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    Apparently gay, another good thing.

    Hmm, maybe “47 Schade’s of gay” then ?

    Agree completely how the survivor narrative sound uncanningly hollow as is the case in all PsyOp’s, and going from one hospital to another seems only appropriate for public confusion, not efficient health care.

    I’m not sure how many percent one need to be burned in order to be dead already, but 80% burns sounds more than a human would withstand even with swift medical attention.

    Daily Mail
    Victims of the New Zealand volcano island eruption are so badly burned and disfigured police are struggling to identify them

    The “newly wed” honeymoon scenario also sounds very poorly inspired – which is probably why this meme pops up so often in media-fakery as hoaxers fall back on previous memes and stereotypes meant to stir up emotion and empathy.

    Urey – Your Eye (phonetic anagram from “ur ey”)

    makeshift memorial at the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship
    Flowers already laid at a makeshift memorial for White Island volcano victims in the vicinity of the “Ovation of the Seas” cruise ship


    No doubt Michael Schade is shady – and part of the media-plan.

    Joking aside, hoaxing natural events is a huge topic that really deserve more attention and analysis. On the surface, it should be impossible to interfere with what would be considered “the laws of nature”. For the Elite who plan and execute the elaborate hoaxes we are aware of so far – it seems more like a challenge and warrant of success to directly alter what should be unalterable, Nature.

    From early reaction to skepticism of the White Island volcano eruption, there seems to be resistance towards investigating natural events altogether which is an insane attitude pertaining to Fakeology, and ignorant of former inquiries into hoaxes where nature indeed have been largely tampered with.

    Generally when we analyze media-fakery, it can be overwhelming to contemplate to what extent TPTB are willing to invest manpower, budgets and technology in order to perpetuate intricate hoaxes for the general public.

    When we do stop and think about important hoaxes like 9/11 we do get a grasp of just how much planning, expenses and manpower that will be deployed. Although we all might think 9/11 was an exceptional event with unprecedented resources allocated, it is unlikely when we look back in time to events like WW2 and the 1945 nuclear bombing of Japan, or the Apollo Space hoax (1961–1972).

    Contrary to what we like to think today – media-fakery is not worse now compared to before. Likewise, there were as many and elaborate hoaxes before as there is today. In this relation, the PsyOp Histogram is still a valuable resource to remind us how hoaxes are omnipresent both today and yesteryear.

    PsyOp Histogram

    Fakeopedia PsyOps list

    What we should keep in mind when considering both the long traditions of grand media-hoaxes is that there exist a considerable part of culture and science that since very far back in history has been successfully hoaxed, and with very important means and implications.

    The examples of wholly made up sciences such as Egyptology, Nuclear Physics or Cosmology should inform us just how deep the deception goes, and nature itself is no barrier but a potent means for the hoaxers to use to their advantage, often with centuries of lies to support current fake memes.

    Rosetta Stone

    The Rosetta Stone is a stone of black granodiorite found at Rosetta by the French expedition to Egypt and surrendered to British troops in 1801. The Greek script of the Rosetta stone was translated by 1803, and in 1822 the respective Egyptian hieroglyphs were transliterated by Jean-François Champollion, marking the beginning of modern Egyptology…

    Egyptology is the study of ancient Egyptian history, language, literature, religion, architecture and art from the 5th millennium BC until the end of its native religious practices in the 4th century AD.

    Egyptology was established in the early to mid 1800s as an academic discipline by scientists Emmanuel de Rougé, Samuel Birch and Heinrich Brugsch. In 1880, Flinders Petrie revolutionised the field of archaeology through controlled and scientifically recorded excavation and dated Egyptian culture back as early as 4500 BC. The British Egypt Exploration Fund was founded in 1882 and in 1919 the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago established Egyptology in the USA – financed by JD Rockefeller Jr.


    The Rutherford Atomic Model Of an Atom

    The Rutherford model of the atom, with electrons orbiting a nucleus – showing the atom to be similar to a Solar system…

    Nuclear physics is the field of physics that studies atomic nuclei and their constituents and interactions. Nuclear physics includes studies of nuclear components such as protons and neutrons, forces such as the strong force, and phenomena such as radioactive decay, nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion.

    Nuclear physics started with the discovery of radioactivity by Henri Becquerel in 1896 and the electron by JJ Thomson (1897). Their model of the atom was a positively charged ball with small negatively charged electrons embedded inside it. Becquerel and Marie and Pierre Curie later discovered three types of radiation which they named alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. In 1911 the Ernest Rutherford discovered the “nucleus” of the atom as a high central charge concentrated in a small volume that also contained the bulk of the atomic mass overall. The neutron was discovered in 1932 by James Chadwick which allowed scientists to calculate the binding energy of each nucleus within 1% of Einstein’s calculation of the equivalence of mass and energy (1934). The model of the atom was completed with the Vector Meson theory developped by Alexandru Proca in 1936, and finalised by Hideki Yukawa. The final model is an atom containing a tight ball of neutrons and protons held together by the strong nuclear force – unless the nuclei is too large…

    Nuclear physics

    Hubble eXtreme Deep Field image

    The “Hubble eXtreme Deep Field” image combines imagery taken over the past decade of the constellation Fornax. With a total of over two million seconds of exposure time, it is the deepest image of the Universe ever made…

    Cosmology is a branch of astronomy concerned with the studies of the origin and evolution of the universe, from the Big Bang to today and on into the future. It is the scientific study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe.

    The term cosmology was first used in English in 1656 in Thomas Blount’s Glossographia, and in 1731 taken up in Latin by German philosopher Christian Wolff, in Cosmologia Generalis.


    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #859092

    Grizzly Bears in the Media

    ” Peddling away, I came around a bend, and there was a grizzly bear, about a hundred feet in front of me. So I stopped and said, “Hey bear,” because that’s what you do when you see one. ”

    Outside Magazine – Nov 26th 2019

    This particular incident (posted here) clearly appear hoaxed, and the media is doing a good job of milking the story for additional coverage and angles, which is recurrent in Grizzly bear accounts. Any hoaxed event will of course be made exclusively for media exposure, which makes the press coverage the only reason for such narratives to exist in the first place. And it really shows in this case.

