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Re: prepping

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Re: prepping

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Preparing and cooking Hosta Plants - video on Wayback ... fdhBt6-W18
Common Hosta plants are not only edible, they're delicious and versatile. Here I'll show you simple harvesting, preparing, and one method of cooking.
Food plants that most people would overlook? Off the top of my head... dandelion, marigolds, cornflowers, primroses, Californian poppies....
Mind you I have to say dandelion flowers taste....a little sudden!
Nasturtiums are yum, every part, flowers, leaves, seeds.
Hostas are a new one for me. Took out loads! But still have plenty.
Fuscias will take shade, the seeds are edible.
I would put nasturtiums everywhere.
Dandelion flowers taste like sunshine to me😁 you can eat the young leaves in salads, the roots can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute. Flowers can also be used for wine making. Nasturtiums are lovely to eat.
ostrich ferns can be eaten in the spring, they are called fiddleheads. Best eaten after being boiled till al dente then pan fried with butter & onions. Can be frozen in water to use later in the year.
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Re: prepping

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If you’re a meat eater it can be cured with smoking or salting. Fish too. I bought some beef jerky online but it’s use by date is this year which doesn’t help.

My local butcher is currently trying his hand at it so I’ll ask him if it can be frozen long term. However, that doesn’t help if the power goes out so I’ll also ask if it really does have a use by date or if the online store was pulling a fast one.
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Re: prepping

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6 TOP Crops to Grow at Home to Save You From STARVING
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Re: prepping

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This is one of the many gardeners I follow on Youtube. They share good information, but I am suspicious of all of them. This guy has the one eye symbolism with the globe as the iris in his logo. The amount of videos these guys churn out is not humanly possible in my opinion. I have pursued gardening fairly avidly for almost 20 years and it's alot of work to say the least. Pests, watering, fertilizers, preserving harvests can be overwhelming, let alone making videos about the process. I believe they are in some ways matrix characters placed to consume our attention and intention.
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Great Danger Lurking In Flu Shots

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I like bringing articles back to life, particularly when the site itself still exists, but it has chosen to delete the article in question. ... ons_70.htm
EMERGENCY ALERT: Great Danger Lurking In Flu Shots
Health Risks Far Outweigh Benefits!

by Greg Ciola, CRUSADOR Editor
October 8, 2005

It wasn’t until I went to my local Publix grocery store recently that I realized how low pharmaceutical companies would stoop to propagandize the public with lies. While I was at the checkout counter a young woman bagging my groceries looked at me, smiled, and said: “Have you had the flu shot yet.” My mouth almost hit the floor. She couldn’t have asked a bigger opponent of pharmaceutical drugs this question.

I looked at her and asked: “Is Publix management instructing you to ask everyone this?” She said ‘no’ but since all the Publix stores were working together in partnership with Maxim Healthcare Services to administer the flu shot, employees were encouraged to ask customers if they were interested in receiving the shot. I looked at this young woman with pity in my eyes and said: “There’s no way I would put that poison into my body.”

With curiosity about why someone would make such a bold statement, we engaged in conversation and I spent the next ten minutes giving her an earful. I asked her if she had any information on the shot and she graciously went over to the front desk to get a flyer outlining the reasons for getting the shot along with the locations and times I could get it. In big bold letters across the top were the words: “TAKE YOUR SHOT!” In addition to the flu shot, they were also promoting pneumonia shots and tetanus/diphtheria shots. It was then and there that I realized I had to speak out against this insanity. According to the flyer, the flu is now a “DISEASE”. Can you imagine this? A disease implies something that needs medical intervention. I guess a cold, headache, upset stomach or diarrhea could all potentially be classified as diseases too.

I remember vividly when they first started pushing the flu shot. It was originally marketed to the elderly and those with weakened immunity. Long gone are those days. There wasn’t enough money to be made (or enough people to poison) by selling to this select market. Now the shot is being promoted to virtually everyone as some sort of flu panacea. North American parents are the target of most of the propaganda. For example, they are told that their children could die if they are not vaccinated. How so many can throw common sense out the window and buy into this scam is very disturbing.

Before you, your friends, or anyone in your family are conned into taking the flu shot, here are some of the risks you need to know about.

