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    Dr Nick Odom recites his script..

    And,,, He can’t resist laughing either.

    Another detail that might be noted is the heavy clothing that characterizes Nick Odom and the very light clothing worn by White Island skipper or staff on the burning PeeJay (top left corner in blue-white sweatshirt only).

    Comparing the close-up photos of the boat to the video from afar during Odom’s video interview, one might also question if the “accidental” fire much like the volcano eruption footage was prerecorded and/or tampered with. The relaxed attitude and light clothing from the detailed photo of the fire very much contrasts with the burning wreck footage from ashore – colors and weather looks off.

    2016 White Island Tours boat fire
    2016 White Island Tours boat fire – close-up picture, burning wreck picture from ashore and a smiling Nick Odom as he explains how he jumped into the apparently cold water


    Cloud Generating Machines, similar.

    That’s a rocket engine* volcano…

    Great exemple (Rachel) of how NASA is capable of faking their space rockets, and as we know they aren’t doing much flying in Space, it is straightforward to deduce NASA is all about fakery and illusion.

    Thus the “technology” NASA actually do possess is advanced methods of fakery which we have to assume equally serves in other types of fakery as well, such as the immense WTC smoke plume would attest to.

    Looking at NASA, they actually have a long history of faking rockets, they launched the Explorer 1 satellite rocket into space in 1958 which goes to show how making rocket clouds is old technology that seemingly works very well as it has most people fooled to this day.

    QM-2 test of Orbital ATK-built NASA SLS booster
    Northrop Grumman – 7 Jun 2018 – 0:55 mm:ss – 1K views

    RS-25 Rocket Engine Test Firing
    NASA – 18 Aug 2016 – 09:54 mm:ss – 104K views

    * the example from Rachel’s GIF is a NASA SLS booster which sure looks prety probant for staging a volcano – only the crater walls are missing in the footage to make the SLS booster test look like habitual volcano footage (ohh, and dissimulating the booster of course)


    ” Whakaari was named “White Island” by Captain Cook on 1 October 1769. Although Cook sailed close to the island, he did not record that it was a volcano. The Maori name Whakaari is recorded in multiple 19th century texts by Europeans, with one mention dating back to 1849 ”

    Whakaari / White Island (wiki)

    The recorded history of White Island is rather short and officially begins with Captain “history” Cook sailing by in 1769 and not noticing the island was a volcano. Next we know of White Island it apparently shows up in the 1851 Great Exposition at the Cristal Palace with a watercolor painting by Charles Heapy of the Royal Geographical Society, and a scale model in sulphur by C. Ligar (referenced here).

    In other words, White Island went from an unrecognizable volcano island* in 1769 to a studied volcano island in 1851 which is noteworthy (82 years). The fact White Island was chosen to be exposed at an occasion known to Fakeologists for the introduction of Dinosaurs should also be food for after-taught.

    White Island crater by Charles Heaphy
    Watercolor of White Island crater (ca 1850) by Charles Heaphy, Royal Geographical Society (Alexander Turnbull Library)

    The interpretation of anagrams is very subjective, but the similarity of a hawk eye does liken to the aerial view of a volcano. Of course terra forming seems very outlandish pertaining to White Island, but the early interest of the British Royal Geographical Society sure stand out as intriguing, just like the seemingly encoded drawing from Charles Heapy.

    Whakaari – Hawk Ai Ra (phonetic anagram of Hawk eye Ra)

    * any accomplished explorer would surely inform themselves as to the local history and lore while also being alert to potential danger – very hard to not be informed of a dangerous, visitable place such as the White Island volcano that even today is a staple tourist attraction


    A sad case if true

    Indeed the Odom’s (s’Odom) family do appear suspect, and like father like son ?

    Reading the article on Josh there is very little that rings true such as going from a 6000£ a month job to 300£ – all to justify blackmailing a couple who seemingly are very happy to show off in the papers. A trial, a resolved case and lots of newsworthy details makes the whole story appear as fake as Josh Odom’s father lucky escape from the burning White Island Tours wooden boat.