    The narrative proposed by pocket-kife hero Colin Dowler is overly artificial and childish which is congruent with the very literary scripting we most often observe in the media concerning Grizzly bear maulings.

    A normal reaction to seeing an adult, predatory Grizzly bear while on your own clearly will not be to stop and say hello… The infantile dialogue proposed by Grizzly mauling victim Dowler – “Hey bear” – is rather how one greets a domesticated, inoffensive animal, or a teddybear* at best.

    Using a pocket-knife in defense of a deadly animal is in itself highly improbable to succeed, which adds to the infantile aspect of the narrative. The “Hey bear” greeting therefore builds on the same naive presentation. And just to finish things off, the grisly Grizzly is tracked and “destroyed” as the animal is recognized with “a T-bone steak size of flesh missing” (article)….

    The Colin Dowler pocketknife Grizzly bear survival story has been pushed in the media on three occasions up till now. First in early August as news-coverage in daily papers, then in October by the weekly press & podcast* – and now in the specialized press late November.

    Outside Magazine (26 Nov 2019)
    This Man Fought a Grizzly Bear with a Pocketknife

    As the scientific studies of Grizzly bears show very low numbers of yearly attacks on humans, we have here a case that will indeed be included in the “statistic knowledge” of Grizzly bear behavior which is ridiculous and misleading. This particular animal with its missing “T-bone steak of flesh” was also tracked and killed (good for more news coverage) which lead to an autopsy that now will yearn supplementary “scientific” evidence to inform and educate wildlife specialists…

    When we investigate and find the entire Colin Dowler narrative to be fake, it is more likely than not that there never even was an actual bear to account for. The fake Colin Dowler pocket knife narrative never made any use of imagery of the Grizzly bear in question, so no animal was ever needed even for staging. Just stock-photos* of Grizzlies were used – as often is the case.

    * Shooting Teddybears (article)

    * Outside Podcast (2 0ct 2019)
    The Wrong Way to Fight Off a Bear

    * stock photo (free use) from the pocket knife hero news-coverage (Grizzly bear snarling)
    stock image grizzly bear snarling

    ” The odds of getting seriously injured by a bear in North America are slim. There are just a few dozen bear attacks on the continent every year, and only a handful of them put someone in the hospital. But bear-human encounters are on the rise, in part because more people than ever before are heading out into bear country. This year in particular there have been a lot of stories of people fighting off attacks in dramatic ways, including that guy in British Columbia who ended up killing a black bear with a hatchet. But Colin Dowler has the most incredible story of them all, and his tale offers potentially lifesaving lessons for anyone venturing into the wild. ”

    Outside Podcast iTunes

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #859043

    To better understand the media fakery tools used to deceive the public, looking at news-stories that are grossly faked can be instructive in order to familiarise with various memes and techniques.

    When it comes to fake news-coverage of incidents involving bears, it is particularly interesting scripted narratives and pretend injuries closely match the more on-the-surface believable material.

    Herunder are some news-stories around bears* that are all (imo) poorly manufactured and frankly unbelievable. In some of these cases, one might sense even participants having a hard time holding smiles and quiet laughs out of the footage.

    Colorado Couple Uses Baseball Bat to Fight Off Mother Bear
    FOX31 Denver – 28 Aug 2019 – 2K views

    Canadian Man Fights Off Bear Attack By Pulling The Bears Tongue!!
    The Weather Channel – 16 Oct 2013 – 54K views

    Man uses knife to fight off 525-pound attacking bear
    USA Today – 09 Dec 2014 – 18K views

    Colorado Man Survives Bear And Shark Attack In One Year
    NBC News – 23 Apr 2018 – 8K views

    Black Bear Attacks Man
    Jukin Media – 30 May 2017 – 3M views

    *exemples hereover are not limited to Grizzly bears per say and merely showcase fakery used in relation to bear-hoaxes in the media generally

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #859017

    Grizzly Bears in the Media

    ” DULUTH, MN — A local author is sharing his story, more than a decade after surviving a grizzly bear mauling.

    Alex Messenger was 17 when he was hiking with a group in Canada. On the 29th day of his trip, he was walking alone and a bear attacked. He and his team had to fight for his life.

    Now an author and photographer living in Duluth, Messenger wrote about his experience in his first book, called The 29th Day.

    His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Men’s Journal, National Parks magazine, and others. ”

    CBS Duluth

    ” Messenger, just 17 at the time, was hiking alone when the grizzly struck him across the face and took a large bite out of his thigh. ”

    FOX 21

    The fresh book-release by Alex Messenger of his true-life wilderness survival epic is hard to investigate as the Grizzly attack happened in the summer of 2005 and that i find no press-coverage of his apparently life-threatening Grizzly bear encounter.

    As can be understood from the popularity of fictitious “true-life” narratives of Grizzly bear violence such as “The Revenant”, it seems natural that becoming authors might be tempted to go down the same route as Hugh Glass, or rather James Hall brother of The Port Folio magazine editor.

    Clearly, there is little evidence to sustain Alex Messenger’s survival story which means that we are forced to rely on the authors words for the most part in this case.

    From the research done so far on alleged Grizzly bear victims, it seems only fair to be cautious about any bear attack generally – we still would need a solid, verifiable story to confirm that Grizzly bear attacks really happens.

    Short of buying and reading the whole book about Alex Messenger’s bear-attack survival, it is possible to read selected chapters online in order to form an early impression of what this bear survival epic is like – which i’ve done (on Google Books).

    In the prologue of the book, Alex Messenger does seem to give away a few worrying hints about his actual process that adds to a couple of possible numerology twists in his survival-story.

    ” I thought about my coming senior year of high school and the summer reading book in my pocket, “The Liars’ Club“. Quickly casting that thought aside, i thought of my camera in the case and imagined what I wanted to shoot first. ”

    Alex Messenger «The Twenty-Ninth Day» (prologue)

    Clearly, the citation above does in no way represent proof in itself, but short of any collaborative sources of information about the Grizzly bear incident itself, such writing does appear overly tongue-in-cheek. Why mention a book title three times if the information is of no importance, and why insist on a title that undermines credibility?

    Hopefully Alex Messenger’s account of a gruesome Grizzly attack will unveil itself as the first verifiable, real bear-on-human attack and multiple solid sources of information will come to light that back up this Grizzly assault. As the book release is currently unfolding, maybe even the author would help us better document his case and suffered injuries.