Flu Shots Contain Toxic Agents

Like sheep being led to slaughter, people are following the advice of medical pundits as though they are gods with divine intellect. Why is it that so few dare even question what’s in the flu shot, or all other vaccines for that matter, before allowing a doctor to jab you with a needle? Did you know that the flu shot could contain anything from aluminum, formaldehyde, dangerous microorganisms, thimerosal (mercury), ethylene glycol, and other toxic adjuvants? In addition to these substances, the flu vaccine is prepared from the fluids of chicken embryos inoculated with the specific type (s) of influenza virus that supposedly protects against the strains federal health officials believe are most likely to be prevalent during the flu season. The effectiveness in preventing influenza often ranges from 30-40%. Not very encouraging considering the potential health dangers you may be opening yourself up to down the road from the toxic agents in the vaccine.

How is the human body supposed to build immunity by being exposed to neurotoxic poisons like mercury and formaldehyde? Mercury is the second most toxic material on the planet. The first is radioactive plutonium. To make thimerosal, they start with elemental mercury. Then, they hop it up 1,000 times by converting it to ethyl mercury. Then, they add aluminum to the vaccine that has a synergistic effect with the mercury, causing it to be 10,000 more toxic than elemental mercury. Mercury is used to sterilize the flu vaccine.

Consider this insanity; they tell us that it’s unsafe to touch or swallow the mercury from a broken thermometer yet it’s perfectly acceptable to inject the same poison directly into your bloodstream through a vaccine. Don’t worry! Your doctor knows what’s best for you.

Now let’s look at formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is classified as a toxic, colorless, water-soluble gas having a suffocating odor. It’s used predominantly in embalming fluid and vaccines as a disinfectant and preservative. There are no long-term safety studies that vaccine manufacturers can draw from to validate the effectiveness of the flu shot. Those that take the shot are the safety studies and only 10% of the side effects associated with vaccines are ever reported to federal agencies. In fact, a simple search on the internet will lead you to literally thousands of websites and stories that report on vaccine injuries, including the flu shot. What you find will not put you at ease if you’ve bought into this myth.

If the public were fully informed and aware of all the ingredients that went into the flu shot, there would be a mass exodus away from it. Unfortunately, your doctor won’t tell you anything about this; the news media will not report the truth about these contaminants; the CDC won’t address the issue; pharmaceutical companies don’t properly warn consumers; mass retailers pushing the shots don’t seem to care even after being warned about the potential dangers of administering vaccines.

Do Flu Shots Help Spread The Flu?

It’s rather ironic that what the flu shot is supposed to prevent actually seems to have an opposite effect on the population. In recent years, flu season seems to be programmed into society. When October rolls around, all of the sudden there’s a massive outbreak of the cold and flu. Is it just coincidence that this happens to coincide with the exact time that millions of people receive the flu shot? Health officials would like us to believe that this is why we should all be vaccinated.

Another deception perpetuated by the vaccine cartel is that the flu shot contains inactive or dead viruses. If these viruses were completely inactive, then the shot would never stimulate an immune response. The flu shot contains “attenuated” virus. In the book, The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization, Tim O’Shea, a highly recognized authority on the dangers of vaccines, sums up what attenuated really means:

Attenuated means half-killed. The infectious agent is weakened so that it is just below the threshold of being able to trigger an inflammatory response in 99% of people. By allowing the implantation of an attenuated virus or bacteria into the body, we have done something nature would never permit. We have violated the sanctity of the bloodstream. We have tricked the immune system into not mounting an all-out response to a foreign agent. If the vaccine’s microorganisms were not attenuated, the powers of the natural immune system would join together to repel and attack the invader.”

Recent evidence suggests that those that receive the flu shot could be contagious for weeks and spread germs to the general public. For example, it’s rather interesting to see how unvaccinated people exposed to those recently given the flu shot tend to be much more susceptible to getting the flu. Not only does the shot manipulate the immune system, it contains foreign microorganisms that have the potential to breed in the body. It is ridiculous for the CDC to say that none of these germs can be contagious. There are many well-respected health experts who believe that the number of people coming down with the flu would be drastically reduced if flu shots weren’t administered. One of the best ways to avoid the flu is to stay away from people who have it. This includes staying away from those who have recently received a shot.

Flu Shots Do Not Guarantee Immunity

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies ignore the statistics of those who get the flu shot and still get the flu. Instead, we’re bombarded with propaganda about how the shot helps prevent the flu. Numerous news reports during the summer of 2004 reported that the flu shots administered during 2003 were not even capable of protecting people against the influenza strains that we were around last year. In good faith, millions of people took the shot thinking that it would buy them immunity when in reality all it bought them was a vial of toxins to suppress their immune system.