    ” The blackmail plot began on May 12 this year after Odom lost his £6,000 a month post on a farm in Cheshire and took up a job as a £300 a week landscape gardener. ”

    Too many 3 & 6 – article


    Panagiota Stone and Matt Stone on their wedding day. The couple were caught up in the Pee Jay boat fire yesterday off White Island [19 Jan 2016 – article here]

    Very very fake

    Indeed, the 2016 White Island Tours boat-fire clearly has served to prepare crisis actors and operating officers alike. As you (xileffilex) rightly note, there is indeed an insurance side to this hoax justifying taking out a special insurance since the tragic 2016 fire event that today probably will see some nice returns from the 2019 eruption.

    Another benefit for the coming death-by-volcano-fire PsyOp would be the purchase of a new boat that would be to serve for the prerecorded video scenarios. The fact the previous boat supposedly was made of wood further smells of lies as very few passenger boats today use wood… But the burning scenario did call for some additional credibility one would think – at least the hoaxers did.

    In 2017 White island also was explored and digitized by Google Street View which also would come in handy for preproducing film material and creating various backgrounds for studio-shot material.

    Luke Lamont on White Island with the Google Street View Trekker
    Luke Lamont on White Island with the Google Street View Trekker (article here)

    Hoaxing volcano deaths and controlling a volcano eruption clearly is not as straightforward as the usual media-fakery as there are many parameters that today escape common knowledge that needs to be attended to.

    The pre-planning for the December 2019 White Island eruption apparently already started in January 2016 if not before. The early start does indicate the attention to details in the case of a volcano hoax which does help explain why this typology of hoaxes so far have been spared from in-depth research, and why so many skeptics are unable to wrap their head around the hoaxing of natural events.

    As always, the answers to any type of question is to dedicate time and inform yourself, not sit and wait for others to handfeed opinion to you directly. Of course, opposition towards research on any type of suspect events will systematically be met with gatekeeper efforts as this is what gatekeeping is. And today we all should be aware how omnipresent gatekeeping really is in the alternative Truther community (article).

    Some more news about WHite Island Tours before the 2019 eruption:

    New Zealand Herald – 2016
    Google Street View comes to White Island

    New Zealand Herald – 2016
    Honeymooners flee boat fire

    New Zealand Herald – 2016
    77-year-old survivor: ‘She’s a hero’

    New Zealand Herald – 2016
    Order to protect PeeJay V wreck

    New Zealand Herald – 2016
    Boat owners devastated by fire

    New Zealand Herald – 2019*
    Lionel Nowell who died after fall on Moutohora ‘a great guy’

    * Moutohora or Whale Island is the neighbour island to White Island – and the White Island Tours company is also the tour operator to this destination – or destiny in this case 


    At slow speed and full screen around 9:51 in the Kauffmann video the blue hooped clothing aboard the mystery boat becomes clear.

    Call me impressed ! You are indeed right Xileffilex.

    Very, very hard to spot but surely, that is a blue & white striped shirt as you rightly remarked above !

    Close-up of the bleu-white shirt on the phantom vessel
    Close-up of the bleu-white shirt on the phantom vessel (09:57)


    White Island Tours boat on fire in january 2016

    Something clearly is fishy about those White Island Tour boats. The 2016 incident with passengers in shock and horror sure could be some type of rehearsal and prepping for the big event to come later in 2019.

    ” Terrified passengers on a White Island tour boat leaped from the upper deck of the blazing vessel into the choppy ocean off Whakatane yesterday as flames quickly engulfed the ferry.

    One woman, who jumped off the PeeJay V after a day visiting the volcano with her husband, described the frightening moment she feared the vessel would explode.

    Sue Odom and husband Nick were among 60 passengers and crew forced to make the terrifying decision of staying on board long enough for rescue vessels to reach the stricken tour boat, or jumping into the sea about 1km from shore on a wet, stormy afternoon, after a fire broke out about 3.45pm. “

    White Island boat fire ‘scary’

    New Zealand Herald
    Passengers’ terror as tour boat burst into flames: ‘They just got off in time’

    Bay of Plenty Times
    Cause of boat fire not yet known

    1 News
    Exclusion zone imposed around wreck of gutted tourist boat


    At 9:35 we can make out a blue and white hooped jersey on the mystery boat, the kind worn by staff of White Island cruises.

    Agree, there are indeed several types of White Island Tours vessels. All of their boats do feature the same type of logos and other visible signage (and hull ID).

