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    Well fancy this!
    Jerome Ensinck, alleged passenger in the above psy-op, is actually Dr Jeroen Ensink who….. was allegedly stabbed to death by a maniac in North London in late 2015, the subject of TWO GoFundMe type pages….

    A memorial fund, perhaps? You bet!

    Prof Peter Piot,** director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the death of Jeroen Ensink.

    Since the LSHTM is in the news again in its high-profile role in the coronavirus hoax, it’s interesting to return to this alleged death. I hadn’t quite grasped the level of duping in the TV interview with the “widow” shortly after her husband’s “death” leaving her “alone” with a very small child.

    The scholarship is running nicely

    Nadja Ensink-Teich
    Now as a transformational grief and trauma coach whose fb page has suddenly stopped in April 2020

    So what do you do after such a “tragedy”? You go on a road trip with your daughter
    source – https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jul/27/road-trip-after-daddy-died-promised-show-daughter-the-world
    July 27 2019
    on which she got Dengue Fever -allegedly

    Incredibly, the two local women who visited the hospital had heard about Ensink-Teich, through an Indonesian PhD student living in Europe whose supervisor was a friend of Jeroen’s.

    yes, incredible….

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    A simulation of a pandemic in the UK carried out in October 2016

    The Wiki page was only created on March 29 2020, following an article in the Daily Telegraph the previous day

    This assessment report on this important drill is still secret.
    October 11 2020

    Now, after four years, the report into the above pandemic drill is available after much pressure

    The author is still kept secret!

    [REDACTED] Director for Health Protection & Medical Director Public Health England

    13 July 2017

    The current holder of that position since 2019 is Yvonne Doyle.

    Between 2013 to 2019 she provided leadership for health and reduction of inequalities at city-wide level to the population of London and was Statutory Adviser to the Mayor of London…..She has acted as an adviser to the WHO on healthy cities and continues to take a research interest in urban health and the environment. In 2016 Yvonne was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Bath for services to public health.

    The missing name is Dr Paul Cosford CB [Companion, Order of the Bath]

    who until 2010 led the East of England’s response to pandemic flu

    He’s now Emeritus Medical Director of PHE [previously involved with the Novichok hoax. Now apparently suffering from an incurable cancer

    @17:18 – Cosford seems oblivious to where Neil Ferguson’s 2.7 percent of people infected comes from

    Even for a pandemic expert like me, life in isolation has been a struggle

    I remembered the pandemic exercises showing that, without social distancing, many more people are infected, the NHS is unable to treat all those who need it and many more patients die as a result. I thought back, too, on a message I had tried to get across in media interviews: that we are all in this together. We all have a part to play and that includes being prepared to comply with advice on social distancing. Clearly this is a time to act collectively

    That would be Exercise Cygnus.

    Over 950 representatives from the Devolved Administrations, the Department of Health and 12 other government departments, NHS Wales, NHS England, Public Health England, eight Local Resilience Forums and six prisons took part in the exercise.


    Cygnus was set in week seven of the UK’s response to a pandemic influenza. At this point pandemic vaccine had been ordered but was not yet available.
    Planning for Exercise Cygnus started in 2014 and was postponed due to the Ebola response.

    What is the definition of the pandemic? The WHO’s PHEIC? or after some non-doctor at the WHO says the PHEIC may be characterised as a pandemic?
    The word REDACTED occurs 139 times in the report.

    June Virus emerges in [REDACTED]
    July Virus isolated by [REDACTED] H2N2. WHO declares PHEIC
    5-12 Sep FF100 opened 5 Sep closed 19 Sep 16 [first few hundred cases project **]
    12 Sep UK anti-viral stockpile activated
    21 Sep SAGE advises treat all algorithm
    26 Sep WHO declares pandemic

    ERD’s Exercises Team, ERD’s Behavioural Science Team and PHE Communications ran a focus group with members of the PHE People’s Panel to assess some of the messaging produced during the exercise. The primary objective of the focus group was to assess the viability of using the public as part of future exercises. The feedback should not be considered representative of the public’s response to messages generated during a pandemic influenza.

    what’s the ERD?
    Disaster drill central…

    Emergency Response Department (ERD) works with national and international partners to ensure that healthcare professionals are able to respond to emergencies, including the deliberate or accidental release of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances….On behalf of the Department of Health, training courses and exercises are delivered every year throughout England to develop resilience across healthcare organisations. In addition, the team works with the European Commission, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organisation.

