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    On the anniversary of the Lee Rigby psy-op, it is worthwhile to study any footage of the shooting of Policewoman Yvonne Fletcher close to the Libyan People’s Bureau in St James’s Square in 1984.


    from about 5:00 in second link.

    comment from first link:
    2 years ago

    Watch “Murder at St. James”. Does not look like shots were fired from the Libyan Embassy. Also was the WPC the only female officer on duty – looks like it from the video

    Tom Dalpra

    Interesting historical stuff xileffilex.

    Quite simple. Bang, actress pretends shot in the stomach, goes down. Fleeting psyOp sexy moment as we see an up-skirt shot of Yvonne’s nylons (a police officer barely able to stop stroking them, you can’t blame him. She’s still warm) and then she’s loaded up and gone. Job done, with a ‘shaky’ camera from behind a police bike. Some disguised men moaning and some claret.

    What about the 7/7 references from the protesters? Right from the start. Clear as day.
    They knew this footage would be powerful. Details weren’t missed.

    On the big picture,in view of what finally happened in Libya in 2010 this could be called long-term preparation, could it not?

    This was predictive programming, way ahead of time wasn’t it? 26 whole years until Gadaffi was finally, apparently, forcibly ejected.

    We see here a protest from presumably, expat and exiled Libyans, against the regime. Exiled Libyans in London would later cheer-lead and orchestrate ‘rebels’ in the 2010 overthrow of Gadaffi ( an illusion of it at least), with the virtually unanimous support of the British public. This unanimous support
    was surely only bolstered, by this famous and often referred to bit of psyOp, up-skirt porn. The ‘poor girl’.

    There were some good democratic protesters, then they were shot at. It’s so Arab spring.

    Hey, there was Lockerbie too. But I love a woman in nylons and I’d say that Yvonne Fletcher was quite an influencial Libyan-linked Op. By referring to it through the years in the media, the dynamic of democratic protesters being shot at was repeatedly referenced.

    When that heady Arab Spring went through Algeria and Egypt and started to head into Africa and Libya, the British public, Sun reader, Mirror reader, Telegraph or Guardian alike were ready to say: ”Bomb the shit out of the place – for democracy!”

    Cue – a bunch of drug crazed idiots, with AK47’S, screaming, shouting, driving recklessly and leaning out of their windows firing constantly into the air.
    Apparently something good was happening (I do not want these people at my party).
    Then we bombed it. Before it was all over we had the oil deal sown up in Qatar( so the good rebels could live, you know) going out from Benghazi where the old Kings flag flew beside an Al Qaeda one over the courthouse. The country was crippled but rebuilding is good for business. See you at World Cup 2018.

    It’s Yvonne’s legs done it…partly.



    Seems that way Tom – with a predictable Channel 4 limited hang-out to send us down false rabbit holes. It’s so simple. Finally the memorial. Fast forward – the Gaddafi “death” tself was so palpably fake it’s a wonder nobody has called it. Wonder where Muammar went to? He was called in, as was Saddam, their jobs done. These fake deaths are everywhere.


    BTW Tom, no sign of incipient “cyclist’s palsy” on the part of those “Policeman” in the video….reminds me of things I have seen at Covent Garden opera house.

    Tom Dalpra

    I Won’t Let Yvonne Fletcher Be Forgotten.


    This March 7th 2011 article from The Daily Express was from during the overthrow of Gadaffi. No surprise to find the propaganda from that time still prominent in the google search lists today as it was the climax of this 27 year psyOp. Yvonne Fletcher was a long con.

    Reading this article it becomes so clear how these things are played out.
    One little bit of carefully staged theatre outside the Libyan Embassy in 1984 went a long way.

    The Yvonne Fletcher story may be easy to sum-up for us, in retrospect, but it had a huge amount of consistent accumulative coverage in the media over 27 years and it’s importance should not be overlooked in British PsyOpery.

    Meet her mother 77 year old mother, Queenie




    Interesting link, Tom.

    Gaddafi agreed to pay £250,000 compensation to Yvonne’s family but Queenie gave the cash to her three surviving daughters Heather, now 49, Sarah, 44, and Debbie, 38.

    “I didn’t want the money,” she says. “It’s blood money and it won’t bring Yvonne back. I gave it to the girls to help them so that some good could come from such a tragedy.”

    Blood money, but OK for the other daughters?

    There’s another similar police monument in London to DC Jim Morrison (off duty) at Aldwych. The incident occurred in 1991 and is unsolved to this day:
    The stone was laid there by the Michael Winner trust, established after Yvonne Fletcher’s death.

    The Police Memorial Trust was formed on the 3rd May, 1984 by Film Producer Michael Winner. Its formation was almost accidental. Deeply moved by the death of police officer Yvonne Fletcher in St. James’s Square, Michael Winner wrote a letter to The Times that was published on 21 st April, 1984, suggesting that a memorial be erected.

    [which came to pass on Feb 1st 1985, unveiled by PM Thatcher]


    Long game footage from Channel 4’s Lindsey Hilsum.
    – interview with Omar al Sodani
    DOn’t you just love the quote:

    “Once we get rid of Gadaffi and life returns to normal he will be questioned…”

    – Mustafa Gheriani
    I won’t start a thread yet on the obvious faked death of G. Where DID he go to?


