German Work camps

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German Work camps

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Re: German Work camps

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holohucksters ... KOzgEACAAJ

Garrison and Headquarters Orders of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp: A Critically Commented Selection
Germar Rudolf, Ernst Böhm
Castle Hill Publishers, Volume 34, HOLOCAUST HANDBOOK Series, 2020 - 186 pages

A large number of all the orders ever issued by the various commanders of the infamous Auschwitz Camp have been preserved. They reveal the true nature of the camp with all its daily events: In these orders, for example, the decent treatment of inmates, the prohibition of their mistreatment as well as the improvement of the hygienic conditions were emphasized. A topic discussed with particular frequency is the visit of family members of SS members to Auschwitz and their constant entering and exiting of the camp. Even the children of SS members were hanging around in the camp and were apparently playing with the inmates. There were even plenty of sightseeing tours of the camp during the war, which some orders tried to regulate. Horticulture, growing fruit trees, picking flowers and much more were addressed in these orders. Only one thing is not to be found in these orders: the slightest trace of an indication that something outrageous was going on at Auschwitz. On the contrary, many orders are in clear and insurmountable contradiction to claims that inmates were being mass murdered. This book contains a selection of the most important of these orders, along with comments that put them in their proper historical context.
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