    Alex Messenger at Book Con New York June 2019
    Alex Messenger at Book Con (NY, June 2019)

    FOX 21
    Duluth Man Shares Story of Grizzly Bear Attack

    CBS Duluth
    Local author launches book after surviving bear attack

    MPR News
    Face-to-face with a grizzly

    “The Twenty-Ninth Day” by Alex Messenger
    Surviving a Grizzly Attack in the Canadian Tundra

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #859014

    Year : 2016 (Oct 2)
    Attack : Grizzly bear (presumed dead)
    Victim : Lee Brooke (59)
    Location : Dubois, Wyoming, USA
    Injuries : Face, leg and arm injuries

    A Grizzly Bear Ripped My Face Off and Now I’m Regrowing My Nose on My Arm
    This Morning – 28 Nov 2017 – 2.8M views

    Most Grizzly bear maulings are centered on violence thus the amount of press-coverage will depend heavily on the level of realism obtained with SFX makeup artistry. In most cases it’s easy to observe the layered appearance of fake and stitched wounds, while in other cases like Lee Brooke the damage is that severe it really seems to challenge what would be possible to attain with SFX makeup performance alone.

    The damage to Lee Brooke’s face is shown in front of live audiences and the alterations appear almost too drastic to induce with SFX makeup only. Yet, there is a very strong media-hoax quality to both his story and exposure in the media.

    Lee Brooke from CBS Denver interview
    Lee Brooke from CBS Denver interview (here)

    The storyline of Lee Brooke’s Grizzly attack reads like novel – just like the Revenant – where the bear rips Lee Brooke’s face apart with his brother-in-law finding his nose and upper lip (including the moustache) on his way to rescue the badly injured Lee…

    Brooke didn’t have his gun. He punched the bear. The bear bit his arm. His only remaining defense was a steak knife in his pocket. Blood shrouded his vision. Fearing death, he pulled out the knife and stabbed the grizzly about four times.

    “I don’t know if I’d been brave enough to stab her if I could see her.” -Lee Brooke

    He screamed for help. A couple heard his pleas and called authorities. About an hour passed. Brooke prayed, “Lord, I could use some help right about now,” he recalled. About that time, his hunting pal and brother-in-law George Neal found him. During the search, Neal first discovered Brooke’s nose and mustache:

    “I said, ‘Aw, no. This ain’t going to be good. ” -George Neal

    He picked up the nose and mustache and stuffed them in Brooke’s pocket. “Hang on to this until we get you off the mountain,” he said. He ripped off his shirt and wrapped his brother-in-law as best he could to try to keep him warm. “He was kind of shaking,” Neal said.


    The meme of Lee Brooke with a Grizzly bear that “mauls off his face” is rather close to Wes Perkins Grizzly narrative where he “lost his face”.

    A noteable difference in Lee Brooke’s story would be that he actually lost parts of his face, luckily recovered by brother-in-law Neal, and how his mauled off face will now be put back in place thanks to the Brooke family crowd-funding efforts.

    Lee Brooke in surgery at the Swedish Hospital in Colorado
    Lee Brooke in surgery at the Swedish Hospital in Colorado

    Lee's Grizzly Attack Insurance Fund
    Lee’s Grizzly Attack Insurance Fund (GoFundMe)

    It is hard to know exactly hos it is possible to transform Lee Brooke’s face such an extent as observed in the newscoverage. One hint might be that the very few pictures of Brooke as young do show he has a disfigered nose, like a boxers nose.

    Lee Brooke photo collage before and after surgery
    Lee Brooke photo collage before/after

    Lee Brooke with temporary moustache
    Lee Brooke with temporary moustache covering injury

    Lee Brooke after one of his 12 head & face surgeries
    Brooke after one of his 12 head & face surgeries

    Lee Brooke shows nose growing on his forearm
    Lee Brooke shows nose growing on his forearm

    ” Brooke underwent 12 different surgeries over the first 2½ months. Bones in his face were reconstructed using leg bone. Metal plates also helped rebuild his facial features.

    We weren’t sure what was going to happen when he woke up — if he was going to be angry. Then, he wakes up and he’s super intelligent and thankful. He ends up being a really good patient — and our friend. Everyone was calling him ‘The Revenant’ because the movie had recently come out. ”

    Benson J Pulikkottil MD – Swedish Medical Center

    Lee Bear Attack Patient Fourums V1
    EM Productions Preview – 26 Mar 2017 – 1K views

    Hunter whose face was mauled off by grizzly bear reveals how he survived
    All in One ALG – 18 Nov 2017 – 1K views

    Doctors Reconstruct Hunter’s Face After Drastic Grizzly Bear Attack
    CBS Denver – 9 Jul 2019 – 2K views

    Wyoming Public Media
    Grizzly Bear Injures Elk Hunter Near Dubois

    Fox News
    Grizzly bear attack seriously injures hunter in Wyoming

    County 10™
    Man survives grizzly attack near Dubois

    Man who lost nose, mouth describes vicious bear attack

    Mail Online
    Hunter, 60, whose nose and top lip were torn off in an horrific bear attack like a scene from The Revenant reveals his incredible transformation after pioneering surgery to rebuild his FACE

    Men’s Health
    This Guy Lost His Nose In A Bear Attack. Now, He’s Regrowing It— On His Arm

    Mail Online
    Man who was mauled by a bear reveals how surgeons are ‘re-growing’ his nose on his ARM in ‘amazing’ treatment (and says he’s STILL hunting)

    Lee Brooke fundraiser on Facebook
    Fundraiser event for Tioga county, PA man injured in Grizzly bear attack

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #859013

    Loses face, lost face….it’s one big joke. Who writes these scripts?

    Bear attack hoaxing seems well supported by both the State and the Press globally – and while the most “juicy” imagery is promoted through the more unreliable elements in the press, they do equally act with the backing of “serious” sources.

    The fact the Wes Perkins bear-attack hoax happened some time ago already makes the imagery particularly poor imo. When it comes to the most often incredulous storylines – one of the major problems clearly would be that the history of Grizzly bear attacks in reality all build on fake narratives like Hugo Glass “The Revenant”.