    The scenario was based on an attack rate of 50% with a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 1.5% which was adjusted from the worst case scenario planning figure of 2.5%, to take account of the effect of antivirals. This CFR could be expected to cause in the region of 450,000 excess deaths across the course of the pandemic

    is this the Ferguson scenario?

    22 different lessons were identified as a result of four areas of preparedness

    .2 The introduction of legislative easements and regulatory changes to assist with the implementation of the response to a worst case scenario pandemic should be considered (Lessons identified: 2,3,4,5,6,7,15,16,19,20,21 and 22)

    3 . The public reaction to a reasonable worst case pandemic influenza scenario needs to be better understood (Lessons identified: 5,6,7,8,10,11,12 and 15)

    ** FF100 project for the H1N1 pandemic ran from April-June 2009 gathering information on early laboratory-confirmed cases across the UK, mainly children, median age 15.

    It captured and synthesized information on almost 400 of the first UK cases in the first 7 weeks of the pandemic

    In conclusion, the epidemiological and clinical picture suggests that pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in the UK has a similar picture to seasonal influenza, with a generally mild clinical presentation. In-depth investigation of the early pandemic cases provided information on the key clinical and epidemiological characteristics of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza and has helped inform national policy decisions.

    full article – E. McLean et al July 1 2010
    Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in the UK: clinical and epidemiological findings from the first few hundred (FF100) cases
    Epidemiology and Infection, Volume 138, Issue 11
    pp. 1531-1541

    H2N2 was the 1957/8 pandemic Asian flu virus

    in reply to: The Conspiracy Conspiracy #1745684

    A key “academic” who is on call to dampen down any “crazee conspiracee theeorees” in MSM interviews is Jovan Byford of the Open University


    Home Dr Jovan Byford

    My main research interests lie in the interdisciplinary study of social and psychological aspects of shared beliefs and social remembering, especially in relation to conspiracy theories, antisemitism and Holocaust remembrance.

    aha! aka gatekeeper

    Here he comes Sept 28 2020, called out to damppen down crazee Coronahoax conspeeracee theeeorees

    The BBC has its own resident ‘expert’ on conspiracy theories, their specialist ‘disinformation’ reporter on ‘fake news’, Marianna Spring


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    Key player – the BBC’s “disinformation” expert Marianna Spring.

    Here’s the story teed up for her to run with

    My mum is a conspiracy theorist – in fact one of the UK’s “leading conspiracy theorists, Kate Shemirani” who thinks Covid is a scamdemic “caused by 5G waves” [she is a suspended nurse, an anti-vaccination campaigner, and who has questioned whether the whole covid pandemic is a hoax to control the people go figure]
    october 24/26 respectively. 2020

    Has the son, aged 21, a student living in a “basement” really fallen out with his mother? [the most dangerous woman in Britain] Perhaps.
    But there was a real split in is family ** before the coronavirus circus opened for business. Where’s his brother Gabriel,mentioned in the broadcast? [there are two sisters two Oriana and Paloma]

    More from Marianna

    Back on July 14, Marianna produced a laughable programme about how to talk about “conspiracy theories”

    But most recently, a psy-op has been pushed with the word HOAX boldly in the title – October 27 2020
    Woolworths High-Street ‘relaunch’ proves a hoax
    which was pushed by the mainstream before being “withdrawn” – allowing Marianna neatly to jump in with her message…
    We can only imagine who set up the fake “Woolworths” account and who made sure it went “viral”

    Marianna Spring writes…

    This was the fake news story 2020 needed – and it might seem less important than harmful coronavirus conspiracy theories or political disinformation, which have spread on wildfire on social media in recent months.

    But it does teach us some important lessons about how and why disinformation spreads on social media.


    From a podcast a couple of years ago..
    British conservative and LSE student Sebastian Shemirani joins the show from London this week. Sebastian discusses the political situation in the UK amidst Brexit, his evolution from libertarianism to conservatism, and why he believes conservative values make life worth living.

    Is Sebastian “Baz” Shemirani, an old ETONIAN – really “red pilled”?