    Typical signage on White Island Tours boats
    Typical signage on White Island Tours boats

    Gray and White models of White Island Tours boats (Peejay IV & Peejay V)

    The “phantom boats” we see in the Allessandro Kauffmann video are unlike any type of White Island Tours different boats who all feature rather large logos and signage. I’m unable to identify any particular uniform, person or colour aboard the phantom vessel, merely vague shapes of one or two individuals at the rear deck (around 09:49 in the Kauffmann video).

    Two figures can be discerned on the Phantom Vessel, but hard to say anything about their clothing or identity

    All in all, the mystery unidentifiable “phantom” vessels are a curiosity possibly explained as some type of prop ships, film crew boats or military vessels. As the footage clearly hint at being recorded and staged beforehand, it is hard to know what role these boats play other than used for giving the scene a more “realistic” feel.


    A longer Kauffmann video is here

    Thanks (Xileffilex) for the link to the full Kauffmann video, which can now also be found on YT (11m44s – link here).

    Thus far, media-coverage overall has depended heavily on videos and stills from Michael Schade first, and later from Allessandro Kauffmann. Both these key image testimonies shot “on location” suffer from many of the same discrepencies and overall have a very similar feel and quality about them.

    Some additional remarks from the full version (here) of the Allessandro Kauffmann video :

    Allessandro Kauffmann black screen
    09:23 Yet another phone apparently used with the screen turned off…

    Allessandro Kauffmann phantom boat
    09:35 What is the “phantom boat” all about ? Is it the sibling of the phantom helicopter ?

    Allessandro Kauffmann phantom boat no signage
    09:51 The “phantom boat” has no inscription and sport military camouflage style surface finishing – even the lifeboat,,,

    Allessandro Kauffmann crystal clear windows
    10:11 Whoever is cleaning the boat – they do a pristine job with windows that remain crystal clear even during volcao eruptions

    Allessandro Kauffmann second phantom boat approaching
    11:14 The “phantom boat” seems to actually not be just one, but two. Kauffmann’s boat passed “phantom boat” 2 on the left (09:51) in the bay lying still, then filming continuously the “phantom boat” 1 (09:35) appears coming in from another direction from the right. Two camouflage color boats without logos, names*, passengers or flags…

    * White Island Tours had names, logos and registered hull ID’s on all their ships (New Zealand Register of Ships)


    Here’s a Kauffmann video released Thursday December 12 – hmmm
    And what video maker will show the time on his wristwatch – as it to prove what time it is.

    The focus on time is clear indication of this footage being pre-recorded, which means the hoaxers try as hard they can to convince us it’s “live” thus including as many pieces of evidence they can manage.

    Another clue and similarity between Kauffmann and Schade is how both videos are framed the same inside a boat, which has the advantage of making the inserted background look more real as the boat interior would be real and the outside nature seen only in portions, through a filter (glass) and frame (window openings).

    From previous volcano eruptions the narrative is adamant about there being dust spread everywhere which makes the pristine clear, reflecting boat windows all the more suspect. There no dust or dirt on any of the windows of the boat despite the visible thick layer of dust visible on land where “tourists” try to evacuate White Island.

    And not surprisingly, we also see passengers filming the volcano eruption also in Kauffmann’s video, and once again… Black screens of deception as the Crisis Actors in the footage had nothing to film.

    Quite clearly, if you have a GoPro camera or a capable camera smartphone anyone would make sure to film a once-in-a-lifetime event. Unless of course, there is no event to film as the scene was shot months in advance.

    Kaufmann video White Island black screen smartphone and GoPro
    01:00 The GoPro camera is very present in the scene and being moved around as if in use while the black screen of death clearly saying otherwise – just as the phone on the left also positionned as if filming

    Kaufmann video White Island black screen tourist phone crater
    05:03 A tourist ver demonstrably taking a picture of the White Island crater – once again with a black screen…

    Kaufmann video White Island black screen iPhone and GoPro
    06:43 The GoPro camera is clearly handled as it is being used – without being turned on this would be as ridicule as it can be – just as the phone on the top right

    Kaufmann video reference:

    Incredible footage shows calm before fatal blast on Whakaari White Island
    RNZ – 11 Dec 2019 – 09:02 mm:ss – 38K views


    Make no mistake, this is a very important psy-op.

    Indeed Xileffilex – this really is worthwhile Fakeology*.

    A very important aspect of this particular hoax is the volcano setting and the hoaxers ability to predict the eruption and fake it realistically both in pre-produced press material and its “live” unfolding and aftermath.