    If Wes Perkins would try to “make a difference” in the long line of fairytale bear-survival stories, it is clear he would need to invent a new angle* – which in Wes Perkins case lead to overdo the severity a normal human would be able to withstand.

    The “SuperHero” attitude of most bear-attack vicsims is quite predictable as is their need for help with expenses in the aftermath. From 911 we have learnt that Firemen are very prone to be part of hoaxes, and therefore not surprising Wes Perkins got help with his hoax-aftermath by Nome Fire Department for gathering undue funds.

    Regarding the press coverage of the fake bear-attack on Perkins, not only unreliable outlets like The Daily Mail & Maul were involved, but also “credible” sources like Reuters, State Department of Fish and Game, Alaska State Troopers, Nome Hospital, Nome Fire Department and Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

    Bear hunter severely mauled by grizzly

    *memes such as “lost his face” was also used for 2016 victim Lee Brooke who lost his nose and upper lip (moustache) in his Grizzly bear encounter

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #859009

    Year : 2011 (May 16)
    Attack : Grizzly bear (bear shot dead same day)
    Victim : Wesley Perkins (54)
    Location : Seward Peninsula, Alaska, USA
    Injuries : Serious face and head injuries, hand
    The use of special effects (SFX) in the case of Wes Perkins overly brutal 2011 Grizzly bear attack seems quite apparent as the effects used in the “crime-scene” imagery are too severe to believe on their own, and particularly when related to the improbable narrative.

    In Perkins case it should be straightforward to detect the blatant SFX effects, and the rather catchy narrative of “losing his face” in a bear attack equally seems like a bear-violence meme that accompany several staged Grizzly attacks on humans.

    The fact Wes Perkins can be seen posing on his snowmobile with the “dead” bear also hurts the credibility of this particular story – it is of course ludicrous. Not only does Wes Perkins injuries look heavily photo-shopped, but it is quite clear the dead bear isn’t a real animal and thus might be added to the series of giant teddybears used by “reputable” Trophy hunters*.

    ” The bear – a huge boar – grabbed Wes by the head. It tore loose his lower jaw, ripped loose teeth, removed “half of his tongue” and damaged his left eye socket, Nate said. Doctors are hopeful they can save the eye. Wes, a well-known and popular figure in Nome, is expected to survive. ”

    ” Perkins was surprisingly coherent when help arrived, the helicopter pilot said. He indicated his leg and arm were hurt but was unable to talk with medics because of severe injuries to his face and mouth. ”
    Anchorage Daily News

    closeup of Wes Perkins face after Grizzly attack loosing his face
    Closeup of Wes Perkins after Grizzly bear attack with his face “lost”

    Wes Perkins on Snowmobile face missing and deadgrizzly bear
    Wes Perkins apparently posing on his Snowmobile with half his face missing and ready to drive to the hospital himself, just after catching up & killing the grisly bear,,,

    Wes Perkins after Grizzly attack with missing face
    Wes Perkins on “the scene” after Grizzly attack with his “Face/Off” (1997 film)

    Wes Perkins after 26 surgeries and more than a $1 million in medical expenses
    Wes Perkins after 26 surgeries and more than a $1 million in medical expenses

    As can be noticed from a number of previous media-hoaxes, the aftermath will often include some type of commercial exploitation. The most common for victims of fake violence and crime will be to use various types of fundraising demands for either medical expenses, family support or funeral fees.

    In Wes Perkins case there is an interesting twist to his fundraising efforts as the bear-centric newsoutlet “The Daily Maul” seems to act in synergy with the obvious commercial exploitation as they publish a polarising stance on the Perkins fundraiser initiative forcing the public for taking a stance for or against animal violence thus donating to either one of two fundraiser evils : “Adopt a Bear” or “Donation to Wes Perkins & his family”

    ” Wes Perkins is from Alaska, and he knows he’s lucky. Life is good, but it will never be the same after the unfortunate bear attack that nearly cost him his life.
    26 surgeries and more than $1 million accumulated in medical suspenses later, Wes is getting along. He’s not the man he once was, but he’s still very appreciative to be alive. ”
    Wide Open Spaces

    ” Today, I’m encouraging you, dear reader, to make a donation, in the grizzly bear’s memory, to Defenders of Wildlife. One way to do so is to “Adopt a Brown Bear. ”
    David Brensilver – The Daily Maul

    Fundraiser for Wes Perkins by the Nome Volunteer Fire Department
    The Nome Nugget – Alaska’s Oldest Newspaper
    Fundraiser for Wes Perkins, organised by the Nome Volunteer Fire Department

    Donate Funds in Memory of Grizzly Bear — Not on Behalf of “Bear-Mauling Victim”

    The Seattle Times
    Grizzly bear attack sends Alaskan to Seattle hospital

    Anchorage Daily News
    Heroic response saved Alaska bear mauling victim

    Anchorage Daily News
    Life’s good for Alaskan who lost face in grizzly bear attack

    Wide Open Spaces
    Man loses Face in Alaskan grizzly bear attack but considers himself Lucky to be Alive

    American Shooting Journal
    Man Survives Bear Attack but Loses Face

    Brown Bear Mauling Victim Responsive and Healing

    *article on “reputable” Trophy hunters here:
    Shooting Teddybears

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #859008
    In many media hoaxes where violence is at the core of the script as in the case of contrived Grizzly bear maulings, the visuals used to affect the public are conscientiously staged to a sometimes persuasively realistic level.

    The ability to mimic injuries mainly relies on Special Effects (SFX) Scar & Wound Makeup techniques. Although it is understandable this type of artistry can pass well on film and photo, most will intuitively be skeptic about such effects actually looking realistic in live action or for a live/real audience*.

    With the number of fake news-stories we come across as Fakeologists, it is apparent that professional SFX artists do often work behind the scenes in media-hoaxes and that their performance at times will be difficult to detect as the combined performance of SFX Scar & Wound Makeup and post-production image-alterations can be very realistic.

