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    @Tom Dalpra:

    if you read my argumentation and leave out your appeal to ridiculous there are points i make that can be interesting regardless of Rik being Eric or not.

    an exemple here would be how we might question the Rik Clay entity and maybe conclude and debate weather he is a DCP or not. if he is, then we might think of other researchers who made or makes prophetic claims currently or in the past to see if this would pinpoint other actors.

    when it comes to the procedures of reinserting a DCP back onto the scene, would this be done at all, and if it is, how would they cover up the differences ?

    my opinion on the matter of reinsertion is that talented life-time actors would be interesting to use again as they have proven their value. so if a reinsertion takes place we must also expect that the outmost care will be made as to differentiate the new character from the old.

    when it comes to photographic evidence, we know from 911 that this type of proof is not 100% reliable and “amateur” footage can in fact be professional fakes.

    otherwise i fully understand you’re not fond of the theory of re-insertion even in and by itself. this would be where i disagree with your stance, as well as the language you use to prove your opposing points of view.

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    i’m just discussing the case for Clay/Dubay here, and the DCP program workings in general for the retired actors. other doubles might be possible, but i’m not convinced by 95% of these. however, i find it interesting that so much effort goes into covering up the topic by apparent disruptive elements & agents.

    back to Rik/Eric.

    on the topic of voice, i listened to the audios of both entities and my conclusion differs from yours. when playing both audios simultaneously it is difficult to ignore the similar tone and sound. sure, the similar tone and sound is covered up in astute accent and gimmicks as one would suspect. then again, isn’t actors just passionate about such impersonations ? and skilled at such effects. when you pay attention to both Rik and Eric’s voice and accent, none of them rings really authentic. in fact, the heavy accent from Rik seems very exaggerated despite him being well read, a vocalist (no accent there) and probably an actor. regarding Dubay, his accent is plain weird. it’s not english, nor american nor any typical slant to his way of speaking. Erik actually has a peculiar way of speaking because there is no particular accent. would this not be exactly the result of someone trying to hard to be accent-free ?

    regarding looks, we have clear similarities here. hair, body, nose and eyes are clearly similar. you make your examples out of the most disparate images and that is ok but unfair in regards to the comparison. in fact, i can show you pictures of myself that between them would look like two completely different persons. we must also not forget that in this case we have (or might have) an actor who has spent time and effort to NOT be recognized. this would mean he has made changes to his appearance. the most likely interventions would be:
    -dentistry work (Rik had some strange teeth)
    -face resculpting (likely to elongate it’s shape and appearance)
    -contact lenses for eye color
    -hairstyle (well, dropping the hat helps here, but his hair is also mostly away from his face contrary to pulling hair over his face as Rik)

    what is the most compelling however is the body type, and as much as Eric has tried to “bulk” up, he’s obviously not built for it being extremely slender by nature. so in the end, nature allows us to be fairly sure we have the same body 6years later albeit with a better looking aged face.

    bodyworks not included - eRic is Rik

    in reply to: August 2015 #361943

    @Ransomovitch: first off, i’m glad to see you as a researcher join Fakeologist.
    agree my skepticism was ill put as i misunderstood the posting was actually in the “welcome” section,,, my bad

    investigation into the european side of Fakeology is much welcome and often less mediatised than US driven propaganda. very interesting to hear more on the european pharmaceutical/medical, nuclear and space agendas (ESA).

    Prions & Creutzfeldt-Jakob have been the medical backbone of mouth & claw, and some researchers links these phenomenons to Alzheimers as well:
    Clint Richardson

    pro(teinaceous) in(fectious particle)

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    in reply to: August 2015 #359365

    Mr Xileffilex:
    i’m not very fond of namecalling so i’ll stick to what i tried to say, and agreed, it is kind of blunt to criticize christians. on the other hand, it is not relevant to this site to track religious persuasions, and in above writing it sounds like Ransom makes an irrelevant appeal to authority.
    What’s in name ? As Steve Ransom do state to be a writer and a researcher, i do not believe it is uncommon that they have a pen-name, and Ransom just stood out as being a very fitting type of writer name or pseudo. I am not using my real name myself, so i do not blame anyone to do so.

