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    hello Henkus

    The Elite do heavily finance the movements and agendas that they take special interest in, and as you point out, transgenderism seem to be such a movement much like feminism or homosexuality.

    As you mention, the seemingly ‘public’ program to popularize TG towards the youth is but an aspect to what we refer to to as Elite Gender Inversion. If we relate this openly populistic meme to what we suspect to be a much older, hidden aspect of the Elite’s own practices, the interest in the trans-propaganda would be two-fold (at the least). The normal family values and birth rate would suffer from this type of behaviour as well as it would constitute a new market to the the medical industry on many levels (psychological treatments, drugs, plastic surgery, sex-reassignments etc). As TG individuals become more plentiful, we would also assign less importance to such behaviour and thus it would well bury the Elite’s own hidden practices and even make them able to more overtly conduct transgender life in public. Existing individuals could thus also easier “come out” as was all the hype before for homosexuals.

    I’m not familiar with the ‘vanillalove1’ Youtube channel, but there are many similar channels on Youtube. We mention Ty Turner’s Youtube channel in post #848017 where the same message you describe is being promoted, and it could well be that the authors of this “trans-propaganda” are indeed sponsored, at least by the medical profession through free/cheap.

    HRT is labelled THS (Traitement Hormonal de Substitution) for the french public who also have the same type of channels as we see in english or Dutch. The message is always emphasising the “smooth” transition or at the least do tend to be positive towards transitioning as the authors provide living examples of their own “journey”.

    Damia Bouic, THS – Le bilan à 30 mois (18:53 mm:ss)

    Lulla blabla, Hormonothérapie féminisante : 4 mois (14:07 mm:ss)

    Amanda Hinault, THS – 7 Mois – Presque FullTime (15:32 mm:ss)

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    hello Vespadouglas

    As stated in my previous post, the “uncertainty” you put forth is not different for EGI anymore than it is for 9/11, JFK or Nuclear bombs. If you have such strict criteria, what psyop can serve as an example* for your standard of proof ?

    Regarding lifting up skirts and viewing, it would be reassuring if that was a foolproof method, but it isn’t. Nor are fingerprints or DNA. Regarding nudity, there are prosthetics so realistic that even viewing an EGI individual naked in person will give us no guarantee of what we see is real or staged.

    In my opinion we do not need to have the camera with the raw footage from the WTC collapse to assert what happened to a satisfying degree of certainty. What we need is not one (corruptible) foolproof method, but an accumulative chain of different evidence from various sources that correspond with a solid theory that corroborate this burden of proof in it’s various forms.

    I don’t share your opinion that we need to lift any celebrity’s skirt/pants to assert that a specific individual is EGI anymore than we need the original 9/11 video, the Zapruder film or the Boston bombing victim’s medical journals etc. We need accumulative evidence from various sources and a strong theory. Regarding EGI there is already verifiable evidence in this thread accompanied with a theory that make sense. When someone admit to there being a verifiable “tranny” somewhere they mostly do not accompany such an observation with neither much corroborative evidence nor a theory that hold water.

    To ‘not’ have an opinion is never really true – but it constitutes a comfortable place where one can question everything and not believe in anything. However, not taking a stance place such critics within the mainstream understanding of events by default. I don’t think anyone following this site really can vouch for the mainstream opinion having much worth at this point.

    Terry Richardson is a fashion photographer who do look under men & women’s skirts, but can you trust what you see ? The acclaimed photographer started his known dating history with successive relationships with adult movie stars Vanessa del Rio and Avy Scott.

    Terrys baby
    •Alexandra Bolotow pregnant with twins – larger than life ?

    *thanks Vespadouglas for not omitting to address the question. also, could you clarify your own position on whether you have an example of an individual you consider EGI/TG or not ?

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    hello Vespadouglas

    I think your point about proof and truth is valid, but common to every topic we research and encounter. There is no absolute truth to be found in film, pictures, books or newspapers, no more for EGI than for 9/11.

    By posting in this thread i assume you have read the EGI material presented. Do you agree that the concept of the elite inverting gender is at least verifiable to your satisfaction in some occurrences* ?

    If there are indeed verifiable occurrences of EGI in Hollywood and/or Politics, we do speculate in this thread that there is a system of inversion that is in place and has been present among the elite for some time. If you believe there are just some isolated cases, who were the parents of these EGI individuals, who do they marry and where do their children come from ?

    *would be nice to know which case(s) you hold as most valid

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    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    George Denis Patrick Carlin was the king of counterculture comedians, and often cited and admired in alternative media. If we stop and think of his pivotal role and the fact he hosted the first episode of Saturday Night Live (1975) and starred in 14 comedy specials on HBO (1977-2008) it would be naive to understand George Carl In as anything else than another example of how shrewd the Elite really are and how long they have aimed to control the controlled opposition.

    It’s a big club, and he’s in it

    Carlin is not a figure that is often critically analyzed in alternative culture. Mostly his message is gospel, and his demise seen as “a loss”. Yet, when we see how he has been (and continue to be) mediated, it is likely he plays an important role in the Elites overall plan to control their own critics. His message of being one of us, all while really being one of them is significant. Never has Lenin been more accurate than with his recipe for controlling the opposition. It looks like Carlin was a good pupil of Lenin’s teachings despite the poignant humor and funny faces.