    Important to remember here that the production of fake images goes as far back as to the invention of photography itself, and that the required forgery skills would be protected in every way possible. The expenses necessary to ensure high quality fake violence imagery would probably preclude most Grizzly-on-human media productions that mainly look amateurish and low budget (from the examples studied so far in this thread).

    shaune harrison academy facial wounds
    Facial injuries example from Shaune Harrison Academy (Liverpool, UK)

    Benito Garcia Special Effects Guide for injuries and wounds
    SFX Guide of Real Wounds and Injuries (website)

    Easy Special Effects Wound tutorial – CRC Makeup
    CRC Makeup – 23 Oct 2014 – 919K views

    Bear Attack FX Makeup Tutorial Inspired by The Revenant
    Glam&Gore – 20 Jan 2016 – 1.4M views

    BEAR ATTACK / Halloween SFX Makeup Tutorial
    Karolina Maria – 2 Oct 2019 – 60K views

    *in Lee Brooke’s case (here) from 2016, the damage was that severe it really seems to challenge SFX makeup performance as his deformations are significant and that he not only feature in imagery, but also on film and apparently in front of live audiences

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #858991

    In the above list of Grizzly bear victims, there is only one case of a death due to a captive Grizzly bear – Stephan Miller (2008, April 22nd).

    Captive bears were much more prominent attacking humans earlier, as over two decades so far in 21st century, there is just one victim (2000-2019). Most attacks from Grizzly bears in captive state actually happened in a very short period of time – all in the USA from 1930-1945 (12 victims).

    Hereunder all victims of Captive Grizzlies from 1900 till today:
    2008, Apr 04 – Stephan Miller, 39, male
    1969, Mar 03 – Russell Ringer, 49, male
    1956, Oct 10 – Paul Lemery, 28, male
    1945, Sep 09 – Richard Strand, 8, male
    1942, Dec 12 – Richard Havemann, 68, male
    1941, Jun 06 – Thomas Miller, 28, male
    1936, Oct 10 – George Langley, 55, male
    1936, Oct 10 – James Virtue, 68, male
    1934, Nov 11 – Clarence Staley, 54, male
    1934, Nov 11 – William Thomas “Bill” Brown Jr, 64, male
    1934, Jul 07 – Charles Wyman, 76, male
    1933, Oct 10 – Grant Taylor, 11, male
    1932, Oct 10 – Peter Matthew Ryan, 5, male
    1932, Jul 07 – Thomas Earl, 56, male
    1930, Jun 06 – Emerson Joyce, 60, male
    If we just look at the number of American Zoo’s (over 400), it is clear that after the first Zoo in Philadelphia opened in 1874 the high count of victim deaths in the 1930s could be due to the massive deployment of animal parks during that period. Negative advertising through heavy press-coverage is quite effective as it raises attention and curiosity.

    In a similar fashion to how American Zoo’s might have popularised their venues and fascinated the general public with in part media-hoaxes, there was recently (2009, Brown bear) a suspect event in Bern Bear Park* in Switzerland just after they reopened their venue having spent considerable money renovating.

    The video scenes from both the latest captive Grizzly murder of Stephan Miller (2008) and Bern Bear Park’s non-lethal mauling have similarities in their video coverage as both incidents show very aggressive, predatory bears seemingly bite and tear their victims obsessively without there being any significant bodily harm such as limbs torn off, chunks of meat chewed or even any open fracture.

    911 call Bear kills a man Warning graphic content
    Jan 5, 2014 – 108K views

    Huge Grizzly Attack a Man in Swiss Zoo
    L’ Originale – 4 Feb 2016 – 5K views

    The videos of both Brown bear attacks hereover are quite believable on the surface from what we as a public know about this animal. The inflicted injuries are however incompatible with the force and ferocity we lend to these animals through popular culture such as “The Revenant” (2015), “Grizzly Man” (2005) or “Night of The Grizzlies” (1969).

    Exactly how a violent bear-attack video could be staged is difficult to know precisely, but the most conventional method would be to use a well-trained bear. The difficulty with using an animal* the size of a grizzly is however that they would have the force to potentially tear of a trainer’s leg or head, and/or at the least inflict serious damage.

    *Bern is a historical “bear” city with a bear on their city seal and a bear-pit opened as early as 1857, before there even was any American Zoo.

    *the next best solution to using an animal would be to fake the bear altogether which might seem too hard to achieve, but what emerges in my research so far is that very advanced bear suits do exist that are so well performing as to have clinching eyes, licking tongues and saliva together with true-to-nature teeth, claws and fur. Some examples of bears suspect of being played by men-in-suits; Pedals the walking bear, Johnny Walker, NJ Zoo bears and Timo the trumpet playing soccer bear (to mention but a few suspect occurrences)

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #858990

    But sometimes “nobody died” grizzly attacks can produce some good copy

    Indeed, many survival stories are clearly very violent and overly graphic such as the example of Hugh Glass, even moreso than lethal attacks where we see little of the evidence presented in writing.

    When investigating the veracity of Grizzly bear attacks, we will be quite dependent of press-material and especially imagery from the crime-scene and injuries, which there is not much of when men are killed – unless of course the victim brought a camera*.

    From looking into bears and here Grizzly bears, it is nevertheless clear that many of the reported incidents and fatalities that are included in National Safety reports and figures are falsified.

    Statistics do go a far way back, but diligent research on contemporary cases might help establish whether there is such a thing as a verifiable Grizzly bear incident or not (say in the 21st century) – and if not all prior cases would equally be impossible to sustain as veridic.

    ” Despite the story’s popularity, its accuracy has been disputed. It was first recorded in 1825 in The Port Folio, a Philadelphia literary journal, as a literary piece and later picked up by various newspapers. Although originally published anonymously, it was later revealed to be the work of James Hall, brother of The Port Folio’s editor. There is no writing from Hugh Glass himself to corroborate the veracity of it. ”
    Hugh Glass Wikipedia page

    The advantage of having the Wikipedia “death-list” is of course that we have the names of the victims and that there is no discrepancy as far as i’ve established between the official number of victims and the victims that feature on the Wiki list.