    “Eleven people were hit in a short burst of fire”
    [top video]
    The whole coach load of “demonstrators” is disguised. This, the narrator says, is to prevent them being identified by people in the Libyan Bureau. Where is the coach? It could be at Watford Gap services for all we know. THe coach itself is in the then current stripey National Express Livery, possibly originating in Manchester. Or Victoria Coach station about a mile away….
    Screen shots to come of the thigh massage incidents.

    “..her fiance, a police constable, who had also been on duty in the square and was with her as she was being given first aid before the ambulances arrived.”

    The first thigh massage comes from a PC with helmet, the second from a sergeant with no helmet.

    Tom Dalpra

    Ah…I see. So P.C. A massaged Yvonne, with his helmet and P.C. B massaged her, without his helmet. Our deep research takes us to this point.

    Would a fiance use protection? Possibly not? I say the fiance could be the one who massaged her without his helmet, but that’s just a hunch.
    The other guy who massaged her with his helmet could be the one. There’s a direct suggestion. I like nylons too.

    Joking aside for a moment, the detail about the fiance is interesting. Makes sense. I look forward to your screen shots.

    I met Michael Winner a couple of times. Ruddy-faced man with a blazer and a somewhat younger attractive lady in tow. Constant smirk on his face.

    He was pleasant and charismatic though, is my recollection. We never talked about Yvonne’s memorial let alone the policeman with the helmet stroking her nylons. Though it does all sound a bit like a scene from one of his films. Maybe I should have brought it up?



    Let the stroking begin: [click on image]

    Tom Dalpra

    Utter filth.



    administration granted Wichester July 9 1984, [died 17 April 1984]
    £73,823; lived at the time at 1 Sherwood Court, Grove Avenue, South Harrow. Once there’s a death certificate, off it goes..

    while we’re here, the fiance was PC Michael Liddle, [image 1 above] perhaps, with the helmet.

    Television cameras recorded an appalling scene. The officer lay dying in a no-man’s land on the street outside the building as colleagues, including her fiance, PC Michael Liddle, tried desperately to help her.

    They carried her away, leaving her police helmet on the spot where she fell after being cut down by single shot. The helmet, abandoned on the ground for days after the tragedy, became a powerful image.

    During the ambulance journey to Westminster hospital, she said: “It is hurting me in the stomach.” She died on the operating table, 15 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

    Mourners packed Salisbury Cathedral for Fletcher’s funeral 10 days after the shooting. Her abandoned police helmet was placed on top of her coffin.

    25 March 2004

    Strangely, she is quoted as being from Semley, near Shaftsbury, Dorset –


    Chief superintendent Bryan West, her commander, said in his eulogy that Fletcher was “one of my best officers”

    Later, Fletcher’s body was cremated in a private ceremony

    present as one would expect were her parents, Tom and Queenie Fletcher.
    I see no further reference to any police career of “Michael Liddle”

    April 17 2014…
    The Revd Jonathan Osborne, Senior Chaplain at the Metropolitan Police Service escort family and friends including Tim and Queenie Fletcher ta a memorial service for the murdered Police woman Yvonne Fletcher in St James’ Square on April 17, 2014 in London, England. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police joined friends and family for the service which marked the 25th anniversary of her death [April 16, 2014] [don’t they mean the 30th anniversary??]

    Sisters of Yvonne Fletcher Heather Aldbrook (L), Sarah Parson (C L) and parents Tim and Queenie Fletcher lay a wreath during a memorial service for the murdered Police woman Yvonne Fletcher in St James’ Square on April 17, 2014 in London

    he used to be Tom,now he’s Tim. Yet in the marriage..and 192.com, he’s Michael HJ Fletcher, married Queenie M Troake [mother’s name given as Troke [sic] in records,not Troake] 4th quarter 1955, Winchester.

    [Heather J b 1961, Yvonne Joyce b 1958, aged 25 in 1984,Sarah M b.1966] both parents born 1933.
    witness Richard Bowden, 31 who once worked in Saudi Arabia “There were no screams, people just started falling”

    The mysterious Michael Liddle intrigues me.


    £73K is a tidy sum to have been sunk by a 25 year old police constable in 1984, estimated to be just south of £200K today. [the block of flats is in Eastcote, not Grove avenue…]
    sold in 1995 for £52.5K…124K in 2002.

    There is no onlne detail about Yvonne’s early police career apart from joining the MPS in 1977. Or even any career before that.She is described, without reference, as the shortest police officer in the Met.

    Tiny in stature but big in character, the 5ft 2in West Country girl was by rights far too short to join the Met. But when she was interviewed her enthusiasm shone through, so they bent the rules — and London had its smallest policewoman.

    Within a few years, she had proved her worth as one of the force’s new community officers, and liked nothing better than to help people of all colours and creeds to live harmoniously on the fast-changing streets of her West End of London beat.

    now,”emerging” in January 14 2014:

    At 9.30am that damp Wednesday morning, when she and her habitual partner, 29-year-old PC John Murray, took their place at the barriers surrounding the embassy…
    … knelt to comfort her, and she was clearly badly hurt because she was mumbling and could barely move.