    Now, Carlin is not a strikingly obvious example, but seen in the bigger picture, how can it be any different ? The fact that FTM entities are more difficult to visually connect with Gender inversion makes it even more important to evaluate their whole eco-system. In the case of EGI, it must always be suspected that this is an intergenerational practice. This fact makes partners, offspring and family a central issue. As Hormone Replacement Treatment is widely practices in the more public transgender movement, we have to assume that FTM entities will have beards, go bold and have masculine voices, all while not developing significant female attributes such as breasts, soft skin and higher percentage of body fat.

    George Carlin 2008
    George Carlin 2008 (A Conversation With George Carlin)
    •Close set shallow eyes, short nose, short mouth, rounded forehead and female head-shape, short neck, no brow-bone

    George Carlin funny fingers
    George Carlin “Funny Faces”
    •Not so funny fingers – overall look feminine and 2D-4D digit ratio are the same

    George Carlin with first wife Brenda
    George Carlin with first wife Brenda Hosbrook (died of liver cancer May 11 1997)
    •Brenda with wide shoulders despite skewed angles, long neck an George without much of an Adams apple, short neck and small face/head

    George Carlin with Brenda and Kelly
    George Carlin with Brenda and their daughter Kelly (b. 1963)
    •Brenda and Kelly look very masculine – Brenda has big head, male cheekbone, male chin, deep eyes, male neck – George show long index-finger and digit ratio

    George Carlin with Kelly at 11
    George Carlin with Kelly 11 year old
    •the pealed banana seem an inside joke, reminiscent of Andy Warholas album cover for Nico & the Velvet Underground – “Peel slowly and see.” Also illustrate a young boy’s loss of virginity – a male equivalent of cherry popping

    Kelly Carlin 2015 - with banana
    Kelly Carlin Book Signing 2015 – A Carlin Home Companion

    Kelly Carlin receive Grammy Award 2009
    Kelly Carlin receives 2009 Grammy award for George Carlin’s ‘It’s Bad for Ya’
    •very masculine figure, big head and hands, long arms

    Sally Wade - the George Carlin Way
    George Carlin second wife Sally Wade, here seen inaugurating “George Carlin Way” a portion of West 121st Street in Manhattan NYC
    •Male neck, male face-shape, visible brow bone and square face, wide mouth (probable alarplasty and trachea shave)

    George Carlin not so funny face
    George Carlin in another “funny face” pose
    •There’s No Business Like Show Business – especially when using HRT

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    What is it with these names?

    Hi Rgos, I think Ty Turner is a vulgar name that state the purpose of this channel:
    TY TURNER – The Why Turn’er – happy days of trans/opposite/uturn/yturn

    On Obama there might be more to come, even surprises. Many Youtubers feed of Michelle’s imagery. If they are that obvious about Michelle and want us focus our attention on her, then their left hand is elsewhere doing other tricks.

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    •Stage 3 : Well proven FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    H/T Vercite

    Under is a youtube channel documenting the FTM transition of Ty Turner. The videos go into details such as beard growth, voice transformation, dating real women, etc. The fun angle and couvert promotion of the process is quite troubling in as much as most TG individuals go through a lot of emotional and physical pain. This YT channel has over 150,000 subscribers and an incredible 13 million views. Everyone can make the transition seems to be the message, and it’s “fun” too.

    Female To Male Transition – 1 Year On Testosterone (Ty Talor – 09:09 mm:ss)

    Female To Male Transition – 2 Years On Testosterone (Ty Talor – 08:51 mm:ss)

    Ty Turner Youtube channel homepage

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    Michelle is the one of the most obvious EGI examples hidden in plain site.

    Yes, Michelle Obama is very obvious but also toxic. Of course, she would be able to easily disguise any masculine connotations in her dressing-style and behaviour if needed. Michelle is obviously bait in the “alternative” media channels, just as “Pizzagate” is feeding the disinformation agents and content-creators.

    The amount of Youtube channels that spread the “tranny” meme is indicative of there being an organized effort to derail, and the most obvious cases are obviously constructed much like the planes on 911 to spread rumors and establish raport to the dis-information agents put in place to be our “alternative” leaders.

    In the “informative” video there is disinformation as well. These agents actually want us to measure i.e. George Clooney’s shoulder width while wearing a suit with shoulder pads. Such comparisons and examples could have us he’s a “real” man. This is misleading, and George is in fact suspect of FTM himself. If we just quickly look at his past girlfriends and wife he’s consistently connected with suspicious cases of MTF and EGI individuals. George is of course president material. What more fitting that Clooney’s wife to be named Amal “A Male” Alamuddin ?

    under is George “sexiest man alive” Clooney’s dating history (as reported by media):
    2011 – 2013 Stacy Keibler
    2009 – 2011 Elisabetta Canalis
    2007 – 2008 Sarah Larson
    2007 – 2007 Monika Jakisic
    2006 – 2006 Teri Hatcher
    2003 – 2003 Renée Zellweger
    2002 – 2004 Krista Allen
    2002 – 2002 Mariella Frostrup
    2002 – 2002 Jennifer Siebel Newsom
    2000 – 2000 Lucy Liu
    2000 – 2000 Traylor Howard
    2000 – 2005 Lisa Snowdon
    1996 – 1999 Céline Balitran
    1996 – 1996 Vendela Kirsebom Thomessen
    1995 – 1995 Karen Duffy
    1995 – 1995 Kimberly Russell
    1993 – 1993 Elizabeth Daily
    1989 – 1993 Talia Balsam
    1987 – 1989 Kelly Preston

    In addition, Clooney’s private life is spiced up with “alledged” relationships with Ginger Lynn (pornstar), Paris Hilton (sexuated starlet) and Myla Sinanaj (another sexy starlet).