    ** Actually conspiracy mum is KAY not KATE

    ** here’s dad

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    UK Exercise Cygnus

    A simulation of a pandemic in the UK carried out in October 2016

    The Wiki page was only created on March 29 2020, following an article in the Daily Telegraph the previous day

    This assessment report on this important drill is still secret.
    October 11 2020


    blockquote>The government is on a collision course with the information commissioner over its refusal to publish a confidential report warning that the UK’s health system could not cope in a pandemic.

    In a dramatic move, the Information Commissioner’s Office has ordered the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to hand over the report into Exercise Cygnus, or explain its decision for refusing, by 23 October.

    Cygnus, a three-day simulation exercise in 2016, assessed the UK’s ability to cope with an influenza pandemic, but its findings are pertinent to the current coronavirus crisis.***

    Lawyers for an NHS doctor, Moosa Qureshi **, who made a freedom of information request six months ago demanding to see the Cygnus report, have accused the government of deliberately delaying its response to his request. There is speculation that this is because the report’s contents would confirm that the government had failed to learn the lessons from its own exercise.

    ** a medic who has been working as part of the NHS effort to contain Covid-19 in London hospitals [aka dancing around in empty wards as seen universally in online videos]
    *** Let’s look at the refusal another way – the drill perhaps bore a distinct similarity to the drill rolled out in 2020 aka Covid-19.

    Let’s refresh our memories of the purpose – from 2014, but delayed, for some reason, until 2016

    – To exercise organisational pandemic influenza at local and
    national levels in the United Kingdom
    – To exercise coordination of messaging to the public
    – To exercise strategic decision-making processes around
    managing the wider consequences and cross-government
    issues at both local and national levels during an influenza
    pandemic (such as excess deaths)
    – To exercise the provision of scientific advice, including SAGE,
    during an influenza pandemic


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    Staying in Africa – from 1994, the “plane crash” which started a “genocide” of 800K people, allegedly. Transferred from the main blog
    2019 April 4
    Rwanda genocide: 100 days of slaughter

    It started, of course, with the staged shooting down of a plane

    “crash site” at 1.35 here:

    image below showing the usual neatly placed pile of junk with Rwandan tail marking fortunately preserved prominently for the camera in the above video

    100 pc hoax

    And this “plane crash” psy-op was still running in July 2020 after 26 years, producing a steady income for the lawyers.
    French court confirms dismissal of Habyarimana plane shooting probe
    July 3 2020
    with an even more brazen hoaxed plane crash image to illustrate it

    Read more: http://fakeologist.com/blog/2020/10/12/genocide-starts-with-a-smile/#ixzz6akjU6c00

    in reply to: Other London fake attacks #1655254

    The Guardian understands the suspect, [who] is believed to have Sri Lankan heritage…

    posted at 7.40pm the same evening…

    and 24 hours later
    reported to be a 23-year-old autistic man of Sri Lankan descent

    And who was a key witness?
    A Sri Lankan – just a coincindence….

    Yogarajah Emmanuel, 43, who runs the shop opposite the custody suite said: “I woke up at 02:30 and could hear the sirens. I looked out of my window and could see three ambulances.

    He needs to keep that mask over his nose to breathe in the bacteria and keep that CO2 level up

    hmm the shop looks pretty derelict, unless he runs the Windmill Fried Chicken shop

    in reply to: Other London fake attacks #1654002

    Oh, thanks, I forgot to state that

    The 23-year-old suspect, who is thought to have then shot himself, remains in a critical condition, police said

    source BBC Sept 25
    Who writes or even believes this rubbish? Naturally it “happened during questioning about Covid-19, the BBC was told.”

    Well, they have “CCTV”…

    “We also have CCTV from that custody suite which shows the events, and we have body-worn video of our police officers who were involved in the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the suspect.”

    source BBC Sept 26 2020
    That should be a laugh to see. The larper must be some kind of Houdini.

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    in reply to: Other London fake attacks #1653693

    It’s refreshing to report a baby #NDNGH baby hoax to take the spotlight off the Coronavirus Hoax Reset of 2020.
    A “fatal” shooting of a Police Officer after being arrested INSIDE THE POLICE STATION. Suuuuure. Who writes this stuff?

    The suspect who is being assessed for links to “terrorism” is not yet named, whereas every small detail [excepting his present whereabouts…] is provided by the MSM for the standard outpouring of collective grief in the UK and New Zealand
    Here’s the location – a newsish – 7 years – police facility in Croydon, S. London –
    A super sterile location under total control for creation of the narrative.

