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    The sinking of HMS Hood in remote waters between Iceland and Greenland. Allegedly sunk by the Bismarck. 80th anniversary time in 2021.
    The largest RN ship sunk and biggest loss of Naval life
    Clues: old ship, built 1918.
    Sunk, allegedly in 3 minutes. Two “inquries” to produce the official explosion narrative yet allowing various theories to remain through the decades. **
    1418 crew, 1415 victims. => the convenient 3 survivors to tell the story
    Albert Edward Pryke Briggs, MBE 1923-2008

    Ted continued to lead a very active life. He remained a sought-after guest speaker for television documentaries and radio programmes. He even visited the wreck site in July 2001, releasing the Roll of Honour plaque which memorialises his fallen shipmates and the Mighty Hood.

    From Wiki…

    Briggs himself attempted to swim away from the vessel but was pulled under by her as she started toward the ocean bottom. Briggs remembers struggling to stay afloat, giving up hope, and then miraculously being propelled to the surface. This was probably the result of air escaping from the ship, possibly the bridge windows collapsing and releasing trapped air, or a boiler explosion

    The wreck was “discovered” in 2001 for the 60th anniversary and a TV program commissioned. The next year, the site became a protected ‘war grave’. In 2012 permission was given for the same search team to recover the ship’s bell…..but this only succeeded in 2015….

    The other survivors – Robert Ernest Tilburn
    https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80011489 [audio, 30 mins]

    and William John Dundas

    Why did it “blow up”?

    The Loss of HMS Hood – But why did it blow up??
    **the exact reason the magazines detonated is likely to remain unknown since that area of the ship was destroyed in the explosion. Ideal.

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    A little gem from 2007, undiscovered until now, the death of Rally driver from Scotland, Colin McRae

    …so badly damaged that they didn’t know how many “bodies” were in the helicopter.

    Let’s see – same old minuscule pile of scrap metal surrounded by dense undergrowth.
    Very few photos exist, in various crops and qualities.


    McRae moved to Monaco [as one does] but returned to Scotland in 1995. He had a daughter Hollie Jane b 1998

    Colin McRae to blame for ‘avoidable’ helicopter crash death
    The death of former world rallying champion Colin McRae and three others in a helicopter crash in 2007 could have been avoided, a sheriff at Lanark Sheriff Court ruled today.

    McRae, 39, his five-year-old son Johnny, the boy’s six-year-old friend Ben Porcelli and Graeme Duncan, 37, all died when the aircraft came down near McRae’s home in Lanark on September 15 2007 as he flew home from a trip to see a friend.

    One of the crash victims, Mr Duncan, filmed much of the outbound and return flights on his personal camcorder and some of the footage was recovered and included in the inquiry hearings.

    Well, fancy that, how convenient, and it miraculously survived the “crash”.

    Who else can support the shaky narrative? Why, one of our police force, Sgt Robert Logan who…

    Logan,43, said: “I arrived with colleagues but I told them to stay back at first in case there was an explosion.

    “It was quite evident there would be no survivors from the accident.

    “There was a fire still in progress and I could see a leg coming out of the left hand side of the helicopter.
    “There was a tanned boot on it and there was no movement on it whatsoever.”
    Sgt Logan also told how he had later seen a foot sticking out of the right hand side of the chopper.
    He also said a firefighter had found a pilot’s licence bearing rally champ McRae’s name in the debris.

    sure thing, Sergeant. Anyone else? Call Doctor Gerard Murphy, 50

    Murphy, 50, said he had been called to the scene to confirm there had been fatalities.
    He said: “I saw the tail section of a helicopter in trees and the burning remains of the helicopter cockpit.
    “There appeared to be the remains of the pilot and co-pilot and a small shoe was in the ash. It was still smouldering, it was still hot.”

    sure thing, Doc.
    Last word from the final safe pair of hands, the forensic pathologist

    Forensic pathologist John Clark said that McRae, his son Johnny and Ben Porcelli had all died of head injuries, while Graeme had been killed by a chest injury.

    Dr Clark concluded that all the deaths would have been “extremely rapid”.

    Naturally. Can anyone believe that there was any helicopter crash here?