    K. Kristopherson Youtube channel (George Clooney Marriage Hoax – 04:30 mm:ss)

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    thanks to UNreal and others for taking a closer look at this

    Thanks for the encouragement Carys, make it worthwhile for us all that this forum post help to better understand and expose gender inversion and the “trans” meme.

    As you say, looking back in history is important and worthwhile as to understand the concept is not new, but quite ancient and present in prominent figures. A good article on “Mona Lisa” here.

    Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito
    •female hairline with widows peak, small ears, shallow eyes, no sinus bossing on forhead despite artist intepretation of brow, no adams apple (strange shadowi only, no shape), strange illusion of beard
    Niccolo Machiavelli by Santi di Tito

    Niccolò Machiavelli by Rosso Fiorentino
    •Index finger look short, no Adams Apple, thin neck, enlarged ears compared to Santi’s painting, strange illusion of beard, different from Rossi once again (more beard earlier in life -incosistent)
    Niccolo Machiavelli by Rosso Fiorentino

    Marie de’ Medici by same painter, Santi di Tito
    •big ears, very far apart eyes, masculine long nose and male forehead, male hairline, seemingly solid neck
    Maria de Medici by Santi di Tito

    Marie de’ Medici engraving by Dankaerts
    •brow-bone visible, male hairline, square face-shape, and,,, short index-finger
    Maria de Medici by Santi, engraving

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    •Stage 2 : Well proven MTF (Male to Female) cases and theory

    When researching Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) much time is spent discovering and better understanding the fundamental differences between men and women. Very often the transgender (TG) community is open and informative about their transformations and life challenges as they transit from an original gender to another. It is sometimes quite painful to see how they struggle and spend enormous amounts of time on details most of us consider futile and, literally, natural.

    The struggle transgender (TG) persons go through would involve much of the same methods and applied treatments an EGI individual would have experienced. There is a big difference however, the Elite are secretive about their proceedings and like to keep their cards close to their chest, misguide us if possible. Of course we (as alternative researchers) are used to couvert operations, but i highly doubt the transgender community has woken up to such conspiracies as the EGI. TG individuals seem far too occupied trying to learn to impersonate and look like their new gender at much later stages in life than their unbeknownst EGI competition and model.

    The EGI are the real Pro’s and very skilled lifetime performers when it comes to impersonating the opposite sex. Elite Gender Inversion start early and they hone their act from infancy with a very supportive environment in parents and family who will have quite a lot of experience and advice to share, as they are either lifetime actors themselves or supportive of EGI. In other words, an EGI family has all the experience, support and training the transgender (TG) community lack due to their late start. Not to mention the difficult environment in which the habitual TG transformation take place with hostility from their own family and friends in addition to less support and understandable psychological difficulties to handle. Typically, gender transition also demand considerable investment when an adult person decides to change sex and appearence as many surgical procedures might be desired and medical guidance is needed for the big physiological changes that take place.

    One of the most determining factors to successfully transform into the opposite gender is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Modern medicine has made a large variety of hormonal treatments much more widely available than before. Hormones have of course been used by the Elite for a long time (China 2000 years ago) but the availability has always been limited because of the difficult extraction practices (mostly from animal genitalia, but quite possibly also from humans). Today hormones are commonly produced in laboratories and sold quite expensively by big Pharma, and the effects are dumbfounding – men feminize and even grow breasts, and females masculinize, grow body/facial hair and often start bolding with prolonged use.

    While exploring such topics, it was no big surprise to discover EGI individuals are the leading experts on hormones and health. None the less it can be shocking, at least to me, to discover how shamelessly Elite Gender Inverted individuals mislead the TG community and TransGender ‘cousins’.

    Underneath is the youtube video of health, spirituality and beauty expert Leslie Kenton “Beware of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)”. I think the video is worth taking note of as this individual is clearly MTF herself and has most certainly both taken HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) herself as well as she full well knows how to live a long life using HRT products as an expert and subject of it’s use.

    To me, such treacherous behavior as demonstrated by Kenton is typical both of the high regard the EGI community have of themselves and the contempt and ill-minded influence they project onto the population in general, and especially cruel for women and TG community.

    I assume most researchers familiar with EGI will be able to detect the facial features that make Leslie Kenton a clear-cut case of Elite Gender Inversion and that she was in reality born a man (Leslie is a masculine name, Lesley is the feminine version).

    Leslie Kenton MTF
    Leslie Kenton* – health, spirituality and beauty expert
    •Male Head, large shoulders, male neck (traces of Adam Apple rmoval) male jaw, male cheekbones, male eye-sockets, male hairline, male fronthead and wide male mouth

    The EGI seem to be of complete dominance in the media, and Leslie Kenton has published more than 30 books on topics where she contrary to her own claims has no subjective experience such as “Natural Menopause Revolution”, “Authentic Woman: A Guide to Beauty, Body and Bliss” or “Love Affair – The memoir of a forbidden father-daughter relationship”.