    At 2.15am this morning the officer was shot inside Croydon Custody Centre, and was declared dead a short time later.

    The alleged killer had reportedly been taken to the custody suite after being arrested by two special constables.

    The officer, 54, was just weeks short of ….. RETIREMENT check!
    The officer is a NEW ZEALANDER check!
    There is a trail of an ex-wife, a son [both in Perth Western Australia now, the “deceased” officer is allegedly close to the son Luke] and an ex-Girlfriend with whom he lived for 6 years near Croydon Claudia Lynn. So, all the ingredients for a new life. Either Luke is in on it or not. Perhaps mum too. Who knows.
    The whole thing sounds as fake as…
    And for the last 4 years…a new partner Susan Bushby, 54 too.

    No doubt there will be a massive phoney funeral in the style of the similar PC “Westminster Bridge Hoax” Palmer’s, to keep up our admiration and respect for the police in the police state we’re currently living in.

    The mum [Mrs Bushby] added: “He was an incredibly kind man. He loved Sue. He was so good for her. This is a very difficult time for all.”
    Community police officer Jacqueline Kufuor burst into tears after laying flowers.
    He was a very lovely man. “He was such a nice man.

    That’s enough of that nonsense.

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    Wrapping up this wonderful phoney train wreck …

    Six people taken to hospital, none seriously injured [just look at the wrecked carriages!]
    One remains in hospital, described as a gender-neutral “They”, by our wonderful NHS Grampian [clap for them here…]

    One person remains in hospital after north-east train derailment

    And two days later, Aug 19
    everybody recovered and left hospital, lol!

    All six patients discharged from hospital after Stonehaven train derailment

    Hoax confirmed especially since those first reports said that around 20 people were on the train lol!

    And the early official narrative “from rail sources” was that the train reversed then continued south, which is utter nonsense, since the scene of the drill is north of the reversal point.
    “some people have been seriously injured or indeed killed”
    Also, the “three dead” was declared pretty quickly after the video in the link above. In comparison with the [fake] six light injuries among the fake passengers.

    in reply to: Suspicious train crashes #1607618

    Here comes the big crane, which all big hoaxes require for maximum impact in the MSM

    pose for the camera…

    where we read that

    <blockquote[Transport Secretary] >Mr Shapps is writing to the Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Iain Thomas Livingstone, to recommend that Pc Liam Mercer, one of the first officers on the scene at Stonehaven, is commended for his bravery.

    What did he do? He was an outstanding hero [i.e. key actor in the plot]

    Stonehaven train crash: Emergency responders hailed as ‘absolutely outstanding’ heroes

    An off-duty train conductor who clambered free from the wreckage and walked a mile along the track to get help has been hailed an “outstanding” hero.

    Nicola Whyte was onboard the 6.38am Aberdeen to Stonehaven train when it derailed at Carmont.

    After getting free she made her way to the signal box to dial 999 – with calls answered by Constable Liam Mercer and a colleague, who ran towards the burning carriages and started evacuating people.

    set on fire carriages, more likely

    No cell phones on board, of course….as required by the script. Better to walk half a mile along the ballast and sleepers.

    Due to the location of the crash and the weather conditions, first responders were pushed to the limit as they tried to get people to safety.

    Four firefighters were injured after being hit by an uncontrolled vehicle as they worked. Two were treated at the scene while their two colleagues were taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary…


    PC Mercer who was jointly first on the scene alongside a fellow police officer

    who doesn’t seem to merit a bravery award, lol!

    We need heroes in this drills to make them seem realistic

    in reply to: Suspicious train crashes #1607561

    An interim report was published:
    Resilience of rail infrastructure
    Interim report to the Secretary of State for Transport
    following the derailment at Carmont, near Stonehaven
    Andrew Haines,
    Chief executive officer
    1 September 2020

    report here
    The words “Climate Change” occur 42 times, “Resilience” 36 times.

    The report examines in detail: the immediate facts from the Carmont derailment, currentasset and operational controls, short term improvements, longer term strategic sustainability, the financial facts, and in section six sets out some next steps.
    • Our next report will go into more detail about what can be accelerated and where, particularly the options around extra technology that could sharpen where we focus and improve warnings, and initial consideration of next steps.