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    Most of Steve Ransom’s claims seems interesting, although i am really wondering how intelligent researchers can believe in “the book” from Babel which is a clear case of fraud and manipulation,,,
    Also, Ransom is probably a common name, but it’s also a name that sounds a bit like a pseudonym for internet use,,,

    in reply to: Fakeologist LOGO ArtWorks #232767

    Hi again Aral Sea,

    i definately see your point, there might be exceptions as you mention.

    according to research by Dave McGowan or John Coleman it still seems undeniable that the PRC use the entertaiment industry in a big way and that most of the big names put before us are carefully scripted. i tend to lend credence to their research and it sure hurts that most of our “idols” probably are manufactured,,

    in the case with Stevie Wonder & Ray Charles, they both are quite talented. Even so, both most likely use/used their “handicap” to gain more more popularity and leverage the race barrier to their advantage, that’s my 2 cents !

    in reply to: Fakeologist LOGO ArtWorks #232404

    hi Tom Dalpra,

    regarding Ray Charles, i’m of the opinion that he used blindness to succeed as an artist, just as Stevie Wonder after him. both Charles & Wonder were great musicians, no doubt. the thing is that once you start becoming a fan of a particular group/peson you tend to start treating them, what they do and who they are differently,,,

    on the subject of ‘faleokology’ what proof do we have of anything ? we have mostly fake evidence, or lack of evidence,,, mostly what we persue here is the research around fakery and mediamanipulation.

    i believe Ray Charles to be able to see, as Lewis (& other sources) say, but i have no more proof of this than regarding Stevie (a photo & some film may be faker / tampered with) & no ‘proof’ that would hold up in court…

    i’m ok with the banner being taken off line though, but it raises some interesting questions,,,

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    ‘Wonder SHOT’ banner with Stevie and Michael

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    ‘Seeing IS Believing’ banner with Ray & Stevie

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    in reply to: >INVERSION #205560

    @anthonycarallo: agree, we just can’t trust the PRC,, so, as they are intended upon keeping us ‘in the dark’ isn’t it just common sense that they try to mislead us as much as possible, aka in the opposite direction?
    in the general meme about the universe, we can then conclude that it is NOT infinite, but rather finite. Also, new theories of ‘the multiverse’ could lead us to believe there is only 1 system or verse,,
    in the days of Fakeologist “flat earth” discussion, under are som frying pan versions of our planets,,,

    <span style=”font-size: small;”>last i checked, all my pans were flat !</span>

    all images by photographer Christopher Jonassen seen on Fubiz

    in reply to: 911 ages #49730


    believe all three persons are photoshopped onto fake backgrounds;
    the shadow is painted on the background as can be seen where the shadow meets the wholes in the prefab background. the officer hat seems a bit weird too, so i guess it is a head “fitted” in a uniform shot on fake bg
    the scale is off between the photo and the “house” background, the house number is too small,, and not surprisingly a 911 (116 rotated ccw 180°),, the neck seems to have signs of a cutout & paste once again..
    the shadow is not right, and the skin on the upper face & neck do not match,, signs of a cutout & paste trice again..

    in reply to: MCP – Medical Celebrity Program #34297

    Some Additional Cancer Celebrity Foundations:

    Sharon Osbourne
    Osborn newborn with Doctor
    In July 2002, Osbourne had surgery for colon cancer, MTV cameras document her illness during the filming of the second season of The Osbournes. her son, Jack Osbourne, tried to commit suicide because of his mother’s condition. she founded the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars Sinai Hospital in August 2004. November 2012 Osbourne did preventive double mastectomy discovering a gene that increases the risk of breast cancer.

