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    He doesn’t upload anywhere now, all platforms are controlled [not Fakeotube though] according to Paul. He’s probably not far off the truth. Still hard at it, though –

    in reply to: Shipping disasters #1991065

    Well I never – it seems that someone in the UK read Miles Mathis’ recent paper on the Estonia hoax and SUBMITITED A FOI REQUEST TO THE UK GOVERNMENT!

    from Graham Phillips who allegedly is

    a British journalist working on a new documentary about the MS Estonia

    Well, we’re all journalists aren’t we?

    Graham notes that the non-exploration agreement

    The agreement was signed by Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Russia and, strangely, Britain

    Graham notes the mysterious, uncelebrated death of UK citizen JW Manning and the “survivor” P Barney – and that there were citizens from 17 countries recruited for this event, therefore the UK is not a special case.

    The request:

    Please can you confirm for me, did the UK really sign this 1995 Estonia Agreement, and if so, then why, as the UK has no obvious connection to this matter / situation.

    My own suggestion is that the UK, and London in particular is the centre of shipping insurance and the “names” of Lloyds would need to be kept in the dark over the identity or state of what is allegedl to be lying at the bottom of the Baltic.

    in reply to: Shipping disasters #1990951

    Returning to the sinking of The Estonia in 1994, as discussed above, in March 2021 Miles Mathis has put out an excellent dive [sic] into the official story and has reached the conclusion that it was one big psy-op, perhaps for insurance reasons, involving possible switched identities [where haas that been posited before?]

    Click to access eston.pdf

    Among the many ludicrous statements which the MSM takes at face value, Miles mentions this one…

    Another clue is that 757 bodies are unaccounted for and are assumed to have gone down with the ship.
    Over 86% of those onboard allegedly died, and 77% were never found. That is impossible to believe…

    Yes indeed.

    And of course the wreck is off-limits to investigation in perpetuity.

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    Bus crashes seem to have taken a back seat in the big top of the Circus Corona. But the effect was the same on a smaller scale – keep the population glued to the news/TV, “resilience” training drills for the same agencies which will be imprisoning us soon, keeping us scared of travel before the bigger covaids scare, keeping the legal and medical industries in business, recycling people through the witness protection programme, the creation of the “hero” cult to worship..perhaps a nice earner for transport businesses in legal or financial trouble. Who knows? With lots of non-disclosure orders handed out like confetti I guess.

    Here’s a bit more on one of the above “crashes” when it was first reported in 2013


    All your favourite themes and memes are there.
    Here’s the long narrative put into the public domain by the spooks.. more usually done on twitter or facebook these days.

    [Edward Jack Billen] said: “I was sitting in about the fourth or fifth row from the back and was dozing off when people began screaming. It happened in a matter of five or ten seconds.

    “As soon as the bus crashed it burst into flames, I looked for an escape door, but there was none near me. People were panicking, then my mate smashed the window, and that was when I fell.”

    Mr Billen fractured three vertebrae in his back and has had stitches in his left hand, elbow and his right foot.

    He said: “I was struggling to get out of the window, and I fell badly. I thought I had split my head open at first but the adrenaline just drove me to get away from the coach – it really gave me the chance to get away. The next thing I remember I was asking my friends if they were okay, then I passed out.”

    When he woke up, Mr Billen was unable to move.

    “The doctors said I will make a full recovery, but I am finding it very difficult to walk. I had no idea what I had done when I woke up. The adrenaline had gone and the pain kicked in and I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk again,” he said.

    Mr Billen said he was “hugely grateful” that the driver made he decision to drive the coach into the mountainside.

    [and “die” lol! A nice easily sealed off location, as usual]

    He added: “He was a hero, and saved us. I met him the night before we began the journey. We all had a meal together at the resort where I was staying. We only said a few words to each other, but he seemed like a really nice guy. I wish I had spoken to him more now. It’s so sad.”

    The driver Maurice Wrightson, 63, died in the horrific accident, and has been hailed a hero for swerving the vehicle into the side of the mountain.

