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    It’s a strange volcano which only covers the landing stage area in fine slurry yet the surrounding crags remain dark in this high res photo also allegedly from Auckland Rescue

    The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Service “photo” is in reality a very poor 3D render, it is hard to understand how the image could be presented as “real” but the NZ Herald’s sure does cite the CGI image as a “photo” in their article (here) – quite curious, but many clearly are in the know about the recent White Island eruption being staged.

    Looking a bit on the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Service website, one is left to wonder about their dramatic feats intervening in a range of media-fakery prone incidents that might not all be any more real than their role in the White Island volcano eruption “coverage”.

    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust – Articles

    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust White Island eruption
    The above computer render (referenced by Xileffilex) of White Island is of particularly poor quality yet feature as a “photo” in the NZ Herald (here)


    The first video, Mount Tavurvur volcano, would appear to be real footage, a flash-bang measurement (5 seconds gap = 1 mile) of 13 seconds meaning the person filming is just over 2.5 miles away from the eruption.

    Looking at the hyper-real reflections in the sea, the footage from the Tavurvur volcano eruption in 2014 by Phil McNamara look very much like more of the same – CGI.

    Analyzing an image still taken from Phil McNamara’s video footage – it is no doubt that we yet again are being given hyper-realistic 3d renderings that are severely altered when analyzed by Error Level Analysis (ELA).

    It is fastidious to need to check every bit of information we dispose in terms of examples of what is real – but again it is all the more apparent the Elite are indeed hoaxing volcano eruptions at least in these two locations – White Island (2019 & 2013) and Tavurvur (2014).

    To be exacting here, the alterations in the footage that is presented as real in the above instances (White Island 2019, 2013and Tavurvur 2014) are so severe in the forensic Error Level Analysis (ELA) there is no error margin possible – this is faked imagery.

    Mount Tavurvur volcano 2014 by Phil McNamara
    Mount Tavurvur volcano 2014 by Phil McNamara – not real, not live

    The equally post-produced image from the GeoNet Crater Rim camera in 2013 is analyzed above – and the picture is among the images used in GeoNet’s video referenced in your (Rachel) post above and my post before that (here)

    Regarding the Mount Tavurvur volcano eruption in 2014, there is quite a lot of even worse 3D renderings of the very same “eruption”, some pictures (exemple) really is recognizable 3D just by a glance and need no ELA analysis.


    An important part of the narrative behind the credibility of the 2019 White Island eruption, is the scientific status of White Island as an active volcano with frequent eruptions.

    Major volcanic activity in recent times occurred in 1981–83 when eruptions transformed the islands landscape burning the existing forest, and in 2000 three new volcano-vents (vents) covered the island in fine grey powder, and a new crater* formed that contains the crater-lake which today seems to be the major tourist attraction.

    In 2012, the White Island volcano regained activity with a minor eruption august 5th eruption, followed a year later by a ten minutes eruption on 20 August 2013 that produced mostly steam according to news coverage and scientists.

    New Zealand Herald – 2013
    Eruption on White Island

    New Zealand Herald – 2013
    Volcanologist on the White Island eruption

    Stuff – 2013
    White Island erupts

    Wired – 2013
    Eruption at White Island Captured on Video

    Scoop – 2013
    White Island Eruption – Volcanic Alert 2, Aviation Code Red

    As much as the 2019 White Island eruption has been proven to be an intricate death-hoax using the natural volcano activity on the island as a pretext, the motivation behind it is clearly not much different from any other death hoax which is to create public interest, emotion and empathy (shock and awe).

    When we look back at the events of 2013, we no longer have any victims or habitual media-fakery angle to the eruption – which means we here are confronted with what is merely a natural event according to all experts and scientists.

    In other words, no media-fakery is needed for the White Island 2013 eruption, and even the press paid little if no attention to what scientifically was a “minor” that was expected according to experts surveilling the volcano activity.

    So – what does it mean if science uses fake images to document such an event ?

    And yes, the “live” footage from the August 20th 2013 eruption (video) is all fake… As can be seen from hereunder in “official” images from the official source of geological hazard information for New Zealand – GeoNet (here). Pictures from the crater rim all hoaxed up with official and scientific backing…

    White Island 2013 eruption picture taken with GeoNet Crater Rim camera – clearly fake from the Error Level Analysis (documentation here)


    The recent 2013 White Island eruption is quite reminiscent and similar to the 2019 “natural” disaster.