    Fran Drescher
    Beating cancer with yellow t-shirt
    Fran Drescher was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000 and had did immediate radical hysterectomy to treat the disease, no post-operative treatment has been ordered. On June 21, 2007, the seventh anniversary of her operation, Drescher announced the national launch of the Cancer Schmancer Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all women’s cancers be diagnosed while in Stage 1, the most curable stage.

    Scott Hamilton
    Lucky Scott
    In 1997, Hamilton had a much-publicized battle with testicular cancer. He made a return to skating after his treatment and his story was featured in magazines and on television. The Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative (CARES) was founded in 1999 as a partnership between Scott Hamilton, Olympic ice-skating champion and cancer survivor, and the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute where he was treated. in 2004 Hamilton was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, which was treated (again) at the Cleveland Clinic.

    in reply to: MCP – Medical Celebrity Program #34260

    *Christina Applegate – breast cancer, double mastectomy
    *Fran Drescher – uterine cancer, radical hysterectomy
    *Lance Armstrong – testicular cancer, testicular removal & chemotherapy
    *Scott Hamilton – testicular cancer, testicular removal
    *Sharon Osbourne – colon cancer, surgery and chemotherapy
    Anderson Cooper – skin cancer, surgery under left eye
    Angelina Jolie – breast cancer, preventive double mastectomy
    Ann Romney – breast cancer, lumpectomy and radiation, now cancer-free
    Arnold Palmer – prostate cancer, prostate gland removal
    Brooke Shields – skin cancer, precancerous spot removed from her face
    Carly Simon – breast cancer, mastectomy & chemo
    Colin Powell – prostate cancer, prostate gland removal and chemotherapy
    Cybill Shepherd – skin cancer, melanoma surgically removed
    Cynthia Nixon – breast cancer, double mastectomy
    Dame Maggie Smith – breast cancer, surgery chemotherapy and radiation treatments
    Diahann Carroll – breast cancer, mastectomy, chemo and breast reconstruction
    Diane Keaton – basal cell carcinoma @ 21, squamous cell tumor, surgical removal
    Donal Logue – skin cancer, surgery to remove skin near his scalp
    Dr. Drew – prostate cancer, prostate removal
    Dustin Hoffman – undisclosed cancer, ‘surgically cured’
    Edie Falco – breast cancer, surgery and radiation (while filming ‘The Sopranos’)
    Ewan McGregor – skin cancer (2008), cancerous mole removed below right eye
    Giuliana Rancic – breast cancer, double lumpectomy & mastectomy & radiation
    Gloria Steinem – breast cancer, surgery and radiation treatments
    Harry Belafonte – prostate cancer, surgery to remove prostate
    Hoda Kotb – breast cancer, mastectomy
    Hugh Jackman – skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma removed
    Jaclyn Smith – breast cancer, mastectomy and lumpectomy with chemo
    James Rebhorn – skin cancer (1992) – died 2014 of melanoma
    Jane Fonda – breast cancer, underwent a lumpectomy
    Janet Napolitano – breast cancer (2000), Head of Homeland Security, mastectomy
    Joan Kennedy – breast cancer (2005), lumpectomy
    Joan Lunden – breast cancer (2014), lumpectomy and radiation
    John McCain – skin cancer, four malignant melanomas surgically removed since 1993
    Judy Blume – Breast cancer, double mastectomy and reconstruction
    Kathy Bates – breast cancer (2012), double mastectomy
    Kathy Bates – ovarian cancer (2003), surgery and chemotherapy
    Kylie Minogue – breast cancer (2005), surgery and chemotherapy
    Linda Ellerbee – breast cancer (1991), NBC journalist, mastectomy both breasts
    Marissa Jaret Winokur – cervical cancer (while on stage with “hairspray”,,)
    Melanie Griffith – skin cancer, surgery to remove skin cancer from her face
    Melissa Etheridge – breast cancer, chemo and lumpectomy
    Michael C. Hall – blood cancer, the ‘Dexter’ actor, Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer
    Michael Douglas – tongue cancer, chemotherapy
    Michelle Monaghan – skin cancer (2008), back of legs skin removed
    Mister T – blood cancer, lymphoma T-cell variant,,,
    Nancy Reagan – breast cancer, single mastectomy and full recovery.
    Nelson Mandela – prostate cancer, most of prostate removed in surgery
    Olivia Newton John – breast cancer, mastectomy
    Peggy Fleming – breast cancer, double mastectomy despite lump only in one breast
    Raelene Boyle – breast cancer & ovarian cancer
    Rene Syler – breast cancer, double mastectomy
    Richard Roundtree – breast cancer, treated with a mastectomy and chemotherapy
    Robert De Niro – prostate cancer, surgery on his prostate
    Robin Quivers – uterine cancer, surgery, chemo and radiation
    Robin Roberts – breast cancer, chemotherapy & bone marrow transplant
    Rod Stewart – thyroid cancer, underwent surgery
    Roger Ebert – salivary gland cancer 1987, thyroid cancer 2002 (died 2012)
    Rudy Giuliani – prostate cancer, prostate and surrounding tissue removed
    Sandra Day O’Connor – breast cancer, Supreme Court Judge, surgery and chemo
    Sheryl Crow – breast cancer, lumpectomy and radiation treatment
    Shirley Temple Black – breast cancer (1972), mastectomy to left breast
    Suzanne Somers – breast cancer, conventional radiation treatment
    Tom Brokaw – bone marrow cancer, bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy
    Tom Green – testicular cancer, right testicle removed
    Valerie Harper – brain cancer, but still competed on “Dancing with the Stars”
    Wanda Sykes – breast cancer, double mastectomy (healed in 1 month)

