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    yeah like i said he does obviously claim that there is a link and the way he labels a lot of his videos with titles like “zionist trolls harrass me again” etc, and he does mention a name in the video as someone related to scl and who is a zionist, i did question on him a bit although it was a bit vague, you would have to listen to it yourself and draw your own conclusions.
    i cant remember what part of the video he says it unfortnunately and its only quickly. anyway thats his claim
    ive seen all the general online stuff about them like their website, and mentions in media going back to the 2000s yeah, but learning more than that will be very difficult i imagine, at leats about thei rcurrent or even previous specific projects, but i am starting to get teh idea more now, i have been looking into related companies and watching presentations they have on youtube, companies such as “cambridge analytica”, and concepts cuch as behavioral microtargeting.

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    i see i didnt actually check the videos, i thought you were refering to the type of (ufo) content or whatever, i wasnt sure what you were meaning.

    yeah i follow what you mean, and that is what he explains on the interview, about how his subscribers get harrased, just as i was “harrased” after commenting on his channel and making my video with him. but my “trolling”(i dotn like that word) seems to have stopped so fast which is weird.

    anyway the zionist link comes from the link to scl which he claims is run or at least linked to a zionist guy i cant remember the name of this moment, and from the link to him previosly being attacked after speaking out on 9/11 consitently. we cant know who it is but it sure is someone/some people who consistently attempt to disrupt his channel and its followers. i did tell him about fakeologist, i suggested he check it out and come on teh teamspeak. he message dme recently to cotact him on skytpe he says he has been autiochatting with some other like minded people,. il have to get back in touch with him about it all. i wana ask him more about the scl aspect .

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    yeah he mentions his other channels in my video,
    there have been some typical names that harassing his channel on my video yeah. and they commented on some of my other videos too, although the 10 thumbs down per video has stopped now, but i have recieved a few comments from that troll type crowd, more recently than the 10 thumbs down stopped, so i duno whats up with that, i expected that to continue .

    i been looking into the strategic comunication labs claim a bit but i was doing other stuff recently, i just been back on the youtube a few days makin a cpl of videos about trans stuff . but its hard to really find out anythin anyway about something like this s.c.l.
    anti trolls real name is paul taylor apparently, and there are often accounts made with variations on his name doing teh harrasment,

    thsi is how i see it so far anyway –

    i just dotn see it as him doin it to himself so i am thinking there is someone or some people harrasing anti trolls account,
    he is talking about zionism, and calling it zionist harrasment, for example in his recent video titles

    who is harrasing him could be anyone, someoen hes argued with in his internet history , or even a lone person who find his videos offense or whatever, or just some random weirdo, who knows.

    also, it could, in my view, be something like scl. why he would be targetted, who knows, because i didnt see his old videos or know of him. although, i know he was mainly on about 9/11 a lot on his old account, and hes making videos every day now, about what he thinks are fake news stories in uk media or whatever. if these conpanies exist, and we know they do, then they have to target someoen right,? or mayeb not, maybe its more of a mass population thing, and to imagine a company liek this, spending their resources harrasing 1 small 9/11 youtuber, but we dotn knwo how this types of organisations work really. liek, if scl does bother with a channel like his, surely they’d read thsi website too and other similar stuff?
    ive had time to think about it a bit, and while im not sure what is the deal with the scl claim, i do feel “sure” that someone or some people are harrasing him through emails and his youtube and he claims sending messages to his subs trying to put peopel off his channel or whatever.
    maybe i shoudl make a 911 video and see if i start getting harrased since i woudl assume im on the scl watchlist now if it exists, since i uploaded my video and i started gettinga bnit of harrasment from the same names.
    but why woudlnt more channels be getting more harrasment? i duno its weird, and like in the video he states, he hasnt really got any more proof that ist scl, than that they used to use scl in their names to harras him, and tyhat they have told him they are scl. he does have some backstory about living in china and beinhg tricked into givinbg out hsi name , i duno.

    thanks for response. let me know anyway : what did you mean about antitrolls subscriber ufo guy contacting him about getting harrased seeming to prove the point ? cheers

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    by set up or inside job i just mean staged event. i dont mean that it happened exactly as said on tv, while being was planned by “insiders”. i should just say staged event, because that is my more detailed view i guess, but i have never even considered what term to use before. i dont think about it a lot.

    anyway you sare saying hes either making all the accounts himself because hes crazy, or he is paid to harrass himself on a channel with 95 subscribers?
    can you explain your opinion?
    i listend to teh interrview that xilef posted and yeah he is sounding very paranoid and making claims back then too. but that doesnt mean that he isnt being targeted. i want to knwo how you can be sure that it is 1 of the things you claim.

    second, i can easily post some links to fakeologist pages on my youtube, and those “trolls” would see them because they now thumnbs down and comment on my pages since last cpl of days.
    what reaction woudl you like to see from them, in relation to fakeologist links? i dotn see how that would change anything(if its a true situation)

    also, what do you think about strategic communications laboratories

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    in reply to: youtuber who claims to be harrased by company #847438

    i duno what qor means, but my view on 9/11 is what i explain in the video, if you have listend to it. this topic is meant to be about this guys claims not my 9/11 opinions.
    watching 9/11 live on tv, i already held a world view that everything on tv is lies and backwards, i understood about banking zionism and freemasonry. i did not know at that time watching live on tv exactly what all the details were, and i stil do not know. just as none of us know. i would be willing to accept whatever evidence i thought was acceptable to my own mind, i think the video footage is all fake, the news coverage was staged and planned, just as with 7/7/05 london.
    i came to these concusions about 9/11 before the internet, before youtube etc.
    i get the no planes idea sure , and if i coudl be bothered to research it more, i would possibly come to the conclusion of no deaths at all, no object hitting towers, etc. and say it with certainty, while now, i am not certain, although i know that official story is lies, so i do not accept any aspect of it.

    i dont see how a plane would bring down a tower like this of course, and i dont think the flights are possible or probable same with “pentagon plane”,
    obviously this is a common view for a member of this forum.

    i am someone that realises that everything is totally fake, and i dont need to know all thw details, i have nothing to convince myself of or prove to myself any more, while i respect that others are looking in the greatest detail and analysis.

    just because people are doing things i knwo are wrong, doesnt make me personally need to know every detail of what they did and how they did it, to know its lies and wrong, i can pay attention to other things too.
    i hope you get what i mean by that, and what im interested in this video here, is about this guys claims.
    i have been on the radio teamspeak with ab and rolo and others etc a few times, they know of me, im just here to post about this harrasment subject and get peoples opinions about it and about strategic communications labatories and organisied harrasment etc, because im thinking its a very important subject, while im not sure what to make of this interview i posted, and also the small time youtube channel harrasment i have recieved in the few days afterwards.

    also thanks xileffilex i listened to the link it was interesting to hear it.

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