    Pre-planning is clearly at play in the White Island volcano media-hoax which seriously question how real this particular volcano eruption actually is. At the least the hoaxers are able to fake an eruption in an existing volcano location.

    The White Island volcano was equally “active” in 1914 with 11 fatalities which necessarily will need to be verified now that this site is used 105 years later for hoaxing deaths and natural events in 2019.

    White Island’s killer landslide, 11 taken without a trace [1914]

    View of White Island crater looking north-west from crater margin (ca 1850)

    *furthermore, the silence from the initial gatekeepers on Discord is telling. Native NZ expert Exoterick is nowhere to be found now assuring all other FAK members how he lives close by, his father surfed there etc etc etc – all authority fallacies and most probably lies as all agents know someone-who-knows-someone, if it isn’t their wives, children or parents…


    Schade black phone screen not recording
    The black screen of death supposedly filming the White Island white smoke from the volcano with no pixels to show for the phone being turned on, even less so recording film. This clearly is a staged video where the phone we see in the footage actually had nothing to film…

    The White Island MSN media coverage relies heavily on Michael Schade pictures and film. Schade’s imagery is suspect of being staged and prerecorded for the NZ volcano aftermath and this would be why we see so many timestamps in various press photos.

    Schade just can’t stop talking about exacting time and timestamps, completely missing the event itself where several people supposedly died – some maybe even captured on Schade’s camera phone.

    Liars commonly are very adamant about their story being true so it is quite normal for someone who did not take photos live to try his best convince the audience he was indeed doing live shots and thereby focus too much on such a trivial aspect of an event that is about human tragedy and the incredible forces of nature. Not if a photo has a 2:11 PM timestamp or not,,,

    Out of Michael Schade’s 6 tweets about the White Island volcano eruption, time is central to most of his posts which is in line with all this imagery being pre-produced and released with caution making sure everyone believes the images are “live”. The live-meme clearly is a weakness for both this PsyOp, and for volcanoes in general.

    Schade 20 minutes precision
    Schade with 20min precision (tweet here)

    Schade with 30min precision
    Schade with 30min precision (tweet here)

    Schade with 13:49 volcano eruption precision (tweet here)

    Schade with 14:24 timestamp precision
    Schade with 14:24 timestamp precision (tweet here)


    Someone who sees through the drill format

    The “MAG UGLY TRUTH” video is quite interesting despite the incessant rants urging viewers to “Wake up”.

    It is noteworthy that Mag Bitter Truth has a critical attitude that some Fakeologists currently seem to lack completely, and that before was a common trait for FAK members. Today one needs to argue in legth to even justify investigating this type of suspect event.

    Mag Bitter Truth makes some good points in his video that might be worth to keep in mind:
    • white smoke is hard to explain and seem artificial (water wapor experts say, but thenagain their trustworthyness is nill as they aliken volcano eruptions with underwater nuclear tests no-one has ever observed)
    • smartphone filming the eruption has black screen (lol)
    • very reduced amount of live footage much like on 911
    • live footage from White Island looks staged and prerecorded with scenic and layered background, could be prerecorded which clearly fit media-fakery staging
    • no melted lava

    Michael Schade picture of tourists leaving White Island

    Michael Schade picture of tourists leaving White Island’s moon-like surface, fleeing the towering blast of ash and scalding steam… This scene could be part of pre-fabricated imagery produced in a studio setting with a scenic background


    The press of course is not far behind in spreading news of how to be of help in dire times.

    New Zealand Herald
    Fundraisers set up to help families, victims of Whakaari/White Island

    Canberra Times
    Families fundraise for NZ volcano victims


    More flower tributes for vicsims near the water in Whakatane, New Zealand


    honoring Rick and Carla
    Second GoFundMe page to honor “Rick & Carla” (GFM page here)

    We are raising money to cover the out-of-pocket expenses and costs of travelling to New Zealand to seek answers, grieve and return to Australia, our loved ones, Rick and Karla who were taken from us by the White Island Volcano disaster. Any donations will go directly to family members who can least afford the expenses. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

    A bit about Rick and Karla, so much to say! Rick was a gentle human being, thoughtful, honest, humble and funny. He enjoyed good company and being social but was mostly a private person, only sharing himself fully with those closest to him. Karla was a beautiful soul, kind, considerate and always thinking about others before herself. We all wish we had more time on this earth with them.