    Footnote [from wiki] Colin [Steele Mcrae] and his 5 year old son [John Gavin] were cremated in the same casket. Really. Very, very green and sustainable.
    m 1997 Alison Jane Hamilton.
    Ben Telfer Porcelli b 2001
    Graeme Arthur Duncan – age 36 or 37. b 1970

    four years went into preparation of the inquiry, with 71 witnesses called [not all eye-witnesses, lol!] which neatly occurred in woods adjacent to McRae’s house, Jerviswood.

    Amusing sections from the inquiry

    Further delay was occasioned when, as a result of concern voiced that eye witness accounts given in court may have differed in important areas from statements given to Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) investigators…An extensive post-accident fire consumed a large part of the aircraft structure…..The video ends approximately 1.119 km from the landing site, 55 seconds from impact….

    and so it continued, you’d have needed 4 years to cook all that up, another feast for the lawyers.

    Contemporary reports from the BBC, 2007
    -key witness, his father

    presence of Mr Duncan who lives in rural France
    Mr Duncan, an agricultural engineer, had returned from France to be the best man at a friend’s wedding.

    He had moved there with wife, Jennifer, to help run a farm in the Faycelles area with his parents, James and Helen, who are retired vets.

    Funeral of friend Ben

    Private single casket funeral for Colin and Johnny

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    More from rent-a-quote NF Johnson
    November 30 2020

    Covid-19 vaccines face a varied and powerful misinformation movement online

    “The anti-vaccination network is all about passing on narratives, passing on stories, supporting each other, just like an insurgency,” Johnson said. “And just like an insurgency, it is embedded with the mainstream civilian population as it were. And that is their strength.”

    in reply to: Key Coronahoax players #1994784

    The Coronahoax disinformation gatekeepers

    Get Ready for a Vaccine Information War
    Social media is already filling up with misinformation about a Covid-19 vaccine, months or years before one even exists.

    straignt out of the pandemic simulation playbook – May 13 2020

    I wanted to understand if my fears about a vaccine-related information war were valid, so I reached out to Neil Johnson and Rhys Leahy, two researchers at George Washington University. On Wednesday, their study of the online anti-vaccine movement was published in the science journal Nature.

    Click to access s41586-020-2281-1.pdf

    The online competition between pro- and anti-vaccination views

    To recover from this pandemic, we need to mobilize a pro-vaccine movement that is as devoted, as internet-savvy and as compelling as the anti-vaccine movement is for its adherents. We need to do it quickly, with all the creativity and urgency of the scientists who are developing the vaccine itself. Millions of lives and trillions of dollars in economic activity may depend not just on producing a vaccine, but on persuading people to accept it

    Remember this is May 2020, 16 months prior to my writing this… all the reasons to avoid the jab – travel, lack of trials and Gates connections were previewed in this NYT piece of predictive programming and anyone against what we are up against in September 2021 was a conspeeeracee theeeeorist to be countered.

    it concluded:

    when the time comes to persuade billions of people to take a critical coronavirus vaccine, our public health officials and social media companies will be outgunned by a well-oiled anti-vaccine movement that has already polluted the air with misinformation and conspiracy theories.

    The Neil F Johnson Nature article just happened to be published the same day as the NYT piece, as if the latter were all ready to go…
    Distrust in scientific expertise is dangerous…..Opposition to vaccination with a future vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the causal agent of COVID-19, for example, could amplify outbreaks, as happened for measles in 2019 starts off the Johnson paper, a study of facebook users’ posts
    What is interesting….
    Received >08 January 2020
    Accepted 07 April 2020 Published 13 May 2020

    as if they knew….
    That wasn’t the end of Johnson’s research…
    June 15 2021 [Received November 17 2020, Accepted April 26 2021 – a very long period of review…..
    Online hate network spreads malicious COVID-19 content outside the control of individual social media platforms

    We show that malicious COVID-19 content, including racism, disinformation, and misinformation, exploits the multiverse of online hate to spread quickly beyond the control of any individual social media platform. We provide a first mapping of the online hate network across six major social media platforms. We demonstrate how malicious content can travel across this network in ways that subvert platform moderation efforts

    A very interesting diversion for what is supposed to be one of the world’s most prestigious scientific pubvlications.

    in reply to: An unlikely UK survivor Ian Robb #1994658

    One more interview with Janice – Sky news on camera [spot the dry eye rubbing]

    A second “victim” Oli Bennett is remembered by her comfortably-off sounding mother.
    Oliver Duncan Bennett worked for Risk Waters which allegedly had a conference at Windows on the World…. but no, “Oli” was working in the south tower.

