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    The real estate broker Julian J Studley has received little attention. He was a Jewish immigrant from Belgium during WW2 and conveniently had offices, allegedly, on 9/11 on the 86th and 88th floor of WTC1.
    Born Julien Joseph Stuckgold in 1927

    His life story is here

    He died in 2015 aged 88
    When he sold the company to his partners in 2002 for an estimated $20 million, it had 400 brokers in 25 offices in the United States.

    Last year, Savills, a real estate firm based in London, bought Studley Inc. for $260 million, with the goal of expanding its presence worldwide. The company was renamed Savills Studley.

    One of the few people to touch on the Studley company was Culto at LRF, a fascinating post

    It needs to be added that while insider-journalist Natalie Keith publicised the missing three Studley employees, the story had been released at least by the previous week – [the website archive is unforthcoming]
    Sept 17 2001
    Julien J. Studley Inc. reported that two employees from its downtown New York office, James Gartenberg (35) and Patricia Puma (33), are missing following last week’s terrorist attack.

    The losses hit close to home. In the last seven years, people at CoStar Group have been in contact with Mr. Gartenberg more than 75 times. Our condolences and prayers go out to his and Ms. Puma’s families, friends and coworkers.

    The firm has set up a fund for the Gartenberg and Puma families. Contributions may be sent to the STUDLEY MEMORIAL FUND c/o Julien J. Studley Inc., 300 Park Ave., 3rd Floor, New York, NY, 10022.

    Studley’s downtown office was located on the 86th floor of One World Trade Center, the North Tower. Studley said the office carried a roster of 12 people that included 8 brokers and 4 support staff.

    The third employee offered to create a vicsim was allegedly working – moonlighting? in the Windows of the World restaurant, would you believe?
    Updated to three on Sept 24
    Officials at Julien J. Studley ( have reported that three of the company’s employees are among the 6,333 people reported as missing in the latest count.
    Two of the missing employees – James Gartenberg and Patricia Puma – were among the group of eight brokers and four support staff that were housed in the 86th floor of 1 World Trade Center (the North Tower), according to Studley officials. The nine other Studley employees who worked at 1 World Trade Center evacuated safely, the company reported.
    The other Studley employee who is reported as missing is Jan Maciejewski, an information technology consultant who was working in the company’s office in Midtown New York.

    More of a skeleton crew up there on the 86th. Jim Gartenberg was another creator of the well-publicised 911 calls, alleging he and Patricia were trapped by debris.
    Culto nicely and concisely points to the coincidences of all three “victims”, one was about to leave [Jim] Patricia was only in on two days a week and the third was improbably covering in the restuaurant. Terrible luck.He sounds like he’s reading a script while he’s trapped [repeat, the 86th floor…]

    4th coincidence…
    Studley vice chairman George Martin, who worked with Gartenberg and Puma, was not in the building during the attack. …
    Lucky George.
    George did well
    George Martin is a vice chairman at Savills Studley, [399 Park Avenue 11th floor] one of New York Citys leading commercial real estate services firms. He manages the firms branch in Hackensack, N.J.

    Martin has been involved in brokering more than 8.4 million square feet of leases, particularly in northern New Jersey. Some of his most notable clients include law firm Gibbons, Del Deo and Aegis Insurance Services. He originally joined Savills Studleys precursor in 1984 to open and manage the firms downtown Manhattan office. He subsequently opened two New Jersey offices, one in Edison (which is now located in Iselin) and the other in Hackensack.
    Before Savills Studley, Martin worked at Citicorp as president of its real estate division and CEO of its finance and leasing companies.
    He earned a degree in economics and accounting from Mt. St. Marys University.

    I’ll look at Jan later. Meanwhile, Gartenberg and Puma have ample back story – no mistake they were real people who were reassigned. Mrs Gartenberg has visibly and publicly remarried, Kev Puma, Patricia’s husband and father of their three children has gone off-grid, perhaps has remarried.

    friend Adam Goldman and Jim’s wife Jill appears at 30:38 – 33:20 in this “phone calls from the towers” film

    and again with Jill from 4:30 to 5:30 and 12:50 to 15:11 [duping alert] and continued with Adam to 16:30 and finally 29:33 to the end…he spoke with NYT reporter Jim Dwyer!
    Adam – “The voice that I hear is not his..”