Many of you may have heard stories similar to this one: In 2003, a Canadian nursing home sent out a memo that stated all employees had to take the flu shot. Those that refused would be put on a leave of absence and possibly face the loss of their job. Not believing the hype, one employee (a personal friend of this writer) stood on her principles and refused the shot while her entire staff went along with the order. Much to her amazement, everyone that took the shot came down with the flu except for her. Does this surprise you? It should. Surprisingly, however, there are reports like this all over North America but there’s a virtual media blackout on this truth because there’s an agenda behind the promotion of the flu shot.

Trying to predict what influenza strains will be most prevalent during flu season is a crap shoot. The flu shot does not protect against all throat, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and ear infections. It does not protect you against SARS. The flu vaccine only gives temporary immunity at best. What we’re NOT told, however, is that the flu shot actually weakens the immune system in the long run. Nobody knows for sure what negative effects the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and other adjuvants will have on the immune system. Some of these agents are known to interfere with your DNA. How do we know that the DNA won’t miscode genetic information to the cells? And even if you don’t come down with the flu after getting a shot, your body may be much more susceptible to getting sick from other viruses and bacteria that it would normally be able to fend off. Is it all worth the risks? That’s the decision you have to make.

Author Tim O’Shea made some very noteworthy statements in his book regarding the flu shot:

“A vaccine supposedly contains some version of the causative agent, in a weakened form. With influenza, by the time the virus is isolated, cultured for manufacture, and distributed to the population, the virus that is causing the current incidence of influenza has usually changed to a form completely unaffected by the vaccine. Michael Decker, MD of Aventis, the flu vaccine manufacturer admits: ‘By the time you know what’s the right strain, you can’t do anything about it.’”

“This doesn’t even take into account the unique form influenza virus takes within each person. Yet with flu shots, it’s One Size Fits All – everyone gets the same vaccine. If it really worked, you wouldn’t have to come back next year. Natural immunity is for life.”

“Ever notice that people who get flu shots all the time keep getting the flu? Think that could have anything to do with not giving the body a chance to put immunity together itself?”

Vaccines Assault The Blood & Violate Biblical Law

The Bible tells us in Leviticus 17:11-12 that: “For the life of the flesh is in the blood… No soul of you shall eat blood, neither shall any stranger that sojourneth among you eat blood.”

God has made it very clear throughout the scriptures that blood is sacred. When you understand the importance of health and nutrition and how critical your blood is in this process, it’s easy to see why the flu shot, and all vaccines for that matter, violate Biblical law and all the laws of health. Your bloodstream is either a river of life to all the cells in your body or a river of disease and death. You can’t inject blood contaminants, DNA disrupters, neurotoxins, and preservatives directly into your bloodstream and somehow think you’re getting health.

Vaccines violate the natural processes whereby substances enter the bloodstream. They bypass the defensive capabilities of the liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, and the immune system and deliver toxic waste directly into the body/bloodstream. Your body doesn’t know what to do with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, chicken embryos, and microorganisms when it’s fired into it like a missile. Some people can go into shock. Others have died and many have been seriously injured shortly after receiving a flu shot. Guillain-Barré, temporary Multiple Sclerosis-like illness, breathing problems, hoarseness, wheezing, hives, paleness, dizziness, weakness, and rapid heartbeat have all been reported as side effects from the flu shot.

Let’s use common sense here. If God didn’t want us to eat blood or mix unclean substances in our bodies, he certainly didn’t want them injected directly into our bloodstream. All vaccines contain substances that God deems unclean and unfit for our bodies. The question really boils down to this: Are you going to trust God for your immunity or are you going to trust man? There are many safe and natural alternatives that are available to ward off infections but you’ll never hear about them from the media. They thrive on fear in order to create consumption. That’s how we could see thousands of people standing in long lines all night around the country hoping to get a flu shot before the vaccine runs out. Just read the following scripture from the extra-biblical book of Jasher and see where vaccines fit into this equation.

“And the sons of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord; and God saw the whole earth and it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon earth, all men and all animals.” (Jasher 4:18)

These events are being described just prior to the flood of Noah. Perhaps we should take heed to what it says. The flu shot is harvested on chicken embryos. Certainly the book of Jasher is referring to events such as this and worse. It’s very possible that all the genetic tampering and cross species mixing that’s taking place with pharmaceutical and biotech companies could actually be unleashing these plagues of sickness upon the human race. Jasher certainly supports this theory.

Satanic Sorcery Is Alive And Well!