    His mother Joy reckons he was 29, but the Guardian in 2002 said he was 32. Big difference.
    Joy** (mother) [GP Doctor] Adrian (father) and Justin (brother) Bennett.


    He planned to quit journalism in a year, at 30, and open a restaurant and bar where conversation would flow easily.

    Did he now?

    Although Peter Field, chairman and CEO of Risk Waters, in his long, rambling narrative to account for his “lost” staff that day, says that Oli was indeed at the conference.
    Updated for 2021

    some have new pen portraits written by relatives for 2021, and there are many new photos which have “emerged” e.g.

    Oh, here’s Joy in 2018
    Why should 9/11 terrorist walk free when my son will never come home?
    suuuuuure. And yes, the birth was registered in 1972.
    ** actually Brenda Joy
    The Bennetts were prominent in the media in 2002
    The Bennetts went to Peru some months after 9/11, like one does.
    The Oli Bennett charitable trust was set up in February 2002. Roger Graef OBE, [UA born film maker and theatre director] who wrote the 2002 piece, is still a patron of the charity. Grants are given to divers persons.

    Not very good photos of Oli on their website. Is that the best the family has??

    The Oli Bennett Charitable Trust

    Dr Bennett keeps out of the limelight.

    in reply to: An unlikely UK survivor Ian Robb #1994652

    In fact Janice has been working overtime re-telling her miraculous story of escape from the 84th floor…

    ITV video: -with printed narrative

    Another version of the story is at the UK 9/11 “educational” charity “Since 9/11” [formerly 9/11 London Project]
    founded by
    Peter Rosengard [who] is one of Britain’s leading Life Insurance salesmen


    Good Morning Britain, where all good hoaxes are cemented. She does love the “dull thud” and the magic, secret door. Looks like green screen with a photo of the garden view of her new Norfolk abode.

    It’s a well rehearsed story, dating back to 2002

    Her boss, the CEO Gilbert “Gil” D Scharf and the CFO [according to Janice] Keith Riehl *** just happened, allegedly, to be in London on 9/11..
    Actually Riehl was the Chief Operating Officer, having been CEO in the fake 1993 attack.

    Back in 2018 Janice recited the script for the Imperial War Museum in London:

    She says she was tasked with preparing a book of all the alleged 61 Eurobrokers “victims”. Janice says she took some of the photos…. certainly that of Manish PAtel [or Susan Pollio] is not the one on the legacy site.
    She references Daniel L “Dan” Smith, as usual, whose chubby photo in her book bears no relation to the legacy shot.

    The Angels Of 9/11


    No one knows exactly what happened to Dan. His body was not recovered. Big guy, 6’5?, weight-lifter, vanished from this earth.

    When did Dan start working for Eurobrokers? July 2001. What a joke.

    Janice was also invited onto BBC Radio 4 [paywall] in September 2021 to repeat the story and talk about “survivor’s guilt”…

    Also a longer SkyNews podcast Ep 13 of Storycast 21:
    same old routine.

    *** Keith Riehl is silent on 9/11, but was quoted by the NYT in 1993 as Eurobrokers set up outside the WTC


    At Eurobrokers, a money broker at 1 World Trade Center that gives major banks and securities dealers a market for borrowing and lending dollars, the lack of direct phone lines in temporary office space was costing business, said Keith Riehl, chief financial officer, who was answering the phone yesterday at one temporary office in the New York Telephone building at 100 Church Street.

    in reply to: 99.98% DNA Test (Taylor Fraud) #1994650

    And, bang on time for the 20th anniversary of the psy-op, two more “victims” have been identified by the latest DNA techniques[and an old toothbrush..lol!]. But only one of them is being named…Dorothy Morgan.
    Plenty of duping by her daughter and grandson. The daughter even admits to “talking” to her mother all the time [and she’s watching too] Truth in plain speaking.

    in reply to: An unlikely UK survivor Ian Robb #1994495

    Les Dawson line…lol! He probably wrote the script.
    In 2018, Janice was mourning the alleged passing of a US Eurobrokers colleague, her “personnel director”, another 9/11 “survivor” and keeper of the secret, into the grave in this case: Eileen McMahon 1947-2018

    Since Janice, like some other old 9/11-ians, had only just been recruited, obviously by Eileen.

    I went back to my apartment and decided that I needed a plan.