    Section 4 – long terms plans to improve resilience to climate

    Our forthcoming Environmental Sustainability Strategy outlines our ambitions for Climate Change Adaptation and a roadmap to 2050 which looks to embed long-term forward-looking adaptation into the core of what we do (see Figure 7). One of the key ambitions is the development of local climate change adaptation strategies and investment plans for each railway corridor that will map out our intentions to be achieved by 2050

    Section 5 – Investment and financial planning to improve

    It becomes obvious what this staged crash is driving us towards. viz money.

    to this end…setting up with lots of “experts”
    Earthworks Management Task Force “particularly taking into account effects of climate change”
    Weather Advisory Task Force

    The report fleshes out the hoax narrative thus:


    blockquote>After departing Stonehaven, the train was continuing on its southbound journey when it was stopped by an emergency radio message from the signaller at Carmont, who had received a report of a landslip obstructing the line.
    Following a period of around two and a half hours waiting
    for an operations manager to arrive and secure the points,
    the train was returning to Stonehaven to allow onward travel for the passengers on board. It had reached close to the 75mph line speed. ***
    At around 09:38, the train rounded a left-hand curve and struck a pile of washed-out stone covering the line. The front part of the train was derailed by the washed-out material. After striking a bridge parapet, the whole train derailed.

    On the morning of 12 August, water flowing from higher land beside the railway washed stone onto the track after the previous train had passed on the same line two and a half hours before

    Where are all the reports from alleged passengers from the train who were being ferried back north and were in coaches which careered down the embankments? Nowhere. Either the train was empty or any passengers were offloaded at Carmont, or were not allowed to embark in the first place.

    *** suuuuuure it had

    The 06:19 from Aberdeen passed Carmont at 06:44.
    An 05:39 ex Dundee, proceeding north, was already cancelled! Yet the southbound 06:19 ex Aberdeen, 06:38 at Stonehaven was allowed to run. Go figure.
    The “fateful” 06:53 ex-Stonehaven is shown as CANCELLED that day, terminating at Stonehaven. Carmont is south of Stonehaven

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    in reply to: Suspicious train crashes #1605320

    This minor #NDNGH psy-op has continued to give for some weeks. The BS official narrative was posted by the government –
    It makes no sense, naturally. The derailment is now put back to over 3 hours after departure from nearby Aberdeen….reason being that the train was warned to to go further south, was turned back and proceeded to reach a high speed [lol!] causing the crash.
    The media release Aug 13 is here

    VIDEO: Three dead, including train driver and conductor, after derailment disaster near Stonehaven


    blockquote>More than 30 emergency service vehicles, including police, fire, ambulance and coastguard teams from Banff, Cruden Bay, Montrose, Stonehaven, Aberdeen, were called to the scene along with the Prestwick-based coastguard helicopter and two Scottish Charity Air Ambulances at around 9.45am.

    Upon arrival the teams were faced with giant plumes of grey smoke billowing into the sky above the scene of the crash.

    One of its carriages tumbled down a hillside a distance away from the rest of the train, and other parts of it were left a mangled mess of metal, with one carriage left lying beneath others.

    Many parts of the train bad been burned</strong?

    suuuuure. just another disaster drill, with vast exaggerated turnout of every piece of emergency kit and staff available.

    The train was “delayed” allowing the staging to occur at 9.40am 3 hours after the alleged departure.

    Very recently the all important crossover details were added to this page, this being the key piece of track to effect the reversal of the train into an alleged landslip it had already passed through, lol!

    ScotRail posted a message on Twitter shortly after 6.30am warning services across the country would be disrupted due to “extremely” heavy rain and flooding.

    A few hours later, Network Rail tweeted at 9.49am: “At Carmont, we’ve had reports of a landslip, which means services can’t operate between Dundee & Aberdeen.”

    Police had said reports of the train derailment were first received at 9.40am.

    It is believed the alarm was raised through the use of a signal box in the remote area of Carmont.

    The line has remained closed for four weeks to maximise disruption and to make the event more credible. Honestly, how long does it take to remove carriages from a field?

    Updates 9/9/2020 – the “£8600” raised by the gullible idiots for the family of the “deceased” conductor will go to that extravegant charity, the air ambulance, a sure sign of hoaxing activity.

    ….who improbably had a monthly direct debit to the Air Ambulance charity..
    as if.