    However, the Elite do not content themselves with merely achieving a physical transformation of an individual. They also go to painstaking lengths to reinforce their gender identity trough fictional biographies where the Elite seem particularly eager to emphasise the sexual merits or misfortunes of their lifetime actors. In Leslie Kenton’s case she honoured her father (presumably FTM) with authoring a book after his passing on how she was a victim of incest. Stanley Newcomb Kenton, a famous musician, according to Leslie raped her for the first time when she was only,,, 11 years old. Not only a victim of incest, Leslie also became a “mother” at only 18 years old, and she has since been an example of free love as she has produced 4 children with 4 different men, always keeping her independence.

    Not a surprise maybe that she can be considered a Wolf in woman’s clothing, and has proudly lived in her Welsh village for more than 20 years, in a house once owned by Virginia Woolf…
    *Leslie Kenton tribute page here

    •Leslie Kenton – I was angry, but never hated my father

    •Leslie Kenton – A Personal View of Menopause

    •Leslie Kenton — Die Young Late In Life

    •Stanley “Stan” Newcomb Kenton, American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger

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    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    As much as i dislike Apostle Laura Lee’s aggressive delivery, she has done extensive research on transgender individuals. Her religious message and far-reaching new theories makes her Youtube Channel hard to watch on a daily basis.

    In the case of of speculation around how the Elite Gender Inverted (EGI) individuals go about procreation however, i do recommend watching her video hereunder. In the video she very observantly lay out a possible scenario regarding the childbirth of Parker Foster Aiken.

    Effectively, the parents of little Parker are indeed very interesting as the father is Clay Aiken*, suspected of Female To Male transition*. The mother is Jaymes Foster, sister of his record producer David Foster, responsible Aiken’s albums on RCA.

    *Clay Aiken Suspicious Childbirth (Apostle Laura Lee – 16:22 mm:ss)

    *Clay Aiken

    *Clay Aiken FTM Suspect (Jon Humanity 06:44 mm:ss)

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    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    Everyone can possibly agree that childbirth is truly magic.

    For the Gender Inverted Elite this could be even more-so true. Maybe literally. How can a MTF (Male To Female) individual give birth or have a child ?

    If the Elite switch gender and still manage to reproduce, they must have a very elaborate process worked out to manage their offspring. Effectively, an Elite housewife will most probably have the inconvenience of not disposing the right reproductive system for taking care of either pregnancy nor child-birth. Today of course there are all types of alternative methods to both conceive a child as there is for the child-bearing itself. Famous examples like soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo or singer Ricky Martin have very publicly opted for surrogate mothers.

    However advanced modern Assisted Reproductive Technologies ( ART ) have become, the Elite must have managed this process even in the olden time. As modernity may hint at, the EGI might even consider their reproductive phase as their most ancient form of Art – how to stage their inverted child-process and pass it for real.

    The first part is called “The Pledge”. The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course… it probably isn’t.

    The second act is called “The Turn”. The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you’re looking for the secret…

    But you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn’t clap yet. Because making something disappear isn’t enough; you have to bring it back. That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Prestige”.

    Christopher Priest, The Prestige

    Prince Charles and Diana with newborn William
    Prince Charles of Wales and Princess Diana
    •Leaving St. Mary Hospital with Prince William Duke of Cambridge born 21/6 in 1982

    When we consider the efforts produced by a Gender Inverted Elite to have us believe in their public display of the opposite gender, child-birth might be regarded as child-play in comparison. Maybe there is also a large part of duping delight involved as well. People who all since childhood put on a very convincing performance must somehow be thrilled to engage in a new act, performed by their ancestors since time and memorial. As an uninitiated public, we can mostly only observe that far to many stars and personalities do look rather artificial while sporting bellies that often look like an ill positioned cushion.
    EGI Child birth
    – might partly be done as follows (with many variations within):
    Act 1 – The Pledge :
    FTM individual keep strict diet and prepare for early birth, quick recovery
    FTM pregnant individual move, do business trip, vacation or hide last 1-3 months
    MTF play pregnant, gain weight and gather public attention with family & friends

    Act 2 – The Turn :
    FTM (pregnant) male arrive at hospital incognito or give birth in private clinic
    Child is born (early) and kept in incubator and/or transported on location
    MTF fake start of birthing process and is very publicly taken to the hospital

    Act 3 – The Prestige :
    Child announced at selected date – nobody notice slight age difference for babies
    MTF very publicly announce birth at hospital and display child for images/press
    FTM either present during childbirth staging or arrive « late » if tough birth

    Prince William and Kate with newborn George
    Prince William Duke of Cambridge and Duchess Catherine
    •Leaving St. Mary Hospital with Prince George of Cambridge born 22/7 in 2013

    Robbie Williams with newborn Theodora
    Robert Peter “Robbie” Williams
    •at home after childbirth with Theodora Rose born 18/9 in 2012

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    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory
    In this thread there are enough referenced material to let the individual researcher familiarise themselves with the anatomical differences between men and women as well as more modern procedures used by transgenders to acquire the appearence of the opposite sex. It is unfortunate, but unless you have taken the time understand what objectively define the appearence of a natural man or woman, you will lack the tools necessary for further understanding of EGI.