    After I got through, I had been leaving messages for Eileen McMahon; the Euro Brokers New York Personnel Director, and finally she called me. She had heard my messages, so knew that I was safe, but had trouble getting through to me.
    The train she was on had been terminated at City Hall, and she had come up onto the street about ten minutes before the plane hit our building.
    After walking for over an hour she eventually found a Queens bound bus, which took her almost to the top of her road.
    I can’t remember if she invited me, or I invited myself…but a plan was hatched that I would make my way to her place if the power did not come back on in my apartment…..

    [part of Janice’s rambling story which she hawks around]

    Janice Brooks 18 March 2018
    The only way that I can get any peace with this is to think that, after St. Peter says Hello, there will be 61 others rushing to greet her at the Pearly Gates. ??????

    Janice is also 61 now.

    suuuuure, all 61 of the Eurobrokers “dead”.

    Another strange twist relating to a 9/11 “survivor” from the UK whom I’ve also covered above, Michael / Mike Shillaker.
    who “felt he had to convey his thoughts” straight after 9/11

    Mike had to leave Credit Suisse in 2019, allegedly after a bout of the Brendan Coxes

    A London-based veteran equity researcher has left Credit Suisse.

    Michael Shillaker, a managing director and the head of steel and mining research, officially departed the Swiss bank after a little over 14 years this January. Shillaker doesn’t appear to have a new role to go to and says he’s “exploring all options” on his LinkedIn profile.

    A 1992 graduate from Southampton University, Shillaker was the head of global steel research at UBS for three years, before joining CS in 2004. Someone of his name was visiting a client on the 72nd floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center when the plane struck ** …..Neither Credit Suisse nor Shillaker himself responded to a request to comment on Shillaker’s departure.

    ** strange way to phrase it! As if…

    And here’s the alleged reason

    Amy Walker’s War on Credit Suisse and a System of Entitled Indifference

    For more than a decade Amy Walker, a research analyst in London, has been waging a ceaseless battle for justice in connection with what she alleges was a sexual assault by her colleague at Credit Suisse.

    Ever since Walker filed claims about her being drugged and groped at a barroom without her consent in 2010, she has fought police incompetence, years of indifference from her employer and Wall Street’s culture of silence about bad behavior.

    Most of all, Walker has fought to hold Michael Shillaker, the man who groped her, accountable for his actions. (Walker is unsure, though, who drugged her.)

    Shillaker, previously an influential managing director in Credit Suisse’s European equity research department, has said the groping incident happened but insisted that Walker was a willing, consensual participant, and prosecutors twice declined to take the matter to trial…..she pressed Credit Suisse to revisit its 2010 investigation, and the bank ultimately fired Shillaker. But later that year after Shillaker brought his case to a Spanish court, he won back pay and clearance to work at other banking firms.

    Perhaps a lifetime actor. A nice earner for m’learned friends to keep the courts busy with fake events. A very racy story, perhaps a bit too racy to be credible.
    Here’s the legal letter, helpfully laying out the story

    Click to access MS-Lawyer-Letter-2010.pdf

    Where’s Mike now on the 20th anniversary? Perhaps retired aged 49.

    in reply to: An unlikely UK survivor Ian Robb #1994491

    What happened to another unlikely UK survivor?
    Janice Brooks from Brentwood, Essex, UK

    Her story is here from 2002:

    and wheeled out again for the 10th anniversary:

    And as I suspected, Janice Brooks, UK “survivor” has been wheeled out for the 20th anniversary with a well rehearsed story. Sky News Audio here…36 mins

    in reply to: Isla Vista Drive-By Shootings Santa Barbara 23/5/2014 #1993946

    The Misogynist-terrorist theme given an airing in the very recent Plymouth UK shooting hoax, 12 August 2021

    ….and a ‘unique opportunity’ to reheat and update this 2018 BBC article in the wake of the Toronto Van Attack hoax ‘perpetrated’ by ‘incel’ Alek Minassian in April 2018
    Plymouth shooting: Inside the dark world of ‘incels’

    Elliot Rodger: How misogynist killer became ‘incel hero’

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    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #1993812

    Perhaps the origin of the “wrong engine shutdown” crash psy-ops
    Fate is the Hunter, 1964 [film]


    Great plot – coffee spilled over the controls caused a radio failure and a false fire warning in the remaining working engine.

    This wrong engine trope was used at Kegworth UK in 1989 [see aposts above and in the Trans Asia crash in Taiwan in 2014 which outed Jeff C.