    Hereunder the 30 victims so far (2000-2019) accounted for as Grizzly bear (Brown bear) attacks:
    2019 (Aug 15) – Julien Gauthier, 44, male
    2018 (Nov 26) – Adele Roesholt, 10 months, female
    2018 (Nov 26) – Valérie Théorêt, 37, female
    2018 (Oct 01) – Anthony David Montoya, 18, male
    2018 (Sep 14) – Mark Uptain, 37, male
    2018 (Jun 19) – Mike Soltis, 44, male
    2016 (Jun 29) – Brad Treat, 38, male
    2015 (Aug 07) – Lance Crosby, 63, male
    2014 (Oct 14) – Claudia Huber, 42, female
    2014 (Sep 17) – Ken Novotny, 53, male
    2014 (Sep 07) – Rick Cross, 54, male
    2014 (Sep 04) – Adam Thomas Stewart, 31, male
    2012 (Aug 24) – Richard White, 49, male
    2012 (Jan 10) – Tomas Puerta, 54, male
    2011 (Aug 24) – John Wallace, 59, male
    2011 (Jul 06) – Brian Matayoshi, 57, male
    2010 (Jul 28) – Kevin Kammer, 48, male
    2010 (Jun 17) – Erwin Frank Evert, 70, male
    2008 (Oct 01) – Robert Wagner, 48, male
    2008 (Apr 22) – Stephan Miller, 39, male
    2007 (Nov 25) – Don Peters, 51, male
    2006 (Apr 28) – Jean-François Pagé, 28, male
    2005 (Sep 20) – Arthur Louie, 60, male
    2005 (Jun 23) – Rich Huffman, 61, male
    2005 (Jun 23) – Kathy Huffman, 58, female
    2005 (Jun 05) – Isabelle Dubé, 35, female
    2003 (Oct 05) – Timothy Treadwell, 46, male
    2003 (Oct 05) – Amie Huguenard, 37, female
    2001 (Oct 30) – Timothy Hilston, 50, male
    2000 (Jul 14) – George Tullos, 41, male
    Some of the victims succumbed during the same incident as in the case of Adele Roesholt and her infant daughter (Valérie Théorêt), or Timothy Treadwell the Grizzly man & Amie Huguenard.

    Each of the above incident are well worth revisiting, and i do believe that the “Grizzly Man” media hoax (or not according to Tokarski) was covered on the Piece Of Mind blog previously (here) where we learnt Gaia’s father ran/runs a bear foundation for abandoned Balkan bears in Holland – now re-baptized to “Bear In Mind“.

    *a grizzly bear victim (Richard White) who did bring the camera:

    Hiker Photographs Grizzly Bear Just Before Deadly Attack
    ABC News – 28 Aug 2012 – 752K views

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #858987

    Researching Grizzly bear on human violence normally would limit the scope of study (geographically, historically and quantitatively) as bears are plentiful Worldwide and has a long history of human interaction.

    The fact Grizzlies are limited to North America makes this big and ferocious bear pertinent to study in particular. The most prominent specialist researcher in the field of North American bears is Stephen Herrero, whose in-depth 1976 study is the most cited reference in regards to human-bear violence.

    Conflicts between Man and Grizzly Bears in the National Parks of North America
    January 1976 – DOI: 10.2307/3872761

    Violence in regards to bear-mauling is split into three categories (Polar Bear, Brown bear, Black bear) as there are only three species of bears currently present in North America. The Grizzly is a Brown bear just like the Kodiak bear and these are local variations (some contend sub-species) of the Brown bear.

    The apparently detailed research on Brown bear violence on humans in N. America is on inspection rather shallow and the figures for bear-on-human violence both hard to read and verify – especially early cases of manslaughter.

    Fortunately there is a quite detailed Wikipedia page that contains a list of deaths incurred from bear-on-human violence going all the way back to 1784, at which point the presumed cases reads more like a novel than actual information.

    “The child was sent to a pasture with a horse, and was attacked by a three-year-old bear. Leach, on arrival finding the bear holding his son by the throat, struck the bear with a stake. The bear withdrew, dragging the boy with him. A search was mounted the next day, and the corpse of the boy was discovered, partially devoured. The bear rose from behind a nearby log, and was killed by three gunshots.”
    victim: Son of Mr. Leach, 8, male

    List of fatal bear attacks in North America

    Most of bear violence on humans is not lethal, so the Wikipedia list of human loss to bears does not cover any other type of violence than fatalities. However, there is a group of fatalities from bears in captive state (Zoo, Circus etc.) in the above Wikipedia entry that does not feature in scientific studies, and that still represent Grizzly bear on human violence.

    The Grizzly / Brown bear attacks on human while in captivity is not geographically delimited as are wild Grizzly violence, still i would consider all Grizzly mauling as relevant and regardless of location in the case of Grizzly bears in captivity.

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #858960

    What the heck was a grizzly doing out this late in the season??? […]

    The inconsitency of bear-behaviour is rather incomprehensible, and when it comes to bear behavioral patterns, the experts are more often than not bear-trainers whose animals in many occasions are suspect of being faked – like Tima the circus bear who kicked off a Russian football game in spring 2018.

    From what we know of Grizzly bears thanks to wildlife biologists (i.e. Donivan Campbell above) and bear behavioral specialists (i.e. Mark Matheny above), bears are in deep sleep during winter and don’t even defecate or urinate for 5-7 months.

    So to run into Grizly bear during winter should be rather hard. It would be equally hard to observe a bear coming out of the forest in the dark, which is what Nick Bullock confirms on his blog:

    “And to reiterate, it was pitch black, the bear was in full flow and metres away…”
    Nick Bullock (Greg Boswell partner) on his blog

    ” Greg Boswell, one of Scotland’s leading winter climbers, has survived an attack by a grizzly bear in the Canadian Rockies. Boswell was climbing together with English partner Nick Bullock and the two were negotiating the difficult approach to Dirty Love, an unrepeated 500m M7 alpine outing put up by Jon Walsh, Audrey Gariepy and Raphael Slawinski in 2008 on Mt Wilson, when a bear appeared out of the forest. ”
    Planet Mountain article, 1st Dec 2015

    To be able to make sense of such contrasting information and accounts is very difficult, and it makes the story as a whole more than hard to believe, and rather very probably untrue.

    What equally comes across as very amateurish, is how all newsreports and direct information about the accident comes from the victims blog and facebook pages. If anyone get serious injuries, they clearly would not take care of themselves but rather be left in professionnal care in a hospital where a proper police or national park incident report would be made.