    Current research has made me certain of the existence of EGI (Elite Gender Inversion) and what i here post under “Stage 4” can only be fully appreciated for those who have spent enough time and effort to look anew upon modern history and the many openly obvious cases there are to be found.

    When investigating the possibility of Elite Gender Inversion many researchers seem overly preoccupied with detecting the most obvious cases as if to convince themselves and others of there being such a thing as “reverso’s” (FTM/MTF). Unfortunately they only investigate the most evident places such as Hollywood, TV or politics.

    It must be emphasised than when an inverted or transgendered individual marries, their partner is well aware of what he/she is and more than likely EGI themselves. It can be relieving to try to limit the presence of gender inverted individuals to the ones we can easily detect with our eyes, but i challenge fellow researchers to understand that an EGI confirmed indivual will comprise parents, husbands, lovers and children. It is unfortunately not likely that a confirmed FTM individual would marry a normal person and have children in any natural way, and mostly pretend and stage for the public such incidences (pregnancies, child-birth stories). If an individual is gender inverted, they will unfortunately do the same to their children or else their offspring would denounce their parents and/or families to others/the public.

    What is important to understand about EGI is that they use every trick in the book to remain undetected in public. They know what they are and how to hide it. With modern plastic surgery and hormonal therapies the exterior signs are becoming less obvious than before and reasonable doubt can often be objectively defended. The cases most discussed are the obvious ones. From what i’ve found in looking at elite families, couples, history and associations, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Maybe even the known EGI occurrences are the examples we are supposed to look at and even was intended for the current youtube-dominated “tranny” discussions.

    There is a list of the different strategies of disguise that has been used through the ages, and in modern times. It is important to emphasise that a technology such as photography has been extensively researched and put to purpose by the EGI. What plastic surgeons can alter for todays live video exposure, the photographers of the past also were able to realize. Their toolbox consisted of make-up, lighting, styling and photo-retouch. With an eye to detail we can detect how distinct poses and profiles where used along with lighting as to remove an Adams apple or prominent brow ridges as easily then as todays surgeries eliminate the very same defects for elite inverted individuals. The EGI have both the means and ambition to do so. And they do indeed.

    A Woolf in Woman’s Clothing

    Mostly research into EGI will imply looking at dominant historical figures, and i consider that researching prominent cultural icons to be significative for better understanding to what point the Elite not only practice Gender Inversion, but very methodically expose us to the most illustrious exemples of what to them must be considered great accomplishments for their deceptive and dishonest behaviour. Doing such historical research allow us to study the inter-generational phenomena that is EGI moreso than the contemporary individual star, and better understand it’s origins and traditions.

    The Moral. ‘Tis the highest Pitch of a Public Calamity, when the People are Worry’d and Seduc’d by those that should Protect and instruct them. No Impostor is so Exquisite, as not to lye open some way or other to a Discovery.

    There was a Crafty Wolf that Dress’d himself up like a Shepherd, with his Crook, and all his Trade about him, to the very Pipe and Posture. This Masquerade succeeded so well with him, that in the Dead of the Night once, when the Men and their Dogs were all fast Asleep, he would be offering at the Shepherd’s Voice and Call too: But there was somewhat of a howle in the Tone, that the Country presently took an Alarm at, and so they fell in upon him in his Disguise; when he was so Shackled and Hamper’d, that he could neither Fight nor Fly.

    fable 395 of Sir Roger L’Estrange’s translations of Aesop’s fables

    Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf (1882-1941) was an English writer who was a significant figure in London’s literary society and intellectual groups of her time. She suffered mental illness throughout her life, and notoriously committed suicide by drowning in 1941 at the age of 59. As part of the “avant-garde” Woolf openly promoted feminism and sexual liberation, and much gossip was mede for her lesbian love affair with fellow writer Vita Sackville West. Her life has been dramatised on several occasions and maybe most notably in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (1966).

    From the imagery below it can be clearly seen how V. Woolf and her family are very literally wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Woolf family and intellectual heritage is a prominent example of how the intellectual elite are in a very important way composed of EGI individuals. Still today there are seminaries and experts on the life and work of V. Woolf, which tend to show that EGI minions never stop promoting their own heros.

    Virginia Woolf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Woolf

    Virginia Woolf - portrait by Man Ray 1934
    Virginia Woolf, portrait by Man Ray (1934)
    •unmistakeable male chin, brow-bone, deep set eyes and nose

    Virginia Woolf young - wearing Julia Stephen dress 1924
    Virginia Woolf, in her mothers Julia’s dress (1924)
    •unmistakeable male hands and index finger, long masculine neck, male brow-bone, deep set eyes, long nose and masculine type mouth

    Virginia Woolf PR portrait 1902
    Virginia Woolf typical retouched media portrait (20 years old, 1902)
    •long neck, distinguishable brow-bone, male jawline despite lighting and photo-retouch, distinguishable Adams Apple, deep set eyes, long nose and masculine chin

    Virginia Woolf PR portrait 1902
    Virginia Woolf in same media portrait but the image is less reworked. We can detect how the photographer has voluntarily used over-exposition to reduce the deep eyes, discernible jaw-line and especially blur the Woolf’s very real Adams Apple
    •long neck, male brow-bone, male jawline, Adams Apple, deep set eyes, long nose and masculine chin

    Virginia Woolf and her mother Julia Stephen Duckworth
    Virginia Woolf with her mother Julia Stephen Duckworth
    •Julia has male figure (large shoulders/hands), long neck, male brow-bone, male jawline and chin, deep set eyes, long nose and masculine chin