    Were the controllers really trying to wean us off flying back then?

    in reply to: Waco, TX thread 1993, revisited 2018 #1993775

    Monbelly also was subject to a kind of disaster victim identification process at “Holocaust.org” The Waco Holocause Electronic Museum founded 1996 to keep the lie alive.

    Where are the survivors now?

    [UK citizens at the time in bold]

    Out of the nine survivors who escaped the fire, David Thibodeau has been the most open about his time with the cult. As mentioned before, he wrote a book about his time with the Branch Davidians and worked as a consultant on the miniseries.
    The other survivors of the Branch Davidians were Renos Avraam, Jaime Castillo, Graeme Craddock, Clive Doyle, Misty Ferguson, Derek Lloyd Lovelock, Ruth Ellen Ottoman Riddle, and Marjorie Thomas. Of the eight, Avraam, Castillo, and Craddock all served prison time due to what they did with the Branch Davidians. The remainder of the survivors have largely kept to themselves and have maintained peaceful lives.

    BBC Live October 31 2018 Waco cult: How David Koresh persuaded 30 Britons to join


    It’s understood that David Koresh came to England around 1988 along with his trusted lieutenant – a man called Steve Schneider….

    allegedly giving talks at Newbold College in Bracknell, England

    About Newbold

    “understood” is spook talk.
    Gail Monbelly, elder sister of Allison/Aliceson/Bernadette, appeared in the podcast accompanying the above article.

    According to this list of biographies

    RENOS AVRAAM, 29, ran a Manchester computer business with his girlfriend, Alison Bernadette Monbelly, 31. Joined the cult a year ago. He survived the fire and is in custody; she is presumed dead.

    Stretford memorial Manchester

    Marjorie Thomas

    ”You could hear the flames really roaring, things popping. It was noisy.”
    Thomas jumped from a window and was one of nine cult members who survived the end of the 51-day standoff in 1993, although she suffered third-degree burns over half of her body. Eighty others died….”I could feel the jacket I was wearing melting, and I was finding it difficult to move myself,” she said. ”I thought it’s either I live or die. I put my hand on my head and leaned on the window, and I was out of the building.’

    Apparently an inquest on UK vicsims was held in Manchester to give the legal profession their usual drink from these psy-ops, allowing the official narrative to be restated….

    Interviewed in her hospital bed, where she was suffering from 51 per cent burns, she said that Koresh, 33, had ordered that if he died from a gunshot wound received in an initial raid by federal agents on the ranch, his followers would place him on a stretcher and carry it out of the compound.

    not 50 per cent burns….

    LA Times Feb 15 1994

    Marjorie Thomas, whose testimony was played Monday at the federal murder-conspiracy trial of 11 followers of David Koresh, was granted immunity from prosecution…..As her clothes and gas mask melted onto her, Thomas said, she fell to the floor.

    “I could feel my legs moving furiously,” Thomas said. ” . . . I don’t know where I got the strength from, but I managed to get up . . . . I made my way towards the light.” Despite her fear of heights, she said, she jumped from an upper story.

    Prosecutors say the fire was part of a mass suicide pact.

    Thomas, a former Seventh-Day Adventist from Britain, was burned over 51% of her body and testified by videotape because of her injuries.

    An indispensable star witness.

    in reply to: Key Coronahoax players #1992811

    Here’s the BBC’s own special disinformation expert, Marianna Spring in action on twitter

    Not wearing a mask has become an emblem of the COVID conspiracy movement.

    I spoke to @DrMatthewSweet about its symbolism and how anti-mask groups are gateway into more extreme beliefs.

    I’m reporting on how this online movement has evolved – and its future. Get in touch!

    June 18 2021

    A bare face is a sign you are a crazee conspiracee nutjob. Or perhaps indicates you don’t buy any of this control experiment nonsense. SMH.

    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #1992362

    Yes, it’s a good ‘un. The worst UK air “crash” [excluding the Lockerbie staged event]
    There is no evidence that there were brothers Paul [9] and Trevor [13] Burke in the area in 1972, or indeed anywhere. Key witness Trevor has never shown up in the media since.