    An easy disaster to run- park the train up south of the scene, wreck the northbound rails to derail the train, then reverse it backwards, leaving the driving cab on the line just north of the rail overbridge from where some of the photos were taken.

    source – https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/6106358

    The convenient access track and bridge may be seen here

    Now after nearly a month, the BIG CRANE [standard hoaxing equipment] will be brought in to remove the carriages.

    The all-important crossover for the staged event may be seen here

    Specialist engineers will use a 600-tonne crawler crane to carefully lift the derailed carriages from the railway in a process set to take several days.

    A new 900-metre road and temporary bridges have been created over the surrounding farmland to bring the specialist lifting equipment to the site.

    The “delicate” operation has been planned alongside the police, accident investigators and other partner agencies.

    Alex Hynes, managing director of Scotland’s Railway, said: “August 12 was a devastating day with the loss of Brett, Donald and Christopher in this tragic accident.

    no expense spared for this drill, brought to you by the taxpayer. Perhaps there was some ground work to be done on the railway, who knows? But staging a mock crash might have been the driving force for the funding.

    The derailed train is bottom left , looking south west from the air towards Elfhill showing it travelling “Down” i.e. North.

    full size – https://www.thenational.scot/resources/images/11782604.jpg

    Normally a rail borne crane would perform this operation.

    Hoax guaranteed.

    in reply to: Suspicious train crashes #1531809

    Excellent work, Psyopticon.
    Yes indeed why wasn’t the northbound service cancelled?
    Did it complete its journey?
    Particularly interesting were the contributions/eulogies from Black and nic Daeid.
    You might recall that “expert witness” Niamh nic Daeid was brought in to the Grenfell Tower fire [q.v] enquiry to produce her thoughts that the first was most likely started in a fourth floor refrigerator. LOL!

    “..in her opinion, there was “very, very strong evidence” that the fire started in the “base of the fridge-freezer” of Flat 16.”

    suuuure it did.

    You can hear nic Daeid reciting the narrative at the enquiry, making 2 visits to the tower, first in October [3 months later…] with the “help”of the Metropolitan police. The scene had already been tampered with and evidence removed..and she had to rely on evidence from liars. Pointless.
    but she concludes…7:30 in the audio above
    “The cause of the fire remains undetermined in my view” – which was not reported upon.
    She wouldn’t talk to the media about the fire,[hmmm wonder why?] so they got David Shaysbrook to paint a picture, an ex-Police ‘independent consultant’

    I wonder how these rail “victims” get tapped up.

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    in reply to: Suspicious train crashes #1519776

    Yeees, a very silly drill. Two of the “dead” are railway employees, i.e. insiders, viz the driver and conductor. No doubt approaching retirement age.
    Let’s wait and see how old they are.

    The aerial view in the video matches the ground view taken by the invited photographer.
    A nice piece of backward shunting by the look of things…

    Drill in full swing –

    in reply to: Suspicious train crashes #1519246

    As light relieve from the Covid-19 super hoax, we have a staged train crash in Eastern Scotland with “Three dead” [suuuure]

    A “major incident” declared [check] on the back of adverse weather which allegedly caused the train to run into a landslip.[no sign of it] But we do have the tell-tale signs of emergency workers hanging around bored

    Note all the fake smoke [suuuuure] in the video. A nice early morning drill [circa 7am]
    The “crash” occurred in “a very difficult location for emergency services to access”.

    Like they always do, well out of sight, well research beforehand for somewhere to stage a disaster drill.

    spot the train- a very difficult location even for aerial photography, lol!

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    in reply to: War as a hoax #1479126

    A gem which emerged while researching something unrelated…
    Scenario – WW2 1940

    Freemason and Mayor of Chelmsford, John Ockelford Thompson died in October 1940, courtesy of a lone German bomber which managed a direct hit on his home and took with him other family members. Hmmm

    The result. I wonder if there was any trace of any German metal there…

    He was also CBE, and

    During the early months of the Second World Ward John was a prominent figure behind Chelmsford’s Flight of Fighters Fund (a fundraising effort to buy Spitfire aircraft) and the local Air Raid Damage Funds Association

    well blow me down! Sounds like a case of controlled demolition and strategic relocation…

    The bomb is believed to have passed through the building and exploded in its basement, ‘collapsing it like a pack of cards’

    Rather like building 7. Because the heat of the fire caused structural failure no doubt…
    OCtober 13 1940. Funeral in the Cathedral just 3 days later! Quick work!

    scene quickly sealed off….