    GeoNet – White Island eruption 20 August 2013 5x speed
    GeoNetNZ – 20 Aug 2013 – 02:17 mm:ss – 4K views


    Here it is and it’s a treat – 100 per cent drill speak, and not at all credible.

    Thanks for the transcript Xileffilex – this “conversation” as you point out is pure PsyOps scripting trying to leverage emotion in the public as well as establishing mental pictures of burning pain and desperation.

    Really found the severe burns and intact clothing idea just as interesting as pouring water over the victims while keeping them warm… Whenever i’m burnt, really would hope Geoff Hopkins stays away, he’s not very reassuring.

    ” we had a lot of fresh water on board, so we were able to use fresh water we called out for any containers that we could use and we got people to start filling them up….just starting to pour cool fresh water over people’s burns more critical ones we needed to remove clothing and wrap them up and, reassure people and then ….as time went shock start to set in… keep people warm and really reassure them. “

    I am surprised by the fact the public so far has been given no imagery to support the severe ash and steam burns. As the victims now are all in a coma and the recovery time quite long – i’m not so sure we’ll see much of the injuries anytime soon*.

    At the least we now have on paper how the “eruption” covered the whole island in dust and ash according to Geoff Hopkins who was quick to clarify how only minutes later “the ash had cleared”. Sure, try tell that to the volcano, Geoff,,,

    * we might get some “Brooke Lee” style prosthetic injuries later (lee brooke)


    Searching twitter, one finds evidence of large plumes of steam, not associated with eruptions

    Both photos herunder from two different individuals/accounts are clearly taken from the same spot and just framed and tweaked differently. The height of the volcano smoke plume from that distance must be way above even 4.5km…

    Why do 2 different Twitter accounts use the same photo ?

    Photo from twitter user Parenting NZ (here)

    Photo from twitter user TrevKiwi (here)


    ” The ash plume rose 3.7 kilometres (12,000 ft) into the air. ”

    White Island Wiki

    One would think Volcanology as a science would be exact and precise, meaning they study all information relative to any particular eruption such as the 2019 White Island eruption.

    Quickly checking the scale of White Island it is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) long and a 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) wide (source) which makes it rather handy for double checking the information about the eruption smoke plume from above image.

    What is apparent is that 3.7km is an exacting distance, meaning the eruption is measured to a hundred-meter scale. This would explain how volcanologists first declared the plume to be 3km, then to be 3.6km and finally 3.7km according to the latest expert opinion.

    In any case scenario, the error margin observed in the above photo of the White Island volcano erupting should be minute – but it clearly isn’t as the photo shows a smoke plume at minimum 4.5km high.

    White Island Flights image of the eruption measured
    White Island Flights image of the eruption roughly measured

    The apparent mismatch of measured height and accompanying imagery all the more point to some serious problems in the narrative of volcanoes and the entire seriousness of the science of Volcanology itself as they pull out fake images and distances as it suits them without being questioned.

    Investigating volcanology seems more than appropriate at this point as it clearly isn’t all real as the experts claim. Normally all Fakeologists would agree as much, but it seems a number of loud naysayers are far from understanding the principle of not giving science a free lunch.


    This is an elaborate fake image with what most probably is an artificial smoke plume* – zooming on the high resolution image will make this suspicion more evident.

    Photos are very important to analyse in media-fakery where the bulk of the imagery is presented as being shot “live” and not in any way altered or retouched. By using forensic analysis tools such as Error Level Analysis (ELA), we can detect areas within an image that are at different compression levels (white areas being severe alterations).

    The entire picture should be at roughly the same level of ELA noise, and if a section of the image is at a significantly different error level, then it indicates digital modification – which is undisputable with White Island Flights image (below). Significant, sudden differences of edges, surfaces, and textures consgtitutes suspicious areas* that may have been digitally altered – which we can clearly conclude is the case herunder.

    Error Level Analysis of White Island Flights image of the White Island eruption

    ELA analysis of White Island Flights image of the eruption (hd image here)

    * red/blue patches are commonly known as “rainbowing” and constitute a tell-tail sign that an Adobe product was used to alter the picture (Fotoforensics – digital photo forensics)

    * quoting own posts is kind of weird, it just seemed the photoanlysis should have been joined to previous post to make my opinion more clear…


    There is no evidence of any large rocks being thrown, no evidence of ash fall in the videos.