    The following video shows an “expert” explaining how the plane managed not to knock out high voltage power lines almost above the crash site – reason being, it just pancaked into a tiny area [lol!] in a Shanksville style descent but with more wreckage present.
    Allegedly the plane stalled… suuuure it did [not that it had ever been in the air]

    A pathologist, safe pair of hands as ever in these hoaxes, produced an additional narrative, viz. the experienced if somewhat irascible and volatile pilot “could have” suffered a heart attack shortly before the take-off. No doubt caused by that alleged blow-up between him and a striking pilot in an industrial dispute. [from 7:50 here]

    Lesson learned from this “crash” – cockpit voice recorders will become “mandatory” after this event in which there was no cvr present.

    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #1992303

    hi flx …….do you have , or, could you take the time , to share any of your expertise ,on the ” plane crash ” in staines in the early 70s ……VD

    I did briefly here but it’s always good to have a deeper [sky] dive…

    A couple more videos

    this one

    is a recreation, complete with “eyewitness” Frances Castledine [now MBE] “I heard a very loud thump” suuuure. then she dumps her baby with a neighbour and rushes off to look for survivors. “The vapour was very heavy in the air”. Baby or help. Answer – help. “I did my best, I manipulated his legs…he soon dies” **

    More detail here – a detailed recapitulation of here story in 2015

    The now 74-year-old still lives in the same Birch Green house as of 43 years ago when two brothers, Trevor and Paul Burke, knocked on her front door to tell her they had seen a plane crash behind her house on that fateful afternoon of Sunday June 18…The former Ashford Hospital accident and emergency nurse of six years would jump over a six foot wall in order to make her way to the crash site to help any of those on board who may have survived….

    ** Irish businessman Melville Miller b 1917 Managing director of Rowntree Mackintosh….

    From the Irish Times, 1997

    IRELAND’S entry to the EEC, as it was then called, was marred by the deaths of 12 of Ireland’s most prominent businessmen, who died in the Staines air disaster 25 years ago today.

    The party was on its way to Brussels for discussions at the EEC headquarters following the passing of the referendum allowing Ireland to join the Community. Ireland acceded to membership the following year…..Those who died were: Mr Melville Miller, managing director of Rowntree-Mackintosh; Mr C.A. Smith, president of the Confederation of Irish Industry; Mr E.J. Gray, director-general of the CII; Mr Hugh Kilfeather, Coras Trachtala; Mr Michael Rigby-Jones, Irish Ropes Ltd; Mr Michael Sweetman, Irish Council for the European Movement; Mr Guy Jackson, Arthur Guinness; Mr E.A. Coleman, Irish Steel Holdings; Mr M.W. O’Reilly, Dublin Chamber of Commerce; Mr O.M. Lochrin, vice-president of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Ireland; Mr F.M. Mooney; and Mr Ivan Webb, chairman of the Council of the Federated Union of Employers and managing director of G.T. Crampton.

    Mr Miller was the only person to be taken alive from the aircraft, but he died later in hospital. He was a former advertising manager of The Irish Times

    just fancy that.
    Make sure the tail is identifiable in the “crash scene”

    It’s always good to repeat the story to make sure the narrative is rammed home…here again in 2020

    The flight had been delayed by more than 20 minutes on that fateful Sunday from its scheduled take-off of 3.45pm, due to a readjustment of its load.

    Among the crew, who had been on standby, were 51-year-old Captain Stanley Key, 24-year-old Second Officer (SO) Simon Ticehurst and 22-year-old SO Jeremy Keighley.

    Teenager Trevor Burke, who was walking along a nearby footpath, would witness the crash opposite the King George VI Reservoir.

    The then 13-year-old ran a quarter-of-a-mile to alert Frances Castledine, a former nursing sister at Ashford Hospital, who was one of the first people on the scene.

    not a lot going on a the firefighters’ drill

    Verdict – abject hoax.

    PS – comment below one of the videos

    Golf Man
    9 months ago
    I was 16yrs.old when this happened, after our normal days work my father and other work mates worked 5-6 hrs. to help out at the funeral directors, we had to take the bodies to different floors as they came in from the crash site, not everyone could cope with it. We was only needed for 5 days, as normal staff numbers would not have been able to cope with the 115 dead.


    in reply to: youtuber who claims to be harrased by company #1991634

    He doesn’t upload anywhere now, all platforms are controlled [not Fakeotube though] according to Paul. He’s probably not far off the truth. Still hard at it, though –

    in reply to: Shipping disasters #1991065

    Well I never – it seems that someone in the UK read Miles Mathis’ recent paper on the Estonia hoax and SUBMITITED A FOI REQUEST TO THE UK GOVERNMENT!

    from Graham Phillips who allegedly is

    a British journalist working on a new documentary about the MS Estonia

    Well, we’re all journalists aren’t we?