    Jim had gone in to clear his desk, having accepted a promotion in another un=named real estate company…

    To be continued…


    correction – it’s Julien not Julian


    Gartenberg is discussed at cluesforum
    Here’s Jill now, calling herself Jill Freeberg Gartenberg Pila
    having remarried in December 2008, to Jay Pila
    Taipei American School

    cramming in a trip to Israel in 2012

    with the combined families
    Older sister Nicole, 17, who was 2 ½ when he died, cherishes her few warm memories of her father and is grateful for her younger sister.

    “Everyone should have someone like him in their life: Someone who is so selfless and so brave and so kind,” Nicole says through tears. Jamie, she says, “is my best friend. When I look at her, I see him. She’s the last present he left for us.”

    Jamie was just 2 years old and Nicole was 5 when her mother remarried widower Jay Pila, who was also raising two young children alone. The New Jersey-based pair blended their families and now the girls consider their stepfather to be their dad – even as they never forget their biological father.

    The story goes that Jamie Gartenberg Pila was born after 9/11.
    Well, Nicole is real enough

    we have a fund = check
    The best way to honor my dad has been through the James M. Gartenberg Memorial Fund, a scholarship fund at the University of Michigan that my family created post-9/11 to provide financial aid to New York City area students wishing to attend the University of Michigan.

    Jill’s still on the circuit
    Sept 2016

    Here’s the original Washington Post piece, sept 15 2001 with the story all polished and ready to go
    Jim’s “Suite” in the virtual office on the 86th floor had the number 8617.

    Two friends of Jill who helped after the disappearance of “Jim”

    Two of her girlfriends raced to her side and stayed there.

    Jacqui Schein, *** a new friend whom Jill Gartenberg had met in temple the year before the terrorist attacks, stayed with her the night she lost her husband and was at Jill’s side the day she gave birth to her new baby girl.
    A childhood friend, Jill Poznick**, flew to New York from Chicago every month to visit in the year following Sept. 11.

    For Poznick, spending time with Jill Gartenberg was more than helping a friend. She was mourning Jill’s husband, too. All three bonded when they attended the University of Michigan together. After James Gartenberg died, she helped Jill redecorate their apartment and spent 30 hours cleaning her bedroom, going through James’ clothing and papers.

    *** Jacqui Selbst Schein
    Director Washington Institute for Near East Policy
    She was previously the director of corporate affairs at the Council of Foreign Relations
    married to <Michael

    ** Jill Poznick Epstein of San Diego, who makes no mention of 9/11. Mr Epstein [Barry] stays out of the photos
    Former Executive Director CA Association of Marriage and Family Therapists… hmmm

    Next up – the Pumas


    Vicsim Patricia A Puma
    The names of the Puma children were kept quiet after 9/11.

    [scripted by Sept 26 2001]
    Called home four times! And more! Just fancy!
    frantically called to say that a fireball had come up the elevator shaft and a wall had come down

    A wall? Are they on a farm?

    While making phone calls to her husband and 911, she also had the presence of mind to maintain constant contact with her company’s main office at 300 Park Ave. to keep them abreast of the unfolding situation.

    A cool head
    The sons are said to be 10 and 16 months, the daughter 5. [see below]

    Before going to work as a secretary for Julien J. Studley Inc. seven years ago, Mrs. Puma worked for IBJ Schroeder, a foreign currency bank in Lower Manhattan, for four years.
    In addition to her husband, Kevin; her mother, Eleanor, and her daughter and two sons, surviving are her father, William Wilson; a brother, Robert Wilson; a sister, Antoinette Nicholasi, and her grandmother, Millie Palase.

    Let’s see how this all checks out 16 years down the line. [it will] Only problem is, nobody died in the towers.

    Mother Eleanor Wilson keeps the legacy page topped up with tributes, and in 2009 named the three children – Dylan, BryAnna and Kiefer [in descending order of age]

    Here’s Kiefer –
    seems to have the same two fuzzy pictures of his mom that the media uses.

    Surely Kevin has more, he’d known Patricia since they were teenagers…
    Dylan playing lacrosse, grad year 2018

    Annandale is Kevin’s home now.
    Her friend who allowed a job share which put Patricia in the virtual office on Mondays and Tuedays was Barbara Kennish. Her [their?] boss was Vice Chairman Don Schnabel along with George Martin
    where the children were likewise named, back in Sept 2002.

