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Eye AM Eye Radio

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Eye AM Eye Radio is a musical-podcast mix platform where truth seekers, philosophers, freestyle rappers, a variety of artists and other interested sharp minds talk about the state of the world of today, but especially that of tomorrow.

Now also on Instagram under @iamiradio , today at 8:23 PM Bogotá time releasing the first mixes of the KISMET series, a term introduced to the show by CalmCardKen, forming the basis for the full series of 18+ 8:23 mixes, released at the end of the month of August (8) 2023...

Almost 4 years of history of podcasting + music mixing providing the world with unique, intricate and exciting Molly Madleys, longer podcasts accompanied by the Hardstyle Pianist, but in 2023 the levels of mixing and humor have greatly increased.

Keep a watch on the Patreon page for the latest releases, many of them free for all, and you can enjoy previous materials at Spotifu Podcasts (formerly Anchor.fm). Background information you find at Fakeopedia, the 2nd largest page on the site.

If you would like to participate in Eye AM Eye Radio, join the Discord, where we do podcasting very regularly.
and if you appreciate the work I do, consider becoming a matron, giving you access to much more !


Eye AM Eye Radio @ patreon
Eye AM Eye Radio @ Fakeopedia
Eye AM Eye Radio @ Spotify
Eye AM Eye Radio @ Instagram

Hope to see you join our growing group of aWAKE. artists and aWARE. thinkers !
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