    Indeed, the absence of ash in the air is truly one of the most striking aberrations in the official narrative in all the “live” imagery from White Island after the eruption.

    The fact the sight is pristine after what is presented as a humongous eruption engulfing all the crater floor and all the way into to the sea where we “afterwards” see tourists waiting to be evacuated amongst dusty rocks and… no dust in the air.

    The imagery of the volcano ash plume rising “3.6km into the air” is clearly incompatible with what actually happened – and this imagery is very skillfully faked for public exposure of a catastrophic reality that at least in the case of White Island is false.

    Volcano eruptions much like nuclear bombs are willfully exaggerated phenomena whenever possible, it is in the interest of public fear which seems always to be the goal. The tools to exaggerate these types of events are today very advanced and in many cases hard to detect as both the cinema and war industry have worked hard to realistically fake such imagery.

    White Island Flights image of the White Island eruption
    White Island Flights image of the White Island eruption (hi res img)

    In the image from White Island Flights shows an immense eruption that clearly is an exaggeration where there is no need for a “lateral blast” as the whole crater floor is completely covered by the gush of gas and smoke in itself. This is an elaborate fake image with what most probably is an artificial smoke plume (zooming on the high resolution image will make this suspicion more evident).

    White Island was ‘a disaster waiting to happen’: Vulcanologist


    Nine persons have quietly been airbrushed out of the event, superfluous to the plot, with no stories of remarkable survival or heroism.

    The curious part about the confirmed 47 individuals* on White Island is that there still are 12 unaccounted for persons according to the official version.

    Additionally, among the 35 individuals mentioned in the press so far, there are already 2 unknown UK residents, 1 unknown Malaysian and 1 unnamed Australian (certified dead).

    Of course any media death-hoax will try to extend the period of uncertainty and speculation for as long as they can. Especially in the White Island scenario the victim narratives are important as they constitute the main focus of the press coverage – very little coverage is made of the volcano eruption itself.

    Are the first to be the last ?

    The significant numbers of memes covered around the White Island volcano death-hoax further emphasize how this PsyOp is well funded and planned. It would seem an additional meme is pushed with the “first” victim Hayden Marshall-Inman, a forty year old WIT tour guide who featured in a number of videos with his blue and white striped volcano guide suit. Not only was Marshall-Inman the first victim, he now is among the last – go figure how he was declared dead in the first place…

    Hayden Marshall-Inman was named as the “first” victim of the White Island eruption

    Radio NZ – 10 Dec 2019
    Hayden Marshall-Inman named as first victim from White Island eruption

    News Hub – 17 December 2019
    Hayden Marshall-Inman, Winona Langford named as missing victims

    Daily Mail – 17 Dec 2019
    Tragedy as pilot reveals he saw tour guide on White Island but didn’t have time to save him as police confirm his body is still missing

    * updated list of the 47 on White Island – mostly added fundraiser pages as 14 of the 35 known victims feature in such campaigns (afaik)


     I’m thinking it’s a mix of real-time and recorded event. I can see the stuff on the beach might have happened in real-time to test the emergency services, and that’s where we continually see the white smoke.

    Agree there is mixed imagery of pre-produced footage and also live post-eruption images as from the mainland/far away, rescue missions and so forth.

    When it comes to pre-production, it is clear that all this material would have to be thoroughly vetted and checked as it constitutes the main material for the entire volcano death-hoax. In order to have full control, all important material would have to be consistent.

    Therefore, when it comes to the footage and images from Michael Schade, all his material IS consistent and clearly made by the same team and same set-up. As Schade’s imagery comprises both boat imagery of the staged volcano eruption and imagery from the “beach” with tourists waiting to be rescued – this can’t be both a drill and pre-production from a studio.

    Michael Schade image from the boat as the volcano erupts
    Michael Schade image from the boat as the volcano erupts (14:12 +- 10min)

     Michael Schade image from the boat observing tourists waiting to be evacuated
    Michael Schade image from the boat observing “injured” tourists (14:12 +- 10min)

    In my opinion there is no need for a drill in a blackbox scenario as is the case with the White Island volcano eruption – drills serve best in urban settings where the media-fakery need to go live in a publicly exposed environment. Once you can make a Bataclan-style vacuum (blackbox) where no laymen are present – you no longer need any public drills.