    This article in Real Estate Weekly gives the back story to
    Jan Maciejewski

    who worked as a part-time information technology consultant in Studley’s Midtown Manhattan office. He provided troubleshooting expertise to Studley employees to keep equipment up and running. This position required both computer knowledge and an understanding of the goals of brokers and analysts. Jan also was employed at Windows on the World restaurant.

    Jan was introduced to his wife, Mary, in 1995, and they married the following year. According to an article in The New York Times, Mary said that her husband, who emigrated from Poland in 1990, was always on the go, working two jobs, and he was happy to be working and residing in New York City. Jan was a soccer coach in his native country.

    According to The New York Times, he came to New York when he was given a student visa to study in the United States by a friend who was unable to use it.

    Perhaps he went back to Poland.

    Back to the Pumas
    Kiefer says he’s from Annandale…
    where we find trace of Patricia, Kevin Puma, Amy Scasny and Amy Puma….perhaps Amy is the new wife of ‘widowed’ Kevin?

    Note also those named in the legal cases related to 9/11 deaths, in respect here of Patricia Puma –
    KEVIN PUMA, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Patricia Ann Puma, Deceased and on behalf of all beneficiaries of Patricia Ann Puma; : : : : ANTOINETTE NICHOLASI in their own right as the Sibling of Patricia Ann Puma, Deceased; : : : ELEANOR WILSON in their own right as the Parent of Patricia Ann Puma, Deceased; : : : ROBERT WILSON in their own right as the Sibling of Patricia Ann Puma, Deceased;

    viz widower, mother, brother and sister of Patricia. Let’s see….
    Amy Scasny Puma
    and Kevin?

    2017 Easter get together at Howell [Antoinette’s]

    same old same old photo of Patricia – is that all the family has?

    mum, Eleanor Palase Wilson
    and here’s the 2015 memorial photo….no prizes for originality

    Finally, here’s Barbara, who left her job in 2015

    son with mum at 178

    So what’s the survivor story of Barbara and Patricia’s boss, Don Schnabel?
    We won’t know, because Don died in 2014

    Here’s Don in 1988…
    ”I think I’m being realistic – not pessimistic – when I say that the downtown office market is going to have real problems for the next couple of years,” remarked Donald Schnabel, vice chairman of Julien J. Studley Inc., a real estate company with an office on Wall Street.

    ”The problem is twofold,” he explained. ”The traditional players in the marketplace are not absorbing the new space, and those same players are adding space back onto to the market as they lay off people.”
    Since Black Monday, the Studley company has only negotiated one major deal downtown – signing up the National Association of Security Dealers for 90,000 feet of space at Broad Financial Center, an office tower that opened a year ago near Battery Park. The association is moving from the World Trade Center, where it is crammed into half as much space.

    and back in July 1985 [NYT]
    Donald Schnabel, senior vice president of Julien J. Studley Inc., a realty concern, said that with all the space available or becoming available, the net absorption resulting from the Dean Witter lease ** comes to about 4 percent. The difference between the space the company will vacate for the new space it is leasing will amount to 500,000 square feet. ”Downtown still has a problem,” Mr. Schnabel said.
    ** Two weeks previously Dean Witter Financial Services Inc. signed a lease for one million square feet on 24 of the 51 floors once occupied by the state. The 20-year lease has an estimated value of $700 million

    And Schnabel was still pessimistic about the over-supply of office space after the completion of the new 1WTC

    Same old problem.
    Incidentally, Schnabel was a key figure in filling WTC7 with Salomon Bros.

    Click to access 0471657662.excerpt.pdf

    We can find no online information about Schnabel’s whereabouts on 9/11. However, in 1993, he knew that the WTC was a white elephant

    World Trade Center remains a struggling “A-minus” complex, with jittery tenants willing to bolt at the slightest provocation.
    “The good news is that there will be no immediate repercussions from the explosion because no one can get out of their current space,” said Don Schnabel, vice chairman at Julien J. Studley Inc. “The bad news is that over the next three years the World Trade Center has about 700,000 square feet of leases coming due, over and above what is already vacant.”
    With this said, speculation runs two courses: The Trade Center will sink or rise because of the bombing.

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