    In the lack of any confirmation about injuries and/or recorded official testimony, it is quite outlandish that Banff National Park would close off a large part of the park from merely reports of a facebook and blog post. Yet, a large part of Mount Wilson was indeed closed – in less than 48h…

    Parks Canada 2015 closure of Mount Wilson
    ” A closure is in place on Mount Wilson after two climbers were attacked by a grizzly bear. PARKS CANADA “

    The effect of this suspect occurence of a grim Grizzly attack during hibernation would not only concern those who follow the newscoverage of the event (and Cinema Revenant news), but more importantly impact anyone who in the following months would go hiking in Canadian National parks (Mount Wilson was to be closed unntill summer).

    News stories around even minor, happy-ending events such as Greg Boswell close-encounter with a hibernating Grizzly bear does involve a whole ecosystem of complicit parties for such a possible staged event to unfold as in this case.

    Climbers attacked by bear in the Rockies
    CTV News – 2 Dec 2015 – 1K vievs

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #858954

    Year : 2019 (Sept 16)
    Attack : Grizly bear (unknown)
    Victim : Donivan ‘Donno’ Campbell
    Location : Gravelly Range, Montana, USA
    Injuries : serious leg wounds (6 lacerations to his thigh)


    Grizzly bear attack
    KIRO 7 News – 24 Sep 2019 – 18 K views (full video here)

    In this Grizzly bear attack from September this year, we have multiple victims – some unnamed* – and we only have details about the most severe injuries on Donivan Campbell.

    The news coverage is rather scarce, and unreassuringly most feature in hunting magazines and outlets where the Grizzly attack account comes across as an infomercial – reminiscent of the automobile accidents covered in the “More Carrion” thread.

    Concurrent with the Colin Dowler case above, the injuries look poor forensically and seems very likely staged with special effects.

    Also noticeable in this case is the fact the victim is a wildlife biologist, and that the news and following Grizzly bear-warnings were handled by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks state officials in charge of the park.

    As this Grizzly bear attack was rather low-key in its media exploitation, what more natural than a GoFundMe campaign?

    ” Campbell and Gregersen are experienced hunters and outdoorsmen. As wildlife biologists, they are trained to notice certain indicators of wildlife. Their knowledge and preparedness to recreate in bear country contributed to their survival, but not nearly as much as hunting with a partner did. ”
    – The Madisonian

    Donivan Campbell with fellow wildlife biologist and elk hunting partner Chris Gregersen as he recovers in the hospital in Butte

    Donivan Campbell Grizzly bite wound
    Donivan Campbell with Grizzly bite wound in his thigh

    Grizzly injury safely stiched up – looks very fake & made with prosthetics

    Donivan Donno Go Fund Me campaign
    Donivan ‘Donno’ Campbell’s GoFundMe campaign (link here)

    NBC News
    Three hunters injured in two grizzly bear attacks in Montana

    The Madisonian
    Grizzlies in the Gravellys – Two bear attacks in the same area, on the same day

    USA Today
    Grizzly bear attack survivor recounts harrowing ordeal

    Pistols & Bear Spray Stop Two Bear Attacks on Archery Hunters in Montana

    Montana Gov. Official State Website
    3 hunters survive Gravelly Mountains grizzly attacks

    *hereunder, one of two unnamed hunters attacked the same day (16 Sep 2019) as Donivan Campbell – the photo supposedly was taken by Terri James from Shedhorn Sports where the injured hunters went to purchase new clothes – seemingly the injured hunters did not care to clean excess blood or wounds while shopping for clothes

    Unknown Grizzly bear victim 16 Sep 2019

    in reply to: More Grisly Grizzlies #858944

    Year : 2019 (July 29)
    Attack : Grizly bear (male, 350 pound, euthanized)
    Victim : Colin Dowler (54)
    Location : Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
    Injuries : Abdomen openeden, Leg bit to the bone

    Grizzly bear attack survivor describes what happened
    CBC News – 1 Aug 2019 – 59K views

    What makes Colin Dowler’s story hard to believe is the typical fake hero victim story where he not only gets bitten close to death, but fights off the animal with… a pocket knife !

    “He credits the pocketknife his dad gave him for helping to fend off the ravenous creature”
    – The Sun

    The overstaged hospital scenes with excessive tubing does not help either, the wounds do look very much like injury makeup. Despite the serious injuries, Dowler supposedly got back up on his bike to ride 7km to a logging camp where a helicopter and blood transfusion saved his life.

    BBC News
    Pocket knife saves Canadian man during grizzly bear attack

    Langley Advance Times
    UPDATE: ‘Predatory’ grizzly euthanized after B.C. man survives attack

    Outside Podcast
    Dispatches: The Wrong Way to Fight Off a Bear
    Colin Dowler in hospital bed recovering
    Colin Dowler in hospital bed recovering

    Colin Dowler crimescene
    Colin Dowler crimescene

    Colin Dowler Grizzly bite wounds on leg
    Colin Dowler Grizzly bite wounds on leg

    Colin Dowler Grizzly bite wounds on pocket-knife hand
    Colin Dowler Grizzly bite wounds on pocket-knife hand

    The knife that helped Colin Dowler fight off the big Grizzly bear
    The knife that helped Colin Dowler fight off the big Grizzly bear

    in reply to: THE JOE COX MURDER – BIRSTALL UK 16TH jUNE 2016 #858070

    A Holocaust UK Witness Conference clearly doesn’t incite for optimism about being told anything true, so having Riley speak at the event and doing interviews promoting the conference clearly indicate she’s quite in on the Shoah Business and the fraud of the Holocaust.

    The BBC radio interview with Rachel Riley is cringe-worthy, much like apologetic reasoning about how the Elite are just mindless actors unaware of being thoroughly dishonest and immoral.

    As mentioned above, the amount of Elite individuals who are aware of, and participate in public deception is quite significant. It is difficult to comprehend how so many people (Elite) justify their immoral behavior, but rather easy to determine the number of participant, professional liars is very high.

    As a non-UK citizen, i’m surprised at the extremely violent attacks on Brexit supporters overall as they are unduly vilified as racist and oftentimes “anti-Semites” if not “neo-Nazis”. The link from the Cox “murder” to Holocaust victimization does not appear happenstance either, which does make one wonder about the size of the Jewish lobby in Britain and UK politics.