    The safest and foolproof way to execute the White Island volcano death-hoax* would be to prepare all the close-up eruption material with and by victims before the event, close off the island with fake tourists and guide-companies (and a cruise ship) and start the smoke generator with a “silent explosion” at 2:11 PM just as scripted.

    As the smoke-machines silently explodes far away on blackboxed White Island : release the pre-produced footage from the victims “live” and the trick would be done. And everyone could see the smoke from the mainland to testify to this volcano eruption and fake drama being real…

    *well, this would be my personal hypothesis so far anyway


    But actually, I think they chose that orientation to give the impression the action is happening over a wider area, when in actual fact…

    Agree about the framing being deceptive.

    I’m not sure to understand why you would think this is footage from a drill, especially if the scene isn’t shot on location. The need for a drill seems unnecessary as the footage in my opinion have to be pre-recorded, which also makes timing superfluous.

    The Schade footage would be more produced on reduced scale model movie-set where they did several rehearsals – without smoke. There is no dust in the air in any of the imagery despite taken just after the eruption on White Island. This is an impossibility as the ash on the ground around the tourists ready to evacuate testifies to.

    Most probably all the smoke we see in the footage from the island was from preproduction – the imagery shows white and dark grey smoke from the island. The actual smoke produced on site would be all white as we see from the mainland. In short, pre-recorded smoke is not the same as the smoke produced on V-day.

    Kauffmann video still from White Island
    Kauffmann “live” video still from White Island – preproduced (link)

    Pressphoto from afar of White Island after the eruption
    Pressphoto from afar of White Island after the eruption – actual “live” image (here)

    Michael Schade image White Island
    Michael Schade image of the fictims – preproduced (here)

    Press Image of White Island search mission
    Press Image of the search mission* – actual “live” image (here)

    * image referenced by Xileffilex above


    ” We currently have stock but are urgently sourcing additional supplies to meet the demand for dressing and temporary skin grafts. We anticipate we will require an additional 1.2 million sq cm of skin for the ongoing needs of the patients.

    This has necessitated more rapid surgical treatment of these burns than is the usual case for thermal only burns. This is just the start of a very long process that for some patients will last several months. ”

    Chief Medical Officer Dr Pete Watson of NZ National Burns Unit

    The main purpose for any PsyOp and media-hoax is to gain public attention.

    The initial phase of shock and awe can only last for so long, and after the main element of surprise and horror is absorbed, the hoaxers need to find complementary avenues to explore in order to milk a fake event for its undue newsworthiness.

    White Island is clearly an operation where the aftermath is supposed to focus on the injured victims. As the imagery from the volcano itself is so sparse and frankly insignificant, it is clear White Island never was appropriate for delving hard and long on volcanoes and deadly liquid rock.

    The main element of horror of the White island volcano death-hoax is the sacrifice by fire experienced by the tourists on the “White” island. The insistance on horror stories of burnt human flesh is quite reminiscent of WW2 Holocaust where human were burnt and their flesh supposedly converted to soap and candles – this now has been debunked even by officialdom mostly, but it made the news of day and thus had its effect*.

    Not surprisingly, the NZ Volcano victims will need our skin now as there is a lack of it that makes treating all the injured difficult… Hmm – pretty stark mental imagery they hope to provoke in the public there, and it rather shows how cynical and immoral PsyOps really are.

    Holocaust – sacrifice by fire, burnt offering

    Soap made from fat of Jewish Holocaust victims 2015
    Soap reportedly made from the fat of Jewish Holocaust victims (2015)

    Why New Zealand is importing skin

    NY Times
    New Zealand Seeks Human Skin to Treat Volcano Burn Victims

    NZ Herald
    Not enough donor skin for burns patients, surgeon fears

    Washington Post
    New Zealand needed human skin to treat volcano burn victims. Help came from Ohio.

    New Zealand has ordered more than 1,290 square feet of skin for volcano victims

    US sends human skin to treat volcano burn victims

    Radio NZ
    Heated theatres, cadaver skin – how Whakaari burns victims are being treated

    * Bar of soap ‘made from the fat of Jewish Holocaust victims’ is removed from eBay – daily mail 2015


    Nobody heard an explosion

    That was a brilliant find (Xileffilex), forgot to mention that as it made me laugh pretty severely. A silent explosion…

    As everything around the White Island volcano is about its explosive eruption and a contended “explosion” nobody heard… It is safe to say the most likely explanation is that there was no explosion.