    *comes with a Foundation,,,

    in reply to: >INVERSION #20137

    are all images of space just reverse engeneered photos of micro-organisms and really small stuff ?
    hubble troubble
    hubble bubble

    would be a lot cheaper than hubbles and other satellite troubbles,,,

    article here:

    in reply to: Nuclear Sub's – Do you think so ? #4641

    yes, i enjoyed ‘Das Boot’ very much, just as ‘Der Untergang’, good films but maybe both are disinfo ?

    in reply to: Nuclear Sub's – Do you think so ? #4640

    Yes, it is of course possible to believe that submarines are for real.

    Thenagain, the seamless transition into nuclear power after WW2 does provide reason to think that the whole phenomena is of the same caliber as the moonflights & the orbiting spacestation?

    i mean, why make rerally complicated machinery if it is the message that is to be pushed ? they might have used their budgets for making warpropaganda, films & newsarticles instead ?

    planting flags under the North Pole ?
    Germans going to their submarine bases on the South Pole ?

    sounds like similar garbage before and after the fuel change, doesn’t it ?

    in reply to: PsyOp Histogram #4631

    it has been pointed out that the word Histogram is wrongly applied,,,,

    in a strict sense it is true that this word initially was used for graphical representation of statistics where rectangles have a proportional area to the frequency of a variable/interval (since 1891).

    however, the term has its etymological roots from the Greek “histos” (anything set upright), and gramma (drawing, record, writing).

    so if a Fakeologist look in depth at the meaning of the world around us, one could also assume fitting to look deeply into the meaning of the words we use…?

    if so, can we freely “set upright” any “drawing, record, writing” we might find suitable to arrange our fakeologist views in ?

    or should we just stick with the mainstream version ?

    in reply to: Double helix solar system #4123

    It is interesting regarding the shape of the earth that it is so difficult to prove its curvature,,,
    when thinking of a possible flat earth, i quite litterally think of “the wall” from “Game of Thrones”,,

    the the flat-earth society has a podcast;

    in reply to: PsyOp Histogram #4059

    allready 66 entries,,,
    next goal,, 111 !

    in reply to: PsyOp Histogram #4056

    Thanks Ab !

    i’ve tried to make columns in the spreadsheet, and hope we will be able to fill in the gaps & information,, i suspect the dates are somehow important for the numerology, but i am unsure how to format a dedicated colomn for this purpose.. it would be informative though,,

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