Most people have no clue that the word “pharmaceutical” is derived from the Greek word “pharmakeia,” which means magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. The symbols of the pharmaceutical companies are extremely meaningful. For example, the winged staff with a serpent wrapped around a pole is the ancient magic wand of the pagan god Hermès. In an attempt to prevent people from linking with our Creator, pharmaceutical companies use their drugs, vaccines, spells and potions to contaminate the blood of an unsuspecting public.

The biggest disappointment comes from Christian leaders who should know these truths and proclaim them loudly from the pulpit. Instead, many churches throughout North America are actually promoting the flu shot to their congregation. In some instances, churches are even being used as outlets to administer the shot. How sad to see the body of Christ being DECEIVED by Satan’s sorcery. Oh, how our Savior must feel!

If They Contaminated Our Food Supply, How Can We Trust Their Vaccine?

At present, there are two major pharmaceutical firms that supply the flu shot. One is Chiron Corp., based out of Britain and the other is Aventis, based out of France. Several years ago, a major problem arose from a genetically engineered variety of corn that hadn’t been approved for human consumption. It was called StarLink corn. The manufacturer was Aventis, the same company supplying almost half of the U.S. flu vaccine this year.

StarLink corn had only been approved as animal feed. In rather mysterious fashion, StarLink corn was found in hundreds of food products on the market containing corn and corn by-products. The contamination led to a massive recall that turned out to be the biggest fiasco the biotech industry has ever had to experience.

One Midwest farmer has gone on record claiming that StarLink corn made all his males in his herd sterile, putting him out of business. He has also stated that there are at least 25 other farmers in the State of Iowa alone that he knows of that have blamed StarLink corn for sterility problems in their herd (See the book GMOs: Beware of the Coming Food Apocalypse, page 91, second edition). On top of this, numerous complaints were filed with the FDA because of allergic reactions people had to products that contained StarLink corn.

What relevance does this have with the flu shot? If this derelict company acted so recklessly with StarLink corn, how could we trust them with their flu vaccine? When one considers that the Population Council ( based out of New York has been working on sterility vaccines to help reduce world population levels, and there are reports of sterility in certain herds that consumed StarLink corn, it certainly doesn’t put one at ease knowing the flu shot is being supplied and heavily promoted by Aventis. While there is no evidence and no known links to sterility problems with the flu shot, nobody knows what kind of long-term ramifications the vaccine will have. Again, it’s a crap shoot with your health. You’d have better odds in Vegas.

Chiron’s Flu Vaccine Shipments Suspended

If we can’t trust the vaccine made by Aventis, certainly we can’t trust the vaccine manufactured by Chiron. On October 5, 2004 British health authorities blocked shipments of Chiron’s vaccine because of manufacturing problems. Chiron had planned to provide the U.S. between 46 and 48 million flu shots this year, almost half the nation’s supply. In a strange twist of fate the shortfall has created panic in the U.S. population fueled by massive media attention that is causing millions to rush out and get their shot before supplies run out. Oh, how gullible can people be? What’s sad is that an estimated 6-8 million doses of Chiron’s vaccine were already in the U.S. market prior to the ban. It’s very likely that some people were given this shot and if there were side effects you can be sure the statistics will be buried.

Natural Alternatives

There are many very effective, natural products available to help boost your immune system and keep you well during flu season without needing to inject neurotoxic poisons and blood contaminants into your body. Your immune system is the only thing that prevents you from being riddled with opportunistic infections and a host of other chronic illnesses. You can’t build immunity and shield the immune system with vaccines and poisonous pharmaceutical drugs. You can only modulate the immune system through natural methods.

Enhancing the immune system means you don’t just boost one or two components. There are 22 different instruments or components to the immune system including T-cells, B-cells, Natural Killer cells (NK cells), macrophages, lymphocytes, leukocytes, monocytes, interferon, gamma globulin, interleukin 1,2,3,4, and other white blood cells. All 22 components must be orchestrated simultaneously like a symphony, in order to maintain optimum immunity. While there are an extensive number of natural alternatives to help boost your immune system, here is a short, but effective list of some of the most powerful immune enhancers being used in alternative medicine:

Oregano Oil: This natural wonder has been used for thousands of years as an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic agent. Many people have reported that regular use of this product during the cold and flu season has prevented them from getting sick.

Colostrum: This is the first fluid secreted by the mammary glands of mammalian mothers in the first days after giving birth. Colostrum contains high levels of protein and growth factors, as well as immune factors. It’s used around the world as one of the most powerful immune boosters known to man. The best colostrum on the market comes from New Zealand cows. Outside of New Zealand it’s very hard to guarantee that the cows were grass fed and free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and steroids.