    Last week Miss [Catrin] Pugh, from Wrexham, who was the most severely injured of the 53 passengers, was put into a medically induced coma

    Same with all crashes- trucks, planes, trains. Another variant on the “terrorist attack” drill.

    in reply to: Key Coronahoax players #1990328

    The Johns Hopkins link was accidentally published without comment. This old forum software took exception to what I was posting for some reason.
    This is the full post I wrote on the new forum. I hope that helps

    The point I was making [and wanted to make here] was that the controlled Guardian newspaper seems to have first hand information about what is happening in the UK via the Johns Hopkins University. Go figure.

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    in reply to: V1 and V2 rockets – hoax? #1990029

    ething I had missed until now. What better way to make people believe that rockets were landing on London and the surrounding area yet had been leaving next to no discernable residue [apart from the odd scattered motor and the massive devastation]

    In 1945, a V2 rocket allegedly captured whole in Northern France was brought back to London and mounted in Trafalgar Square. An ideal media stunt.

    It was discussed in a couple of Reddit threads [surprised JLB hadn’t jumped on them]

    V2 rocket on Trafalgar square in 1946 from Damnthatsinteresting

    V2 rocket on display in Trafalgar Square, London, showing what was hitting them, ca. 1945 [969×759] (colorized) from HistoryPorn

    As discussed also in the Mail, on the 70th anniversary of the start of the hoax, October 1942

    The first V-2 to be fired at Britain landed at Chiswick, west London, killing a 63-year-old woman, a three-year-old girl and a member of the Royal Engineers on leave

    Be very scared.

    For reference there’s a whole tranche of V2 attack data here

    Place Names for where the V2’s Exploded

    From the website

    In his book “Bolts from the Blue” subtitled “S.E. London and Kent under V2 Rocket Attack”, published in 1990, Lewis Blake writes about a deliberate government policy to deny the enemy any news of the V2 campaign especially in the first couple of months including any admission that there was such a campaign. This has led ultimately to a distinct lack of newspaper reports even after the campaign had finished, local newspapers never reported anything more than a selection of the worst incidents. With regard to this attack Lewis Blake states:

    With the exception of a V2 in fields at Tatsfield on 12 January an incident-free period of five days followed Adolphus Street. It was broken at 4.13pm, 14 January, at Panmure Road, Sydenham. Once again burning coals set fire to the debris of fallen houses. *** Rescuers tried to cut through a party wall to reach a trapped child endangered by the flames, but tragically the flames were fanned by a sudden gust of wind and the child was burned to death. 14 people died altogether, mostly at No’s. 4a, 9 and 6-14, and there were 80 injuries. Admiral Evans visited the site later and saw for himself how a row of houses had simply caved in from the rear where the rocket had fallen in the gardens.
    i.e the usual big hole.

    *** suuuure

    From a comment at Reddit…

    It surprises me that the Germans diverted potential resources away from proven technologies like warplanes and tanks to pursue the uncertain development of these massive rockets. Each one of these single use weapons needed a jet engine, fuel and a payload. That is a lot of resources going into a shot-it-the-dark styled attack. Not to mention all of the rockets that failed on the launch pad.

    and another

    As a weapon it was utterly hopeless. Cost the Germans more than the Manhatten Project cost the US, and what they got for their money was a single use weapon that was incredibly delicate, cost as much as a medium bomber, and could deliver a single one ton warhead to within a few miles of a given target (maybe). The fact that it ran on liquid oxygen (which the Germans could only make in very small quantities) meant that even if they solved all the problems associated with its development it could never have amounted to more than a tiny fraction of the hellfire that was raining down on Germany on a regular basis.

    The whole thing was so obviously stupid that British intelligence largely ignored early reports of a large range German rocket program.

    Yes, it makes no military sense. A very clever hoax.

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    in reply to: Shipping disasters #1989631

    Another event which I came across by accident – the Moby Prince “disaster” of 1991. I notice it was briefly mentioned at Cluesforum without investigation.

    A brief inspection of the wordy Wikipedia page shouts out hoax
    Previously 1968-1984 Konigin Juiliana, running out of Hook of Holland.

    MV Moby Prince, a ferry owned by Navigazione Arcipelago Maddalenino (NAVARMA) Lines collided with the oil tanker Agip Abruzzo, sparking an extensive fire that ravaged the ship. The only survivor of the crew and passengers of the ferry was a young ship’s boy, Alessio Bertrand from Naples. The other 140 on board were killed by the fire or toxic fumes.