    Holocaust Educational Trust - a large collection of dishonest, profiteering individuals
    Above the sponsors of the WitnessCon2019, the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET), a large collection of dishonest, profiteering individuals:

    Alberta Strage, Amy Gee, Anna Lloyd, Callum Devine, Catrina Kirkland, Charlotte Agran, Charlotte Richmond, Clementine Smith, Edward Lewin, Ella Rose, Emma Lewins, Hannah Lewis (MBE), Helen Hyde (DBE), Jenny Carson, Joanne Burton, Joe Hayman, Josie Turner, Karen Pollock (MBE), Kirsty McNeill, Kitty Hart-Moxon (OBE), Lady Merlyn-Rees JP, Lauren Clark, Lord Browne of Madingley, Lord Carey of Clifton (Most Rev and Rt Hon), Lord Dholakia (OBE DL), Lord Hunt of Wirral (Rt Hon, MBE), Lord Mackay of Clashfern (Rt Hon), Malka White, Marilyn Ofer, Martin Paisner (CBE), Martin Winstone, Michael Karp, Paul Berlyn, Paul Phillips, R. Stephen Rubin (OBE), Robert Lingard, Shoshana Copeland, Sir Ben Helfgott (MBE), Tom Jackson

    in reply to: THE JOE COX MURDER – BIRSTALL UK 16TH jUNE 2016 #858064

    Reading your post above, i first thought the photo was a vintage picture* of Celia & Christopher Riley…

    Rachel Riley’s two successive marriages indeed strike as strange, and her second marriage to BBC dance show partner Pasha Kovalev appear as quite purposeful for popularising “Strictly Come Dancing”.

    *the photo above features husband & wife Pasha Kovalev and Rachel Riley, now with child (also Jewish by matrilineality)

    in reply to: THE JOE COX MURDER – BIRSTALL UK 16TH jUNE 2016 #858061

    Screencapture of Riley from ITV’s Tonight programme teaser

    Rachel Riley lying about the Holocaust

    Check the first 40 seconds of this video interview with TV mathematical celeb Rachel Riley

    That is literally a pretty, good liar.

    Riley – lieyR  (“Riley” is an exact phonetic anagram of “liar”)

    Encoded names are of course quite common, and it is difficult to lend too much weight on these literary “coincidences”.

    The fact is however that the media-hoaxes we currently investigate always have been present in the media and clearly less scrutinized in a less informed/mediated world. How many individuals have to be complicit for the utterly contrived media to exist, and how are new, publicly dishonest individuals recruited?

    As deceiving public opinion clearly is a long lasting tradition, it is plausible this principle is reflected in those who perpetuates the tradition of public deception. As the general population would react poorly if overly dominant nepotism governed media and culture, the families that feed into the deceptive rule we live under have often changed their names (and often location) as to alleviate scrutiny and suspicion.

    With a tradition of changing names, it seems likely that when establishing such new names, that this procedure would be used in favour of the actual reason behind namechange which in these cases would be for deceptive purposes or even for particular planned roles. Hence, it is quite straightforward that such names would be encoded. Over time some of these names might become commonplace – like Riley.

    TV presenter Riley states having “Jewish heritance”, which in her case really means her mother Celia is Jewish – which makes her factually Jewish as family descent in Judaism (and among Jews generally) is matrilineal.

    Celia – Ce lai  (phonetic anagrams of Celia is “lie, lies and see”)

    in reply to: Men-are-bad/Gay-is-good steering media events #858054

    Looking further back, who’s this dude in 2015?

    The “2015 dude” seems identical to Geymonat’s earlier heterosexual couples picture that according to exif-data was shot in January 2012.

    Melania Geymonat with boyfriend 2012 and 2015
    Melania Geymonat boyfriend collage (2012 dude & 2015 dude)

    Melania Geymonat Ramirez appears quite plainly to be a normal, heterosexual crisis actor that plays a lesbian role for Pride month staged violence. The fact her name comes across as so carefully tied to her role, and that she signs her GoFundMe campaign as Geymonat Ramirez, “Geymonat” could be an added name for her character.

    The planning thus would to have been quite long in the tooth, which seems disproportionate for such a minor hoax. Then again, maybe getting involved in a European media-hoax is quite prestigious for a Uruguayan citizen, and that Geymonat Ramirez will use her new learned skills in PsyOps to come in South America, who knows.

    As to who actually shot the photo from the bus, this seems to have happened after the police arrived on the “scene”, as they arrived as soon as the bus stopped…

    [ As quoted from the Bishops Stortford Independent earlier in the thread ]

    ” The next thing I know is I’m being punched. I got dizzy at the sight of my blood and fell back. I don’t remember whether or not I lost consciousness. Suddenly the bus had stopped, the police were there and I was bleeding all over. ” article

    in reply to: Men-are-bad/Gay-is-good steering media events #858042

    Aaaaand….we have the expected GoFraudMe page

    Great findings.

    When one considers the actual cost of staging this type of “homophobic hatecrime”, it seems unlikely the Gofundme campaign actually represents any considerable amount compared to to the total expenditures involved*.

    melania geymonat gofundme
    Melania Geymonat Ramirez Gofundme page (here)

    Most likely the policy of using funding campaigns is not merely motivated by gain, but moreso to reach a wider audience and above all a more committed audience who by giving, or entertaining to give, might corral the story more vehemently and defend the hoax with insistence in their social circles. When we bind money to a belief – we believe more deeply*.

    The Nuffield Southampton Theatres follow-up lesbian attack is a good indicator June is indeed Gay Month or Gay Monat as speculated above in this forum… The “throwing” meme comes back around as does the young, evil wrongdoers.

    Lucy Jane Parkinson and Rebecca Banatvala
    Lucy Jane Parkinson and Rebecca Banatvala

    *this type of fake minority violence operation needs to be handled by a coordinated group over several months, with supervisors, scriptwriters, photographers, make-up artist, stylist, image/film directors and more).

    *money is a major factor to our personal opinions, and the Gofundme hoax implementation acts like an inverted form of “Dollar voting”. We clearly see the same mechanism used in fake Conspiracy culture as well, where donations are used in very similar ways. By pretending to be poor or in need, the paid Truther movement do not seek money as much as they are after our belief and less investigative minds which they buy with our submission of private assets.

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