    ‘But even as I helped two colleagues carry her out of the square I didn’t realise she had been shot because, oddly, there was no blood on her uniform.’

    When, at last, the grim truth dawned — that his partner had been shot by a fanatical Gaddafi henchman, who had also wounded 11 demonstrators as he sprayed machine-gun fire from a first-floor window — PC Murray made her a whispered vow.

    Cradling her into the folds of his blue serge jacket as they waited for the ambulance, he told her: ‘I don’t know who has done this to you, but whoever it was, I’ll get them, no matter how long it takes.’

    It was a pledge he repeated ten days later, this time when placing a farewell kiss on WPC Fletcher’s brow as she lay in her open coffin.

    Just 25 years old, and shortly to be married to another police officer, who had been stationed on the far side of the embassy that day

    Spurred by the guilty belief that it ought to have been he who took the fatal bullet — because he and WPC Fletcher had swapped places on the barriers out of boredom moments before she was hit — he has spent three decades attempting to track down the killer himself.

    sounds like another Daily Mail limited hangout…totally unbelievable story about GCHQ bungling…and Murray

    He has spent his £50,000 life savings on trips to Libya (where he has developed a network of sympathetic contacts in the post-Gaddafi regime) and legal fees.

    When Tony Blair took office and sickeningly began courting Gaddafi, Mr Murray paid a lawyer £9,500 to explore the possibility of a private prosecution against the Labour leader alleging malfeasance in public office, but was advised against it.

    …like you do…..

    Yet this week’s revelations have so profoundly disturbed the policewoman’s sister, Debbie,[pictured] who was 12 when she died, that she gave a rare interview to the Daily Mail.

    Funny, I thought the youger of the two sisters [plural] was called Sarah and would have been 17…

    something wrong there. Oh, and the father is named as Tim.

    Mr Fletcher runs a sawmill, stll in business.

    PS so now we have another PC, Murray enter the frame…so who is the thigh stroking Sergant?


    finally, several years later, someone has caught onto this transparent hoax and has made a good video about it. Sit back and have fun. Good show.


    The photobucket photos can be viewed by copying the image address and knocking out the initial i2.wp.com moiety.

    Vexman has written extensively about the subsequent La Belle Discotheque “bombing” in West Berlin in April 1986 [for some reason the video linked below has backdated the event by one year] without mentioning the Grosvenor Square caper in London two years earlier in 1984.
    The La Belle attack in April 1986: first Casus Belli against Gaddafi’s Libya
    The Berlin photos show a building under renovation with scaffolding and the usual crowd of firefighters standing around doing nothing. Don’t miss the duping of this “witness” at 0.20

    Naturally we have a 30th anniversary rebooting of the official narrative in 2016

    with a bonus item, the lucky survivor tale appended in the comments… Was fuer eine Ueberraschung!

    Here’s another “seriously injured” witness being wheeled out Katja Bahadouri

    As with all these psy-ops over the years, the medical profession are central and the American Military Hospital in Berlin played a central role, but was not alone

    Dr. Gert Specht, director of the Auguste-Viktoria Hospital in the Schoneberg neighborhood, where dozens of wounded were brought, said seven people remained in intensive care, one of them in critical condition.

    What’s all this?
    Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, Germany, February 2, 2002
    Dr. Gert Specht, Schützallee 5, 14169 Berlin, has asked Schöneberg Municipal Court to declare Wulf Specht dead. The missing person was born in Hamburg on April 27, 1961, last residing at Schützallee 5.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by xileffilex.

    The mysterious Michael Liddle intrigues me.


    April 18 1984
    “PC Liddle [24] is is currently recovering at his parent’s home in Gorleston, Norfolk”

    Michael G Liddle b 1959 sister Patricia Helen b 1970, brother Andrew Clive b 1954 [died 1998 aged 43]
    Parents George and Betty are still living in Marine Parade, Gorleston 33 years later…

    PC Liddle seems to have married in 1989 and again in 1997 Interestingly, his second wife was previously married to a policeman during the “Libyan period” –

    Ex-policeman’s New Job in North Wales is Good for Health

    Sept 13 2013
    Julian recalled: “You had to be on your toes all the time. I was on duty when the IRA mortar bombed Heathrow in the 1980s, because along with need to be ready to respond to an aircraft accident, airline companies were also under continual threat”.
    “It was a time of very high threat so we worked with the army and anti-terrorist specialists – there were 72 airline companies and 71 terrorist threats, only Iceland didn’t have a terrorist threat to its national airline.
    “There was also a constant stream of celebrities coming through, including the likes of Roger Moore just after he had finished playing James Bond in the 007 films.
    “I actually met Prince Charles and Lady Diana and Mrs Thatcher said hello. She was always very nice and would always say thank you.”


    Actually, the Heathrow “Mortar Attacks” were in 1994, a few years after the palpable hoax of the 1991 Downing Street Mortar attack

    I digress, but what a great set of psy-ops

    Wiki pages of these staged terror attacks

    Nothing new under the sun, it must have been so easy back then.

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