    Virginia Woolf and father Sir Leslie Stephen
    Virginia Woolf with her father Sir Leslie Stephen
    •Sir Stephen has very typical female forehead and head-type, no brow-bone at all and typical EGI beard (covers a short neck without Adams Apple and often fake)

    Virginia Woolf with brothers and sisters 1892
    Virginia Woolf with brothers and sisters 1892
    •EGI suspect family with from the left – Adrian, Thoby, Vanessa and Virginia

    Virginia Woolf with her sisters Stella and Vanessa
    Virginia Woolf with her sisters Stella and Vanessa
    •All sisters look very masculine and typical for EGI – from the left – Stella, Vanessa and Virginia

    Virginia Woolf's future Husband Leonard as young
    Virginia Woolf’s future Husband Leonard as a student in Sri Lanka
    •Very slim build, tiny shoulders

    Virginia Woolf's husband Leonard Sidney Woolf
    Virginia Woolf’s husband Leonard Sidney Woolf, longtime Fabian member
    •Very little masculine traits and absolutely no brow-bone nor no jaw-bone

    Virginia Woolf lover Vita Sackville West
    Virginia Woolf’s lesbian lover, author Vita Sackville West (1926)
    •largely reworked image, but still: large neck, deep set eyes, Adams Apple, long nose and masculine chin

    Virginia Woolf lover Vita Sackville West old
    Virginia Woolf’s lover Vita Sackville West older
    •time do male facial features more apparent despite image retouch – male overall expression and figure, visible male brow and eyes, long neck and male chin

    in reply to: EGI – Elite gender inversion #847876

    I found this very interesting part in the beginning of the book and it connects transgenderism directly to nobility. Very interesting.

    Your notes from The Transgender Studies Reader are very interesting. I’m nearly surprised that this news-story on confirmed FTM Count Sandor even saw the light of day. The fact that Count Sandor was a woman acting as a man is further evidence of FTM transitions not only existing today but also centuries ago. The period of the trial would be quite close in time to when Tesla lived as well.

    With the references that kelaren made to British author Havelock Ellis, it do seem like the Elite have already studied and investigated the subject quite a bit earlier both regarding feminism and queer theory. The transgender agenda is clearly political as you suspect as we have seen the same case before with feminism and gay-rights.

    I’m also of the opinion that the Aids was a created epidemic and it might be directly linked to the gay-rights movement and it’s media-coverage. Not surprising that they once again use Aids in their rhetoric to strengthen the publics emotional ties to TG individuals.

    It is very probable that transgenderism has the ambition to change the foundation of human life. The constant focus on normalising sexual behaviour that is incapable of naturally produce children is clearly an intent to move childbirth towards more scientific methods of breeding. The sexual mutilation many transgender individuals will submit themselves to is also very much against what can be defined as natural and humane. However, this movement tries to avoid such ethical arguments by defining nature as being an individual choice which is very clever, but deceptive in my understanding of nature and biology.

    I did see the Spanish movie ‘The Skin I Live In’ by openly gay film-director Pedro Almodóvar with Antonio Banderas in the main role as a virtuoso plastic surgeon. There are surely much more to this film i would better understand now that i’m more EGI aware. Good reminder and very ‘à propos’. Definitely worth to check out, and a lot of very modern minimal architecture in the film as well.

    When you mention Count Sandor and the awkward links there seem to exist between transgenderism and nobility, i am reminded of how many Royals that really have typical signs and traits from the opposite sex to their own.

    •Princess Olga of Yugoslavia, Countess Elisabeth zu Toerring Jettenbach and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent (1930’s)
    Princess Olga - Elisabeth Toerring - Princess Marina

    in reply to: EGI – Elite gender inversion #847874

    These old books might be relevant to you , Unreal.

    These books are indeed very interesting and the audiobook format is great with a very enjoyable english spoken narrator.

    Havelock Ellis was indeed a very intriguing character covering very extensibly all forms of sexuality. Ellis was rumored to suffer from impotence until the advanced age of 60, before discovering his “undinism”. The book you reference “Sexual Inversion” (1897) treat mostly of homosexuality that Ellis describes as “inversion” at the time of his writing. It is noteworthy that Ellis later also writes about transgenderism, but choses the to name such sexual behavior as “sext-aesthetic inversion” before adopting the term “eonism” (1920).

    It can be suspected that EGI entities would lead such academic fields as human sexuality and i find very peculiar Elis character altogether, especially when considering his “open marriage” with lesbian author Edith Lees and the fact Ellis was vice-president of the Eugenics Education Society. Strange that his name is so scripted as to signify his impotence “Have Lock”. In addition, Ellis backwards could also be part of the scripting, even if a bit far fetched or too obvious (Sill E – Silly).

    In addition to Ellis, another german author is mentioned as well to have pioneered the subject of transgenderism, Magnus Hirschfeld.

