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    Black Dog

    Well, look at you … you’re always following the rest of the delirious set. Capitulating your own demise. No ceremony just a nail in your coffin. Where to begin? Maybe grow a beard? Or, if a woman offer your love? These combinations can succeed, but only if secession is desired.

    Fuck your job, try welfare, print your own money, come on, get with it. Teach your kids to beg on the street. But remember, always keep your dignity, you deserve it. It’s all you have.

    I use to recommend heroin but I found it too expensive, coffee will do. Petition your local government for tent cities. Grow your own water. become a bee. And always watch the moon, it’s watching you. Forget your long term goal of emulating Froggy, he is pure fiction, remember all sitcoms were created to appease your inner desire to paint.

    Sell things, come on, cut trees down and sell them, watch out for marshmallows, they’re an illuminati deception, not real. Unless toasted on an organic fire, maybe?

    I know you can do it! Be likeable, yes that’s a word. Move to Colorado and get totally stoned, but remember always be straight, know your portals and what they’re for … must I explain?

    God is with you, although he is snubbing you all the time. Do you know the dude? I’m sort of afraid to say I don’t, really. I mean the dude may be the coolest, don’t get me wrong, I’m so brainwashed.

    Get to know Satan. He’s not your enemy. He just wants to kill you for your own good, so him and his buddies can build golf courses everywhere and entice super-models into slavery. Not sure how thoses idiots will fare without you though. I apologize for using the word “super-models”, I meant hot chicks. Remember fat and ugly women can lose face as well.

    All my references are fictional. Reality can be employed at anytime, not here though, we’ve got no time for that shit.

    Black Dog soundcloud.com/blackdogsongs

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