    Trial 1995-1997 [a nice 6 year earner for m’learned friends] and continued again in the late 2000s …and events around the relocation event were still ongoing into 2020!
    when compensation claims were finally [perhaps…] disallowed, following a long campaign by
    Associazione 10 Aprile-Familiari Vittime Moby Prince Onlus
    but the show goes on…

    The memorial

    Old ship scuttled. #NDNDH

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    in reply to: Suspicious plane crashes #1921448

    Are any air crashes real? Here’s another beauty from July 3 1968, Heathrow London.
    Arriving from Deauville…

    Six of the eight people on board the Ambassador were killed, along with the eight racehorses being transported on it. The crash was blamed on the failure of a flap-operating rod due to metal fatigue, resulting in asymmetrical lift.

    The “six dead” included three of the five horse grooms

    The [Airspeed] Ambassador[of BKS, the airline] cartwheeled following the impact and slid upside down coming up against the ground floor of the terminal building where there was an explosion.

    Two people on the ground were allegedly injured, several ground aircraft were allegedly damaged **…the terminal was under construction [!] so, no passengers to get in the way of the drill.

    **Of the two Trident aircraft, G-ARPT was damaged beyond economic repair and G-ARPI was subsequently repaired; it was later destroyed when it crashed on 18 June 1972 in what became known as the Staines Air Disaster.[2] A Viscount (G-APKF) received slight damage.[4] The Viscount was also repaired but was also later destroyed when it crashed at Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia in March 1975 after being sold to Royal Air Lao as XW-TDN[5]

    Fancy that, both damaged aircraft later crashed. LOL! Any more coincidences? Sure. The crashed plane, G-AMAD had a sister plane in the fleet named after the dead engineer in G-AMAD….Mr John.Cullen Moody, who is buried in Sutton Road Cemetery, Southend-on-Sea


    And astonishingly [or perhaps not for staged events] we just happened to have someone from the other end of England taking cine film of this obscure horse transporter….

    not a pane of glass was broken or scorched…

    We also have “fuzzy”…

    and another clip

    Written account from Etta Montgomery (wife of Collis Montgomery):
    “Collis Montgomery was killed
    in the BKS Heathrow London Air Crash with 5 mares and 3 foals flying from Deauville (London). Second flight that day. Horses valued at GPB 80,000. At 5.27pm on Wednesday the 3rd of July 1968.

    He went through 3 partitions in the tail of the plane, also the steel padded sound barrier – instantaneous.

    8 men on board, 3 survived. The pilot, co-pilot and engineer burned, the plane broke in half. Fatigue – a piece of metal went in the left flap of the wing. 4 mares lay on the tarmac and bled to death. The horses piled up in the crash first and men were underneath, except for one whose foot went through the floor. Then the tail turned upside down and as he was hanging from the ceiling the nurse injected him to put him out of pain and thought he was going to be burned too. He came to in hospital and told the story of the inside of the plane, and told me when I saw the plane after the crash”.

    hmmm too much detail there for my liking…

    Warwick Bowen
    1 year ago
    My father witnessed the crash, he was working on the new terminal, just hearing the story now and we searched for it. One horse survived somehow according to Dad but was shot 1/2 hr later.

    1 year ago
    Film is reversed (mirrored), the original flight path taken was from right to left. Not Tims error its Movietone’s. There was colour footage of the same taken by a TV company from a high angle, possible on top of one the buildings. They were covering a VIP event but that seems to have been wiped

    does that look realistic at 0.25 speed?

    A “once in a life-time” chance for an amateur cameraman. Oldham Shopkeeper Frank Mills

    Linda Pickford
    4 months ago
    My grandfather filmed this… It was in colour before the news took it too. My mum was there too abd my grandma Doris Mills. It was terrifying…

    So, we have colour film, allegedly reversed and turned into black and white.
    There’s plenty of gatekeeping on one of the two version of the Movietone clip

    Alice In Wonderland
    2 years ago
    Always nice to know the death of your great uncle has been uploaded for the world to see! Did you not think about the relatives of the stable boys that were killed in this accident when uploading this! So sad that my late nan can now watch her brothers death on YouTube ?? this is very upsetting for my family! RIP John Bunker….. never forgotten ?