    Henry Havelock Ellis as older (could be suspect of EGI himself – not confirmed)
    •absence of brow bone, female eyes, short nose, small ears, typical EGI beard growth with signs of manipulation (typical disguise tactic with beard to cover face-shape and lack of Adams Apple)
    Havelock Ellis - old and no brows

    Henry Havelock Ellis as young
    •absence of brow bone, small female eyes, small ears, short neck and beard that could serve to hide absent Adams Apple
    Havelock Ellis - young and female forehead

    Edith Mary Oldham Lees Ellis, young (looks masculine – not confirmed)
    •masculine appearence and head shape, male jaw-line, long masculine nose, slight discernible brow-structure (despite photographers lighting and/or manipulation), long neck and typical shadow over Adams Apple region
    Lees Ellis - lesbian wife of Havelock Ellis

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 6 months ago by Unreal.
    in reply to: EGI – Elite gender inversion #847865

    in countries where they do the most advance breeding of animals and farming practices*. They would eventually start to apply the same methods eventually to humans.

    I share your point of view, and i think it is good you bring this point into the discussion. Scientists do conduct their most advanced research on animals and your example of the ‘Belgian Blue’ cow race that has been developed through a hundred years of selective breeding is quite astonishing. The relation between animal breeding research an human breeding could be the same as between military research projects and publicly available technology. If scientists have conducted successful breeding programs for animals for over a hundred years, we might expect the same type of projects to have been deployed covertly on humans for at least fifty years. What the results are would be difficult for us to get a good picture of, but i immediately think of sport and fitness where we continuously see athletes outperform older records. Some of todays athletes have impressive physical qualities, like Usain Bolt, Christiano Ronaldo and Michael Phelps.

    By mentioning the Belgian Blue race of cows i’m reminded of a Belgian movie that came out in 2011 called “Rundskop” (Bullhead). It is a film with actor Matthias Schoenaerts in the main role as a cattle farmer who is constantly pumped on steroids and hormones, slowly going crazy and (spoiler alert) had a very traumatic sexually mutilating incident as a child. It is a very troubling movie, even more so if you take into consideration the research we have done so far in this thread. A movie worth checking out.

    Belgian Blue Bull (used for selected breeding by means of artificial insemination)
    Belgian blue bull

    Meet the Super Cow (National Geographic – 04:43 mm:ss)

    in reply to: EGI – Elite gender inversion #847860

    This one is hard to dispute.

    You would think so, but it’s actually hard.

    Where is the proof ?

    Well, it is mostly subjective and for those who are resisting to actually see and feel, they even deny there actually are any factual/provable differences between men and women. Somehow people with such mentality wait for more objective proofs such as a government facility DNA test, Police report or an official study from a well known University or Professor/Expert.

    From the images above what is discernible is – large shoulders, male collar bones, long neck (females necks are habitually shorter), big hands (also compare badly to her ‘husband’), slim hips, big ears, male jaw-bone, deep set male eyes, remnants of brow-bone structure (despite probable eyebrow contouring), long nose (90° angle).

    We would of course need even more images and analysis, but if she was wearing anything other than a dress, it is hard to see any female characteristics according to what we today know of human anatomy and ascribe to as particular traits pertaining to gender.

    Hard to deny for us, still difficult to present to skeptics.

    in reply to: EGI – Elite gender inversion #847851

    From the book I have been reading The Transgender Studies Reader, I get the sense that there is some kind of religious aspect for this transgenderzation. An interesting aspect of the book is that the primary argument they make is that transgenderism is nothing new and society should because of that, easily support transgender individuals.

    Hello Narrator

    The Transgender Studies Reader is a mouthful and weighs in at 770 pages. I’m quite impressed you have read this. I have read parts and pieces of the book (in pdf form) and it is very valuable reference material. It will probably never do very well in 15 minutes on Youtube. From the introduction of the book it really become clear that we are no longer meant to remain merely man or woman, but that modernity require something more:

    A trans identity is now accessible almost anywhere, to anyone who does not feel comfortable in the gender role they were attributed with at birth, or who has a gender identity at odds with the labels “ man” or “woman” credited to them by formal authorities.

    It would be interesting if you understand the book to have been written as a testament to all that has already been enacted, or if the report also predicts and encourages development to come ?

    You also cite other articles that are very interesting in as much as they are not new, but a very relevant reminder to what modern medicine regularly practice and what the different procedures and protocols actually represent. The wikipedia page for Assisted reproductive technology (ART*) is very informative on what is really done in terms of fertility treatments. i found the gender aspect hereunder particularly intriguing:

    Sex selection is the attempt to control the sex of offspring to achieve a desired sex. It can be accomplished in several ways, both pre- and post-implantation of an embryo, as well as at birth. Pre-implantation techniques include PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis), but also sperm sorting

    By what is stated on the wikipedia page, doctors are indeed able to alter a persons sex while in the womb, and eventually even change a natural female into male or vice versa.

    Also noteworthy from your cited article 5 Million Babies Born from ART that Europe actually is more active on technological and research aspects than the USA and rest of the world:

    Around 350,000 babies are born worldwide each year as the result of ART, a number the researchers say continues to rise. The United States and Japan rank as the most active countries for ART, with Europe being the most active region for reproductive technologies.

    It wouldn’t be surprising if much of the European research is led by british researchers, who has often been on the forefront of eugenics in the past.

    The historical presence of transgender traditions in South Asia is quite indicative that past civilizations might not have been so surprised of what we have found as evidence to EGI even in our western ‘modern’ world. What seem to be a bit misleading is that rather than being clear about whether a Hijra is really an eunuch or intersex (Male with Female appearence) the wikipedia page leave quite some room for interpretation:

    However, in general hijras are born with typically male physiology, only a few having been born with intersex variations. Some Hijras undergo an initiation rite into the hijra community called nirwaan, which refers to the removal of the penis, scrotum and testicles.