Olive Leaf Extract: Fights all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites and is good for virtually any infectious disease. Some religious scholars theorize that it is olive leaves that are being referred to in Revelation 22:2 that are used for the healing of the nations.

Propolis: Resinous substance that bees derive from trees and mix with beeswax. Used as a health shield for the beehive, propolis has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. Propolis has been used for thousands of years as an immune system booster.

Colloidal Silver: This wonder product has been around for centuries and is reported to be one of the few things that helped protect people during the height of Bubonic plague.

Royal Jelly: Fed only to queen bees. Contains over 100 nutritional properties and has long been known to strengthen the immune system.

Bee Pollen: Plant pollen that bees harvest and pre-digest. Excellent for people with allergies and also strengthens the immune system.

Aloe Vera: Contains high amounts of mucopolysaccharides which kick in the immune modulators to fight off disease.

Homeopathic Remedies: There are some excellent homeopathic remedies that help build immunity and ward off the cold and flu. You can find many good homeopathic formulas at your local health food store or you can seek out a homeopathic specialist in your area that can custom blend formulas specifically targeted for your immune system.

Mushroom Extracts (Shiitake, Reishi, D-Fraction Maitake): Have excellent immune-boosting properties. Shiitake increases T-cell function, Reishi has anti-tumor properties, and Maitake enhances the activity of key immune cells known as T-helper cells or CD4 cells.

Echinacea: Excellent herb for the immune system and the lymphatic system. Echinacea has been shown to be very effective when it is cycled for 1-2 week periods throughout the cold and flu season. Early use of Echinacea at the onset of a cold or flu could help drastically diminish the duration and severity of illness.

Vitamin C: Helps prevent free radical damage and has antifungal and astringent properties. High doses of vitamin C throughout the cold and flu season can help tremendously to ward off infection.

Garlic: Has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic properties and has long been used to fight off and prevent colds and infections. Use 3-4 cloves on salad or crushed onto bread when your immune system is in a weakened state.

Cayenne Pepper: Is used for a litany of health problems. Cayenne Pepper heats the body up, improves circulation, and helps ward off colds, sinus infections, and sore throats. This magical substance should be used on a daily basis during the cold and flu season.

Probiotics: Help to maintain and rebuild intestinal flora. Flora plays a key role in keeping the immune system functioning optimally.

Essential Fatty Acids: Good fats like Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s play a major role in cellular health. Good fats also help to bring nutrients into the cell and discard waste. EFA’s also contain high amounts of antioxidants which help to protect your immune system.

Oxygen Supplements: Virtually all microorganisms are anaerobic, meaning they survive predominantly in the absence of oxygen. When the body’s blood oxygen is normal and the cells have adequate oxygen it’s nearly impossible to get sick. There are many good products to choose from that can be added as drops to your water.

Essential Oils: There are many essential oils like Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, Rose Oil, Thieves, and others that provide tremendous immune system protection. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and have much Biblical support to back up their use. They can be diffused through aromatherapy or applied to your skin and feet.

Zinc: An essential mineral that promotes a healthy immune system and fights free radicals. Zinc lozenges have been reported to be effective in relieving symptoms of the common cold and reducing duration of colds.

Alkaline Water: It’s very important to keep your body properly hydrated and your pH in balance. Make sure you consume at least half your bodyweight a day of water to adequately flush out toxins and hydrate your cells.

Rest: It’s especially important during the cold and flu season to keep from getting run down. Make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep a night.

While all of these natural immune boosters can help you tremendously, nothing can replace what a good diet and exercise can do for you. You can’t feed your body garbage and turn to these natural alternatives as a last resort. Keep in mind that it costs nothing to remove all processed food from the diet. Processed foods can diminish your immune system. The more man touches a food, the less you should consume it. Replacing processed foods with whole foods will also boost your immune system. Sugar and sweets should also be avoided at all costs, especially during the cold and flu season. Sugar severely weakens the immune system and is the fuel that foreign invaders feed on.


It’s better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. God did not make a mistake when he created us. The human body is equipped with one of the natural wonders of nature: An Immune System. If you are concerned about the plagues and epidemics coming upon the world, read Psalm 91. If we are to stand steadfast until the end, it is with the LORD on our side. Don’t become a victim of the fear and panic spread by the Pharma cartel and media. Our hope is in the King of Heaven and Earth who promised us deliverance. Remember this next time someone tries to con you into getting a flu shot.

End Notes:

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