    Brian Russell
    1 year ago
    My friend and I worked for Dan Air who did the ground handling at LGW for BKS. He did the ramp and I the load sheet and paperwork. Captain Hand came to our office prior to his leg to Douville. We joined him for a cigarette and a chat while the horses were loaded. I had problems understanding the trim wheel to calculate the tail setting and we all chatted on the flight deck – the first officer was a very friendly and helpful man. We waved off the aircraft. The routing for the flight was Douville then back to LHR. I went home and fell asleep in front of the TV and woke up to the news and video of the aircraft crashing. It was a terrible moment and one I have carried for all of these years – such an awful loss of life.

    The Binman
    3 years ago
    I saw G-AMAD on its final approach onto runway 28R (now 27R) that afternoon from East Sheen after school.


    Stable lads would be very easy to relocate and reassign.

    John C Moody m 1951 Betty Doreen Lucas . d. Michele L Moody b 1953 m David J Saunders [as Michelle] aged 17

    Mrs Moody died aged 91 on 17 July 2016 48 years after the ‘crash’.
    JC Cullen lived at 216 North Avenue Southend-on-Sea Administration Dec 18 1968 £9226
    There is no trace of any Montgomery in connection with the ‘crash’. There are no available records of any names of grooms, horses or trainers involved – racing at Deauville is not for the low end of the horse racing industry.

    Did Frank [or Doris] Mills exist?

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    I guess the “taste of coronatvirus” is still lingering in the air in places…perhaps in Minnesota. Here’s one of the most egregious pieces of crisis acting for the MSM, Dec 6 2020
    Cue Dr Shirlee Xie…

    and it wasn’t her first attempt…for Thanksgiving

    Makes me soooo tearful. Must be real.

    in reply to: Suspicious plane crashes #1874331


    Christy Walton, Net Worth $24 Billion – Not only is this Jackson resident and Wal-Mart heiress the richest person in the Cowboy State, she’s also the wealthiest woman in the world

    January 11 2016

    There doesn’t seem to be any online reference to a funeral.

    From Legacy.com

    Joan Anzelmo, a spokeswoman for Grand Teton National Park, said rangers will investigate the crash, as is done with any major accident in the park.

    ** however, reported less than two months earlier…

    filings, unsealed by a Wyoming court at Bloomberg News’s request, mean that Christy’s fortune as previously calculated has taken a big hit — from $32 billion before the court records were unsealed to about $5 billion now. She’s unlikely to ever again reach her former designation as America’s richest woman, which she held until last month.

    But her loss is Lukas’s gain. Though little-known outside of a few scattered social media posts, he becomes the 103rd-richest person in the world, with about $11 billion — and as much as $25 billion if certain trusts are included, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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    in reply to: Suspicious plane crashes #1874242

    John T Walton – Walmart heir – checks out, age 58, in a ‘plane crash’ in isolated Wyoming, less than two weeks before 7/7 in London…

    Shortly before his death, Forbes magazine had estimated Walton’s net worth to be US$18.2 billion, tied with his brother Jim as the 4th richest person in the United States[9] and 11th-richest person in the world. [Jim is now up to 8th spot]

    Walton was survived by his wife Christy and their son Lukas. He was previously married to Mary Ann Gunn, who later became a judge in Arkansas.

    He was flying a CGS Hawk Arrow homemade aircraft

    | https://kgab.com/on-this-day-in-wyoming-history-walmart-heir-dies-in-a-plane-crash-near-jackson-hole/

    Let’s search for some pictures…
    here’s the engine in high res.

    and the tangled heap of junk

    That’s about it. Convinced? No?

    The usual NTSB cover-up here

    Back in Arkansas, Aug 13 2006

    A report issued Friday by the National Transportation Safety Board didn’t identify what caused the crash of Walton’s CGS Aviation Hawk Arrow, but it did pinpoint problems – namely, the loose flight control component and multiple modifications.

    The Walton family declined to comment on the report.

    Before his fatal crash, Walton had a hard landing near Burwell, Neb., while flying the same plane to Jackson Hole from the East Coast. Walton had the plane trucked from Nebraska to Jackson, where he repaired the landing gear before his last flight. He also had removed the aircraft’s fabric skin, replaced its windshield and removed a cover from the wing area, the report said.