    We will miss you so much!

    NZ Volcano Support the Browitt Family

    The Browitt’s need help as well (GFM page here)

    The Browitt family were holidaying on a cruise of a lifetime onboard Ovation of the Seas. Sadly, they were on White Island when the volcano erupted.

    Whilst the mother Marie stayed behind on board the ship, her husband Paul and two daughters Stephanie and Krystal were on the island when the volcano erupted.

    Paul is in Auckland in a coma in the burn’s unit, Stephanie is in Christchurch in the burns unit in a coma. Sadly, the youngest Krystal is yet to be found and listed as missing.

    Help support Marie and the family, they need all our thoughts and prayers and most importantly financial help to cope with this ordeal.


    Just to keep checking the PsyOp check-boxes – now GoFundMe campaigns already pop up…

    Not surprisingly for a Psychological Operation, there are not only inflated death tolls but also numerous fake injuries conjured up as to reinforce the dramatical effect sought after. With White Island, it clearly is all about burns.

    Jason was on White Island when the volcano erupted

    It’s with a heavy heart I say Jason has passed away, his mum and grandmother by his side. Please help bring Jason home and help the family say goodbye.

    Jason is in a critical condition with Acid Burns to 80 to 90% of his body as well as head trauma.
    Karen Jason’s mum is hoping to leave for NZ early tomorrow, to be by her son’s side, the family needs your help for the long hospital stay and ongoing expenses.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated even as little as $1.00

    NZ Volcano Jason Griffith critical burn vicsim

    Jason Griffith is a 80-90% burn victim asking GoFundMe support (GFM page here)

    Matt and Lauren Urey suffered severe injuries as a result of the volcanic eruption on White Island in New Zealand. The couple was visiting the island as part of an excursion on a cruise. Matt and Lauren were married on October 18, 2019 and this cruise was part of their honeymoon.

    Matt and Lauren Relief Fund

    Matt and Lauren Urey (aka Your Eye) now also asking GFM support (GFM page here)


    Deadly Volcanoes in recorded History

    The White Island eruption with 6 victims so far has become part of the list of the 61 deadly volcanoes in recorded history.
    At this point of the White Island catastrophe, it is clear that the death toll appears artificial as we’ve already found probing signs of typical vicsim narratives and inconsistencies.

    Normally natural catastrophes are left out of thorough investigation as hoaxes. What the White Island debacle informs us would be there are definite signs of preplanning of the event itself with presence of fake casualties and injuries.

    It would be unlikely the 2019 White Island disaster is the first occurrence where natural volcano activity has been skillfully used as to create a fear mongering event of worldwide media attention.

    Just as terror hoaxes are conceived following a long tradition of fake terrorism, so is it likely fake volcano eruption victims follow customs that date back further than we might suspect.

