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    See the guy at 1:34, 36:29, 38:00 40:09, 42:28 in the video from January 2001 Alan Reiss mainly discussing the 1993 bombing.

    The film also highlights window cleaner Roko Camaj [q.v.] who allegedly died.
    Reiss didn’t,however.
    @32.54 not the appearance of Frank DeMartini + WTC contstruction manager “the building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it….”like the mosquito netting on your screen door”
    Originally a History Channel program – The World Trade Center – Ground Zero America
    Reiss was in post for the 1993 bombing, from which crisis acting scenes are shown in the above video.
    “I wasn’t injured at at all in the bombing I was just hit by a falling ceiling tile.. blast of wind, the secretary that was walking with me that day ..both of her legs were broken by the blast of wind”

    Reiss appears in this weird immediately post-9/11 NBC interview which was only briefly mentioned at Cluesforum

    Reiss – “10,000 people in each tower” 5000 visitors each day
    He dug himself out off WTC5

    Reiss, director of WTC [new] construction was in the news on the 15th anniversary in 2016, receiving the Pillar of the Port Authority Award.

    WTC: Alan Reiss and the Port Authority Children of 9/11

    It was Reiss who went to the morgue to recover the personal effects of Monica Rodriguez Smith, the pregnant woman who died in the 1993 bombing with her seven-month unborn child. Reiss would later face down opposition to inscribing “unborn child” on the 9/11 Memorial on panel-73, with the rest of the names of the thousands lost on 9/11.

    “Most people aren’t fully aware of the extent to which Reiss worked behind the scenes to take care of the 9/11 families and the children who had lost parents,” said Valenti. Reiss expedited death certificates. He worked with Agency executives to ensure that 12 WTC operations personnel, who had been assigned emergency duties on 9/11, received assistance from the Twin Towers Fund, which was reserved for uniformed first responders.

    One hundred eleven children of the Port Authority lost a parent on 9/11. Reiss was the mastermind behind a plan to make sure they had a Christmas in 2001. At his behest, a call was made by Ron Shiftan, then Port Authority acting executive director, on behalf of the children to the CEO of Toys R Us, who sent a $100 gift certificate for every child.

    On the morning of 9/11 when the terrorists struck, Reiss was on the World Trade Center concourse with a Port Authority detective when the South Tower collapsed. “On that day I thought I died twice. I was engulfed in a cloud of black smoke for three minutes and couldn’t see anything. I was with Captain Whitaker of the WTC command. I actually tapped him on the shoulder to ask if we were still alive. It was the blackest black you can imagine.”
    Eh> He said he was in building 5 and had to dig his way out.

    Reise was back in the news in 2018, another chance to air the 1993 and 2001 narratives

    World Trade Center construction director makes sure 1993 bombing victims are never forgotten

    No amount of training could prepare Reiss for what would happen eight years later on Sept. 11, 2001. He was attending a breakfast meeting at a nearby restaurant with other building managers when the first plane hit. Once again, he didn’t hesitate to spring into action.

    “You can either panic or think about what you have to do next,” said Reiss.

    He was coordinating rescue efforts with first responders and elected officials in the police office when the towers collapsed around them. Officers trapped with him were able to clear a hole and they emerged into the smoke-and-debris filled streets.

    Feb 25 2018

    Reiss can be seen in this WTC5 drill hangout by Evan Fairbanks [from 13:20]

    For some reason the sections with Reiss are blocked out, but he’s here in this shorter version at 1:28 and 1:43 [= 15:05 and 15:20 in the longer video]


    Interesting also the footage of the 93 wtc bombing in the video. When i researched for that topic preparing for a audiochat i did not find else than some photos taken from distance outside the building or in the internal aerea showing piles of rubble that looked very much like those of the 01 wtc event – same artists? for sure same aesthetic…


    Here’s Reiss in three short 9/11 Tribute Museum ** videos…sticking to the 1993 phoney bombing, not 9/11….

    ** We have recorded and collected over 400 personal oral histories from the 9/11 community. Collecting, preserving and sharing this history is central to our mission

    yeah, right. Storytellers a plenty. Plenty to plough through

    For example, here’s a woman happily chatting about her husband allegedly dying in the AON building on the 92nd floor [she doesn’t know which tower]

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