    Chuck Slusarczyk, owner of CGS Aviation and designer of the Hawk Arrow, said the loose flight control component – known as a locking collar – or the modifications could have caused the crash.

    “We never tested a Hawk Arrow in the configuration he was flying it,” Slusarczyk said.

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    Well fancy this!
    Jerome Ensinck, alleged passenger in the above psy-op, is actually Dr Jeroen Ensink who….. was allegedly stabbed to death by a maniac in North London in late 2015, the subject of TWO GoFundMe type pages….

    A memorial fund, perhaps? You bet!

    Prof Peter Piot,** director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the death of Jeroen Ensink.

    Since the LSHTM is in the news again in its high-profile role in the coronavirus hoax, it’s interesting to return to this alleged death. I hadn’t quite grasped the level of duping in the TV interview with the “widow” shortly after her husband’s “death” leaving her “alone” with a very small child.

    The scholarship is running nicely

    Nadja Ensink-Teich
    Now as a transformational grief and trauma coach whose fb page has suddenly stopped in April 2020

    So what do you do after such a “tragedy”? You go on a road trip with your daughter
    source – https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jul/27/road-trip-after-daddy-died-promised-show-daughter-the-world
    July 27 2019
    on which she got Dengue Fever -allegedly

    Incredibly, the two local women who visited the hospital had heard about Ensink-Teich, through an Indonesian PhD student living in Europe whose supervisor was a friend of Jeroen’s.

    yes, incredible….

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    in reply to: Key Coronahoax players #1808523

    A simulation of a pandemic in the UK carried out in October 2016

    The Wiki page was only created on March 29 2020, following an article in the Daily Telegraph the previous day

    This assessment report on this important drill is still secret.
    October 11 2020

    Now, after four years, the report into the above pandemic drill is available after much pressure

    The author is still kept secret!

    [REDACTED] Director for Health Protection & Medical Director Public Health England

    13 July 2017

    The current holder of that position since 2019 is Yvonne Doyle.

    Between 2013 to 2019 she provided leadership for health and reduction of inequalities at city-wide level to the population of London and was Statutory Adviser to the Mayor of London…..She has acted as an adviser to the WHO on healthy cities and continues to take a research interest in urban health and the environment. In 2016 Yvonne was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Bath for services to public health.

    The missing name is Dr Paul Cosford CB [Companion, Order of the Bath]

    who until 2010 led the East of England’s response to pandemic flu

    He’s now Emeritus Medical Director of PHE [previously involved with the Novichok hoax. Now apparently suffering from an incurable cancer

    @17:18 – Cosford seems oblivious to where Neil Ferguson’s 2.7 percent of people infected comes from

    Even for a pandemic expert like me, life in isolation has been a struggle

    I remembered the pandemic exercises showing that, without social distancing, many more people are infected, the NHS is unable to treat all those who need it and many more patients die as a result. I thought back, too, on a message I had tried to get across in media interviews: that we are all in this together. We all have a part to play and that includes being prepared to comply with advice on social distancing. Clearly this is a time to act collectively

    That would be Exercise Cygnus.

    Over 950 representatives from the Devolved Administrations, the Department of Health and 12 other government departments, NHS Wales, NHS England, Public Health England, eight Local Resilience Forums and six prisons took part in the exercise.


    Cygnus was set in week seven of the UK’s response to a pandemic influenza. At this point pandemic vaccine had been ordered but was not yet available.
    Planning for Exercise Cygnus started in 2014 and was postponed due to the Ebola response.

    What is the definition of the pandemic? The WHO’s PHEIC? or after some non-doctor at the WHO says the PHEIC may be characterised as a pandemic?
    The word REDACTED occurs 139 times in the report.

    June Virus emerges in [REDACTED]
    July Virus isolated by [REDACTED] H2N2. WHO declares PHEIC
    5-12 Sep FF100 opened 5 Sep closed 19 Sep 16 [first few hundred cases project **]
    12 Sep UK anti-viral stockpile activated
    21 Sep SAGE advises treat all algorithm
    26 Sep WHO declares pandemic

    ERD’s Exercises Team, ERD’s Behavioural Science Team and PHE Communications ran a focus group with members of the PHE People’s Panel to assess some of the messaging produced during the exercise. The primary objective of the focus group was to assess the viability of using the public as part of future exercises. The feedback should not be considered representative of the public’s response to messages generated during a pandemic influenza.

    what’s the ERD?
    Disaster drill central…

    Emergency Response Department (ERD) works with national and international partners to ensure that healthcare professionals are able to respond to emergencies, including the deliberate or accidental release of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances….On behalf of the Department of Health, training courses and exercises are delivered every year throughout England to develop resilience across healthcare organisations. In addition, the team works with the European Commission, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organisation.