    Graham notes that the non-exploration agreement

    The agreement was signed by Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Russia and, strangely, Britain

    Graham notes the mysterious, uncelebrated death of UK citizen JW Manning and the “survivor” P Barney – and that there were citizens from 17 countries recruited for this event, therefore the UK is not a special case.

    The request:

    Please can you confirm for me, did the UK really sign this 1995 Estonia Agreement, and if so, then why, as the UK has no obvious connection to this matter / situation.

    My own suggestion is that the UK, and London in particular is the centre of shipping insurance and the “names” of Lloyds would need to be kept in the dark over the identity or state of what is allegedl to be lying at the bottom of the Baltic.

    in reply to: Shipping disasters #1990951

    Returning to the sinking of The Estonia in 1994, as discussed above, in March 2021 Miles Mathis has put out an excellent dive [sic] into the official story and has reached the conclusion that it was one big psy-op, perhaps for insurance reasons, involving possible switched identities [where haas that been posited before?]

    Click to access eston.pdf

    Among the many ludicrous statements which the MSM takes at face value, Miles mentions this one…

    Another clue is that 757 bodies are unaccounted for and are assumed to have gone down with the ship.
    Over 86% of those onboard allegedly died, and 77% were never found. That is impossible to believe…

    Yes indeed.

    And of course the wreck is off-limits to investigation in perpetuity.

    in reply to: Suspicious bus crashes #1990332

    Bus crashes seem to have taken a back seat in the big top of the Circus Corona. But the effect was the same on a smaller scale – keep the population glued to the news/TV, “resilience” training drills for the same agencies which will be imprisoning us soon, keeping us scared of travel before the bigger covaids scare, keeping the legal and medical industries in business, recycling people through the witness protection programme, the creation of the “hero” cult to worship..perhaps a nice earner for transport businesses in legal or financial trouble. Who knows? With lots of non-disclosure orders handed out like confetti I guess.

    Here’s a bit more on one of the above “crashes” when it was first reported in 2013


    All your favourite themes and memes are there.
    Here’s the long narrative put into the public domain by the spooks.. more usually done on twitter or facebook these days.

    [Edward Jack Billen] said: “I was sitting in about the fourth or fifth row from the back and was dozing off when people began screaming. It happened in a matter of five or ten seconds.

    “As soon as the bus crashed it burst into flames, I looked for an escape door, but there was none near me. People were panicking, then my mate smashed the window, and that was when I fell.”

    Mr Billen fractured three vertebrae in his back and has had stitches in his left hand, elbow and his right foot.

    He said: “I was struggling to get out of the window, and I fell badly. I thought I had split my head open at first but the adrenaline just drove me to get away from the coach – it really gave me the chance to get away. The next thing I remember I was asking my friends if they were okay, then I passed out.”

    When he woke up, Mr Billen was unable to move.

    “The doctors said I will make a full recovery, but I am finding it very difficult to walk. I had no idea what I had done when I woke up. The adrenaline had gone and the pain kicked in and I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk again,” he said.

    Mr Billen said he was “hugely grateful” that the driver made he decision to drive the coach into the mountainside.

    [and “die” lol! A nice easily sealed off location, as usual]

    He added: “He was a hero, and saved us. I met him the night before we began the journey. We all had a meal together at the resort where I was staying. We only said a few words to each other, but he seemed like a really nice guy. I wish I had spoken to him more now. It’s so sad.”

    The driver Maurice Wrightson, 63, died in the horrific accident, and has been hailed a hero for swerving the vehicle into the side of the mountain.

    Last week Miss [Catrin] Pugh, from Wrexham, who was the most severely injured of the 53 passengers, was put into a medically induced coma

    Same with all crashes- trucks, planes, trains. Another variant on the “terrorist attack” drill.

    in reply to: Key Coronahoax players #1990328

    The Johns Hopkins link was accidentally published without comment. This old forum software took exception to what I was posting for some reason.
    This is the full post I wrote on the new forum. I hope that helps

    The point I was making [and wanted to make here] was that the controlled Guardian newspaper seems to have first hand information about what is happening in the UK via the Johns Hopkins University. Go figure.

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