    If there was no explosion, it is also more than likely there never was an actual volcano eruption. Clearly the hypothesis of a fake volcano eruption thereby becomes all the more likely – regardless of all “It’s Real” naysayers and the red herring arguments about “everything fake“.

    Unfortunately, media-fakery is not shy of using any hoaxing tool available, and smoke-machines certainly are among those operative tools and amply sufficient for the White Island death-hoax. The White Island is in fact the “Black Box” needed to perform such a smoke-machine hoax.


    Michael Schade picture taken 12-14 minutes after White Island eruption

    Michael Schade (tweet) picture taken 12-14 minutes after eruption (high res img)

    The above picture from Michael Schade is a pretty good example of pre-produced imagery as it is taken only minutes after the eruption allegedly and we see heavy dust layers on the ground* that testify to this.

    As anybody who ever have dealt with dust can experience, once you there is loads of dust in the air, you will have to wait a fair amount f of time for dust and its volatile particles to settle. Ash is among the worst type of elements as it is very volatile.

    Where is the plentyfull Ash in the air minutes after the devastating eruption ?

    The fact is that there is no ash anywhere to be seen, not even obscuring one single, minute detail of the mountain rock seen at a distance. So this picture cannot have been taken minutes after an eruption with so-called vertical AND lateral blasts. And the dust is there on the ground to prove the staging of Schade’s picture…

    The White Island volcano never took a break in releasing ash and gases either, meaning there never were any “breaks” where there was no smoke coming out of the volcano, it was a continious outpouring witnessed even from the mainland. The smokescreen actually was a very important part of the volcano death-hoax with a long lasting, continous gush of smoke and residu.

    * the uniform red colour rocks in the water line equally appear as suspect and artificial, hinting more at a studio setting than a picture on location


    ” It’s like a pot of water sitting on the stove. It doesn’t start boiling until you turn the element on. In this case the “element” was an intrusion of magma.

    Smaller-scale eruptions occurred between 2012 and 2013 and in 2016. Luckily, all these were at night. ”

    New light shed on what caused deadly blow – NZ Herald

    The scientific explanation for the unpredicted White Island eruption will in any type of scenario be fraudulent as the fake victims attest to, as the Cruise ship being on time attests to, etc, etc.

    If the volcano eruption was of natural origin, the scale and time would forcably have been known in advance. Therefore all scientific lead-up and aftermath would be construed to support the “unpredictable” nature of the event.

    The very precise timing (2:11 PM) of the eruption nevertheless makes the all natural scenario less probable, and the two most likely scenarios would therefore be that the volcano eruption was artificially provoked, or entirely artificial.

    Both the “artificially provoked” and the “entirely artificial” scenario require the same amount of scientific fraud before and after the event. There is a lot of resistance to both these scenarios it appears, but they remain Occam’s Razor alternatives. This does mean we will need to objectively discuss both these options for how the White Island volcano eruption was brought on at a very precise time, with all victims and footage prepared.

    As no existing science will help explain how it is possible to artificially provoke a volcano*, there is no scientific debate that will enlighten the feasability of such an intervention which objectively is covered in scientific lies in order to remain credible academically.

    NZ Herald
    New light shed on what caused deadly blow

    * nor will science help explain how to fake an eruption, naturally, which goes without saying – euhh, well, just said it,,,


    It’s interesting how they don’t seem keen on finding the UK [for UK interest!] “victims” yet. Perhaps there weren’t any.

    Two UK citizens figure as “among the wounded in hospital” but remain unidentified for some reason since Dec 10th – nearly a week already. The curious part is that two named british citizens were “missing” and feared implicated in the White Island volcano eruption and subsequently found – Deborah and Karl Rakos. A near miss of sorts, as has been mentioned as meme earlier in the discussion.

    The missing from the 47 individuals present on White Island according to MSN press (hereunder) are 4 Germans, 2 Chinese, 6 Australians and one person from New Zealand. Curiously, i’ve found 10 Americans implicated (among the 47) whereas the official number is 9.

    Australia, 24
    United States, 9
    New Zealand, 5
    Germany, 4
    UK citizens, 2
    China, 2
    Malaysia, 1

    The Guardian
    British couple feared missing make contact

    Daily Mail
    Fears for British couple who have vanished since New Zealand volcano disaster as their son, 35, says he has desperately been trying to make contact


    Missing component so far…. “Lucky escapes”

    The PsyOps check list keeps on growing*.