    The scenario was based on an attack rate of 50% with a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 1.5% which was adjusted from the worst case scenario planning figure of 2.5%, to take account of the effect of antivirals. This CFR could be expected to cause in the region of 450,000 excess deaths across the course of the pandemic

    is this the Ferguson scenario?

    22 different lessons were identified as a result of four areas of preparedness

    .2 The introduction of legislative easements and regulatory changes to assist with the implementation of the response to a worst case scenario pandemic should be considered (Lessons identified: 2,3,4,5,6,7,15,16,19,20,21 and 22)

    3 . The public reaction to a reasonable worst case pandemic influenza scenario needs to be better understood (Lessons identified: 5,6,7,8,10,11,12 and 15)

    ** FF100 project for the H1N1 pandemic ran from April-June 2009 gathering information on early laboratory-confirmed cases across the UK, mainly children, median age 15.

    It captured and synthesized information on almost 400 of the first UK cases in the first 7 weeks of the pandemic

    In conclusion, the epidemiological and clinical picture suggests that pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in the UK has a similar picture to seasonal influenza, with a generally mild clinical presentation. In-depth investigation of the early pandemic cases provided information on the key clinical and epidemiological characteristics of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza and has helped inform national policy decisions.

    full article – E. McLean et al July 1 2010
    Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in the UK: clinical and epidemiological findings from the first few hundred (FF100) cases
    Epidemiology and Infection, Volume 138, Issue 11
    pp. 1531-1541

    H2N2 was the 1957/8 pandemic Asian flu virus

    in reply to: The Conspiracy Conspiracy #1745684

    A key “academic” who is on call to dampen down any “crazee conspiracee theeorees” in MSM interviews is Jovan Byford of the Open University


    Home Dr Jovan Byford

    My main research interests lie in the interdisciplinary study of social and psychological aspects of shared beliefs and social remembering, especially in relation to conspiracy theories, antisemitism and Holocaust remembrance.

    aha! aka gatekeeper

    Here he comes Sept 28 2020, called out to damppen down crazee Coronahoax conspeeracee theeeorees

    The BBC has its own resident ‘expert’ on conspiracy theories, their specialist ‘disinformation’ reporter on ‘fake news’, Marianna Spring


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    in reply to: Key Coronahoax players #1745633

    Key player – the BBC’s “disinformation” expert Marianna Spring.

    Here’s the story teed up for her to run with

    My mum is a conspiracy theorist – in fact one of the UK’s “leading conspiracy theorists, Kate Shemirani” who thinks Covid is a scamdemic “caused by 5G waves” [she is a suspended nurse, an anti-vaccination campaigner, and who has questioned whether the whole covid pandemic is a hoax to control the people go figure]
    october 24/26 respectively. 2020

    Has the son, aged 21, a student living in a “basement” really fallen out with his mother? [the most dangerous woman in Britain] Perhaps.
    But there was a real split in is family ** before the coronavirus circus opened for business. Where’s his brother Gabriel,mentioned in the broadcast? [there are two sisters two Oriana and Paloma]

    More from Marianna

    Back on July 14, Marianna produced a laughable programme about how to talk about “conspiracy theories”

    But most recently, a psy-op has been pushed with the word HOAX boldly in the title – October 27 2020
    Woolworths High-Street ‘relaunch’ proves a hoax
    which was pushed by the mainstream before being “withdrawn” – allowing Marianna neatly to jump in with her message…
    We can only imagine who set up the fake “Woolworths” account and who made sure it went “viral”

    Marianna Spring writes…

    This was the fake news story 2020 needed – and it might seem less important than harmful coronavirus conspiracy theories or political disinformation, which have spread on wildfire on social media in recent months.

    But it does teach us some important lessons about how and why disinformation spreads on social media.