    No doubt, looking back at both 21st and 20th century examples of volcano eruptions might surely give us a better idea of how volcanoes actually fit into media-fakery and to what extent TPTB are able to mold natural catastrophe to fit their agenda of worldwide shock and awe.
    Deadly Volcanoes in recorded History (61)
    2019 New Zealand Whakaari/White Island 6 †
    2018 Indonesia Anak Krakatoa 437 †
    2018 Guatemala Volcán de Fuego 190 †
    2014 Japan Mount Ontake 63 †
    2014 Indonesia Sinabung 16 †
    2011 Eritrea Nabro Volcano 31 †
    2010 Indonesia Mount Merapi 353 †
    2010 Guatemala Pacaya 3 †
    2007 Yemen Jebel at Tair 4 †
    2002 Congo Nyiragongo 245 †
    1997 Montserrat Soufrière Hills 19 †
    1993 Colombia Galeras 9 †
    1991 Philippines Mount Pinatubo 847 †
    1991 Japan Mount Unzen 43 †
    1985 Colombia Nevado del Ruiz 23000 †
    1982 Mexico El Chichón 3500 †
    1982 Indonesia Galunggung 18 †
    1980 United States Mount St. Helens 57 †
    1977 Congo Nyiragongo 70 †
    1973 Iceland Eldfell 1 †
    1971 Chile Mount Hudson 5 †
    1968 Costa Rica Volcán Arenal 87 †
    1963 Indonesia Mount Agung 1584 †
    1953 New Zealand Mount Ruapehu 151 †
    1952 Japan Bayonnaise Rocks 31 †
    1951 New Guinea Mount Lamington 2942 †
    1944 Italy Mount Vesuvius 27 †
    1930 Indonesia Mount Merapi 1369 †
    1926 Japan Mount Tokachi 144 †
    1919 Indonesia Kelud 5000 †
    1914 New Zealand Whakaari/White Island 10 †
    1902 Martinique Mount Pelée 30000 †
    1902 Guatemala Santa Maria 6000 †
    1902 St Vincent Soufrière 1680 †
    1902 Japan Tori-shima 150 †
    1897 Philippines Mount Mayon 1335 †
    1892 Indonesia Awu 1532 †
    1888 Japan Mount Bandai 477 †
    1886 New Zealand Mount Tarawera 150 †
    1883 Indonesia Krakatoa 36000 †
    1877 Ecuador Cotopaxi 1000 †
    1861 Indonesia Makian 326 †
    1861 Eritrea Dubbi 106 †
    1856 Indonesia Awu 2806 †
    1845 Colombia Nevado del Ruiz 1000 †
    1843 Italy Mount Etna 56 †
    1822 Indonesia Mount Galunggung 4011 †
    1815 Indonesia Mount Tambora 71000 †
    1792 Japan Mount Unzen 15000 †
    1790 Hawaii Kilauea 400 †
    1783 Iceland Laki and Grímsvötn 10000 †
    1783 Japan Mount Asama 1151 †
    1772 Indonesia Mount Papandayan 2957 †
    1700 Canada Tseax Cone 2000 †
    1669 Italy Mount Etna 1500 †
    1631 Italy Mount Vesuvius 3360 †
    1600 Peru Huaynaputina 1500 †
    1595 Colombia Nevado del Ruiz 600 †
    1586 Indonesia Kelud 10000 †
    1257 Indonesia Mount Samalas, Lake Segara, Anak 15000 †
    79 Italy Mount Vesuvius 13000 †
    1815 eruption of Mount Tambora ash fall
    The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora was the most powerful in human recorded history with an estimated 71.000 victims. Pictured above is the estimated volcanic ashfall regions with red areas show thickness of volcanic ash fall – the outermost region reached Borneo and Sulawesi (1cm ash)


    Webcam image showing hikers [ i’ve not spotted the hikers yet ] walking on the crater rim of the White Island volcano 1 minute before the 2:11 PM eruption

    The picture above is not suspect per say, its just ackward the webcam either stopped working or the following footage was deemed “un-newsworthy” despite apparently being well positioned and able to deliver the actual images of the White Island volcano eruption.

    Baffling – the video footage and image frames likely do exist, but probably witheld for the coming criminal investigation…

    The Guardian
    New Zealand police to investigate volcanic eruption – as it happened

    Police backtrack on criminal investigation into White Island / Whakaari deaths


    Hidden Volcano’s under water :

     The total number of submarine volcanoes is estimated to be over 1 million, of which some 75,000 rise more than 1 km above the seabed. 

    Submarine Volcanoes (wiki)

    Visible Volcano’s on land :

     During the past 10,000 years, there are about 1500 volcanoes on land that are known to have have been active 

    Volcanoes on Earth’s surface (volcano discovery)

    Pretty convenient there are 300 times more volcanoes hidden by water than visible on the Earth’s surface. This equates to one volcano every 3.500 km2 under water, and one volcano every 1.020.200 km2 on land,,,, The difference is so significant that science clearly acts as a handy reinforcer of the reality of the natural abundance of volcano’s overall.

    Puu Oo
    Pu’u O’o Volcano on Kilauea, Hawaii


    The treatment of patients with extensive burns remains a major challenge, even with advances in burn care over recent decades. Some publications have suggested that survival rates reach 50% in young adults sustaining a Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) burned of 80% without inhalation injury. Recent U.S. data indicate a 69% mortality rate among patients with burns over 70% of TBSA.

    Outcome predictors and quality of life of severe burn patients admitted to intensive care unit

    Needless to say, the mortality rate of severe burns is dramatic, and get worse with age and in absence of immediate health care… Flying from hospital to hospital across NZ clearly would represent serious health hazards.

    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust arrive on White Island after the volcano eruption
    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust arrive on White Island after the volcano eruption

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