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    When ONE person plays TWO people

    It is Rational, given our societal structure, that a small group has most of the power and therefore most of the control in our world.

    It is Not Rational to suggest that these very same controllers have their images thrown in our faces every day in the media, in the form of famous, infamous, royalty, elected, and wealthy people as well as actors and actresses. We would not have know of their existence if it were not for the media, that they control, showing us images of them, their behaviors and habits.

    Seems a risky game to play if one is really secretly charge. It does not appear rational as I know of some, and have witnessed how the rich hide their assets, their identities, and their personal information from researchers such as ourselves. In the state of California, one can claim a security concern, and have their usually public information, such as actual owners of properties on county assessor websites not listed. You and I, we are listed.

    The Not Rational group is claiming that not only are these controllers playing themselves in the media, they might also be playing another very busy, famous, important person in the media. This is when one famous person plays two famous people in the media.

    Assuming this is done, when one person plays two people, there are many characteristics that have to be matched up to be able to confidently say, if one person is playing two people.

    Beyond a blood test, this is the next level, we have to show as proof, if we are doing our job, as researchers, that one person is playing two people.

    Repeating a claim that one famous person is playing two other famous people requires proof on the repeater, as it is such an extraordinary claim.

    If no proof is given, besides a few images, the researcher is lazy at best and the research should be disregarded.

    What can be considered as proof?

    Below is a list of observable human characteristics.

    In order to prove one famous person is playing two famous people, one would imagine there would be many characteristics that they have in common, besides just the physical. Human habits become undeniable and uncovered over time. We are not machines, we give, quite easily, our habits and personalities away if you care to observe us.

    Consider this exercise: There is a fashion show with a walkway. There are only 3 models and you are trying find out who is who. The models will be coming out onto the runway in quick succession so they will be changing their clothes just as fast. There will only be one person on the runway at a time and the order is mixed. The models are all of similar sex, height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color, hair style, weight, ears and have similar looking faces. The models may or may not be talking.

    How are you going to decide who is who? What human attributes will you look for? What if you got paid a million dollars if you guessed correctly who is who? Now what characteristics will you need as proof before you give your answer?

    Whatever proof you would require in this exercise is the proof that is required here on the internet. After all, dammit, we are talking about real life!

    If someone tells me one person is playing two people, well prove it. I assume you are talking about real life, because that is what I am here to uncover. I believe this is the reason most of us are here.

    Fakeologist.com is a website dedicated to uncovering reality, regardless of what that may be. But there should be some sort of proof or sound logic to ANY claim. I want the truth, happy and/or sad.

    Consider the rich and varied list of observable traits in humans.
    How many characteristics need to match before one can declare that one person is playing two people?

    How to Tell if One Person is Playing Two People
    Directions: Check all that apply.


    o Height
    o weight 
    o color of skin 
    o hair color 
    o Length of hair
    o Eyes color
    o Eye shape
    o Eye brow color
    o Eye brow shape
    o Skin wrinkle between brow
    o Wrinkles on forehead
    o Height of hairline
    o Hairline shape
    o Color of new hair growth
    o Nose shape 
    o Nose placement on face
    o Length from nose to upper lip 
    o Mouth shape
    o Mouth placement on face
    o Mouth shape when smiling
    o Gum shown when smiling
    o Gum shape
    o Gum size
    o Mouth shape when frowning
    o Mouth shape when angry
    o Mouth shape when sad
    o Mouth shape when crying
    o Ear size
    o Ear shape
    o Ear lobe size
    o Ear lobe shape
    o Chin size
    o Chin shape
    o Chin dent
    o Neck length
    o Neck girth
    o Neck skin
    o Neck veins
    o Size of head
    o Shape of head
    o length of arms
    o girth of arms
    o Hair on arms
    o Length of fingers
    o Girth of fingers
    o Hair on fingers
    o length of legs
    o Girth of legs
    o hair on legs
    o Varicose veins on legs
    o Thickness of Ankles
    o Thickness of toes
    o Length of toes
    o Hair on toes 
    o Size of buttocks
    o Shape of buttocks
    o Size of waste 
    o shape of waste
    o Size of breasts
    o Shape of breasts
    o Size of waist
    o Shape of waist
    o _____________________
    o _____________________
    o _____________________

    o Walk style
    o Arm movement while walking
    o Run style
    o Arm movement while running
    o Stance style
    o Gesture style
    o Sitting style
    o Crossing legs style
    o Sneezing style
    o _____________________
    o _____________________
    o _____________________

    o Laugh style
    o Greeting style
    o Yelling style
    o Bossy style
    o Crying style
    o Hugging style
    o Kissing style
    o _____________________
    o _____________________
    o _____________________

    o Eating
    o Snacking
    o Drinking
    o Sleeping
    o Activity level
    o Resting
    o _____________________
    o _____________________
    o _____________________

    o Voice timber
    o Voice tone
    o Words per minute
    o Sentence structure
    o Vocabulary
    o _____________________
    o _____________________
    o _____________________

    o Tongue rolling
    o Dimples
    o Right or Left handedness
    o Freckles
    o Curly hair
    o Hand clasping
    o _____________________
    o _____________________
    o _____________________

    K Ham

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