    White Island volcano death-hoax has now in Fakeologist terms become a confirmed Psyop with fake deaths as the accumulated evidence* is as important as in any other accepted media-hoax.

    As this particular PsyOp uses natural phenomena (volcano) it is more troublesome to establish exactly how the event was staged, and the most evident part of the hoax so far are the victims and survivors.

    Herunder is an excel spreadsheet with the information i’ve found so far of the victims and survivors from the White Island eruption – there were alledgedly 47 persons on site in total. Hopefully others can use the information and hopefully complement the list and upload their updated version(s).

    Edit: as Excel files are not allowed, herunder a download link (gofile .io)

    * a new addition to the PsyOps check-list would be Truther spamming by paid operators as we see now witness on Fakeologist more than ever before – a true “itsrealist” ressurgence

    * a summuray or overview of the White Island death-hoax might serve at some point for new readers

    Jake Milbank givealittle

    Jake is a tour guide for White Island Tours. He was on the island when it erupted, and has sustained burns to 80% of his body.

    This normally passionate energetic young man, who has a love for anything ocean, was in his element when this tragedy occurred.

    However he now has a long journey to recovery, and anything raised on this page will be used to help the family financially to ensure they can be by his side all the way. And provide anything Jake will need during his recovery.

    Jake is currently staying in ICU in Middlemore Hospital and he is surrounded by his family. The family would like to thank you all for the messages, support and good wishes for Jake that they have already recieved.


    • This reply was modified 4 years, 7 months ago by UNrealUnreal. Reason: excel file does not upload

    This image is a poor attempt at faking depth of field, and you’ve got to wonder why even bother when the image is meant to have come from a smartphone, which like go-pro cameras, are designed to get most things in focus.

    Completely agree, this is a poorly ‘shopped photo.

    The cheap cut&paste is clearly visible on close-up zoom of the image (here) where the pixelation of foreground and background clearly is not the same which would always be the case in an original photo – smartphones and cameras alike (same pixelation/definition within the entire picture in originals).

    Anthony and Kristine Langford cut and paste
    Anthony and Kristine Langford from original photo – especially “cameraman” Anthony look poorly cut&pasted into the image

    Anthony and Kristine Langford cut and paste CLOSE UP
    Close-up of the different pixelation between foreground (hair, low res) and the background (Sydney opera, high res)


    To cast a full dark shadow on the cliff backdrop, the sun must be behind. Looking at the foreground, the light is coming from the left. Put this together, then the sun is somewhere behind the rocks to the left, therefore the shadow should be this side and to the right, but quite short.

    The background looks layered with the distant dark and shadow backdrop being different from the nearby scene where action takes place. This would be quite commonplace artefacts from filming outside scenes in a film-studio setting.

    White Island studio set

    As mentioned in previous post (here) this particular scene could be part of imagery produced in a studio setting with a scenic background

    Another curious fact is the early scale model of the White Island itself presented at the 1851 Great Exposition at Crystal Palace (London) by C Ligar (here). There are probably several ways to explain away why such a model was made (in sulphur…), but it remains indicative of how White Island very early on was of particular interest to the Elite of the Royal Geographical Society.

    Ligar – G Liar (acronym of “liar” with masonic “G” association)

    The “live” footage of the White Island volcano eruption figuring the pretend victims constitute the most important material for the press to exploit. From numerous precedents of hoaxed terror and death – it is quite established the perpetrators produce this material ahead of time in order to closely control the narrative unfolding later.

    There are not loads of different options as to how to produce this type of media-fakery material – it is either shot on location or in a film-studio.

    Shooting on location in this case (and most other cases i’m aware of) would be rather problematic as there would be issues of privacy and secrecy that would be hard to contain in such a small community on an island close to land. The incoming traffic, general logistics, various material needs, lodging staff and actors would be hard to justify without awakening attention.

    Filming the whole tourist tour in Studio makes much more sense in this case regarding the overall considerations of staging, actors and production tools.

    As much as logic hints to a studio-production of the fake victim footage, it does challenge our understanding of how a volcano behaves. It is unquestionable that powerful smoke-generators would be more than capable of producing the volcano eruption effects seen from coast on mainland New Zealand.

    If we subtract the fake victim videos there would be very few other tools necessary to fake the White Island eruption than to restrict access to the island and its vicinity, and use a powerful smoke generator close to the volcano to produce the visual impression of an eruption from the general public’s perspective on the mainland.

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