    Debris was strewn across New London Road and caused its closure between Queen Street and Southborough Road. The mayor, his family and servants were at home and were thought to have been sheltering in the basement when the bomb struck.

    The rescue services were soon at work on the scene and by 10.40 p.m. New London Road had been cleared. However, it was not until 1.01 a.m. that the first casualty figures were received at the Police H.Q. – “Ten people involved (actually nine), two children recovered dead, three householders rescued but one injured, mayor and mayoress still unaccounted for”. The dead children were the Mayor’s grandchildren, 8 year-old Audrey Mary Thompson and her 14 month-old sister Diana Louisa Thompson. Their mother, Muriel who suffered serious injuries, was one of those rescued, along with a nurse and another daughter-in-law of the Mayor. By 5.31 a.m. a further two bodies were recovered, and by 11.50 a.m. another, the fifth fatality, was found. Rescue workers continued their search into Tuesday and in mid afternoon the remains of sixth body, a servant, were found. The four adults killed were subsequently identified as the Mayor, 68 year-old John Ockelford Thompson C.B.E. D.L. J.P., his 78 year-old wife Emma, their 41 year-old son Lt-Col. Thomas Coverley Thompson and Alice Maud Emery, also 41, who was a servant for the mayor.

    the last named, unmarried, of 70 Waterhouse Street. probate to William Edward Emery, retired bricklayer, her father, 1868-1964

    £508 – not a bad sum for a housekeeper.

    So, what happened to the “serously injured” Muriel, Mrs Muriel Morton Thompson nee Heathcote b 1906 Prescot [who was co-administrator of her husband’s will?

    Probate to Reginald John Tanner Thompson, [1896-1956], journalist, in all cases, part or wholly, latterly of Foxtons, 23 The Street, Little Waltham. probate £21,398

    Was the other daugher-in-law survivor Christabel d. 1977, wife of the above?

    Emma Thompson was 10 years older than her husband.

    No expansion on the one injury.. as is often the case it’s life or sudden death as usual.

    “What do you think, internet friends?”

    in reply to: Key Coronahoax players #1465811

    i don’t know where else to dump this egregious piece of programming of the very young…

    Hurry to the shops now to buy it for your young kids and mess them up completely.

    While We Can’t Hug
    330,472 views•May 20, 2020

    4.96K subscribers
    Available now!
    Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they’re not allowed to touch.
    From the creators of the internationally adored The Hug, Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar, we are thrilled to bring you a new story: While We Can’t Hug.

    Yep, either or both are potential bioterrorists, asymptomatic carriers, kids. keep away from your playmates at all times, if you can ever get playmates in the noo nooormal.

    “FF indeed.

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    A good thread, started well before the Coronavirus hoax. I found this video particularly helpful

    Biochemistry Debunks Corona
    79,013 views•May 3 2020

    in reply to: Other London fake attacks #1333190

    And the third member of the gay trio has been identified

    Is this an homophobic attack or a random terror attack? Seems like the former … another way to whip up divisions and create fake hatred by the intelligence agencies.

    Homophobia Being Blamed for Reading Park Attack where Three Died

    Clever old 25 year old Libyan refugee to have such finely tuned gaydar in a crowded park [Just another piece of live street theatre who else would suspect anything fake?]

    The victims killed in Saturday’s suspected terrorist attack were three friends who regularly socialised together and were described as “the kindest, most genuine, and most loveliest people in our community”.

    David Wails, a scientist

    was the third.

    Ritchie-Bennett had suffered a tragedy of his own in 2014 when his 32-year-old husband, Ian, died from cancer.

    Tributes poured in from friends, family members and the proprietors of the pubs the men enjoyed drinking in, the Blagrave Arms * and the Prince of Wales, [* Reading’s best known gay pub] as well as from LGBT groups.

    [named perpetrator Khairi] Saadallah had been released from prison earlier this month, the Covid-19 pandemic had apparently played no part in the decision to free him. He was released from HMP Bullingdon, Oxfordshire, 17 days ago after serving less than half of his sentence.

    His acting role beckoned. A transparent get out of jail card. Who writes these scripts?

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