It's The Muppet Show!

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Re: It's The Muppet Show!

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Ed Miliband just wound me up with his bird massacring wind turbine push, so I feel the need to post this.


They just do his makeup differently, his nose is fake and likely the forhead.



This is what "They Live" was alluding to.

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Re: It's The Muppet Show!

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Here is wondering if the likenesses are NOT double agents but simply "related" from the same hatchery, like in Brave New World, taking into consideration it is a very intricate but closed shop it wouldn't be to far fetched to think these people are closely related by common shared parentage, some share a male sperm doner while others share female egg doners, also worth a mention is if you remove all the partitions like movie stars, sport stars, or basically anything that would involve their collective system of test tube pregnation and surrogates from even further back in generation (possible with cryogenic technologies) you might see familiar physical expression accross the board, especially where one specific tv celeb has proven "liked" by the fauning public, a specific physically expressed look or trait might be noticed or echoed, so any one of these new people can always be therefore waiting in the wing, like Reagan being a former film star, or a news reader becomes a FIFA diplomat, or sports personality might become an ambassador for a political agenda, "we are all in this together" offers a clue to them ALL being related, literally, even accross different racial terms, then add to that the inversion of facial hair on the females or feminization of the males, every different outcome can be genetically shared and we would never know, but Im not sold on the double agent disguises simply because they look obviously fake, like the man in his 20s made to look 80.....they cannot get the skin to look real imho, because skin is a living organ and fluctuates so much from variables of air temps, how much oxygenated blood is available, immune responses....which is why a real person (even if inverted) never looks the same in any setting 10 mins apart, just my opinion of course, but more likely they are all loosely related, also knowing how narcissistic these people are I think some of the elite we don't see often might have multiple offspring in all different areas of culture that is televised, the possibility exists, like so many similar age to William share his physical features but might be involved in philanthropic ventures and only seen on "getty" when they all have get together under some function, often why there is always a camera seemingly to photo every hug, kiss, handshake and excited mutual gaze at eachother.....oh look their is your cousin etc....all in this together (?) After all its a club and we are not in it. They mock our lack of knowledge of ancestry, while they carefully keep theirs fully maintained privately, I think public relations has offered us many clues to this yet we never question it or take them up on their own word in telling us.
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