerners’ who seem to have no first hand account of the devastation that has been ongoing. Either through handed down stories or directly ..For as long as any one person living now in this whole wide world can recollect on this whole supposed World Wide Web.

    Please add your stories below in reply to this post. Either personal, or those that you’ve heard from people you trust, who knew or are still involved first hand, in any type of military interaction of any sort, “peace time” or “active” (all accounts of anything ‘miltary’ or related ‘business’, ‘businesses’ or ‘contractors’). I’ll begin with mine.

    – Please note what country or nation you are referring to, both yours (or the one whose story you are sharing) and theirs (all countries, nations or peoples involved).

    – Please do not reply solely with links to second or third party accounts without preceding them with your own story or stories, even if declaring you have ‘no story’ which is still part of this story. Finally, please do not post any link unless you feel strongly that it is true. Thank you.

    Note: This inquiry is not meant as disrespect or judgement upon anyone, and please do not make it so (I personally appreciate anyone who will share, regardless of what level they were or are still involved; especially those who were or are still most involved). It is simply information being supressed that I would like to know about, as opposed to the slanted stories we get from our official past (history) and current story tellers.

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    Black Dog

    USA: Vietnam war era my father somehow evaded service (there was a draft, circa 1970) and he was incarcerated breifly due to this. I do not have good communications with him but do recall him sharing that with me.

    USA: I myself was required to register for something draft related when I was younger and do remember being afraid I would have to participate in something (circa 1983 forward). And even, later, naively considered joining the military, also when I was younger (pre-1990’s and recent middle-eastern actions), but for various reasons thankfully did not.

    I of course have had contact with various other people who have been in the military, and I have heard some stories, but only recently have I considered this something I should have been paying attention to and my memories of their stories are foggy (That is, if and when these people did share anything/as they often do not!). I will be paying special attention from now on, even probing to get as much information as I can. This is crucial history, and not just the official “history” but everyone’s story collectively, in order to propagate and or confirm the real story. – If and when I will add more to this post.

    Black Dog soundcloud.com/blackdogsongs


    I buried some research on the suspicious mass fatality event at Bethnal Green underground station on the General Sports Thread
    because it seemed to have been a precursor of later sports stadium mass fatality exercises.
    There are more examples of World War II bombing fakery in the V1/V2 rocket thread.

    Here’s an example of a VERY suspicious “bombing” to keep Londoners scared, a parachute bomb allegedly dropped on one of the exclusive areas of Belgravia, SW1.

    The starting point was this unbelievable piece of “misfortune” I came across by accident – [box on page 34]

    Click to access 027040033.pdf

    At the start of World War II, the Ministry of Health Path.Lab in Endell Street, Covent Garden became the Emergency Public Health Laboratory Service
    Two very senior members of that branch reportedly died together in February [actually April] 1941.

    William McDonald Scott, aged 57, according to his will, died on 17 April 1941 at 75 Eccleston Square SW1 [also given of 31 Woodstock Road, Oxford] Probate to Alice Clothilda Mollard Scott £8009 9s 1d who died aged 84 in 1970 while living at 96 Millway, Mill Hill NW7.
    His esteemed colleague Frederick Griffith aged 62 also of 75 Eccleston Square had a more curious entry – “believed to have died on 10 or 17 April.
    Administration, £9037 13s 1d, to Anna Nellie Griffith who died aged 85 in 1974 while living at 15 Bedhampton Road, Havant. Neither remarried.

    There are two pages to show the singularity of the destruction
    The agreeable home of Humbert Wolfe, poet, critic and civil servant, who died in 1940 aged 55.

    At around 12.05am on 17 April 1941 a parachute mine hit and destroyed 75 Eccleston Square SW1. The adjoining Guildhouse on Belgrave Road was severely damaged. The Guildhouse, built in 1848 as the Eccleston Square Congregational Church and converted into an ecumenical centre in 1921, was being used as a refugee and homeless reception post.
    Followed by the familiar drill reporting of ambulances, bodies found etc etc, and images of the all important paperwork.

    City of Westminster ARP reports later confirmed a final total of five people killed in the Guildhouse incident.
    The Guildhouse site was redeveloped in 1958. Today it houses government and charity offices at 11 Belgrave Road.

    I wonder who the other three were among the “deaths”.

    Searching among close entries in the register I come across Guy Ernest Bernard Bergonzi of 304 Howard House Dolphin Square [an development closely associated with the secret services] who also died April 17 aged 45 but in the bomb shelter at Hawkins House, Dolphin Square. There is no reported bombing of Dolphin Square
    although Dolphin Square suffered a suspiciously high degree of bombing at earlier times in 1940

    In all, Dolphin Square suffered over a dozen separate bombing incidents during the Blitz and twelve fatalities. Duncan, Beatty, Hawkins, Frobisher, Rayleigh, Drake and Grenville Houses were amongst the worst damaged.

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