    From a podcast a couple of years ago..
    British conservative and LSE student Sebastian Shemirani joins the show from London this week. Sebastian discusses the political situation in the UK amidst Brexit, his evolution from libertarianism to conservatism, and why he believes conservative values make life worth living.

    Is Sebastian “Baz” Shemirani, an old ETONIAN – really “red pilled”?

    ** Actually conspiracy mum is KAY not KATE

    ** here’s dad

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    in reply to: Key Coronahoax players #1712592

    UK Exercise Cygnus

    A simulation of a pandemic in the UK carried out in October 2016

    The Wiki page was only created on March 29 2020, following an article in the Daily Telegraph the previous day

    This assessment report on this important drill is still secret.
    October 11 2020


    blockquote>The government is on a collision course with the information commissioner over its refusal to publish a confidential report warning that the UK’s health system could not cope in a pandemic.

    In a dramatic move, the Information Commissioner’s Office has ordered the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to hand over the report into Exercise Cygnus, or explain its decision for refusing, by 23 October.

    Cygnus, a three-day simulation exercise in 2016, assessed the UK’s ability to cope with an influenza pandemic, but its findings are pertinent to the current coronavirus crisis.***

    Lawyers for an NHS doctor, Moosa Qureshi **, who made a freedom of information request six months ago demanding to see the Cygnus report, have accused the government of deliberately delaying its response to his request. There is speculation that this is because the report’s contents would confirm that the government had failed to learn the lessons from its own exercise.

    ** a medic who has been working as part of the NHS effort to contain Covid-19 in London hospitals [aka dancing around in empty wards as seen universally in online videos]
    *** Let’s look at the refusal another way – the drill perhaps bore a distinct similarity to the drill rolled out in 2020 aka Covid-19.

    Let’s refresh our memories of the purpose – from 2014, but delayed, for some reason, until 2016

    – To exercise organisational pandemic influenza at local and
    national levels in the United Kingdom
    – To exercise coordination of messaging to the public
    – To exercise strategic decision-making processes around
    managing the wider consequences and cross-government
    issues at both local and national levels during an influenza
    pandemic (such as excess deaths)
    – To exercise the provision of scientific advice, including SAGE,
    during an influenza pandemic


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    Staying in Africa – from 1994, the “plane crash” which started a “genocide” of 800K people, allegedly. Transferred from the main blog
    2019 April 4
    Rwanda genocide: 100 days of slaughter

    It started, of course, with the staged shooting down of a plane

    “crash site” at 1.35 here:

    image below showing the usual neatly placed pile of junk with Rwandan tail marking fortunately preserved prominently for the camera in the above video

    100 pc hoax

    And this “plane crash” psy-op was still running in July 2020 after 26 years, producing a steady income for the lawyers.
    French court confirms dismissal of Habyarimana plane shooting probe
    July 3 2020
    with an even more brazen hoaxed plane crash image to illustrate it

    Read more: http://fakeologist.com/blog/2020/10/12/genocide-starts-with-a-smile/#ixzz6akjU6c00

    in reply to: Other London fake attacks #1655254

    The Guardian understands the suspect, [who] is believed to have Sri Lankan heritage…

    posted at 7.40pm the same evening…

    and 24 hours later
    reported to be a 23-year-old autistic man of Sri Lankan descent

    And who was a key witness?
    A Sri Lankan – just a coincindence….

    Yogarajah Emmanuel, 43, who runs the shop opposite the custody suite said: “I woke up at 02:30 and could hear the sirens. I looked out of my window and could see three ambulances.

    He needs to keep that mask over his nose to breathe in the bacteria and keep that CO2 level up

    hmm the shop looks pretty derelict, unless he runs the Windmill Fried Chicken shop

    in reply to: Other London fake attacks #1654002

    Oh, thanks, I forgot to state that

    The 23-year-old suspect, who is thought to have then shot himself, remains in a critical condition, police said

    source BBC Sept 25
    Who writes or even believes this rubbish? Naturally it “happened during questioning about Covid-19, the BBC was told.”

    Well, they have “CCTV”…

    “We also have CCTV from that custody suite which shows the events, and we have body-worn video of our police officers who were involved in the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the suspect.”

    source BBC Sept 26 2020
    That should be a laugh to see. The larper must be some kind of Houdini.

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