    The religious aspect of the typical Hijra community also strike me as much alike a western monastery where the priest act as guru for a large group of nuns who in turn are in charge of the orphanage:

    In South Asia, many Hijras live in well-defined and organised all-hijra communities, led by a guru. These communities have sustained themselves over generations by “adopting” boys who are in abject poverty, rejected by, or flee, their family of origin. Many work as sex workers for survival.

    There is also talk of another intersex group, the Kothi, in the article. If the sexual attributes of the Hijra was more clearly understood as the equivalent of Eunuchs it would be easier to understand the two distinct denominations. As the wikipedia-page is understood, the Kothi (or koi) just seem to be intersexuals who are not part of the Hijra cult. Hopefully, the Kothi might live better lives without a guru…

    *ART, how fitting if this discipline is controlled by the EGI

    in reply to: EGI – Elite gender inversion #847847

    •Stage 1 : Discovery and introduction to the concept

    It is close to inevitable to avoid videos as references in EGI research. I initially discovered the subject of transgenderisation from youtube channels who were investigating media-fakery. At the time, i was repelled from the TG research as i discovered it by chance from pursuing media-hoaxes. A side-effect.

    When i discovered the “tranny” videos that talked of the possibility of hidden/couvert transgendered individuals i was mostly surprised and taken aback. The combined effect of crude language and delivery mixed with the untasty sexual aspect of the topic made me crunch and honestly feel bad, even stupid.

    After spending time to research the possibility of systematised Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) i’ve probably seen more youtube channels than ever before. From the channels that cover the ‘transgender agenda’ there seem to be some commonalities that i did not notice so clearly before. Somehow, it became apparent that Youtube is not only online videos, it is a whole new media to itself.

    Many have probably spent even more time on Youtube and would be able to shed their insights as to the implications of a completely new media such as Youtube and the many hidden aspects it is comprised of. I did a list hereunder of the different aspects i’ve come to consider pertaining to EGI research.
    Transvestigative dangers on Youtube Channels

    list 01

    •alternative researchers internal disputes force you to explore and/or discover “hated” entity’s material as well. great for Youtube hamsterwheeling.
    •conspiracy theorist material is initially based on a truth or a trustworthy source
    •derailing is second phase after trust is gained (completing the half-truth picture)
    •money is important to establish a relationship, we all follow our money
    •money will systematically be asked by EGI/psyop agents (for trust, not for money)
    •our language is influenced to become “hate-speech” (in many ways, it already is)
    •trannies/trannys/tranns could be codewords for misinformation – avoid if possible
    •trans-rights movements will probably have above denominations abolished and illegal
    •TV was heavily financed (also the tv-sets), so is Youtube unbeknownst to us
    •with humor you can either laugh with a host or feel laughed at (divisive tactics)
    •words and denominations are important, we better use our own words as Ab emphasize
    •Youtube channels work as a hamsterwheel, and the youtube technology as well
    •Youtube hosts enhance the hamsterwheel effect by creating internal stride
    •Youtube is tv for the next hundred years and financed accordingly
    •Youtuber’s are mostly linked between each other, but never say why. You know why.
    •Youtuber’s use half-truths to establish trustworthiness
    •Youtuber’s use humour to deflect general interest as empathic people feel ill by such behaviour

    in reply to: EGI – Elite gender inversion #847832

    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory
    Now that i’ve presented two cases of FTM (Female to Male) transitions, i’ll not in this thread present further cases as the information is meant as research, not persecution.

    More than researching popular people in show-business i prefer to focus more on the pervasive nature of Elite Gender Inversion. I’ve presented two cases that I personally am convinced represent MTF (Male to Female) transitions from the filed of alternative research (Jeanice Barcelo and Judy Wood). These cases are classified as “Stage 2 – MTF”.

    More recently i have presented two cases of Female to Male transitions (FTM) from the field of science/philosophy and popular culture (TV/Radio/People). The two cases that I personally am convinced proves the existence of FTM (Female to Male) transitions will serve as my examples of what is classified as “Stage 3 – FTM” in this thread .

    I hope now more to focus on the “why” and the “how” in further research, and wish to avoid traps such as an overly sensationalist* angle can have both on my own reflection and for a more widespread acceptance of what i now take as a fact, EGI. Elite Gender Inversion exists and has been dissimulated in our society for quite a long time. In high places and every other field i believe we will find examples of EGI being present.

    I do however encourage fellow Fakeologist to contribute with their own examples and insights if they take interest in the subject of Elite Gender Inversion (EGI).

    *Youtube channels really represent a sensationalist place and environment where it is hard to separate good from bad and where little historical understanding can be found

    in reply to: EGI – Elite gender inversion #847830

    This is the same JS that so ludicrously claimed that most celebrities were transgenders, a couple of years back?

    I don’t swallow what anyone claim only because they were right on something in the past.

    And Rgos, you are well aware that by presenting these videos from JS and repeatedly supporting his David/Diana theory, you do claim something.

    Thank you Rgos for no longer posting supportive comments of Furnish/Diana being the same person until solid evidence of identical bodies is provided by you or anyone else.

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